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The Morland Independent from Morland, Kansas • 5

The Morland Independent from Morland, Kansas • 5

Morland, Kansas
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vi ii i ifc it i On ti ik tfc li vfc vb kt Vfc vi iii vfc tii tfe MILLER f- THE SOLOMON VALLEY 4th OF JULY Association met at the court house in Hill City' June 1st, 1901. House called to order by the president. The following committees were appointed: Committee on speakers N. Crank, J. Bunn, W.

II. Knouf, W. Heibel. Committee on grounds J. F.

Kobler, G. C. Knouf, O. W. Beard well, George Dr.

HAWKINS Physician and Surgeon Morland W. Allen, although in -his sixty-fourth year, is one of the most picturesque figures in the British parliament. He is a poet, a breezy orator and a champion of liberty. As a famous murine engine buiider he has won distinction, ami he has also figured prominently as a blockade runner in the American civil war. The presidents of the United States wer inaugurated on other dates than the 4t'h of March: George Washington, April 30, 1789; James Monroe, second term, March 5, 1821; John Tyler, April G.

1841 Zach-arv Taylor, March 5, 1849: Millard Fillmore, July 10, 1850; Andrew John son, April 15, 18G.i; H. n. Haves, March 5, 1877. 9 if i f- f-. MCVD1 AMn AWIC A Bossier, P.

Heibel. Committee on music C. Button, Wm Kansas Bossier, Edith Higer, Mrs. Smee, Del- tr f-. ft Office at Ellis' Drug Store la Smith, II.

S. Talley. Office Practice a Specialty. Committee on finance Sol Hutton, E. T.

Tinker, Wm. Bossier. G. C. Knouf, W.

O. Beardwell. Committee on sports J. II. Fuller, LOCAL NEWS.

SOME FIRST THINGS, Sam Cafferty, W. Raney, C. K. Committee on salute Bud Hilde- B. Crank, Eli Miller, Carl Frank Holt went to Colorado this week.

Sugar cured hams 125c per pound at Cunningham's. your godds at the Supply Store and get the best at the fairest prices. Kobler. Committee on program Henry Wan ker, Herbert Kobler, Cecil Hutton. S.

Garrison, W. II. Knouf, A. W. Heard- Ninety per cent, of ministers, 85 per cent, of teachers and 68 per cent, of lawyers are college graduates.

Forty per cent, of all bankers, 30 per cent, of editors and 2G per cent, of merchants and manufacturers have college educations. In some calling it will be seen a college education ha increased a man's chance of succes fully fifty times. Two-thirds of thet presidents, senators and representatives of the United States have been college-bred men. This proportion is amazingly large when it is considered that only about one man in every 200 of the adult male population is a college product. If college men had no ad Many from the country in of well The first Loin hardy poplar in America was planted in 1783.

The first complete sewing machine was patented by Klias Howe, in 1846. The first American theater was opened in in the city of New York. The first turnpike road was laid between Lancaster mid Philadelphia in 1794. The first night watchman was i censed by the New York common coun-cit in The 'earliest mention of shoes' is in an Egyptian papyrus, about 2,::00 years before Christ, evenings to attend the camp meetings C. C.

Bestor was in the employ of Program later. HOT AIR Will Melt Ice the government at, Washington some years. Dr. Miller removed a cancer from the hand of Sam Vail half the size of But It Wont Sell Goods a walnut, two weeks ago. vantage only about one per cent, would be found holding conspicuous positions.

5 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Garnett were up from Hill City to the camp meeting CHIT-CHAT IN THE LIBRARY.

Tuesday ami Wednesday. A smart bricknaker can make 4,000 bricks day. A 1i-norse power ma Buy two (2) pounds Mocha and Java coffee and iret a handsome cup and ohine makes in the same time. What Will? rHE RIGHT PRICE And GOOD STUFF. saucer free, at The Supply Store The first temperance society, in this country was organized in Saratoga county.

X. in March. 1808. The first daily newspaper appeared in The first newspaper printed in the United States was published in Boston on September 25,. 1790.

The first potatoes were cultivated in the Andes, somewhere between Sau Diego, Chilj, and Lima. Peru. Pot'a toes still grow wild in the mountain districts of South America. The Bank of Venice, the first establishment of the kind in Europe, was found in 1171. It continued in existence without interruption until the overthrow of the republic in 1797 by the revolutionary army of France.

Mrs. W. Hanna of Bryant is in town to-day and says the hail damag Japanese 'paper is losing its distinctive qualities, owing to the Introduction of European methods of manufacture. Carrying 00 pounds four miles on level ground uses up 25 foot-tons of ed their wheat considerably. energy.

A uoek laborer day work Geo. Nesbitt, shoemaker at Hill City, will half-sole shoes 30, 40 and 50c. We Have Both, Work done while you wait. 2-15 Jasper L. James took an organ out to his place last week, the same being a present to Ruby James fromxher is 323 foot-tons.

In 1700 Norwich had 150,000 hand engaged in woolen industries, and was the first city In Kngland in this manufacture. Kailroad bridge builders are adopting the fir timber of the north Paciflo coast for bridge building becausi of its remarkable strength. The railway steam-power and sea steam-power of Great Britain are practically the same, each a little un-gr win ooo-horse power. grandmother. FARMER5 St.

James' Episcopal church, of Cambridge, has acquired by purchase the first bell cast in Boston. According to the statement of those from whom the relic was bought, the bell was cast by Paul llevere, the revolutionary patriot. Graham county was named after SUPPLY Capt. Graham, of Co. 8th Kansas, killed at Chicamauga, Sept.

19, 1864. CO. Mahlon and Garfield Inlow and WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS. Misses Gracia Hart and Rosetta Inlow GOLDING'S GROVE were up from Hill City to the camp Celebration, near Hill City, has the meeting last Sunday. following committees: J.

THOMPSON, Everybody chews gum and everybody Finance M. J. Creighton, Jas. Jus DMALWIt IN wants to ride a good wheel Buy your Uus, C. E.

Webster, N. Crank and F. gum at the Supply Store and your Blackburn, Drugs and wneei lor notmng; Proeram-M. J. Creitrhton.

J. Dressmaking and all kinds of sew- Garnett, O. C. Lewis, Mrs. L.

Mes- i The larynx of Irian is twice the size, on an average, of the same organ in woman. Out of 1,014 people inoculated last year in Paris for hydrophobia there were only four deaths. Man's average temperature is 99 degrees Fahrenheit? a- pigeon's, 109 and a chicken, 111 degrees. An Ontario oculist thinks that the eyesight of one-fourth of the blind patifnts he has had might have been Baved by prompt precautions taken in infancy. A boy in Hackensack, X.

died from a disease of the liver caused from the kiss of a dog. He had been ilj a year from, it is said, hydatids of the liver, a disease transmitted ing done at Mrs. H. M. Green's.

Guar- sick, Mrs. I. B. Parker. i Medicines antee satisfaction.

Prices reasonable. Speakers D. J. Hanna, M. C.

In- Dressmakihg a specialty. Morland, Ks low, R. B. Garnett, F. D.

Turck, and I have a choice selection of ladies' 4 I tut ri i Pure Chemicals, Toilet Articles and Fancy Goods. Morlani Kansas m.M i Vt AC.li9) 11 IllVli Villi W. A. Hill, O. B.

Kackley, C. Foun be seen at the Independent building, tain. Morland. Call and get prices. Will not be undersold.

Alice McGill. from dogs. Dr. If. D.

Gill, professor REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. of surgery in the American veterinary college, says: "Almost every ge'fm disease' may be transmitted by a dog. Many of these diseases are I J. POOR i GRAIN incurable. I do not doubt that great numbers of persons die of disease transmitted to them in this manner.

Grounds A. C. Inlow, Frank Shank, B. S. Smith, Frank Kline and r.

O. McClure. Salute Harve Ellis, W. E. Mowery, Geo.

Foltz, A. Bruton, E. D. Wilcox. Music H.

D. Funk, Mrs. Dezell, Delia Smith, J. W. Henderson, Olive Kackley.

Sports D. C. Kay, Parm Moyer, C. E. Webster, John Fuller and O.

P. King. Fireworks C. W. Lightfoot, E.

E. Mullaney, J. F. Rowe, Geo. Wheeler, and Frank Smith.

know of individual cases." For Sale or Trade. My threshing Section Town Range Northeast 3 7 231 Southwest 9 7 25 S. E. 9, nw and west half aouthwest 10 7 25 Northwest 23 7. 23 hf and 22 7 2S Northeast 28 7 25 Southwest tv '7 2S Whfnw 29 and hfne 30 7 25 Northeast 34 7 25 WWw 35 7 25 Northeast i 8 25 Southwest 14 25 Southeast 32 8 25 Northeast ,9 25 Northeast 20 "7 24 Southeast 20 7 34 And many other tracts.

Call on or address, T. H. McGill, Morland, Kansas. outfit, consisting of one 30x44 inch Nichols Shepard separator, and 12 BUYS GRAIN AND STOCK Old and new corn home grown and eastern, for sale. W.

A'g't. MORLAND. KANSAS 11 'i i i horse power. With little repair on separator this machine will do good work and lots of it. Power nearly as good as new.

A bargain for some one. Bring your butter and eggs to the See me at my farm in Indiana town Supply Store. They are as good as ship, near Scio postoffice, or write me cash to us. at Lenora. H.

I. Scott. II.

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