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La Cygne Leader from La Cygne, Kansas • 5

La Cygne Leader from La Cygne, Kansas • 5

La Cygne Leaderi
La Cygne, Kansas
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1 ir IS S3 Pleasanton Planing Mills, All kinds of Sawing, Planing am! Turning done to order. Turniny in ang size or pattern, Eastlake Finish, Scroll Sawmg or Bracket Work in design to suit customer and in any kind of wood. I employ a Large Force of Carpenters, and am always ready to bid on any work in that line John Connoley, Pleasanton Ks. Limn Foundry and Obituary. It is with feelings of no ordinary sorrow that I record the death of our truly excellent and estimable friend, John J.

Lopeman, who died March 20th, 1887, at the age of 41 years, 10 months and 29 days, with the pneuiponia fever. The deceased was only sick nine days and I until Sunday morning it was thought that he would recover, when a 6udden change in the disease resulted in mortification and immediately death followed, which was altogether so sudden and unexpected to us all that it has brought sorrow to the hearts of the entire community. The deceased leaves a beloved wife and six children to finish the remainder of life among numerous sympathizing friends, who feel as if we had lost In his removal, a long tried friend and an affectionate neighbor. It was impossible to be in his society without feeling that he was a man of no ordinary description, and again it was not easy to leave his company without retaining some impression of his useful and edifying conversation. The deceased on the day following was followed to the East Mt.

Zion church, where Rev. Cullison preached the funeral sermon from Luke 24th chapter and 23d vers after which he was laid away to rest And now just a word to the bereaved ones May the God of all grace comfort those who are cast down on this sad occasion. To Bible readers: I have added to my stock a case of the Crand Para-tell Bibles, both old and new version, (side by side), and invite you all to call and examine them. They will please anyone in need of a family Bible. W.

H. BROAD WELL. Hillside Farm Note. Farmers are plowing for corn this week, since the snow melted W. B.

Fitzgerald planted some corn last week. Most all of the farmers wives have made garden. Mr. Reuben Kelly changed his mail route, last week. One of Mrs.

Lopemans twin babies is very sick with pneumonia. We had another blizzard last Sunday from the N. W. The Sandhill cranes will have to go South if the weather dont chauge. Mr.

and Mrs. Henderson were the guests of B. F. Larue and family last Sunday. Wheat and oats are looking much better since the rain.

Spelling school at Priestley school house, Tursday night. James Dyeman was taken up from the Swayback cemetery and moved to the East Mt. Zion cemetery, where his father was buried on Monday. Your correspondent and Bert Doud were the guests of Willie Priestly last Sunday. Wm.

Henderson recently sold a couple of cows to N. Marshal, of your city. John Krues returned Sunday last from a three days trip, visiting his daughter of St. Clair county, Missouri. J.

R. Clark has a very sore hand. He had the misfortune to have it injured on the barb wire fence. Miss Lizzie LaRue was the guest of Miss Annie Rowe Sunday. James Reeds and wife was visiting his sister, Mrs.

Harrison Mathew, this week. Orchard. Quite a number of farmers in this vicinity have planted Charley Miller'has 60 acres planted. Several of the neighbors gathered in one day last week and made a working bee for Mi's. JMcGee, sowing her oats, for which she is very thankful.

Mrs. McGee purchased a good team from Mr. Haddock the other day for the sum of $ir0. Some of our citizens are enjoying a huge joke. They set several stakes on Bey Rivers farm, making him believe that the railroad surveyors nave been through his place, and now he asks $4,000 for his place.

I will now submit this space to a more able correspondent, thanking the many friends for their words of encouragement and acts of kindness while in my trouble, especially Mrs. Dedos family and many others have my sincere thanks. The people of Orchard, will always be remembered by me. Ira Brumlield. Saved Ills Life.

Mr. D. I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave, says he was, for many years, badly afflicted with Phthisic, also Diabetes the pains were almost unendurable and would sometimes almost throw him into convulsions. He tried Llectric Bitters and got relief from first bottle and after taking six bottles, was entirely cured, and had gained in flesh eighteen pounds Says he positively believes he would have died, had it not been for the relief afforded by Electric Bitters.



AT DRUG OR HARNESS STORES. CHURCHES. Presbyterian Corner 5th and Locust st. Services every alternate Sunday morning at 11 A. m.

and every alternate Sunday at 7:30 p. m. in evening, byRev. J. B.

Welty. S. S. every Sunday morning at 9. A.

M. Prayer meetingou Thursday evening of each week. Methodist Walnut st. near 6th st. Services every 2d and 4th Sabbath morning of each month at 10:30, and 1st, 3d and 4th, Sunday evening at 8 p.

M. Every 5th Sunday morning and evening, by Rev. S. P. Cullison.

S. S. every Sunday at 9:30 a. m. Prayer meeting every Thursday evening.

First Baptist Market st. Services on alternate Sundays, by Rev. Plumb. S. S.

every Sunday at 9.30 A. M. Prayer meeting every Sunday and Thursday evening. 2d Baptist on Vine st. Services every Sunday at 10:30 A M.

and 7:30 p. M. by Rev. C. M.

Williams. S. S. at 3 p. M.

of each Sunday. Prayer meeting Tuesday and Thursday evening of each week. SOCIETIES. A. F.

and A. M. La Cygne Lodge No. 61, held in room in Opera hall block, first and third Saturday evening of each month. J.

K. Stewart Sey. S. Douglas w. m.

1 I. O. O. F. La Cygne Lodge No.

66, meets every Tuesday evening at room in Opera hall block. All brothers in good standing cordially invited. D. Creed n. g.

C. W. Olney r. s. G.

U. O. O. F. No.

2588, meets every Tuesday evening in Lodge room cor. Broadway and Walnut st. J. A. Allen n.

g. C. W. William Sety Kof Assembly No. 7201 La Cagne, Kansas, meets in the Rugg block every Monday evening at 7 oclock.

L. O. Slieek, r. s. J.

A. Nash, M. W. MACHINEWORKs. Mound City Hans.

A. H. CRANDALL, Proprietor, Is ready to repair Engines and Boilers mill machinery, Tharshing machines, Implements and all kinds of machinery, Tools etc. Also make Iron Doors, Shutters, Jail Work, Vaults, Greatings, Window Guards, Bolts, Anchors, crestings, combination Iron Fencing of all kinds and styles, cemetery lot enclosures. 'Stairs, Awnings and balconies.

Special Attention paid to putting up boilers and Engines for mill, Elevators, etc. Pipe Fitting in all its branches a specialty. Parties having anything to repair will do well to call on or address me. Black smithing, carriage and plow work done promptly and in the best possible manner Having a planing mill attached for Planing and sawing lumber, Scroll work and turning specialties. Send for estimates.

Will have Foundry started for spring work. Sell all kinds of machinery on commission. Engines and boilers for sale. Terms as low as good work can be done. 18S? THE? KANSAS CITY TIMES Mil Has become a great newspaper in a very few years.

It has secured wide circulation and commanding influence in so short a time that older newspapers marvel at its success. The reoord of its career is like that of Kansas City a wonderful growth more like fascinating fiction than cold faots. It is only eighteen years old, vet it is read and admired by the people or the great southwest, now having over 2,000,000 population. Enjoying the advantages for quick delivery afforded by Bixteen railroads, Thb Times is thoroughly distributed over an immense jerritorv at an early hour It has attained an unapproachable circulation among those whose favor is most zealously courted by judicious advertisers. Moderate charges for space and satisfactory results have popularized its advertising columns.

The Times is always bright, newsy and entertaining, and is worth subscribing for now. Bend for free premium list. BY MAIIi IN ADVANCE P0STA GE PAID. Daily and Sunday, one year 10 00 Daily and Qunday, six months 6 00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6 00 The Sunday Times (double number), one year 2 00 The Weekly Times, one year 1 00 Address all communications to THE TIMES, Kansas City. Mo.

TRADf MARK. IS DEATH TO RREUIIATISM. KEURAL8IA TOOTH-ACRE, It is pronounoed, by those who have used it, the QUICKEST and most EFFICATIOUS Remedy ever known. Sufferers should not fail to give it? it and accept no imitation or substitute If he has not got it. SEND TO US AND WE WILE FORWARD IMMEDIATELY.

Price 50 cents per bottle. HERCULES MEDICINE CO. ST. LOUIS, MO. For sole by W.

I. Ellsworth, George Denny, GENERAL Blacksmithing and Repairing. Horse-Shoeing, Plow Work. Do all kinds of Wagon and Machine Repairing Manufacturer of the best Spring and Lumber Wagons. A Specialty of all kinds of Wood work CORNER MARKET and 4th Sts.

DENTIST. DOCTOR C. C. ATKINSON the oldest and most reliable Dentist in Linn county. Residence and office on chestnut street, La Cygne, Kansas.

FIRST-CLASS WORK ONLY, Teeth Extracted without Pain or danger. Prices reasonable and work warranted. The best, is always the cheapest Dont Experiment. You cannot afford to waste time in experimenting when your lungs are in danger. Consumption always seems at first, only a cold.

Do not permit any dealer to impose upon you with some cheap imitation of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Cold, but be sure you get the genuine Because he can make more profit he may tell you he has something just as good, or just the same. Dont be de ceived, but insist upon getting Dr. Kings New Discovery, which is guar anteed to give relief in all throat, lung and chest affections. Trial bottles free at W.

I. Ellsworths drug store. Pleasant Valley Items. A fine shower of rain last Saturday evening. Two more deaths in the Valley this week.

Monday in fhe forenoon about three inches of snow fell, but it all melted in a short time. W. J. Crawshawwas up to EastMt. Zion to prayer meeting last Sunday evening.

John Donolly and Jess Conley were callers at the home of your correspondent Monday last. Edgar Doud is about over his attack of sore throat and bad cold. Another very severe touch of zero weather last Sunday morning, which made us put on our coats again. There will be spelling at the Priestly school house Tuesday night if the weather will permit. Several of the farmers throughout the Valley have planted corn and king winter said they were to fast.

James Rush marketed six head of his stock cattle in your city last Saturday. It was Mrs. Alalinda Iriestly that is the happy owner of fifty young chickens instead of Hannah Priestly, as stated in my communication of last week. Some person or persons of Trading Post has had the impudence or rather exposed their ignorance by poisoning several of our farmers best dogs of this locality, and if those who did this can be found out, the fullest extent of the law will be applied. The early gardens creats a peculiar kind of a smile on the housewifes face since winter came back again.

Shovels pointed and polished and warranted to scour at J. A- Nashs, BARNEY N. McSHANE, Proprietor of the STARBARBERSKOP WILIS FEELEY, Prep. Does all kinds of work in the barber line; Hair-dressing, Shaving, Shampooing. Dressing Ladies Hair a Specialty.

One door north of the bank. LaCvgne, Kan Paola Marble Works, D. O. Sellers, Propretcr. Write for Prices, they are low a evrythieg first-class.

Try us. M. G. Jones so. Will move your House's In good workmanlike order and 'mi as any other firm Further inform u' -on Inqriay of ns, or Doc.

yrdog Duponts stable, La cygnu, The Fort Scott Gulf Offers the most pleasant and desirable route to Kansas City and all points east, north and west; to Memphis and ali, points south. At Kansas City, connections arc made in Union Depot with all through trains for Chicago, St. Louis and the east; to St. Paul, Denver; San Francisco, Portland and the west and north-west. Via this line, entire train with Free Reclining Chair 'ar and Pullman Buffet Slee-d ing Car run through to Memphis, Tenn.

Pullman Sleeping Car through to New Orleans. There i- no other direct route from the west to -I ckson ville, Pensacola, Nashville, Chattanooga, and all southern cities. This route, via Iloxie, is over one hundred miles the shortest line to Little Rock, Hot Springs and points in Arkansas. Write for large map and timetables, showing through conncctions- Before purchasing your tickets, call upon a ticket agent of this company, or write to the undersigned for rates. Special rates and arrangements for parties and theirmovables, going south to locate.

J. E. LOCKWOOD, GenI Pass. Ticket agent, KfLimm Citsv, Mo. Mound City Livery Barns.

A fine line of single and double buggies, carriages and Trunk wagons. All well kept, fresh horses, all good and reliable travelers. A select stock for the accomodation of the public, at very reasonable rates. Special conveniences for drummers. Buys and sells or exchanges stock at all times.

Daily hack line from Pleasanton to Mound city to meet all trains..

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