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The Wallace News from Fort Wallace, Kansas • 4

The Wallace News from Fort Wallace, Kansas • 4

The Wallace Newsi
Fort Wallace, Kansas
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lUi Departure from Wallace. Testimonial. Mr. II. II.

Metcalf, happening in Denver Saturday morning, tho oc casion was embraced to prcjit to i On Thursday nighty Deo. 27, at 10 o'clock, the try "All aboard" from our conductor. Brakes were let olf, and amid the cheers of passengers and residents of Wallace, we sped on our way westward, tho train consist Ing of two engines, three Uairgage cars, four passenger coaches and two sleeiiers and "Wayne." We arrived at Kit Car-' the names of the recipients. Mr. Henry H.

Metcalf and John A. McGinty, and also bore the fallowing words "From grateful guests snow bound, Christmas, 1870." were" purchased in Denver, and were an ottering from all the passengers who braved the hardships and dangers of those memorable days, when the snows were so threatening on the Kansas Pacific. The presents were a fitting testimonial to the hospitality of Messrs. Metcalf MeOinty, and will be held by those gentleineu in dear remembrance of their hosls of newly formed friends. him, and through him, to hi partner, Mr.

John Mctiinty, a testimonial in recognition of their kindness to the party. The affair took place at the American House at 7 o'clock Saturday evening. The meeting was pre-arranged, the participants were of tha late snow-bound and the occasion was that of a surprise to Mr. Henry Metcalf rr Wallace, who had so nobly catered to the wants of the passenger. who were detained at his house in the above town by reason of the late snow embargo.

The rator of the. evenjng In his jtlace, with a full head of presentation speech, Mr; Metcalf informed that hlspiesenci was needed In the parlor. He was completely taken abackiwhen he entered, and became aware of the threatening aspect of and beheld Mri Noble with both1 hands full of elegant silver goblets. This latter gentleman began his remarks byJaasurinz, the recipient that he would nuke presentation no formal matter but that he would heak for the ladies and gentlemen of the late delayed train. They had met difficult lea and more or less danger.

They came to hi place In need, and were happy to say that they had met Iri him and his estimable partner, Mr. not oply, hotits but true christian friends. They had bornethe burden cheerfully, and discharge, every duty wfch klntjness, hospitality and friendship; "You have- done your part son Friday morning, and owing to an engine being otr, the track at Wild Horse station, were detained until 4 o'clock the same day. We hen tarti-d for iMiver with a clear road before and arrived in Denver at II: Lithe, mime night, Tho train was met by citizens sonio lmkln fr snow-bound some for their lovers, and others looking out of curiosity. Obllfaf Ions.

Much of the enjoyment at Wallace was the result of kind attentions from Mr. McConahii, i who is associated with the 'Wallace Iloue, and we desire jnirticularly i to thank him on Uehilf of ourselves and tho ladies, for his kindness hi cheerfully rendereil. Wo nhall always remember him. i A fellow in Dearborn county, erti-es a run-away wife, who he says "has left him just as his summer work is beginning, notwithstanding he has had tho expense of wintering her" Dr. Lewis sensibly advises.

poor people to buy the cheaper parts of Meeting. At a meeting of the passengers, held on board the MCainanehe," ttso following resolutions were passed At a meeMng oi the paM'nur of train No. ruutw for iM.iver, the following resoluttous were iinauliiioosly adopted; Whkkkas, We, Hi pas-erifer of mM train, having b.en now bound for the last ten iUv, d-ein It bin dut to acknowledge with icrai.tade to iilni who ls the utoriil on laud and ea, lur his kind preservation of our lives tUiU hour. Hemttved, Ti nt ho nilt-r warmest thank the pmpr enis of th "Wallace House," MfMti. AicU uty MeiCilf, lor their untiring devotion to our wa during our detent lou.

Arul we moat chtet tolly and coulli Ily recuikiiteud tljem io -1 in public geneialiy, feeling coiifldeiit that ih cannot have th lot cist in more plfMHHtit place, or with tm ah pul.t aud courteous ho t-. Remlvel, That we hIho Iii la-half of the ladit-a) tender our kindest Uinuka Mmr, Mo(Vuiih Hboies. for netr uniform count tiy to hIi huiid, uud to MeMrn. Gay Wallactt tULiou for i heir unvitryinK kmdnebf; hIho to the employees of th road, i id Mr, ueo. lb-try und nls good lady ior their kindness to Nick lady pHKaenger.

Reimlvtit, Th we alsoteiiderour warmest thauki to ofllceiH KcneMliy, of Fort Wal-laci for their many a-tof klndneii4 during our brief sojourn here, and our 1 il thacktfto tUe aurgeon of the pout, for his klndne, professionally and Kx la'ly. lietoltnl. Thai the I ban an oi the entire pa-ty iHM-xreudel to the wndueto-, R. F. PlieliiK, 01 the KanMa Pacltle Hallway, for a many of ktiidneHH to ua hlle under hia cinuge, ami at wa can aa ly endorse hi in us one of Oail Hamilton a uoMel rotiduvtora, and be it further tlnotvni, T.iat the for going resolutions ho published la th Wallace Xeu, Law-rence 7Vi6wnand Denver papers.

Mr. A Mrs J.J. Urf.on, K. Y. Na ior, John S.

WalU, Mr. A Mrs.J. Noble, the butchers' meat ami make them Into tews. Hh pronounces tho neck of a beef when properly cooked, to be nearly the most deli cate part of the animal. Wnllnc? IIouko.

McGINTY METCALF, H. P. Blonth. Lo 'is lual. Mis4 L.

lloirc-r, K.J. Hotter, i nowy.Vjsaia tne speaker, j-anu i now remains fur. us to manifest our sympathy and deep regard for you and your partner, and In thla token nil, the? passengers i have Joined. Therefore, In behalf of the ladies ami gentlemen, and in memory of thai occasion present' to you these" goblets, appropriately mark-1 jTlm was closed by wishingthe recipients a apy and Joycus life. Mr.

Metcalf as he pertinently remarked upon receiving the gifts, luirdly knew what to say. He modestly said that he, had only en- i dcavored to do his duty towards his jvioriiif.roiui. i Ample accommodations for the conven-1 leuee of guests, and every libit inudts tor the comlort. Hunting parties fuinllied with guidtN, 1 and full p-ulleiilars ylvni as lo locatuui ol Bulla lo Grounds. I All trains on the Kansas Pacirt Hull way at tor inculs.

Altred Hinuaru4on, li. B. Moraran, wife A child, M. Looley, Miss N. Mct'onnell, H.

Goo inch, wife A child, Jat. A.Minple, Lucie Senii.le, and many others. Jno. W. Noiii.e.

St. Iitinis, uimic J. S. Wa tts, Hau tn Fe. ft lows; but that he should always The l4rtlng.

Raturdsy witnessed the separation of tho party, some going ono way and some another, but though parted in the flash, yet in the memory there lingers a Joyous remembrance of a companionship that will last while thought shall reitrn. feel happy that tne storm occurred, from the fact that it had made for himself so many kind friends. Thegoblets are of pure coin sil-VHT. of elcirant workmanship, one ATTVRXKYS AS I) COVXSKLLUltS, 210 ItailroMd Avenue, WALLACE KANSAS, Give special attention to all mutter ii-pei t'linnn to law. Collections pr.

mpt'y made and Divorce cases and puivtitiiJly to, it In t'h lea-so. i boine: of a medalion pattern, and and In our hearts we fondly cherish it. J-'rinnh, farrmf. ino omer wruti is kiiuwh uimuh flnMi. Ilotlt were InverilMif with.

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