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Linn County Democrat from Mound City, Kansas • 5

Linn County Democrat from Mound City, Kansas • 5

Mound City, Kansas
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Held Stockholders' Meeting. LEWIS FINFROCK. The annual meeting of the stock holders of the Farmers' Meichants New Year's Greeting. Correspondence At the home of his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.

James Campbell, formerly well-known residents of this vicinity, at Lavaca, in Bank of Mound City was held at the bank Tuesday the 7th. The business transacted by the bank during the past Southern Texas, as the year 1912 year was examined and the notes and passed off the calendar, comrade Lew securities held by the bank were ap PLEASANT VALLEY NEWS. Prof. Fred I. Snider has purchased a farm north of Mound City.

Win. Lorn ax has been digging a well for Hick Baker. Wednesday evening and chatted and made merry for an hour or so eating popcorn and apples, and all bewailing the loss of such a worthy family from our town, as the Stahl's are among the first residents of the dace. Ail io Finlrock, for more than forty years a resident of Linn county and one of its most respected citzens, heard the mellow tone of the Grand Command proved. The bank was found to be in excellent condidion, and starts in with the new year stronger and better than ever before in its history.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rodert took New er's bugle call calling him "to the We take this occasion of extending to our friends and patrons our hearty thanks for the generous patronage extended ua during the past year.

The old year closes with this Bank stronger than ever before and the New Year begins under bright auspices. The beginning of the New Year is a good time to remember that while the best friend on earth may fail you a nice little bank account is always behind you. Start the New Year right by placing an account with us. Deposit with us each week a small per cent of your income and at the end of the year you will be surprised at the results and never miss the amount of your saviDg. We invite you at the beginning of this glad New Year to join our growing list of satisfied customers and make this Bank Your Bank.

FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK. The following Board of Dirctors was Year's dirner at Mr. and Mrs. Geo, colors" to join his comrades tented on elected H. A.

Strong, J. D. Bacon Prior's north of Prescott. It was H. W.

Underhill. O. A. Kentner, suiprise and about thirty were there the sun-kissed slopes and Mower strewn shores of the "Summer Thus, at the close of the day, Decem 0. Buckles, R.

W. Moody, E. B. Van Ness, E. N.

Uause and H. C. Reese for dinner, each bringing a well filled basket or box of good things. It was Mr. and Mrs.

Prior's twenty-eighth ber 81, 1912, Lewis Finfrock departed this life, aged eighty-four years, eight H. C. Keese was elected President, Gause, Cashier, and Ira T. Jones wedding anniversary. months and thirteen days.

Assistant Cashier. Mrs. A. Ott called on Mrs. J.

C. Mr. Finfrock was born in Pennsyl Kutledge New Year's Day. E. M.

Dickinson, who has held the position of cashier for the past several will be sadly missed, especially Mrs. Stahl, who was very popularin the church and choir, and also in the fraternal and other social gatherings. A committee was selected by those present to purchase a piece of silverware as a souvenir in appreciation of friends and neighbors wbo wished to be remembered by the family in their new home at Dering. E. A.

Snodgrass made a business trip to Mound City, Monday, and incidentally called on the Democrat force who gave him a few of their dandy calendars for distribution among the Democrat's friends here. Lost On December 26th, between Dexter's store and the depot, one girl's Ambrose Summer is baching on the Mrs. C. E. Dallas made a business trip to Parker Monday, returning Harry Summer farm.

years, and very efficiently, retires from the bank, having disposed of his stock Uncle Seth Rowley had his flags Tuesday to Mr. Gause, out on New Year's Day. John Ellington went to Kansas City Mr. John Harry llarrin is hauling Monday with a load of stock. We As an evidence of the substantial character and good management of the bank in the past we will say that sawdust to put away ice as soon as it hope he hit a good market.

gets thick enough. Ice comes in very in addition to paying very good div handy along about July. For Abstracts of Title or Insurance, vania April 18, 1828. He there secured to himself such educational advantages as the surroundings atforded, taking a post graduate course after his arrival at manhood's estate in the greatest known educational institution, "the knock-about-school of the world," and became expertly proficient in his chosen mechanical calling. At Dayton, Ohio, in the year 1853, he was united in marriage with Miss Martha Ann Brandon, to which union were born nine children, being W.

O. Finfrock, residing at Waverly, L. F. Finfrock, residing at Cherry-vale, Kansas, Robert Finfrock, of Taylor Springs, 111,, Mrs. Lillie Downey, Several took part in the wolf hunt, and prompt competent service, see idends to the holders of its stock it has accumulated a cash surplus of meeting at the lliggins corners.

No cloak and one white crocheted shawl. Thorne McDill, the Bonded Ab stracters, 110,000 and that the stock disposed of Please leave at Dexter's store. I OF LOCAL INTEREST For Sale Good folding bed. Enquire at Mrs. Trego's residence.

Don't forget the Saturday afternoon Matinee at the picture show at 2:30. A. E. Snodgrass and Dr. McNett, of Centerville, were down here Monday.

The Priscilla club had a pleasant meeting Wednesday with Mrs. C. C. Holmes. Dr.

Mills reports the birth of a girl baby to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scott Saturday morning. Those who can't go to the picture wolves were caught. The weather has been too open for them so far.

There W. J. West and a number of his will be anoiher one soon. brought $100 per share above par. Found Fur Collar.

A lady's fur collar was left at Kin Farmers' Institute Program. The following is the program that neighbors of the Linton neighborhood were ifr town Thursday, presenting a Mrs. Helen Burton was a caller at has been prepared for the Paris Town Mrs. Win. Judy's Thursday afternoon caid's store last week.

Owner can get ship Farmers' Institute to be held at bridge proposition to the county com missioners. Raising Swine is the subject at the it by paying for this notice. 27-tf Mt. Carmel school house Monday, Improvement Club next Friday night. Farewell Reception.

Don't forget that we can make the January 13:. The boys and girls also promise some also of Taylor Springs, Mrs. Saman- loan for you on as good or better terms Mrs. Charles Keys visited friends in good singing. tha Palmer, of Minneapolis, 9:30 the city several days this week, before Mrs.

Alice Palmer, of St. Cloud, Dock ualloway is building a new than you can obtain elsewhere. Thorne McDIll, Abstracters. 10:20 barn on his farm. There are many Mrs.

Anna Mackey, of Jaurez, leaving for her new home near Leroy, where Mr. Keys had preceded her with Old Mexico, Mrs. Emma Carden, of MORNING SESSION. Placing Exhibits. The Alfalfa Crop, Its Uses and Care Burt Stuart My Experience in Using Dynamite, and Its Eli Babb Soil Moisture and Its Conser 10:40 their household goods.

Tuesday the Moffatt, and Mrs. Ella Camp members of the Congregational Aid new roofs to be seen in the Valley. Minter Fee meter was a caller at E. C. Rodert's Thursday, Bate Hopkins entertained Wm.

Lo-max at dinner New Year's Day. bell, of Lavaca, Texas, with whom for Remember that I am equipped to give you the most up-to-date and substantial crown and bridge work. Out of town Mondays and Tuesdays. Phone 97 for dates. DOUGLAS, the Dentist.

society and a few other friends gather 11:00 the past four years Mr. Finfrock had made his home. All of this scattered family, with the exception of the sis ed at the pleasant and hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. O.

E. Haley and spent vation P. E. Crabtree Kansas State Agricultural College delightful afternoon visiting with ter at Jaurez, Mexico, through the 11:45 Business Meeting. this most estimable lady.

Mrs. Mar $100 Per Plate was paid at a banquet to Henry Clay, in New Orleans in 1812. Mighty cost vigorous operation of the wires, was gie Dewey, with a few well-chosen brought together at this place and 1:15 were present at the depot upon the ar ly for those with stomach trouble or indigestion. To day people every words, presented Mrs. Keys with a beautiful gold brooch, a gift from the rival of the remaiiiB of their beloved 1:45 Society; also a scarf pin for Mr.

father from the west, on Saturday of Keys, and sbme rare flowers from Mrs. last week. AFTERNOON SE88I0N Demonstration in judging cattle Leaks in the Farm Oscar Holland Silage and the Silo Mr. Crabtree Devices for lightening Labor Lillian Potter How to Keep Roys on the Farm A male quartette will give a musical entertainment interspersed with readings and instrumental music at the M. E.

Church Jan. 20, 1913. Look for program in next issue. Epworth League. We learn through B.

E. Bradley that A. L. Corwin, an old Bettler ol the Boicourt neighborhood, was found dead Wednesday afternoon in the road near his home. He lived near S.

D. Moore's place. -No further particulars are obtainable at this time. 2:05 Mollie Watson. The hostess, assisted Mr.

and Mrs. Finfrock came to Kansas in 1857, and to this county a 2:50 short time afterward, where his sons by a committee, served substantial refreshments in her usual happy manner. Goodbyes were finally said and best wishes extended to these good and daughters came to gladden their home on the farm a mile or more west 3:10 people who are moving away and who of Wesley Chapel and where in 1889 are held in high regard by all who came to him the greatest sorrow of his where use Dr. King's New Life Pills for these troubles as liver, kidney and bowel disorders. Easy, safe, sure.

Only 85 cts at all druggists. Adv. ROCK HILL NEWS. Our good natured weather man must have iad a row in his family the way everybody is hunting the stove. We had a literary at the school house last Friday night and will have another one the 17th.

Everybody invited. Gordon Rowley was looking kind of sad the other day and upon inquiry it was learned that his wife had gone visiting at Mound City for a couple of life in the death of his faithful wife, Mrs. Stearns A. J. 0.

Lows, Pres. Clint Peterson, Sec. J. H. Neff Died Suddenly.

Word was received here Thurs know them and the reception will long be remembered by all who were there. since which time his home has been with his children, where he had ever found a dutiful welcome. Please Settle Up. All persons knowing themselves in Lewis Finfrock was a patriotic and loyal citizen, and as such, when his debted to the Mound City Telephone are requested to call and settle their accounts at once. day that Mr.

J. II. Neff, who resided a few mileB northeast of La-Cygne, Kansas, had died suddenly. He was in La Cygne late Wednes country called, he became a private in the Second Kansas Battery, enlisting Don't forget that when you subscribe for the Democrat and the Twice-a-Week St. Louis Republic that the Republic will reach all rural patrons Tuesdays and Saturdays.

No farmer needs any better market reports. All three papers one year $1.40 The original John A. Waymire who used to reside in the WallStreetneigh borhood, but now of El Paso, 111., is here visiting relatives and old acquaintances. Jjohn says he is doing well and thinks Illinois is the garden spot of God's green earth, but he still has a warm spot in his heart for days. at Moneka, this county, August 23rd, 1862, and honored the uniform he wore by faithful service until dis Roy Shannon, Collector.

Reunion of Brothers. Dick and Willis Burge are enjoying day afternoon and was complaining of a pain in his head but went show at night should go baturday afternoon at 2:30. 29-tf For Sale One large red cow six years old; will be fresh about January 24. Phone 1162. Sam Heller.

Miss May Stevenson returned Tuesday from a week's visit in Blue Mound with her sister, Mrs. McGee. Mrs. Nellie Debelm and son, of Marshall, are visiting her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs.

Saml. Hel-lard this week. Good residence property for sale Owner will give reasonable terms or take part payment in live stock. Thorne McDill, Miss Vernie Garrett, of Oskaloosa, a niece of A. J.

Garrett, returned home Monday last, after a visit since Christmas with the Garrett family. Mrs. Winslow Porter, of Kansas City, arrived Monday for a week's visit with her grandmother, Mrs. W. D.

Corn, in the Dallas home. S. N. Hodgson of Scott township "had business with the County Commissioners Tuesday. He reports all quiet at the present time in Scott.

Ted Paddock, who lives just north of town, is building a nice commodious residence on his 30 acres, which when completed, will make them a nice suburban home. Miss Eva Stanley, who nas been visiting her sister, Mrs. Mel Adams, near Kincaid, came over Tuesday to visit with her siBter, Mrs. Samuel Hellard, and niece, Mrs. Nellie Deselm.

A good rabbit snow fell Monday night in and about this town. It was preceded by two days of cloudy and near zero weather, a decided change from the kind we have had up to that time. D. Underhill and daughter, Miss Josie, returned Tuesday from their visit in Goodrich and Paola. Miss Josie has been afflicted with rheumatism since returning and has been unable to resume her place in the George Mentzer, who at one time worked on the local newspapers here, and his father, Ben Mentzer, who used to teach school around the districts in Linn county, now reside up in Mich Ben Lomax was a Mound City visit charged, August 11th, 1865.

1 or Saturday. lome, arriving after dark. While Mr, Campbell and wife left Lavaca, Guy Rowley is digging for water eating supper he was attacked more a visit from their brothers, Otis of the state of Ohio, and Silas of Ft. Scott. This is Otis's first visit to Kansas in and from the noise he is making he severely and died in his chair, He Texas, on the morning of January 2d, with the remains of this beloved father for the long tide to this city, where, must be up against a hard proposi 37yesrs.

Last week they all took a was the father of Mrs. J. W. Hag- tion. rive, going from here to Pleasanton laggard of this place, who with Miss Kate Cosens has started to and Trading Post, they took dinner at as slated, they arrived Saturday morning, following which the children ac her husband and two children left Prescott to school.

La Cygne. Then via Cadmus to Parker, where they stopped overnight, companied by a few friends took the or her father's late home'Thursday Several from College Corner were remnant of this once patriotic, honor coming home the next day. These old boys enjoyed this trip very much. ed uselul parent, good at Rock Hill Friday night. Come again.

morfiing. Mr. Neff was the Demo cratic candidate for County Treasurer at the late election and was a neighbor and honest man to the cem Jess Mayhugh has been doing some etery at Wesley Chapel and gave it Sunday School Teachers Elected. At a meeting of the Sunday School plowing on the Lewis farm lately. man whom everybody respected.

We hope to have a complete sketch There was a wolf hunt out this way board on Monday evening at the Meth tender sepulture by the side of the mother of his children, who had long waited his coming to join her in the felicities of that higher condition Friday. It must have been a kind of odist church the following teachers of his life and death in our next is sue. were elected to serve for the year 1913: failure, so they are going to have another one in about two weeks. 'just across the river." His comrades Mrs. McSwan, Infant class; Mrs.

V. Mundell; re-elected, Bertha Stevenson, of the war and pioneer period in the WHY IT SUCCEEDS Scott Daylong, of the Critzer neighborhood was in to see us Saturday, Scott is one of the self-made men. Five or six years ago he lost his wife, leaving him with four small children, the oldest not more than 12 years old. Did Scott break up his family? No, not on your life. He kept them together and today his youngest child, a girl, is about or 9 years old and is a fairly good housekeeper.

There are few men who could do what Scott Daylong has done. Mayor Clarence Allen and W. B. Cline, were down Monday to file an application with the County Commissioners for permission to annex to the city of La Cygne a strip of land adjoining it on the north. The land has several city dwellings on it and it seems that it should of been a part of La Cygne long ago.

Mayor Allen, Orpha Stephenson, Lillian Potter, CKNTEltVILLE AND VICINITY. The first snow of the winter fell here settlement of this county, will take one more step to the right, closing the gap in the lessening line, just wait- Prof. E. B. Barnes, Dr.

F. A. Mills, Became It's for On Thin Only and Moiad January 6th and 7th, Mrs. O. 8.

Chester, W. H. Schooley, Mrs. F. A.

Mills. ng their call to join the majority Mrs. Ellison Scott was down from City People Appreciate Tki. Nothing can be good for everything. Doing one thing well brings sue where "the home not made with near Cadmus and spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents.

hands" awaits their occupancy. Strawberry Plants. Any one wishing plants for spring cess. The numerous children of the de Miss Beulah McGee came in Satur Doan's Kidney Pills are for one setting see J. C.

Tarrence. Plants thing only. day, from Nevada, where Bhe is employed, and spent Sunday with For weak or disordered kidneys. Here is Mound City evidence to handled this year will be bought of the well known Kellogg Plant Man, Three Rivers, Mich. The best propagated plants in the United States to- parted were rendered every service due them and received the full meed of sympathy of their large circle of acquaintance here in town and country, and after a brief stay, separated and departed for their distant and widely home folks, returning Monday.

prove their worth: with commendable pride in his town, Dr. McNett has rented his cottage property to Verne Hostutler, and the G. W. Barnes, farmer, Monnd City, y. J.

C. Tarrence, Dontor and fflmil will rHirn says: "I have tested Dean's 29-2t Mound Citv. Kan. aottered homes. says La Cygne is a better and more prosperous town than ever bpfnrfl in its history.

Waterworks and electric lights are mostly responsible for it. the 15th to Chicago, to reside. Edwin E. Smith. Increased Its Membership.

The City Improvement Club, which Farm Loans. are in position to make farm The Hyson young folks, who live with their parents on the Warren place, entertained a number of youngsters with an old fashioned play-party at its organization was limited in its Kidney Pills to my entire satisfaction and know that they are a good kidney remedy. I had little control over the kidney secretions and my back was lame and painful. Doan's Kidney Pills strengthened my kidneys and removed the other symptoms of Irving Clark has associated himself We membership to twelve, decided to in loans, at lowest rates, and best terms, Saturday evening. Ice cream and crease the number to twenty-five, and at its meeting Thursday of last week with C.

C. Willingham in the panta-torium business and will be found ready to clean and press pants and other wearing apparel in the rear Halet-MoMullen 28-tf Mound City, Ks. cake were served. J. B.

Stahl's shipped their house my trouble, proving of greater bene Moving to Leroy. hold goods to Dering, Saturday, the fit than any other kidney medicine I had ever taken." igan. George's wife recently died leaving him with three small children. William K. Orr, son of Mr.

and Mrs. T. B. Orr, of Route 2, visited his parents last week. He is a contracting engineer for a bridge company and is located at Pocatello, Idaho.

He says the country up there is developing so fast that he is kept busy in supplying bridges. Rev. E. N. Gause came up from Ca-ney Tuesday to attend the stockholders' meeting of the Farmers Merchants He informs us that unless he can secure a dwelling here to Buit himself and Mrs.

Gause he will buy lots and build one. We rather hope he may decide to build. As soon as arrangements can be made for a place to live he will bring his family here. We want to assure them that a C. E.

Keys and family, of Route 1, family leaving the following Wednes day. For sale by all dealers. Price 60 packed up their honsehold goods and room of Glenn's barber shop. Jack Haggard a whirl" at the business last week by buying Willingham out, but Tuesday morning sold it to Willingham Clark, and took a trip to Blue Mound to see about locating in the business there. Jack is a good at the home of Mrs.

C. Garrison twenty members, and ladies who had responded to an invitation to become members, were present. Election of officers for the ensuing six months resulted in Mrs. B. C.

Garrison being elected president, Mrs. D. C. Potter vice president, Mrs. Lillie Hellard secretary, and Mrs.

C. W. Kingsbury treasurer. loaded them and their livestock and cents. Foster-Milburn Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the States.

Geo. Stevens and family left on the night train Saturday for their home implements on the cars and moved to Leroy, where they have bought a 40' in Oklahoma. Remember the name Doan's and acre farm adjoining the townsite and take no other, Adv, boy. full of business ability, and we The young people welcomed the change in the weather and are busy will engage in dairying and poultry commend him to the people up there raising. Mr.

Keys went out with the with sleds and skates. Whale Whips Five Crews. The largest whale ever captured In stuff Monday morning, but Mrs. Keys The Sunflower club had an interest that vicinity was caught In Fred Pe The club decided to hold a series of teas as a means of raising funds, the first of which will be held next Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Mrs.

D. Warren came up from Pittsburg Saturday, for a visit in this remained here until Wednesday, the ing meeting last Friday with Mrs. guest of Mrs. O. E.

Haley. The Keys Hellard. Mrs. Rogers read an excellent paper on "Noted Writers of the family have made many friends in and hearty welcome awaits their return to vicinity. Rev.

Ferguson closed a very sue C. W. Kingsbury. It is desired that rez' fish nets, near Santa Crua. Flv launches tried to tow the monster to the pier without success.

Nets and ropes broke and the task was abandoned. The whale was fifty feet long. all ladies who possibly can will attend cessful series of meetings, which had about Mound City during their residence here who sincerely regret to see them leave, but commend them to the good old Mound City." J. D. Detty handed us an honorable discharge of his son James from the these teas and help the club in its Early New England States." Mrs.

Reese read a good paper on "Early New England Times." Mrs. Madden read a fine paper on "Constitution of the United States." Excellent mu most excellent work. Lived 86 Year In One Housi. been in progress over six weeks, Monday night. There were 66 conversions and 32 accessions to the M.

P. church, W. S. Campbell shipped out a load good people of Leroy as desirable citi zens of their community. Painful Dlsoovsry.

"WeD," said the dentist as lth 161st Co. of Coast Artilery, now lo cated at Fort Barry, which is steel Instrument he tapped Mr. Ack-la's tooth. 1 told yon when I put maraed at the close "Character Excel Dissolution of Partnership. of mixed stock Wednesday night.

lent." He at once re-enliated tor a sic was furnished on the mandolin and violin by Misses Jessie Corbin and Maude McNees. The next meeting will be held January 17th with Orville Thorn, of Blue Mound, was that crown on that It might give yen trouble. I never guarantee a crown I desire to announce that I have term of three years. Jim is a gradu in town last week interesting the farm purchased the interest of C. O.

Sutton ed tooth." "Oh, I know. 1 wish I'd ated cook, having received a "sheep- era around here in the fine Percheron Mrs. WiUUms, widow of the Rev. Samuel Williams, pastor of the Congregational church In the village of Crlpplestyle for forty years, has died In the house in which she was born and had lived all of her eighty-six rears. During this long period the had not slept away from the house more than about tlx timea.

London pally MaU. i Mrs. Bacon. in the Centerville Real Estate A Loan kin" to that effect from the Govern stock owned by Mr. Bayless, of that had the blame thing pulled I moaned Mr.

Ackini sadly. Tve found out to my sorrow that uneasy rests the tooth that wears a crown!" and the title of the firm will be R. W. Dexter to whom all com Lumber (or Sale. ment Training school for Bakers and Cooks at the Presidio, San Francisco.

place. A crowd of friends of Mrs, J. B. We have all kinds of native lumber for sal. Dikgcs Bros, 22-tl munications should hereafter be ad dressed.

W. Dextek. J. D. is justly proud of his son's rec' Old and he hat a good right to be.

Btahl met at her home alter church''--a-.

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