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The Glasco Tribune from Glasco, Kansas • 2

The Glasco Tribune from Glasco, Kansas • 2

Glasco, Kansas
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11 11 iiiiimn 'I'liim aitlii Kin 9 Books arid Twos. jsonality of tho Holy is thai Hllluonco whii-h omina'es from 1 God. and takes lull potst6hioii graves shall hear l-il voice and cohih f'oith." Tho just and tho iinjiicr, good and bid, "through tho redemption that is in ClirUt all itnJj nlit.A TEB 6LASCQ TRIMS. THURSDAY, Fcb.Sd 1883. J.

W. Barroujlis, Editor our hcurU and guides us into all "I'licy Bay! truth and righteousness, UIO iwvctuc, f.11 itj ui'iuy hiiib We beiieve not in the per again, and hroughi to judgment at 7 They "ivy All I wnll. iii'o lliey do; Hut run tlu-v nrnvu llio lu' true Bonuliiy of the 'devil." For tnat the lust day of this world, and bo ATTlI2JdtaAi.tmce. UliLEU Of nil iwrts nnl Ie licth F.ngllh nnJ print, from llio Urgent ricto-r'ul to tliu gmaltoiil TobUmcnt, will bo riiUhe-i nn nUurt notice. CltUDO CONCOItDAXCI THE PIONEER PBES3 1881.

1 hostim Frxu." wi tto SUltwste ISmW ma. 'In uniliiiJtUlr-tlx nvraustaUT papr etlim Tli uaunni ol roamr nwadod ot tt iu ttMryrliui In Ui Ntlwttoa uf Btkt ad AattoQ-tl a.wa ii utwurmuiMd mI un4uJl. II to to T-tnt Wi.i-uiinlu, ouniwrn lora, otithem lfaalle-bi. Puott, til uf MtaoMutt, thorn ihaa tar nu UapiTlll Ihusnttc 0lNw York-wore, In fMtttua lay am iiwr to ur prt at the ut TlM bimq tMlun, nulro4j, lerli'ultura mi nUra bunlouu (, Ike NortUw-nl Hod muh oru tnd retiraanlatln iu LV 1-inNKm lBwi hiuIk loand nowkmdlt la CixllulisJikdU. or tor ay otbo put of UtlieoBO.

cut." Tlil 1 but niildf the uolmMllaatino. ay trom all quartan to miwrlorttr of the Fiannal PliEnu in .11 til milkilltialil of ft ttmUilua makmnnllh. Suspicion nmy arlao'i'ruiii noitlit word joinmi.nly uxod to desii-! rewarded every one avoiding to nato evil, and slsnnfic-B vile, their own works Those that BL'BHORIPTIUN, I6U lKH, YKAH. There whs ft big firu in Now York City last TueisJay which con-mined mute a number of tho lrtr Hut malic, envy, want oi tnougiti, Why count ymirHulf milling tho liey VVJio wliUpw wltttl Hu'y iluiu not Hiiy ill, that which is ill of iu and 1 avo done good will receive fer nul life, aud those th'it have eet j.riiitinar offices, nrjong tliem vara the World. Scientific Amer ican.

Observer, nnd a umber of MiuinT. nn 1 to IU conceded paulUoa ia tlim front rack ol Die great American Journal ot th day. iMjtV.A"dJ Whilo it la said that email Dox Thoy say But why Uio title rohcrso, Aria help to umke tlie muttor worner No sooif can poBHllily accrue For telling tlilnua that are not true; Anil li It nt noble plitn To gpeuk of all, llio l't you can Tliey nay- Well, If It aliould be Why noell von tell tho title of woe will it llie uluer wrung retire. Or muko ouo purif of inow leas Will It the erring one renloro-. Ueucefurtli to go mid sin uo more ia abating in somo loculitio, it is evil will di tbu dccnd deuth, M.

E. IloAtt. Waterloo, lown. How To lucreao vtur ir come. Juat at (big acuHou of the ycitr there are.

among our rentiers, llmso looking for employment fur the nv.vt Mix months. Vie have futuly reeetved trom li lirown the well-known miiniilHetiiifrsol hlitcialiicK for ngeuls In biimllit, a n-fpuvHt to put them in cnmuuicatlim with one or nmre suiiahly pmsons in IliU lojulitv. unrighteousness, ihe oppose to good, a perlect coiinMrpart of God; and is in opposition to God In everything Therefore, a God is eteiiiiil, evil, or deil, is pot, but inutt come to an end. It is not a personal dovil therefore, that tempts man, man -is terrplud when ho is drawn nwar of his own Ins', and enticed Tben when lust hath conceived it bringoili forth sin; and in when it is iiiijtdied bringcth forth death. Sin is tho power of death, not a literal devil.

8. We believe the kingdom of iuw auu-itAiiuajij uo ooiuimuwr ui mm tmi wmtory vlunh fnrnia the fl-lil of Its eiruulatioa, and hloh II aliuoat to tho eiolualoo of any otbor momiag It droolatloa, wblrli bo never luoreaaed uiiiru mill lly tlian during- thd piii nix niontba, la four nrt)ftiUmM treat that of anyothn- nswatitiMl In tin. N'orlhvmt. ouUiile of CUleairo and Bt Leal. Oiilj' the liwlliw paper Id Uiose dtio pay maca ulld PioXExa Piw for loletrrapliio a pod all, aol immsm It 1 El 'f ihfllloly llciutura, ia ouo r.f thn! elm i vi book i ffUK'li every UiLt biii-Jent ieds.

which ny text can ut. found i a iDumte. Prlco 1.3U, pUga SO ceu' op tx)Nconn. nc. K.

lionl (Ireck nnd Englwn concord-niK'tt the Kevr Testamont, cunliiiniiiu ui)U ('M, by II. Iu An excoi -cut fur kvlioUm. Trice $3.00. I.EXICOX. Hebrew and Knsilinh Ijexlcon, containing all the Hebrew uml CimUlt-v ff.

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fliiss. It coiibiina over 800 hymns, 4-t With noton, prico without hotPb, 75 cents. Fomao 25 cents. OOSl'KL HYMSS. Sou.

1 nnd 2, P. P. Bliss and Iro Sankey, 1)2 Pric) 85 centu. Poat Al2 Thoy sny-'OUt pause anil look within, x-'on Pee now mine nrnn inclines io Bin WhIcIi. lest In (lurk teiiipiallon'i hour, Thou, too, sliotiM sink bt'iiea li it powor, taina ho laiae a oorpa ot nawa oorrewpondeuta.

It hat Iti iiald rxiirawutaU at orery groat or oonalderabla nu a ucuur ot the Uultod Hbitea, a vail a ai atl local poiiiU Iu Mluneaota and 111 adjacent 8te, and lb IV'iiitory o( Dakota. It arranaoineni for 1881 ein brace A CU more romiinticnslveayiituni of telrgrapbl at Waahlurton, New York. BRitoa, Milwaukee, aud niuuerou otber dUiia, iu wall at all the Important State capital, aaJ a HUH more wldoly extouilud ayntcm of local new l'lty tho mill, top o'er ineir mil, lint speak of coot), or not at nil. Wi'llSVijiier. Christ is confined to this nee in to net us aeutJ In intrmluclng suvcrul of their patent ui-i to this, comunily, anil uller coiislderuliou, we' luke this niviliod to comjily with Ibeiri requent- The fli are inanufHetuivri' of a luieo number of liomiholil aribles.

1 which they Int-oduce to the ipiblie by nuaiis of eifi-uts soinulimea aj many (is 111 tliel- employ. The particular nrlicleH which they seek lo introduce here, at tliin time are, Browns which we now live, and that it is I bo true tlittt it is spreading Lrotttlcftrtt over tho entire country. And every precaution should be i ukc to clu'-ok its ravu() Mo -inlet or poreon la secure; any ouo is liable to contract tho disease at uio or abroad, any lime. GuitoBu Suit very inncli do pressed iu spirit for several days attor the deeisiou of the jury was made kuown to Lim, and refused to ent his usual hearty meals but it is said that he has again taken courage, and reuesumos his dignified Bcovillu has found a new jioiuf on which fo ubk a new trial. At all events it is thought he cannot be hang be lore the laat of June.

And if he jietB new trial which he prob ably will he will not be Lung before next Immortality. Tho editor of the Delphoa Car oollccHon Iroin tula aun iiolirhboiiug rltato. In Oil and aoouiwy of 11 market report it may lately rliiiUrnftoooinparlaim witli anyothrTuUini Journal a preparatory or progressive kingdom and that ho received it eighteen hundred years ago, at his hrst advent. Uo "to the tWIfviU'j tho ltepnblioan party to be the atest-ragot. Itory the great truata of the govornmont, the Plo ksik 1 a Ibipublloan newxpaper without belnt parly It holtla the aphere of the Joumilii to bo above all partial, and his true fnnoUon to be that ol faithful historian of publio areata, a Juat, oaudlt and inipurUal cenaor of publio men and mearara.

reerieu-i oilier, R.iiieiaiiy ackiiowlidjed lo oe the beat Iu tliu world ol nearly one million were sold miring thi last year tho Kitchen Queen tlm latest and best in- ancient of days. And there was given him dominion, and glory, rier iu an article on "immortality' after argning on the natural do Biro for immortality, ho' "Does not this Blrange poculiarall-ty of our mental oianisni provo that life is continuous)' jnu a kingdom, that all people. tfourahjia, Sciatijs, Lumbago, Backac'iP, Semmi of iho Chest, Gout, Quinsy, Soro Throat, Swellings and Sprains, Burns and Scalds, General Bodily Pains, Tooth, liar and Haadachs, Frosted Feat and Ears, and all other Feins and Achoz. No Fnjwriillon on irlh cquali St. Jiwiui Oil, 11 mimj'tu rheap Exti-rrml Kimwly.

A trial nliiili but thi- coiiipiiratlvory outlay of ,19 evnry uno inffi-rlnj wilh iulu cuii liava liwi oiiJ iltiv proof ot IU elte'ina. Diii-ottom In Klovcn Lniiciiiiftot. SOLD EX ALL EEUGCH3TS AKD DEAlHtS IN JfSDICIHB. A. VCGEL33R JinftOnor.

V. 8. A. KRS. LVDIA PIKKHAM, OFLYSX, MASS nations, and language) should fervo and oboy him Dan.

l-'i- In the next oargraph ho admits l'a. 2: Luke 19: 12-15 9. We believe the kingdom of that we "cannot by cmirae of reas uventioii in Coal Oil L.tinps, and the only absolute safe lump made: the feiitcniiinl Cake amliiluke an mi ai-tlclu huft a natiomd rcputallon uml the d.dight of ev.iry li'iiisuKcepcr: the Half Minute Egg Dealer, which fells at Kttlii.nml the new Alto rtellvo Iiron.o Profile ol Jambs A. (iAuridt.o, wiib iiK-iuoiial I'm me, ihe 1 best selling artie ever put into the 1 ol un iijjcnl, Ihe hi'st nil the 1'unrailH clm'UioH or slue enifraviiiL's Hint ever been od'ercd. It is truer likeness ot the mariyred hero than any we have ever oning from cause to effect, demonstrate a continuous oxis'unco rod God is to come, yet, which is in the future age, 'hat Christ is now futnro immortality as an iinqm reigning nt the right hand of the Father.

Jesus was 'born kinz," tioned reality." Hut vet ho 'claims it" on the ground of and began to preach, saying power in heaven and 111 earih is given unto me." Malt. 23: 18 In Ismali 33:22, wo read that ugo 8 cenU; ChLDES SUM. PubliMmd by J. Bnrroujjhn; 5 we nt a. 10 ceuU pur dozun.

rug RKsnrmos. Tliis lit tie tract urts before the vendor the Bible nlan of lledvnnition, or loss and gain. ByJ.W.BurronKiiN: S'Jpugaa. 5 teuta single, 35 ceutu per Uoun. TIIK Thla tract is calculated to show tin rivil resurrection of the dead By .1 W.

Bmronghs; 5 oenta single. SO cents per dozen. LEIGH OP UluWAIt. This tract treKtu on tha present rclpn of Christ over his people. By J.

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THS KINCUOM. A spicy little tract, showing the difference between Christ's kingdom and Ciod's everlnstirj; kiinsdom in tho world to come. By J. W. Biirronhs 4 pnyes 1 nent 9 cents per doiseu: 05 cents per 100.

rUIMITIVK XATURB OP MAS. triit't shows that Adam, through disobcvlience bccaine inortai, r.u-.l lirouglit tiio cp.lamity of moi-rulity and death into "Ihe jjord is our law giver and our The Commonwealth eayi: The latest railroad racket is taken from tl-e Denver Tribune. It is claimed by that paper that the Kock Island road has bought a controlling in terest in the Goutral Branch road, which mns from Atchison west, and that it is to bo extended to Uon. ver at once. This road would have to bo extended three hundred miles to roach the Capitol of Co'orodo, and it is thought the money can bo easily raised, This paper luither status that Jay Hon id docs nut own a controlling mterebt in the Central Branch.

aud a feei'lnn and inctependent exponent ot tbe beat opision on all publio qnention. THE WEEKLYHONEER PBES3 Ilia Wr.tKLT I'ionkcb Pkkiw la the great paper of the Northwoat. It exhibit aU tbe oharactar-lUc excellencies of the dally ut a condensed form. ia madu up, bovi-erer, with a tpeotal reference to the wuiu of the rural bonaeliorda of Minnesota and the adjacent Watea aud Territories. Its news departments eoutain a complete condenaation af all the general and State aud local now.

It (arm and gardes and house-bold dpai iuicuts are pm'arod expressly with a tWw to the special nords of this region and climate. Ia Its editorial diKcui-siona particular attention I paid la subjects ot spoulal Interest to dawns of Minnesota and ot neighboring Hlat.n. Its market report, which arouniurpaHFod for fulln-iss aud aocuraoy, are prepared expressly for Its columns, and cover the entire ruMTe of graiu, produce, live stock, provision ana mcrcUasdisii, iuarkeU at all tlie chief oommeraUl contort, Mwolt as at tit. Paul and Minneapolis, andothor loaal iwlubi. Iu short, it is especially commended to tlie fannrra and other citizens ot Minnesota by II BHixii-iid udaptutinn to their local noods and lutcrest.

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Buows. 01 Walnut St. CINCINNATI reign over tho Gentiles." And in Coloftiiins wo road that God ''hath (not will somo future time,) translated iib unto the kingdom of bis dear son," and in Corinthians we rcna that 'Christ iiiiih' reign (present until he hath put all enemies utijier his fVet''; and in Matthew J3: 40-41, wo read that the Son of man idiall gather out of liis kingdom things that off-iuf, aim them that do in-qtiity." "in the end ol tins world, or ago. Again, Christ the firs fruits, af Icrwords those of his nt his Alail Subscription Kates, DAILY. OnHYcai- $19 U0 Three Mouth 00 BuM jTitlw 6 00 Per 1 00 frilunluy l' llliun ot the Daily, per I 00 tiiUidsy liUtion of the Doily, per year 8 00 fitJivlnti.

WidneKtan and fYUay Dally, iui Ki on u. 1 ka "desiro," and says "if the visibly body die, the thinking part, that invisible 8-truthing, still continues to live, Now in this uil the evidence that man has of Immortality It bo, we Iruely depend upon a ''hro. ken Muff" just no evidence al all simply ''dftt-iro." Man mav and dons desiro a thousand things which ho never realizes; and it Ihis is all the evidenco we havo ol immortality, we 6houid noi dare to trust it for a moment. Yet this is the best evidence any man can produce that he has got i in mortal My now, dwelling in him in this life. And tho best name given it i3 "that invisible something." But thank God this is not the bent evideiiL-e that man will have immortality, and though the ev idence ia abundant that man is mortal now that he has not a particle of immortality dwelling in him; yet there is abundance of Bible truth thut the righteou will receive iinmorluiily reward, after Ihe judgment.

Says Paul, "unto them who -by patient continuance in well doing," God. will ghe 'immortality eter nal life." Horn. 7 Again, "this mortal mubt put on linmor talily." lCor. Once more: ''t'or we that are in tlrs tabeniiicle (Greek Shtenei tempo rary mortal btute,) do groan, being burdened; not that we wonid ho unclothed, but clothed upon. that.

murtaUty might be swallowid up of lite" a Cor. 5:4 coining, Then ihe end" When the end At his second coming; not a thousand years after his see oiid coniiiiir. I hen the end. An interesting school caw goes to ihe Supremo Court from a school district in Douglas county. Ouo of the numerous rules of thut district requites each pupil to make a declamation or writo an esaay once in two weeks.

Ouo of the scholars refused to do cither, ami he was expelled. His parents applied For a mandamus to coin pel the school board to roceive the delinquent back Into school and eive him instruction. Jndgo Stephens, of tho district court, granted the mandamus; and, among other points, uccidml that aii scholar had the right, not only to ref t3 perform the extra -scholastic duties mentioned, but to dou'ino to pursue any study deemed opjoctionable or neoless. Tbe school officers carry the case -up. Ex.

We learn that Ihey had a bit of When ho (Christ) hull have WTiTKLY. Bin eoplis, jior year $1 lt ainule six months 75 Uijlu coidM, Uuoo uior.ths SO; KO CLUB HATXS. ft THE The Sun for 181 will miiko its fifteenth annual revolution under ihepresuit man iiuenienl, Hliinin, ns uhvns, lor all mean and enicion-i, contented ami unhap. py, Itcptiblieai- iu tl Df Hi'icnlie, deprav -d and vinous, intelligent and obtuse. The Son's light is "mankind and womnn-kind of every sort hui its froniul waimlh is for the good, while it.

pours kot diveoiu-tort on the biUieriug beads of the persistently wicked. The 80s of 18118 was a nmvspnper a new kind. It discarded wany of the forms and a liiultlliHln of the snpwflumir won and phi-two ot ancient jounnilisin. It ih-ieook to report iir a iVech sui-einc'v on. c.inveutioual way all tlm news of the world omltt-ini; no evi-ot.

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r. Barrcuhs; 4 "fes; nbiindant. atlords, wo sIihII advent, Mid wdl reign nntiil bis: iiiiuu'u m-iier inan '-ver Dniore that Mr. Wm. Elliott, tiled acorn plaint before Esq.

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It appears that tli8 boys had been requested by Mr, Elliott to keep away from 4 no torogomg texts witti many others show couclneively thai man mortal now, from tho fact tha he is to ''put on immortality" al oi tho resurrection; or to receive ii as a reward of righteousness at the last day. It ia singular that smart and even good men will lean on such flimsy evidence as "de6iro" to prove the natural inherit immor tality, when every thing in nature Sliience, and the Bible goes to prove that man is wholly moital in this life. Bui thank God, men are beginning to reason on this subject and very soon ihat old Je moralizing, soul killing theory of immnrtid bouI eternal torment theory will be laid aside foievor. HowsC-raln, Grass Seed, Memp, Mice, Everything. No man caa do it so well by hand.

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SALT JHEPARD WITH NEWAHil'VPRC. shall riit all ihe news, put it in'o readable siiape, mid lini-ns'iie its iinpoi lance, not by the Ira.litionul ycrditie, bill by real in'j iot the 11 politics we liave out and acenst itn to them in language audi rstivid. The Wkkki.v SrN jnlhers Into ciubt i'jes the bsst matter of the seven daily issues. An 'fi ii'ullui-al ilepai imcnt of Hni'ipialed merit, full u-uct reports, and a liberal proportion of literary, scientific mid Jomesiic intelijienct, couiplete Uio WKKiaY l5L'N. V''lio not know, ar.d read, and like llnv Sun, eseii ol which is a golconda ol InUri'siinit lileriture, with llie best pnetry of.

tbe. d.iv, prose, every line worth reading, news, humor ma' ter enough to 1 a pood sized hook, and infinitely more varied and euterfaining tbau any 1.00k. bitr or liltle. if our Id'rt of wlut a newspnner should bo pleaes you. send or Tim 8vn.

Our iti'in are i follows-. For tbe daily Hon, a lour pauc sheet of my eighl columns, the ice. by tn.n!. oust paid, is 55 cents a mondi, or $11,50 a veart or, including tlie Sunday paper, an eight piige sheet of 58 columns, the price i (15 cmts per month, or per enr, posiaw paid. The Sunday edlth'n of Tub 8us is hlso furnished separalo'y at $1,20 a'yeurj pos-tap paid.

The price of the'' Weekly "on. eitrht pnget, fll'lv six columns is $1, a year, postage paid, For club'' of um seui $10 we wall senH'sVxV ('TV Jj'ce, "Aildress f. KnoiAnd, Tublish'T 'if Sits, New York City iHlNElTiSi FORBES second advent, when he will il liver up Ins king. lorn to Go, Thereforo it will ho GodV per fee' eil, etornal, iiiimot-tHi kingdom, and "ho (God,) t-lmll roign forever, and of God's kingdom there shall ho no end Duo. 7:27 and Luke 1 33 lo.

Wo believe thai regoneru lion is in, and comprisc'S this age wo are now in. It is to reproduce, to he reu in heart it is being changed from a natural to a spiritual tta'c. "Verily I say unto yon, that ye which have fol lowed me, in tho regenenition when tho Son of mini tdiall sit in 'he tlinmu of his tlory, ye shall also sir upon twelve thrones pidg ing the twelve tri'ics of Israel." Matt 11) 28. This language was spoken in tho Jewish age, -before Jesus whb crowned with glory. Heb.

2:9 or been made king ot'gh ry. Regeneration; act of forming into a new and better state," i. while the work is go ing on are loborera together with God. 1 Cor. 3:9.

The "regeneration'Niis" whilv ureii are being converted in this dlspensa lion. The had no reference to tho world to come, whatever, he did not say 0 (tor tho world has been regenerated, but in, tho ro-genera'ion Christ rose from tin-dead, and entered" into his gloiv. It is true the ao'istie? received thi- DAIRT fiUlHD TABLE USE- cent 9 cents uor rtozen. AJ W. bURR'U3 GLASCO -KAN.

CHESHIRE CKfiUND SjS-B his house, and appearing at the dance thoy wort again ordered away, when a dispute- with the dd gentleman occurred, in which the boys scratched his face and threw the lady of the house against the aide of the room for interfering, and othorwiso creating quite a sensation, the boys were fined $25. and cost, tho wholo bill amounting to It is said these are the same parties that wore engaged in the West Asher row 60ine weeks ago. Such lawlessness ought to bo punished severely. Dreadful. One of the best short descriptions of the Michigan firo comes in a letter from a little girl to a Now Haven lady who had sent her a winter coat.

yaunjf corrospoudont writoe: "The fire was terrible. It got dark at noon, and so hot that the window panes were as hot as lamp chimneys, and tho wind was' so strong that it blew the biiildiiiy over forty acres. The lire sparks flow as big as fists, and so thicker tlian enowljflakes. It wan. hard to eavothe lives.

There were two of out neighbors who got burned to a crisp on the road as tbe.v were escaping. Tho fire overtook them, each mother with five child ren, and the father, was left. There was one family with six niiildran and their parents all in Tlils-tJiVLTIs Che Purest. Most Uniform THE CIWdMNATI WEEKLY TIMES tiaa for mora than forty yean malntalnefl Ita position a tbe leading paper of the West. It vnnlr.

oVvwa all nlhara In MnmlnMAm I iu ni-fitn. atlCl Iim 'tess Pan and other Impurities tliau any brand now offered in thla market It is the Best Salt in the World, and Dairymen, Farmers, and Consumer, will find it profitable to use it. FOR SALE BY wholesale Grocers, Butter and Cheese, and Salt Dealers in Chicago and Bt. Louis, U. II.

DlJDLET, CO. Distributing agents for the western staiC9 Chicago and St. Louis. J.M. Chapman, atrent for the U.

8., 01 Hudson Street, New York. Article of Fnith. 1. We bcliexo the Bible to be our only creed. rule, faith, and practice, arid '1y which we can prove all cardinal or doctrinal points, if neceasary.

2. Wo believe that christians character is too only test of chris tian fellowship. To exercise a living faith in tTie Son of God. And to walk worthy ol the vocation wheretinto we are called to re prove, council and admonish one another in the household of faith, 3. We believe it a duty to ol) serve the commandments of God, and tokop hia precepts and say iugs, livinsj in Btrict obedience to all the believing the goBoel to be the power of God unto salvation.

4. Wo believe that God a personal being, and busidcs him 1 T'lllllBU rtllinif witll liim ill hi ence, and In the esteem of 1W readers, because it Is Just the kind of paper the people want. 27i Weeklu Timet covers the whole ground k'ntfdtitn Luke 22 23 -3i, of a first rlaiH family Journal. It is larger and better thun any high-priced weekly of 2i 0.1 Sto James writing fered the public: its reading mutter covers "llio twelvo tnimB, and i 1 i tr rrentor scope. Is more entertaining and in fciructlve, and yet It costa BUT O.VE DOLIiAB A TEA'S.

llicni wliai to do. Jnmcs 1 1. 11 Wb hiili(vr in Inn r-t-npiKv, I -i- i Our aent8 everywhere gay It li the easiest lull ol I Jill', at, thai Jio was ClllOltU'd, rftporln the field to canvass for, and readera vi-i' iilu.l i of one year are so pleased that they are sure I 110 blirteroil, filed Hilt! wHS lutr to renew tholr snborlptlons. Eight page- liud. and roftH tlu t'-irrl Hjv cotunmsor one dollar a year, and tha ATARI c'uhei) by tiik AmeuicaN System laiiity most liberal terms to club anents.

Tim whole number of 0 Send for one before) BDeciraen corjies freo, Address weekly au did Pr'nr-lli-til Tl Pfltlr-fl TTrtllnil "ITrn. Ailrtrpaa Walnut Street, Cincinnati, O. Tlxuea, lives lost was thirty-one in our town, It got so dark that i-imnini'. and thev did ('mImi-i-Ii Institute. Drawer S92, Davsn part Iowa.

Aoksti! WANTuninr the best anfl fastest apel I112 Pictorial Booke and Bible. Prices re paced as per ct. National Pub. Chicago there is none else. Who created the heavens ard the earth and pronounced thu'tn very good, that THE DAILY TIMES-STAR) Eight pages, fortyight cohtmnt.

Only nix dollar year, 8a for six month, 1.50 for throe month, llaa the largest circulation of nny piw in Cincinnati. Is the best advertising medium and the beet paper for iu aud through his spirit we live, not know where to save their hvea Some had to tear their clothes from them to save their lives, for. they were burning on them, and some children wero suffocated in (heir mothers' arms. One girl's clothes caught fire on her and Bbe move and have our being. 5.

Wn believe that tli3 Lord PAT rentiers would know of the world's Will doings es promptly as the news can be im-(arted. AuUtoii limes-tiuur, tlucluuatl, O. int; tc tlie Scriplnruf, and livetli tor) verm i J2. We btl.evo Uiat vpns Cinist is Kin ir and Privet, Tlmi lo wan a lViust after the order m' Moleliizedec, ncccBeitril; lie wi.k both ol tbe-fa ut tiiiii-Tliereioro ii lie is a I'lic nr a Mediator lie is 'bo'li Lotd bihI Olirist." or Knur ai Triost. Zfcli.

6 12-13, Aw 2:30 The inspired Paul in speaking miysoiiin UoItuw 7: 15 17 hIso llehiew 1, Hud we be liovo it. 13. We believe in tho rmtir ri'Ctinn." Christ taught it, nrd apostlefV Tlin this mottles ihe question. ''All that 'are in tbe rT, Josii8 Christ' was a personal being. Was made in the likeness of man, and 6eing formed in lashiun as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even We contlnne to act as Solicitors for Patents, Caveats, Trade Marks, Copyrights, etc, for the United States, Canada, Cuba, England, France, Germany, etc.

We have hod llilrty-ll ve years' experience. Patents obtained through us are noticed In tho RCI-KNTtnc Amkkican. Thislnrno and splendid illustrated the lTopress of Science, very lntereailig, and has an enormous circulnlbn. Adiln-ss Ml'NN tt Fntent Srtlcl-tors. Pub's, of SeiKNTiFifl American, 87 rark How, New York, lla-id book about Patents free.

MMi MM: Unre enrr br nnlu-tr-l winch wll cause th broki-n mi-mbrcnci- to hva! a ul become ns bvf.irc tiio Hcci(lt-nt. No one need run h- fi-nrlul rlfk or htranirnlaiion wlirn a spoe-dv nu, I "lira hclmdat i trlflnj eostofSS. niH liKiitment va'n Irforniatloii sent receipt ol r-flct. bv II. JlKltKIL'K S.y, The 'ibove plaster wa dlfCoxcred number of yearrtago by an oldliidy rssldcnco of Ogdcn-nurg Keierauc mrnejhid iftttsiifd.

waa burned betpre eh could tear them oil'. She aint well yet. Next morning you could see cattle horses, hogs, sheep and human bodies all around lying burnt. This fire was a great deal wrso than the fiio in 171, but I do not remember that one." FOE SAIBT THIS OFFICE tho death of the cross. That Christ is head over all things to tho church, which is his antityp ical body.

0. Wo believe not in tho por nl ltprita aitn. IU UUbiy Uit A ffrs. holiday indttcemenia ready.writoorcill onBentre wanainsiou. j..

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