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St. John County Times from Oakley, Kansas • 5

St. John County Times from Oakley, Kansas • 5

Oakley, Kansas
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MISCELLANEOUS. The man who places a dollar advertisement in his local paper and LOCAL. UtfiON Pacif.c R. R. Card.

Mr. Lace, ot Illinois camij t0 Oakley last Thursdayj- ami hitd bought four fine lots, one the south side of Smith's store and three are east of the Eastern hotel. He will build a store on one and a Urge dwelling on the three, lie commenced tne building of a good stable I want to say to the people of ()kley and vicinity that I have opened my tore opposite the Pacific notel, O.iklev, and am selling millinery and furnishing goods as cheap as ever. I do dri-ba making and stamping, and guarantee bans fnotion. Thoe having chanoes in tho doll come in and renew th Mrs.

Foster. Ben Phil'ips and family arrived in Oakley, frera Ftlmore county, Neb. Time 201, Colorado ..11 :15 p. m. Nj.

203, P.ioi!l Ex, 3:17 p. m. Going East. No. 202, Eastern Kx 5:23 a.

No. 204. A tin do Ex. 1 1:55 a. in Sit re in Flour at.J.'M Gamble Co.

BtS H. A. ILrt wdl, has seeured the room in the rear of his harness shop, iid put it tn good condition and re nuved bis work bench from the trout room and pin in profession harness maker, lie has enlarged his display of lutiiitss uud gaudies. Call and see hint. 0 its and Chop Feed at M.

Gamble Co. fo'l or a neat tit ana good stok in boots shoes go to E. Lundgrren. 5 tf Mr. AWiHlitt'rt daughter la improv in and is able to be taken out of doors.

Money to loan on final proofs at 8 per cent. John A. Goodier Uo. Ctf Onnosite Oaklev R.mlr. li John Rodgets is building a nice frame barn on his claim near towni A party of Ennis City folks were here last Iriday, trying to draw satisfaction out ot a law suit.

'Better counsel prevailed and a settlement was agreed Money to loin on final proofs at per cent. John A. Gfoodier Co. Ctf Opposite Oakley Bank. Get your money to prove upon from Jarvis Conklin Mortgage Trust Co.

John W. Rodgers agent at Oalc- ln.r Richard Seward, a graduate in pharmacy, lately with Kinyon's ri i miv uiug ovine hi, minus vyin una a position in J. W. Keru's arug store. We carry the best brands of Flour in the market.

Everv sack ettamn teed J. M. Gamble Co 5t2 Great reduction in the price of flour at the Kussfl. Mills' flour and leed store. Tha best at $1.23 per sack.

3tf Joe H. Jordon, typo at the Ennis City Courier and' Dan Neal were in 0kley hist Saturday, and Called on the Times. Co the Russell Mills flour store. South end of 'Center Avenue, and get the best flour on the market or anything iu the feed line. 2lf Mr.

L. A. Fisher, has brought his family to Oakley, and has settled down to house-keeping in the rooms yv vi uo oi ui v-. We have Town property in Shelby county, Iowa, to trade for land in St. John county Knnsas.

4tf. Joun A. Goodikk Co. Dr. Keeney.

reports Mrt Malory suffering from rheumatism, and a child of Mrs. Sous low with the pneumonia. The-Russell Mills flour nd feed store will not be undersold: call and Si'e tor yourself. Wholesale and retail. All warranted.

3tf Last Saturday, Saott Merritt with five men started to Russell Springs, to begin the erection of a number of buildings. at Stream's Hall Friday night Feb. 4th. Music by the Woodlord orchestra. Everybody come.

StreMn. BaDJat Stream's Hall Friday night Feb. 4th. Music by the Woodford orchestra. Everybody Stream.

onyder oc bnyder Have moved into their new store and invite all mankind and the rest of the people to inspect their full line of hardware. Jas. Green, laso week, had a well dug on his claim, sec. 32 town 10 sane 3), wdich is 48 feet deep mid and affords an abundance of fine w.tter. n.

Mjjuuiiiieu vjopy oi uie twguay is before us. It is a handsomely print- 8 page story paper, filled with choice stories and miscellany elegantly illustrated. It seems to be a a just the article to fill in a complete' list of Um Iy reading matter. Send for simple copies to Frank A. Munsey, 81 Warren streut New uner nunseir inat is a nnerai ailvi rtiser, will be surprised to learn thtt a yearly adverusetnen', one column in length, in the Cnicngn Tribune, costs the mivertUer The New Yurk Hornld receives for its lowest price column and for its h'ghest The New York Tribune for its lowest and those papers it stated, are never at at a loss for advertisements to fill their column1.

Tue fct is tlift cardful, liberal advertising pays. -Ex. patterns are a know! dged by the ladiea to be the most correct and titting of any made Butterick's Delineator is perfeoiion itself and needs only to be seoit to be appreciated. It is the cheapest inagaz'tie of its class published, and it i contains volumes ot knowledge for I Le ladies. Sample copies will be mailed to anyone addressing the publisher at New York.

no good Dks Moixe, January 28. Governor Larrabee lias granted papers for the extraction of John fcthr front Iowa to Kansas, Siehr, whose name is pronounced "Steer, borrowed several hundred dollars ot! a Washington, Kansas, money lend der, giving a mortgage upon five white steers which ha ilaimcd to have on his farm. At the expiration of (be stipulated time tho money lender demanded the steers only to find that the mortgage covered five lusty boy 8. St. Klmo Hotel Restaurant.

Excellent Meals and Accommodations. Guests politely waited on. VAN SCHOYCK THAYER Uollvlew Avenue, WINONA, KANSAS. C. A.

Black, J. C. Loucks. Notary Public. BLACK LOUCKS, Real Estate, Loan and Town 5ite Agents.

Correspondence Solicited. ioia, St. John. Co. Kan.

Store, South end of Center Avenue. ALL GRADE3 OF FLOUR, Also Feed and Corn, and will supply aif who want Millet, or Sorghum Bceds for spring sowing. 2 Baled hay lor sale by the bale or ton. Lool at Tib-Is- Scott Merritt, Contractors Builders, Am prepared to contract building in any part of tho country. Estimates and specifications Satisfaction guar- anteed.

Give call, a3 we mean what we say. Address. Oakley, Kansas. GARDNER CANNON, i rjin nvery, jreea ana Sale stable. Good accommodations for farm and freight teams.

Good rigs with or without drivers. docdier Co. Heal Estate, Loan ft snranco -Agent, OAKLEY, KANSAS. Haye for sale, School, Deeded and Railroad Lands in St. John, Thomas, Gove aud Sheridan Co'a To'a property for sale or r.t Correr pondenoe RUSSELL BMS CO on Tuesday aud goes home to bring his familjrout before March 1st.

He also has a homestead in the south part ol the county, Lnst Saturday morning fire was discovered on the roof of Mr8. Anstiu's house. ladder was food procured and Mr. Ainslie and Mr Robbins soon had it extinguished. Stove pipe 11 the cause.

A 8op should bo put to the use of such traps at once before the town is in ashes. Look after them. Miller's "poker room" has cashed all its checks cd ceased to be a place of amusement for tho older boys, and hss been moved to Mr. Teft's lot as an additional school house for the instruction of the younger boys. This is a progressive age.

The of a who put nails into the driven well, at my barn, will not make an) money out of it. J. Sears. R. P.

Creigh, an old soldier and a typographical tourist, who has been withus sometime M.arted down the road fully equipped to cast old type metal into slugs and leads for he offices along the lino. We com mend him to you, aud ask the era ft to patron izu him. -Wm. Winan's son, at the Eastern hotel is very siok with pneumonia. Lee Reisiuger is suffering from rheumatism.

Rev. Rexroatis plaving Job on a Ecale this week. Last Saturday E. A. Miller sold his billiard tables to Frank Allison and Cutis.

Sherry, of Colb, and on Monday they were takeu to Colby and will be used there. Mr. Miller on Monday rented his building to R. who has purchased the tables of Stream, Rros. STATE J.

S. C. Thompson, who for several years has been connected with the Newton Republijan, first as foreman and later as editor is in luck. He has been elected by the board of regents superintendent oi the printing department of the state agricultural college at Manhattan. Mrs.

M. E. DeGoer, cf Sharon Springs, Wallace county, enjoys the distinction of being the first lady member of the State Bai Associ ation, haying been elected such at a recent meeting of that body in Topeka. Thus does Western Kansas come up to the front of the procession. U.

S. Marshal Sharrit, on Friday morning last, sent word to the sheriff of Sedgwick county to have a stock ade built in the Wichita jail-yard foi the hanging of the two condemned Indian prisoners, John Washington and Georye Simmons, on the 8th next month. Ihe execution will be private, only the officials and mem bers of the press being admitted. KANSAS VS INDIANA. An exchange tells of an old Indiana trail whose sou had married and come to and who the father supposed was striving to death and too proud to own it.

iiie old mail told it in. this wav: -I have been thirty-five yearfi back in Indiana clearing up an 80 acre farm, and it is hardly in shape, and I mortgaged it to get money enough to get John and Lizzie and take tnern home. But I found that, John, had a well improved farm of 160 acres, all paid for, and raising more corn and wheat than I had Kver seen raised before on the 6ame amount of ground. And when I started back to Indiana, John gave tne $150, so that I could py olf the mortgage on my farm. I am going to soil for what I can get for and come out and live in this country.

I don't want to live any longer in a country where a man can't tell the truth without being considered lnzy. Why, if I should take on of those eighteen fnot stocks of corn back to Indiana, they would swear it was band made and hand paiuted." is the time to BUY town, property, as, the prices are; still going np and lots are selling J. E. Hilts, OaMey, THE MR OCEAN: OF CHICAGO Xb Circulation txA PoUHonl influence la the Leading Republican Newspaper IK TUB KOBTHWB9T THB HTTER OCEAN bea from the beginning bera ie defender of home Inatltiitlona and AmerlceiVi, ldena. It la the advocate cf equal rlghta for all be.

fore the law, of protection to American labor, ai4 of the Idea that America la for Amerloana-not nco. easarlly Americana by birth, but true cltlnena of the Republic It bollevea tn the Vest and Weutern men, holda to the Idea that future sent of om-plre will be tn the Klaalaslypl Valley, and la bolj. and egareeelTe In lta opposition to the unholy alii-. ance between the monry-ohnn jera of Miw Mink; City and the States lately In rebellion. 1HK INT3R OCEAN la earnently la.

frarair of the Republican party becauae It believe) tie principles ot that party are correct, and thet honestly cur. ried out, they will beat protect the. tights and oi-. ranee tho Interest of the whole rjoople. It is not, however, a blind follower, oJt- 1st always ready to denounce Republican wroutfeXUag, either In bifch, or low places.

TUB INTiiR OCBAN has always maintained thnt; the Nation Is undoeaa obllffetion to the soldiers or-the late war, who Jauperdl.tod their lives to it from armed, treason, which It cau never repay, and, eonriequently, has adfocsted the sfnblluli-ment of Soldiers' Homes nnd Die enactment such joaalou lawa as would leave no disabled vetr emu in want. Aa a yawaji'p'' T1" INTER OCBAN la not celled in ths United Stales. Aalde from the of tli Associated i'roos, tn which It holds a mem, berchlp, it koepn a lrfje body of Special Con apnndentn, both In thla country sod In the OM World, and has SPECIAL LBABHD TBLEaHAPHlOi WIRES coiinectinfrits Chicttffo office with WABH-INGTON and N)W YORK, both Which eltlwa, It hss BPKOIAL NBWB BUREAUS, waintaluet Branch OlHcea. le Do'ty' Inter-Qoean, la publlshod every dajluths, year. Prise, nclasire ol SmiJar, JpTfa-' Saadaj incliiJcj, 13.1)0 The 8cm'WecKlST Inter Qoean.

la publlahod on MONDAYS and THURPDAYB, and contains tha News oondenaad from the Dally. Among othor features, THO BBMI-WKEKLT i prints the Burmons of Prof. Swing aud other lead- Intf Ministers ot Chicago. I rice, 0vJ.J5O per Year, fbe VOeeRlif Inter oean Baa the LAR0E8T CIRCULATION of any weekly paper West of New York, Is 1884, before the reduction of postage, It paid, for POBTAGU ON CIK0ULAT1ON ulone ovor (25,000. Svery effort is used to males THB WHE5CLT--INTilR OCBAN a MODEL FAMILY one that can be takeu Intoany family with profit tos each of Its members.

The Stories and other ary features are (ran the neos of the ablest Midi most Approved writers. Amonff them are MRH. BURNETT, MIS3. M1HS JBWETT, andL MMS8R3. STOCKTON, TROWBRIDGH, LATHROi.

BOYKSaN, SIDNEY LUSKA, and BS. P. ROM. All the loading features of the paper which made It SO. POPULAR IN TUB HOMlt CIRCLE wllli be continued and Improved, and nothing will ba loft undone to keep It in the front rank as A SOUND.

NEWSPAPER. is SPECIAL OFFERS. There la a great demand from, all parts of th, country for a correct but cheap History of United States. Most of such beoks are largn and expensive as to be oai of the ree ch ot Diont femllles. Yet every boy and girl ought to be famil.

lar with the history of their country. It can hard-. Iy fall to make tlien bolter cltlzona. TKM INTES.V OCUAN has mads special arrangements by which-, Drowii's Historj of Hie United States Coo be oCTnred wlth.THE WEEKLY INTBR OOEAH one year, at the very low rate of m. DOLLAlt AND FIFTY CENTS For both tibe history and paper.

BROWN'S HISTORY Is a well-written story ur from the earllent settlement to present day. It is well printed In clear type, on, good white paper, nnd bound in cloth. It contains-, more than SIXTY ILLUSTRATIONS and over SIX HUNDRED PAGES. UK DER. OXB COLLAR AND Fll'TY fnt for tin paper Otn Year and tlu ULtlury, both to (-.

tiut pothii4 iwiit, A I'liESIUa TO AGENTS. The price of THiB WEEKLY INTER OCEAN ls $1.00 per year, and any porson sending four yearly -subscriptions for that edition, accompanied by the full eubscriptlon price-FOUR DOLIJVR3--we Willi send them A CQPTE THE HISTORY FREB. Al.v most any boy or girl can secure four ubscrlberDt and in this way oAlalii Aoopy of this valuable Jlit trice of TUK HE Ml- WKKKL I XT Kit OCKA -V end ji no x'ti ntsron of 'J he vxitkd ta te.i TWO nOLlAUm KtHKTY VESTS. Sample oooiea of any ed'tlon of THB INTER 4 OCEAN will Iro Bent on application. Remittances may be made at our risk, elthr by draft, ezpreea.

poatolice order, express orders, postal i)ces, or registered letter. Money sent inK any other la at the risk of the person sending it. Aildruea THE INTER OCEAN. II moved onto Mrs. Jackmau'a farm north of town until Ire' can get a house built on his claim in section 24 town 12 range 32.

NOTICE. An assistant teacher is needed at once. Board will meet at John A. Gooditr's office on Saturday, Ap plicants can hand in their applioa tlons to any member of the board on or before Saturday, xt. Bv order of the Beard, Geo.

C. Flemming, called on us last Monday and reports everything lively at the center of ihe county. He is to be right in town if the new town that is proposed succeeds. He is only tour miles from Russell Springs. ARTHUR'S ILLUSTHATED HOME MAGAZINE.

Greatly enlarged for 1887. The BEST magazine of its clas-, Clean! wide-awake! cheap. Price, $2.00 a year. Large difcounts to clubs. Sample cfipies of previous issues free.

Sample copies ot current numbers 10 cents each (half price.) T.S. ARTHUR fc SON, Philadelphia, Pa. Yesterday was ground hog day, it was clear aa a bell and colder than Hartwell's harness shop has been doubled in size and a harness maker employed. Harness made to order from the best stock in the market, repairing neatly and pormptly attended to. He keeps a large stock of everything in his line, Call in and see him when in town.

Shop on Front street, opposite the depot. 7l2. G. A. R.

The Oakley Post, No. 405, G. A. meets every 1st and 3rd Saturdays in each month. All fomradep iu good standing are cordially invited to attend.

Sears, Commander. Wll, WlIXPON-, Adjutant. ATTENTION! G. A. R.

The memhors of Chas. O. Royohl Post No. 302, of Colby, are perfecting arrangements for a graud camp tire on Feb. the inst.

They cordially invite every comrade in the department to turn out and answer to his name, at "Roll call," on that occasion rs it will bo a pleasant affair, and lead to the fraternizing of the local remnant ol the once mighty host, that stood shoulder to shoulder aud faced the leaden hail. REWARD. $200 Keward for the detection and conviction of the person or per sons, who poisoned my horses on the night of Deo. 26tb, 1886. 4 if.

E. Colvix. A good story is told about Charlie Taylor the popular clerk at Smith's store. Recently two ladies were admiring the beauty of the illustra tions on the flower need packages and remarking that they would be elegant designs for piinting. A few cabinet sizes of pictures were stand ing on the show case beside the box of seeds', among which was a photo of sevftral bottles of tape worms that the famous specialist that passed through Oakley last week, had re moved from different persons.Charlie by chance, picked this up and said I think this would be prettier, the lady said she did not know but it would bp.

Last Friday evening a team, belonging to Mr. Ainsli1, that were hitched to a carriage were frighten ed bv a broken single tree, and ran a bhorii.d'stance in Center avenue and succeeded in making a job for the wagon surgeon. The driver sua-tained a scalp wound an 1 the oocu-pant cf the carriage done some h'gh and lofty tumbling, ir which he carried, ofPrjart of the top. 1.

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