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The Morland Independent from Morland, Kansas • 8

The Morland Independent from Morland, Kansas • 8

Morland, Kansas
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NORLAND INDEPENDENT INTERESTING FACTS. J. S. GADD, JEWELER of Kirwin, will be at the drug store in Seven pounds of American flour ill make as much bread as eight pounds H. M'OfLL.

Morland, prepared to do all kinds ut watch repairing, June6thr 1901. AH of English flour. Some historians say that the manu facture of silk was introduced into work done in a workmanlike manner and not tinkered up as is often the case Spain by the Moors. by many so-called jewelers. All work Only four widows of soldiers who fought in the American revolution now guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded.

Reserve your work for June 6th. Will be in Morland every remain on Uncle Sam's, pension roll. Beven years ago there were 13. other Thursday, beginning June 6th. Immature wood, that Is the wood of The Mexican volcano 1'opocatapetl was utilized as source of sulphur more than 400 years ago Field rations of an English soldier include 16 ounces of meat, and 24 ounces of bread, those of a German 8 ounces of meat and 28 ounces of bread.

Two thousand seven hundred and sixty-seven unaddressed letters posted in English letter boxes were found to contain nearly 10,000 in cash, notes and cheques. Since the end of the war with France in 1871, Germany, without increasing her territory in Europe, has Increased her population from to 56,000,000. On the occasion of the eightieth birthday of Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria, a Munich newspaper called attention to the fact that no journalist benefited by the attendant amnesty, for the- simple reason that none had been imprisoned in striking eon trast to Prussia. Bring your butter and eggs to the. a tree which has not attained its full growth, is said not to be so durable as the wood of a full-grown tree.

Supply Store. They as good as Houses which are damp because of cash to us. Raffington the dentist will be here proximity to undrained land may be rendered more habitable by planting again soon. the laurel and sunflower near them. Wood is not generally well seasoned I II tit! I I 11 Mil by a very high temperature.

If the fc heat is too great the moisture escapes very rapidly and the wood is liable to crack or split. Russia adopted the metric system from January 14 of the present year. Great' Britain and the United States Let Us ISSUBD EVERY THURSDAY. PubHth All Official Proceedings, LOCAL NEWS. Mr.

Geroe of Studley was a pleasant caller Monday. Sugar cured hams I2c per pound at Cunningham's. J. W. Kline of Gradan delivered a loa4 of good hogs here yesterday.

Geo. Nesbitt, shoemaker at Hill City, will half-sole shoes 30, 40 and 50c. Work done while you wait. 2-15 The creamery station, for the month ending April 15, paid Thomas Born $31.00, F. R.

Bom $32.00 and one oth-er $34.74, for cream. School Item. Hill City school had two graduates this spring; Morland three. One graduate at Morland 1C0 per cent, in arithmetic. S.

Gadd of Klrwln, jeweler of that place, was in town to-day and made arrangements to be here for re-pair work every other Thursday, beginning June 6th. We visited at the farm of Hiram Baer in Allodium township Tuesday of this week. Mr. Baer has one of the best farms in the county, but about twenty-two years of work and care were required to make It such. UNDER THE BRITISH FLAG.

are the only civilized countries that have not adopted it. Vrescott, being almost blind, re '9 quired ten years to prepare "Ferdi nand and Isabella;" the "Conquest or Mexico" required six years and the Talk "Conquest of Peru" four. OF THE BLOOD ROYAL. Newfoundland, Iceland and Ireland are all very nearly the same size. India produces 170,000 out of the world's crop of 800,000 tons of tobacco.

Sidney, Australia, kitchens are generally on the top floor. Clothes are dried on the roof. Twelve hundred and thirty-six miles of wire fencing against rabbits have been built by the Anstralian government. The discovery of coal in the Klondike has brought forth an order from Ottawa that a royalty must be paid on coal, just as on gold. This order was recently received at Dawson and caused a general as cn- The czar read? many books, but sel To dom' picks up a newspaper.

George III. had the family taint of lunacy, and for many years was in sane. You Empress Elizabeth of Russia was one of the stoutest women of her time. Charles Mnrtel, or Charles the Ham vumers say the price oi met is al mer, carried a mace weighing 30 A pounds. ready sufficiently high without the addition of royalty.

The king of Siam, wears what la W.H.Smith of the Downs Times was a guest of James Balrd's two CELEBRITIES OF THE DAY. probably the richest state attire of any reigning monarch. The jewels worn on such occasions are valued at over 200,000. Little Ex. Gov.

Llewellyn Powers, the new congressman from Maine, is G2 years When the dowager empress of Ger weeks ago Sunday. Mr. Smith was practically raised in Allodium twp, and, we may say In this connection, that Irvln Hogue of the Greenleaf Sentinel grew up In Gettysburg township, this county. many first came to the Berlin court old, and has been active in politics since 1864. He owns 170,000 acres cf It was remnrked to Baron Hum This is no Proclamation timber land.

boldt, then an old man of .90, that the prince, her husbnnd, to Elihu Boot, secretary of war, made but a statement of a few her in everything. "Very properly Notice of Equalization Meeting. up his mind when he was ten years old to be a lawyer, but a combination of circumstances made it impossible so," replied the great scientist, "sne All parties feeling themselves agrieved plain propositions. We for him to -take up the study of the law until he was over 21 years of by the assessment of real or prrsonal property for the year 1901 will take call attention to our age. notice that the board of county commis Gatling, the famous gunmaker, sioners will meet as a board of equall does not confine himself to devising GENERAL STORE is the wiser man of the two.

By a curious chance, George, the second son of the king of Denmark, has, reigned for a longer period over Greece than his father has over his native kingdom, George having been elected king of the Hellenes in March, 1863, while King" Christian did not ascend the throne until six months later. SEVERAL LITTLE MATTERS. zatlbn Monday, June 3d, 1901, and will means for the destruction of human life. He is continually trying to im give to all parties a hearing; at which prove agricultural machinery. Cu time all errors may be corrected.

k. B. Garnett, county clerk. riously enough, his first invention was a seed sowing machine, while his latest is a horseless plow. Montana's new senator, Paris Gib son, is a popular man in Minneapolis, W.

Collins Minn. He started the first woolen mill in that city, but failed in the panic of 1877, owing his employes nearly $10,000. Soon after Gibson went to Montana and a decade later returned to Minneapolis and paid off everv cent of his indebtedness, with interest at seven per cent. Edward A. Ross, whose dis missal from Leland Stanford univer Can be found at the old stand with a Clean, Fresh Stock of Groceries Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, which are being sity has caused much unfavorable comment in the newspapers, has been elected professor of sociology, at a We do not claim to keep EVERYTHING, but we do claim to have about every line represented, and some lines very conv plete, with up to date, fresh goods, latest styles.

See our Dry Goods, tions, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Groceries, Hard ware, Harness, Farm Inv plements and Lumber. And we have Coal, too. Get our prices on farm implements and wind mills. G. W.

STOBER MORLAND. KANSAS Georgia has a hypuotist who declares he can put a man on a bicycle and make him win a race in spite of himself. The largest cut stones known are In the Temple of the Inn at Baalbec. Many are more than CO feet long, 20 feet broad and are of unknown depth. A white object can be seen at a distance of 17,250 times its own diameter in strong sunlight that is to say, a white disc a foot across can be seen 17,250 feet away.

The new hospital at the tlniversity of Virginia (Charlottesville) was opened on the anniversary of the birth of Mr. Jefferson, the founder of the institution. Founder's day will be observed annually hereafter. A number of young filbert trees have been sent to the agricultural department from Greece. The nuts from these trees are the largest and have the finest flavor of any filberts the department has yet discovered, and every effort is to be made to encourage their growing.

IN FOREIGN LANDS. large salary, at the University Nebraska, Lincoln, and has also been made university lecturer in so ciology at Harvard university. The University of Nebraska will give him leave of absence to deliver his lec tures at Harvard next year. The Deering Combined Binder and Header is the latest in new machinery sold at prices that is sure to please. Also headquarters for the celebrated Lincoln flour, "Old Abe' "Queen of, Kansas" and "Tip To Call and see MORLAND, KANSAS and worthy perhaps of investigation Combined machines have been consid ered impracticable, but this latest is considered to meet every requirement.

The Deering Combined Binder and The dusting of the books in the II Header has a 10-foot cut and is of very brary of the house of lords costs 50 simple construction. A t. sample ma chine can be seen back of the. Inde a year. Showers and cool weather.

pendent building. TTTTIin'TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

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