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Medicine Lodge Chief from Medicine Lodge, Kansas • 5

Medicine Lodge Chief from Medicine Lodge, Kansas • 5

Medicine Lodge, Kansas
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E. CONLISK, are our authorized solicitors, and all favors extended them, will be cordially reciprocated by the CHIEF. Local Items. Subscribe for the CHIEF. Kaftan repairs watches and clocks.

Ex-sheriff Nelson was in town Tuesday. A full line of clothing, boots and shoes at UNCLE DICK's Ben De Pui took the train yesterday for Wichita. Winter caps at any price at R. M. WOODWARD'e.

Mr. H. Shannon and Miss Hattie Stevens were married last night. Sami Northeraft has taken Harry Plagplace at Pearson' drug store. Go to Mullikin', the Blacksmiths for all kinds of worM guarenteed.

Men in their shirt sleeves was not an un. common eight on our streets Wednesday. Bring your job work up to the CHIEF office and have it aratly and cheaply done. Lightning was seen last night, the first we have seen for several years, in the winter. Juck Landon was made Imppy, the 31st by having a ten pound, female addition to his family.

There wil be Catholic service at Sherlock's hall next next Sunday, by Rev. W. litter. Old Dame Nature seems to smile on us this week, yet "no man knoweth what 8 day may bring forth." DIED: -At the residence of Mr. G.

W. 0-borne, Mrs. Susan Stoughton, on last Tuesday, the 3d at the age of 77 yrs. and 3 months. Byerley, Dark and Ranyan are aware that we are experiencing hard times and will continue to sell goods at cost, with ten per cent added to pay expenses.

Mr. H. G. Evans was op the streets again Luceday, he having been contined to his Jonase for the last three weeks on account of a sword cut, received in the war which has been aff-eting him of Inte, Goods at cost with ten per cent. addition.

al to cover the cost of handling, at Byerley, Dark Runyan's. They have been selling really below actual cost, and their off just pays them for their work only. Harry Jameson, formerly of this county and member of the oid cattle hrm of Jones, Prosser Jameson, and nom a resident of Grant county, came to this city Wednesday. and will spend several days with us before returning. He reports plenty of snow, but suftering, as was reported in than county, (The Steward Concert Company performhere on last Tuesday and Weduesday nights to large and appreciative audiences.

They furnished this city with some of the best music that it has ever been our pleasure to li-ten to, and they were encored at the end of nearly every piece. The piauiet is an exceptionably good oue. Here we are. Do you see us? We will offer for another 10 days, the Blowing prices on flour: From 75 cts. to $1.50 per sack.

And we guarantee every sack to be the BEST FLOUR ever bold for the money in this state. This is an unprecedented offer, and will last for another 10 days yet. Davis Davis. We have engaged a regular correspondent in Washington, who will furnish our readers weekly, with a letter from that piace, 'This will make the CHIEF doubly an cresting, so subscribe for it at once and the beu fit of this which begins with, Es art in with the year and give the poor paper" a boost that will pne- it in every laboring home the conuty. BYERLEY, DARK RUNYAN COME AND GET YOUR WINTER GOODS.

COST. Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps; A AND NOTIONS. We wish to make a change. in our Business FEB. Ist And for that reason offer you our Elegant Stock In large or small quantites at Actual COST (With Ten Per Cent Added, to Pay Actual Running Expenses.) COME AT ONCE AND SECURE BARGAINS IN JUST WHAT YOU NEED.

-TERMS CASH. Medicine Lodge, Kans. BYERLEY, DARK RUNYAN. Hank O'Brien was in the rity Monday. Byerley, Dark Runyan will still give you bargains.

Take your watches and clocks to Kauffman's to have them repaired. The best flour in the market, the Oxford patent, at Uncle Dick's A bushel basket would not hold all the good resolutions that were made only to be broken, Sunday. Comrade Calling table is supplied with the best she market attords, and are invited to a seat at it. Mrs. C.

T. Freeman took the hack for abel, Tuesday, where she embarked on the train for Coldwater. We will take all kinds of conntry pro duce on subscription, and will allow you the highest prices paid B. F. King, who is managing the livery business of Dora.

Roberts at label, came down to this eny, Tuesday. I have got a few of those fine dish and wilch pans left. Coine in and get you some DICK. Louis Eckert's pony, which was burned on the head and neck, in the livery stable fire, is still far from well. Sores of this kind are very difficult to heal.

If you want any statements, bill heads, note heads, or stationary of any kind, neatly executed on short notice, call at the CHIEF office and leave your orders. The few surviving turkeys are looking ry dejected over the recent slaughter of their companions. However, they died in al good cause and their demise is not to be deplored. G. E.

Conlisk has put in another stock of goods at the same old stand, where le will be pleased to see his old customers and wang new ones. He will conduct a real: estate exchange. and if you want to buy or sell property, you should see him. The citizens of our usually quiet city were aroused from their lethargy on last Monday morning by the appearence on our streets of a couple of performing bears. ac.

companied by their masters, who, alter 8 purse had been wade tor them by the crowd, proceeded to wrestle, perform tricks with the bears, very much to the amusement of the on-lookers, who responded very liberally to their exaction for 1001- ex and followed them wil over town, for the whole forenoon, when they took their departure toward the north, evidently seeking or new to conquer," and undoubtedly taking with tiem several dol Lara' worth of that very mostle cu mmodity namely y. The cold wave struck us last niget. Go to Dick's" for Christmas toys, a large stock cheap, for cash, W. T. Collins wants to see you at the A venue House when you are hungry.

Java Coffee four and a half pounds for one dollar at Unele Dick's. Monday, being a fine day to what we had been having, brought many farmers to town. Five hundred pairs of gloves at starvasion prices, at Uncle Dick's" Mullikin the Blacksmith is now open and is prepaired to do all kinds of work. Harry Freeman went to Baldwin, KanS88, lust Sunday, where he will attend school. If you want meats of all kind, fresh and salt, call at T.

Marquand's. city meat market. Everything is lovely and I am selling Queens Ware at "Razzooping" prices, R. M. WOODWARD.

Go to the Avenue House for a square meal -Comrade Collins will treat yon good. Dick Woodward has the best coffee in town, four and one-half pounds for one dollar. A. J. Jones having resigned.

H. L. Shan. non was appointed, Tuesday, to the office of' County Attorney. He will make an ef.

ticient officer. Earle and John Young. aged 17 and 15 respectively, and sons of onr photographer. celebrated their birthday on the evening of the They had an excellent time, We will continue to sell all our Winter Goods at actual cost. Clothing, Woolens, Blankets, Shawls, Cloaks Boots Shoes at Big Rednetions.

We are headquarters for everything in our line. Come and try us. Full weights. 36 inches to the yard, and no misrepreentatione. Davis Davis.

Last Wednes ay evening being the regular meeting of L. A. K. of No. 8624.

the officers elected at the previous meeting, were regularly installed, with the exception of two offices which were not filled at the regular election, The Assembly is still in good working order and all those bers who have lately fallen from grace should now attend. AR all back diva have been repudiated wad the present tens an I reduced. Conlisk has traded his store off George lie trades so often that it is hard to again. track of trim. This time he has traded keep it to Mr.

A.J, Johnson, who moved it to Sawyer the first of the week. George go a house and lot in the south part of the city for the stock. He will probably put in a stock again some kind of goods, as he wont let a good chance to trade slip by him without hitting it a little. This week as was promised, we enlarge the CHIEF. We hope you will all apprect.

ate this, and help us to keep it up to this standard. But this caunot be done witho and we once more kindly ask our money, dear delinq I I I I I ents to assist 119. We shall, as soon as we can, send out statements to all indebted to us, and after a reasonable time, ('some arrangements are not made, we ll have to put the accounts in the of an attorney. We believe that we are asking nothing but what is fair, and hope that none of you will see otherwise. With good wishes for all, we begih the new Persons desiring to plant cotton next year should procure or engage their seed of Mr.

Durst, as he is continually receiving orders for seed out side of the county and there is no more seed here than just what ought to be planted in this county. Ir you have concluded to raise cottonwhich every farmer ought to have doze long ago--you should not let Mr. Durst send any of this seed out of the county, but put every seed in the ground and let it bring forth the remuneration that cannot be gained by raising any of the crops usually cultivated in this latitude, Come and get enough. to plant all you can attend to property. STRAYED.

One calf branded horse shoe, bar on left side. Any person claiming such calf will forward bill of sale and I will pay them the value of the calf, $5,00. Address GEORGE LAFFOON, Ay lla, Kens READ THIS OFFED. The Kansas Former, published at Topeka, bae. been enlarged to a 20-page, 80-colump paper, and: reduced in prio to $1 a ar.

It ranks StOnE the best agricul papers in the country, and for Kansas farm ore it is the best, because it is 108 te up specially for them. It is Daw 24 gars ole condinoted by practical farmers and. publiewei wholly in the interest of agriculture in the broudest seuse of the ward. The Parter pabli hes full stock and weather reporta for the eutire Site seven times 8 rear. it also publishes, weekly, a list of All tray taxes up in any part of the Stat raarie arrangements whereby we can ed sh Cuter and the Kansas Parmer, both.

pavote our year for ed $1.15. papers Th for is an opportunity 6s got 4409 a. very ou. isy. Nea Wonders exist in thousands of DEEP vels forms, but ofinvention.

are surpassed Those by who the are mar- in need of work that can be done while living at home should at once send cheir address to Hallet cortland, Maine, and receive free, full intormation how either sex, of all can earn from $5 to 825 per day and upwards whereever tney live. You are started free; capital not required; have made over 850 in single day at this work: and all acceed. USE STEWART'S HEALING CREAM For Chapped Hands, Lips, etc. It makes. the akin smooth, soft and white; cools and heals the face after shaving; also cures Burns, Salt-Rheum, ents from corn husking, etc.

This Cream is the most satisfactory preparation made. Price, 15 and 50 cts. a bottle. It your druggist does not keep it and will not order it, send 24 cents in stamps for large sample bottle to STEWART HEALING POWDER Co. 404 N.

2d St. Louis, Mo. CHICAGO COTTAGE ORGAN Has attained a standard of excellence which: admits of no superior. It contains every improvement that inventive genius, skill and money can produce. OUR EVERY ORGAN AIM IS RANTED.

FOR TO FIVE EXCEL. YEARS. These excellent Organs are celebrated for vol-. quality of tone, quick response, in variety of ume, combination, artistic design, beauty finish, perfoct construction, making them the most attract ive, ornamental and desirable organs for schools, churches, lodges, societies, etc. ESTABLISHED REPUTATION, UNEQUALED FACILITIES, KILLED WORKMEN, BEST MATERIAL, COMBINED, MAKE THIS THE POPULAR ORGAN Instruction Books and Piano Stools.

Catalogaos and Price Liata, on application, 78. CHICASO COTTAGE ORGAN CO. 831. BLUE ISLAND CHICAGO, ILL..

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