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Altoona Journal from Altoona, Kansas • 4

Altoona Journal from Altoona, Kansas • 4

Altoona Journali
Altoona, Kansas
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Letter From Hawaiian Island. ('01 NH Cl.lPI'lM.S. Following is a letter from A. P. Frank Peytou, formerly of Fredo-Clieelham which was received a week I has charge of a cotton compress ago by his brother Clarence, and was I Tecumseh, Olila, and is mild SoO The Journal pmii isnmi tcvitnv finnAV at A MOON A KANSAS per month.

Saturday, October 6, will be the last Sutncriptims ti.SS a year. What i tit -Cf CI1ETOPA TWP. 2UOTES. Drying some. Some wdiat cooler.

Ojiite muddy to husk corn. John Steves hauled corn to Altoona -the first of the week. Mrs. John Allen is slowly improving of her receut illness. Henry OAens' small boy lias brain trouble.

W. J. Oil lett is building a new corn crib for Mrs. Hlack. Mr.

and Mrs. Will Harrington's baby who has had the scarlet fever is slowly handed in for publication. As Arthur grew to manhood in this community the letter will probably be ijuito interesting to his many old friends and acquaintances: Uilo, Hawaii Tar. Sept. PJUU.

Mi.Claience Clieelham; Altoona, Kunas. My Dear Brother: A end Pri'eulliull was organized in lids city tin ee weeks ago we missed gelling tlio item at the fiinc. The oiViccrs elect Pd were: T. ('. Hall, President: Orrie C'llaw, Vice J.

F. Ovvens, Secretary, (ten, Deliolt, Treasurer. The club meets every Thursday evening at Hall fi Rettmann's hardware store. While boating on the river Saturday above the dam the boat capsizing, the occupants, Clarence Oheetham and Hairy l'ost. were compelled to climb a tree to escape a good ducking.

Clarence's father went to their assistance in another boat and succeeded in landing the boys 3afe on terra firma. fmiA oiiTuKBUMnon. is netting in. Fall goody are needed in oar household. It's time yoa are looking out for your needs.

We have used our best effort" to furnish the trade with, the best goods attainable at the lowe't juices. Cotton goods are advancing in prices but we have laid in enough to last a good part of the season which we will sell as we bought without the enormous advances the Mills are now asking, Our line is full now in all departments and we invite your inspection. Your attention is called especially to our line of Ladies' Dress day under the law for the tiling of nominations of candidates for olliee with the County Clerk. No one in this locality can recall the time when the precipitation was so great so late in the season as it has been the past two days, J. W.

Sheets went to Upola. Tuesday, to auctioneer a ssle of 00 head of lot of mules and horses, hogs and other property. Jas. MeDonough shipped in from the West last week forty head of white- L06AL NEWS. Your letter of Aug.

17 at I hand and noted with much Clear skies. l)o tit bother me now, 1 haven't time to talk. 1 MUST go and see those new h'ohes and Horse blankets at MeMurrays Harness em pari am. recovering. Some who have the scarlet fever are two of Henry Noel's children and Mr.

and Mrs. Wiil Gamble's son, Guy. Two masked persons entered Mrs. Sarah Thurbers residence last Satur-day inquest of Mr. and Mrs.

Fercy Higgins. On being told they were not there they went up stairs and broko open Mr. and Mrs. Higgins' trunk and burnt some ot theii clothes among them being Mrs. Higgins' wedding garments.

No one knew who they wera or what their intentions were. Now Ani Tiikn Corn buskers' sprained wrists, Hot again this Wanted, coal on suhsiulption. ft. N. Richardson is having hii bain painted.

Money on farms at lowest O. Graham Wm. Clieetham reports a rainfall of 6 76 inches last week. Lee McLaren and sister, Miss Nettie, dmve to Fredonia Monday. J.

S. Hanihiil left Monday for a Week's stay in Kansas City, Mo Work is progressing on F. W. Hett-tnann's residence Hie north part of town. You can hardly realize how 1 appreciate a letter like you write.

It had been a long time since 1 heard from any of you. There is a great deal of pressure being brought to bear to gel. some of us to go to China, but I rather think not If it had not been for the missionaiies there would be no war in China today, and my observation is that mianionar-ies are a curse to any country they invade. 1 know they are to this country. Hut since Uncle Sam has come in control heie they have hist their grip.

Theie is not one of them here but what is rich. They have become rich from the money sent from the poor iu the home countries who thought they were helping to convert the heathen while the money Ihey have Census supervisor Asa Smith was up 1 1 mil Parsons Monday, looking after the census business. In conversation with Mr Smith we learn that C. Nation of Tioga township was the lirst township enumerator who submitted his lepml iu llns congressional district. Kaffir corn lias received another boost.

Distillers at Peoria, Illinois, faced jearling steers. They will he wintered on his tarm otiies northeast of town The olii frame Methodist church and the lot il occupied was recently purchased by T. Hudson for 3UU. The building iil pioiinhly be torn down tnd tin material taken to Mr. 's farm south of Fall The lienedict-Farwell inclosed pas tare, hard by Crooked creek, north east of Guilford, comprising 800 acres, was leceotly bought by Albert Hrown, who lives northward from Wilson for 'f'.

itanett wa vub'oed cf last mailt. A oi; oi-i ieioiain- I harbed wire cuts, burns, bruises, severe Goods Some novelties in Suitings. Skirt ami wnist goods at very i ca -onable prices. We aiso have an especially strong line ot underwear in ladies' childi en and men's suits and union suits. Shoes, Boots and rubber goods will us needed arm our line is.

the best money can buy with every pair of custom goods fully warranted. nEMM3ER we furnish these goods iit. the lowest possible cash pi ices and at the same time give you choice id valuable Premium Free. NEW PREMIUMS wili be added as the season advances so if you do not desire the ones on hand, it will pay you to save your coupons as they will be redeemed in good values. 'e want, coattry produce especially jast now and large tiutri titles of it.

Stafford's Cash Store. lacerations and external injuries of any kind are promptly and happily cured by applving BALLAltD'S ion is out for Mike. Wonder what the attract in south Clietofa lowmdof Mr. and Mrs. J.

T. Cooper and Mrs. K. K. Lloyd dtove to Nendosha yesterday.

Mis. Magraret Cooper and Mr. and Mrs Harvey O'llare, of Green -castle, I ml who have been visiting here anil in Neodesha, stalled, yesterday afternoon over the Frisco for their home in I ndiana. When you cannot sleep tor coughing, it is baldly necessary that any one should toil you that you need a few doses of Chamberlain's Cough itemedy to allay the iinlat cn of the, throat, and make sleep possible. It is good.

Try it. For sale by A. P. Richardson. Mr.

and Mrs. Shei man Smart formerly of Linn, msas, who have been living in the two years stopped Wednesday nifcht with their eld friends, Mr. and Mrs. 1). 15 Hook, id thu eity.ttiey being on their way to theii former residence.

The Republicans of Cedai township nominated the following ticket at their caucus iSiturdiiy; For tiusteo, T. F. Brown; clerk, James Fast; treasuier, A. L. Staley; justices, It.

O. Graham and K. 15. Wait; constables, Mike Thorn and 0. Sharp.

A child of Mr. and Mis. A. Chapman, of Chetopa-lp died Saturday and was buried Sunday. Mr.

Chapman sent has been used to systematically rob tiie people of their homes at pi ices who have been testing it, claim that excellent wine can be msde from it aud that it is far superior to com as an engredient tor making whiskey. The only drawback at present to prevent its use for these purposes is the scarcity of its production. Ckanutt Biwk Thorn? J. F. Moore l.i-MMhrST.

Price, 25 and 50 cents. A. P. Richardson. irol sister Misses Una capital timce, who had been staying at his home lor seveiai day." is suspected.

Upon retiring Mr. iJarrett hung his iind Man. drove. to so low that robbery is the only name to apply. And how they bate the "Johnnie come lately" people, for they know their day is passing.

So trousers containing the money in the. room occupied by Una mini. This mortiing the man and the were both missing. The oilicers have been notified and are now endeavoring to R. O.

Graham -Notary Public Papers drawn up -Insurance written Farm Loans made Farm and town properties for rent you can fee I am not union in ravor oi this Chinese business. Hut if the Chinese or any other nation or race was to go into the S. and found so called missions, beiid i.her.s like forts, arm them with rapid lire and machine guns and drill and equip their prose locate the departed suspect. Postmastei Heusley received notice on Wednesday from the postoflice de and sale, Cases conducted iu Justices courts. Pension matters given careful at- tion.

Reduced Kates ia Mo, Pac. Kansas City Horse Show, Oct. 22d to Oct. 27th. One fare and one third for round trip.

St. Louis Fair October 1st to Clh, ItaiO. One fare plus $2 for round trip. Wichita Fall Festivities October 8t to Cth. One fare for round trip.

Kansas City Fall Festivities October 1st to cih, 1900. One fare for round trip. E. S. Si nois, Agent.

From u'i aid Soldier. Knox Inu Jan. 14. 1899. Gents: I have every confidence in recommending your Dr.

Caldwell'8 Syrup Pepsin. I am 72 years of ngd and am broken down, the trouble having been brought on by my experincc in the war. Your medicine has done me more good than a hundred doctors Collections a specialty Also agent for best Nursery stock Monday. It is seldom tint ho wnitii of September passes without a frost in Kan-Baa hut it did this esson. See Graham for loans, for insurance and have all kinds of papers drawn up or acknowledued.

Earl Carver went to Kansas City Sunday night to visit with relatives a few days and ike in the sights. Mrs. Kan liiaell, of Nevada, Mo, arrived Sunday and is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. S.

Deliolt md lamily, north of town. For sprains, swellings and lameness there Is nothing so good as Chamberlain's I'aiu lialta. Try it. For sale by A. P.

Richardson. Frank Okh) returned yesterday morning from Emporia where he had been attending Adventist cauiptiiect-Ing the past two weeks. Mrs. Earl Carver and baby left for I My Old Patrons. I have a number of beating and conking stoves such as White Oak, White's Hot Hlast, which are not adapted to our gas owing to a much cheaper stove answering our gas pur lytes as a military company it would not be long till they would get a very firm and not too polite invitation to move on.

That is what the missionaiies have done in China for have seen them. Then thinP of fie task of a handful of mission. ivi' trying to convert four-hundred l.i.i.u of Chinese who at lowest prices. Oilice one door south of Colaw's partment at Washington that from and after next Monday, October 1st, the Fredonia postofficc would be a duly authorized and equipped Inter-iiatinal money-order oilice, ready to transact money-order business with forty-one foreigu countries and powers. Thus we expand.

An editor whose head Is level says that "correspondents should avoid unpleasant peisonalities and never send an item the force of whieh is un- Drug Store. Red Front. was not at home at the time the child aud d.d not return in tuns for the funeral. It was LeL.veen one and two years old. We have seen the frail infant when the faint struggle for existence seem ed almost, ended, resuscitated and made strong by the use of WHITE'S CRI5AM VERMIFUGE.

Price, cents. A. P. Richardson. pose.

These stoves will be sold at less than can be bought now at jobbing prices as 1 want the room for other goods. You need these goods. A few dollars saved is so much earned. Of course this paper is not worth a cuss" and you could make a better are as happy in their religion as any so called Christian. And it is net he lieved by many have seen them that thev are sincere, but are there.

one without half trying. We know it and we are surprised that you have not found it out sooner. Of course if Respectfully, J. 11. Ditto, Neodesha.

Kans. uersioou cy oniy meniseives and one or two others. A newspaper is in no sense an ambuscade from which to you couiuo mane a better one you auu i tun just buoui wen or my stomach trouble. pepper somebody with small shot." Yours truly, Jefferson Wilhelro. A.

P. Richardson. G'ifi'zfti. The Forest has brought in a new well on the R. M.

Jones land south of town, and it is an oiler. only because it seemed an easy way for one who has been a failure to make a living, ir to be more correct have some one else make, a living and give it to Ihem. I don't want you to think I am down on Christianity for I am not, but am down on some of the so called representatives of same. 1 tell you Clarence my eyes have had the wool all pulled off. Hut I have wandered away from what can be of any interest to you.

would go off and die! Of course you would. And you wouldn't he afraid to publish all the choice bits of scandal and give the guilty ones "particular tits!" Of course yon wouldn't. In fact it would be a picnic for you. There isn't half enough news in the paper but if you had it you would till her up full. Of course you would.

Light nights. Several cases of scarlatina are ie. ported in town. The Altoona base ball team went to Ruff.ilo today to play with the ttam at that place. .1.

W. Iloruaday and llev. R. M. Oullison transacted business in Fre-donia Wednesday.

P. W. Powdery has purchased a one- third interest in the business of Cow- dery Hrou printers and publishers, and will have charge of the Ruffulo Advocate from this time forward. Mrs. Sarah Iloruaday receives new millinery goods every week and Invites the ladies ot Altooiiii and vicinity to call on her and get puces before going elsewhere.

F. M. Moore, of Los Angeles, an old schoolmate of C. A. Stafford, was in town between trains Tuesday, Mr.

Moore waacr.roiito for Mew Yoik on business. Mr. and Mis. Martin Creeth, of Iowa, arrived Tusday evening and will visit, a week with Mrs. Creeth's broth er, II.

1) Crowder, and family of (Aie-topa tp. Gen. W. Voiing. republican Candida to for Cleik of District Court, will interview many of the voters of Wilson county this month.

J. A. L'nyd has taken his place in C. A. Stafford's store.

Patronize the west side Main street a. uearaorrt, who lias been in Joplin for some weeks, is again in Greeley, Kansas, Friday to visit a ehort time with her parents, llev. and Mrs. J. Blackburn.

Miss Mattie.Thom returned Wednesday Iron Wood ward, Oklahoma, where She has taken a claim. She will return to her claim in the spring. Rolla Ditto, of Neodesha, passed through town Tuesday on the way to liis brother John's place in Pleasant Valley township, ou business. You can buy coal at Ira Scott's bunk. "We are going to keep supply on band all the time.

Hkam rx Wkiuiit, Props. Mr. and Mrs. t. K.

Brown left Tuesday on the 11 o'clock passenger for Kansas City to visit relatives and View the Priests of Palace parade. Mrs. Sarah Iloruaday now has the largest stock of millinery goods to Neodesha. F. M.

Yiugling, D. 1). will be in Altoona at the Occidental hotel Tuesday, Oct. Hi. P.

Gentry and family, of Kureka Spiing, Ail; arrived Wednesday and will occupy one of Dr. Someis'tarm north of town. v.ane v. iiuiison, trie redonia merchants, have decided to do awav with List of Letters. Letters ddressed to the following persons remained unclaimed in the Altoona, Kansas, postoflice the month ending Sept.

30, 1900. MisfcM.H.KosH, Geo. A. CurlK Minnie H. Iloss.

OlivorS. Jlnrtln. Jeppur Hurtle. 1 obtain ny of these letters the party must state that they were "advertised" and give date of list. Mjis.

Lizzie Hicks, Postmistress. Dr. W. II. Lewis, Lawrenceviile, writes, "I am using Kndol )js-pepsia Cure in my practice among severe cases of indigestion and find it an admirable remedy." Many bun dreds of physicians depend upon the use of Kodul Dyspepsia Cure in stomach troubles, It digests what you eat, and allows you to eat the good food you need, providing you do not overload your stomach.

Gives instant relief and a permanent cure. A. P. Richardson. their branch store at LeRoy, estab lished there early last spring.

Exchange. "For three days and nights I suffered agony untold from an attack of cholera morbus brought on by eating cucumbers," says M. K. Lowther, clerk of the district court, Ceiilerville, Iowa. "1 thought I should surely rlie, and tried a dozen different medicines but all to no purpose.

I sent for a bottle of Chamberlain's? Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and three doses relieved me entirely." This remedy is for sale by A. P. Richardson. As soon as the shirt waist is adopted by the boys another calamity will follow just as one industry creates another. See if it don't.

The sequence will come in tlie silly changes in the personal names. We now have Mae, J. A. and Wm. Caven, of Burlington, Kansas, and Mrs, J.

G. Cox, of Yates Center, are visiting the family of N. Having Kyes to Sec They see not! I am prepared to remedy defective vision, whether from old ago or disease, A full line of the best glasses on hand. Examination free. Tiie: F.

C. iJoDM. Gavin, northwest of town. Wm. Caven near Coyville and the two are I spend a good deal of time photographing and it is about the only amusement 1 have.

As I am at work from live p. in. till 6 a.m. aud Bomelimes I don't get in till o'clock then I get six hours sleep and there isn't a great deal of time lett. I can't tell now what pictures I sent you, but I think they were printed on "Velox'- and "Solios'' paper.

I send you by this some "Solio" prints. One of myself, one of my engine and me, one of Honolulu, and some others, that tell for themselves. So you have concluded to learn telegraphy. Weil it is a good business if you can catch on. If you can't get a job it may come handy and won't do any harm.

They use the telephone on tins road, but there is no one who understands telegraphy. Is there a paper published in Altoona yet't It there is will you send it to me tor six months and send the bill in your next letter and i will send you the money. Have they formed a sloi company to develop oii, or are they going at it bull headed as usualr Ulll HI VI.IIII IICAl Ituwi rtliu 1. "Ill you uie luiiurj. th(ly sllll 1 if Erie Hems.

Fruin ii I i'iit Maggie Haverly is workin now driving across the country visit ing different points. Sum. Miss Hessie Wolever ia working llubbeli's millinery department. restaurant for meals at all hour-. Hot Coffee and Lunch on short notice.

Also Pies and Fresh liread for sale. Ou: genial friend W. L. Gilmer in now a member of the Eastern Star lodge at. being initiated into that order Tue'ulay evening.

at Mr eelect from that she has ever brought to Altoona. dune in and see. There were six applicants examined tit the meeting of the pension examining hoard at Fredonia Wednesday but we did not get their names. Mayme, Kdjthe, Kathryn, Jayne, Fo.wvoi thys. Lou Fannie Wyman Sunday ed at home.

Tlie Baptists held their day prayer- The National Guard had target practice west of town Monday afternoon In a runaway last Saturday evening Lulah Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Hiiiwii, lias been confined i meeting at Mrs.

Tanner's, Monday. eeks to the hoii.ii' fur the past tw with rheumatism. A pielnre agent representing a Chi-1 wiemmmi ureu ouggy belonging 10 cage linn was circulating among us A. Long was badly wrecked. i rank Dennis, the operator, left last iiuiil DeWitt's for promptness, y.

P. Rich- No other pills can Little Early liiseis rei taint.y and Itieiei limning ps fo. fuel this winter now tor Colorado inseaioh of work, seems moie real since the laying oi 1 n.vuiB n-nsueu nn poaiuun casuier Grayce, and a string of similar norie-sensical distortions, and bye and bye with the shirt we have Jym. Dyck, ILi! rye, Wjlly, Jae, Byrtje, Jaymes, Mique, Deimyce, Dydryeli and the rest of them. It is bound to come aud theie is r.o help for it.

It's in the goods and wont wash out. Albion Democrat. Tilis Concerns Viiil F'oi I can lei i by the way jou walk, you have indigestion. You haven't thu firm dignified walk and general air thai comes after one is cured of indigestion, as you surely can be by talcing Dr. Caldwell's-Syrup Pepsin.

Get it at A. P. Richardson's tiie pipe has I for the Frisco at Catena. anlsoo. Mrs.

hi. i Daii'iels. idow of John The Ladies Aid Society of Lho M. E. church will serve a chicken pie dinner election day and also supper at night.

Father pari icnlnrs later. 10 year term Mortgage Money on farms with privilege to pay any amount at any time and stop all interest ou all R. (). Guam am.

John Dulrow, funnel of this township but now of has been looking after business, interests iu this vicinity this and iait Dr. F. M. Vingliug, of will make Altoona twice a mouth for the purpose of doing dental work, and will be here Oct. in.

Good Mr. Ilenry Robison, oi Car City, Mo. to F'ed Willium who worked lor her ehildien Tell Frank's wife to tell Fran write to me and give hei my lust Xeli Frank's wife to tell Frank write to me and give hei my lust i spent a few hours with Ins sister, Mrs. I re Hudson for about, a year, but who Mai U. Fanner, Sunday.

Igants. The same to ail the i i has been working for Christman, in from i tabo, Fii-day. Frank 'ernn'ii is view ing uisa' i tiile a number of our people went quaintauces. i nnllt vo or three weeks jto Cliaunto Saturday and Saturday Hoping you are uli as well as I am, i lKl Friday evening to take a po-i niuhr to veil either for MeKiolev or and with best v. ishes foi (1I esiiceiallv st'oii on the Galena Times, Ward City and miugim 'A ith the ciowds this week, siartiag morning.

Hurke's paper. Fred is a good printer. father aud mother I am Your Hrother, A. P. Cheetham.

the othei man. Our Ubth Kansas' buy, Charley Wy-mau, who with his bride lias been visiting among us for Ibe post few days relumed Pittsbin Sunday. The writer has been suffering from a very severe cold for Hie past twu weeks, and it has been very hard for us to keep our think tank at work all tlie time and if we have missed several items of news we assure you the, same was not done intentionally and we beg your pardon for having done so, if we did do so. We have taken about a pound of quinine, eaten a half bushel of onions, taken a quart of onion syrup, a bottle of cough syrup and several other thinifs too numerous to mention, but still have the co and will now lake cold water awhile and see where we will land. Ex.

It in a Puro Stokh. 1 One day last winter a holy came to my drug store and asked for a brand of cough medicine thai I did not have in slock," says Mr. C. It. Graiidiu, Uih popular druggist of Ontario, N.

Y. "She was disappoin ed and wanted to know hat cougti preparation I couhl recouimt'iid. 1 said to her that I could freehreeomraeud Chamberlain's Cnnh Remedy and that she could take, a bottle of the remedy and after giving jt a fair trial if she did not Hud it worth the money to bring back the bottle, and I would lefund the price paid. In the course of a day or two the lady caaie back in company ith a friend in need of acounh medicine and advised her to buy a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I consider I that a very good recommendation for the remedy." It is for sale by A.

1. Richardson. illXtoO and the Herald wutiies him success. 1 John W. Ije, a former Fredonia boy better known as "Run'' Let, is at Al-; ma iya California Mexu-o, writes to i his aunt.

Mrs. A. M. Craig, that lie is superintendent and foreman lor tlie that' iuns J. F.

Thayer nu 1 lamily. of came in Eight en the City, i. htuc tlie, 'i-ttt r-t a Horn Mood ay, uetooer 1st, to Mr. and Mrs. Elaiei Deli.iit.

a sen. It is now grandpa and grai'dmii (iarduer. Lnrs is pointing the house a id barn on in (tpetopa town ship i.ocupie I hy A. Crowdei. Mrs I5v.i liroun.

liieks.and Miss Pearl 11 icks ot the West ide, were in lawn Saturday and Monday. Wm Hill was up from Neodesha re i a Vii ILi, AT A IN Abstracts of Titles secured by j. 0. (Ira- II Sterling Milling Mining Co. at a 1 i salary of jawi per month.

He started to California thiiteen years ago next I March, and it had been nine years i fj since he had been heard from uutil 1 13 TIME, BS PLEASED TOg receive your subscription or renewal on ANY MAG AZINE or NEWSPAPER YOUR PART Leave the costK of subscription at this oflice. 01' II PART We send your nion jg ham will conform- to all records an I null evidence titles a they it re, and can. be used in securing loans, should loans be wanted at lives fur two or three Mrs. A. Wilson mid Lighter.

Mrs Lillie Pauton, and children, relumed from Anna, Oklahoma, Saturday, where they had been visiting Mrs. daughter, Mrs. Alice The infant nun of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rettmaiin died yesterday muiu-iDgat2p.

of constipation and was just recently. Gjoi ge Shull, one of the prisoners, who some weeks ago assaulted Deputy irt Sheriff MeCray and escaped from jail 1 Tuesday ou business connected with I Altoona mill. i Col. W. Rlue spoke in this city-last night from tepublican stand point.

1. Taylor favored t.h:s oiliee with semi good eating Wednesday. i direct to the publisher, savin i jjjYOl TIME, TUOUILE and jii was arrested Tuesday at Garnett. Sheriff Wtiitakur went for him and i fe PENSE of money order, stamps, AI. was buried yesterday evening in the toona cemetery.

The little one 'h' KEEP brought him to Fredonia, Wednesday, 5 envelopes, etc EVEllYTULYGii is said that Shull had previously any time. At lowest prices. Gas meeting tonight. Come out. New correspondent fioai Eiie.

Mrs Salens Jones is on the sick list this week. J. E. Richardson, of the West Side, drug store shoald'i' a Wrm in renitentiary sick ouly two dnys. Nelson Thayer, and family, left Monday morning for Kenton, Wyoming, wnere they wiil make their future home.

Mrs. Will Thayer of the above named place who had betm visiting in Altoona and vicinity a short time oe-companieii them. L. V. and Misr Ethel S-ark were in Fndoniu yesterday.

A. .1. Jackson is sutTenng with a severe boil on his right hand. J. M.

Ri ehaidsiin iielps in A. Stalford's stoip on bosy days. that a keep. than a ihing liiilizi hus a TFV: charge no morelwm county, u.b 1 were watched, and he was retaken at i re to for that place. Ched Jackson, the other WC.

sed here. I) fellow who assaulted the officer, is that a drug store still at large. Jl.inM. rca'a'eaf of we.r has deen quite sick the past two weeks Some of our more energetic now suggest the idea of voting bonds I A Ilenry Caiver was agreeably sin M. Richardson is spending the Kansas City.

Mo. Jor g( ca I i. nai new steei lire mwer came mis or eri, it ic(ii- week and is now beine erected on the rcuion sibil it It prised at his home in Pleasant Valley I i to secure gas. How about il? The social given in the city hall izc its ill OK'tru 1 tin iitirrk nL iiiii ti W. L.GlLMEPv& 1 ie 1 11 sTf-' Altoona Lumber Yard.

Deals in all Kinds of you're, after this kind, of a 1 Tuesday evening the proceeds of which will tie to help purchase aa i organ for Ihe schools, netted ft. township last Suiid, it being his42ud birthday anniversary. Those pres. ent were Mr. and Mrs.

M. Carver, C. E.Carver and family, A. U. Hammers and family and irl Carver.

irug store, we. want you? trade. Eveit-tt Mel! )g home from Ellin wood. airiring Saturday. Miss Coia Cullis.ui returned to Kansas City, Monday.

More farmes for renjt wanted-by R. O. Graham. Main. The new 1.

200 pound bell will I be on top of it and the hose reels will kept in Hie lower part. I George Vandaveer is work Ing in the I Forest Oil Company's machine shops. O. C. COI.AW.

l'otKufum Will In rjujnvrv Petroleum fields of sonw Imporfanre The Fusion fmces of (Vrtar-tp. nominated the, fui'owhig township tickit lust Fnda: Por tustee. Elme, Dellalt; clerk, Geo. (j ll issell. treas Ellis lioiieg is working on the north are beins opened In urn tna companies engaged are at A stitch in fine saves nine," and nio'i- t'aas $3,000 000.

The lnSui'try dose of LARD'S LORE has rejrhed trcrh proportions tvj HOUXD SYRUP at the beginuim of Bauman Bros, purchased the eighty acre farm six miles west of town last Tuesday of H. X. Garriot. Mis Whiftaker section this nei k. urer, Fred Biakei; jam ices, Geo.

W.I List ji farms ror sa.e with ri. D. loxio Punks nav arrang to rr y0U mWy Sheriff Wh.laker, left Saturday night ara r. ..,.1 id ir.e rffion ana Diana 1 r.i i 1 even Jays of distressm) and for tultJini? a to Hue DeBoft mid l(itert, fcireels; consta- Graham. bles, Perry M.Alexaaer aud Ed Dan-! j.

oeaSiva.U Clauute Satur OBls- kaj. on foot Xcklo. harassing cough. Price 25 aud 51) cents A. P.

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