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The Western Observer from Monument, Kansas • 7

The Western Observer from Monument, Kansas • 7

Monument, Kansas
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THE CHILDREN'S STYLES. Ml If About 1o Truvet or Emigrate, Hie voyager cannot be provided with a Bafer remedy and protective medicine than Hos-tetter's Stomach Bitters. Abundant testimony exists to prove that it nullifies hurtful climatic influences and the effects of exposure, that it reconciles the stomach to unaccustomed food, and prevents injurious re PICTURESQUE SUJIMKR COSTUMES FOB THE LITTLE ONES. children nowadays are saoiiftoed to ma-ternal vanity. Women never show to better advantage than when they are noticing children.

Tho society woman, therefore, regards them as vehicles for effect, and trails her over-dressed infants about with her as the fashionable dame of a century or two ago did her black page. The finery of the children draws attention to the mother. Tho flatteries that are lavished upon them are really meant to gratify her vanity or advertise her name, and beyond culling her littla one to her side now and then to Bhow it off, or to make it a screen for a flirtation, the smart mothor never attempts the slightest notice of it during a rouid of A Study at Juvenile Life- Sketches by Miss Dorothy Teiintiut- Street Arabs at Play Their Free Unctoiivoiitionallt)- a Relief to the Eye Hoailgear the Couture lu Children's Toilers. to cure Biliousness. Sick neadache, Constipation.

Malaria. LWer take the safe and certain remedy. SMITH'S BILE BEANS Use the SMALT. 81ZK (40 little beans to tho bo, lie). They are the inoat convenient: suit ail uu Price of either site, 20 oents per bottle.

KISSING nt 7', 7' IK Photo-iriTwt, 7 panel sUe of this picture fori tenta (coppers or stamps), J- r. SMITH tc i Makers of "Bile Beans. St Louis llo I ST for a column or two, let as pay attention to this bum- sults from impure water. Mariners, tourists, emigrants anil miners have all contributed their quota of testimony in its behalf, nnd its protective Influence has been most effectually demonstrated In regions and under conditions where, if not really effective, that fact would long since have been exposed. In no clftSS of disorders have its remedial and preventive properties been more conspicuously shown thun in eases of malarial fevers, maladies for which it is tho most popular specific in existence, both here and in the tropics, where its reputation is scarcely second to that which it enjoys on this continent.

It is, moreover, a most agreeable appetizer and nervine. DR. t. L. G0B6TJCH, Toledo, Ohio, says, "I have practiced medicine for forty years, have never seen a preparation that I could prescribe with so much confidence of success as I can Hall's Catarrh Cure." Sold by druggists, 75c.

Tho man who marries a millionaire's daughter does not have to wait 50 years for a golden wedding. Six Novels Free, will lie sent by Cragin to any one in tho U. S. or Canada, upon receipt of 25 Dobbins' Electric Soap wrappers. See list of novels on circular around each bar.

Suap for sale by all grocers. (GOT HIS MONEY. Hilton Mays In l'i ion of Solid Cash for His Louisiana State I ottery Ticket. Owensboro, (Ky.) Inquirer, May 25. A reporter of the Inqu In dropped into the and Traders Bank yesterday morning learned from the cashier that the cash had been forwarded for one-twentieth of ticket No.

45,850, which drew the first capital prize of in the drawing of The Louisiana State Lottery on the loth inst. Being fully assured by the cashier that the ($15,000 was actually deposited in the bank, tho reporter started out to interview Milton Mays tho owner. "Doubtless you can now tell us something of tiie of a rich man as well as those of a poor one, Milt," said the reporter. mor's costumes for kchililren; ami, before going into the subject of their clothes, we may agreeably use some pictures and words provided by Miss Dorothy Tonnnut, the affianced bride of Henry M. Stanley, the explorer of Africa.

Mirh Tennarit is a DRINK If Mr. Stanley and his wife ever quarrel, it is quite possiblo that they will carry the war into Africa. Asking papa is a court of appeal. Love at first sight and a runaway match is a supremo court. London artist, and her specialty is the free Waiter, Champagne, sir? Yes, sir.

Have it iced, sir? Guest (gloomingly): No; I can't afford to have it iced. sir, 1 have never felt the difference." "What will you do witli tho money?" "Part of it will go for a home, part for a better team, and the rest will be safely a FL.OWEK peddler, aepicton of children. Arthur Kolber, the portrait painter, is just back from England, and while there ho met Miss Tennantat a reception of artistic peoplo. She talked with hirn about the technical difficulties of youthful portraiture, and during the conversation she drew three sketches. "I made notos in my mind, while in the streets to-day, of two figures that I shall some time introduce into a painting," she said.

"They were ragged flower peddler and a stylish purchaser. The peddler was like this," and she sketched the girl who appears in the initial of this article, i When that was done she rapidly and deftly penciled a repiesentatiou of tho girl whom she had observed buying the flowers, In preparing these original A True Combination of MOCHA. JAVA and RIO. Picture Card Given With ovory pound package. For Sale everywhere.

Weaken Unite- PENSIONS. TIib Uisuliility I ill Is a law. Soldiers dlsaDled llDOB the War aro entitled. Wiiluws who are dependent aro included. Pnrrum dependent to-day, whose sous died from efraota of Army ser vice.

If you wish vuur claim speedily and succeat fully settled, address JAMES TANNER, Late of Pensions. i i i r. One of the healthiest professions in the world is that of signing wills. Expectant heirs will readily confirm this statement. Mandolins, Price, $8 to $75.

Fine Photo Engravings of them mailed free. E. B. GUILD, Topeka, Kansas. .1 iiniliMUlifu, J'.

I prescribe and filljr dorse Big (i as the oalf specific far the certain cart of this disease. II. 1 RA AH, If. VV Amsterdam, M. We hay told Big (at many yeers, and It bag sTejsjJ4saBJ MV aw iirlBHM- Br4 by Ik bdtrm Cttsletl Co.

SIMPLICITY AMD I'lCTUBESQUENESS. "Well, I called on Miss Bobbctt last night and broke the ice." "How unfortunate when the ice is so hard to replace." given uu bast ot saua faptUn. D.H. Chicago, UL SI. 00.

Bald by Drnsglsta, Oldish Young Lady (holding on to strap) Oh, let them keep their seats, Clara, Old gentlemen can not be expi-ctc-d to stand. Mature Bachelor (rising and lifting his hat with mock politeness) Pray, take my seat, madam. (In an audible aside.) I always respect the aged and infirm. Oldish Young Lady (still more audibly) the brute. studies for publication the lines have merely been traced over with black ink, to render them lit for the process of engraving.

Tho second one will serve excellently as a faRhion plate, too, since Miss Tennant said of it: "The buyer, as you see, was clad in the very latest approved costume for the street, and nn artistic toilet it is, combining simplicity and preltiuess. It is a sad fact to see, amoner fashionables here in London, that the children of the day who pervade at homes, dinner parties, and even balls, have cea-ed to be as the child-like children of one's youth. No longer are they romping, merry, natural little creatures, satisfied with innocent pleasures and each other's society, but, like their elders, whosa objectionable manners and conceit they are so quick to acquire, they have become the artificial, preteruaturally shrewd and wizened little men and women, who monopolize $75,00 tO $250,00 worktaf tor ovisssta pn. ferrod who cau furnish horse and give theil whole time to the business. Spare momenta may ba profitably employed also.

A few vacmiciei in townH and cities. V. JOHNHON A 100U Main Kichmond' Va. N. B.

Phase state age and business experience, Kever mind about sending stamp for reply. H. ffl J. Co. visits, or attempts to check its forward ness or its consumption of illimitable and indigestible refreshments." Coming across the ocean to the subject of the costuming of American children for the summer season of lo'JU, investigation at the very sources of juvenile fashion indicatos clearly a combination of simplicity and picturesqiie-noss.

This is well illustrated in the toilet of the little girl with the woman in tho picture. The child's gown is plain in every respect, being merely a muslin frock with a looped ribbon at the waist. But the hat is a conformation with boldly striking outlines, and in white felt of the finest and lightest texture, and quite sufficient in itself to top the youngster in a manner to command M. esCa nariec A tzOlllVla TA "I know that Miss Stopaclock's face is extremely ain; but don't you think her heart is tender?" "Er I'm afraid it wouldn't bo accepted as such in this country. ttrotoiMthi Bongof Cape Itirdft.prt tV ft vents their nilmi'nts ftnd It makes them lintr evei Kmpflntln in Rood health while fihe-ddiiifr foathem.

Mailed for l.lo. SoM by hU bB Inurffietfi, frrneerB A. bird-I HE BIRD FOOD 00 PlUI.AniM.PBU, Pa. i stores, flm jinn iree. 400 North Third Street Send UfO for freo Ihlttliifl OIVE EXJOYS iioth the method and results when Syrup of Figri its taken it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation.

Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Fijrs is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO.


iNrrELn's Ilorsa with freo bnofc nnd Cattle Powder, the best in Young Callow I say, fellow, I'm in a great hurry. Give me two pounds of dog biscuit. Clarkson (formerly in gents' furnishing goods) Yes, sir; for yourself, sir? BEFORE PURCHASING for iin purpoisi. Also full lino ot ltoxd Bead stamp for lllmt'd lw.lHW. UlVlU I' l( 1 TT Ml I.

I'1' WHUrd sticbisis 1 SIS fL Mrs. Fizzletop Now, Johnny, I want you to put on your coat and go to Sunday-school. Johnny Fizzletop No, ma, I'd rather stay home. Teacher said she was going to tell us about a man named 'Manias, who was struck dead for telling stories, and I don't want to hear it. The great Pension 1)111 has passed.

Soldiers. thelrwld- FENSIOi fathers are entitled to 112 a month. Ken ni when von get your money. Blanks free. Joseph H- liiinier, Attorney.

Washington, i). c. lblv3rlJ'llfi Washington, 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. Late Principal Examiner U.S. PenBlon Bureau.

3yra in lust war, Itadjiidloatlngolalms, att sine. MPWf 1 Aid! 'lOO-OOO mimes to HEw rcnolUn LA 17 I be added to the Pension Hit. Rejected and Delayed ciaima allowed. I eqnnlcalltles wiped out Have your lalm settled wit bout delay. Patriot O'Farrell.

Washington, l.a Mrs. Cumso What do you think of the new theory that the birth-place of tho human race was near the north pole? Cumso The theory is plausable, my dear. Noah navigated in tho arc-tic regions, you know. "I dream my stories," said Hicks. How you must dread going to bed!" exclaimed Cynicus.

"Clara," said he, "Clara-" "Thomas," she whispered. "1 do love you, but aren't you a little mistaken? This is Friday night, and I am Sarah." STREET ARABS AT PLAT. IGKHE ADAOHE T. S. HKOWN.

PATENTS Attorney at Law. rosiureiTeured iy and Solicitor of I a'enis. rnlintsund Patent CARTER'S uirsc i.i tic ruin. They also relief DIs tress from Dyspspsla.In Law Bpeoialty, State and U. 8.

Courts. No. Topeka, Ktuians. attention without recourse to flamboyant colors or excessive oddity. The distinction of that whole costumo lies in the hat alone.

The same artistic device is shown in the last sketch, wherein three playful girls are frocked in all simplicity, but capped in a way to finish them off picturesquely. The most expert devisers dilation, and TooHsarty Eatinu. A perfect rem IITTLE CIIUIHV CPUnni Latest and best Bun. lay Hchuol liookH are edy for Plulueas, Nausea! Christian Life Bongs Drowsiness. Bad TastrB iV (iailiered Jewela No.

3. It Gl Topeka, Ks IVER PILLS. bpecimen page roe. In the Mouth, Coated Tonpuu.Pain In the Hide. Does Ho Pitch a Curve? Mrs.

Bunting: I see that Emin Pasha is to have a salary of $50,000 a year. Bunting: You don't 6ay! What club has he signed with. TORPID LIVEIt. Thej FAT FOLKS Reduced IB to 25pomHlfcnef mouth iy bnrmiMf berbnj rcmodies, wo starvlnfj, no Inconveniimca. Oonfltunn rsimlate the Bowels Purely Vegetable.

Price tents; ua. iSuntl 61'. for fimilju mthI it stlmonloln. Address. O.

n. fcA VUKIt, -m StUle Cblfago, III FlefiM monlitjri thin j.apcr. CARTER MEDICINE NEWTOit Mr. Staid: And is Miss Gigglegaggle well educated? Mrs. McFad: Educated? I should say so.

Why the ribbon on her graduating dress alone cost $30. Small Pill. Small Dose, Small Price New I.awB: Fr SoidierB PENSIONS Writ" at one Wash D. C. conversation and make clever remarks at all society functions." In the courso of a further conversation with Mr.

Kolbec, tho affianced bride of Stanley discussed her strikingly animated and humorous study of juvenile life, "Street Arabs at Play." a number of touBled-headed, ragged, merry boys and girls, twisting themselves around an iron rail on the embankment. It is one of the most effective canvases in the current Academy exhibition. She drew the outline Bketch of its five figures, leaving out tho background, as reproduced in the double-column picture shown in this article. Resuming her consideration of latter-day children of fashionable parents, she said: "The street youngsters are a positive relief to the eye in their free unconventionally. The two girls in my painting only let their skirts prevent them from turning heels over head, like the three boys, and I meant to make it look as if they wouldn't hold out much longer against temptation.

The fashionable mothers of the day appear to labor under the impression that the sooner their little ones are trained in the artifices of social life the more charming do they become. One may well ask with Charles Lamb as ono gazes upon the affected, deceitful, vain littlo prigs who now masquerade as chilren, 'Is all the world grown up? Is I fl US I' i-' I SH 5 szszMt IdcCarmick i ioo.vti DC. Cincinnati, BflJtlJJEjy a MARRIAGE PAPER and partlcu-neBnii lars of marriage soelntlon that free, (luonel Monthly, Toledo, O. Cl MUCH "Whole Tioot ts. Pieoe OK CO it5Cn Root Trees" PAT. Mr. Jones, hiring a victoria for a drive in the park: "There, wife, we'll put the coachman inside, and you get on tho box withjne. We'll be as fine as any of the folks." -o Briggs: Is your offico boy still pursuing his duties with the same feverish avidity he exhibited at the start? Briggs: Not exactly. He is exhibiting what might be called a spring-feverish avidity now. A Man's capacity for endurance in some respects changes after marriage.

The lover thai never grumbled at holding a 190-pound girl for hours grumbles if he lias to hold a 10 pound baby two minutes. Staiiii NtTRHBHtBS, Louisiana, Mo. t)T I I RT only certain I I I 1 VI sv Cm. Dr. .1, L.

aWllA Mapnwi, Lebanon, Ohio. STTLE IN CAPS ARB FROCKS. A new mrihol of ocmpouotjfnt Tar. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT RHEUM and all Skin Diseases. Bend .1 Sc-stamps for Fri-e Sample wlih Sold by all DruHflsts- and hy Chleago.

Price, SOe. If FT HOLLIDAY, Agents, PIANOS AND 0R3AKS. rA4I.VhrtnoyOolate WfoltneyiHolmes Organ Co. Largest and Finsst Stock in the West Pianos, nil styles, from upward; organs, all styles, from rw upward. All warranted.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Address A. 11. WHITNEY Established Zl years. Qulncy, Ills V.

A.I.KIIiVIANN Washington, O.O. riend lor circular. 3fl-ai K. N. U.

T. "When answering raiy of HiosoadTortisemenUi, please mention this uatier. It is much easier to forgive a big man than a little one. Tho whisky market is unsteady when it takes a drop. Bath-tubs are now made of paper that is, stationary tubs.

Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Hm Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agfecablo to tho KS ftsl taste. Children take it without objection.

By druggists. K3 and makers of juvenile clothing for the daughters of the rich are turning out, for the summer absences troni cities, frocks in ginghams, dicoes, and other ordinary fabrics, sometimes with costly bits of embellishment here and there, but more frequently without any adornment at all. The best of fits and the newest of adaptation to the figures of the little ones are requisite in the manufacture of these garments, but in design and material they are apt to be about as plain and simple as though made by tho inds of poor mothers for their offspring. But the dominant touch of stylo is imparted by means of a uniquely artistic hat or cap, and these articles are not only produced to order by the swell outfitters, but are very generally to be found on sale in tho stores. An economical mother, therefore, may give a great deal of mode to her little girl by purchasing such a piece of and making it the feature in a toilet otherwise of home manufacture and moderate cost.

New York letter to Chicago Ledger. Boston wants a medal struck for John L. Sullivan. Why not let John strike it. HSnge indeed It is very easy to teach school until you are brought directly in contact with the pupils.

It does not seem right to charge an enemy's battery after the guns have been paid for. The man who is intoxicated with love should take a little marriage to sober him up on. like SAPOUO should mke everybhing so bridhh bub Prince Albert Victoria recently killed his first tiger in India. The usual three cheers went with it. It is best always to choose a tall man for State Treasurer, so that he may not be found short when he goes out of office, A Cruel Suggestion.

Miss Lastchauce (smarting under tho chagrin of a broken engagement; Say to your friend that propose to keep his presents as a reminder of his perfidy. Did he actually think I would return them Mr. Mew onger He did. But perhaps he wan influenced in his thought by ari eld i-aying. Miss Lastchance What saving? Mr.

Messenger Age is honorable. New York Press. A shower of worms fell on tho Capitol grounds at Washington the other day. Gen. Greeley of the Weather Bureau must have been laboring under the delusion that the President was preparing to go fishing instead of duck hunting.

"A needle clothes others, isibselj: it i you next What folly it would be to cut grass with a pair of scissora! Yet people do equally silly things every day. Modern progress lias grown up from the hooked aickle to the swinging scythe and thence to the lawn mower. So don't uso scissors I But do you uso SAPOLIO If you don't you are as much behind the ago as if you cut grass with a dinner knife. Once there were no soaps. Then one soap f-ervad aft purposes.

Now the sensible folks uso one soap in tli toilet, another in the tub, one soap in the stables, and SAPOLIO tor all scouring and If A FLOWER BUYER. Young Cassimcre Cwho ha3 been successfully passing himself oil' as a member of tho 400; Beg 1'ardon, Miss Haut Tonne, liut I believe you're down on my invoice for the next dancel childhood I trust that we women of to-day, who pride ourselves on the possession of bruins, may not hereafter have it imputed to us that, in advancing ourselves, we foivot how to bring up our children. The fact of the matter is that When a man has had a leg or two broken to smash in a railroad disaster, it is only showing tho proper spirit to rojoice at his recovery of damages..

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