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La Cygne Leader from La Cygne, Kansas • 9

La Cygne Leader from La Cygne, Kansas • 9

La Cygne Leaderi
La Cygne, Kansas
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LOCAL ITEMS. (EASTERN KAS. BANKING 0 H. Maurer practical watchmaker and Jew ler and dealer in watches, clocks, iewelry, musical instruments Etc. Established 15 vears.

Mc-Cleary W.O. FULLER, President- JOHN HANRAHAM, Vice-Praaident- c. f. -r- The Presidents Thanksgiving Proc tarnation, Washington, Nov. 1 The President to-day issued the following prodama-tion: Constant thanksgiving and gratitude are due from the American people to Almighty God for his goodness and mercy hieb have followed them since the day he made them a nation and vouchsafed to them a free Government.

With loving kindness He has constantly led us in the way of prosperity and greatness. He has not visited with swift punishment our shortcomings, I but with gracious care He has warned I us of our dependence upon His forbear-I 4 IKI en a on 11 8We ot anee, and has taught us that obedience se? 26, 19, 24, 47 a. $3.12 tax, to His holy law is the price of a contin- COst aud nt- uance of His precious gifts. i Yuit claim Donaldson and wife In acknowledgment of all that God to Waterman Iron co, lot 18 69 La is done for us as a nation and to the ii on n.a Court House Hews. doings at the court house during THE lyST WEEK.

Special correspondent to the Leader. BEAL ESTATE TEAXsFERS. Geo Michael and wife, to Dorn aldson, of sec 13, 20, 24 and of 8 sec 18, 20, 25. $4,500. Samuel MaCIeary to Mary A.

of sec 32, 20, 24. $500. Linn eountyto Harmon, lot blkA. Barnard. $3.54.

lann county to Funk of of I4 and seven a off' side ot has clone lor us as a nation aud to the Cygne. $1.00. Paid in Capital, 850,000.00. Offices at La CygneH Mound City, Pleasanton and Blue Mound, loaned on real estate and personal security. Ample fund at all time all demands.

Parties contemplating making loans are invited to call an I OFFER FOR SPOT GAS Campaign Cigaks at Highleys. New lot of furniture at Martin Funks. Smoke Southwest cigars and be happy. The afternoon passenger train last Sunday was about two Jiours behind time. MTFiirniture, mattresses, curtains mirrors, eollins at Beazells Thuee passenger coaches filled with Mormons passed through the city Sunday.

A good, clean, gratifying, satisfying, no-den, ying smoke, is the "Southwest cigar. Thl Lane llaMetin bus icMed up th shooting slick and has gone to Osawut-omic. Starks Grocery Company will pay CASH for all produce and poultry. J. T.

Nolan, an employee on the steel gang at this place, had his left baud seriously hurt last Monday. One 20 one cigars are made from pure Duck Island filler, and are warranted free from all artificial flavor H. Higiiley. celebrated; end that on an appointed day the united prayer and praise ot a grateful country may reach the Tlironeof Grace, Grover Cleveland, President of the United States, do designate and set apart Thursday, the 29th day of November instant, as a day of thanksgiving and prayer, to be kept and ob-served throughout the land. On that day let all our people suspend their ordinary work and occupations.

Geo MeCleary and wife to Joseph Pine, of 4 52. and of if, 33, and of 28, all in twp 20 24, 200 acres more or less. $2 750. Willie Whitman to Elijah Stew art, lot 3, 116, Pleasaufon. $30.

Jeannette Alford and husband to Saunders of sec S3, 21, 22 Personal. John Starks went to Kansas City Tuesday. Chas. Jones, ofPaola, was in this city Sunday. Frank Wilgus visited in Blue Mound Sunday.

J. A. Snoddy, was in Kansas City last Saturday. Ralph Moody, of Mound City, was in the city Tuesday G. D.

Alexander went to Kansas City Tuesday on business. Gill Weaver visited with friends in this city over Sunday. Asa Rogers, of Springfield, was visiting in the city this week. W. B.

Hamilton was in Fontana We dnesday on business. Frank Anderson, the jolly paper man, was in town to-day. W. O. Fuller was down from La Cygue eduesday.

Clarion. Prof. Rex was in the city Wednesday and Thursday ou business H. S. Bates and Frank Wellman, of Paola, were in the city Saturday.

J. E. Latimer, editor of the Pleasanton Herald, was in the city Tuesday. Martin Funk returned to Kansas City Tuesday after spending two weeks in the city. Milt George passed through the city Thursday noon on his way to Spring field.

Mrs. Selwyn Douglas, of Paola. visited with her many friends here last Saturday, Miss Bertha Brayman visited her parents in Paola Saturday, returning Sunday noon. Ed. R.

Smith, of Mound City, passed through the city eduesday on his way Sargent 90 Gents ti Gall on. 90 Paint: Gents Gallon, Have All Color Will Sell You To Farmers. I desire to buy a qnantity of coni and will pay cash price for it. Come and see me. Jacob Miner.

i Sf and in their accustomed places of worship, with prayer and songs of praise, render thanks to God for ail His mercies, for the abundant harvests which have rewarded the toil of the husbandman during the year that lias passed, and for the rich rewards that have followed the labors of our people in their shops and their marts of trade and traffic. Let us give thanks for peace and for social order and contentment within our borders, and for our advancement in all that adtls to national greatness. And mindful of tlie afflictive dispensation with which a portion of our land has been visited, let us, while we humble ourselves before the power of God, acknowledge His mercy in setting bounds to the deadly march of pestilence, and let our hearts be chastened by sympathy with our fellow countrymen who have suffered and who mourn. And as we return thanks for all the blessings which we have received from the hands of our heavenly Father, let us not forget that He has enjoined upon us charity, and on this day of thanksgiving Jet us generously remember the poor and needy, so that our tribute of traise ami gratitude may be acceptable in the sight of the Lord. Grover Cleveland.

Lead and pay AT PRICES THAT WILL SATISFY YOU Starks Grocery Company will CASH for all produce and poultry. The sportsmen who have been camping northeast of town for the past two weeks, returned to Kansas City Monday so as to be therein time to vote Linn County according to the last agricultural report, raised this year 19,103 bushels of wheat, 2,005.417 bushels of corn and 572,260 bushels of oats. A child of Mr. and Mrs. J.

A. Crawford jumped off a high chair while playing and so sprained a limb as to cause serious trouble for a while, but now the little fellow is able to play about the store. The Ladiesgaveadinnerin the Fieid-man building on the west side pf Broadway on election clay and received a liberal patronage from the tired and hungry voters. Much credit is due the ladies for their efforts in this direction. Wall Paper All Grades From the Brown Blank to the Best Quality of EMBOSSED GILT I At Very Low Hricos.

to Hutchinson, Kansas. Miss Flora Rogers, accompanied by her brother, Torn, returned from Springfield, Saturday, Marshall, of La Cygne, was in the city a short time last Saturday. There are few better men in the country than Tom Marshall. Clarion. Mr.

W. H. Haynes came down from Kansas City Saturday evening and returned Wednesday morning, accompanied by his daughter Nora, who will visit relatives and friends for some time. The Feeders Winter of Discontent. lrof Shelton, Director of the Experiment Station at uthe- Agricultural college, says Short pastures obliged us to gather the College herd into winter quarters October 1, although the weather was warm aud sunny, and as unlike winter as one kind of weather can bo unlike another.

This means a steady pull at the hay mow and granery until the middle of April, at best, or much more likely until May 16, an uninterrupted feediug season of six anil one-half or seven mouths. The thought of this tremeudiug feeding season is not calculated to re-assure the mortgaged-bur-dened farmer. We wish to observe here that the question, how to reduce this feeding season, or, if it cannot be reduced, how to mitigate its terrors, is the most important of the problems that press upon us for solution to-day. The lame-grass question, the ensilage question, und a half-dozen other agricultural ideas that will occur to most minds, all bear upon this, the central aud vital thought how to lessen the expense of wintering our stock. As bearing directly upon this idea, we wish to offer a tew suggestions: 1.

A field of early.sowu rye, of size to suit the herd, or one clover and orchard grass preferred should be reserved for use at the time of the failure of the regular pasture fields. Corn and sorgnum one or both, when planted thickly, in drills, aud harvested when the seed is in the dough state, an unsurpassed feed, which may be hauled to the barnyard aud there fed with little waste during our dry fall season, to the great relief of the hay-mows. 3. Strip the herd remorselessly of ev ery hoof that is not sure to make 8 steady growth during the winter. Every barren female or doubtful breeder, every fairly grown steer or barrow ought to be seut to the butcher, or turned into the feed lot as preliminary thereto.

There are thbusauds ot animals iu Kansas, and every other fcState, that after having been wintered at an expense of $15 to $20, will be worth less, considered intrinsically, or from the standpoint of the market next May, othan they will fetch now. 1 -Have an Elegant Line of- Ceiling Decoration Starks Grocery Company will GASH for all produce and poultry. Notice. The barber shops will be closed up here after on Sunday. You will please try autl get in Saturday nights.

Henky Demoss. Charley West Would be Pleased to Show Them to You and Make Prices on Your Rooms Work Guaranteed. Keep a Full Line of Paints, Paint Brushes, Kalsomine VARNISHES AND CARRIAGE PAINTS, Including the Detroit Carriage Blacl Just the Thing to Paint Your Old Wagon No Varnish Required Makes a Good Finish A Mode! Stork Farmer. A model stock farmer is he who is content with nothing but the best, either in flocks or herds. He may possibly grow such stock as his farm is best adapted to, or he may buy a farm suited to the rearing of a certain kind of stock that particularly strikes his fancy, but in either case he stops short of nothing pay but the highest type of that which he breeds'.

The man who has a well-filled pocket-book and can stock his farm with pure breeds, with fashionable pedigrees, is not necessarily a model stock farmer. Such a one may be a very poor breeder indeed anything else but a model. It is no feat of wis doni to be able to purchase the prizewinners from some ones has spent years to bring his animals up to tin's hgh state of perfection. To the farmer that begins at the bottom of the ladder and with only the scrub stock that his limited means will buy, pro duces a flock or herd of superior animals by judicious crossing and grading up, the mede of praise is due. He makes the business a special life study finds great delight in experimenting and watching the results of his labors, and sets an example worth to be imitated.

He is in deed and in truth the model stock farmer. We learn to look to him for advice and instruction in his specialty, and we always find him just as reaily to impart as we are to receive the knowledge desired. However enthusiastic and energetic he may be in his work, he is never to busy to counsel the new beginner and give to him whatever is disired from his fund of wisdom. In practice he breeds to get all there is in the favorite kinds of animals he keeps upon the farm. He generally has a specialty of some particular breed of stock and improves it, approximating affection according to his standard of excellency, but he does not do this to the detriment of other kinds of stock, for they receive proper attention, and are graded up to high degree excellence.

The model stock farmer is of incalculable worth to the community in which he lives, but often receives poor W. H. BROADWELL. Last Monday evening burgulars tried to force an entreuce into the store of The back door was considerably damaged and a number of tools were found near, which had been taken from the blacksmith shop of Geo. Denny.

Blue Hound Fire, Last Friday morning news reached La Cygne of the destruction of the main part of the business street of Blue Mound. In all 22 store buildings Were consumed and most all the stocks of merchandise. The Joss is estimated at $100,000 and the insurance will reach $40,000. The origin of the fire is not known but it' is supposed to have started' in a drug store on the south side of the street. The wind was blowing very hard and it was impossible to control the flames, water was very scarce and the town had no fire apparatus with which to light the But fewbusiness buildings are left, the principal one, the opera house, in which is the bank, was saved.

This is a sad loss to the beautiful little city. The Ann of Cozad, Glucklieh Fisher, well known in La Cygne, lost their entire stock of groceries and about one-half of stock of dry goods, and their store building. Out of $20,000 of property they saved about $8,000 aud this was badly damaged. They were insured by $8,500. They immediately bought a new stock of groceries and are now doing business again.

The build ing that the Sun printing office was in was consumed, and the material of the office badly demoralized. The presses were broken and ruined, the enterprising proprietors have gathered up the pieces and will continue to publish the paper, doing the press work at Mound City. Messrs. Barnes Platt have our sympathy and we hope they will soon recover the lost ground aud let their "Snn shine as before. LUMBER 3T English Spavin Liniment re moves all Hard, Soft, or Calloused Lumps and Blemishes from horses, Blood Spayin, Curbs, Splints, Sweeney, Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen Throat, Coughs, etc.

Save 50c by use of one bottle. Every bottle warranted by W. I. Ellsworth La Cygne, Kansas. A CARD received from J.

A. Hooper, formerly of La Cygne, savs I have moved to Oregon. Will you please send the Leader to Lost Prairie, Wallowa county, Oregon. I am well satisfied, and have been getting from 2 to $3.00 per day all summer. Have taken a claim of 160 acres and moved onto it.

We are glad to learn this good news. The Mayor received a notice Friday from the Quartermasters Department at Washington, that the i $2500, appropriated for the soldiers monument at this place was ready to be paid over as soon as they secured a deed for the lots upon which the holdiers are buried. This appropriation was secured through agency and efforts of Sen. Plumb. Lot the people of Mound City see to it that they do their duty towards forming the Legislature, so as to send him back.

Mound City Progress. The public schools deserve mention for their work. LaCygue lias reason to feel proud of the good organization and grading of her schools. Since the schools were organized under the present system their growth in efficiency has been constant. To-day the work is better than ever in all respects.

Discipline is good, instruction is above the average, and the interest grows corres pond ingl.y. Correspondent to the Mound City Clarion. -AND- But tne poorest, and, in all respects, meanest, way of attempting the curtailment of the winter feeding season is the all too popular one of holding the herd upon tho brown amlj lifeless pastures long after the time when most of the grass has been consumed, while the little that remains is next to worthless in consequence of heat and frost. This practice of holding herds upon worn-out pastures and worthless stalk fields costs Kansas herds, every year, much of the flesh laid on during the summers, and Kansas farmers a sunt of mouey that looks up into the millions. A Large Stock of Screen Doors Lowest Prices Additional.

-AT THE- encouragement for the untiring energy put forth from those who should know and speak of him as, a public benefactor. W. W. Stevens, in Western F. E.

Pratt Lumber and Grain Co' Finished to Chicago. YARDS CORNER MARKET 4TII STREETS. Ash Grove White Lime, Clean Kaw River Sand, Cement, Pl.iste" IV Split Red Cedar Fence Posts at 10 cts. Give us a cull before pu; CHEAP EXCURSIONS SOUTH MEMPHIS ROUTE. Another series of half rate cxcursi on to southern points has been arranged the K.

C. F. S. M. R.

li. as fol lows On November 7, 13, 20 and 27, and on December 4 and 18 to points on its own lines in Southern Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi am. Alabama, Ou November 13 and 27 to points on St. L. A.

T. Ry. in Arkansas (via Jonesboro.) On November 7 and 20 and December 4 and 18 to West Poiut, Hammond, Baton Rouge, Jennings and Lake Charles, La. Tickets sold from Kansas City and stations in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. Writ for full particulars.

Send for copy of the Missouri and Kansas Farmer, an 8-page illustrated paper mailed free. J. E. Lockwood, Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agent, Kansas I ity.

A. D. W. SANDERS, irnmn i THE SANTA FE RUNNING ITS OWN TRAINS FROM KANSAS TO CHICAGO. The foremost thoroughfare Kansas City to Chicago and eastern cities.

The Chicago, Santa Fe California Railway, being the Chicago extension of the Atchison road, is completed to Chicago, and commences on Sunday, April 29th, to run through trains from Kansas Gily, iopeka, Atchison and St. Joseph to that city. The trains of the new line will be of the Vestibule patteren, of which so much has been said in the east, and will give the people of the west an opportunity to dip in and enjoy this much vaunted luxury. The idea oi popularizing the line with travelers has induced the Santa Fe to make a notable inovation connected with its Vestibule Trains: no extra charge will be made. All eastern lines charge extra for the additional accommodation.

Our people attending the Republican convention in June will have a chance to tost the new line. Tho Leader office is prepared lo print sale bills of nil kinds and sizes; come In and get prices. Southwest cigars are made from old Little Dutch tobacco, and contains no poisonous flavors. They are made to satisfy the most fastidious smokers. Try them.

The flavor is do lightful. Satisfaction guaranteed. Si gii ale at Ellsworths drug store The meeting held by the Democrats of La Cygne at the Opera Hall, last Saturday evening was a grand success. The hall was well filled and the speech madebyMr. J.B.

Chapman editor of the Ft. Seott Daily Tribune, was well received. His subject was largely the tariff and the way he handled it indicated that he had thoroughly mastered the subject and thoroughly understands the needs and wants of a producing people. Tho hearty applause by his hearers showed the extent of appreciation with which his remarks were re ceived. As a writer and newspaper man Mr.

Chapman is a grand success, aud as a public speaker ho has a pleasing delivery, forcible expression, and pses convincing argument, lie deals with no fanciful imagination but confines his remarks to solid, facts and truths which bring convictions. ffi i 'J A meeting of the Marias des Cygnes Memorial Association was held at Trading Post on Tuesday of last week. The handsome monument has been completed, and the directors approved it. The monument is 25 feet and 8 inches high, and cost $1,850. Public dedication services will be held on the 19th of May, 1889.

The following named directors were made a committee on general arrangements to secure speakers, etc. R. W. Blue, D. Underhill, S.

II. Allen, A. W.Hall and J. H. Madden.

Chas. Kirk Cos Uncle Toms Cabin at Opera House one night only Monday Nov. 11th, with a company of 25 star artists in a proper rendition of this the greatest of all dramas, Uncle Toms Cabin." We have a car load of special scenery painted expressly for this drama, a pack of Siberian blood hounds, pony, wonderful trick donkey and our $500 challenge colored quartette together with Prof. Seotts Brass band and our operatic orchestra under the leadership of Prof. Smith.

Reserved seats now ou sale at Ellsworths Drug Store at usual prices. Watch for our ffr nd street parade at 1 p. Bring the little ones out and learn a lesson in morality. mdm a DRY GOODS AT Auction. rsn.i Dit.

M. M. Bex can be found at bis residence on north Broadway where be is prepared to extract teeth. lie is an experienced dentist of over forty years. Call on him.

83 hull, Prairie Mange, ami Scratches cured in 30 min tiles by Woolfords Sanitary Lotion A sure cure and perfectly harmless. Warranted by W. I. Ellsworth Druggist, La Cygne, Kansas. Quit Leader cigars are acknowledged to be tlie best cigars in Kansas.

Try them and be convinced. II. IIiguley. Commencing Saturday, November 10, 1888, 1 will sell at auction my large stock of dry goods and notions. The 1 sales will continue from week to week until the entire stock is gone.

This will give you great chances to secure bargains. Messrs. M. E. Thorp and J.

V. Franklin, of Paola, two reliable auctioneers, have been employed. Dont fail to attend these sales. J. J.

STARKS. 55POONER PAT. COLLAR Cannot Choke Pjrse. Adjust. Itself to ary Horses Has two rows of Stitchimr, Will hold Hames in place.

None Genuine unless slam fed vith cur "Trade-Mark. ASK YOUR HARNESS' MAKER FOR It lias permnneut'v cured THorxi': of eases proimum eii bv dm lor- hoj-i-less. If yon li iv jueiuoi iloi-j- vuip-toms, such as t'oin-b, PitVu'U of Breathing, don't tv, Im PlfSO'S CURE fob COi-LVfTi'T immediately. By Druggie's. cenbi.

Buckleus Arnica Salve. The best salve In the world for cuts, bruise Bores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sore? tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and postiveljr cures piles, or no pay equired. It Is guaranteed to give perfect arisf action, or money refunded. Prico 35 eta er box. For sale by W.

I. Fllsworth..

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