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The Moscow Review from Moscow, Kansas • 4

The Moscow Review from Moscow, Kansas • 4

The Moscow Reviewi
Moscow, Kansas
Issue Date:
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L.VKLLSS AtTiOAi li-viRW in ivt'ipi Ji; .1 ti. i.iuv-rt Entices for rljlici'ttoti. I'r of i.nauci 1 t-n rani wl.n I a .1 Jm tt. 'V Tib. it: i li-i- tr.

11 'l 1'ianivr of tv a comK t' 1 Xahoml i ri.e ight at Uneaten. ii a u.niii it owii In lcr. i.ti'.irii v-1 1 to, Jk, rt, tnmpe ui fur Smi. out, 1 1 1 rt tf 1 hf. Wi'l j.m-n ti.imm.

su, r- with it rt Ti.hvr. rrn nn li-M 11' A i I IAV MiMN'-i Aim iku.ds vo it 1 II. a III iti' Ii 1:. l.ail 1:1 p. -it ef 1 li.ii.l u.

A e. p' KX i.i ciiLe i by il v.e 1. :ir.s 1 li ai'tc is 1.0 I ours by "a bub- pt rniitte.t to mh. of mwroN. Hi tilt l'niilfct.

Vf I lUI Wt I I iu. i.Tiii. i ii n. M.iinn i.i St I tVisiodiil fecund s- tn.uwr.;vt" amiiiHit-t iit anv tu.

II i- I rtui'iRurt' ul lime. Aft, ll it had pone some distance he struct -ff i V' ZSZZ. iun. of a iniUi'iii ilidl.n's, i' l-u i'n-r, tit.rrmi bad a warrant tr ti tut wi.h intent (.11 il ml In l. I' If I' M.

si.r!. i v. TUV1X; TO IN I IMlDATi: to trds Tne lluvoton cavalry pickt ts seen tills and t'Liscd t-'toi khol.u is win ate business lnvn of the I rent AV'v -t, inuuiu. uivv ia dHi sie i-tui. vt: A.

t. 't tiiiiii, T. MotM it Link, ail i'i ilu'i ttf. KlUS. t.

il If. in who 1 with (inrroa ropy our In clul's ti( i u'lii'S, copy ik ji.lh COUNTY MISSION KrtS. mill a Mr. wmt t.i HuiMlou him f-r n'-out three miles, but lie an' tri'iitViucn eonnecteil with various -nil last In ntm it, hut iiu H'Minir bid short iiu r. lit.

and foninnT- irrived safely, ami gave them an ac untitled of his errand, (linn thr It (ill tit-ln-t la Ifti'otoii crul lkd f.r pi-tol in hip V. t. 'oul count of hi wnture anion the ul 1 covi riiig a ide cxU nt Iiitilled and Tlitrulratil, slum 1m the first shot, lut did n.t liil his man, Imm-ivr. lii-tanily liftn-u fir twenty of wo-liin tenitoiy, represent fev ciiuvus tl r-ruii'd Willi in lb, irliniuV sud ers! mil ions inor lis commenced iimv Mmrt. who Hid in the Lin r- i.n ii lint His follm itiitiii'U nit ha L.i'-t tii'i ui u-ion i i im.kti tini iiii Irt t1 .1 tl hi cui.

i ad thui aitii v'-aii l-s 'ii''i Lii! I. 1-nte inU-e i-iiiun lieid, 4. II. s. No.

I fur t'. i- te -i iir Iv pill ra.i-e-'!l tiunio ttlH fiil.iivi it.i.'fs. J. litH euuu I 'ilt't 1 Jiii-p. s.

Havi-I lieyin li. and all ol vi i. i rd. KutiSiis. w.

fi. p. y. I' I ixz it jrjs r.t'. ') and eitVuers are cMnposcil of men meantime, lm-tinti b' tur-c and lrirtirely rode nut of town, Init fc ttirm-d riduw-iys al i r.t (luful tfines ahead.

TIi creel diction is over. An' artesian veil is needed. Subscribe for Tiik IJkvikw. Always loot on the lji il si ie. Noah Legg vui- at Woodsdah Tuesday.

Hugotniilaiisf Jos ph W'Y geiitleiuan also to Mil-, goton tho same morning, and the edge of town a as suddenly surrounded by a gang of nri.iei! men, halted and asked lam his business and name, lie them lie was whoe intimate ae.1itaint.1ueo with in saddle biiJ tfi.t bulKl Hfu auHUi the nteds and iuvcsitics of thi IIi.ipd jlmt Wire ti rinijr dt him. y.iia-iiul u- ib liic t-kC'iM-n thut an ul.l Ri eornt 'v is of valuable aMtanro t.t Last Saturday, June was held an election in Stevens county to decide upon two propositions to vote for mbseriptions of Mock, for two lines of railroads running' east and west through the northern and south em portions of it. The tU-nirn al! i wr-t dUj- hit in tl: liot'llty a lmt. its patrons. It is ma le the (arrtiii .1 HouhIi')- IwhI ai narrow an In Short I'lii-r list! uitriiiiv tl tory of Vnitdl States fund, acumu-latel bt Southwestern Kansas, which Thomas 1 IiojM-ll Weill 10 I Hi-1 lilt, tat-d nimby, and llu-v did not jnuk-inuU- President the S.

T. K. R. Co. They ordered him "to go a Way, and that 1 -piiek," calling Mm a 'Spiiugl't 1 1 of a and stiili a warm rendition, lin hud li ft Ibcir fire is goo 1 evidence of its fiolid iner t.av opened beautiful and clear, and goton Tuesday to prove ii L4 ta iy tnat tlis followli.

-silled ha uf l.ia intt-ntiuu ti: 'akii fiiiitl proof in his claiuit ant. int and proof 1,4 tnada bfor the Jiniife. at June lfi ss. ir s. Mr.ji h1, n-e.

twpiii ranee w. namt the following itnsso to pr6ve hi ton imuoua rebidence upon and cultivation ol aid lanil vi: l. li. II. 1.

I.nt, anil J. .1. ri all of Valpanii-ii, kniisas. 1 Speeial ti liusM'l and David linn can. C.

F. St. iuLJta, -i iirnm in It. and Were funding not fur dirtnnt when tin" fiiMlndi' i ninnu in j. Ttii-y wore non and is the bij-hest compliment that the electors a Nembled at their van Ulvsscs now tin U'liiiorary vapiod bylhc onrai.i llugniu ho i-hmit county scat fit irant county eotild be prfirl to its Integrity and om voting places and dropped in business methods.

It is with satis- ballot. ins tlii tii, when tin imiiH'ilinti iy mado trm kt other for a short ac-quamt'ince is not considered polite cthiurtlc in this wt 'Ft; rn country. He for tlu ir and rlitniilug in rapidly ilrnvr Tlu' Ioseow base hall dub was sway nmm-r T'ifi irnd'n rint ffinif Tlic bond nicti clr.iiu i practising Wednesday afternoon started to obev them, but was whiz.iii:; by. The Mugniti' hkhi moiiiittd horws and climliid intu liucIci that wire hitched around town, and iiiyu pnrnil, kveplug up a tern Kansas witiiess' the growth of it is proper to state for the bcii-a financial institution that compares of people who do not understand Saturday wan a quiet day in Mos immediately recaptured, marched cow all the males went a a otii.u runiiii.i; fin-, and when the ti AWint; ollirire reaihc.l flu. mii.1 nnu tu.fMi..n SirUn -Mril Hd, is- Li id jim-n fhrt tiiia noti'wof ids inieminti iinikd unit pr.i-ii! iti of hii clni'ii, Hud lUit aud t.ruof wili 4 uad LcIjij the District li rk of Mnxus manly, Kanat.

at IIiil'iiIiim. on in. ss. ifiiam Muvily 11. ti.

No. fur lots and ot uii 4, set. twp s. range Mi; w. into town, but after an nour or two, was permitted to A.

1 llidenour anl V. 15. Heed woodpile, Kdns donviy yn-ij, tiny Commissioners Kirby and Kilgore rt-iit to Woodsdale Tuesday fi hiirfc, mid made trnrka for Woodfdule favorably with older and richer coin- the situation that llugoton is the munities, as they thus perceive the county-scat and it is about in the rapid strides of progress and wealth middle ot half-way between the two being created by this western conn- proposed 'lines, hence the people in try. tho eculral part, tearing that if these Ha nainei the following witni'ssea to prove hla-on anticipating troubb, did not go to Clarion lIllKrliei, J. J.

Oie Olid fl-h could tarry Hum. Their biifuy 1 1 1 i umouaieeiucuoB uuon anuciiiiimuunotdiuu in llugoton, but they received a letter -r ti n.i'ii IT i I (iimi ii no in roie I(U utiu me UUllltij (ir lilt J. 15; Miller went to llu 'oton Mon- l.i I.11II1S tiiilin, III. i n1. I- nil.

Mil laiitz und Ernest Limner, all of Zt 1 1m. Kansas. 1 uWwii. Ci. fc'.

H. CiLiia. iiok-iiti'i'- at Woodsdale, signed by Co. Atty (lay. I T'10 tlic oftlrvrf rrealed Various causes cmnncl us to be can'10l1 would kill their i i AND crriCZ 3srlca City, Zaaf April vmh.

isss Li is lu-ii'iiy u.o-ii limt me rotliiwin Iureio exeiieinriii 111 vi uouMiiue, anu Ma inrealki hud been mud that an attempt to arvtiMnnle late with the nublication of Tin: tllllirS lirosFfls 01 gung a loan, Hall inviting them to repair to the county seat and count the vote, guaranteeing them protection. At the Miami si'lili-r tiled nuiiiK ot his Internum to ii.iku final proof ia aupport of I111 cluinr, md that Sitid nroof Mil bt wade bvlorn Kgvikw this First, we desire ailJ of is the next thin-' in order for Mos- mKi- tn.nii.t a m.itt mini iitt-ij inim iiu1 Mirrounu'li ptiidii the Proimtc of llax'iil county, at Santa Fe to get the full returns of the rail- il ihAr li'atli-kucll, so the proposi- tOW, I n'pnirtd tbithor to cuiird the ptnee. limelM. Ihss. viz: Louis Husrard for tin It .1...

.1 I. 1 sw of sec at, tw rktigeDI. These warm day it is pleasant to between smm and tie nanies me loiioiviuii Aitiinsdi-a to prove nla con uuiioua rKoideme upon am! cultivation of 'aid laud. road election, which will not be de- vas "l'l lV r' cided until tho County Comnns- tho wuU'ai townships, and sioncr meet and canvas the vote, were heartily seconded by the eiti- get ill tllO shade and pip lilay Sliort huda -warrant for lioliliiHoti, if thu litlenn 1 1. sper 1 111 fiiiiiii, imiiu ihioiiwi 0, i uiui Heynoltls und Louis Keyiiolds, ull ot Watcrl'md' ui iiiiKu iinu mn.

imnicipuica mete would linve 1 1 Kansas. I iiiriiiuu. same tircc verbal messages were brought that no Sheriff's pose would be allowed to accompany them, and that they had to depend upon the honor, good faith and loyalty of the citizens of llugoton They didn't go. itHtlwU C. F.

M. Niles, Keuister Woodsdale real cs- 1 Mn and he Hhoultl hart cniimttte.l toim iirrnut which will bo Friday, June see- mis ot 111 ond, wc desire to give to our readers l'art mor tllicklir VV" the names of the next President mid a P.e of F'T' lines will LaudOffli-o atOiirden itv, 1J, lsss. 'otii-e is hereby trlvett that the follov.imr Iiiu; iniuiiii-i, a.T in rjw a putiiic aware tliut Hie feelil.Ki. I'ilK'tS Friday last. Woodud and Htij-'otiin in bitter; Nuinerou Vice-President of the United States Iwiicfit it the voters e.idoed it al nuu ILLII IHilT (HI mimed setth lias notice of his Intention ti-make Bnul proof in snjipott of his tilaiin.

autl that said iiroofwill be limile liefure ttie ilistriit lerk. Stevens t-ouutv, Kansas, at Uul-uIoii, The Sabbath School last Sunday iwiit i. Wood, who conxidejed by the jn-o In the meantime; barricades were whidi wiil be promulgated at St. mst 5 it tli nit, i in inioioii equal id me ilertl litnifelf. -in in luiiuiatn; hi Ti, u.t Kansas, ondiiiy JS, IMS-, viz: Hubert.

Ilimvir. fii'-tlu--norlliea-t niiiirtiT Section 111. Tow-nshit Louis this week thirdly, our naner em l'art a Sooa V0l tt a lMmi iitio III vi. nr lllt'll line erected, the church was occupied by armed men, and Generaliss-imo Rob 11 about fifty scholars. H'f, lie names the folluwins; witnessii feeling, and hilo wo do' not roiiKidnr Wood a taint, thin action of the itizen? of Husitun is to prove his continuous residence upuli, and cul of.

said land, viz: A. P. Itidennur, (patent inside) failed to show up 1''1'muohn. 1 some unaccountable reason, until goton and her allies placed between Sumner Davis, a land buyer of ijiioalled for, and sliould not bt) allow ed. inson went out and "held up" a vounr? bttlv that was coming into I'lnllip S.

Neathery. Itandolph llurnes, and J. It'. Iiuswell, all of iloscow, Kansas. Minneola, Clark county, Kansas, was late, and put us behind.

However, two IF. M. Mleb. ltesister. THE OTHKlt SIDE OP IT.

In order to bo fair to all uarUt we ill publish town, suspecting her to be an emis nnOlwO in Moscow Fj'iday. lereafter, Tin: will boas On election day everything passed Hit! 'other cido of thin alia It as libur a we can learn: sary of Woodsdale. To reach the This is Presidential year and it mnctual as usual, and will up off tpuelly at Moscow, Voorhces, 1. Koblntioii wao onco a Woodednlc citizen but climax and to cap the sheaf of dam AST) CHICS it Sirict City, rtKM, 'Wl la iNoUi ia huieby tiheu inut the following-named sutllur ban tiled uotire af his iatenUcn to ui.ika final proof in support itt Ills claim, nd that aud nroof will ba mad beiure the duty of every man to take his emocratio doctrine and local tloings IH'rmot amj Moonlight, and also at moved to and that he made pnemies iu the former place by doing, other precincts with the exception home paper and keep posted. with 'egilarity.

phoohshncss, C. E. Cook, editor of the Herald, mounted his hteed and tile Dii-ti li i ietk. sievens i-iiuuly. ut llii S.

That Short is his hittereut of Niagara, Cleveland Center and Frank Schllipp, llO lives SOUth- that he would tuke llobiucou dead or alive, The life of an editor in a western on June l-ltli, lsss. 1 1 1 a 111 111 t.r.r tllh, for lots and 11 '4. see. 1, twp His. raiiL'e 110 name?) ti follow ing wiUiesnsg to prove hlscna ncu" 11 -r-il i-ultivation of said hind llugoton.

At Niagara, Joseph Wis- caricoling along thy streets, proclaim that llugoton whip a west of H0S.COW, sorted for West si.eriir iiobirot. that he would I 11 1 tl rnii tnt Vita itnrnMiu.l in town becomes is the President of the S. T. It. Plains A ednesday morning last.

4. That itoMncou euid ho wouldn't go to viz: Lewis 'J rou Mllianr Ort athnttse. K. daily drudgery of trying to catch a Wrap and h'rank riuntz, all of Zella, Kim. 1 C.

F. M. Kesl0Ur thousand United States troops. 11 should be spanked. mt 3, 1 oodadalc, and that he didn't, and lie won't.

The winds aro becoming pretty 5. That lf Wood' ocal onthelly, inicicvjew candidates, warm and our farmer friends are be- him they eu And him at iiugntoif. K. as ordered to leave by llugoton parlies, being told that "no Springfield men were needed there, and to git, and git at once." lie inveigle some subscriber into paying Mvors, of 0. Tl'ut he will eubnil, to he arreHtcd by any ginning to dread tho effects of those lis arrearages, or some other honest, the State militia, is now in llugoton hot blisters.

truthful and common every day act. and will try and settle it without re got. which loses its novelty after a time. Herbert Tonney, of Woodsdale, sorting to military force. ppiictf officer who will guurauteo hia protection from Injury or insult but not by any Woodedulc outfit.

AFTKH THE SMOKE OT BATTLE. Twenty -five ehoti ere war tod. The epring wagon at dectroyed by the captors. At llugoton there was no trouble Land Oliiceat Citv. Kansas.

I 14, 1SHH. Xolite is hereby given that the following named settler buK iiicd notice nf his intention niiike ti 1 1 ti 1 proof iu support of liis eluii i.iu) that said nrocf will be made before the I'mbati; Judge at iluiroton, Kansas, on P. 1HH. viz: Alfred Harper, of Valpariaso, Kan'stis, for lotsi-f. 4, south half niirtlnvi'M quarter section 4, Tone shipW, S.

:i.l West. lie mimes the followin witnesses to prove his" continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: .1. K. Newluu. S.

What we arc yearning for now is was the man that brought the news The object of all this turmoi as those opposing the bonds had al- for some good, old, grizzly Granger of the Uattle of llugoton" to Mos by the mob at Hugoton, was to bull to come in and spin us a regular, old most a ajty, and al- cow, Tuesday evening. doze the Commtsjoners into count so in Cleveland. Center, but it soon Terrible poor mtti keuiimehip 1" 1b tho verdict of fashioned, stem-winder and wicked ing the two fraudulent precincts of Freighting wagons are passing all, C. S. Palmer, and L.

A. Walton, all of Valpariaso. Kiiiiuj'w 4 became whispered, about that the ie. The man that answers this re lugoton and Cleveland. There was Ed Short loft his hat and rodo uwuy bare C.

F. SI. N11.SS, Register. headed. quest will get a chromo, ballot boxes of llugoton and Cleveland, twps were sturt'ed.

counted in the llugoton precinct 135 Total damages spring agon and one indow We were pleased to meet our glues broken. voters the day before the election, and at 0 p. in. of election day there through here every day from Liberal to Woodsdale, Ulysses and other points in the west. This is tho right to nvest Mosco.vv.

property. It will be the first town in the county to get a railroad. JlUEWIN'G. Threats were indulged in during friend and former employer, Lon The old gentleman that was hit was only etruck on the boot-heel no blood flowed. 135 ballots voted, and only that Davis, local editor of the Woods- As Short wai retreuttng County t'ommineioncr number of names on the poll-books.

the campaign, especially so between the citizens of Woodsdale and Hu- dale Democrat, at tho ball Saturday Chamberlain jieared tho door of his ofliee with a gnn, when Short "drew a bead" on him, They claim 191. evening. Lon. is one of the "bovs rrotnti Tito liirlir Tnnfiilr.v hntwppn which inndo that worthy functionary "duck back In Cleveland there are 80 voters, wards." Notice Homestead. Contest No.

(i-142. I AND OFKIt'B at. fiarden City. April J1-'Tih, 1.SNS. Complaint havintr been entered at thii oliice by Alfred l.

Talbott nu-nini't Charles Max Kooher for his Homestead K11-try dated ut Garden t'itv, Kansas, De comber 2Hth, lHsr, upontliesw i.j.Voc, twp 82s, ratine .85 in Stevens countv, Kansas, contestant nltcirins; flint the said Charles Max Hooker has wholly abandoned said that he has never resided on said tract since tniiliini: said en: try, that said tract is not settled upon and cultivated by said party as required by law. with a view to the cancellation of said entry. The said parties aro herebv summoned to appear at thiu olliee on the day of June. 1S''8, at. 10 o'clock a.

to respond and furnish testimony concerning said alleged abandonment, litl liw-J. S. TUAXlIOfSEll, Receiver from a way back," and lias been A i tl1 Sliort and ltobinson was but the pre- but thev claimed 12.0. working hard getting up "bond am "The Bcbnte on tle Tartfl'." It is only a game of llugoton limary steps to other acts of foolishness on the part pf Hugotou's citi munition" for his leaders during the past two months, and so came down bluff. The Kansas Citt Times has Jtutt relished a neat pamphlet entitled "Tub Dkba'te ok the Taiukf," which contains President Cleveland's zens, such as receiving a shipment of to Moscow for a little rest and re message to Congress, Mr.

Blaine'i criticism on rifles, endeavoring to recruit a body For President, Grover Cleveland creation. the message, and till tho principal speeches de of men at Liberal for some secret livcrcd this session for and against the Mills Vice-President, Allen G. rfMirman. The strongest candidates in the dem The Wave, a paper recently wuni0BC maje th0 peoplc of this Tariff Bill. As a campaign document It is iuval uahle.

started at Westola, Morton county, be on the i0Qk(mt. There ocratic party, and the winning team in the presidential campaign. Cleve this State, has reached this office. had bccu messages sent to Woods- L. A.

Walton is at homo "batch ing it" this week. land was strong enough himself to is a wen euitea local paper, nut it tlalc waruin Col. Wood, Ed Short, is "wavy" on the political issues of Garron and 1 lousier not to appear at the times, as it is independent. We Huston on the day that the vote Land Office ft Garden City, 1 May 31, 1KK.1. Notice is hereby given that the followiuir-' named settler has tiled notice of his intention to make tinal proof iu support of Ids claim, and that said priiiif will lie made before Ihe Prolmte of Stew-us county, Kansas, at llugoton, 011 July 25.

1SHS, vjz: Ueore- Majors, tor the northeast quarter section 2.J. towinbip 31. of 3U w. ie names the witnesses to prove ids cou 'huiiub residence upon and cultivation of eahihuit. viz: Lewis 11, Lyon, l.eauder K.

illi.iuis, (,, Hiekett, and William 11. Oreathouse, ull of Zella. J. J. Smith and E.

J. Cromer down any candidate the Republi It is reported that jack rabbits are destroying some crops in this neighborhood by nibbling them off, especially so the corn sprouts. Think, read, study and investigate tho tariff question thoroughly. Never jump, at conclusions until you have examined its merits and demerits. Pack Williams was at llugoton Tuesday and seen the shooting that was clone between Deputy Sheriff Short and the citizens of that place.

He says that it was lively. Quite a number attended the singing school in the Tabernacle last Sunday. A lively interest is being manifested, by thos attending, in learning this useful accomplishment. Phillip Neathery was at llugoton Tuesday, and while there bought a small bottle of strychnine. Several were out in the western part of the nope, nowever, mat it may "wave" was t0 bo canvassed if they wanted county the first cf the week, selling cans may name, but our delegates have materially strengthened the ticket by naming that grand and fruit trees.

into tne democratic fold, and then to livCi In fact notes 0f waru. "wave" on to popularity and success. hlg but the already high ivaueas. noble statesman from Ohio for the Another shower of Wednes also W. A.

Showalter, living near Moa- wrought feelings of the belligerants. day night. Leander U. Williams, for the sontlicast quarter, section 81, township 81. of rane Mil cow, brought us in a sample of and when last Friday it was re- Ha names the following wltnessea to prove his con-liimous residence uaou and cultivation of eaid land.

J. J. Cripe and J. J. Smith went to tamp cherries, which came from a ported that llugoton was in the pos- viz: Lewis II.

Lyon, tieorire S. Majors, ('. A Woodsdale Thursday evening. tree that had been planted this session of 100 armed men, command- Hiekett and William 11. (ireuthouse, nil of Zella, Kansas.

second place. The "Old Roman" brings such strength and weight to the ticket, that ali other parties combined cannot oyercome its force. This ticket insures us four more years of democratic rule and just government. nl'lwtt C. F.

31. Isiues- Spring. They aro of good size and ed by Chamberlain, Calvert and Col. W. F.

Flint started this morning for Sedgwick, Harvey appearance, arid are an evidence of Cook, -who received their orders Land Office at Garden t'itv, Kansas, 1 21, 1 Notice is hereby riven that the follow the fact that lruit can be raised in rom Sam- iobins0n, that these men county, Kansas, on a visit. He will also go to Concordia, this State, to settler has liled notice of his intention to inuku tins country, oniy property planted were placed in buildings so as to final proof in support of his claim, niiil that said and cultivated. see his children. iroot win ne mane uetore tne lcric or itcvens countv, llii-rolon, Ivansas. on command the streets with their rifles A stranger who was freighting from Ulysses to AuKust (i, ISHrt, viz: Tluimas t'.

Sutherlin, for tin NOTICE. Persons wishing any information P. J. Williams received a letter the people began to smell a large southeast quarter of section 1:1, twp 83, of I'e 35 Liberal stopped hi llugoton Sunday night, and Uo name the lollowln-x witns)-3 to prove his eon concerning making final proof, can fromS. I.

Drysdalc, of Sweet Spring sized rat. tinuous resldonce upon and cultivation of said land viz: W. il. Nell, J'atvick Hums, W. L.

I'etlijohn and M. F. lliirns, ail of Kansas. get full particulars free ot charge. Missouri, making inquiries in regar No one was permitted to go into by calling on or corresponding with nttwli C.

F. II. liiwt 1. r. to Moscow and her future prospects llugoton unless they were disarmed was Immediately set upon as a "Woodsdale Strycker," and was told to "mavo his freight," but ho convinced them that he had no interest in the bond election, and was permitted to remain, being watched closely however.

He returned via Moscow and was in town Tuesday, aud in speaking to a Heview reporter, said that the pub lie mind was hotter around llugoton than It is P. II. Ferguson, Clerk or tne JJis trict Court, llugoton, Kan. "Uncle" Sam is one of the foun As a sample of the kind of rule young men Hereabouts aontKiiow whether it was for ground squirrels or for them. The tank at our town punrp is now finished and located it will Void 40 barrels, and was mado by Col Flint, and will be a great convenience to all parties getting water at Moscow.

The railroad from Liberal is being pushed ahead about 3 miles south ders of Moscow and is thinking of th at was established, we will give returning soon, and making this his the experience of W. B. Reed of William R. Mokeisos heads tho thought to be. this place: As he came near the Laud Oliice at Garden itv, Kansas, May tl, issn! Notice is hereby civen thai the follow namcil settler has tiled notice of ilis intention to ir.aki-final proof in support of hhi claim, and tliat said proof will be mado before the 1 rohute Judae nl llugoton, Kansas, on July Hi, isss.

viz: Jaiue? Franklin, for the 11 quarter, sec 17. 'twp 3), re 35. He UHinestli" following witueppcs to pi-iive hie con residence unon aud tullivatiouof said laud, viz: John ii. Miller, Thomas l-'ruzkr, William II. lieynursou and John Lalicy, all of atnloi d.

Kansas. wt C. F. H. Kile KcsUkr.

Illinois delegation at tho National permanent home. Our citizens would be exceedingly glad to welcome him NOTICI5. have no money to loan with outskirts of Hugoton ho was con Democratic Convention in St. Louis back to our midst again. out interest, and neither have we this week.

goods to sell 011 time. If we sell on The Prohibition party mot in west of that place, on the State line, where a new town will be built. time vre are sure to have to quit busi fronted by Robinson with a revolver in hand, who said: "Halt, you Reed halted, Robinson then demanded his lire-arms, Reed replied Land Office at Garden City. Kansas, May si3, 1SS8. National Convention at Indian- ness.

If we sell for cash onlv. we Liberal has seen its "wild and Notice is hereby that the following-named has tiled notice of his intention to make final opolis, Indiana, May 31, and put in booming may have to quit, so vre will give ourselves the benefit of tho doubt, proof in support of bis claim, and that said proof will be made before the. Kegister and Kec.eiver nomination Gen. Clinton B. Fiske, of New Jersey, for President, and ntUardcn Kansas, on dulv li.

lht, viz The dance Saturday night at the Tabernacle was attended by over 100 Jonas i'otter for the south half southwest quarter section north half northwest quarter section Lund Office at Garden Citv, Kansas, -May X'l, lsriS. 1 Notice is hereby given that the following -named settler has liied notice of his intention to make final proof in supiioi of his claim and thai said proof will be made before the Probate jtnlire of Stevens coutity, at Hmroton. Kansas, on July Hi, lbol, A. Hiekett, ti. K.

No. Will the southeast quarter, sec 15, twp Si, of rue lie narns the following wltnesttje to prove Ms eois-tiuuous residunce upon amUull.n i.Uua of said him viz: B. A. Thoruluv.LT. Sinn Tilonliroiiiei'v.

l-'arn-eft Linear, and Irwin Vi iliiams, nil of Zella, Kan liMwti C. P.M. Nilks, KeslsUT. John A. Brooks, of Kansas City, 27.

townshui ranao du west. he had none, Robinson called him a "lyings of a and made him hold up his hands, and also stand up in bis cart, and be searched. persons. The Woodsdale String He names the following witnesses to prove his for Vice-President. Immense en aud after this date, June 9th, will sell no other except for cash to anyone.

The greater part of our customers will pay, we know, but the uncertainty of when, his forced us to the above decision. We mean crybody. Hughes Bros. Band furnished the music. The vounrr ladies and gentlemen shook 1 continuous residence upon mid cnlt.ivi.tiim of, said hind, via: Daniel O'tveefe, Matthew Dntv, William I'.

Wells uniUienryl ull of Wutcr-fiud. Kansas. C. F. M.

Nii.ks, KetdeWr ZJT 'Special Notice to Thomas J. Ourduer. thusiasm was manifested considering the fact that was a "cold water" His pocket knife was taken. Robinson had him escorted into town and their feet until qune taic, anu evciv. body appeared to enjoy themselves crowd,.

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