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Minneola Record from Minneola, Kansas • 3

Minneola Record from Minneola, Kansas • 3

Minneola Recordi
Minneola, Kansas
Issue Date:
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I-Iiddle West Are You Going to Build? improvement and so many new buildings. W. F. Maxffelc, who used to be agent for the Rock Island is now the company's agent at Greens-burg. Mr.

Maxfield was well liked here and has many friends at Minneola. Wallace Cleaver, mayor of Cleav-erdale, was in town Saturday, trans Comp any A House, Barn, Store Building, Chicken Coop or anything in the carpenter line. If so tell me your troubles, whether large or small. Dealer in 1 Fine Farm and Ranch Lands. Have a complete list.

Can furnish you anything you want See them for LOANS and INSURANCE. E. SCULL Contractor Builder A. D. KEPPLE, Mgr.

Office in New Hotel. also help. Malignant hog cholera is distinguished from the milder types by the muscular cramps, great prostration, partial loss of motor power and excitability, serious lowering of temperature, slow-flowing blood, violent bowel pains and fluid ejection like rice water. For treatment Dr. Low recommends the following mixture to be given every 15 minutes: Ether, 3 drams; sulphuric acid, 15 drops; oil of 5 drops.

To soothe the intestines, feed tea made of linseed or slippery elm. Delicious corn drops see that wife makes you soma Use half a dozen ears of young juicy corn, score the grains with a sharp knife, after having trimmed off the least bit of the surface of each grain, then scrape all of the corn from the cob with the back of a knife. Add salt and and egg, the white and yolk, beaten separately. Drop in spoonfuls on either a hot bake iron or frying pan; but in either case use no more fat than is just necessary to grease it: "Have the pan or iron hot and bake like griddle cakes, turning when a golden brown underneath. S'more Locals.

ESSES acting buisness. Mr. Cleaver: was a constable uf this township in the early days. He is whooping ii up for Bryan this fall and says he will surely be the next president The following Minneola people attended the State Fair at Autchin-son this week: W. A.

Smith and wife, S. F. Belt and wife, Fred Wood and family, James Ferris and wife, Chasi Denniston and wife, Mrs. H. DeArman and children, Fred Pitman, Lawrence Belt C.

W. Tucker and wife, Fred Tincher and Charley Cillett. S. A. Stateler left his team and buggy, with his little boy in the buggy, standing in front of Henry's restaurant last Saturday and the team not being off and upset the rig, throwing the child under the it A man stopped the team and rescued the boy, who was not Ffs1 Meats Always on Hand.

We also keep in stock a complete line of Canned and Salt Meats. James McAdam Dealer in Grain and Feed EMrmans meat mm Minneola Record Published every Friday at Minneola, Clark County, Kansas. ial Sunday about the rubber of the Congo Free State. What is the use of going to Africa for rubber since the Directoire gown has come in use? There seems to be plenty of "rubber" at home. J.

E. DANCY, Editor. H. I HAWLEY, M. D.


Subscription price, $1 a year in advance. hurt Moral: Take the child out of the rig when the team is untied. Clint O'Neal brought in some fine ears of corn raised on the Bolinger place which he has rented. Mr. O'Neal came from Barton county and did hot get here until this past spring, but he put out over one hundred acres of com that is very good considering the season, and will sow about two hundred thirty five acres to wheat this fall.

This man has only one arm and is as handy with it as a man with two, and does all kinds of work on the farm with it Get the Record to print you some statements or bill head3. Mrs. Jack O'Connor is looking after the Tucker Cafe during Mrs. Tucker's absence this week. When you buy an article that you saw advertised in the Record, tell the merchant that you saw his ad in the Record, that he may know if he is getting results from it Dick Bronson was in the city Tuesday evening on his way to the fair at Hutchinson.

Dick had not been in the city for over a year, and was surprised to see so much All advertisements will be run until ordered out. Copy for ads. rnust be in net later than Wednesday night. Entered as second-class matter Aug. 14, 1908, at the post office at Minneola, Kan.

under the Act of March 3, 1908. Well, are we going to incorporate? Keaa Tne in tne Kecora. A man who lives in Minneola was heard to remark the other day that this country was going back, and that it will soon be a grazing country again. If we were so pessimistic as all that we would sell out right now while there is a chance to get a good price for any thing that is for sale. Just think how much that man must suffer, all the time worrying about what is going to happen.

It must be a very disagreeable feeling to say the least Verily, the way of the kicker is hard. Wonder when Ringling Brothers' show is coming to MinneolaT We still say there should be a commercial club organized, but we have heard of no steps being taken to organize one. 1 COMPANY, Lilly That mud hole on main street is an eye sore and should be filled in at once. It is also a typhoid fever germ incubator and the sooner it is filled the better, for the looks and health of the town. The editor of the Meade News come out la st week a ad said that hereafter the News will not be Democratic as heretofore, but that it will be independent of politics.

We have found by experience that the politicians will put up a howl that a newspaper ought to stand by its rights and let the people know where it is at, but the real truth is that they are trying to get you to boost the party that they belong to that they may reap a personal benefit. Little they care how your paper is run if they think they will not get benefits therefrom. First Office in Minneola. We pay taxes for non-residents, and rent land from and for non-residents WiU We Incorporate? -James Ferris made the remark Tuesday: "Why don't this town incorporate?" This is what we have advocated ever since we have been here and the town is large enough to be incorporated, so we are informed. The thing to do is to got busy and circulate the necessary petition for incorporation, which we believe every man in town will sign.

Then the walks and streets can be legally made, and no hanging back or dissatisfaction can arise on account of not knowing what to do, or where to improve. Incorporation would increase the value of every lot in town and add to the wealth of the buildings that are on the lots on every street. It would give the city a government of its own and independent from the township, and place the town in a better position to give the most to its residents, and those desiring to become residents of the town. It would enable the people of this town, through their officers, to build sidewalks and establish grades for the same, to make, alter and repair streets, alleys and make improvements of all kinds, which we are in need of. It would aid the town to establish fire limits and to have a fire department or some fire pro-proteztion that would be effective in case of fire.

Think these matters over and you cannot but come to the conclusion that to do these things is the best for the town and its people. You must have a legal foundation and rules that are binding upon all alike, whice can be had by resort to what the law says we may have if we WE WRITE Farm Notes By William Pitt. If you would be a hero in your wife's eyes, keep the wood box full. Give the pigs the chance and they will turn more waste on the farm into profit than any other animal. If they have not sufficient shade and plenty of good fresh water, the hens will suffer from the heat and turn you down on the egg yield.

In picking a team mate for the colt select the one with the fastest walking gait Almost impossible to break him of a slow walk if once acquired. If you do not tuse an incubator but depend upon hens for hatching your eggs, remember and save over the hens that have proved themselves good mothers this year. Get a Babcock tester and ascer-tain the quality of your cream. The government will send you a pamp-let explaining all about the machine if you'will write to the department of agriculture at Washington. A sign of beginning sunstroke is indicated, in the horse by flagging steps and unsteady gait Don't delay.

Get him in the shade, unhitch at once and apply cold water to the head and neck and rub with coarse cloths. Sponge mouth out with cold water, also. Quinine injected, 40 or more grains to the dose, will Fie Oil NOTARY PUBLIC PNONE 20 -V TrwnpnAitiAn The Wichita Ecle had an editor-.

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