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Wa-Keeney Tregonian from WaKeeney, Kansas • 1

Wa-Keeney Tregonian from WaKeeney, Kansas • 1

WaKeeney, Kansas
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TOPEKA Trego County Reporter. XY. No. 20 Wakeeney, Kansas, Thursday, March Death From Paralysis. No matter in how good health we may appear, or feel, we cannot tell how near we.

are to death's door, and little did the family and friends of Henry Hayflicker, or perhaps he himself, feel that when he left his home Monday forenoon to come to WaKeeney that it was the last time he would ever see that home, but such is the uncertainty of life. After arriving in town Mr. Hayflicker appeared as well as usual and transacted his business with the same care and consideration which has ever been his custom. He had come to town with his son and just after noon they started home, the old gentleman doing the driving. When out a few miles one of the lines fell from Mr.

Hayflicker's hand and he complained of it being cramped. After going some distance further he appeared so much worse that they returned to town with him and placed him under the care of Dr. Jones. He was later taken to J. H.

Acre's hotel, but the effects of the stroke was too great and he gradually grew worse and died at 10:10 o'clock Monday night from paralysis. His family had been notified and were with him when the end came excepting two daughters who live in Nebraska. Henry Hayflicker was born in Pennsylvania, 'May 13, 1851, of German parents. He was married in 1867 to Miss Emma Stricker and to them four sons and three daughters were born of whom six are living. He, with his family, came to Kansas and Trego county in 1907 and located on his farm six miles southwest of WaKeeney and in the few years he has spent in the county he has established himself firmly in the affections of all his friends and neighbors.

He was a member of the German Reformed church and lived the religion professed when he united with the church. He was kind and loving to his family, sociable and obliging to his neighbors and a good citizen in every respeet. Many are those who have expressed sorrow at his untimely death. The funeral services will be conducted tomorrow from the Presbyterian church at 1 o'clock and burial will be in the WaKeeney cemetery. Besides his children he is survived by his wife and to them is extended the sincere sympathy of all who knew Henry Hayflicker.

Weather Report The following are the maximum and minimum temperatures by the Wakeeney for ment thermometer at the week ending Wednesday noon: Maximum. Minimum Thursday 40..... 33... 26 32.... 17 Sunday 33......

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S. J. STRAW Wakeeney. Kansas 0 State Historical Society 25, 1915 perbole, quinsy, lineal, acacia, trach3a, salamander, lunacy, deficit, squalor, epilepsy, siphon, pecuniary, gazeteer, macaroni, inflammation, concordance, sanguine, conduit, pleurisy, nauseous, patriarch, panecea, promissory, hyacinth, capillaries, mosquito, miniature, isosceles, pomegranate, appendicitis, feline, interrogation. The fifteen youths who took part in the spelling contest at the recent G.

B. E. A. showed that spelling is not a lost art. The record made is by far better than ever before in the history of the association.

Two missed only one word each out of 150, and the lowest missed only 11 out of the 100. -Lucas Independent. Death Claims Pioneer Word was received in WaKeeney Tuesday afternoon of the death of John G. Marcy at Excelsior Springs, from the effects of Bright's disease. Mr.

Marcy was one of the pioneer settlers of Trego county having come here about thirty years ago and located on Downer creek near the Smoky river in Wilcox township. He was a farmer and stockman and made a financial success of the business. For the lasr two years Mr. Marcy has been in poor health and has spent considerable time and money in taking medical treatment with the hopes of regaining his health but only stayed off the inevitable end a little longer. He was born at Carbondale, Feb.

20, 1858, and came to this county as a young man. He was united in marriage May 25, 1887 in this county to Miss Elfreda Doerschlag and she, with their family of children, survive him, and to them is extended the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends in the hours of their sad bereavement. Mr. Marcy was a good citizen and neighbor, a friend to those in need and always free with the hospitality characteristic of the pioneer settlers. He was a member of WaKeeney Masonic lodge and a number of members of that order went over to Ransom Thursday for the purpose of attending the funeral and giving the remains Masonic burial.

Public Notice. Notice is hereby given that the name of the corporation known as The Farmers Union Co-Operative Association of Trego County has been changed to "The Trego Co. CoOp. Assn." W. C.

P. Rhoades, Secretary. Official County and City Paper "The Teachers' Column." BY COTNTY SUPERINTENDENT AND TEACHERS Order of subjects for Common School examination April 3 and 10: April 3 A. M. P.

M. Reading Civics Arithmetic Geography Physiology Kansas History April 10 A. M. P. M.

Writing Spelling U.S. History Grammar No examination in Agriculture and Classics. Places for holding the as authorized by County Commissioners: District 1-WaKeeney 2-Collyer 66 3-Ogallah 46-Voda 5-Bosna 7-Banner 9-Saline Valley 14-Diamond 18-Adair 25-Fairview 66 39-Riverside 66 40-Cochran 66 47-Meserve 66 50-Atha Teachers conducting the examinations will receiye $3.00 per day. Wel shall need 28 teachers cn this examining board. volunteers have been called for and list will be published as soon as sufficient number is obtained.

Many of the teachers are leaving this week to attend spring term of Normal schools, but all have kindly consented to come back for the two Saturdays should we need them. Last year school boards and patrons generously donated their assistance where the two teachers for each place where examination was held could not be secured. Examinations were then held in 22 places-teachers serving without pay We shall have about 250 pupils write the examinations. This includes the 7th, 8th and 9th grades of the country schools and the 6th, 7th and 8th in town schools. It is not as yet generally understood that the 9th grade in the rural schools is the 8th grade in town schools.

Perhaps this accounts for the error made in last week's paper concerning our victorious reading contestant at the Golden Belt meeting. The contest cluded pupils in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades of country schools and 7th and 8th grades of town schools and so it was necessary for our contestant to compete with the three grades of the eight counties and not just with the one-the 8th-as stated in the article. The reading contest was divided into two clusses, Class A including the first six grades, grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and Class including grades 7, 8 and 9. List of 100 words for spelling contest at the Golden Belt associstion at Hays, March 12: advertisement, incense; exhilarate, mimicry, captain, predecessor. condense, secretary, terrorize, administrator, monstrous, scurrilous, defiance, professor, fertilize, diamond, ghastly, feign, larynx, dotage, eccentric, heinous, guidance, diligence, separate, tranquillity, impassable, meager movable, boastfulness, debris, discretion, fragile, secrecy, embryo, cocoa, accommodate, efficacious, dilatory, fortieth, taper, liveliness, colossal, perilous, taciturn, solar, preference, valiant, abhorrence, illegibility, affable, retrieve, precocious, manuscript, anonymous, superintendent, erase, caricature, similarity, recant, amalgamate, brigadier, principal, abstain, resemblance, grievance, plumage, quitting, crevice, psychology, villainous, isthmus, obscene, assassination, populous, catarrh, carousal, zephyr, temporarily, citadel, marriageable, senility, limpid vigorous, tumor occurrence, extraordinary, lucid, chalice, epidemic, courageous, uncontrollable, alliance, icicle, livid, competent, obstreperous, arable, temperance, fracas.

Second list, 50 words; fallacy, ruffian, vegetable, neuralgia, anniversary, missile, requisite, laudanum, biennial, isinglass, chorister, succotash, sciatica, obloquy, buoy, cameo, parallelogram, erysipelas, by- Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs. REQUIREMENTS AGE- Boys and girls who wish to enroll in any of these clubs must be from ten to eighteen years of age at the time of enrollment. TIME OF ENROLLMENT- -Time of enrollment will vary with the different clubs--for exact limits see different clubs. -Each club member is asked to fill out and sign the mnembership pledge which reads as follows, and copies of which may be secured from the local leaders or State Directot of Boys' and Girls' Clubs, Manhattan. Date.

......191. I hereby make application for membership in the Boys' and Girls' Club, and I shall endeavor to follow all instructions, attend local meetings, exhibit products from my crop at local institute or exhibit. I will keep an accurate record of my work, expense, and receipts, and will make a complete crop report at close of the season and forward same to the County Leader or to the State Director of Boys' and Girls' Clubs, Manhattan. (Signed) Age Post R. RECORDS AND REPORTS While every phase of the club work is absolutely free so far as club members are concerned, it should be borne in mind that considerable time and money are required on the part of local leaders, the agricultural college, and the U.

S. department of agriculture, to conduct the work successfully. This makes it necessary to require certain records and reports from each club member, for wherever public institutions spend either time or. money in the promotion of any movement, they are expected to show records of their work. These records, in the case of the club work, must of course, come from the club members themselves.

So each boy or girl who enrolls in any of the clubs is requested to keep accurate records of the different steps pursued, the time and money spent in the growing of crops, or whatever time or money is spent in the carrying out of the pledge. Since no fee is charged, it is sincerely hoped that no member will fail to show his or her appreciation of the work by complying with this request. In fact, no boy who is really interested in his work will fail to keep these records. He cannot afford not to keep tnem, and if he is the type who succeeds even though the odds are against him, he will not only want his own records, but he will also want them from the chap who happens to excel him. Continued on page two.

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J. Keraus WaKeeney, Kansas.

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