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Avilla Democrat from Avilla, Kansas • 4

Avilla Democrat from Avilla, Kansas • 4

Avilla Democrati
Avilla, Kansas
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LOOK HERE)' Wanted: Com and wood, iu exchange for anything in the harness and shoe BEAT MARKET. I vik to inform tho pviblie I have opened up a first class meat shop, and will furnibh the public with fresh meat in the future. Attention M. D. Rayl want to buy 5.000 bushels of corn, will take corn in exchange for groceries.

For farther particulars call at the store. Several strangers in town this week buying property. E. II. Burton, started for Kinsley this weal after a load of freight.

W. L. Ray. started to Finney coun 03mQ WWII' i'miim mi i ini puimiiniowii THE AVILLA DEMOCRAT L. ISI.

WEEDEN' and Proprietor. RATES OF SUBCKIPTION, One copy one year $1.50 One copy six months 75 Ouc copy three months 40 Entered in the post oilice at Avilla, Kansas, as second class matter. CHUKCH NOTKH. Methodist: Preaching at the school house, in Avilla, each Sabbath, at 8 p. m.

Rev, Hayes Pastor. Sabbath the school house, in Avilla, each Sabbath, at 10 a. m. Jens Morton, Supt. OSBORNE, ATTORNEY at law.


JIKATON, Xroprietor. AVILLA, KANSAS. MONEY! fl a 5' (9 or' S3 ti 3 Zt 5 3 03 88 3 a 09 a rs 3 'is a 3 -1 i 13 0 I tv Monday to look after his timber claim. Mr. George, and family went to the Territory this week, to see the salt planes A.

Ilcflin, unci lady attended the ball at Comanche City, Wednesday evening. Wonder why Jim Clendenning was so sleepy Thursdav, maby some one at Comanche City, could explain. We see by looking through the columns of tho '-Kansan" and Enter prise" that there is considerable ati-tngonism exsisting between the Nescatunga nndColdwater papers. The people of Comanche City, Protection, Nescatunga, Coldwater, and other towus of the county, have a cordial invitation to attend the Ball and Supper here next Thursday nignt. Dawsou Smith, of Ashland Clark county.

btif nominee for District Judge. Iy some mistake his name does not appear on our first page, but it will be there next week, and he has our hearty support. Frank Meyers has served the people as their District Clerk the past year and has given entire satisfaction. Erank by his courteous treatment and honest dealing has a host of friends who will Jook after his interests here. The foot race tomorrow between Fless of Avilla, and Biicktmin of Cold-water, will bring all the sporting men of Coldwater here, and a lively time is anticipated.

Six hundred dollars has been wagered on the race, and we understand it will be raised to an even thousand. Sen The Cars? Our roilroad proposition, with petition to call nnelection, reached us on Tuesday's mail. We feel confident that the bonds will carry by a large majority. The company ask aid to the amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) The proposition is to run as near tho town of Evans-ville as practable; thence west to Avilla, and establish a depot within one half mile of the public well at the crossing of Main street and Watson avenue; tUense west to Protection. A proposition has been received at Coldwater by a different 11.

company, which proposes to run through that place. We say amen, and will do everything In our power to get both roads. It will build up our country, and make Comanche coun-ty'second to none in the state. Land will advance in price and the county fill UpVitli Jpeople who will come to stay, voteln favor of both proposi tions, and it is our candid opinion is that you will never have cause to re gret it. for a County in Kansas with out a railroad is away behind the times.

LAFFOON BROTHERS ABE STILTING GOODS BELOW line. J. Straub, Avilla hans. Put up your stoves and get ready for winter. We 'were blessed with a line rain Thursday.

Waldo Isbell has oten to be a first class horse trader. Who will the Democrats nominate for township officers. Mr Doig of Coldwater was a caller at this office, last Monday. Our popular druggist Lee Marks visited Coldwater, Tuesday. W.

P. Marvel stands behind the meat counter this week. Ward Manslield and EN. Weeden, went to Nescatunga, Saturday. Mansfield Harris have a full stock of No 1 smoking tobacco.

Jim Clendenning and S. J. Osborne went to Comanche City, Sunday. Mr. Myers, of Valley township is moveing to town with his family.

James Mansliield returned from a visit to his old home, Wednesday. Mr. Cross, an old timo friend of W. Marvel's, was in the city this week. Do you want a loan at 10 per cent interest? If you do call at this ofllee.

Joe Bowors, and lady of Coldwater, attended the dance at Comanche City. Noah Linton is" building a neat res idenee on his claim southwest of town. A. Ashford, went to Coldwater Thursday, to make final proof on his claim. J.

J. Overstreet, and lady attended the dance at Comanche City Wednesday night. Miss. Mary Hollin went to Protec tion last Sundaf to be absent for a short time. our advertisments.

Mer chants who advertise are the ones to patronize. Quite a number of our citizens atten ded the railroad meeting at Coldwater Wednesday. A. Darrow, started for Kiowa Wed nesday, lumber to erect a residence on his farm. Boys if you want to get married, go to G.

M. Sheldons and buy a suit of those nobby cloths. Mr. Frazicr has been down with the rheumatism for the past few days, but is blowly recovering. II.

A. Smith, nominee for County At torney ou the Republican ticket, was in the city Thursday. J. P. Clendenning andS.

J. Osborne attended the dance at Comanche City, Wednesday evening. Ed Fredricks and brother, accom- pained by Henry Knecht started for Harper county, Wednesday. Dr. Harris und Frank Walters went to Rumsey township Thursday to cir culate tho railroad petitions.

All kinds of Notaricl and legal work done at the Demockat office accu rately, and reasonable charges. Mr. Myers of Ohio, who is here visit ing her Son J. C. Myers, is lying very sick, and her recovery is very doubtful.

Joe Gaume and Ted colley went to Powell Township Thursday in the interests of our Rail road proposition. Noah Linton subscribed for the Dem ocrat this week: Mr. Linton is a genuine Democrat and will help the ticket out this fall. The contest case of Laffoon vs Artis, has been reversed by the land depart ment, and this time the decision is in favor of Artis. Con Robinson returned Thursday from Nescatunga creek, where he has been making hay, and reports times there in the extreme.

Judge Jennings and Frank Meyer, passed through here Wednesday evening, enrout for Comanche City to attend a dance to be given there. R. D. McBride has co mmenccd an effective campaign for constable of this township, and we want to say right here that Mac will get thero Eli. Ay llh.

will be the lagest town west of Medicine Lodge in one year from this date. If you want to come to a live business town come to Avilla. We have an interesting literary society in Avilla; it meets each Wednesday night. It is open to the public and all are cordially invited to attend. W.

B. Broadwell, President of the Comanche City Town Co, passed through town Monday accompanied by his son Frank on his way to Coldwater. Would it not be well to move the roek and dirt from around the center well, md put in a wind pumpr It would certainly add to the appearance of the town. T. C.

Heaton has opi ned up a first class meat market on main street, first door west of the Colley hotel. This is something that has been badly needed here for somtime. C. A. Tingter and Mr.

Schwartz, were pleasant caller at this ofllce Wednesday, and informed us that they had been off on a pleasure and sige ieeing trip to the grand Salt Tlanes. Geo. Hess of Rumsey township, the champion foot racer is registered at the Colley hotel, trainin for a match race between himself and Buckman, to be run next Saturday the i'th of this month all who are intUUA to Overstreet are hereby notified to call and settle their account's at once to save farther trouble. I MEAN business gentlemen, as I have accommoda ted you with credit you must return the compliment. Yours Rcspt.

The Democrat desires a correspondent from each township in the county. Tho dance at Comanche City on Wed nesday night was a grand success. Peo ple were there from all parts ot tin-county, and made it a dance long to be renieniberad. R. D.

McBride, that old veteran of the cross, announces in this weeks Demockat as. a candidate for constable: Me. is a good man for the place, and we per- diet his name will be "Eli." M. Sheldon started for his old homo at Avilla on last Tuesday, ne will be absent three or four weeks, and when ho returns ho will bring his wife who has been visitiug there for the past month. Investors come to Avilla before you purchase property in Comanche county; come and see Avilla.

It will be the best town in the county for jt has all the advantageous, in tho way of central location, and good farming land around it. Tax payers of Aviila Rumsey, Protection and in fact every where in the county sign both Railroad petitions, wo want and need two roads through the county and if the peoplo will pull together we will get both of them. The petiton to call another county seat election came before the county commissioners this week. The petition was signed by nearly seven hundred citizens. The commisioners had an injunction served upon them, which stops them from calling the election tin-til the district court pass es on the questions involved.

A patty consisting of Ernest Guthry and A. Gleson, of Mullinsvillo Kansas, and J. W. Snider and E. E.

Goose of Louisville were in our town last Tuesday on their way to the great Salt Plains in the Indian Territory. They expressed themselves as being well pleased with the town of Avilla, and said the country surrounding it, is tho best they had seen in the county. After loading for Bear and Turkey they started on their way rejoicing. Foot ltace. Thero will be a foot race at Avilla Saturday for.

$000.00. Geo. Hess our champion has been matched against the champion runner of Coldwater; distance sixty yards. Everybody come out, and see. the most uxeiting race that has ever been matched in the county; in addition to the foot race there will be several horse races.

It promises to be an exciting day for the sporting fraternity. The race will come ofl'at4 p. m. at the rase track near town. The following is the Literary programme for Wednesday evening Sept, 13th.

Song and Music by the society. Declamation, Johny Marvel. James Ruble' Hary Todd. Recitation, Cora Neighswanger. Cora Knecht.

Bessie Harlow. Song, Miss. Darnell. Instrumental Music, Miss. Ilustun.

Music, Miss. Ida George. Question for discussion: Resolved that Christianity has done more to el evate the human family, than science. H'EAKUKS. afeiumative, negative, R.

D. McBride, M. W. Mitchell, S. J.

Osborne, E. B. Sheldon. W. L.

Marks. Edward colley. L. M. Weeden protein.

What the Democrat would LikM to Hef, A rail road come to Avilla. Ward Mansfield run a foot race. S. J. Osborne elected County Attorney in November.

Every business man in town advertise througn the columns of the Demockat" Our town incorporated. A Wind pump erected ht the center well. A cloud in the sky. Every man in the county to tign the petition, to call an election to vote bonds for a rail road. Avilla have a brass band.

Everybody subscribe for the Democrat. E. B. Sheldon, elected Commissioner for the third district. A base ball club organized in Avilla.

There will be a public dance and supper at Avilla next Thursday night. Everybody is invited to attend and bring all your wives and ewecthnrts. The dance will be at Sheldon' hall, good music will be furnished Iu the past few days quite a number of emigrants have come into this neighborhood hunting homes in this county, the Eden of Kansas, and some of them think they are as near Heaven as they can get this side of eternity We will say if they are all right, very likeh it is so. UNOCAL NEWS Come to the race Saturday. Subscribe for the Demockat.

Wonder if Mo. got a drum head. Lots of people in town this week. H. D.

Cox, makes a No. 1 Landlord. Wonder if "Me" has found his watch yet. Still the Town Company are selling lots. Sign the petition calling for the bond election.

Cap. Woods, called at our sanctum Saturday. Only two vacant houses in town, that is for rent. What has beeomooftha hotel boom don't let it die. Somebody got mad Saturday nlght( and prized up.

Chal Marshall returned from his trip east, this week. Candidates are not so numerous here since the election. A large rattlesnake was killed in town one day this week. E. B.

Sheldon is the man to support for county commissioner. Orewery Laffoon, is expected home from Missouri, next wook. The Coldwater "Review" has our thanks for favors, last week. Somebody said thero would be two weddings in this vicinity soon. J.

J. Overstreet andV. B. Grego ry went to Coldwater, Wednesday. J.

J. Overstreet, our enterprising merchant Is selling lots of goods. Louis Jackson, is building a nice residence on his place south of town. W. Marvel, is having an excellent run in the restaurant business this week.

Comanche City's young folks were quite numerous Sunday night at meeting. Louis Jackson and Harry Campbell, started for Kiowa after lumber this week. Geo. Laft'oon had his wrist badly sprained Sunday, while riding a bucking broncho. The cars aro coming, and tho stage will be out of fashion ere long in Comanche county.

Our paper was in great demand last week, and every body anxious to see the new paper. Business is brisk in Avilla this week, and our town is begiuingto assume metropolitan airs. Omcr Gaylord, with his best girl attended divine (services, at this place Sundayevening, Harry Todd and Fred Morton, are contemplating going West, and get them Homesteads. Nilcs Johnson of Jenkins P. formerly an old citizen of this place was in the city.

Monday, Esq. Darrow was in town this week, and informed us that he ould soon move back to town. Ward Mansfield went to Evansvillc Tuesday, after George Hess, Avilla's champion foot racer. T. C.

Heaton has about recovered from his recent illness and "Dad" will be as lively as common. Seven wagons pased through here one day this week, bound for Beaver City in No Mans land. "Dad" Heaton is a rustier from away back. We wish all of our farmers were as good as he is. Sheriff Bowerr and A.

F. Jennings, of Coldwater, were welcome callers in our sanctum this week. K. L. Overstreet of Comanche City.

W8S in town Sunday, and left word to send him the Democrat. John Hadley one of the solid Demo crats of Mexican Flats, gave us the needful for our paper one year. If you want a loan at lowest rates of intcrast, and your money paid down give me a call. S. J.

Ofborne. There is parties talking of starting a brick yard at this place. It would be a good investment for the originates. Madan rumor reports that a gentle man in this vicinity will soon lead to the alter, a beautiful and blushing bride. Every town in the county we hope will get a railroad.

And we will do all we can to aid them in the good work. Crail Wiley and Mr. Rich, ot Cold water, passed through this city en route for Comanche City, Wednesday. Ward Mansfield is prominently spo ken of for Constable of this township. TO I IX I.AFFOON.

"OLD KEUABLK" And Hair Pressor. Shop at Lalf'oon'i Store, AVU.l.A, KANSAS. W. H. Harris, M.

D. Physician and Surgeon. Special Attention given to OBSTETRICS a iGYNEACOLOGY- OFFICE AT PIONEEn DRUG STOKE, AVILLA, KANSAS. RESTAURANT AND BAKERY I wish to inform the hungry Public that I am prepared to, furnish meals at any hour, iu the DAY on NIGHT Ior the small sixirt Of25 cents W. P.SMARVEL proprietor, KAKSAl Firm of KANSAS, RkYL CASH SUPPLY HOUSE, AUK CLOSING OUT THEIR ENTIRE STOCK OF CLOTHING Boots, shoes, gouts furnishing goods, hats, cups, hardwaio and groceries at prices that can not ba equeled by any other house in the county, As we scllfor Sl'OT CASH, therefore saving a discount on all goods bought of us, ns you do not have to pay the loss other houses figure in on bad hills and loss.


A VILLA, STOP RIGHT HEHE! And Read This. The 0 COST Have just received a full and complete line of groceries, and will sell at prises that will astonish you. We take all kinds of country produce in exchange for groceries. Call and get prices and tc convinced that wc aell the cheapest goods of any one in Comanche cotintj-. Tall: is ehsap tat we mean what vre say.

M. D. RAYL, CO, AVILi.A, if he consent to run he will be elected.

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