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Winona Messenger from Winona, Kansas • 5

Winona Messenger from Winona, Kansas • 5

Winona Messengeri
Winona, Kansas
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PERSONAL. HERALDINGS. Clinton, July 22. Richard Wmm Oil Look out for big bargains at Fish Mrs. Farrier arrived home last ers.

Head bis ad in another column. Snell son of Ool. Thomas Snell of this city and a leading lawyer of Webster City, Iowa, has left republican party And is now president of the democratic club of that citv. Tuesday from her visit east Entered at the postoffice, at Winona, Kansas, as second class mall matter. Winona is beginning to put on Met Will Nichols bos returned from his ropolitan airs with three noted bicycle extended trip after horse thieves.

A. 8. BOOTON, EDITOR. ists Bliss, Snyder and Clark. J.

P. Israel of the Clipper went to TAKE NOTICE. The Logan county Sunday school Its real nice to be made a prisoner DOWN THEY COME WILL OFFER FOR THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS SOME OF THE GREATEST BARGAINS TO DE HAD IN DRY GOODS CLOTHING BCCTS shoes hats notions etc We have a fine line of dress goods of every description at prices from lfkta Nebraska this week after Mrs. Israel. WINONA, JULY 28 1888 W.

R. Benham was at goodland convention will be held at Russell Springs August 8th and 9th, 1888. Rev. J. A.

Bright, general secretary of for stealing horses, token to the best hotel in town, put in a first class room, and allow their best girls free access to it (the room). Nice ain't it. this week looking after his flour and feed business there. the State Sunday-School Association Miss Mollie Noble and Miss Clara UNION PACIFIC TIME CARD. Westward.

Young men should be very careful will be present and take part in the exercises. All cordially invited to attend. F. E. Canan.

President Putman were callers at the Messenger head quarters last Monday. how they take off a lariat rope with a horse at one end of it. No 201 Pacific ex ess 11.49 p. m. 1 203 Western 12.44 p.

in. Miss Gracie Johnson and Miss Ella 211 Time friecrbt 5.24 p. m. R. L.

Smith and Will Nichols, W. A. Stuart, Secretary. The Mills bill passed the house by a to 75 cts per yard. 213 Way 2.05 p.

m. started out lost week to hunt horse Riply were in Winona lost Monday and of course called on the Messenger. Also agricultural implements of all kinds- Eastward. Mr. E.

L. Short the McAUaster R. No 202 Atlantic express 4.19 a. m. vote of 162 to 149.

This is a sure in dication that the democracy of the county is for the people-people. The monopolists and million 104 Eastern thieves, and we have no doubt but they will find some before their return. Word has been sent that they are on track of some, and are likely to scare up some, (horse thieves) any tiin 4.21 p. m. R.

Agent was in Winona lost Tuesday. Mr. Short is very popular in 512 Time freight 3.36 a. fill Woy 9.45 a. aire manufacturers, their trusts and Winona.

J. S. ADAMS Agent Hay Rakes Mowing Machines Cultivators and in fact anything You wanT come in and see us and if we have not got it on hand we, will get it for yon at prices that will defy com e-tition. We will not be undersold. We mean business and will meet com petition in prices or anything in the merchandice line and when you come boodlers have recieved their first real Mrs.

Bliss is expecting to Although the boys that stole Mr An-ghinbaughs horses have been caught had a prelminary examinator, plead 'ti 1 ivfw, rrwa UM nnrtv a raauves ana irienas in defeat. Subsidies and class legislation have been prevented by a democratic house, but this is the first blow struck for the special ear future, lust it benefit miss Mollie Noble and Mr. Mrs. Henry Davis contemplates at existing laws that have been wholly in the interest of the rich. We pre visit to old 111.

this fall. guilty rand sent to Hays City Jail to await the next term of court. We have'nt the least doubt in the world but what Smith and Nichols will catch one or two. Charley liealey, as tfiey were ootn go TOWN DO NOT FAIL TO GALL SEE sume that the republican senate will Mr. Geo.

C. Flemming Clerk of the ing away next 4y. Aunty is always dome' 8omethiuc that pleases the district court, was up last Wednesday obstruct, and if possible continue the the oppressive tax. Millionaires leg us Respectfully yuung folks. Later.

The boys have returned looking after the interests of George. islate for their kind. Ex. Humphrey is the man moved by the looking very much wearied. They made a good record.

K. E. Wilcockson prosecuting SIMPSON, BURTON CO. We are advised by Mr. John Se republicans to run against John Mar- was in town a few days this week.

K. E. is hard on horse thieves, tin for govenor of Kansas. bastian, general ticket and passenger ATTENTION DEMOCRATS. In conformity to plans outlined by agent, Chicago, Kansas Nebraska Sheriff Perryman was in town this railwaw, who is now in Chicago, that Mr.

E. G. Edholin has purchased week and took three of Logan county the Democratic State Central Commit tee, all democrats, aud those who feel interested in the course of democracy a series of excursions have been ar one half iuterest in the beautiful town voters to the pen at Hays, -0- FARM LOANS. -0- ranged for by the Great Rock Island site of Clarks addition. This is one of W.

R.Benham left for Goodland are hereby requested to meet at the route for points in Kansas and Nebras the finest additions in western Kansas, last Saturday morning where he will Me8skngek office in Winona, at 4 o' ka on the following dates: August 21, and we admire Mr. Edholms judge stay a short time. He is having a I have better facilities for mak- clock p. Monday July 30th, for the purpose of organizing a Cleveland and September 11 and 25, and October 9 and 23. Rates, limit of tickets and went in making the purchase.

Every good business up there. lot is 50x140, and there is not a lot Thurman Club. further particulars to be announced Walt Oviatt has bought him anoth which is over 80 rxls from the mam Per Order of Committee hereafter. Comonwealth. er 1C0 acres of land, and has conclud business part of town, with the pros ed to stay in Logan county.

M. E. Boles, constable of Gove City, pects of several new business buildings ing farm loans than anyone in the county. Con take your application and make loan the same day, no delays whatever, money paid as soon us papers ore signed. You can't do better than see me before making this fall on upper main street.

This A. M. Gibbons and wife took came in Thursday night. He has sue ceeded in capturing Bigbee and Pat will be a very desirable property to in vest in. Mr.

W. J. Clarks fine farm drive to Russell Springs last Wednes day. rick, the two horse thieves that had stolen Aughinbaughs horses. He has odioins it on the north, and it is well E.

R. Faulkner, of Russell Springs, also succeeded in getting the horses, improved with good cultivation, build is in Topeka this week a delegata to Which goes to show that Mr. Boles is ings, correll, well and windmill, and an MADE PEACE WITH AN ENEMY. On several different occasions we have urged that Jack Crosby, proprietor of the blue-tront saloon, and better known to our people as "Private Jack be taken to the tree behind the court the court house and hauled up to a limb. We have given the names of eleven men who have been robbed and brutally beaten in his place, or who so stated to us, and we have incidentally referred to Jack as a train robber, bui'gler, horse thief, and incendiary.

the republican convention. an efficient officer, and the people of endless veriety of trees and shrubbery, Gove Co. ought to give him a promo tion. which presents an inviting appearance. air.

rnuip a. smith who owns They have not placed any lots on the farm on the north west qr. sec. 9-12- niarket yet, but will in the near future. 34 enlists for the Mkssengeb one year Dad Updegrove says old soldiers A LOAN on YOUR PLACE.

Can make you 5 year loanlwith the nriv-elage of paying at the end of any year. BE SURE you see me before filing your application. 3 Will loan as the cheapest IF YOU WANT A QUICK AHD.SAFE LOAN BE SURE THAT YOU COME TO V. JAG GAB. Russell Springs, Kansas.

of of imck iJiiiii mis in iuu acres as A car load of mill food just receiv learned to comfiscate horses during the war and some of them have not fine corn as you will see in any couii ed at Bouhauis. Air. Crosby dropped in to see us yet forgot how it is done. try, besides other cereals. Nick is a Newport Bro's are selling- flour at rustler and has got a well inmroved i.

i utu rocs prices. Call on Russell riiill Hour and feed lhe Misses Clara and Julia Put Office in Furniture Store. store for the beat Hour on the market, man, Miss Mollie Noble and Miss W. R. Benham Agt.

Mabel Gurdner. dined with Annt.v Mr. Chas. Bamburg of Collyer has purchased an inteiest in the mammoth dry goods establishment of L. A.

Fisher at this place, and will at once take possesion, and the way you can buy dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots shoes etc. will astonish you. The store will be renovated and a thorough clearance sale will commence immediately. Mr. Bamburg will be here in person to attend your wants.

load of fresh Just received car Miss llora Hamilton returned to ground inoal, chop and bran at Ben hams. her home near Wallace last Tuesday evening. She will be back to attend When yon are iu towri call at New- LOOK SHARP! Follow the Cwwi Ther's no use talking we the institute at Russell Springs. last Saturday. He did not come with a bludgeon or revolver, but as a friend and a gentlemen.

He also brought three bottles of rare old Hennessey, for which he will accept our thanks. Mr. Crosby convinced us that we were entirely mistaken in our estimate of him. He is no rough or tough. On the contrary, he was educated for the ministry, and his nature is peaceful.

He has never struck a man except in selfdefence, and has been basely maligned by rivals in business. Before concluding his pleasant call he subscribed for two copies of the Howler, and we suggest that it wonld be a good idea to make him sheriff next term. Arizona Howler. FEMALE HORSE THIEVES. Tuesday noon, two officials from Syracuse, Hamilton county, passed pert Bro's and got prices in their line W.

V. Dadds is giving the Messes of business. ger block a new coat of paint thi The best brand of flour in Logan ell week. Something that is necessary on Co. at Newport Bros.

Our old friend J. A. Cummings of Aledo 111. makes a remittance for the benefit of the Messenger. Thanks Mr.

Cummings, we hope to see you later. all the unpainted houses in the town, Remember Newport Bro's sell Mr. Votaw and wife left yesterday groceries cheap. for Denver after an extended visit with Wert. Leek and Wm.

J. McEwen Air an1 Tra -T Jr after due consideration we presume have left for Canada. They We hsve a big stock of Henderson Curtis Duvol of KitCarson Colora Boots and Shoes again. Why? Be- do has taken Mr. Burtons place while goods cheaper than any one else.

TRY THE HENDERSON SHOE, They satisfy the purchaser. Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furiiihhing Goods, Hats etc. The best goods for the least money all the time. mortgaged all the property they had and considerable they id not have, and cause they are the best in the world, he is away, at the store of Simpson through here, having in their charge Try a pair aud see if we are not telling Burton Co. Tom Rhodes aud Curt two female horse thieves.

They be have left the Colby bankers to mourn the truth- They will be sold at the will hold er down there loses. longed to the gentler sex but it would have been hard to find two men who lowest price. Dr. Hilte, S. W.

Grove and John H. C. AuRhinbaugh wishes to Rutledge Adams. looked "tougher" than they. The la extend his sincere thanks to the citi dies hired a team and buggy at zens and friends who so ably assisted PAGE BREEZE.

Hill, prominent citizens of Russell Springs, came in on the noon train Wednesday. Grove says he has been granger for the last three weeks in the county of Kearney. him on the search for his stolen horses, Rutledok Adams. "Winona Kausas. Mr.

William Jeans is kept busy har Syracuse July 3, stating that they wanted to make a drive of six miles. Failing to return within a reasonable vesting. and also their assistance in bringing the thieves to justice, and their kind ness will ever be remembered. Mr. Swanson will soon erect a new time the two gentlemen who hod them in charge, started in pursuit, overtak store, and also coal sheds.

Mr. it. M. Johnson who owns a fine claim on sec. 20- 12- 32 comes T.H Malone and Fred Rogers, of Rev.

Stamelene ha the boss well ing them seven miles north of Smith 128 feet deep and can not be pumped down this week for the Messesgfr' McAllasler, were in town Thursday. The boys have been speculating in Center, Smith county, in the north part of the state. They hod collected dry. He has been doing some good work Mrs. Long has returned to her on his farm in the way of improve horses along the route and had a Chicago Lumber Co.

WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL IN! Goodland property and have made a nice thing. They still own a good interest in McAUaster. home in Missouri, well pleased with "bunch" of five when captured. One of them made the remark that, had they had more time they would have her trip west. Mr.

Potter gave us an agreeable sur The Misses Lizzie Palmer and Grace prise last Saturday in the way of Cay wood made a flying trip to WTino- mess of nice green corn presented to got more. They also told the man to whom the Syracuse team belonged that he was mistaken about their say na last Monday. us. we are very thankful and will remember the donor. Mr.

Potter LUMBER, LATH, SHINGLES, SASH, DOOFS, O. T. Gustus's land office is nearly NO .21 The Passenger Department of the Union Pacific. "The Overland ltoute," has issued a neat little pamphlet, pocket size entitled "National Book, containing the Republican and Prohibition Platforms, together with the address of acceptance Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison says he will have plenty of such in the ing they wanted the team to drive six miles and claimed they said six hun completed do not fail to give him cull when in town. market soon There will be Sabbath School at L.

T. Bornt and Charley Healy dred. One of the women, as near as we are able to judge, was about 26 years old, and the other was evidently Page next Sabbath at 3 o'clock. Ev- started for old Mo. last Wednesday to ery body respectfully invited to attend, be gone a week.

Mr. Healey will vis beyond 35. They would both have been blonds hod it not been for the and Clinton B. Fisk also tabulated tables showing the plurality vote, the electoral vote and an analysis of the vote as cast for Cleveland and blaine The church festival at Mr. Foots it relatives and friends, and Mr.

Bornt lost Thursday evening was a grand will go to look after some timber 1 nd Lime, Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fence Posts And Viro. Rock spring Wyoming COAL. 1884. success, delicious ice cream and coke he owns there. They went by the was enjoyed by all.

way of Colby over the Rock Island to tanned and dirty condition of their complexions, and both had their hair clipped short. When captured they hod on men's clothing. They are ex This book is just what is needed at Mr. O. T.

Gustus is thinking some St Joseph. this time and should be in the hands of every voter. It plainly sets forth what each party has to offer and every read of employing W. H. Pettingall to bake his wedding cake.

That is if he pert horse women being able to put "hobbles" on a horse as well as a man, Dr. J. E. Hilts was in Winona over night last Thursday on his return from Oaklev. If Logan Co.

had a few should ever need one. having four head "fixed" in that man ner when the officers came upon them, Mr. Kenton Tolmen and family left more 8Ucu men pr Hilts she would er can draw his own comparisons, Sent to any address on application. Address, J. S.

Tebbets General Passenger Agent, Union Pacific Railway, Omaha, Neb. They seemed to treat their arrest as a last Monday for Smith county, where be lucky, as he is the most enterpris Large stock, good grades and low prices. Call and see us. opposite Fisher's W. W.

CLARK, Manager' huge joke. What's the world coming to. they will spend two or three Month mg man in Jhc county. Scott Citv Soutinel. viiattiDg relatives ai friends..

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