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The Western Observer from Monument, Kansas • 7

The Western Observer from Monument, Kansas • 7

Monument, Kansas
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'JUST BEFORE THE BATTLE." LATEST NEWS. Condensed fortheConvenience of Hurried Readers. Everything Goes Wrong In the bodily mechanism when the liver gets out of order. Constipation, dyspepsia, contamination of the blood, Imperfect assimila-tioi are certain to ensue. But it is easy to prevent these and remove their cause, by a course of Holtetter'a Stomach Bitters, which stimulates the biliary organ and regulates its action.

The direct result a disappearance of the pains beneath the ribs and through the shoulder blade, the nausea, headaches, yellowness of tho skin, furred look oi I the tonrue, and sour odor of the breath, which characterise liver com- .3 i nn nii.l vein ll nr 1 lit, A new Dii'thcA of oomrmBodlni Tar. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT anil ull Akin I b'amiKi far Frw sam ple wini Book. "70 sold by hi i I'lMtin-'i and iy vi: oiDt (. Prist, Ui btVllT IlOLI.IDA Aceuts.Top. The Knights of Labor, of Chicago, nro itirring in a very lively manner, and a reporter wai told by ii prominent member of the local organization that the railroad strike was not to be limited to the New York roads, and that 11 move is to lie made at this end of 111.11111.

tTlltlll'l llli iii.i of body are blessings also secured by the uso The Disability bill isa Idler! disabled! ilnco tho war are entitled, widow who are dependent are Included, Alio Parent! dependent to-day, whote sons died from aflteoti "fAnny sor- ViO( i. If yiu with TOUT claim speoOily and sucicsa- Too long doludcd the unhappy -victim of catarrh in the head. lie's been told that it can't be cured. Don't you believe it. It can be, and it Is no matter how bad or of how long standing.

It has been done for thousands by Dr. Sage's Ca II! oci ut'u, anil. i'n A M) 14. Interrupted by Musketry Its FU-iuliietl Months Later. Rev.

Dr. Henry M. Field, editor of the New York Evangelist and the author of a recent volume entitled "Bright Skies and Dark a compilation of war reminiscences, in a recent letter to the editor of the Times, suggested that the hero of one of the best chapters was now residing in Kansas City. The story was that just before the battle of Franklin (Teim.) a Federal officer was being entertained by the family of Col. McEwen, then, as now, a prominent citizen of that place.

One of Col McEwen's daughters was sinking to the officers the at that time popular melody, "Just before the Battle, Mother." The song was interrupted at the conclusion of the first verse by the roll of musketry. The officer hurried to the buttlefield, was there desperately wounded and for a long time wavered between life and death. On his return through Frankliu nearly seven months after that desperate battle, he called at tho mansion of Col. McEwen and asked the young lady to -complete the song left unfinished when JAMES TANNER, Lata nmiisHonpr Tensions. WiiHhiiiKlon.

I). C. n.u I ot tins celebrated resiorarave 01 necuvu, which imparts a degree of vigor to the body which is its best guarantee of safety from malarial epidemics. Nerve weakness and ov( -tension arc relieved by it, and it improves both appetite and sleep. Lived Too Long.

Great Publisher: Very sorry sir, but your manuscript will not do. Old-Time Novelist: Eh? What is the matter with it? Great Publisher; It seems to have a plot. The man who is continually, "hitting tho bottle" seldom makes a hit at anything else. A Great contractor the girl who laces tightly. Fi in a DaTI.

holMWll w' the Vanderbilt system very soon. Secretary Hayes, of the Knights, callod on Vice President Webb, of tho Hudson-Central, and left a letter from Father Douoey favoring arbitration. Mr. Webb declined to treat with Mr. Hayes, as he said there was nothing to arbitrate, and the company would not take back the discharged men under any circumstances.

That the railroad people are greatly alarmed 18 evident from the fact that UOO PinVrton men are at Albany and Robert Pink rton himself is in command. Each man is armed and they are spread out over the tracks between Albany anil West Albany. Tho draw of the freight bridge is still open and will probably remain so. The funeral of M. W.

Reynolds, at Edmonds, was attended by nearly all the I prescribe and fully c-rinree Big (1 an it- only apoclRc ferthocertalncura of ihla dlaeaBe. O. II. INQRAHAU.M. Amaturdam, N.

T. We hare eold Big let many yemra aad It taaa aaaaa nwuur. WiMlrbylfc TUiCotalaUGei Eivun tue Deal ai aaue IfftCtloU. Oaateaiatl.U Ohio. Jf D.

II. DYCHF. Cklcaro. ill. 5" Beld by tarrh Kemecly.

Other so-called remedies may palliate for a time this cures for all time. By its mild, soothing, cleansing and healing properties, it conquers the worst cases. Its makers offer, in good faith, a reward of $500 for a case of catarrh which they cannot cure. They are able to pay it. Are you able to take it? The symptoms of catarrh are, headache, obstruction of nose, dis J.

J. THOMAS Wholesale shippers of Brought up with a round turn the oaken bucket. territorial officers, Irom (iiitlme, and lead C0L0IUD0 COAL. A glittering success tho solitaire engagement ring. It requires no self-denial for a to keep the pledge.

The easiest way to get crows out of corn is to feed tho rooster. Some people have faces as long as Jacob's ladder, and the angels are missing. 1609 Curtis DENVER, COLO. Special Rales to Clubs atd FARMERS1 ALLiIA-lsrCEIS TuMVAMY OF MUSlli. The ly Mir equipped Caaarratrj in the West, f.1,00) Pipe Organ.

12 new I'P'iit Piiio aad IBeM Orsnoa ull Orchestra and Hand maintained fur benefit tf ntumjata. Concerti undents onoli month i Qeaoert HUl, Pipe Organ. Piano. ed Ornan. all String aad Wind Iuatni-Bienta Vocal Culture.

Nidation. Harmony, C-anterteint, Mu.ic'al Hiitorv and all Clascal iulij, areUnghi. rery low. Board, Room, Furniture, Fuel aucl Light Strictly trat claaa.all ibtoal, weak. Far ttalajaa or furlher information addre BETHANI CONStKVA-TORY OF liUBIO Lt-datwrg.

Kaal illness, exposure or oa account of moulting, can bt made la warble tunefnl melodies by placiag arake of BIRD MANNA ia their fares It acta almost like a charm la restoring tham to song. It is an absolute nocessity to the health, comfort and hygiene of CAGE BIRDS. It is raadeafterthe Andreaahere Sold hy druggists, grocers and bird dealers. Mailed to any P. O.

ia the V. S. or Canada for 18 by the Biae Food 400 N. 3d St Philadelphia, Pa. Bird Book free.

charges falling into throat, sometimes profuse, watery, and acrid, at others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent, bloody, putrid and offensive; eyes weak, ringing in ears, deafness offensive breath smell and taste impaired, and general debility. Only a few of these symptoms likely to be present at once. Thousands of cases terminate in Consumption and end in the grave, without ever having manifested all these symptoms. Dr. Sage's Remedy cures the worst cases.

50 cents, by druggists. A poem called "The Scythe Song" is out. But wo want no mower like it. Honesty never hns to crowd anybody in order to get room to make a living. A Sure sign.

"That must bea Boston girl." "Why do you think so?" "She is all freckled." How does that make her a Boston girl?" "Well you see she has her specks on." ing men ot the territory. Rev. Mr. Brooks preached a touching sermon, and Hon. Sid Clarke delivered an eloquent funeral oration.

Ho spoke of Mr. Reynolds' many good qualities, having known him intimately for twenty-five years. The Twenty-sixth separate company, of Elmira, and the Twenty-ninth and Thirty-eighth companies, of Oswego, arrivod at Syracuse and are held in command at tho armory. It is said upon good authority that an effort will be made to open the road at East Syracuse, and that tho militia will bo on hand to open fire should there bo any interference on the part of tho strikers. The strike of the Now York Central train men anil yard men, which occurred on Friday, was on Monday an apparent failure, by reason of the action of the engineers' brotherhood, who did not go out as tho Knights of Labor expected.

Traffic, that is passenger trains, was resumed with but httlo friction on Monday; the strikers places being tilled by the reserve force and by new men. The Kansas City ticket offices of the east bound roads were all crowded and tho outgoing trains had good loads. The New York rate has the effect of greatly increasing travel. The Third band and Company A leave on the Burlington's special train, which will run through solid to Boston. The brokers are dipping heavily into the New Nork eicorsion tickets for speculative purposes.

The movement of a freight train under militia escort, at DeWitt, N. was resisted by strikers. Deputy Sheriff Kratz had his revolver pointed in the face of a striker, and the battle began. Col. I.

H. Waters, of this city, was the Federal officer mentioned, and the terrible wound he received at the battle of Franklin was not completely healed until 1884, when the last piece of bone was taken out. "The battle of Franklin has not occupied my thoughts for at least twenty-five years," said Col. Waters yesterday, "but as I look back upon that day in November and remember the hospitality accorded me by the family of Col. MoEwera, I can see the events of that time as in a mirror.

I was Colonal of the Eighty-fourth Illinois under Kimball and on the day in question, Nov. 30, we had been busy all day perfecting our intrenchments. We had but five divisions to oppose Hood's entire army and we were rushing to get our defenses completed. Our lines took in the town of Franklin, our right and left flanks testing on Harper's Ferry. In the afternoon of that day Gen.

Kimball and I went out prospecting for something to eat. We had had no breakfast or dinner and were consequently very hungry. Col. McEwen's residence was a fine old property situated on a slight elevation. We asked a native who lived there.

He told us, at the same time informing us that he was a lawyer by profession and that he was at that SIMJI NEW LAW CLAIMS. APP'y Mil. B. Steven A Co, PUNS 1 iJAlMivaiaj 'So you've got married, old man, while I have been away?" "Yes." "Well, I congratulate you on having skaken off that she-dragon of a housekeeeper of yours at last." "Oh don't make any mistake, my dear boy; she is the woman 1 have married." Posit 1 rely cured by. Attorneys, HI!) Street Washington, U.

L. BRANCH OKFICES-Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago. ORTFRx enesa uriin mi. They alio relieve Die tresa from Dyspepsia, In FAT FOLKS REDUCED rllgrationaoit ToeHearty rW II I luKi ut me. a perfect rem poruioiit liy thotitMontifl edy for DliiiDMn, Nanaeiu ll PfFli Drowsiness.

Bad Tastd in the Mouth, Coated wBBSSEr upjil icut ion of ha rm lean, herbal rnnio-edios. No HtarviuH. No inconvenience- St rictly confidential. HtmdBc. for circulurH and tont imoiiial.

Ad-dretm: lft. V. SNVDKtt, U43 blato sl IllCltgO, lllluube Tonctin.Fam in the Side. rltLLS. TOltl'ID LIVER.

The mm mm regulate the Bowelt WOMAN, heid thyself by using Dr. Asa Buck's Golden Specific, a sure cure for all female disease, such us leucorrlioea, whites, ulcers, inflammation, falling of the womb, enlargement of the womb, painful menstruation, etc. Do not fail to try this wonderful treatment. Call or write for free sample treatment. It costs you nothing try it.

Large box $1.00 by mail, postpaid. WOOLVEHTON BP.OB., druggists, 834 Kansas Topekn, Kansas, Wostorn Agmta. Purely Vegetable. Price Centii PENSION GreZt PENSION Bill Is Passed i art and Fathers are en CASTES MEDieirTE NEW Y0L titled to $19 a mo. Feo 1l when you jet your motier-bUnkii U.

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People who say sharp things often get the reputation of being blunt. W.ITIOKsf IS, "feSJm 1s t'. "They're a canny lot." "Who?" "The lobster factory people in Newfoundland." leM.isooofnllv PiAC. "I'Ct fllaimll I Late Principal Examinor U.S. PmiHion Bureau.

3 ia in last war, 15 ailjiulicatiiif; claims, ally aluce. If delays are dangerous the legal contains the pluckiest men in the world. MCI WyiKsiS? from Nervous Debility, Yt WS KwHtiil Wasting etc. Heml fur my free Monk of Remedies and Dure your- liomc. Dr.

J. S. Clark The trouble with justice is that she does so little bedi holding her scales. OlVSfa OIiD CLAIM ttlHt unier nku Law, B1V Kulilicrs. Wiiiowa, Parents A man's closest creditor would't recognize him in the average hired bathing suit.

seiirl for blank applications anil Information, l'nl rick OTarroll. Washington. I) (j A True Combination of MOCHA, JAVA and RIO. Picture Card Given With every pound package. For Sale everywhere.

Wooison foje Toledo. 0. The only eejrtula OPIUM and'e- I X.1X Stephens, Why isa long engagement liko ahammock? Because it makes a falling out so easy. Jure. nr.

i. Lebanon, Ohio. Circulars showing who are entitled under new F. A.LKHMA WiikIi inctoti. I) time at home.

Arriving at the house we were greeted pleasantly by Col. McEwen and on our informing him that we had eaten nothing that day, not because of want of appetite, but lack of viands, he gave us a substantial cold luuch. He also introduced us to his daughters, of whom he had throe, all of whom I believe, were single at that time. Gen. Kimball suggested that the young ladies entertain us with some music and the request was complied with.

'As you are hourly expected to meet with Hood', said one of the young ladies, 'perhaps the most appropriate song we could sing would be this And she began, 'Just Before the Battle, which, though old to them, was new to us. "She had finished the first verse when we were startled by tho rattle of musketry, the enemy attacking Waggoner's right. We darted out of the house, leaving the young ladies sitting at the piano. The battle was on when we reached the lield. About 0 :30 that night I was shot through the shoulder and was left for dead.

It was the following April when we were returning through Franklin that Gen. Kimball and I again called upon Col. McEwen to thank him lor his hospitality and to apologize for our abrupt departure on the day of the battle of Franklin. I still had my arm in a sling. While we were enjoying the Colonel's hospitality I told the young ladies that now would be an excellent time to complete the song which had been so suddenly broken off on the date' of the battle, six months before." Man cannot fly, but he can utilize tho flight of stairs when he wants to go up.

law sent free. KccWIO If successful. Tallmadire Tullnutdge, Chicago, 11. and Washington I V- '-32 K. N.

U. T. IDV I MARBIAGB PAPBH and nartiou- four or live soldiers were surrounded by about thirty strikers. So closely were the soldiers pressed that they could not use their bayonets. Finally the train was moved up into the yard, under the protection of the state soldiery.

A Knights of Labor official at Albany said: "The strike is yet in its infancy and its extent and power, if our demands are not met with, will surprise people. Tho men arc remaining quietly away from the yard and will avoid trouble if possible. Wo are not interfering with passenger trains and shall not attempt to stop them, but the road must not attempt to move a pound of freight or there will be trouble." Major Brock, chief of the bureau of statistics, has just issued a summary statement of the imports and exports of the United States for the month ending June 30, and for the preceding eleven months. During Juno the free of duty imports of merchandise were valued at $21,010,287 for the $205,588,499 dutiable. The exports of domestic merchandise in June were valued at $52,072,204.

and for the year $845,293,828. Kansas has cash and funds on hand to the amount of $57,225,77, more than doublejthe amount on band in 1880. Missouri has on hand, an increase of more than a $1,000,000 in the ten years. The bonded indebtedness of Missouri is $8,783,000, only about one-halt of what it was in 1880, and in ten years the bonded debt of Kansas has been reduced nearly $1,000,000, being now-only $801,000. Kansas has no floating debt but Missouri's iloating debt has increased about $50,000, being now $3,074,000.

Missouri's net debt is, therefore, $8,439,749, and Kansas shows an excess of assets over debt of $4,921,572. The Vanderbilt line had no difficulty in finding new men to replace strikers. A notice was posted telling where applications for places might be made, and the result was that applications were received by the score. By one of the officials it was said 150 men had been taken on. He also declared that all the men engaged were experienced railroad men.

Mr. Voorhis said that he had received a number of applications from railroad men living around New York, among whom were some employed on the elevated roads. Others from Pittsburg and from men employed in tho Erie yards, some even coming from as far west as Chicago. The company had not engaged them, as they found they could obtain all they required 111 the city. "Tis wheat to be'remewbered," as a grain speculator observed when viewing a prospective crop.

KgrWIiftD answerinff any of hose advertisement, plaase mention Una imior. lain of marriage MMClatlon that free, finnm-l's Monthly. Toledo, O. lISBL In the business of swimming the man whose operations are cramped is likely to go under. "9 WZVtk RnRt, Mumoinn.

KopomrnmHlptl hv I'hvfiieians. i. Coil- "ni VUICr WllrlU CJ CliyT i I I UJ1U HKgWiUMI IV VMV taatc. Children tufco it without objection. JLsy Mil J.

S. PARKER, Fredonia, N. savs: "Shall not call on you for the $100 reward, for I believe Hall's Catarrh Cure will cure any case of catarrh, Was very bad." Write him for particulars. Sold by druggists, 75c. Jollyfellow "Whats the matter, Goodfel-lo? You com to be suffering from dyspepsia." Goodfeilo (sadly) "I am.

I'm a wreck. I've been living in Boston, and under the lawB there I had to gulp down a meal every time I took a drink." TweSrwhen I was born.and everyday snows irtAn-t. who Lord Noodles: Aw, I say, Captain, what is that land we see ovah there? Captain: That is America, my Lord. Lord Noodles: Yo don't say! I thought America was a larger country than that. There is one thing you can always depend upon, and that is you can't depend upon others.

apono is cake ofscouring soap used foraJl i. makkkts, 1 5k i in A mi r- rr- ugust 12. 15 4 00 High Priced Doctor. "You are now convalescent, and all you need is exercise. You should walk ten, twenty, thirty miles a day-sir, but your walking should have an object." Patient "All right, doctor.

I'll travel around trying to borrow enough money to pay your bill." "Ah I Ah!" Cried the house 2 40 "Oh! Oh Cried the DIRT, At length I niuBt go, I oannot withstand SAFOXjIO." wife, "The Secret I know, no DIET can resist JllFOLIO." Kansas City, CATTLE Shipping steers 3 Cows and 1 St ockera Feeders. 2 HOGS Good to clioicu heavy. 3 BHEEP Good muttons 3 WHEAT No. 2 red No hard winter rOHN-No. 2 OATS-No.

2 RYE No. FLOUB Patents, per stick 2 HAY Fancy pniirie 7 I UTTER Fancy creamery CHEESE Full cream EGGS Strictly fresh HA ON-Ham Improving in Glass-Rolling. An invention ha3 been perfected in the glass industry which, it is stated, will accomplish a complete revolution in that branch of manufacture. Until the present it has only been possible to produce sheet glass by blowing a hollow cylinder, which was then cut, separated and polished. An American glass manufacturer has now succeeded in producing glass plates of great breadth and of any desired length by means of rolling.

Glass thus produced is said to possess a far greater homogeneity, firmness and transparency, and it has, on the upper surface, a brilliancy which is hardly to be distinguished from art plate glass. The material part of the invention consists in the application of the peculiar, undulated, hollow metal rollers, heated from the inside by means of steam or gas. These rollers seize the sticky, liquid glass, which is conducted ito them from the bottom of a melting-tub, without the interveuting of any other apparatus whatever. To prevent the soft glass from adhering to the rollers, the latter are covered with an extremely thin coating of wax. If the new process is extensively used, window-glass will be considerably cheapened.

English Mechanic. Where it had gone to. "Mr. Bunting," said the doctor after an examination, "I fear your wife's mind is gone." "That dosen surprise me." replied the poor man, "she has been giving me a piece of it every day for seven years." "What did the professor say when he heard he was the father of twins?" "He just said 'Gemini!" 2 80 80 4 00 82 86 a 83 ia 2 20 7 fiO 17 11 10 1014 3 00 2 50 2 00 80 Healthy Exercise That's what the work of washing clothes and cleaning house amounts to when it's WULTBY Hens 2 Mussic for the million Millionaires. Hoosters 2 Sprint; chickens.

1 TnrkevH POTATOES-liome grown 75 "A new female pursuit in the larger cities is collecting bills" This is encouraging. The old female pursuit in the larger cities was to run 'em up. done with Pyle's Pearline. Little Mm or no rubbing; no drudgery; less CHICAGO. CATTLE Steers 8 25 4 80 HOGS Mixed 3 30 ii 3 SHEEP Natives 4 00 's 5 40 FLOU It-Winter wheat, per brl 00 tii 5 25 WHEAT No.

1 red 89 COKN-No. 2 50'4 OATS-No. 2 Bog RYE No. 2 61 BUTTER Fancy creamery 17 13 EGGS Fresh 11 FORK 11 25 ST. LOUIS.

mm annoyance; more comtort 1 i I more cleanliness; more economy and a large saving of Condemned I'risoner (down South) "See here, what does this mean? I am told that two niggers are to be hung at the same time as I am." Sheriff "Yes on the same gallowB at the same moment." I'risoner; "Now, see here; I don't want to die alongside of a couple of niggers. Can't you hang me separately!" Sheriff "Well, the best I could do would be to swing you off quietly the day before, and then give out that you'd committed suicide." I'risoner "The day before! Hum! Come to reflect, I think it's about time this race prejudice was obliterated in the South. I'll hang at the same time as my colored broth, ers." 4 70 10 8 80 4 80 2 00 CATTLE Native steers 390 fi Stackers e'eodora 2 00 (5 HOGS-Packint; 3 Hi 3HEEP Fair to choice 4 00 FLOUR Patents per suck 1 75 (J Where to Take Them. "You can't use these anecdotes?" echoed the flashy-looking man who had brought them in. "What's the matter with them, I'd like to know?" "They are hardly up to our standard of propriety," said the editor of the illustrated police paper.

"They are a little too tough for our columns, but you'll have no trouble in selling them to some New York society weekly." Chicago Tribune. wear and tearon allsides. You'll find directions on back of package, for easy washing. 1 1 will cost you five cents to try it. Every grocer has Pearline nothing else gives satisfaction to the millions of women who use and have been using PEARLINE ior years women who rely on their brains to save their backs.

Ty Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers are offering imilations which they rfrAAy claim to be Pearline, or the same as Pearline," IT'S FALSE they ara not, and besides are dangerous. 16, JAMES PYLE, ew York. WHEAT No. 2 red CORN-No. 2 OATS No.

2 ei HAY-Prairie 8 00 ty 10 00 BUTTER Creamery 15 22 EGGS-Fresh 12 1'OKK- 1150.

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