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The Downs World from Downs, Kansas • 5

The Downs World from Downs, Kansas • 5

The Downs Worldi
Downs, Kansas
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W. Huff left for Enid, Oklahoma THE DOWNS WORLD. J. W. l'ugh ordered a big lot of IT "WT "TtirT 1 M.

Wells: Presiding Elder Hull, of Beloit, was 7 vale Pi Saturday. A few more of those comfortable 3fcwns, Kan. Thursday, JAN. 18, 191 In the city Monday, on business. undergarments at Troth'.

County Attorney, M. K. Smith, was Poole has too many dolls and ill sell them very low In order to reduce In the city, Saturday. MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILROAD. Arrival and of AKKIVKSFKOM EAST.

Mr. Baleom of Cawker City visited PiKMfiffcr 7:10 1. 31 the family of W. E. Dillon Sunday.

The Would and the Topcka Cap Mlv.rl... 12:30 P. 31 the fctock. Chris Knapp ami Wolfert Ware lxtth hipicd stock to Kansas City, yesterday. The Central Branch section hands have been laid off for a few weeks on DEl'AllTS KOIl THE KAST.

General Mercnandise, FRESH STOCK OF Highest Market Price paid for Produce. tal, one year for tl.05, to old mbscrl Passage A- Mixed r. hers or to new. nKPAIMS WEST XOKTH MKAXCII. S.

A. Gettv till week places his account of dull time. name- on our roll of honor as paid In Dlil'AUTS WEST SOUTH Bit ASCII. 1 31 advance subscriber. r.

Freight R. H. Judson last Saturday dropped D. C. Jenkins and brother, Jof Cawker, were here the first of the week visiting I.

N.Rogers. Hon. It. R. Hay of Osborne, nnd Geo.

M. Wilson, Agent. ottougu oi me uuuy iuito hi our to entitle him to vote In the MAHKIT EEPOST. contest. Judge Smith of Stockton, were In the the city, Tuesday.

20 Mrs. M. L. Berry, an old resident of There is a slump In the corn mar Cawker and very well known In tills Who at No. ket on men's toe when they wear vlclnltr.

died at her home In that N'o. 2 38 Troth's easy fitting slmcs. X. city, last week. F.

F. Brocks this week huilta chick- IVim 20 C.lilr'l.vim Hit dozen Rev. T. C. MoiTctt of Clyde, wil Saunders' Harness The people of Downs and surrounding country arc invited to call and sec mc when in need of anything in the harness 1 line, as I carry a good stock and sell the same at a living profit.

My stock of Harness, Saddles, Robes, lllankcts Is complete and will bear inspection. Also carry a line of Brushes, curry harness oil, BOOT ftND SHOe SHOP IN CONNECTION-J. tl SAUNDERS, Proprietor; preach In the Congregational chnreh house and says that hereafter there be "a lock on cle chicken coop doah." Hogs -T0 Fat Steers Mtotl.oo Fat 1.7CtoS2.CO Sunday, January 21, both morning The bottom of the Atlantic has and wculng. been photographed but It don't make Dr. Mullin, the dentist, Is at the old stand, prepared to attend to the as pretty plcl ure as a pair of those ladies shoes at Troth's.

A cross after your name Indicates wants of the people. First-class work Mrs. Ed Dillon had the misfortune a mat your subscription nas expired, and a double cross thus: XX, indicates that you are one or at reasonable prices. 3: to step upon a rusty nail, Monday, Osborne lady calls the bugs that more years back on your subscription Please take notice and renew. were so thick about the maple trees, which made a serious and painful wound, and now she is con lined to the last fall, alliance hugs because they The great family paper, the Omaha house with a very sore foot.

were so thick just before election, and Bee, ami Tlllfi Would both nnr vmp. Have you voted? Rev. Brhein writes from Hutchin so scarce after election. The Ross township board meets on E. B.

Jones, one of Ross township's lie 27, Just. son, that he had expected to return and take up his work iu Downs, this week but that he lias been detained for ii. Co. MU Millie Powell entertained quite a number of her young friends last Monday night. most prosperous farmers enrolled his S.

Dittman visited friends in name on our roll of honor for the com by the sickness of his little boy Allon. Glen Elder, Sunday. ing year by paying hi advance for his THE CANDIDATES. The. following are the candidates nominated and the vote cast for each, during he first week of the contest: Miss Maud Wells, Downs, CO.

Miss Minnie Hendricks, Downs, 20. Miss Mabel Bragg, Downs, 20. Number of votes not placed, but reserved for a future date, ICO. Mr. and Mrs.

Roht. Johnson now re W. A. Johnson yesterday received a K. II.

Staley visited friends in paper for 1604, this week. Joice over the advent of a new baby at fine large Bull Cochin cock from a no Rloomington, night, C. B. Itemick and wife returned their home In the west part of town ted eastern poultry breeder. It Is a Myrtle, Wade was visiting Stella Friday evening from south of Osborne u.

i'j. Duden went to Stockton to Gardiner, Saturday and Sunday. where they had been taking care beauty, and no mistake. Mr. Johnson takes great pride in his poultry and is to be congratulated upon securing L.

II. Underwood, who last week got Another assortment of celluloid a leg broke. They report Jiimasdo- day to give a dancing lesson. Delias a dancing class there consisting of twenty-six couple. Dr.

J. G. Poole left Tuesday to visit picture frames just arrived at Toole's. so fine a fowl. ng as well as possible under the Miss Maggie Brown, of Cawker, was Don't fail to not ice our offer to send circumstances.

visiting friends of Rocky Hill last week. some young lady to the best business AVe invite the attention of our rcad- ollegc in the state for nine months. rs to the large advertisement of the If you want anything in the line of Meat: This is an opportunity of a life time, StLouis Semi-weekly Globe-Democrat. ind if yu have a daughter, a sister or This Is an excellent opportunity to get that splendid paper tree. It comes twice a week, for the same a friend, this Is your chance to secure for her a first-class business education LEE GRIFFIN at a small cost.

friends at Parker, Kas. from where he will make a visit to Oklahoma, before returning. Miss Bertha Lusader entertained quitca number of her young friends, Monday night. A very pleasant lime is reported. A surprise party was given Mr.

and Mrs. John Greeiiman, Tuesday evening the loth. The young people report a very pleasant time. Clarence Newman, formerly a printer on the Courier, was in the city price you generally pay for a much inferior weekly paper. A party of M.

W. A. members con- dentistry, call on Dr. Mullin. Twenty-five years practice.

32 Mr. E. L. Janes is quite sick with the grippe, which will probably lay him up for sometime. The Cawker city band was rcorgan-' ized, last Saturday night, with Prof.

Jenkins as instructor. CiuyJe-y Albrecht formerly of this i Tiy Out nowof Ilorton, is in the city fluting friends and relatives. Proprietor. isting of J. D.

Thorp, G. M. Wilson, 1 J. Si rack, state deputy head con "hip Stark, J. C.

Sample, J. W. sul of this M. W. of Junction City George, A L.

Dunham, B. Sehnidcr, has been here the past week looking FRESH W. Pugh, L. Krohn and G. W.

ME A after the interest of the fraternity Cornell went to Osborne, Monday this city. lie has done some good the first of the week, having severed night to visit the lodge at that place. organizing wont mere Doing his connection with a dramatic com 'O. M. Duden was visiting friends In They report an excellent time.

twenty one new members admitted at pany with which he has been travel the last regular meeting of the lodge. Don't fail to notice the change in Ing for the past few months. Beloit the Kreotch Hdw. Co. ad this week.

George and Fred Morrill have Gazette. These gentlemen arc ever to the front purchased the Skinner cigar factory Mariukd: wedensday. January 17, nd carry a fine, well assorted stock and will open it up over Carney at the residence of C. S. Dittman, Yy-loit, last Sunday afternoon and relumed on in the evening.

rot buy imy silverware or jewelry until you have seen the assortment at Poole's and noted the prices. Several of the liocky Hill people attended the singing school at the liaptist church, Monday evening. The Maid of Alliens would have i LARD AND SAUSAGIv Always on Hand. Give mc a call and be con-' store. This is a move we like to see of goods at all seasons.

The genial manager, AV. A. Johnson, thoroughly Frank Luning, to Mrs. Elizabeth and we wish the boys success. They nderstands his business and will are good workmen and hard workers Seglias.

The wedding was a very quiet affair, only the relatives of the make it both pleasant and profitable contracting parties being present for you if you call on him. and if there is any virtue in ability and perseverance, they will certainly succeed. The bride is a sister to Mrs. Dittman The newly married couple will make The Epworth League held their ection of officers last evening, with their home in Osborne. the following result: President, Ed.

Hull; vice-president, It. L.Easterling; vinccd that I keep only the5 best. Wm. Overton, of Mt. Vernon, Mis souri, tin's week sends us a big iron secretary, miss IjIiiio urcenman; dollar to renew of his subscription In the clinical lecture by M.

Buc-quoy, lately delivered, he expressed his'preference for.lemor. juice as a local application in diptheria, to acids, chlorate of potash, nitrate of silver, per chloride of iron, alum and lime water, lie uses it by dipping a little cotton or wool, twisted around a wire in the juice, and pressing it against the dis LEE GRIFFIN. for Tub Would. He is entitled to ten votes on our scholarship been more bewitching to Byron if she had worn a pair of Troth's shoes. The finest, best and cheapest line of ladies and gents watch chains can he found by calling at Dr.

Pooles. II. D. Washburn left Monday for Kansas City, where he went to attend the Implement dealers' convention. Mrs.

C. I). Brown of is iting Mrs. J. M.

Sullivan. Mr. Brown was atone time a business man of Downs. Geodfrey Dittman who has been assisting his brother in the tailor treasurer, Miss E. L.

Getty. The organization is in a fiourishingcondition and is constantly increasing in membership. Considerable interest is being now contest and if ho will write us his choice wo shall be pleased to register them. eased surface four or five times daily manifested by the reading public in Our readers will this week notice J. BRAKE, the Sandwich Islands, and while many We venture the assertion that no a communication from The Bluffs, criticise the policy of the present ad Our correspondent in that neighbor ministration no one can criticise or town in northwest Kansas has held its own in population and business during the hard times, as has Downs.

hood is one of the best and most ac- condemn the hardtime-prices offered atchmakef1 shop for the past few months 'is now urate news gatherers we have ever by Dr. J. G. Poole on all his silver known in our somewhat extended ware, jewelry, watches, albums and newspaper experience, and in future iand fancy goods, for the holiday trade our readers can look for some inter The Daughters of Rebekah held esting items from that neighborhood theirmeeting, Monday night, and the following officers were installed: N. Report of Bethany Center school, for month ending January 12, 1894; There are scarcely any empty houses in the city and all business and residence property is in good shape and well taken care of, givjng our town 'a bright, clean look that is noticeably absent in some of our sister towns.

A very pleasant and entertaining time was had at the Bethany Center schoolhousc, last week. The question debated was Resolved that a tariff for revenue is more beneficial than a protective tariff. It was won by the neg Mrs. May Poisal; V. Mrs.

Clias. No. of days taught, 19; total enroll assisting on the farm. The New York Millinery Store will be reopened about April 1, with an entirely new stock of spring millinery. W.

C. Saunders, Prop. Wm. Landers has taken J. run for a few days, on account of Mr.

Crimmins being called to the bedside of his mother, who is very ill. The mail clerks on this division have changed their runs. They now change at Concordia, and run from thereto Atchison, instead of from Atchison to Lenora, as formerly. The change Oldson; L. G.

Ware; Mrs ment, 21; average daily attendance, Beck; conductor, L. J. Carney; ward 20; average deportment, average en, Geo. Oldson; inside guard, W. L.

scholarship, 88; No. cases tardiness, 9, Beck. Several minor officers, whose names we have been unable to learn, Roll of honor: Frank David, Charlie and Will Fink, Maude and Click Hig- were also installed. The ladiesgavea 0 fPte 'ml Mm supper, and the meeting was a very ative. Several of our Downs people bee, Harry McStay and Bert Dowd No.

of visitors, 7. E. D. Fay, Teacher. pleasant one.

were present, among them being John Fay, Fred Lees. Miss Emma Lees, To those who are holding their votes in the scholarship contest, hav Miss Mable and Edna Newlon, Bertha George and Bertha MONKEY CREEK MUSINGS. ing already paid up, but not having Grandma Deadly is on the sick list. named their candidate: In future Win. Asperand wm.

Cox arc doing some fencing. Let the good work go took place last Monday. The Methodists of Beloit are building a fine new church ediflce. They held their first services in the basement of the building, last Sunday. The upper portion is not completed, and will not be until spring.

A. A. Robertson, the genial and popular young manager of the Wolfert store left Monday for Beloit, to visit friends. Mr. Robertson is one of our on.

Lusader. The following remedy was discovered in Germany, and is said to be the best known: At the first indication of diptheria in the throat of a child make the room close; then take a tin cup and poor into it a quantity of tar and turpentine, equal parts. Then There ill be a wolf hunt in Garfield township, Jan. 27. All arc invited.

The young people of Coon Hollow, we will not allow votes to be held longer than one week from the time the payment is made and the payee is entitled to vote. The reason we do this is to give all candidates a fair show, so that each candidate and her friends will know exactly how she stands and so that no one can ring in a lot of held back ballots on the last month or week of the contest. Already, within two weeks, there is in the neighborhood of 100 votes that are lacing held back, and we would be obliged to the parties had an oyster supper and a dance Sat urday nteht. Fred Cox was there from the Valley. Happy Jack, Jeweller Notice of Skttlkment.

laving sold my entire stork of mer hold the cup over a fire so as to fill the room with fumes. The little patient on inhaling the fumes, will cough up and spit out all the membraneous matter, and the diptheria will pass off. The fumes of the tar and turpentine loosen the matter in the throat, and thus affords a relief that has baffled the skill of physician, REPAIR ING brightest and steadest young men and none deserve a vacation more than he. Will and Jake Barry last week open-ted up a stock of second-hand goods in the Bates building under the firm name of Barry Bros. They have ordered a full and complete stock of hardware, which they expect to arrive this week.

These boys arc rustlers, aud we hope they will succeed. chandise to H. T. Kfndley, I will now retire from business In Downs and de holding them if they will inform us as to their choice of candidates. If this is not done before our next issue we A SPECIALTY sire all parties indebted to me to call at once at my old stand and settle their accounts, as I desire to leave the state will declare them.

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