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The Ionia Independent from Ionia, Kansas • 4

The Ionia Independent from Ionia, Kansas • 4

Ionia, Kansas
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THE IONIA INDEPENDENT en die Membership, Ionia Registration Numbers II Chapter American Red Cross. For Ionia Township Ball, Row or Go Ashore At the last census the United States contained two and a quar-ter million white males, twenty one of age or over, who, WHO WINS THE BATTLE? 1 Fred Beeler, 1130 Lloyd C. Wilson, 1131John 2" J. A. Poppen, $1.00 1.00 LOO 1.00 All other tilings being equal, it's the man behind J.

Woolman, 1132 Robt R. Work- 3 F.G. Dietz. were not citizens and had not the dun that wins the fidhf. man, 1133 Harry Williams, 1134 Joseph I.

Wheeler, 1135 fl 4 Mrs. G. F. Hundevadt, 5 Mrs. Elsie M.

Ponnen. II 1.00 0 i ut iu UHie I'll declared an intention of becoming citizens. Many of them are subjects of the Central Powers, artairs besides 1.00 Ethie Wilson, 1183 Narion liC0 L. Tucker, 1137 Andre vv L. Tucker, 6 Mrs.

W. S' Hoaer, 7 Mrs. Alice Turner, 8 Miss Ada Colson. In banking or in business, success is due But many others are subjects of 1138 Ervin E. Thompkins.

1139 to the man behind the counter. We take pride the in II Ed Tucker, 1140 Rodert B.Turner, 1141 John S. Stohr, 1142 William J. Stohr, 1143 Guy Smith, 1144 Jerry Dunner Smith, 1145 Frank the Allied Powers; and a' recent act of Congress authorizes the inlistment and recruit of them for military service under their own flag. 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 statement that the employees of our hank are trained to he courteous to the public, and to render every reasonable service possible.

We take pride in C. Rai Isback, 1146 Chas C. Phillips. 9 G. F.

Hundevr dt, 10 Otis Colson, 11 R. Turner, 12 W. S. Hoajy. 13 W.

F. Bechfcold, 14 3. H. Howard, 15 F. H.

Hull, 16 Vernon Sorrell, 17 Mrs. Sylvia Rose, 18 Mrs. Ella Rose, 19 Mrs. R. D- Rose, 1147 Omer D.

Noiler, 1148 Lester L. Mullen, 1149 Joseph E. Muckey, 1.00 1.00 Jthe fact that the officers, directors and sharehold lloO Henry T. More, 1151 Herbert 2.00 The enlistment and recruit-ing ought to produce briskly. This is a poor time for a man without a country.

The man who chooses to live in the United States because he finds it offeres him attractions ers, the men behind this bank are among tbe lead 12.00'' MiIIer 1152EdwardC.Loomisf 1153 Ray E. Loomis, 1154 Everett mg men or this community, men who can be dep H. Long, 1155 Robt. L. Kenley, 115T5 Win ton Hooker.

11K7 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 ended upon, men who make tl yr iiuv fc. i A 1 1 1 1 20 Mrs. Mary Carmlckie, 21 Myrlle Noon, 22 I la Raynolds, to aay, a strong, reliable, secure financial institut ion. Orville M. Heaston, 1158 Emil H.

Heningsen, 1159 Roy T. L. Heas-ton, 1160 John Hathaway, 1161 Bennie H. Graves, 1162 Chas. F.

Granger, 1163 Harry Fields, 1164 and opportunities superior to those in his own country, and who yet rejects its offer of citizenship, is always in the rather dubious "pos-sition of the passenger in. sists upon keeping his seat in the 1.09 5.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 Tlie Ionia State Bank. 23 Viola E. Noon, 24 E. Colson, 25 Lester S.

Beeler 26 Jack B. Beeler, 27 Mable W. Beeler, 28 Fred Beeler Jr. 29 W. II, Ault, ienj.

H. Fedde, 1165 Viisis Dugger, 11G6 Clarance H. Chafe, 1167 Edward B. Chase. 11C8 Thos.

0G0 orao OHO 000 IB 5B boat, but declines either to bail or ro w. If he did not find superior opportunities here he would not be here; yet he refuses to acknowledge any obligation to the community that made the opportunities. Sometimes -according to our 30 F. Pat ton, Red Cross Subscription, South half of Odessa 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 1.00 1.00 F. Carmickle, 1169 Ralph L.

Collie, 1170 Harrison M. Carter, 1171 Chester T. Clegg, 1172 John N. Burdett, 1173 Frank L. Broyies, 1174 Edwin Brinkworth, 1175 William F.

Bechtold, 1176 Ocie Beeler, 1177 Arthur Baker, 1178. James V. Alcorn, 1179 Guy C. Ashinhurst, 1180 Glen S. Ami, 1181 Ed.

Alcorn, 1182 Leon unfortunate experience the 32 Mrs. Fritz Beeler, 33 Mrs. Lester Beeler, ,34 Mrs. M. E.

Hathawa; ,35 Minnie Merrill. ,36 Mrs. J. R. Huffman, (37 Myrtle' Rose, ,38 Mrs.

L. E. Ault, J. S. Seems, 2.00 W.

J. Marten, 2. 50 A. L. Barnett 2.50 Isaac Dial, 2.50 'AStegink, 2.50 J- Rogers, 2.00 Lee Martin, 2.

00 A. Ward, 2.00 C. H. Bates, 1.50 Miller, 1,00 II. E- La Dow, 1.00 J.

J. Clemons, 1.00 L.L. Barnett, 1,00 J. Landis, Mrs. George Noon, 1.00 E.

Heller, 1.00 Oscar Durry, "1.00 1.00 W.Gibeau, 1.00 Carl Chase, 1.00 Tctal, $133750 Township. E. II. Colson, $10.00 L. E.

Chase, 7.00 W.J.Collins, 7.00 Merinus Wichers, 5.00 Mrs. D. B. Seems, 5.00 F. F.

Frolich, 5.00 I. L. Bonecutter, 5.00 E. Maryhew, 5.00 Albert Steigenk, 5.00 A. F.

Riemenschneider, 5.00 Curren Rogers, 5.00 Wayne Thomas, 5.C0 J. W. Bart ley, 5.00 Frank Rogers, 5 00 Angel oo Colson, 5.00 Kincheloe, 3 00 L. S. Behymer, 2.00 Fred Smith, 2.00 Jim Yapp, 2.00 G.

E. Thomas, 2.00 Clyde Culverwell, 2.00 H. Kincheloe, 2.00 Wiley Huffman, 2.00 D. L. Burdett, 2 00 man who grabs American citizen-hip with the one hand and waves off American citizenship with the other finds it necessary to justify himself by wholesale and chronic disparagement of the country he prefers to his own, so far as living in it is concerned.

He dees not like his own country well enough to live -in it, and he does like this country well enough to express any obligations toward it or approval of itv Apparently nothing short of heaven will satisfy him to, such a degree that he can aealy accept This is a poor time for juch playing heads-l-wintails-you-loose with citizenship. Some pretty big issuesare astir in the world to-day. Let a man choose a' flag! The Saturday Evening Post. .1.00 1.00 2.00 1.00 2.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 2,00 1.00 1.00 1.00 100 1,00 71.00 40 Dr. L.

E. Ault, 41 R. D. Rose, 42 N. A.

C. Hathaway. 43 Mrs. Chas. Boyer, 44 LyleHoag, 45 Leona Hoag, 46 Mrs.

F. C. Hoffhines. 47 F. C.

Hoffhines, 48 Mrs. H. J. Kennedy, 49 D. W.

Broyies, 50 51 D. E. Collie, 52 J. B. Wilson, 53 S.

L. Townsend, 54 Lula Foster, 55 N. Noon, 56 Mrs. F. G.

Dietz, 57 Doris Carmikle. Total A SAD CASE On Thursday evening of last week a small girl about ten years old and an elderly lady transfers ed here from the Union Pacific to the westbound Missouri Pacific The little girl aroused a great deal of sympathy as she was in the most pitable condition of any child we have ever seen. In the first ylace she was deformed, a large growth on one side causing her to lean a little to the other side. But this was not the most noticeable thing about her by any means. The most noticeable thing was her hands.

Such hands! We doubt if therejwere ever any like them before, or will be any again. Each was at least half foo wide, two and one-half or three inches thick and nine or ten inches long. There were only two fingers on each hand, and each of them was aa long as a small man's wrist. We are not exaggerating one iota, and the severa' who happened to be at the train that Taking a walk on an empty stomach is said to cure indigestion but you should be very careful whose stomach you Walk on- MM' iKIIllMtsiltlllttlslRllg VI VH BIG GLORIOUS DAYS HOME COMING LAST DAY THE other night I WENT to the theater WITH a low-brow friend AND the orchestra played "LITTLE Brown Jug," AND HE thought it the national anthem AND stood up AND I did, too-Darn him! Arkansas Gazette pees July 9 evening will verify these acts. But in spite of all these things the little girl had a cheerful, and pleasing face.

She carried in one hand a small doll, and played around the waiting room until COME AND ENJOY THE PROGRAMS GIVEN BY RED CROSS MEETING IMI S3 1 1 i 1 An i 1 i I ill fl fl ll l.i 1 i i WW nii i Nil i ffte Indian Maid Quintet Newton Pearson Miriam Franklin cIhe Serenaders Glee Club, Count John Sobieski, Homeland Entertainers, Fred E. Gates, the train anived. When one sees an individual like the little girl happy and contented, he can have little patience with the ordinary person who complains about his lot in life. -The Eeloit Gazette. Sue Burgess Frank Peyton The Drennans, Miss Hazel Quarl uanes The Re3 Cross was completed at a meeting held at Columbia school house Sunday afternoon, with Mrs, Kennedy President and Mrs.

Carry Crites Sec. The first meeting was held Wednesday afternoon of this week, some work completed and more was planed About SO members have signed up for service. would like to have every home in this community represented at our next meeting to be held at the A Nice Big Rest Room in the Dusenber Building PLENTY of ICE WATER For Season Tickets, Illustrated Programs, etc. call at the BANK. SKASON TICKETS: Childrcn.Sl.OQ It used to be That when A girl's shoestring Came untied It was the proper thing Forheresccrt To tie it up again, But now With shoetops where they Oh, well- Oil same place Tuesday afternoon, July "The Chautauqua is the most American thing in America." Theodore Roosevelt are.

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