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The Morland Independent from Morland, Kansas • 4

The Morland Independent from Morland, Kansas • 4

Morland, Kansas
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tttttttiitttttimiiMM RARE DITS OF VERSE. A feature of tome 50 Congregational churches are men's chibs which aim to 3 TheQtyBam SMITH JC keep up good fellowship and secure concerted action on matters of municl-ipal reform) The remarkable longevity of the So G. DMALKH Kansas ciety of Friends has been fully sus- tained during the. last year, the aver- f.lorlacl AMD Fwsr CLASS TURNOUTS LUMBER, COAL and BRICK Tom Lankford.M'g'r MORLAND -KANSAS WlaalMT Hti Fortaac. Well, he taid, all the credit To mother Is due: For this fortune you speak of, She rave me the clew.

When she said, at our parting "Remember, my son. That prosperity's always By industry won! "And whatever your labors, i Though tedious And hard, If you stick to them closely, bring their reward. For the man who's an idler. Remember, my son. When he most needs Is wanted by none.

"Now the world Is before you! Be honest and true. And be steadfast of purpose In al! that you do. And though bitter your struggles, Remember, my son, Through the hardships of battle, The vlct'rys won!" D. B. Williamson, In Golden Days.

age age at death from to loo years in the United Kingdom being 61 years 7 months and 7 days. Two members (both females) were over 100. Gen. Booth, being asked with others: "What in your opinion is the chief danger, social or political, that confronts the coming century?" replied: "lam of opinion that the chief dangers which confront the coming century COMMMTCCL TRAVEL A SPECIALTY Reasonable rates Teams fed riTii nnirTTi ii innii www will be religion without Holy Ghost; nWTnTIH TITLES nw RAILROADS Christianity without Christ; forgive- TlPfifl wit limit rsnanfa aa cat oat Inn Jes FoollnV She set to me: "I wlsht you would A Texas road, the Kansas City, without regeneration; politics without Jes' quit all time a-teasn me. Ttoonmnn Mr nl fa tnarolv oallorf w.u v.

luvuv Fr'm morn till night It seems that you Kaysee, cutting off the last part of Don fer a minit let me be. COLLEGE ATHLETICS. Go 'way now, feller! Let me 'lone: I never liked you much no how." But Bay, she smiles when she set that, it. Sap is short and sweet. It has been contracted from S.

A. meaning San Antonio Arkansas Pass, one of the principal lines in Texas. She's jes' a-rooiln', I'll allow. The University of Pennsylvania is trying to raise $4,000 to send its crew to Henley to compete against 1 go to zee her Sunday night; Because a little road up in Nova She alters sea she doesn't care Scotia with the ponderous title of Oxford and Cambridge. If I don't come, but why has she Them bran'-new ribbons In her hair? the Dominion Atlantic reached the Thirty-five of the 2,650 students of An' why's she got her best dress on? Jes' tell me that, tell me now: But still she sex she doesn't cares Still Jes' a-foolin', I'll allow.

T'other night I told' her straight land made famous in Longfellow! Yale university responded to a call poem tourists have given it the title for a mass meeting to pass on rules of the Evangeline road, and perhaps for the eligibility of athletes. The this is more appropriate than the thirty-five made the rules for 900 other. It is certainly more plctur- baseball football and track men. esque. 7 For eight years a Fulton has played Down in Texas and the neighbor- second base for the University of ing states they have a habit of Illinois baseball team.

This year I loved her, an" you orter see That little flirt jes' tip-toe up An give the sweetest kiss to me. Ah-m-m-m! 'twas sweet, but still she said She didn't like me much nohow. An' then she laffed an squeezed my hand still a-roolln', I'll allow, i Bruce Fulton, who was expected to hold the position, is ill and the long line of succession in the Fulton fam- handling the railroads without gloves when it comes to giving names. A favorite plan is to take the princi Chicago Evening Post. The Meteor.

I saw a little meteor fall Across the midnight sky- Bright for an instant and then all Snowbirds. On twinkling wings they eddy past. At home amid the drifting, Or seek the hills and weedy fields Where fast the snow is sifting. Their coats are dappled white and browa Like fields in winter weather, But on the axure fky they float Like snowflakes knit together. I've heard them on the spotless hills Where fox and hound were playing, And while I stood with eager ear Bent on the distant baying.

The unknown fields are their preserves, Where weeds and grass are seeding; They know the lure of distant stacks Where houseless herds are feeding. cheery bird of winter cold, I bless thy every feather; Thy voice brings back dear boyhood days When we were gay together. John Burroughs, in Century. A Muscular Musician. Our Jane has always had the crass To play as Paderewskl plays.

And that she has acquired his ways We've evidence bombastlcal. For our piano wildly quakes With daily epileptic shakes The while she thereat hourly takes Her exercise gymnastlcal. No sooner doth she get her pose Than she each trained extensor "throws Upon the keys with blows on blows Surpassingly herculean; She pivots here, she pivots 1here. Lands knock-out punches everywhere, Till tonic forces fill the air E'en to the vaults cerulean. Crescendos on crescendos chase Forzandos o'er the keyboard's facs, And when with tuttl forza brace She climbs the heights vociferous, We mount our wheels and ride away Ten miles beyond her muscles' play, Yet do we hear at close of day, Her volleying soniferous.

Boston Courier. pal Initials of a rond and spell them ily will be broken, out. Only a native of the southwest- give his baseball men the "good ern ranches would know that Pee eye" Coach Stagg, of the University Gee stands for the Kansas City, Pitts-of Chicago, has his candidates turn burg Gulf road. theirbacks to the batsmen and turn A little road in Mississippi, the quickly around when they hear the Chester. Perrvville.

Sainte Genevieve bat hit the ball. It requires much Was as. before no line or trace Was left to show me where It passed! And oh, must When men shall cover up my face And draw the curtains down at last, Fade as the meteor from the scene burn action on 4he part of the candidate, and brilliant one-hand stops were a feature of the practice. for awhile With manly passions, to descend And in a little pile Of unconsidered dust achieve my end? SCIENTIFIC DATA. S.

E. Klser, In Chicago Times-Herald. Success. A Farmington, has the longest title of any in America. This contains no fewer than 43 letters, but two other lines are close to it, the Richmond, Nicholas ville, Irvine Beattyville and the Southwestern, Arkansas Indian Territory.

The Chester line is only 27 miles long. Only one man has had the honor of having his name used in connection with one of the largest systems. The late Henry M. Plant has a monument in the Plant Railway and Steamship company. He started the i Success! It' Is won by a patient endeavor, The male mosquitoes do not bite, but live on the juices of flowers and plants.

In the pupa state the Hessian fly can scarcely be distinguished from a flaxseed. The greater part of the earth's crust, the water and the air, consists of but few elements. Oxygen forms one- Energy's fire, and the flame-glow of Will; By grasping the chance with a "Now, now or never!" Urging on. on! while the laggard stands still. Success! It is facing Life's trials, undaunted; Fighting the present forgetting the past: By trusting to Fate, though for years shu has taunted, And bearing Time's scars; facing front, to the last! half by weight, silicon a quarter: aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium.

sodium and potassium form 23 peT having about two per cent, for all the other elements. system whicn nas expanaea irom a few miles until it extends through Georgia, Florida and Alabama, representing in all 2,000 miles, not including several steamship lines. OF CHURCH INTEREST. I la the Cities of the World. The cities of the world, one after one, Like campflres of a night, in ashes gray One of the chief governing Instincts among wild birds is the sense of fear.

Success! Would you win It and wear its bright token? Smile and step out to the drummer's light Ult; 1Mrtit nn till th last Inrh of nwnrrl.hlad Crumble and fall; the wind blows them This feeling of fear is not apparent in away. Karnak and Nauej-atis and Babylon Where now are their kings' palaces stone? of As the card houses children build In play, lempesi and name and ruin and decav is broken. Then do not say die. Fight on with tbs hilt! Mary. Markwell, in "Success." The man who is correctly dressed during the coming spring and summer will find himself clothed "head to.

tnp with npitir unnnrol Hmn ham Have wasted them, and all their lights are birds until ten or twelve days after birth. All perching birds acquire the instinct of fear at from eight to ten days after birth, and this Instinct becomes the controlling factor in the subsequent experiences of the bird, being either lessened or increased by circumstances. PEOPLE ON THE STAGE. gone. Ihus, even thus, Manhattan.

London Rome, Like Unsubstantial flements shall lUnnrt There are 618 Catholio priests In active service in Wisconiin. Australia has 6,100 churches, 210 for every 10,000 of hr population. Last year there were 61,570 pupils In the Catholic parochial schools in Massachusetts. It Is estimated that there are now 23,000,000 communicants of Presbyterian churches. Ice cold summer drinks at the Cunningham's.

1 Fresh and cured meats at Their treasure hoards of wisdom and of art, Which war and toil have won, a ruthless nana Will scatter wide, as Jewels the wild foam uatners and wastes and buries in the sand Mme. Bernhardt has played 112 different roles. Bertha Galland, sow in the support of James K. Hackett, will be placed at William Frescott Foster, in Atlantic. worn for several seasons.

This pecially true of the l-berdasher'a goods, the advance styles of- which alt show a decided tendency toward quieter and neater effects than have prevailed for some time. Subscription $1. More readinsr matter in thU paper than in any other iu the county. 1111 TTITTTTTTtttTttYttttltI the head of her own company by Dan New Blacksmith and A little bit of sorrow And a little bit of fun; A little bit of resting And a little bit of run. A little bit of laughter And a little bit of weep; A little bit of waking And a little bit of sleep.

A little bit of hoping And a little bit of fear; A little bit of lonesome And a little bit of cheer. Why be apprehensive As to what the day may bring? Where's the use of kicking Over such a little thing? Washington Star. 3 Wagon Shop iel Frohman next season. "It's queer how the uninitiated think the malady called stage fright is peculiar to says an actor of long standing. "As a matter of fact, the older players sometimes have it worse than do the new ones in the profession." The following brought in grain and stock to Morland, beginning last Saturday: D.

L. Adams rye, Jos. Lutz corn, Sam Ridgley hogs, Joseph Toll wheat, Henry Morgan hay, Jos. Rei-del hogs, John Reichmeir hogs, Tom Born hay. W.

Z. Moore has been employed in the egg storage business this week. Front Bam P. Milliron, Proprietor MORLAND. KANSAS New work and Horseshoeing fc a Sspecialty All work guaranteed Geo.

Northrup, who is at Kansas tv. writes to G. W. Stolcr that he will return to his place here and re PHILIP HOLMES, Prop'r First class rigs at reasona' Me prices. Commercial travel main, on acccunt ot his health.

Wm. Good roe is expected home from Morland, Kansas Emporia normal school, day-after-to a specialty TTTTI TTT Tf TTTI 1 1111X111 1 morrow..

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