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Moundridge Journal from Moundridge, Kansas • 8

Moundridge Journal from Moundridge, Kansas • 8

Moundridge, Kansas
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THE SILO BEEF MAKES BIG PROFITS GARDEN ITEMS The farmers will be getting their spring work off in a rush as soon as Messers Skinner and King of the ndiana Agricultural Experiment the soil will permit. Station give the result of a steer Miss Tina Cole called last week on Mrs. G. 0. Harman who has been eeding test where the value of corn suffering with a severe back ache silage, as fattening ration was tested.

The following conclusions are the past week. SPRING FOOTWEAR Our new line of Spring oxfords and shoes is now on display and we invite you to come and see them. This is the largest and best stock of Spring foot wear in the city and you are sure to find just what you want. taken from Bulletin No. 116 read P.

S. Vogt was a business visitor them. in Halstead Tuesday. 1 The addition of corn silage Dan Lehman was the guest of Dr once daily to a ration of shelled Allen Monday. Mrs.

Lydia Schlender is enjoying 89 MAKE HER WORK EASY A wise man will not endure drudgery if labor saving methods are avaliable nor should such injustice be placed Upon the lady of the home. Ruy her a kitchen cabinet It will make her work lighter We have on display some of the latest make cabinets. Call and look them over. You will be con vinced of their value. H.

L. DURST a visit with her brother Geo. Kit-tell and family at Canon City, Colo. corn, cotton seed meal, and clover hay, reduced the cost $1.83 for each hundred pounds of gain and increased the total profit $8.85 per steer. The Grim Reaper of death has been in our midst again and cast a we do up-to-date Our machine repair 2 The addition of corn silage gloom over the home of Mr.

and Remember! shoe, repairing, ing lias no equal twice daily to a ration of shelled Mrs. Ohas. Warner, by plucking that ittle flower that had budded on earth to bloom in heaven. A brief corn, cotton seed meal, and clover hay. reduced the cost $3.17 for each hundred pounds of gain and increased total profits $11.19 per steer ut very impressive funeral servi ce was held at the home last Wed 3 The substitution of corn silage nesday, conducted by Rev.

Spencer Jtaury's Quality Shoe Store for clover hay in a ration of shelled ofllesston. Interment was made corn, cotton seed meal and clover at the Moundridge cemetery. We 11 1 ill Furnit ire and Undertaking extend a hand of sympathy to them II Residence Phone 44 Store 244 IB HI i I hay reduced the cost $4.35 for each hundred pounds of gain and in-creaed the profits $17.95 per steer in their bereavement. Mr. and Mrs.

H. G. Ruth left for 4 The more nearly corn silage Excelsior Spring, Tuesday 00000000000000000000000000 hoping that it will prove beneficial replaces the clover hay in ration the cheaper was the gain and the oooooooooooooooooooooooooo to him for rheumatism. greater the profit. Rev.

Hirschler preached several 5 Corn silage produces a very splendid sermons at Garden last rapid finish on cattle. week, and also two sermons Sun- 6 The silage used in this trial ay. He is here preaching on pro 9 ft I 8 8 biition. contained an unusually high per cent, of dry matter and was, judging The Reusser Bros, and family from previous experience, more ef ire visiting relatives here before for their new homeinCana- ft ficient for fattening cattle than silage containing a higher per cent, of P. W.

Suenram and Chas. War moisture 7 A ration of shelled corn, cot ner shipped three car loads of cattle SPRING You will sure need a new suit for Spring and that season is now almost here. For years we have been satisfying customers with our made to order suits. You will find them always as represented correct in fit quality and in appearance. ft 4 J3 fuesday to Kansas City.

ton seed meal, oat straw, and corn silage, twice daily, proved to be as efficient for fattening cattle as a Mr. and Mrs. John Dirks and Miss Frieda called at G. R. Harmans 8 Si if C2 Sunday afternoon.

ration of shelled corn, cotton seed meal, clover hay and corn silaMe C. C. Vogt believes in making agriculturists of his boys as he (twice daily) The Moundridge Plumbing bought 120 a. of the Hoffman farm V) Sheet Metal Co. are agents for the Mrs.

Annie Lichli Krehbiel and Now is the lime to feed Stock Tonic. Get your horses in shape for Spring work. Hess Panacea will keep your chickens in good condition and will positively increase the yield of eggs. It pays to feed Panacea. Ask your neighbor who uses it.

Hess Stock Foods and Panacea are sold on Saginaw Silo, the best on the mar sons are visiting relatives in Garden ket, and they will be glad to furnish before leaving for their home in silo information and literature to 8 8 Calif. any aesiring to receive me same. Henry Ortmans was a business Adv. visitor at the county seat Saturday. D.

M. Vogt.s little girl had the BEST KNOWN OUGHREMEDY misfortune of getting her arm in S3 We will bz pleased to take your measure any day for a new suit. G0ERING-KREHB1EL MERC. CO. For forty-three years Dr.

King's New the wringer Monday while washing ilillii Discovery has been known throughtout Although it is nothing serious it is the world as the most reliable cough remedy, Over three million bottles were very painful. used last year. Isn't this proof? It will a guarantee of satisfaction. Buy a sufficient quantity to feed your stock during the Spring months and if you are not satisfied with results your money will be cheerfully refunded. Account the Messiah rertival to 0 000000000000000000000 0000 00 00000000 0000000000000000 get rid of your cough, or we will refund your money.

J. Owens, of Allendale, be tiiven by Bethanv college at S. C. writes the way hundreds of others Linusnorg, ivinrcn lbtn. to Zlird.

m- have done: After twenty years, I find 'r sive 1913, special train will be that Dr. King's New Discovery is the best operated from Eldorado to McPher- FEATURES THAT MAKE THE WOODMANSE WINDMILLSUP- son and return on March 21st. leav r' 11. a rr remedy for coughs and colds that I have ever used" For coughs and colds and all throat and lung troubles, it has no equal. 50c and at C.

V. Wedels. adv. ins iviountiringe at izvi p. This train is to connect at McPher C.

C. lJecie TIJoundridgc, PUBLIC SALE ERIOR TO ALL. Automatic Self-Oiling Piston. sou with special train which the Union Pacific Railroad will operate on that date from McPherson to Liudsborg and return. Leaving nsas I will sell at public sale 4 miles east and 2h miles north of Moundridge on Tuesday March 25, at 10 o'clock 32 head of live stock.

15 Lindsborg at 10:12 p. m. arriving on Shafts Moundridge 11:15. adv King Oilers KiiKfrnmrnmrmiMmmamm MESSIAH FESTIVAL March 10-23 Wick Oilers on Pitman and Bed Plate head of horses; 13 head of cattle and 7 head of hogs; farm implements; household goods and 1000 bu. of corn, oats and rye Adolph Alber.

adv. and i Automatic BEST FOR SKIN DISEASES Nearly every skin isease yields quickly and permanently to Bucklin Arnica Salve and nothing is better for burns or bruises. Soothes and heals John Deye of Galdwin, says, after suffering twelve years with skin ailment and spending $4iH) in doctor bills, Bucklin's Arnica Salve cured him. It will help you Only 25c. Recommended by C.

C. Wedel Co. adv. Dr. J.

S. KAGLE. V. S. Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist of more than twenty years experience I am here to stay and ask a share of your business.

Am fully prepared to do all kinds of veteri nary and dental surgery. Satisfaction guaranteed I also have one of the best bred Wilkes stallions in the state, fully registered and will bear the closest inspection. Can be seen at barn during season of 1913 Dr. J. S.

KAGLE Office over The Journal. Moundridge, Kansas The only objection to back geared windmill entirely obliterated All Our Windmill Bearings are Fitted Like This WITH ANY CARE WHATEVER Si DO I THEY ARE EVERLASTING LADIES ATTENTION All our mills are shipped with Fittings to go on 3 or 4 Post Steel Tower or 4 Post Wood Tower. We use lock washers on bolts under nuts, which absolutely prevents nuts from coming loose. Popular Concert Bethany Band, together with Mr. Gustaf Holmquist of Chicago, is recognized as one of the bast bassos of the country, and Mr.

Forrest Schulz, Violinist head of the Bethany Violin Department' will give a miscellaneous concert at 3 p. m. Messiah Concert at 8 p. chorus of 525 voices, accompanied by Bethany Symphony Orchestra. Soloists: Ethel Cullison, Bethany, soprano; Barbara Wait, Ghicago, contralto; Edward Strong, tenor; Gustaf Holmquist, bass.

Excursion leaves Moundridge at 12:07. Special train returning leaves Lindsborg after close of evening concert. For free 36 page booklet containing program special train service, price of tickets, etc. write BETHANY COLLEGE Lindsborg, Kansas Thick, three stem switches woven for $1.00 trom your own combings, good work done. Mail orders promptly attended Mrs.

Diana Ab-er, Wichita, 605 Indiana Ave Moundridge Markets jOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000000000000 GOERING HARDWARE CO. Moundridge, Kansas. The following prices are paid by the dealers in Moundridge. Report corrected SEE US FOR 131 18-23 Glasses Fitted 10 10 10 every Thursday: Eggs Cash Butter Hens Springs Broilers Old Roosters Stags Turkeys Old Toms Cotton Tails Jacks Pigeons Butter fat New Wheat Corn Oats Hogs For Reliable Up-to-Date Hardware Any thing to fit the Season At Right Prices. The Little Hardware on the west side.

THE KAEGI HDW. CO. 14 12 04 I I am a graduate of the Needles School of Optometry and am prepared to fit your eyes with glasses, correctly and by best methods Mi i 60 30 78 40 20-30 It ARE YOU CONSTIPATED? If so, get a box of Dr. King's New Life Pills, take them regularly and your trouble wiil quickly disappear. They will stimulate the liver, improve your digestion and get rid of all the poisons from your system.

They will surely get you well again. 2oc at C. C. Wedel Co adv C. R.

KREHBIEL, North of Bank of Mdge. 8 O'l Cattle 2506 00.

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