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The Phillipsburg Dispatch from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 3

The Phillipsburg Dispatch from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 3

Phillipsburg, Kansas
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OFFICIAL DIRECTORY. SPORTING NOTES. T. X. Jones fills all orders for merchandise promptly and delivers good.3 to all part3 of the city.

Bargains at the Chicago Fair. For good butter gotoXipps Sniitli McXaJ can make you a farm loan as cheap as anybody. Go to William Bissell for loans with interest payable annually: tf New stock of millinery goods at Hickenlooper's. Good butter nice and cool off the ice at Xipps Close.

Clothing, lower than the lowest, at the Chicago Fair. Contractors and Builders Phillipsburg, Kansas; This firm have their shops fitted up with all the latest improved rnnrhiri-ery needed in their business, and are prepared to Get out First-Glass Work of All Kinds. and employ none but first-clacs worEmn. ESTIMATES FINISHED OH ALL KINDS Of WORK From the simplest job work to the largest buildings. Water tanks of all kinds made to order.

Shop second door west of the First National bank; C7m Xotes. THEME Redemption and Adoption. But, when the fullness of tile tirhe was come, God sent forth his pon, made of a woman, made nnrter the law; to redeem tbem that were under the law, that we migbt receive adoption of gone." Gal. 4-a. The subject before us reveals the doctrine of the general redemption of sinners by the Lord Jesus Christ The words "redeem" and "ransom" are used synonymously to represent and illustrate the great work, undertaken and accomplished by Christ Jesus our Lord, for lost and fallen humanity.

The true rendering of the word "redeemer" in Greek is, "Esa-gorazo" ('ex" from, and "agorazo" to buy; that is: God sent forth hi3 son to buy lost humanity from or out of bondage; they being sold to the law on account of sin, or debt; therefore the apostle exclaims, in Titus, THE PENSION OFF.UE. flow Its Officers Dispoe of th Million! of Comruuuicationn Addrmsed to I. At the close of the last fiscal year 3nne SO. 1835, the United States Commissioner of Pensions, General John G. Black, submitted a report to the Secretary of the Interior in which he stated that the bureau had on its roll at that time pensioners costing the Government for the year ever Fixty-three million dollars.

General Black also stated that during the year closed, the names of 40,857 new pensioners had been placed on the list, that 2,229 had been restored, and that 22,089 had been dropped. This enumeration, so easy to state, stands for an amount of work quite inconceivable to one unacquainted with the workings of the Pension Office. At the tirce this report was submitted, the law allowed theoffice to give pensions to all soldiers wounded in the military service of the United States, cr who had incurred disability from their service, to the widows, minor children and dependent relatives of soldiers, to all invalid sailors, and their 1 WELL Fhi! Upshur Pt.anmair. FARMERS' STORE. Went Side of qui re.

NEW GOODS. Having; disposed of our Stock of Dry Goods and Groceries, we shall hereafter devote our exclusive attention to Gent's urnisliiiig Goods, together with On lj i Boots and Shoes, Hats' and Cap3, Etc. C. H. LEFFINGWELL, PHILLIPSBURG SPAULDING HEALtUS IN- Staple and Fancy Dry (Sootls; Hosiery, Gloves Corsets, Laces, Ribbons, Muslins; and Dress Goods, Carries in stock a complete stock of Stationery, Blank Books, Text Books, Slates and other School Our stock of Jewelry and Watches is unsurpassed hi Northwestern Kansas.

PHILLIPSBURG- KANSAS GOVERXOH John A. Martin. A- 1. Kiddle. Secretary E.

It. Alien. A 1iTOK TiinotJjjr McCarthy. TItEASI'REK Janics W. Hamilton.


15. Bradford. STATE PRINTER T. l. Tbntcbcr.

KECY ftOAUU OF AG K. William Siirmj. HIST. SOCIETY F. G.


Iter.nis. A DJ "T-G EN A A. B. Campbell. CH EK STK A.

H. Hort-on. ASS L'STK'E W. A. Jfcliiioa.

RAILROAD COM'iiS L. L. Turner, Janie Humphrey and Almerin Giilett. cocsxr. ri.ERK S.J.

Hartman. TKEASCMER Jacob Nfrpa. SHERIFF C. 31. McOuire.




H. Vounjr. CLERK COL'KT-J. 31. Saiiee.

iORONEK I. Milcy. COMMISSIONERS Firt District. W. T).

'CovinsrTon; District, II. McDowell. Third District, J. il. Ham.

township. TRrSTTJE-Churifcs Frederick. TREACHER 1. A. Hniinsf.

CLERK D. A. Hlckford. JUSTICES OK THE PEACE-Phill. Towns-ley: Chart CONSTAJiLKd Davi-J Close; S.

C. Gumming. CITT. MA TOR J. W.

low. COUNCIL-G. w. Vouncr. II.

A. Granger, Xipiw. 1. C. C'drk.

Huh Wnllaco. TKEASUKER J. F. Morae. CLEilK J.


Daily. Arrives 7:00 a. m. Leaves p. iu.

x.osn iSLAn asv phim.iphbcro. Tuosdajrs, Thursdays ami riaturtinys. Arrives Leaves 2:00 pm. WOOnTICFF ASD and FridayB. Arrives 12:00 m.

Leaver 1:00 m. asdphillipsbcko. Saturdays. Arrirs 2:00 p.m. Leaver p.

ic. riHLLIPSBURG, JULY 7. Official Paper of the Citv. Local Happenings. O.

Eiekford -H ill pay llie highest market price for hogs. A. H. Pearson, the abstractor, has received his commission as a notary public. J.

B. Baum hag plenty of land and town lota for sale on good terms. Hive him a call if you want to bay. New and complete stock of parasols, fans, lawns and light dress oods jnt received at Spaulding Batcher's. The place to tuy your stationery, books, blank books, is Spa Hiding Datcker's.

Only complete ttoek ia the city. J. 1. Baum. the real estate man, lias some desirable town lota for sale.

Call and see him at Weeks, McDonald A. ofSee. People intent! inc; to build this spring should remember that Howell Bros, furnish building material of all kinds, and should order of them. Weeks 3IcIonaIJ have 'a few: wore Adams cultivators, the best in the market, which they will sell at coiit as they wish to close them out. Ceo.

W. Wid2.ier and Mis3 Cora l. Ellen, both of Glen wood township, were married by Judge Cole at his viY.ce in this city, at 7 o'clock cn the! evening of July 4th. 1 hia tit-rn a creat clod ef nains in his selection of spring and summer clothing, and now has one of the largest and best assort ments for you to select from. Mr.

and Mrs Samuel Detwiler des ire to express their thanks for the kind and considerate actions of their friendi iu thh city daring the sick- ness and death of their little daughter. E. II. Evans, one of Phillips county's best stockmen, sold eighty head of cattle hi3t Saturday that averaged 1.3S5. They were the finest cattle that ever left thi3 part of Kansas.

The second dance given by the ball boys last Thursday evening was better attended than the first, and a very enjoyable time was had. The boys realized a handsome sum from the two dances. J. B. Baum has been appointed agent for the Mason Hamlin organ company in this city.

This i3 the lest organ made, and Mr. Baum will have a supply of them on hand next week. Call and look at them. Beware of the Itinerant agents, and when you want insurance go to G. A.

Fpanlding over the Phillips County bank. They will fill you. out a policy in a good reliable company, as they are the agents of the best, oldest and most substantial companies in the world. In company with Messrs. C.

P. Barber and W. Belford, we made a flying trip to the county seat, Tuesday. It struck us as being a lively and pretty town, peopled with' good-looking women and lively business men. Yea, verily brethern, we will tome again.

Kirwin Chief. From the earliest historic times down to the present, there has been nothing discovered for bowel complaint equal to Chamberlain 3 L'onc, Lnoieia aau Diarrhoea Bemed-. There is no rem- edy as near perfect, nor one that is as strongly endorsed by all persons who have had occasion to fo it Sold by. G. W.

Bickford. 34 The Dispatch, ran off an edition of 1,500 copies last week. The entire" edition was exhausted bsfore Friday night and another edition of 300 wa.s struck off. There were at least 500 copies of the paper sent to east- era parties by their friends ia this City and county. There will be a large edition this weeic, and parties riahln? oxtrs- coows can be supplied '7 Money to loan on most favorable terms at the pioneer real estate otfice of Wm.

Bissell. tf For bargains in residence lots and houses, see McKay McCormick. Millinery store and gallery combined at Hickenlooper's, on the northwest corner of the square. Have McKay McCormick make your abstracts from complete and accurate Abstracts Books. Go to H.

A. Harmon's for your wall paper. Ho has a trimmer, so that you have no trouble in trimming. McKay McCormick will make you an abstract on short notice and guarantee satisfaction. A.

S. Bickford's stock of clothing is complete and you can get a fit every time. Call and make your choice. Go to thb new feed store on the east side of the square for your feed. They deliver to all parts of the city.

The First National ban 1 will make a farm loan and pay you your money on the day your application is taken. When a man insures he wants to deal with a good reliable company. Go to G. A. Spaulding they are agents for the best companies in the world.

Judge W. II. Pratt, Frank Strain and C. A. Lewi3, of Phillipsburg came in from the west on Friday evening of last week, and 'remained until Sunday morning.

While here they made some investments in At-wood'property. They went to Blake man, but saw nothing for that town but a final disaster and failure. Indeed they were informed by some who had gone there that the thing was merely an experiment, and that the lots they wished to buy here would be held to move back on in case the "experiment" failed, as it now has a fair chance of doing. These and other gentlemen who believe they know the inlterkious of the Bock Island to put a division here will invest in Atwood property con-fiident as to the outcome. Atwood Citizen.

A Iteautlful Yvttng Iaily. Whose wavy hair had been burnished by the sun of sixteen summers and whose cheeks had kissed by the breezes of June until they blushed like roses, -flung her plump arm3 around her lover and with her cherry lips exclaimed: never was such a displiy and magniQcent stock of dry goods, as is on exhibition at the Chicago Fair." Novelties just received in buttons, corsets, laces, funbroideres, hosie, and dress goods. Thi3 is the- boss place to do your trading. BoSENBERG MlCHALISKY. Htolen Sermons.

Let rnercey ever temper the con scious stroke of power. Thought is ths property of those only who can entertain it. Every cultivated mind carries a liturgy in its own refined taste. There can be no reverence where terror is used to command obedience. How cruel is the misery of being deceived when we have the laast right to expect it.

Do the good thing which you can do, and stand and do nothing because there is some other good thing you can't do. Let the motive be in the deed and not in the event. Be not one whose motive for action is the hope or reward. There is no more despicable character than the person who deals in violated cofidence. There is no dungeon so dark that it can shut out dishonor, or dim the withering glance of scorn.

When any calamity has been suffered the first thing to be remembered is how much has been escaped. To be entirely safe the sense of justice should not be limited by justice itself it should go beyond it. It is useless to attempt to fathom the depths of duplicity. When you think you have found it out, it de ceives you most Be at home to every call of con science. It is tne one rnenci that will never deceive you, ana you snouia entertain it well.

There is Humiliation in corect- lon. Unly an insensate rool would persist in holding to an opinion when its falsity is disclosed. It is always better to pa'3'3 a dozen intended insults without recognition, than to take bffeuse at a single unintentional neglect or Our life is determined for us; fend it makes the mind very free when we give up wishing and only think of bearing what is laid upon us, and doing what is given us to do. When yon know that you are right, let your faith be firm and relentless. To hesitate in a right cause; is to confess to a want of courage which makes principle glorious and imperishable.

I For Hale. Three good work horses and four cheap. For particulars inquire at Phillips County bank. Stupendous Room inaugruarated in farm loans bv Is it Piiillipsbnrg Again Wins From Long Island. QVEEX OF HEARTS, RE.ItrS, GOT.

AXTHOXV AI CORY A. TAKE FIRST MOXET IX THURSDAY'S RACES. The Horsemen Endorse TJie Ilf- THE BASE BALL CAME The second game of ball between the Phillipsburg and Long Island nines at the Fair Grounds last Thursday was not as well attended as the first, but was far more interesting one. The Capitals took the bat and scored six runs, and allowed the visitors to get one on a wild throw. Both nines then settled down to business and up to the fifth inning played some of the finest ball ever seen in this city.

In the fifth the Capitals lost their equilibrium and allowed their adversaries to score five runs on glaring errors. The visitors bound not be outdone in liberality returned the compliment in the seventh byr allowing the home nine to score eleven runs. This, of course spoiled the good looks of the score, Tmd some pretty lively pounding was done at the end of the game. The following is the score by innings: Phillipsburj? 6 1 0 0 0 11 2 3 23 Long island 1 0 0 0 0 5 0 6 013 Thursday's races. The second and last day of the June races was not so well attended as they should have been.

The decrease was caused, probably, by the threatening weather. It rained some during the afternoon, but not enough to interfere with the races. On the program was a novelty running race for a purse of Queen of Hearts, owned by N. Hansen, won at and post time, 25 seconds at 50 at Remus, owned by S. Drakeley, won at and mile post time for mile, 1:52.

In the free-for-all trot, three starters, Lona took the firt heat in 2:43, and Governor Anthony the next three hsat3 and the race in 2:41, 240 and 2:36. Lona took second money and O. Ku third. In the free-for-all pace Cora A. took the race in three straight heata time, 2:42, 2:37 and 2:35.

endorsed. TiliLLiPSBURa, July 1. Editor Dispatch. We, the undersigned horsemen, having read yrour article in Tje DisrATcii cf June .30, 1SS7. with reference to the so-called pacing race between Little Jennie and George and the conduct of J.

E. W. Johnson, the driver of George do hereby fully endorse your said ar tide, and further wish to state that we have all been well treated by your so cicty, and that we cannot in anyT way endorse the shamful conduct of the said parties referred to, and consider it a disgrace to the turf. D. X.

Arbuckle, E. E. Garland. Samuel Drakely, W. H.

Strowbridge, John anion F. B. Barnard, T. J. Lemons, J.

II. Miller, T. J. Law3. NOTES.

The programs used at the race3 were printed at The Dispatch office. The horsemen pronounce our track one of the best in the circuit. Considering tnat this was the first summer meeting held by the assoeia tion, it was a big success. The Long Island nine i3 composed of perfect gentlemen, and Phillipsburg will always welcome them here. TTTI ft mi ine ieature or laursdays game was the double play in the seventh in ning by Dixson and Cheseldine.

The Horsemen are loud in their praise of the treatment accorded them by the society. J. S. Barnes, secretary of the Agricultural Association, umpired both game3 in his usual satisfactory manner. eijiteeidt Sleeting.

The council met in special session last Friday night for the purpose of electing a police judge. A yote being taken, ex-Probate Judge H. C. Spaulding was elected to fill' the office. The city marshal was instructed to see that every business house in the city was closed at 11 o'clock p.

m. He was also given strict instructions to look more closely after hoodlumism and disorderly conduct on "the streets, and to promptly arrest everyone who laid themselves liable. The councd adjourned. Jfiarrietge JLicr sixes. The following is a correct list of the marriage licenses issued by Judge Cole during the month of June: Wesley G.

Conkright, of Holland City, and Addie Roderick Sherman, of Mound townsliip; Henry M. Mentagen and -Anna M. Fritag, both of Belmont township; Jame3 W. Mercer arrd Catherine Williams, both of Dayton township; Oliver E. Madi son and Carrie Dennis, both of Sumner township; Homer Ellsworth and Ella both of Logan township; James II.

Reed, of Greenwood township, and Alhc E. Walker, of Ohio; Price Houston and Sadie M. nenrie, both of Solomon Albert A. Walcott and Alice both of Prairie View township; Henry x. Archer' of Mound, township and Judith Duteher, of Phillipsburg'.

RHtnntiturm W. K. Powers. 2933 Thomas Street St. Louis, Mo! sta'tebf Ballard's Snow Liniment cured me of E.heum- or Go to Bogenriefs restaurant for your meals; they are first class.

S. S. Fisher Co. are making some very nice improvements at their drug store. If you want to live well and get fat, eat at Bogenriefs restaurant north side the1 square.

lor cnoiee cutter always on ice, call at the south side meat market of Fleming Ileath. Cloudy weather as good as clear for youths and old persons, at the gallery on northeast corner of the square. We sell mixed paint cheap, and of the best quality. We warrant it. S.

Fisher Co: Thirty different kinds of wall paper of all shades and colors, at II. A. Harmon's drug store. Go to the First National bank for lowest rates and shortest time on farm loans. Coal of all grades, lime, plaster, cement, and building material of all kinds at Howell Bros.

Small profits and quick sales is their motto. Go to Bissell's pioneer real estate office for your farm loans. He has been in the business for twelve years and know3 how to do you. good. tf We are bound to be the leaders in good good and low prices.

ROSENBERG MlCIIALISKY At the Chicago Fair. For best term3 on farm loans, call on J. W. Lowe. Annual or semi-annual interest, and you pay off your lean in tsvo, three or four years, if you like.

All orders for merchandise wiil be thankfully received and promptly filled and delivered to all parts of the city by T. X. Jones on the west side of the square. The marks of premature age may be effectually obliterated by using Buckingham's Dye for the whisker's. It colore uniformly, and alwaj's give satisfaction.

The Famous fnrniture polish can be had at G. A. Slote's furniture Etore. Anyone desiring to prove it3 merits are inn ted to call and see before purchasing. 40-4 1 G.

A. Slote. Fine enlarged pictures made from old ones at Hickenlooper's. Do not run the risk of losses by placing valuable pictures in the hand3 of traveling agents when you can get a3 fine work done at home and run no risks. Sufferers from chills and fever, who have used quinine as a remedy, will appreciate A3-er's Ague Cure.

This preparation, if taken according to directions is warranted a sure cure. Residents in malarial districts should not be without it. Sensible people who make purchasing of goods a simple problem as to where they can get the most value for the lea3t money will never regret buying their clothing and gents furnishing goods at C. II. Lefiingwell's clothing store.

At the school election of District No. 3 last Thursday Mr. C. H. Lef-fingweli was elected treasurer, for the ensuing term.

Mr. C. J. Loar was secured a3 principal of the schools with Misses Ella Pearson and Stella Granger, of this city, and Emma J. Xorris, of Prairieview, as assistants.

Fleming Ileath, the meat market men, on the south side of the square, have just received a supply of smoked ham3, shoulders and breakfast bacon. These are of the choicest kind, and as there will be a rush for them, you should call early and get jour supply before they are gone. Other fresh meats of all kinds constantly on hand. Mr. G.

W. Young, our enterprising hardware man, received a certificate from Hon. L. Hanback last Thursday informing him that his application for a pension had been allowed, and congratulated him. Mr.

Young's application has been filed with the pension department for the last nine years and all hi3 friends will be glad to learn that it has at last been allowed. S. A. Haseltine patent solicitors, Springfield, send us the following list of patents which were issued to citizens of Kansas during the past week: A. H.

and E. C. Bales, Washington, Machine for weaving thatching; R. C. Burt, Haddam, Paint Compound; J.

B. Johnson, Anthony, Car-coupliag; J. B. Johnston, Leaver for wagon-brakes; J. C.

Kelley, Stock- dale, Wagon-brake; S. B. Lard, Water- vilie, Bowing attachment for boat3. Tho little daughter of 3Ir and Mrs. Samuel L.

Detwiler, of this' city died last Thursday morning at 5:30 o'clock after an illness of onfy one day, of summer complaint. She was 2 years 1 month and 10 days old at the time of lief death. The iihc'ial took place Thursday afternoon from the Methodist church, and the services wci-e' condiicled by He'v. I. S.

Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Detwiler Iiave the svm- mSHr wnmn'r rth Side Mo 14: that he "Who gave himself for us might redeem us from all I Peter, 18-19: "Ye iniquity." are not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, as a lamb without blemish and without spot." The above scripture declarations inform us that while we were in that lost and hopeless condition, Christ gave himself up into the hands of the law and became our substitute, to bear the penalty of the law for us, that we might not only be delivered from its curse, but adopted into the family of God, and be made paitak-ers of the divine nature. When we come to examine the word "ransom" we find equally clear proof that the redemption of sinners by Christ is viewed in the light of a deliverance by the payment of a price.

We read in Matthew, 20; 2S: The son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give hi3 life a ransom for many" And as regards the fullfilment of thi3 mission, Isaiah declared of him 700 years before he came as a ransom, in 53; 3: Surely he hath borne our grief and carried our sorrows, yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God and af flicted." What wonderful manifestation of divine love is here shown: hence Paul to Timothy writes in "Who gave himself a ransom for us to be testified in due time." The word here rendered, "ransom," is in the original, Antilutron;" "anti," which signifies over against, opposite to, equal to, instead of, or in exchange for, and Iutron," which signifies a ransom, redemption, atonement, or price of deliveranccTherefore the literal ren dering, to be in perfect harmony with the original might read: ho gave himself a price in exchange for ail, To redeem them that were under the law, that they might receive the adoption ot sons." By adoption, God ogives us: 1st. A new nature, II Peter, 1-4; 2nd. a new name, Xumbers, 27. Whom God adopts, he anoints; whom he makes sons, he recognizes as saints. The fruits of this adoption on God's part are: 1st.

Love toward adopted, 103; 13; 2nd, He pro vides for them, 84: 11; 3d, he protects them, 4lh, He guides them, 11; 1-3. Having made such rich provision to meet every need of our live3. God expects on pur part: 1st, Perfect faith, 5, 11, 2nd, implicit obedience, John, 17, 14; 3d, an humble submission, James, 4, 4th, a dedication of self. 12, 1. The wonder of God adoption is seen if we compare it with men.

Men usually adopt when childless; men generally7 adopt those whom they think are deserving; God adopts those who have been criminals, traitors, enemies; men adopt one son; God adopts many. I. S. HiL. A Happy Afain The wedding of Judith H.

Butcher, a daughter of F. T. M. Duteher of the firm of Spaulding Duteher, to Mr. Harry I.

Archer, took place last Thursday night, and was a very happy affair. A number of relatives were present to see nuptial knot tied and wish the happy couple a pleasant voyage in their new life. Rev. Theo. Bracken performed the cetmony.

A sumptuous supper was served, and the happy pair were the receipients of a number of beautiful and useful presents. Mr. and Mrs. Atelier left last Saturday evening for Atchison, where they will remain a week or two and then go to Florida, where they will probabby make their future home. The JSarsJiaVs Instructions; The mayor and the council liave in structed the marshal to put a stop to hoodlumisra, and the marshal should follow out the instructions to the let ter.

There is a certain clas3 of young men and boys in this city tbst trave been let have their own way in svch matters too long, both for their own and the community's good. Such actions as those performed by the charivari p'arty the other night is a disgrace to any city. The marshal should also look more carefully after those characters who are in the habit of getting intoxicated arid parade the streets and interfere with peaceably inclined citizens. An effort should also be made to ascertain where these parties get their cider cr bitters. IJ llliam's Australian Serb Pill.

If you are Yellow, Bilious, consti pation with Headache, bad breath, out you Liver is out of One box of these Pills' will drive all the troubles widows, minors and dependent relatives, to survivors of the war of 1612 who could prove sijtty days' service, and to widows of soldiera in that war. It will be seen that5 the business cJ the Pension Office in dealing with sp-plicahts for pensions, becomes two-fold: to grant pensions to those the law points out as deserving, and to withhold them from claimants which it does not recognize. To do this the office must have on its records satisfactory evidence in the case of an invalid, that a man by such a name and from such a place actually had the service claimed, that the claimant is this man, that his injury or disability is undoubtedly the result of his service; in the case of "widows, etc." (as the Pension Office officials tersely classify widows, minors and dependent relatives), that the service of the soldier or sailor is a.s claimed, that the claimant's identity id established, and that there is no doubt about the dependence. To show briefly some of the striking features developed ia gathering and handling this testimony and in forming conclusions, is the business of this article. Under the law the number of persons who may receive pensions is, of course very large, while the number who may pretend to have just claims is almost inestimable The Pension Office has all kind3 of people on its bands, both honest and dishonest; the old soldier, poor and disabled, who has spent years without filing his application and only doing so now because his injuries are driving him to the poor-house; disheartened widows frightened at.

the money and time it takes to establish their claims and nervous at the questions; unreasonable women who know their husbands were in the army and indignant that the office does not take their word for it; well-to-do and healthy men determined to get still a little mors to add to their incomes; and out-and-aut frauds, keen, tricky, and prepared at every point. Applications and testimony must be in writing and they come in ehowers. Last year the number of pieces of mail received in the office wa3 over two mil lion, tne mail some days running as high as eleven thousand separate pieces. Each communication referred more or less directly to a new case, a pending case, or had a bearing on the status of one already established. Of course this, enormous correspond ence must be handled with system and care, and a very perfect method is em ployed.

Each new application for ft pension and each application for an increase of pension goes from the mail ing: division to what is known as the record division, where it is recorded, and if a new case, given a number by which it is to be hereafter known on its travels through the departments of the office. All future correspondence relating to "this application is at once jacketed with the original application and testimony, the object being to keep every thing concerning each case together. The data required before the claim can be recorded and leave the division is, for an invalid claim, the full name and address of the soldier, with the company, regiment and State from which he enlisted, also any other service he may have had. If a widow's the above fact3 are required and also data regarding the pension, if any, the soldier drew. This data is sometimes slow in coming Into the record division, claims lying for months before they can be recorded.

In spite of this fact the division does an immense amount oi work. Last year 31,930 invalid 13,233 widows'; and 995 increase applications" were recorded. The examination of the evidence to establish the claim is given to what is known as the adjudicating divisions. There are live of these the Eastern, Middle, Western Southern, and Old War and Navy. The work in each ia the same, the field of their labors differing.

The first four deal only with pensioners of the late war. The Old War and Kavy Division handles claims of sailors, of soldiers ia the refolutionv the war of 1812, Indian wars, the Mexican War, and in all companies of the late war not enrolled in the regular army such as the sharp-shooters organizations, the Missouri brigade, etc. (Jhautanqiian. According to Major General A. Von Tillo, of the Russian army, the longest river in the world is our own Missouri- Mississippi, which has a length of 4.1S4 miles.

Next comes the Kile, 4,020 miles; the Yangtzekiang, 3.15S miles; and the Amazon, 8,063 miles. AT. T. Ledger, WHAT HE COULD RAISE. A Crop Tbat Kerer Fails Upon tba Stony Farm of New Uanipshlre.

"The God who made New Hampshire" (to quote Emerson) can Jtardly have intended it for a farming country; and yet, while so much newspaper wit is expended upon the stony, pastures of the Granite State, it is well to remember that a good many men have been raised upon them. A farmer living in New Hampshire Wa3 visited by a friend cf his boyhood who had a line wheat farmin The visitor eyed the scanty products of his friend's farm with, dismay, almost fearing that his visit of a few days would eat up all the profits of the year. Finally, he demanded, sternly; "Jim, do you call thi3 seVftn-by-nine patch of stone a farm?" thar's my turnips!" "Turnips! They haint enough turnips thar ter feed dyin' lamb. And what's that patch' per thar?" 'Pa'snips-V "Hump! Pa'snips! An' this?" "Potatus" (laconically). "Neow," Jim, I'd jest like to have tell me what yonr farm kin raise?" "You want ter know?" 'Ye' (fervently)-.

"W-a'-a-l, jiKt tin: I kin raise, the bi2get lot of dust on er windy dpv of in' ro.r. T. J. G. W.BICKFORD, Proprietor.

Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Perfumery a full line of 5 KANSAS DTJTCHEB lis tho Square Kansas 03 cn CO J3CJ C3 CO tr trj ca DRESS-MAKING; Public Square. Dm i'AXCY GOOSE, TOILET ATJCLES, fH Paints, Gils, Varnishes, Glass, Putty; All Orders from the Country Promptly Filled. North -Side of Phillipslmrg CO CO C3CJ South Sid3 Public Square. Jk FURNITURE, i tiD SHODDY GOODS lSTCCX. Sy Phillipsburg, Kansas.

FLEMING- HE ATH, 9 Proprietors of THE OLD RELIABLE MEAT MARKET; A fresh stocli of meats kept constantly on hand nice and cool. SffioM meats of all kinds kept always ia stock. G-ive us a call and we -will give you satisfaction. South Side of Square, PHILLIPSBURG KANSAS; MISS ELSIE MILLIHERY AND West Side of Wishes to inform the public that she has a large fitof of millinery uui i3 creparej to 'do all kis of Miliary ad Dress-rnakirg work. CalUmI No trcsble gjods.

"Also sgeit icr th Cckn.i--ei low.

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