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La Cygne Leader from La Cygne, Kansas • 5

La Cygne Leader from La Cygne, Kansas • 5

La Cygne Leaderi
La Cygne, Kansas
Issue Date:
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LOCAL ITEMS. OFFER FOR SPOT' GASH H. Maurer practical watchmaker and Jewler and dealer in watches, clocks, instruments 'Etc. jewelry, musical Established 15 vears. 1 THE CELEBRATED Sargent 90 Gents Gallon.

Paint Have All Colors. Persoual. Thurst Smith visited his mother in Ft. Scott over Sunday, returning Monday afternoon. Hugh Stephenson, of Paola, visited relatives in La Cygne the latter part of last week.

M. Classen, of Paola, merchant tailor, was in the city Monday visiting friends. Ida aed Cora Riggs, living northeast of La Cygne, started Monday afternoon for Kansas City. Mrs. Dan Glascock visited relatives in Paola over Sunday.

Eddie Funk returned to his studies in Olathe Tuesday morning. Flora and Cora Rogers left Monday for Springfield, on a visit. Miss Addie accompanied them as far as Ft. Scott. H.

Dellinger and daughter, Ida, H. M. Woodruff and wife, D. H. Sanders and wife, O.

D. Harmon, of La Cygne, and Dr. Rabb, of Seaman, are attending the National Encampment, G. A. at Columbus, Ohio.

-George Clodfelter, of Belleplaine, Kansas, and a nephew of F.M. Conley, is visiting in the city. -Mrs, I. Glucklich left Monday afternoon for St. Louis.

Mrs. J. E. Chapman entertained the ladies of the O. L.

Society, Wednesday afternoon. The next meeting will be at the residence ol Mrs. C. W. Olney.

WO Will Sell You New lot of furniture at Martin Funks. The store room of J. O. Rogers is being repapered and painted. t-Furniture, mattresses, curtains mirrors coffins at Beazells The Rich Hill military band passed through La Cygne Monday on their way for Columbus, Ohio.

ton Sale. A fine mule colt three months old. Inquire at H. Highleys bakery LaCvgne, Kansas. Db.

C. C. Atkinson is at his office in La Cygne every day except Monday and Tuesday. Dental work done in the best manner. All work warranted.

Dont neglect your teeth. Itch, Prairie Mange, and Scratches cured in 80 minutes by Woolfords Sanitary Lotion A sure cure and perfectly harmless. Warranted by W. I. Ellsworth Druggist.

La Cygne, Kansas. Notice, Cadmus, Kansas, Aug. 20, 1888. My wife, Mary E. Payne, having left toy bed and board without cause or provicatio.i, I will pay no bills contracted by her.

Walton N. Payne. Notice. I have returned from my trip to the aud am again ready for business, and henceforth all work intrusted to me shall be promptly attended to. H.

Mauker, GRAND Lead and Linseed Oil RALLIES! AT PRICES THAT WILL SATISFY YOU. -AT- DOINGS AT TnE COURT THE PAST WEEK. Special correspondent to the Leader. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The bitls for the construction of an iron bridge over Middle Creek, east of La Cygne, by the St.

Louis Iron Bridge rought Iron Bridge St Louis; Mo. Valley Bridge Works; Massilon Bridge Co. and Kansas City Bridge were all rejected by the commissioners. County commissioners at their special session, Sept. 10th raised assessment of Blue Mound Bank to $18,550.

The stonework for the Middle Creek bridge was awarded to E. H. Worden to be completed by Nov. 15, 1888, for $5 per cubic yard. TREASURERS OFEICE.

Taxes for 1888 become due and pav-able Nov. 1st. PROBATE COURT. Marriages Licenses. Douglas Maupin, Mound City, i Alice Baugh, Pleasanton, Issac Hutchins, Brooklyn.

Frances E. Long, Brooklyn. Andrew Campwell, Pleasanton. Mary A. Ham, Pleasanton.

Petition of Martha E. McLease, guardian of minor heirs of A. H. McLean deceased, to sell real estate. Hearing set for Sept.

27, at 3 p. m. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Chitwood and wife to Shaver Its 3 and 4 in nw fr of sec 3, 21, 23 ex 2 a on side of 1 4, and 27. 160 of an a on the side of 1 4.

$4,500. Tax deed Linn county to Ogden 85 a in see 4, 21, 24. $60.62 tax ent and cost. Same to Ogden, 1 2, see 7, 20, 24. $4.68, tax ent and cost.

Same to Ogden, its 1, 3, 4 and 5, 56 La Cygne. $10.80, tax, int and cost. Same to Ogden, of se sec 23, 21, 25. $6.34, tax, int and cost. Same to Ogden, 26 a off side sw of so sec 32, 20, 24.

$5.01, tax. int and cost. Timotoy Hudson to Parker, trustee, ne see 8, 20, 22. $4,000. Scott to Elizabeth Spellman 1 6, 9, Mound City, $200.

Augustis Wheeler et al to JW Turner, of se of sw 4- and y2 of 15 a off side of sw of se in sec 29,21,24. $100. Turner to Tindell, same $100. Linn county to Jones, of ne 14 of ne of nw yt sec 31, 22, 25. $4.19, tax, int and costs Same to Thompson, Its 8, 11, sec 11, 21, 23.

$13.86, tax costs and int. Same to Ogden, of of sw if- and of se 14 of sw sec 2, 21, 24, tax int and cost, $40.89. Same to Ogden, undivided of of sw sec 10, 21, 24, containing 40 a. $23.12, tax, int and cost. Same to Ogden, 1 2, sec 6, 20, 24.

$14.71, tax, int and cost. Same to Ogden, y2 of sw ex 20 a oft' side, sec 2, 21, 24. $44.15, tax, int and costs. Same to Ogden, of sw 4, ex By a in se cor of sec 23, 21, 25, tax, int and costs. $6.84.

Same to Ogden, undivided of of se see 18, 21. 25. $6.61, tax mt and costs. Same to Ogden, 40 a off side, anil 361 a off side of nw sec 26, 19, "3. $27.04, tax, int and eosts.

Same to Ogden, 61 y2 a off side of se of the se sec 32, 20, 24. $18.03 tax, int and costs. Same to Robt Kincaid, of ne if of nw if, sec 8, 22, 23, containing 20 a. $10.59, tax, intand costs. Same to Robt Kincaid, Jt 4 of sec 31, 22, 22.

$67.16, tax, int and costs. Mary Wallace and husband to Burnam and Lonnda Burnam, Its 3 and 4. 6, Prescott. $300. Deck et al to Robt Mackie, It 11, 9, original plat, Blue Mound.

$400 Wm Barnard anil wife to Lloyd Dick et al, 1 11, 9, Blue Mound. $200. Ontha DeMoss and wife to Jesse Koung, so sec 19, 19, 25. 2,200 QC Barney et al to ChasF Zimmerman, trustee, se sec 33, 21, 23. $1.

PLEASANTON, Tuesday, September 18, Senatorial. This weeks Leader contains the call for a Democratic senatorial convention to bo held in the city of Garnett on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1888. The outlook for a Democratic senator from this district is very promising, and the selection made will be ail excellent man. In this eon nection we have heard the names of Judge John Cannon, of Mound City and Hon.

Manford Schoonover, of Gar nett. These gentlemen are well and fayorably known. Mr, Cannon is one of the brightest and ablest Democrats in the district, and if nominated, can com mand a large following from the Re publican party. His candidacy would be more than satisfactory to the Democrats and would create considerable enthusiasm throughout the district. Let us have Judge Cauuon, and victory is won.

Wall Paper All Grades From the Brown Blank to the Best Quality of- EMBOSSED GILT At Very Low Prices. -Have an Elegant Line of Ceiling Decorations. Would be Pleased to Show Them to You and Make Prices on Your Rooms Work Guaranteed. Keep a Full Line of I Paints, Paint Brushes, Kalsomine and VARNISHES AND CARRIAGE PAINTS. -AT- Col.

John T. Burris speaks in Miami county on Saturday, September 15, at the following places. Dixons Grove, Sugar Creek Township, at 3 oclock p. at Now Lancaster, same date, at 7:30 oclock p. m.

Voters of all parties are invited. Tuesday of last week thieves entered the dwelling of J. M. Kelsey, near Jingo, and carried off some clothing and a revolver. The house was generally ransacked from top to bottom.

Mr. Kelseys tolks were attending the fair in this city at the time. Mrs. Mary Thompson, an old resident of Linn county, died at her home in this city last Tuesday morning. She had been in poor health for some time.

She leaves three sops and two daughters to mourn her loss. The remains were enterred in Oak Lawn Cemetery Wednesday. E35T English Spavin Liniment re moves all Hard, Soft, or Calloused Lumps and Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin, Curbs, Spiints, Sweeney, Stifles Sprains, Sore and Swollen Throat, Coughs, etc. Save 50c by use of one bottle. Every bottle warranted by I.

Ellsworth La Cygne, Kansas. 8 Oclock, M. -AND AT- -Including the- BLUE- Dr. B. Winn has tendered his services to the medical fraternity of the yellow fever stricken district at Jackson ville, Florida.

The doctor has had con siderable experience with the dreaded disease, and would doubtless, be of great assistance to the sufferers of Jacksonville. Judge John Martin Democratic candidate for governor of Kansas will speak at Pleasanton Tuesday Sept 18th, at 8 m. Go and hear him. Southwest" cigars are made from old Little Dutch tobacco, and contains no poisonous flavors. They are made to satisfy the most fastidious smokers.

Try them. The flavor is delightful. Satisfaction guaranteed. On sale at Ellsworths drug store. Lost.

Between La Cygne and the state line, east, Sept. 7, a ladys velvet jacket with Red and gold stripes, and gray satin linning. The finder will be rewarded by returning the same to T. N. Marshall, La Cygne, Kansas.

Detroit Carriage Black Jus, to JW MWjgj-j. v.h Require W. H. BROADWELL. Wednesday, September 19.1 When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria, When she was a Child, she cried tor Castoria, When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria, When she had Children, she gave them Castoria, At I Oclock P.

FsV HOtl. JOHN MARTIN Rucklens Arnica Salve, The best salve in the world for cuts Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Soros, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all skin Eruptions and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by W' I.

Ellsworth. Notice. The Cadmus Grange will hold its 13th annual picnic Wednesday, Sept. 26.. Wm.

Sims, master state grange, will de liver the address. Everybody invited. Ed. Blair. Democratic Candidate for Governor, -AND- LA CYGNE KAS.

Capital Paid in $50,000, W. O. Fuller, Gnshior. COL. BURRIS.

Democratic Candidate for Congress, will be at both places. EVERYBODR CORDIALLY INVITED. Jingo Items Farmers are busy cutting corn. R. Etherington has purchased 1,500 bushels of corn of Andrew Johnson at 25 cts.

per bushel. He intends to feed about two car loads of cattle. Rob is a rustler, and knows what he is doing. Rev. Grant Robins preached his faro well sermon Saturday night.

Rev. Cul-lison at 11 a. m. After services Mrs. Mamie Hightower joined this class by letter, then Mabel Nichols and Mary Hightower came forward and were sprinkled by Rev.

Cullison. At night the house was crowded, Eld. Robins preaching from Mathew 8, 11 12 verses. He is a good talker, and handled his subject well. Last Thursday while Mr.

J. M. Kelsey and family were at the fair, some sneak-thief entered their house and stole a hat, coat and cants, belonging to James Kelsey, and a revolver, razor, 2 silk handkerchiefs. From there he went west to Mr. Fred Coxs and stole a vest making a full suit.

It will not be healthy for him if caught around here. C. L. Moore says some fellow went into bis house on Friday of the fair, but never missed anything but some grub. Willie and Lee Bowles, of Bates county, and nephew of Mrs.

C. L. Moore, were up taking in the fair. Rev. T.

J. McBride is expected to preach here next Saturday night, and Sunday at 11 a. m. Come and hear him. There will be a Democratic pole raising at Sugar next Saturday.

Every body is invited. Col. Burris and others will be there to discuss the issues of the day. Mr. G.

B. Jones and family returned from Kansas City last Monday. Ho reports a dull time for soiling horses. 1 LUMBER MEMPHIS ROUTE Ft. Scott Memphis R.

R. FORMERLY Gulf Route K. Ft. Scott G. R.

R. Offers you the most pleasant and desirable route to Kansas City and all points east, north and west; to Memphis and all points south. At Kansas City, connections are made at Union Depot with all through trains for Chicago. St. Louis and the east; to St.

I aul, Denver, San Francisco, Fort- AND- Lost A good dress coat Tuesday Sept 3, between La Cygne and Jingo Ks. The finders will be suitably rewarded by returning the same to the Leaeer office. Judge John Martin Democratic candidate of governor, will speak at Blue Mound Wednesday Sept 19th at 1 oclock. Go and hear him. Our Leader cigars are acknowledged to be the best cigars in Kansas.

Try them and be convinced. H. IIjghley. Judge John Martin Democratic candidate for governor of Kansas will speak at Pleasanton Tuesday Sept 18tli, at 8 p. m.

Go and hear him. One-Twenty-One cigars are made from pure Duck Island" filler, and are warranted free from all artificial flavor. H. Highley. Judge John Martin Democratic candieate for governor, will speak at Blue Mound Vr ednesday Sept 19th, at 1 oclock.

Go and hear him. And now its Grandpa Rogers. A note from Springfield, announces a bouncing baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Williams.

Dr. S. B. Divilbiss has our thanks for a quantity of very line apples, gathered from an orchard on his excellent farm east of town. Mr.

Harbard Rose and Mrs. Reitz were received into the Baptist church of this city last Sunday morning, by Rev. Sage. A good, clean, gratifying, satisfying, no-denying smoke, is the "Southwest cigars. Call for them and take no others.

Cal. Porter has sold his barber shop to Chas. L. West, of Kansas City. The Leader wishes Mr.

West success. Smoke Southwest cigars and be happy. Campaon Cigars at High leys A number of our citizens attended the La Cygne fair. They all come back reporting it one of the best county fairs in the state, and among the best they ever saw. The editor has to say jie never was treated more courteously Ilian at this same fair.

The races, the stock show, llie hall show, were among the best we ever saw. See to it, citizens, that the Linn county fair docs not fall behind City Progress. Republican day at the Pleasanton fair slid not pan out as was expected by the faithful. There was less than 200 people present, and nil efforts to get a crowd together to listen to Hon. U.

L. Humphreys speech, failed, and the project was abandoned, To-day the U. Ls will try their luck, but judging from the special train which passed down the Gulf tins morning, the crowd will be slim. The train was without a passen ger save the Hon. A.

J. Streeter, from Olathe to Paola. At the latter place one passenger boarded the train When La Cygne was reached four pas sengers were on, for La Cygne, who stopped here. However, quite a number were at the depot who boarded the train. About 80 tickets were sold.

Our Schools. The La Cygne schools opened Monday morning for the year. The progress of those schools are the pride of our city. Prof. Hampshire has been a ililligent worker, and has succeeded in advancing the standard so high A hat now we have' an accredited high school preparatory to the state university.

The corps of teachers this term of school are C. S. Joues, grammar department; Miss Steward, 4th grade; Mrs. Hamlin, 3d grade; Miss Brayman, 2d grade; and Mrs. Thompson, 1st grade lf.

R. A. Hampshire, teacher of the 'ngh department, and, superintendent. th best he school lias anjoy cd so early tu the year ferial of all Kinds. land, and the west and northwest.

Via this line, entire train with Free Reclining Chair Car and Pullman Buffet Sleeping Car runs through to Memphis, through coach from Kansas Cltv Bristol via Chattanooga and Knoxville. There is no other direct route from the west to Jacksonville, Pensacola, Nashville, Chattanooga, and all southern cities. This route, via Iloxie, is over one hundred miles the shortest line to Little Rock, Hot Springs, and points in Arkansas. Write for large map and time-tables, showing through connections. Before purchasing your ticket, call upon a ticket agent of this company', or write to the undersigned for rates.

Special rales and arrangements for parties and their movables, going south to locate. Send for a copy of the Missouri and Kansas I armer, giving full information relative to the cheap lands of Southwest Missouri. Mailodfree. J. E.

LOCKWOOD, Gen i Pass. Ac Ticket Agt. Kansas Ciey, Missouri. A Large Stock of Screen Doors. Lowest Prices AT THE F.

E. Pratt Lumber and Grain YARDS CORNER MARKET 4TII STREETS. wVi1'10! M10 Kaw River Sand, Cement, Plaster Paris Ete Split Red Cedar Fence Posts at 10 cts. Give us a call before purehLinJ. D.

W. SANDERS, Agt. SUBSCRIBE FOK THE LEADER! Best paper in the County to advertiso in, and the only Democratic paper in Linn ounty. Try it. I.

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