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The Uniontown Herald from Uniontown, Kansas • 2

The Uniontown Herald from Uniontown, Kansas • 2

Uniontown, Kansas
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minous and $2.25 for antliracitc. Tlmjacre of hind in the outskirts ofthe town Mr. J. M. CflllAWft ffntt -mM an average price of 7c per bushel, vet for four hii ndrecl dol lars.

-1 1 epler Leader. Local Kotes -one oi the visitors at the IIkrald of3c GEORGE RICHARDSON, A tt orq ey at lliv REAL ESTATE. AND 'V COLLECTION' A GENT. UXIONTOWN, BOURBON COUNTY. Uniontown lies about half a mile north of the Marmaton river, in Marion township, Bourbon county, and fifteen miles west of Fort Scott on the Wichita railroad.

No town in the state is so the people have to pay more than doable that price for a very poor quality of coal. Oornmandcr Davis has deemed it ad We think the "Leader," has been misinformed as' to the value put. npoii the acre of land, as appraisers valued Harvey Burns' land, just on the northern line of tins week. He called yesterdayr When you want fi ne Sugar go to Stalkeh'b. Mr.

"fleO. IiicnardsrT fitfriTTi'-nr-low LadiesMIose, from 10c, to $1.50, at visable to take -precautions at Charlwtte- the eitj at $45 per acre. Harvey land was "needed for the X. T. I.

M.Tnow the located, nor one aronnd Vhich visited Fort Scott Tuesday andreturned to town following day. mguuargm Mr. C. K. M'Cutchen, oar lato station agent, left here for Fort Scott Friday.

We wish him success in his new position. Before bnvinir a warron. cpp ihr Stnv. mere is sucq cliarmin InnHno property of the Atchison, Topeka Santa town similar to those ordered at Halifax by Admiral Commerell. Holmes and Braekett have succeeded, with their little revolvers and bits of dynamite, in frightening two brave British vice-admirals.

JfcSSr B. Noble 'and fJ TTniontown. wore in the oitv mtil! Fe company). There is a wide difference in position and price $45. in Burns' addition, and $400 "in the In the past two years Walnut has increased took occasion to call on the 44 Monitor." ST Prompt attention to Collections -fca Howard floutfe, S.

HOWAED, PROPRIETOR. Fort Scott Monitor. Thomas Brennan and John Dillon.two baker and Mitchell at Stalker's. Mrs. Huston left Saturday Denver, Col.

and will not return before Spring next. wonderfully in population. Such a state of the leaders of- the Irish home-rule They must be selling lots of goods at EVES -JrUAX'u. as we se them receiv ment as the above, we fear, would tend movement, are in Chicago. Brennitn baa i ing new stock daily; and they are eon- sessing a more fertile soil.

No bottom lands can surpass those along the banks of the Marmaton and in no part of this or any other state can he found richer prairie soil. Fuel is cheap ami abundant, ard plenty of, hardwood, sawed to order in required dimensions, can be had, and cheap too, as we have a saw-mill quite convenient to town. Almost every quai-tef section has its orchard, and we are thus blessed with an abundance of fruit. Taking the improvements ami railroad facilities into account, farms can he purchased here, we thin, at lower fijrurcs come to deliver a series of lectures in the lto ehevk its growth. principal cities in this country, and 'V.

i Manf iy compijnni n. ol being our-when OOOPS ARE CAIXED TOR. The highest cash price, far Corn by KVES Jl UA.V. If you want an honest and sheriff, vote for Sheriff Love. Fort Scott" A New, Commodious, and Well-ventilated House.

Hon contemplates becomings pcrnuncntL. i i a 1 fDenioernt of Saturday last, on Inter- residetlt in some of the ITnited States, I The Fort Scott Mo uiior" Msvfl ihn 1 national Upunons, we cnll the following South-eastern Kansas Teachers Associa Thelrish Xationalistahaving intimated p'thy sentences tion Will meet at Pnrt Rntt' ootl Accommodations; 29 and 30 and December 1. drtd of flk wlint tlistiii-gtiUluni for-ii-M think of the United t.i'Un and it- iMtii'. mul it nuiv Le iil tlmt it i mm-iinr a The South Kansas Medical Society will hold its next meeting in Wichita, on Tues-day, November 6th. -Terms reasonable.

Those who buv harness or anvthinw in HioMoiMrti. It dw iiot n-quirv m-HfyJii- (than in any other part of the Union. In addition, there is plcntv an their intention to hold a meeting near Belleek, Fcrmnnagh (an -Orange stronghold), the Orangemen have issued a manifesto calling upon their order to assemble in thousands, and the Nationalists to beware of their jnst angerl The official returns from Ohio show a iiuvi iii un mm, ill HIT- W'II(T llrlVf no HritKTay. do iiotfvcii forget th-itn twptible spnukl'ui4f -riiniiwl UoikI .,4 iMiMthi the We re in-l. to PKRsKcrfiox for tlse rt vf that sort of heritage we posni-M.

We air nware fliwt the a fi-elin in England mnks iu lpjIesfily pleU i tn. We. however, have the of knowing that -we Iwve ot toler- the harness-maker's line should get homer made goods at W. II. Flurer's.

Mr. M. J. Wilson went by rail to Fort -ott Tuesday and made the return trip next day. 3rr.

S. Fields and Dorchester'Watkins are both on the sick list this week, neither being dangerously ill their friends A full line of IJubber Goods at Julian's. Mr. D. T.

Ralston made us a call Tuesday and talked pleasantly for some time on current topics. Anyone needing a fine Shirt should call on llighbargin Co. -fob SjAi In Walnut. Crawford i ounty, Kar. HALF' A LOCK-1 13 Ft-t-t, On whiih a substantial dwelling a large barn nhf, a good C'wU-rn, with plenty of water.

Wilt bsold low fr.r Gmh ortwo-thircU Cash and balance in one and two year it 0 per cent. Apply to SCURRY, tbw oftW, or at Walnut. majority of 70,000 against the prol.ibitury ni.i.l ah Tf il.n amendment. If mmv wita. kind it Mood we de ij-hh n.ii 1111 i -A the.

Democrat get into ar a hxrr ol wlbd I. teniml miMmir than then in mt power noxi year, ll.ey Will abolish the kny other -ountrv; hut thentrollin rinfiueiHe Witt! it. rMK tll.V rtmtlkllis' Wf t'n-tr tax on. whisky and tobacco. Then every of ilsh in the Marmaton and its tributary crccHs and pure well and spring water almost everywhere.

We have four grocery and dry-goods two drug one exel usi vely hard vare, implement and furniture store, one harness shop, one shoemaker's shop, two blacksmiths' shops, a flouring mill, a saw-mill, a lumber yard, a. coal, yard, an excellent hotel, a post-oftio, two dressmaking and millinery warerooms, a first-class li very-stable a fine school-house and competent teachers, and a church in which various denominations hold their ser-? ices. in a few Uiv. tional iwmwrs, while tliev re lei tlsorou-rlu take toper can run his own still and get drank rstnge llum the- Knjriish. We nre whenever he may feel so disposed.

The Nevada a respectable six-column quarto, is now" before us, and we are glad to receive; it as one of our exchanges. Try some of hat nice smoked Meat at -Stalker's. Eugene O'Xeil, a detective in the late Phcenix Park murder case, last week Mr. I. D.

Marks, of the Piqua station' and formerly agent of the Wichita road' at TTniontown has returned to this place as successor to Mr. C. K. M'Cutchen, pro-' moted to a position in the chief office of the company at Fort Scott Those who' like fancy chickens should CARPENTER, BUI DEB, 0 TRACT Undertakes all kinds of work in his line, and guarantees satisfaction. His terms will be found moderate.

iiift-Ntii thnt our nietSwxls ot faruiiiig siv. fiienillv and thut we iitteinpt to cover nion ground lie done well, iii more way than one. in fhort we fully Ist.Itlln tite mirror up to our ff mid se whnt thev h.k lik-. Thi-m all the dvthitiitfhed foreinen have hcen enahlod to -hc hi u.4, xtid it i not that the chaiim slionid he conrtniitly run on it. Insular cuii-ut rvatwtii with refereme to uk-m not broken hv nv useann, hut it i and the interchange ot 'opinion prm.

in tinw to resit on a fair basis. We have an idea that we -an tell Eniishmeii morealiout them-iHlveg thau they tell ua alaut ourneived. made an attempt to commit suicide with a blunt razor, rather than be assassinated by he says, have so blasted The Cumberland Presbyterian Church, about six miles south-west of here, will be dedicated third Sabbath inTXnvember. Uniontown Kansas. his character that even the Salvation At my refuse.

to receive him. We take the liberty of advisin" resid- IieV enUemcn Missouri and other ents who have lots for sale to dispose of' eXP1 Vcn ui. po. oi interesting All ar invited. them at reasonable prices, ami thus help to encourage parties to settle here and pfne and look at our overcoats.

The The star-route postal service last year was only the preceding year gentleman in business who has never subscribed to nor advertised in the IIeiialp thinks that if we curtailed the THE HERALD: UJS'IONTOWX, 2, 1883. prices wu surprise you. Eves Jultax. increase the business of the town. Kvery famih that comes in adds so much more it was $7,321,409.

In addition to the bii amount of political matter in our paper, to the business of the irrocerv. the drv- E. O. Green, who. about two weeks reduction in cost, he mileage has been increased nearly two millions of miles.

see Mrs. Kunkles beautiful white bantams the. prettiest we have ever seen. Ifer residence i north side of tho railroad, a few yards east of tho station. Mr.G.

W. Oliver went to Toronto Tuesday and returned next day; but a dispatch having been received in his absence requiring his presence at Fort Scott, Mrs. Oliver met him at the depot and bjth proceeded to the 'county seat. They returned to Uniontown yesterday. Fdinid, a hunch of keys.

Owner can them by applying at this ofiiee.and describing them. Tt is said thatlhe Prwicetts of Wales is" incurahlv deaf. we could advertise his business without costing us anything! If he would only curtail his own and his family's food, he goods house, and all other business. Toiwas with the Walnut "Jour-appeal to non-residents, who warit two p'11 Tuesday. Area-- nriees nr ltc I VI VWIU 17V flll could afford to board us without costing him anything.

This generous "and un waste of words. selfish gentleman should know that the We want business men with capital to eome and locate here. Call at llighbargin for gent's cheap underwear. Mrs. Robbinsand daughter (Miss Allie) arrived home Friday, after a lengthened Large numbers of American trade dollars have found their way into Germany.

Lord Lome and Princess Louise left Quebec on Saturday, for England. It is- reported that German exports to the United States are rapidly decreasing. But the costs incurred in prosecuting the star-route thieves have diminished considerably the savings in the service. Great alarm is created in Ireland about a reported scheme on the part of the British government to make wholesale shipments of Irish people to-' Canada. Those people are not to he taken from the poor-houses, but ire to be selected from a class "only a degree or two better than paupers.

majority of readers of newspapers would prefer politics to almost anything else particularfv at this season, when men Wc want factories of various kinds: soiourn with Mends in th "K-it Fri minds are as much airitated hv nartv ns Scott Monitor. an ocean is during a violent storm. J. M. Davis, the Democratic nominee for Register of Deeds, has withdrawn.

Mr. Davis was one of the strongest men on the ticket, and many prominent Democrats believe that his withdrawal will weaken the ticket material 1 v. Bronsou Pilot. started here; and we have no doubt the merchants of Uniontown will a any enterprise that 'may be of advantage to the district. Land-buyers and home-seekers should come, and see for themselves that this part of Kansas is the best farminir dis DEMOCRATIC AND ANTI-PROHIB- Thf leaders of Berlin societj- intend to boycot French goods.

They will buy no luovU dresses in Paris. 1TIU. MINTING. When you want No. 1 Cheese, go to Stalker's.

J. P. Galbreath has sold his fine Twin Walnut" IGO-acre farm, one mile northeast from town, to Peter B. George, for the cash consideration of $5,000. Neosho County Journal.

Wednesday night there was a meet in" of the Democratic party in Highbaririn's Hall. There were also nresr nt nnml.i trict in the state; and in addition, that The Marquis of.Lansdowne, governor of Canada, will receive no addresses from exel usivelyiEnglish, Scotch, or Irislr par- lies. Only, public bodies will bo granted i Daniel ITnyship, a school teacher in the township cT Boherbee, Ireland, was found murdered on the 2Mh ult. No chit-to the assassins. 1: Col.

Huntington received Thursday two fine Poland-China pigs from Shepard Alex ander, Illinois. Kx press charges $10.45, which is more than the) would bring to sell for pork. Verily the express companies "go 'the whole bog." Fort Scott Monitor. isuch privilege; Neither Orangeman nor wc possess advantages that younger districts cannot boast of. Come along, then, all who are seeking locations, and we promise you will not fail to be satisfied.

Sec our Ulsters, Dolmans, and Cloaks, before purchasing elsewhere. Xo trouble to show them. Prices to correspond with the price'et corn. i Eves Julia.v. For makiii" now work rr-nafrtnir rs'n .41 it la diluted boots and shoes, Uiiiontow'n' shoemaker' has no superior.

i immense oen lor ine alholK USSr In order to induce those in other 0lui.cll wa received; last Friday. The 1. i .1 tt I fi.ciM...! cr i ul who chance Herald! festival held St. Francis boot and Of Republicans. The assemblagO numbered about one hund red." Mr.

Itobert More, J. occupied the chair. Mr. J. M.

Galloway, of Fort Scott, addressed" the meeting on the leading party issues, and entered minutely into the prohibition, railroad, and tariff questions. The prohibition law could not, he said, be enforced, and should be eliminated from the statute book. No law could, be fully enforced that was not in harmony witfi publie sentiment. Tlic railroad law, except that part, of it that red need the call. lie will be found at all The New York Son says the Democrats will make a mistake if they oppose Mr.

Jtandall as candidate for Speaker because of his being a prwouneed taritTer. ilichael Kavanagh and Joseph Ilimlon, Irisi informers, have'arrived at Calcutta. They were sent as grooms on a steamer that took horses from Melbourne, Australia, to Calcutta, enian shall be allowed to approach him, as they are, he says, a blight wherever the-are found -a curse to every well-disposed community i I The civil -rights question is creating a lively movement. among the white and colored people in Texas. The latter are indignant and threaten vengeance if thej-.

are-4leprivec of any privi leges accorded white persons. The governor asked the hours in his shop, south side of states may to see the at was a success to visit our town, wc will insert, FREfi! I The were over fctftdJ. JSeosho (ountv Journal. ot CIlAl.jr an announcement, not ex-j Notions call at If yon want cheap llighbargin The "Moran News," we arc glad to observe, increased its ize from a folio to a quarto good evidence of its growth in prosperity. We hope lU ad- vertising patrons and subscriber will ceeding ix lines, for those who have town lots or farms to sell lowest price to be named.

in every case, with truthful description of improvements. The name The completion of the Kansas Citv. duly appreciate brother Wixson's effort li rm Springfield, and Memphis railroad to I It fit I 111. Memphis, is iimiounced. Tuesday to an air respectability to Moran, i i I witnesseit the first through train 4 iit-iii person judges oi in passenger rare to.

three cents a mile, was a mere farce. The railroads knew it and the people felt it particularly those in the western part of the state. Democrats enterprise of the neonlo of anv town or both ways between Kansas Citv and railroad authorities to provide separate cars for the neirroes, hut the roads replied that they could not do so becauso of the low passenger -rates -'fixed by the state. To settle the question in a. manner likely to be satisfactory to both parties is no easy matter.

1 Ti i 1 Memphis. Fort Scott Banner. jMuui.Mieo. it must, nowever, ue rcoraeo in a book to be kept by us for that pur- Zephyr Flour, at Stalker's. pose, in order that we may be able to di Rumor has it that certain parties be sieged John Viets for monev to use in the One the "most-valuable discoveries election; but that horest, sturdy obi veteran made them understand thlit he wn red inquirers to whom to apply.

Our respected Postmaster vill inform those who feel any interest in the matter, that our paper circulates not only in this were in tavor ot a tariff tor revenue only. It was never the. nrinciple, the aim, or the; policy of that -party to- make or approve! any law that would enrich a few at th expense of, the many. Referring to public Officials, the speaker said that in nine cases out of ten bad men were elected because, of the apathy of those who failed to exercise their right to Nothing was more corrupting than ofticJ-' holding, and if agents are not watched they usurp the rights of the people and then rt them. Mr.

Gallowav then re city by its' newspaper. Mr. L. W. Madison, assistant at the County Farm, was slightly hurt Friday, by a Luek-jtimping pony.

Since then bfs headjias been resting almost entirely on his right shoulder. Somelwdy told him that an external application of whisky would remove the ftittness and pain, but being a prudent total abstainer, he would n.e the vile KtufTto save his life. We are glad to learn that his head is quick! r. returning to its proper place. City Treasurer errill.

of St Louii, on Monday paid 4U0 indues and clerk not buying votes. John Viets wants hon Clifford Lloyd, the anti-Irish Irish magistrate who was sent to Alexandria by the British to terrify the Egyptians, was attacked with cholera soon 'after Lis arrival there, but he has recovered. 1 Any person keeping a gambling house In Missouri in which the game of poker is played, is, according to Judge Noonai'i's decision in St, Louis, on" Friday last, guilty of felony. Michael Waters, found guilty of complicity in the Crossmaglen (Ireland) murder conspiracy, has died in prison. It is said doccased was innocent of the crime of which a jury found him guilty.

Th President has issued the usual annual proclamation for Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, tlie '29th inst. So. begin to cram vour turkovs i-irht-n in state, but also in Arkansas, Illinois, Indi est, votes or none. llepier leader. C.

S. Steel, of Unionti wn, was in the city Wednesday and when lie lost a lot of papers, among them three patents to land valuable papers. The ana, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Texas. recently made by practical men of science is a means of lighting up the human body with electricity in such a manner that the physician or snrgeoh can clearly see the field in which he to operate. Difticultv of true diagnosis can.

by. this process be easily overcome, and practitioners ncel not be working in the dark as is often the ease now They need not be using experimental prescriptions, which are as likely to injuie as to benefit the unfortunate patient. tell ed to former treasurers of. Bourbon county, and said that the past history of GT Come along, then, all who -want to i.a.iri lir.ltlil tuv sell, and take advantage of this offer, in- at this office. Fort Scott Monitor.

nection with the late election in that iie treasurers office should he a warning to the tax-payers not to elect a as successor to his chief. In tended only for property owners in this. Mason's standard Fruit Jars, at Atnon the jintges were quite number who signed tho pav-roll an I. tln Stalk of the arguments" used in favor of tho county. new registration law, when tho law.

waji pendinir in the Le'islatiir( ht tl in ui 111 in in hi in in in tii in order that they may. be in proper eon Ji-j mayor had amxiinted a nurnW of itfd- tion for that ou ah4 patriotic occasion. making these remarks the speaker said be should not be understood as easting th'e slightest reflection on the honor or integrity of either Col. Brown or Mr Stewart. The former was his intimate and he had no reason to doubt the honor of the latter.

Mr. Galloway concludeobjE remarking that, after very many' defeats, the Democrats were about to win at last. of election who could not write. The' recorder of voters, who now does th ni in in in in For (iikh! VhIui- in IJOOivS and no to 4 1. 1 A in appointing, does not appear to have mado in iiiucu oi an improvement upon tho pro vious condition of affair-.

The registration of voters Massa chusctts statir election closed on the 24th when thcro were over 65,000 names upon the listst. This is the largest registration ever known in Boston, and shows bow intense is tha excitement over the Butler -campaign. During the past few weeks naturalization has been carried on to an unprecedented extent. The Repul- hi in ni mmnimni Iowa feels proud of her standing in the of public schools. Lite statistics show that she has $10,000,000 invested in rehool-houses aiwf -her illiteracy is said to be lees than that of any other state in the Union.

Mr. Bender JIeeler of Marion township, retiii'd on the 2oth anl Mr. N. I. Rose wan appointed bv the 'county commissioners in his place.

Mr. Rcvder proposes to remove to Fort Scott soon and improve onie property which he owns in the city. Fort Scott Monitor. If j-on want a good saddle, cheap for cash, go to W. If.

Flurer. Uniontown. The Fort Seott "Monitor." say the grading of the railroad between Walnut and L'hanuto is nearly completed, and that track-laying will soon commence. Set of Blacksmith's Tools for aTe or trade, or on time. C.

S. Steel, Uniontown. The Fort Scott Monitor" gives the deceitful, double-dealing; Rucker a rather lively lashing, because he ays he could not conscientiously, vote for Dangherty." Everr honest man 'must detest him i licans claim tjiat there have been many NEWS DEPOT. I keep a gerer-l supply of all th WEEKLY PAPLRS; also, fill Orders on hort notice for am hing publlshe It ho cf Eoo'xs, Albums, Ac JAMES PATTERSOX, At J. T.

SrALKJER' Store. The goal -was within view and they woubY soon reach it not alone by DemocratK? votes, but those also of honest Republicans, who have become tired of the tricks of their own party. Mr. Galloway spoke for about an hour and a half. lie is an agreeable and eloquent orator, and possesses the ease and confidence that result from long practice in the courts.

In the course of his speech and at its conclusion Mr. Galloway was warmly applauded. Some remarks were made by Messrs. Shafer and 11 anna, both candidates for office. Mr.

Moore fehairmanl snoke favorable cases of fi-aadulent naturalization, and threaten to put some of the leaders of the opposing party into hot water before election dayi Naturalization by clerks had to be stopped, and Judge Nelson did the business himself. Ho! mes and Braekctt are being prose- cntod for smuggling wo and a pound of -deadly dy-namito into Canada. Their examination commenced on Friday and was, after an hour's questioi ing of both prisoners, postponed to Wednesday. London "Trut! says that Princess Louise has been long accustomed to the slavish adulation of a shamcfullv-servile The, Kansas law on the Civil Rights Two disastrous railway accidents Lave recently occurred on prominent A mertcan lines, ne caused by a broken rail and the other by a portion of a pawenger train going through a bridge. The pop ular demand for hiih rates of speed can evidently not be tfcly complied with, utileas great care exercised in guarding against nuch calamities.

It is to bo feared th a there are many bridges on -existing lines which are not fully capable of bcar ing all the strains to which they may be (subjected; and although reports of broken -ail have become comparatively inlreqiient since steel rails have been extensively used, sutdi disasters are still possible in many quarters. On a large proportion of the track of American lines iron rails arc slill used, and there are an immense number of bridges which are n-t as cnpablo a is desirable of resisting the extra trains'arising from a great increase in the weight of rolling stock and from an increase in the speed of heavy passenger train Managers aro often compelled, in the faeo of conflicting requirements, to be content with the best arrangements' possible, under tryin" cir- A I K. i question is as follows, and thcro is not ntlemen and said that eacli was well qualified for the omc-e for which be the slurhtcst chs-nce of its bein vr of both gentlemen, and said that each was the slightest chunce of its being ever re- hnminntml All persons ia tiie firm of IX. A. Hi 1 A i Kuckerl and donbt his honesty." His Liiui iri nun uuudi iiih iionesiy.

111S vena i I Ss Co are rt-qasted to settle np the i political course in the campaign as and s.nre costs. been infamous." His statements made MHdetyy thnt. was a "much out oi place in Canada as a reindeer in Central Africa W. s-- or a caraelin St. ''Petersburg." Mr.

X. I). Rose (Republican) was immediately pealed i Hist if MUX" if tlx rrnnt4 ir H-nctfwv. in public bear on their face the i nprint called on, and spoke strongly in favor ot U. S.

sBERSIaN, i.geat ..1 1 1 jt mA )iiivfntirv mlw4 1 1. .1. .1 TV pronioition. lie might nut five, to see The Commissioner -of Pen Tor suspended three sea lawn-law 3 rs iMit. imL i law tn.rced, but had no donbt ers trom 1 M)tel or Ixmnling Iwmw, or -tny pi mvTt eiihrtjtiii-i nat as the law and its friends were on mptit ir Hmusi iiu'iit ii- u-hL-ti v.

ik -I I tt 1 mm-i i'i or iiiv pi Ml 't CIluTtJUII-1 Man nuii ii3 nnc imi lnetit or niusi ni. ir v. f. 1 rent to a I nulk-al Aiillrr wlw bits a numII acting before the department as attornevs. 4 and the Secretary of the Interior ha dis Hiiy of the muiiKijml vuthnritire of th'w stnte.

or the i finJ favor with the entire lieonle i esi'iMl, one-h-tlf mtmst in th tjMONTOWN Miy tsmliMC milrol staeiVM-N stmt All present listened to Mr. Rose with P1 j. iwrxiAX. barred from practice two others of the I iniifTiiMTini i oniin- chi rm f.r ixrmm respeciiui auennon, ana at i ne conclusion eamo profession with whose names we or within th t. uu 1 Top Sale, or- rrdie or gf- eun nun ui ma lEitiai iiiu Hil ling UIS3U11CU.

vrill DOt stain our Vunt or pm-ious of My UT and HOlK. W. 1L FLUKED Unioiitoim. wi anu iinoneiy. Parties in need of coal should go to the lumber yard, north-east corner of the Square, where they can have their tilled by the accommodating agent, I.

C. Pedcn. Most of the counties from which we have beard seem be eotiilerable shuck up, like," over the R. 'publican nominations. If this shaking up will only separate the better element-? of the party from the baser, and the belter jurt be crystallized into harmonious and energetic would be better for the future of tho state, though its work might not be amarent thin ve.irnr Avn srniltv of ninclrnwi.or, sih! upon convu-tion thetxtf! I XIONTOWN JM ARRETS.

I anr JurimlirtUMi. dwlt he to Flour-SLVt to'' Flax iimlennid utl-St OUR AND SIIIl'31KXTS Week ended Nov. 1, 183. Jimpren. Ton.

Lui 3 cwx com, br Y. F. and stl al be Its! tie to lHnMps in uiv court of 10 Fr lh- 1 Ui 0(V-. per do i-ompetent jurkidnlio to tlic proon or irtni in- Apples 60 ti 00c per Lu. Potatoes 40 to OOcjicr bu.

Many persons, we presume, do not know that coal is the principal product of the United Slates. The amount mined in thp aar 1882 is set down at 60,861,190 tons of 'bituminous and tons of uuiusianees, anu it is marvelous how much has been accomplished, how steadily the physical condition of nearly all American lines has been improved, and howreadilr reasonable dcrain ls for an increase of speed and general accommodations hare beencomdied with. are. however some prudential considerations which should never disregarded. Pail waj vvni iiiiuriiu uf 1-1.

Iho cityauthonties of Walnut have Leef. to 0.P0 per to S3.00 per anthracite. The value at the pit's tuouth i er lumber, convened to V. W. GooEndr." 1 CUT 0l, 41,000 lbs.

TC9rcbod' wirwxl to Cnio-te-Ti riuconjvi mo inijsuun i acme- move 100 CCsfiL rijuccLcvi mo inijsuuri i act nc move 100 wtiraatcd t0 i'er ion bita-j their anf now cflfer tliera an Pt-ia Importer. I.

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