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Moundridge Journal from Moundridge, Kansas • 4

Moundridge Journal from Moundridge, Kansas • 4

Moundridge, Kansas
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which evidences Ihc interest they LOCAL NICWS. READY for BUSINESS take in this work. There are fourteen churches in Newton, and the pastors of I THE JOURNAL Uhed every Friday et Moundridge, I will be ready, commencing Oct. 21st, to do all kinds of ten of them-are mcmbsrs of this association. Hev.

Devaney visited I lie M. A. while in Newton laBt wfcek. and sas that he was well pleased with their KM 5 WAGON AUGUST RINGWALD Editor and Proprietor. work and would be glad if a Y.

M. C. HORSE SHOEING A. would be organized in Mcundridge. Vim It led to the raalU at pound rated.

It rained IlaMo'w'i'Cii night ami only a few minor pranks were noticeable. Carl Payne went lo Hutchinson yesterday to paper a residence for an old friend. See the new stock The Uio Grande at the opero house Saturday evening, this week. See ad in another column, It. C.

Luginbill left yesterday for Quincey, III to attend the Gem City Business College. WORK Tue social event of this community M.UU per yoar. t'aub la advance FJIIDAY, Nov. 1, 1907 whs had upon the invitation of Miss Nina Wedel and her brothers Fred and Vlilford at their home on Hallow'een Eve Sixty unique invitations were is and repairs of all kinds usually done in a general BLACKSMITH SHOP Come, see my work, get my prices, and I know you sued, which the receipieuts were obliged to hold before a mirror to read contents. SAMP NO, 1737, The M.

V. A. of Moundridge meet every first urn! third Thursday of each Mouth, Visitors cordially invited. Phil. J.

Buehler. V. C. P. W.

Clerk, Promptly at eight o'clock the gu ests be Of jewelry gan to arrive and were receivec by two will be satisfied. masked ladies, who by motion directed the gentlemen upstairs and tbc ladies to the parlor. When all arrived they were Henru Thiele. masked with paper sacks and directed to Hev. P.

P. Buller of; Goessel will preach at the West Zion Church liexl Sunday morning. J. J. Norton, the monument dealer of Newton called Monday and ordered the Journal sent to his address.

DR. GERHARD RUlh, Physician and Surgeon Moundridge, Kansas Officii over the Star Mercantile Co's store meet in me parior, cnoose partners anu form a grand march through and around West of Photo Gallery, on the corner. Moundridge Kas. me nouse, Aiier wuieu an grcujr en joyed the evening in playing various And clocks ludicrous incus upon eacu omer. iueiimcial Statement nf thn Tririntirinl nf Tku wuuibiva uj 1.11V- ejei nome wbb eiaooraieij uL'uuraieu JOHNSON 8HGEMAKER for the occasion.

Chrisanthnms and var ifl TtCk it fP tr 1 ioiiB kinds of leaves tacked ou the win SllljCttlS IcllG tjcjlt K. A r. nlwwlnn I a 1 I a it 1 iha flOf I lor, the dining roam wbb lighted with ivjounanage, Mate ot Kansas, at the close ot business ALL KINDS REPAIRING pr imp I Hiid neatly done Bt reasonable price Shop Mai lies' old stand, Monndridg on the 22nd day of August, 1907. The marriage of James M. Downey and Miss Hose Adelle is announced to lake place at Peabody Nov 13ih.

Mrs. Black and daughter of Blooming ton, 111., are here for a two weeks visit with her mother Mrs. Charley Johnson Watches of all kinds W. Profost and family of Alva, are visiting at the G. II.

Busch Jackonets, while the walls of the recep tion room were ornamented with bats. snake skins, etc. Prof. Crabb entertain RESOURCES ed the guests with piano selections throughout the evening, An exuberant three course supper was Berved near Loans and discounts 56 Loans on real estate 3,110 00 Overdrafts 478 Ot- Real estate bank building. 1,850 011 midnight, after which all expressed home.

Mrs P. and Mrs. B. are sisters LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in $10,000 00 Surplus hind 1,500 00 Undivided profits 200 00 Interest 41193 Exchange 38 30 I niiividual deposits 63,670 39 Certificates of Deposits 15,788 29 Total $91,608 91 themselves as having been most royally II. Lattschar is tearing down the build entertained and departed for their Furniture and fixtures 1.450 00 Expense account fi 05 nig at tue rear ol Ijis Btore room norm homes.

Cash eight legal reserve 42,75 22 of the Bank of Moundridge, which was built some 18 years ago. Total $91,608 91 Mrs. Alice Krehbiel Dead Mrs, Alice Krehbiel, wife of John Krehbiel of1 this city, died Tuesday t- Lattest paterns hi. Lattschar is (milding an addition Lpight, Oct, 29tb, f'om a shock following and remodeling his Inuse Record of Our Growth a Resources as Shown by Official Statements: when completed he will have a conven ient aud handsome two-story residence. operation for abdominal pregancy, on Monday.

She had been ill for several months and the case being very unusual one and so far advanced thai an nnnration was necessary as the last hoDe CarJs have been issued announcing the marriage of Miss Etta Duumire and which was peiformed by Drs. Ilertzlej September 6, 1904, Mr Steve Blair on Nov. 5th at the nd Wuttki of Halstead, assisted by home of Mr, Samuel Duumire near Canton August 25. 1905,. $45,696.52 Drs.

Baer and Ruth of this city. The fur. eral services were be held at In silverware tha M. E. Church Friday, Nov.

1, 1907, September 4, 1906,.. 5 Fine line of up-to-date Phonopraohs and Rec- at 2 p. m. E. Crone, a brother-in-law of O.

Mrs' KrehWel was born on the home August 22, 1907:. 9 1 6 0 8 1 tead of her narents Mr. and Mrs. 3am Harmon, loaded a car at Partridge and moved to Galveston, near wliieh Altmah, two miles east of town, Now 1879," 'arfdrwas: aged 27 years; 10 place he takes charge of a fice planta tion. ords on hand.

Silverware! This bank began business Aug 27, 904, njoijths, and day.s at her death, Sept Ait Meyer has bought tbe residence l', lavt. Hue was uuiicu iu iiiaiitntu iu ohn H. Krehbiel She was an active MOUNDRIDGE KANSAS CITIZENS STATE ASK twp acres ot ground rrom. ins orpin- msmnerofthe M. Society and the i irsi ii lunr.r.u.

er E. for move ifl as soon as Wm R. Vogt can procure an other house. rut Record-keeper of the Ladies of the Maccabees, hti TtTtTTtTTTTTTTt mm fTTTTK mrm-iiiiiTn fJthKLtibb AINU The husband.lbeV parents, two broth Among the members of the Pretty VIMPVAPn PATTPPWC ers, llmer anarf iour sisters, ina Praiiie Dramatic Club" are Dan Voran, Pearl and Liw-e-AltDian and Mrs. Wm Harry Graber and W.

I II. Seyb, former Moundridge citizeus, See cast of 'char uuaranteea R. Vogt and and friends adlv mourn her departure from this fe. Interment ia Mound Twp, Cemetery acters elsewhere. Eyes tested free contain 2S ner cent, more silver man me sianaarci i Mrs.

Edith Hackenbery. wife of J. U. i Hackenberg, died suddenly of heart "Oil ITA 1 i VI 1 ll 111 liUlU. failure at their in Meridian on the morning of Oct 25th, at.

the of .45 years, 2 months'and 13 days. ISES The funeral services were held Sunday 26 Cents For BUTTER FAT! Highest Top-Notch Prices For POULTRY Baked Hay, Corn: arid; Feed of all Kinds RKMKMBER I made it possible that extraordinary prices have been paid in my line the past year. Bring us at 10 a. and at 12 30 at the Uerman A. R.

Gross is local editor of the Agra, Phillips County, Kansas, Sentinel "Quill" resided in Moundridge aTpum-ber of years and held down a case the Leader office when it was flrst.establish1 ed here. Alpha Wedel came home from- G. Wednesday to attend the social function at the parental home Hallow'een Eve He returns Sunday to resume his studies at the University Medical College in Kansas City, Mo. Satisfaction guaranteed Jurors have been drawn for the De-cember term of the district court at Mc Pherson. ThoBe from this locality are: Evangelical JphtVrcfa this, city, The Revs.

Miller of Hesston and Erb of to fit vou proper with erlass- Truesdale officiating. The interment go li i ro ii r.f r.rl was made in the Mound Township Ceme v. "1' tery. A A WV i Deceased was born in Snyder County, Aug. 12, 1862.

In May 1880 she was united in marriage to J. H. Hackeiv Jeweler Optician hers iu the same countv. From this VVith C. C.

Wedel Drug Co. union nine children were born, all sur II E. Voth, A. F. Beutler, Jac.

D. viving the mother. They are John, Schrag, J. Goering of Moundridge Maggie, Roy, Mazie, George, S. Mun and Julius Stucky of Lone Tree; M.

llenuessey of Spring Valley Tilma and Ora, all at home, and Mrs. and Peter Hiimm of Turkey. Winter's Sella Brubaker. Beside these childrtn, the husband, aged parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Geo. Harmon. Sr two brothers, Cal your cream, poultry and eggs PHIL. J. BUEHLER Moundridge Kansas Prices are right the and Geo, flurmon, and five sisters, Mea The marriage ceremony uniting Susie dames Kate Nearhood, Alice Crooe, Louia and Metldie Delphon at the home Lizza Billau, Laura Moose, and Mary of the bride, Sunday at 2 p.

was per Reusser, are left to mourn the death of formed by liev. Devaney, in tne pres Mrs. Hackenberg, and who have the avmrathv of the community in tneir bereavement. ence of relatives and frieuda. The bride was attired in white silk and the groom wore the usual conventional black.

A 0O0O00O0O0OOOO0O6 0XXXXXXX000000' FEED DELIVERED FREE receptiou was given in their honor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Loula in We sell corn chop, oats, baled hay and mill feed at regular prices and delivered the evening The hearty well wishes of all the guests go with them as they to your home free of charge. Moundridge Produce Co.

journey together through life. You know what that means to you. Why not plan now whore to pats that sek son so trying to many persons? Write for informs. tion about our Winter Tours to California, Arizona, Now Mexico, Mexico, Texas. Very Lew A.te.

Lens Limit ted SlooTirt. W. J. CURTIS. Fa.

Afnt, Topki. Kinae. Palace Drug Store Read the Goering-Krehbiel Mer. Co SEE The Mound Ridge Milling Co. FOR Floq Feed ad in this issue and learn how to get a The Y.

A. of Newton is plan $25 talking machine absolutely free. A new house for sale or rent Apply lo Henry Lacost. Moundridge, Kans ing to erect a new building the coming year. They have a membership of near ly 300.

The membership fee is $5 00 The Association paid out $40 for litera in 190(, their total evpenditure for that year was $2861. Of this amount the business men of Newton contributed Lattschao is selling furniture at cata logue house prices. Go Bnd see the ooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo- xxo goods..

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