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The Wallace News from Fort Wallace, Kansas • 2

The Wallace News from Fort Wallace, Kansas • 2

The Wallace Newsi
Fort Wallace, Kansas
Issue Date:
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THE "Wallace News ty for the inner man, and barring the detention, are comfortable. To enliven the occasion and "drive doll care away," the urbane proprietors of the Wallace House have thrown their large dining hall open and in augurated a series of ball, and last night witnessed the fifth of the Waiting. We are still found in the Iwautl-ful snow's embrace a ten days' size surrounded on all Bides by the everlasting snow; but, pshaw a woman synonym for marplot, has just appeared and drove the idea away that we proposed to embody It published an the exigency of the ritlU tor, by Jhn J. Umffm, ilr Editor. E.

Y. Waylr, AaelAt Edllr. season. I hutsday night, and a stormy from the Fort a I in thl We sighed. ami liberal addition of ladies and gentlemen, who gaily tripped the light Dore me interruption with mat resignation for which editors are renowned, and now our devil has just fantastic toe until the wee stria' Term made known on nppl'catlon to either of the above, ajUall payuieuu Btrlc-ly In advance.

tV or hei-ond-class Hide taken in payment of Hmxtcrlp'Uiudor Ad yertieratntN. No Manuscript returned writer, an let accompanied by a fee of 10. Hair Thn i called for copy. Shades of Louis ladle Appeared charming, indeed, Mh! wa over at. editor so and put forth every effort to please.

1 interrupted! but again we Jail back For brighter eyes and more lovely resigna'ion, for which we ladies, it has never been the lot of are so justly celebrated, and begin Proipeclui. We issue this, the first number of the editors to behold, as they our artie anew, only to lay it aside the WaMiU'E Nkws, because in danced to the soul-inspiring strains 1 ort't'r to attend to someother im the first place, it was a need that 0f violin an guitar. We would like i)erativ duty connected with our we sadly ftlt in want of; and t(, nHke mention of each particular I arf an1 paper, but ondly, because It was our inclina-1 jar (mt when there Is so niueh enough at present. uuu iuBau.y ubuMfWliu wnai- Krawand elegant carriage, ever of ability we poised. AN heividuous to particular-though born amidst the terror of aR The HS uslmlf wtTe the snow storm, yet we trust our I-nt aJ( Htlenllw oontrib.

friends will not look upon it as a ut jn ft vm. Kreat rnpasim, t0 boisterous sheet, by any means, but Hml Rll Mit. K. W. Pikkck, Conductor of Pullman's Palace Sleeping Car, "Dexter," is the "right man in the right place." He is affable, courteous and obliging, and hence his popularity.

Many of our party are mder obligation to him for shovn btuHn Kansas City and Parks' Tort, where we were asone that will be devoted to the ing. We must close this notice 1 4 I I I. all, trusting that whenever such oc-j ration present themselves, we may tlon generally. Having an abiding be there to see, and participate in the fetf. under the necesity of changing cars on account of snow obstructions.

The same party also take pleasure in saying that with such conductors as A. II. Simpson and li. F. faith in the judgment of the public, we launch It forth, trusting that their judgment, always right, will at once force upon them the conviction that although yet in our Infancy, we will grow to the stature ChrUtmaw.

Another anniversary of the birth Phelps, the road will become pop- of the strong man, believing with of our Saviour hp.s come and gon i ular, for it is not alone good track Richelieu that there Is no such word like a' Meeting shadow, filling the and fine cars that make the road, as 'fail." Our political status, we hearts of many with gladness, es- Some conductors are "too big for cannot at this writing define.asour penally the little folks, who are i hoots," but the above gentle-short sojourn here has not as yet af- wont to look upon this as the ad- i men are exceptions to the rule, fonlex opportunity sufficient to i vnt of Santa Claus with his im-'Tnev are attentive, courteous and canvass the political feeling of the mpnse of KnSt' Xo the poor know their residents hereabouts, and lest we tnU event come, only t0 reminti offend, and thereby lose our sub-! i Commercial, Market Repoct. scribers, we will for the present be Ronfans and do as Home does. We hereby rest our case. erty and want, unless perchance the I kind hand of mercy is extended to them. To those who ate blessed with plenty of this world's goods, Of KICK VV AI ACK Nkwk, I WMUce, 1H tiKtll, 1H70.

Ournmrktt ra'e-t have mUil Htttdy, hii1 wehavut pifKitt little or uo l'at and Preaent, the onnortunitv Is otreretl at thU note in ta.iH. Wfhav however, tore- iHirt a (towiiti ttu'tnil teiutenry in hultulo. ow- To sum up the past ten days and nronitious season of the war in an I ina to the law nuiuiitr of hunter our give a full and concise account ef I midst, the supply leiiiK more tlinn forth ilistrihut hip1 with a rlioorfnl I uuata to ilvinanil mi te Huflalo. ourselves, would take more spaco i ilrlett. I Vtjtt btitlalo, freh, 7o npttrr.

Kiicti neotmtipm will haat than we could find words to ex i i aiieviaie tne suner.ngor mankind, nne htmk, inr i.i.kiki; press, nenw nreviiy ine propri-; the un, pe, thj Whiy.n.m, V1laM llnno 1 i hi twlls demauil 'limit il Meats ami efors or the Wallace Jiousa had return to them after inanv no Janice; -fMrneya. v. i-r I pr Bj; Flour, i Hard ThcIc, icettinx acarce; het'Me, U-lv. i OwIuk to the alweni'e of ourreuulai tele taken the precaution to have an atnindant supply of provision on KTiiphio rexriH ami a win- hand for any emcrgmcy that might In Portsmouth, X. If.

thev have i'iiei to. mit roreun qnntatii.iiM, truf i v. Hint our iH-xJ wlllite foinict'if ihl r. arise, anl hence wo have had plen- an elm tie 1iki yars ohl. Mct..

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