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The Alliance Herald from Fredonia, Kansas • 3

The Alliance Herald from Fredonia, Kansas • 3

Fredonia, Kansas
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Methoflist Church in Fredonia. A Letter From Winfleld. ABOUT The UNDISMAYED! (THE RACKET.) A Rapist Captured. Wednesday morning Sheriff Mus- For four years and now for the fifth Wixfieij, May 2S, 1S95. Rev.

C. E. Creager is at the helm of Deae Editos: As I have a number grove, of Clairmcre, Indian Territory, and A. D. Jackson, a United FKIDAT.

MAY 31, 1895. Zion's craft in Fredonia. These four of friends in Wilson county whom I BUFFALO ADVOCATE. S. Canty's mammoth new barn is nearly completed.

The past week has been very cool, almost cold, and no rain. C.G.Glenn and Geo. Crawford, of PRICES THAT COUNT. When yon go fishing you take bait. Some people take it in a can, and others in a bottle.

Those who take it in a can want to draw the fish, and the fellow would like to write, and as I have not A Card. On and after July 1st, 1895, we will do a 6trict3rcash business. Believing it to be to our best interests and that we can best serve the people in that way, after matcre deliberation we have come to that Conclusion, and af-teft July 1st no one will ba allowed to take goods from our store without first paying for them. Then if not satis States marshal from Coffeyrille, Kansas, arrived in Fredonia on the hunt years have been years of great financial depression which has brought hardship and bankruptcy to the busi wearied you with any of my contribu S. tions tor a while, 1 mate bold to pre- i All of our fine duck suitings, W.

S. CADY, D. D. DENTIST ness circles of Fredonia, and caused surne upon your good nature by send sold elsewhere at lc yard, 8 l-2c ef one Sam Owen, wanted in the Territory to answer to the charge of having committed rape on a little thirteen-year-old girl by the name of who takes it a bottle does so to work his imagination rip so many removals from our membership. ing this letter for publication.

All of our line dimities, -worth iet, in the midst of it the cause of Teeth extracted practically withont pain. tiirdJOffice over State Bonk, Fredonia, Kan. It is customary, you know, to begin ne can ctraw on tliat tor ri ieuoma, were in BaTalo yesterday. S. T.

White is rebuilding the old and adding a new part to the house where he lives. Mrs. Dryden and son Ed have Jbeen 12 1-2 and 15c, 8 l-2c. M. E.

Rodgers. The officers had lo 3od under Brother Creager has made by making some remarks about the! stories to entertain his friends All of our 12 l-2c Irish lawn, factory in eyery way, we will lake the goods back and cheerfully refund the money. We will also pay cash for all substantial and marked progress weather, so I will keep in the old- We oiler lots of baits to draw cated lO wen ia Fredonia, and they came most heavily armed in order to 8 l-2c. And toaay we can report a good beaten path and tell you something Ule Some of onr ip.ilrm visiting in Bi CITY AND VICINITY. Vacation.

All of our court royal piques, several day3 since make the arrest. Thev informed kinds of produce. ahnnt. thf ffpithu. hare Tha Arv I strong membership of 257 and 28 pro last Friday.

8 1-2C. For six years we have extended 7, i competitors say we use our gro weather and the extreme cold together, PPrv rw0-fTT1 'f bationers, with new accessions stead All of our 18c wool challies, credit to a large number of people in iiy coming in. Normal next week. wen, suppose we do? Am' 12 l-2c. this county, and have been remark Jane 1st tomorrow.

All of our women's black hose The spring rains, too. have been so filing gooas cueap anrst-rate The church has been kept entirely out of debt, salary and benevolences very full and some additional and valuable grounds purchased on which to Sheriff" McCray and Deputy Middle-ton that they had a bad character to deal with. Owen was about three miles west of town when arrested. The officers poked three long revolvers his face and ordered him to throw up his hands. This he would not do, but said, "what in the hell do you want with me?" The officers way to draw trade I Take the that are said to he worth Sc.

few and far between that the oats and Mr. Risinger, from near Fredonia, was visiting at Harve Surprise's the latter part of last week. Mr. DeWolf, tvho has been selling organs in this vicinity for some time, talks of putting in a music store here. The peach trees are loaded down ably successful in making collections, but the expense of carrying so many accounts, interest on same, what is lost by forgetting to make charges, to baits in.

You don't have to buy for 4c. Fall river is very low. The Seal Brand cigar. corn now are making slow progress. build a new church.

anytmng else it you don't vant Indeed, in some places they are dying All of our women's undervests, to. The late frost, however, did but little mis is greatly needed, as the con on which we have had such a Shooting gallery in town. say nothing of what we have lost in bad accounts would make a nice sum. This amount we expect to give you harm here. Arbuckle coffee, 20c pound.

with peaches. -Just think about peach great ran at 5c, now 3c. gregations and fcunday schools are sorely cramped in the present un Commencement tonight. Now, let me say something about 20 pounds granulated susrar es at 2a cents a bushel next fall, and the benefit of in the future by reduc put him in irons and started to the Territory with him. Owen came to Fredonia about three sightly structure.

1313 muslin, very cheap at 4c. Egremont LL muslin, very our schools here in Winlield For for 81. every farmer's wife and all the chil ing our prices. Our business is too In the next few j-ears Fredonia, un the past few months my mind and 8 pounds California beans for cheap at 4c. dren on top of the house spreading out peaches to dry.

large and growing too rarndlv to months ago and rented a house. A der reasonable prosperity, may easily ene.gies have been in the South West 25c. All ot the best brands of cal the time of coming here he said longer continue in the old way, for boast of a ten thousand doilar prop Kansas College and thus my heart has Wm. Gunby and son-in-law, Fred ico at 5c. (We handle no cheap with our great number of customers was on his way to Missouri, had got 7 pounds raisins for 25c 4 cans tomatoes for 25c.

Cherries will be plentiful. New fresh drugs at Reeger's. New potatoes on the market. tr. Miles' Pain Tills stop Headache.

What about a Fourth of July cele bration? erty. Brother Creager has laid the foundation work well and his last year Conard, of Chillicothe, arrived came to be here also, naturally, I wish to tell you about it, lor out of the we would soon get eo large an amount ten sick on the road and was com calicos.) ednesday on a visit to relatives. J. outstanding as to seriously impair our pelled to stop here. promises best of all the five.

The greatest bargains in line heart the mouth speaketh, and then 1 We are told that Owen is wanted H. and F. Gunby accompanied them to La Fontaine on a visit vesterdav. The Sunday school on May 12 num business capital and bring failure, i DRY GOODS. Ducks for Sc per yard.

15c hose for 8c. dress straw hats ever shown any wjiere. We. refer you to our am sure mat tnere are many j'oung people in Wilson county who are in Know mat a good many ot our bered 235 and the collection S2.G2. in Texas on another charge.

William is a brother to J. II. Gunby. old customers will, on first impulse, It is Eaid that while in Fredonia There have been nearly 100 acces terested iu higher education, who will Kan- aa ot last week. We still have All of our big stock of lawn John Smith, who has been hauling Mrs.

Schlegel has returned to aas City. Owen always made a practice of iak sions to the Sunday school within the be glad to get information about an about CO of these hats, all mark- get mad at us for making this chauge, but we know that when they reflect for 3c yard. ing his Winchester rifle with him a institution of this kind. past year. This membership is hap I fin ifiss thnn whnlfsfi 1p Tvrirps large quantities of wheat from his farm across the river to Branson's mill to be ground into feed, has about on the long line of accommodations Wich- -rvr ii i -n Looniis was in all times, even when going to feed What 1 have seen of the work of the pily and about equally divided among CLOTHING.

Hie uesu vermis Photographer ita last Friday. we have extended to them, and the his horses, but lor some reason he the little people, the young folks and S. W. K. C.

has been sufficient to con We haven't any cashmere town and will give you a better concluded that wheat is getting to be elderly people. The teachers are well vince me of the very superior charac benefit it will be to in the reduction of prices, their good humor will suits for men, but we have a fine Reeger'u is the place to get any thing one lor DUc tlian anybody, re 11 M.I too valuable for that purpose. The had neglected taking it with him on the clay of his arrest. The officers are satisfied that if he had had his ter of the school, both in the course of equipped for their work and take delight in interesting strangers in their line of all-wool cassoiere suits garctiess oi tiie claim oi some be restored. in the dng line.

27tf study and the capability of the teach utner people may nave some merchants that they sell a 75c The people are used to declarations work. It is gratifying to an inter gun at the probability is that people who owned wheat the first of March, and continue to own it until the first of September, will easily double their money. Orval Jackson visited his parents at time he would not have until someone had been er3. Also the morality of the students and the excellence of the work casiimere made up into men's from o.her houses that they "will been taken ested observer to see a man like Hon New Albany Sunday. suits, but we would imagir hurt.

T. J. Hudson, ex-Congressman, at the done. The professors are all perfect quit the credit business," bat who all the time carry a lot of favorites. We White Bros, shipped three car-loads it would De rattier lisnt.

we Miss Allie Teters returned from Gi- His wife is a head of a large bible class. half-breed Indian, ard Christian ladies and gentlemen, and We sell as good as can be produced for C5c. We are going out of boy's clothing and we offer aloout 300 wish it clearly understood that this is of steers Tuesday, and Mr. Mathias.of have all-wool suits as low as they have three children. It is said rard Tuesday evening.

show much interest in each one of ir. wneyis tne ounaay school su the first and only change in our policy Erie, two, which were purchased of that perintendent, in every way the right $5.50, but sell our cashmere for she has an annuity from the the pupils under their charge. The AMnrnfiv Sutherland was up from of doing business, and that it will be White Bros. We are informed that an In- dresses. students who have been here during suits at very little prices to close government because of bein man in the right plaice.

As one ex expressed it. "he is just fine." Neodesha Wednesday. these cattle, since being weighed 50 uian the stock, the past winter have, with scarcely rigidly carried out under all circumstances, without any exceptions, and days ago, have gained an average of Another sgid: "Our Sunday School is an exception, shown themselves to be Smoke Seal Brand, the best cigar on snoes. A Lite nrrivnl nf nnr One of the best rains with which as long as we continue in business. 1-2 pounds a day per head.

They snvinor just a wonder." All are on tiptoe for We suggest that you come for above dry goods soon. You ii i i "i i i the market. A. Lohman. tf jr ladies and gentlemen, also.

The temptations to idleness or vice in or Children's Day. a country was ever blessed leu here Thursday, effectually breaking the Yours for spot cash, It Hubeell Bros -lofofltl Orarul Vallev win sureiv uisup puimeu 11 have been fed shelled corn, oil meal, clover and timothy hay, and have had well water. While the price has fallen stock, without the big advance on it, enables us to offer 10S pairs ladies' fine dongola kid Mrs. E. S.

Hunt is president of the AV fcJ.J 1 til "I "I about the college are very small, in long drouth. The farmer3 have not in the ball game last Saturday. you expect to gee SUCH Dargains Junior League and Master Max Ken deed; especially the latter. The Decoration Day exercises ia Fre iu ciavs irom tne issue oi mis off about 75 cents since their last ship been as greatly depressed over the outlook for some time as they were nedy, a young gentleman of eleven Now, I have no personal interest shoes at 1.75. It is a big snap, Miun uu mu uuin tc.

Onr entire stock on aonia were simple and impressive. summers, is the secretary and very at booming this college, but I have and is well worth 2.50. Think much of late with rheumatism. rf tl1000wncl, Aa fol-iVe ment, yet they have paid out handsomely on the time and money in before the rain. Oats were practi iiev.

martin, oi Aitoona, delivered a tentive and efficient in his duties. I lltl ll VX LllUiJU (lOll 1UOO JLCbVllViJ such a good opinion of it that I would of 1.75 doing the same as 2.50. cally destroyed, flax and wheat badly sincere and touching address, after Republican candidates in large num- is not more than 1500 yards. The Juniors meet on Sunday after- be glad if every young person who is vested. This is the kind of feeding that pays.

The greater part of the damaged, and all the grass and corn which about fifty of the old boys in bers were in town last Saturday. uuou 4or religious services and on a going to attend any college could at crops were on the verge of being blue marched to the cemetery, fol The week day for drill and other duties. tend this one or one like it, 400 head of cattle which White Bros, commenced feeding last fall, havo now greatly injured. The supply of water lowed by one of the largest proces Many farmers are compelled to drive Politics is not a frequent subject of had been exhausted in a majority ef sions ever seen in Fredonia. At the their stock many miles for water.

Sister Hunt's plan is to vary her program, but gives large attention to scripture biography and history, and been shipped. discussion among us, except in the li the pastures, and farmers were haul cemetery the exercises were about the brary society, but when the subject Several runaways on the Square the first of the week, but no damage was includes that of the Methodist EdIs FAEDOfflA, UEkl N. Y. Office 549 Broadway. This morning O.

W. Sturdeyant, usual, the soldiers marching around and placing wreaths of lovely flowers is mentioned we find most of the ALTOONA JOURNAL. T. J. Cain did business in Fredonia ing it from long distances, lhe rain will help the wheat, some oats and flax, will make grass and corn grow copal church.

Sometimes she substi students are of a progtesslve turn of done. on the graves ot the departed com HUBBELL Props. Saturday. tutes a member of the league to a tem mind and disposed to think for them rapidly, and has made an abundant rades. The cemetery was beautifully porary leadership, and regards the Will Wolever and Georga Blackmore went to Kansas City the first of the Will Hicks visited Neodesha Mon J.

P. Russell, John Toomey and John supply of water. Before the rain the GUILFORD GENERALITIES. decorated, the various orders having selves and having no confidence in either old party. This is a hopeful day and Tuesday.

Hultin came to Fredonia with two Junior league work as most inviting and promising in blessed fruitfulness stockmen of this country had good aaornea tne graves oi departed mem week. sign for the future, when the affairs Mr. Collins, of Fredonia, was seen Mr. and Mrs. C.

A. Ware made a reason for the blues, from which they persons who had been captured in Pleasant Valley township by the A. for diligent labor. bers, while all who had loved ones laid to rest there tenderly laid the em of our State will be entrusted to the on the streets of Guilford Tuesday. trip to Fredonia yesterday." were almost under the doctor's care, E.

II. Allen and Paul Wiley, of Fall River, were in Fredonia on business "Feed My Lambs" was the last ten He considers the appointment of Ben care of these young people. II. T. A.

of that place. The two cul blems of love and purity on their quiet Mesdames Gardner and Hoover der entreaty of the Great Shepherd of as it began to lcok as though cattle would have to be shipped and sacri Clover by the "redeemer" adminis The college intends to have a sum prits had broken into the houses of resting places, ine nowers came in transacted businsss in Fredonia Tues the sheep, and it ought to be the tration "a dandy." Tuesday. A. E. Linneman has changed his ad mer term of six weeks, beginning about John Toomey and a Mr.

Kessingham. ficed on the market. But the rain day. sweet inspiration to duty to every good season for Decoration services, as the lovely clusters of white roses the middle of June, but I will not Ed Campbell delivered hogs at Ben When captured they had rings, ra has given new hope and has had a dress from Lima, Ohio, to Montpelier, Misses Eva Bell and Amelia McMur- one whose privilege it is to gather say any more about it now, dear edict Wednesday. zors and other articles on their per laid on the mounds of departed dear most inspiring effect.

Indiana. ray will attend the Normal, begin- these little ones into the fold. Sister, editor, lest my letter should become The chinch bug, as the candidate, ones indicated. None take part in ing June 3d. sons that had been taken irom the houses.

The arrested men gave their aboundeth in the land. mark the words "Feed My Lambs" feed them, not simply amuse or en Joe Lewis, the photographer, will those simple commemoration servi an advertisement. If any one wants to know more about it, let him write Misses Florence and Allie Anthony names as K. V. liickey and Ralph Drobablv leave for Junction City in a W.

K. Morse will "distance" Benny to me. Jons R. Feegcson, Jones. After their capture by the A.

tertain them. A jumping jack will do that but feed them yes, call it "An were in town Monday shaking hands with fricnd3. few days. ces but that truly feel they have been benefitted and lifted from the grosser walks of earthly life and made to feel Paulen in the race for County Clerk this fall. H.

T. A. they were taken before gel's food" if you mean the sincere NEW ALB AX KCGGETS. BY UNCLE SILAS. The Owl Club will give a dance Sat 'Squire Alex Pugh and plead guilty.

Mrs. W. C. Lines and Miss Cordelia Lines are visiting home folks at Vilas Republican candidate ior County milk of the word, so that they may Tiiey were put in the county jail to that they have been made better by remembering the loved ones who haye left this life and who are now re urday night, uno 1st, in city hall for the benefit of Oklahoma sufferers. Mrs.

P. L. Cormack and daughters, this week. grow up into Christ in all things. Clerk, Ben Paulen, was interviewing the "dear" g.

o. p. voters hereabouts Edna and Jewell, returned to their day to await the action of the court in September. The Lpworth league is under the James Harden is home again from a moved from its buffets and cares, and Several farmers are planting corn on CnuKCH Union. There is a widespread feeling among religious people that all God's people ought to be united in one body, in order to accomplish the most good and best advance the interests of Christianity.

In furtherance of this object, Rev. Henry Lunn, of England, is trying to get all ministers the world over to pledge themselves to preach on "Church Union" every whit Sunday. With this end in view, the subject of church union will be discussed at the Christian church on Sunday evening, June 2d, by Elder S. F. Wright.

Everybody come. home, in Parsons, Wednesday, after the fore part of the week. Ben is "on leadership of E. C. Thorne.

The has been sowed to isit in Iowa. Ho claims hot winds a week's visit with friends near this membership numbers about 40. Meet the slate," so say the knowing ones. the ground that flax and oats. enjoying the pure sweets of a lite that is gentle, pure and sweet.

There was a street fakir in town last have finished place. ings for religious services are held ev That is, he "stands in" with the boss Saturday. He was Belling chains to vuv 14-1 VA ry weather had left. Destitution ia es. This being the case, the variou ery iuesday evening.

Great confi Miss Metta Whiteside departed for A traveling man just from Fredonia the gullable and many were the half other candidates had as well save their Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tyler have moved into the Morton Long property, on Sherman street. dence in Bro. Thome's leadership is California this week, where she will said the other day, "I have been in ail parts of the world, and have seen all wind for two years hence.

However spend the summer. expressed and we now look for good kinds of people, but Fredonia is the dollars which found their way into his box. People like to be robbed by those nomadic rascals, and so no blame should be heaped upon the they are in training and their candi and rapid growth. The league very Mrs. Mildred Higgins left for Den dacy will only be the more prominen much needs and is very anxious to se first town I ever saw in which the people were so extravagant as to put huge plate glass windows in their hay mows." Neodesha Register.

ver, Wednesday and will visit Fall river has been "drew on" to a great extent this spring by users of the water works. when their time comes, which, cure more of the presence and talent fakirs. This bunco-steerer had learned her daughter at that place. course, will be in the tuture, like Since reading the above we have that there was a meeting of the Republican Central committee and also Misses Maude and Gertrude Car Huffman's hopes for a crop year, "al of the still larger young people. No field promises more for the investment of talent and culture, such as is abun Wednesday James M.

Mayfield, Sheriff of Johnson county, came to Fredonia and arrested one W. S. Dunham, wanted to answer the charge made a tour of the city, and not find- the Neodesha caller at this lisle and Mary Barrett, of Fredonia, wajTs the next year coming." After Chas. Cowdery, of was a pleasant yesterday. ng anytmng that very strongly re visited friends in town Sunday.

election they can console themselves dant in the class of young people here, of its swarms of candidates to be held in Fredonia that day, so he came with assured confidence of finding an ele sembles a window of that description, with the patriotic thought that than the whitening harvest fields of of embezzling. He, it is alleged, col Mrs. Cansler is visiting relatives in they have been loyal to the g. o. p.

Oh lected about for some sewing Oklahoma this week. bound to follow if there is not a change soon. Mr. Seem Fredonia, will endeavor to organize a class of, small singers and teach tLera Sunday school songs, besides the rudiments of music. This is a very commendable effort and should meet with best of success.

A stone crashed through a pane of glass last Sunday evening at Star Chapel and the miscreants that threw it had taken the precaution of fastening the doors from the outside, eo they could make good their escape, as prayer meeting was in progress. If Star keep3 on it wiil add to the populace at Lansing or Hutchinson. A little more vigilance would be ex-cusablo in the eye of God and the cause of humanity. While visiting with her sister, Maude, in the eastern part of the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to all these young people the Lord is gant swarm of good biting suckers. He left town feeling that his confi how we "redeemers" do love to redeem machine company and then left the The New Albany and Grand Val We understand that a good rain fell In the vicinity of New Albany Wednesday morning.

James Roberge and Henry Batchelor things. still saying, "Look on the fields" country. The Sheriff had located him we now say with all confidence that there sure must have been something wrong with that traveling man. We always had a very profound respect for traveling men until now, but the above item leads us to believe that dence was not misplaced. ley ball nines played a match game at this place Saturday, score, 21 to in our county and came and made the Lum Scates, et al loaded a car with Look on the fields.

Kansas Christian Advocate. The aurora borealis, or northern arrest. Dunham was selling gates corn at Benedict last week, for W. 17 in favor of N. A.

aecently purchased some thoroughbred lights, shown brightly Wednesday here when arrested. He was taken Hunt, cf Virgil, at 43 cents per bushel Poland-China hogs. Miss Jennie visited friends this fellow was surely suffering with Harvest is approaching and to Johnson county, yesterday. morning about 1 o'clock. They made the night appear as light as would a full For the pure, unadulterated politica in Howard last week.

the snakes, and anybody that would you'll have the workmen around. Mrs. J. C. Glenn left for East Jor news one wants to come to Guilford Last week's Register contained gei mat kiuu oi a jag on in sucn a moon, lhe wind had been blowing H.

Gardner and wife, of Raton, Don't you need some new dan, Monday, where she goes township. Listen, it is reported here moral, Christian town as Fredonia, kick about Neodesha being called "Oil a galefrom the south for two days, and to join her husband. New Mexico, are visiting relatives near town. must be an old hand at the business. that it is the program of the Demo Republican fixers that "Doc" Blakes City," which is very sensible aud ap propriate, and should meet the ap DISHES or GLASSWARE Lew Smith recently improved the when Hook Loether saw the lights amazed, in thenorth he was greatly for fear the sun had been blown 11.

M. Wilson was up from Fredo looks of the Public Square by cutting proval of all of Neodesha's loyal citi lee and "Art" Hill, of Neodesha, are to be the candidates for County Treasurer county, Miss Grace Bingley had the nia Wednesday. The very idea of "huge plate glass windows" in a Fredonia hay mow! Why, our people use hay mows to put hay in, which they feed to their horses and cowb! sens. Outside of Neodesha we have down the dead trees. To keep the appearance of your misfortune of having her collar bone for the people to choose between.

J. T. Cooper, of Fredonia, visited to the north and was coming up in that quarter. only heard the term "Oil City" ap table i 1 OU can get fatted out at friends near town Saturday. Jno.

Wolever, Arthur Case and no Bob Rogers took in and shipped a plied in a way intended to do harm Foster spent last Sunday taking in Miss Florence Jackson attended the car-load of hogs at Benedict Wednes broken from being thrown from a horse. When found by her sister she was unable to speak and unable to be brought home. We did not learn and then the name "iseoaesna is the eights at Neodesha. day. Bob is the main shipper of stock Howard high school commencement good enough for any town and at all Whenever you hear some green horn talking about patriotism, you can be sure he has some pull on Uncle Sam, and that if that pull was out of his G.

G. KENNEDY'S. He's got the largest stock in Fredonia, and you're almost from these parts. last week. times and places.

There are a great many persons who are so little and partisan that they think it criminal for a paper to say a good word for an honest man if he be- li-Trrei a -rr -r l- rv Ii nn- (Vivien Miss Metta Whitesides, of near New Rev. David King, of Howard, Albany, left for Tulare, Wed whether or not the injuries received were very serious. Later: Grace Bingley was brought home Wednesday neodesha sun. hand he would be the first to curse sure to get what you want there preached the Memorial sermon at nesday to visit relatives. On account of the Wmfield Chautauqua Assembly, the Frisco Line the country.

The country is all right. I this place Sunday. They think it all right for a paper to I place Of business IS Oil the A merchant down at (jolieyyille is and Santa Fe Route will sell excur and is getting along ticely with her injuries received at being thrown from onto his job. He presented the editor Mrs. W.

E. Case went to Fall River Tuesdav to visit a few days with her hunt up "political rascality and make OTHn sicte OI me square and Evangelist Hopkins preaches to siOn tickets to Winfield and return It is the infernal so-called patriots that are causing the trouble. Patriotism is not blatant parading. of the Independent with a pair of a horse. it known to the readers, but they his prices are consistent with the dry-weather times.

You on June 17th to 2Sth for $2.27. Re many old friends at that place. large crowds at the tent every even ing. shoes and the editor of the Journal hold it criminal and an evidence that with a new hat and both of them must remember that his stock of turn limit June 29th. J.

D. LlNGEN'FELTEK, Agt. the editor has sold out if he says one W. II. Lininger, an old Fredonian in NEOD.1SIIA EE3I6TEE.

side walks going down every- Last week's Erie Record, edited by Mrs. Chas. E. Harbaugb, was an old New liev. Wright and daughter were up from Fredonia Wednesday evening wrote big puff's about it favorable word for a man of known the daya of the boom, was in the city where.

honesty and integrity. The Hekald Fred Montgomery, a boy who lives a few days the first of the week. attending church. GROCERIES cuts no small figure, either, A wreck on th6 Frisco a few miles this side of Burrton Tuesday morning SheriffMcCrav and his seeks no approbation from such nar- in the country, engaged in a fistic en soldier's edition, being composed of a large amount of war history and printed on red, white and blue paper. J.

H. Rudrow, the walnut log buyer, Several of Fredonia's young couples dleton, were in the city Tuesday. counter with "Soda" Johnson Wed row-souled mortals. resulted in the engine and all but one departed Monday for Chanute. He's got 'em, a house full of 'em.

Mrs. Joe Garriott faran down fmm nesday evening, in which both boys coach of the east-bound passenger be the Sunday school conven at New Albany last Sunday. It was also filled with a nice lot of ad Fredonia last Saturday aud viRitprl a James Campbell recently received a were somewhat bruised and bloodied. The Methodists reorganized their Sunday school and elected the fol vertising, and is a credit to its editor. ing derailed, the engine being pretty badly mashed up.

Luckily, no one letter from his son Albert, who lives O. W. Romig and wife spent last few days with her sister, Mrs. T. M.

and other relatives. One at least, and perhaps both, paid T. Cooper, of Cedar township, Sunday in Fredonia with the family of lowing officers: Sup't, Samuel Crain; in the Territory. The letter stated Dr. Blakeslee was in town this fines.

was hurt. Where is that Commercial clnh? ft Sec'y, Jennie Hogue; Organist, Lena that the condition of the people there J. D. Allen. Howard Howe came up from FredonLa yesterday and stayed a should arouse from its Rio Van Winkla morning.

The doctor informed us that a large crowd attended the Deco taold nice thoroughbred Poland China.hogs in Fredonia recently. the elegant rains that fell yes Tcepfer; Mabel Clift. was something terrible. No rains had Rev. N.

V. Moore, at one time of the Methodist church in this A. M. Sharp says we mus'n't epell his name with an on the end of it or "people will thing he is a Republican. We are soory the mistake occur few hours taking in the sights in Fall slumbers, and begin active labors to lay the advantages of the City of Destiny before the wondering evea of tha fallen for many months.

The grass had not grown any and stock were River. H. F. Thomas, of Fredonia, ROPER ITEMS. tterdav morning, the farmers could be ration services at Neodesha and that the addresses of Messrs.

Hudson and Young were excellent and well re city, and whose wife died some time ago, was married to Miss Barbara Nation. was in the city Tuesday in the inter Some ef the wheat will be ready to The Eastern Star Chapter at this Harris on the evening of the 23d inst. miserably poor. The letter also stated that many conld not leave there, as their horses were too poor to drive est of the Iredonia Poultry of heard smiling for quite a distance. With a pair of bloomers and a ceived by all hearers.

point is having Quite a gain in mem red. The name "Sharp" came from the south and is Democratc, while "Sharpe" means a yankee and Republican. They are all sharp fellows at at Yates Center. which he is J. W.

De harvest in another week. Grant Van Hoos was bership, and is holding special meet- down from merry-go-round in Yates Center, that Quite a number of farms have been fevers and wife, of Fredonia, visited their son, Postmaster A. F. Defevers, and the people had no money with which to pay for railroad tickets. the week to ngs to initiate applicants.

Dr. C. VV. Long returned last Friday recently sold in this county. The Scranton the fore part of see his best girl.

A. Odell has completed the additions to his farm house, about three any rate. place stands back for none of 'em. Again we say that every town has prospects for many land sales have in this city last Saturday and Sunday. from a visit in Arcadia.

Ok. Ilia wifa Mrs. E. F. Irwin and children will As we understand the analysis of I have opened a coat and feed store Morris Fitzmorris returned last will remain there a few weeks longer.

not been as good in this county for yeare, until checked by the recent some persons who have no uso for miles south of town. The carpenter work was done by Wm. Russell, one of visit friends in Baldwin next week. this oil, it will yield from 30 to 50 per and will pay the highest market price Saturday from Indianapolis, ac The Register has received a tiD that in cash tor poultry, eggs ana butter, Children's Day exercises in the Fiedonia's best workmen. dry weather.

there will be started in this city within the next few weeks a first-class ma companied by his daughter, Mrs. Jno. C. Burns, who will visit him indefi at the Case Hudson yard, on Ohio grove here the 9th of une. cent of kerosene like that we burn in our lamps.

Besides this it yields two other valuable products. One can now begin to get an idea of the value chine shop. W'e are not in possession street. Please give me a call and you A young man styling himself "Kan nitely. Mrs.

Burns' numerous friends Some children with matches and Dr. Cady's barn were the cause of the fire will receive fair treatment. Emly Lee has a new organ. Memorial exercises here last Sunday sas Conaedy Kid" gave a "show" at of full particulars, as the parties who gave us the information were not ready as yet to divulge their plans. in this section would be pleased if she and her husband would once more live of an oil well in the Neodesha field.

tf J. H. Doug an. WTillits' hall Tuesday night, playing afternoon. Sermon by Rev.

Gramly. company being called out Wednesday morning, but the fire was extinguished with little loss. but as they are responsible parties. The Buffalo Oil Company ia begin within our borders. Fall River Advo the four parts to the entire satisfaction of the small boy of six years.

The lodge of Woodmen has paid Mrs. John Harris has a very sick boy. and said the tip was straight, we give this much to the eager public. cate. C.

A. Kuhnke, widow of Chas. Kuhnke. Dr. Johnson is attending him.

ning operations in Newark township, and others are coming in. It is only a matter of time until all the terro- A rain of about sixteen inches to -a o- Neodesha has a telephone system Mrs. K. got her proofs off on the loth and the money was received on people who cannot be used as tools. The Alumni banquet will be held at Mrs.

Fannie Uorton's directly after the Commencement exercises tonight. Prof. J. R. Campbell and F.

N. Howell went to Newton Monday night to visit relatives and friends a few days. Notwithstanding the rapid advance in the price of wheat, that product Btill continues scarce in the Fredonia market. One Republican candidate boasts that he has been in nearly every corn field in Wilson county during the last tew months. Remember, when you hear persons continually criticising their local pa where we have been getting one Foe Sale os Teade.

The Commer Awarded and they are preparing to put one in tory in this part of Kansas will be would not even be opposed in this the 27th in6t. cial hotel, located on a corner lot on Highest Honors World's Fair; yielding petroleum. at Fredonia. It is only a matter of time when all the towns in South community by Rothchilds most fa the public square, Fredonia, Kansas. We have several hundred old papers Robt.

Hays and son are building an vored tooters. 12 rooms conveniently arranged for ho eastern Kansas will be connected, and in the best of condition, suitable to be tel business. We are prepared to give from any office here in Independence put under carpets, which we will sell Miss Minnie Whitbeck, who has oil tank for the Hefley which is to be drilled by the Buffalo Oil Company in Newark township. for 25 cents per hundred- a great bargain in this property for cash, or will trade for stock, merchan been visiting her brother Harry, in yon can taiK to Wichita, rarsons or even Fort Smith, Kansas City and Omaha. The telephore is going to Dr.

Perkins bhowed us some beauti dise or residence property. A man Guthrie, for the past two weeks, will return home tomorrow night. per it is because the paper is not singing the unmerited praises of the criti-cisers. Jno. Wolever left Monday night for Coffey ville, where he goes to take part in several ball games.

He has signed to play with Winfield this season. There are in every community those who imagine a paper is a failure unless it is continually giving them unmerited puffs. Misses Maud Blackman, of Fall A Good Chance. From one to three adapted to the business of hotel keep supercede the telegraph to a great extent. Star Kansan.

good city lots, 50x150 feet each, in a ful magnolia blossoms this week that were sent from Tennessee by a sister of Mrs. Perkins. ing assured of a good living. Dagos and trained bears, monkeys, E'redonia addition, can be bought hand organs and bag pipes seem to be On account of the Ottawa Chautau A. F.

Defevers and wife came down from Fall River last Saturday to attend the funeral of JJ. N. "Willits infant daughter. cheap and payment therefor made. in good hedge, oak mulberry or; coffee little late in putting in an appear Mrs.

Thompson, who has 'been vis Stivers Kennedy, Fredonia, Kansas. CoiniiTTEE Meeting. There will be qua Assembly June 17 to zs, the ance in Fredonia this spring. bean posts at ten cents each, delivered IMiiPl Santa Fe will sell excursion tirkpts iting her sister. Mrs.

K. B. Herron, left for her home, in Washington, D. Miss Minnie Rissler is the happy to Ottawa and return for f2.l. Tuesdav.

a meeting of the People's Central committee in Fredonia on Saturday, June J. D. Lingexfeltek, Agt. in ireionia. Any young man can thus secure a good town lot for 150 good fence posts.

Enquire at Herald office. possessor of a beautiful upright piano, the gift of her parents on account of her graduation. Three of Fall River's leading young The best tornado company is the 1st. All members are urged to be present, as the new committee is to be organized. J.Z.

Robeege, Ch'm'n. men rode to bevery tne otner sunaay River, and Myrtle Seigel, of Eureka, were shopping in Fredonia Monday afternoon. Miss Ruth Christman went to Fall River Tuesday to spend a few days Phoenix, of Hartford, with Stivers Sc Levi Ogle, the Racket man, accompanied by his family, went to Howard Tuesday to spend a fejr days renewing old acquaintances. II. S.

McCray ard N. P. Willits were in New Albany yesterday, the latter delivering the address at that place in the afternoon. Prescriptions carefully compounded and are now getting all kinds of no- MOST PERFECT MADE. Mrs.

S. J. Bartlett went to Howard Kennedy. by Bogart, the druggist. Koriety.

this morning, being called there by -J Iowa A pure Grape Cream cf Tartar Free from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Have you seen the bright, new stock Uncle Mat Freaner has mine corn for sale. the serious illness of her daughter visiting her friend, Miss Myrtle De- All druggists sell Dr. Miles' Nerve Plasters. Have you seen the bright new stock of drugs at Eogart, the druggist's.

of drugs at Reeger's Drug Store? 27tf fevers. Maad..

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