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The Phillipsburg Dispatch from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

The Phillipsburg Dispatch from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

Phillipsburg, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

id Will, whore is the "oil man" witii fl i Lends PuHLISIIED EVLHY TlICESDAY. A 21 It TniliTEEX Iteinv frctn tTis Sentinel of Aovemhcr 7, li-i. The other day W. T. M.

Dutcher handed U3 Vol. 1, No. 2G. of the Phil-lipsburg Sentinel, published by Flavins Macmillan. This was first newspaper, and soon after the issue of which we speak, the news Vec-ks McDonald are sailing more real-estate than anybody.

Den Bickfordleft yesterday for Logan county, to take up land. W. E. Goddard has moved to this city to become a permanent resident. A son was bom to Mr.

and Mrs. J. Peak, of Logan township on the 14th inst. $50,000. in PhiHipGhurg For weeks Capital, Tho First Bank PMllipsbm-g Or Estate, FaM Loans and Collection Agents, Phinipsburg, Kansas.

G. W. YOUNG, President; W. L. MORGAN.

Vice-President; J. F. MORSE, Cashier. Does a Regular Parties wisliing to purchase a by calling on or writing to U3. No.

No. BO only4'4 mile rast of Th'T-lirf-burg-. Mil acres in (rood cultivation, 0 ider fence, cnod well p'enty Koud ru mins ator anil Twenty cl ee jouujj t.mbor. vnco 42,20. Jfo.

C3 130 erros, 140 acro of rice level Innd, 4tacree in pood cultivation, house Tlr's is ore cf the finest farms in In the country. Five nvles uorthwcot of philiipsburB-. Frice, No. 2 1C0 acres 7 miles north of T-hnrpebi-rT, 80 acres pood cultivation, hi acres ur.dcr 'i wire fence, haif mile of crtek I 'i story houi-e "Cx: 4 with (stone I Btory poud frame cmniry Ji.x:l4. Ftone liii'ewcnt fr horfe stuble corn crib.cow Biablethat lioldsSi head oi cattle ch'cken lioue hoff lots etcrplenty of Rood timber.

A Cee farm: price cfatn.Lul-aace ca 4 years time. Jftf. acres, acres urdcr cuHivr.tion acres undi-r fence, frame bonne cost pTM)d well. 1'W younir apple trees. good 40 100 Accounts of Merchants' Stock-Raisers' and Individuals received on favorable terms.

COLLECTIONS. We give special attention to collections of merchants. aiANUFACTCEEas and INDIVIDUALS. Publishers Terms, Cash in Advance. 1 Year $1.50 6 Months 75 4 Months 50 Advertising rate3 made kuown on application.

OFFICIAL DIRECTORY. FTATS. nnvrnxop-j: a. Martin. jjF.rT.-novnRvoa p.

uiddie. "I ft FT A It E. II. Al'en. A DITOT? Timolh Met 'a fh- TRTSAPr Unri-lton.

yr pT. of si'HOols J. H. Lwbiad. ATTnSKV-nFV.

5. Bradford. FT.4.TR T). Tli-cher. nOADOP KCV liiT.

S'v-IETV fi. A -lams. -PT. liF IN'SI'R R.B. Jiorrls.

LIBRARIAN H. J. Hennis. I T-fi KN Kit 4 I. A.

H. "aTr-obell. 11 SS'T JCSTlCB-Mr. A. HAILUOAI) t'OM'li L.

Turner, James aad Alrr.erin Giilett. CCUXTT. rT.KP.K -T. nartrcnn. TP.K Vfpns.

fcT-IEKIFF C. M. V.E'-iTSTF.K OK e. Morton. PCRVE YOK W.

P. j- no .1 rn role. JUDOR I'TST rorirr L. K. Pmtt.


Yonnjr. fl.FTSK TUST. CTRT J. 31.

CORO.VKTl T. Mf'eT. COM MISSIONF.nS First District. W. T.

CoTlrnrton: Second District, II. McDowell; Third District, J. II. Han. Towxsnip.

TP.T&TV.! Oisr'es Freder-ck. TR.AURKR-1). A. Heiinff. CF.F.KK T.

A. 1'rs-ford. JOTICES HF TUB PE.ICS-Hiul. Towns-ley: TVck. CONSTABLES David Close; S.

C. Cum- CITY. MAYOR O. A. -nuMfnsr.

tOUNCIL-W. H. Pratt. .1. Woods, W.

W. Anem. Ed TCorn. F-ank McKay. TR F.

Morso. CLERK .1. Rnw. POLICE JCDGE It. Frank Stinson.

AHEIVAL AXD DEPARTURS OF MAILS. jiarvix A5t Phillips a rao. Arrives 7:00 a. m. Leaves 7:00 p.

m. IXtyQ AVD PHTT.T.TPSWTrVJ. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Arrives Leaves 2:00 m. woowirrr Ain pwiL'-TPsarita.

Mondays aad Fridays. Arrives 12:00 tn. Leaves 1:00 pra. WAQNEBVILr.B AND PHILLIPSBCRQ. Saturdays.

Arrives 2:00 p. tn. Leaves p. m. DAVID CLARK.


A. Pnanld'nsr, mayor of the city of FhlllinsbureK cinnty of Phil'is, (state of Kansas, do horebv proclaim and ica'te known thst thore will be he'd a irenera' e'ection in I city on Mondiv. ATrl the 4th. A. I.

137. at the court house in said cny for the pnrpo-e' conneiiTpen for said city. pid election shall or a mayor, a police and rive Attend -Promptly to aoresjro.ia plow lunu; aiso. 1 rarlno lipM.urr. i rioo catb, CD trm fttrui price I tjme vtr ct)4jU This is only a small part of our large list of fine Farming Lands.

Ccm and eee us and we will do you good. weeks Mcdonald. to us, and remit for all collections on the day of paj ment at lowest rates. oo r3 SiJj PaoIicSinre. Carrlss a CompSeta Ziozti of FURNITURE, KO SHODDY CQCDS IN STOCK.

Kansas. WE SOLICIT A SHARE r3 CO CO T-rJ 1 2 a a t- Si a. si 3 t-i 51 ci 2 ai a a a a a O. 2 3 2L -2 CO to Vi 525 the gun M. J.

Page Sons keep a full line of hips. E. Forney, the Commonwealth man, -n-a3 in the city Monday. Call on McKay McConnick lor complete and accurate abstracts. Vs.

C. Calhoun and wife spent last Saturday and Sunday in Long Island. Base balla and bat3 in endless va riety at S. S. Fisher Co.

'3. VT. F. Marshall has been appointed po3tma3ter at nance, thi3 county. For farm loan3, latest rates, optional payments, call on J.

Lowe. G. "VF. Stinson Son have had new signs painted on their oflice windows. For best terai3 on farm loans, call on J.

W. Lowe. New rate3 jnst re ceived. Misses Lillie Weaver and Minnie May. of Kirwin, spent last Friday in the city.

If you want to make a farm loan you can save money by calling on Week3 McDonald. Alva II. Pearson makes a specialty of the abstract business. OSee over the po3t office. The First National bank will make yoa a farm loan at the lowest rate any one offers Phillips county.

Just received, a fresh lot of drags and toilet articles, peifumerie3, at S. S. Fisher Go's. -Money to loan on most favorable terms at the pioneer real estate ofliee of Wm. Bissell.

tf Have McKay McCormick make your abstracts from complete and accurate Abstracts Books. McKay McCormick will make you an abstract on short notice and guar antee satisfaction. Fred Winship has put a stationa awning across the sidewalk in front of his store on the east side of the square The First National bank will make a farm loan and pay j'ou your money nn thf lmr rnur ii tfiVrn A A girl wV3 born to Mr. ana Mrs. L.

L. Guest last rulay morning. Vi cess. Where is the place to get a correct abstract in the shortest time Echo answers, at Alva II. Pearson's, over the post office.

A large number of Kirwin and Logan citizens were in the city thi3 week, attending the Germain and Smith trials. County aid has been voted the C. K. W. in Clark county, township aid in Meade county, and county aid in Seward county.

Those who like corned beef can be accommodated by calling at Nipps Close's meat market, they having jnst received a fresh supply and of the very best. Call before it is all gone. The farmers of Atchison county are already reaping the benefits of the construction of the road in the payment of riijht of way and the employment of men and team3. Atchison Champion. Fine enlarged pictures made from old ones at Hiekenlooper Tucker's.

Do not ran the risk of losses by placing valuable pictures ia the hands of traveling agents when 3-ou can get as 3fle W01'k don0 hom9 and ran no i We arc in receipt of tha Fifth bi- e'inial report of tha Kansas State Bonrd of Agriculture, with compli meats or in. oinii, sacreiLiry. 1 uy mi-. report contains 237 tges, and is i bound ia a and substantial m-m- ner. it coaLau.s valuable information.

I Tl i. 4- i ien, on the south side of the square, ave just received a supply of smok- i-iem-ng inssicr, me m3a, market. me hav ed hams, shoulders and breakfast ba- i NORTH SIDE DRUGSTORE. G. W.BICKFORD.

Proprietor. Pare Drags, Medicines, Ferfasery, Fancy Goods, le in all in conformity with the t-u t-provisions of tli4 atatata ia such case made i Smoked to the little ladj 3 future 3UC- cjtr. Kansas. Banking Business all Business Intrusted OF YOUR BUSINESS. si Cf) a .2 .1 (f) (tf cd DL 12 CO art CO TZ CO a ci in Ju to 5 t- fe3 23 a CO C) 4 3 ti to a a a rt 0.3 be CI CORRESPONDENTS.

Editoh Dispatch order of the day. Seeding is tho Some mischievous cattle caved in one side of the school house at thia place a few nights ago, but they wore kind enough to move the seats to tho opposite sido of tho room so they not get broko. Idi-s Jennie Larkia has a three mouths' school in the Greenwood district. The young folks bate to give Jennie up, but Greenwood has scure a good toiiehcr. Ou account of a tin wedding at Ezra Whitney's oa Bono crock in Nebraska, the sewing ciicle at O.

Whitney's was postponed until the lOlh. There were of rags sewed, a henp of good victuals eaten, and any amount of croqueting done. Mr. Tilson's baby was quite -sick last week, but was bettor at last accounts. Uncle Jimmie Cowley has sold his farm to a Mr.

Allen. Mrs. S. E. Schenncrhorn has a new well.

She will know how to appreciate it as she has had to carry water for about half a utile for the past two years. Mr. Linson has moved onto W. E. Goddard's place.

Mr. Atterberry has rented Pave Williams' farm and mo zed thereto. The new school house is being May Ira they vriU hijrry it up, now that the old one caa't be usel any moro. District No. 57 has secured the services of Miss 3Iar.v Bauni for tho summer tertn of school.

Miss Baum is an experienced teacher, having taught in this district befora and given satisfaction. The voun folks from East Branch plum creek gave Will Hill quite a surprise last Nttuniay evening, being his twenty-second birthday. Albert Hill started a few days ago for Choj-enae county to look up a homo. Miss Hannah Brandon has gone to help her brother to keep house oa hi.s uaw farm near tho stato lino. T.

C. Larkin lose a good horse Sunday night. True. flrCXEITItiE 1TE3Z3. Editor Dispatch: J.

C. Steele Also a complete line of Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Putty. AH Orders from the Country Promptly Filled. Sale by Mcdonald. farm or stock ranch can Eave incsey No.

4 3D acres 7 miles south ef Kirwin, acres under 8 wire fence, never fpillnsr rprinjr. wnler rierer freezes pood corvnis to stables and pMMnre, fr8n- hcrfe l.arn Mn'-ti, cow shed trnn iioute Hc'ii stone nd eod add. 14 lU spri's under cultivation. Vnv of the best cnii bined larni and Mock rsnclieg in tL county; price, all cafcU. No.

One section of land tnllrs of Repub-licun ity (rood frame house and iuiproveiniiits worth tl.iHiu; a tlrt-claM st'K-k ran-h: a bnrjra'n; price No. iiotiM' mid 2 lots In the city of I'liii'lps-berir. tmo location surry liourc i.v.4 with eil I story 11x10; built of belt tvi-terial by tirf I class workmen price AW chi-U, balance ou 'A years tiuio. No. ncros of nice level laM 4 miirs N.F of 1Ot'nn acres under eiiitivution V.

Hci-es iintlur 3 wire fi'iice. irood lif yarl lrrime host )fn Si I I. Kaimi am fi-'b. row lrnnto houne iliitrout. t'oarJ front and fhinple nxif, 10 aT' of pHd tbri.ty vlantcil Ikw pcxicl will; 1 0 1 iana, j.i ice vt u.

So 3 now nice level Innd, S3 new n- Jercultlvatlon. i 'i inlles cH of 11.11- t-rt era C5 7i 1 cn ru ft rr.Hs to v. i TT ii-f-fi i r.l n. r. C.i rtore.

nonth tiUa i tU fjulilic Kij'iare, liillli-Hburfc', Kaa. lT ror.TI, Trolmo Jn'ltrsef rilllir cnun-J t.f. Khii.aa. OSlioe in the oonrt l.oo, I'lii'liMt-ii'irc. A liiri'P t.i o't of tin; it-est of wol Jinff ertilioaioi.

TLIitr DAVIS. AtlornfT Bt Sfiiitli t.f the fipiaro. i hI IJtix -noun in J'billija Coiiuty. CulleeilotiB ailei.clt'd to. -I XcKAV fc McCOIIMTck, Attorney tl.w liolares Huiille.

OUSoe In the oonrt cnnnty alorn lOiilllps- l.iirg', Kaiii.vas. to. flivKl'nn nd Riirifon, i onion ut II. A. Hnrmm'i dni Htow.nn Kftiifr.rj.

lotU ly Hiid niniit, jiroujytiy utteud'jd. 1 KATT ft LKWI, at Law. rro- 1 tiee in n'l the court ef tin Uile. before the I'nitfJ -1 iiten Lr.nd Oillew a pjiocialt. n'7 Iohii on s'lort hikI lontf time.

front room over NHLioial Lhuk, iiAi.ii-hiirfr I. TV. FTTTSON" SOV, Atfornors at 1 J'ract'ce In the 17th Judicial ulriet nnd nf'd pepreine court of tlio state. south cjflecf equtti-c, 1 hillijistair, lumens. JONK3 tc rE.n?ON.

AbBtrafors. Alrflaot wt.rk trivn jrn mt anl ttl.t.ti- tion. souttaBidti or tnefxiuitre uvur I)0Ht Robert O. Sveanngcn, cisteiix and cellar diooim a done on short notice and in the imt miafao. tory taruiner.

I'eop'o Imvintr thi kind work to do csnnot do better than lutruttlnr tQ tho above utX'' j. lj ii ir Is now fireparf-d to Do all Kinds of Work in His Line at bis place adjoining town. BLACKSM1THJNG, attvnded to In a prompt and workuiaa-llke EAST SID2 HEAT MARKET. NIPPS CLOSE, Prop is. A big eupply of Fresh and Salt Meats, Craters, ooiisianlly on hand.

Laitit Side of jviuru. PHILLIPSBURG KAN Agent for the above Wind Mills. Also dealer la PL) PS, And does pump and wind thill repairing. PHILLIPSBURG KAN. IT came that the land ofSce had been located at Kirwin and the editor depart ed for other fields.

At the time of its publication Mr. Datcher sent the paper east, and a few days ago some of his friends sent it back to bim.rightly thinking it would be of in tei est to him. There are many items of inter est in the paper to "old residenters," some of which are given below: J. II. Close has returned to town.

While away he engaged a complete stock of machinery for a grist-mill at Council BlulTs, and as soon as business revives the order-will be made. The board of commissioners has been endorsed by a very full vote re turning all the previous incumbents except only Mr. Thomas Coz. against whom no man can prefer a chanre. J.

B. Ham has returned from Maine. A vote for user's longest eared mule county attorney -was esct the election last Tnesciar. attorney was a eanuitt late COi at tho election that fall, and got 'true votes ia tho county two in Phillips- burg and one Jturwin. Lo.j We aoeideatally omitted to men rion last week that J.

D. Bradley was admitted to practice in all tho courts of I lift 15th judicial district. "Still they come. Mrs. William Tannahill, iothrof James Tanuahill, who died last spring, is visiting on Piotncr creek.

She has dctanninOd to buy land near Philiipi-burg-, besides holding her deceased son claim. She is selling properly in Iowa to invest here. "Seven in ton nights wo Lad tiie miumght oil aglow to, get out not fewer than 4,000 county tickets, em bracing eleven tots men willing to bo made grojt by. the election Fianchiao. Another timber culture claim was taken on Wednesday.

The eu-imant is Judge Holt, of Beloifc, who believes in pur county and county scat. Ho could not got any nearer tuli than four miles, and if the grasshoppers had not corse upon us he would have to go to the high divide. "The following named boy3 an 1 girls met at Henry McDowell's on Deer Creek last week to enjoy a social dance: Miss Mattie Dickey, Fannie Dutchsr, Eva League, Riila Keller, Mattie Vest. Ada Maxfield, Mary Holdridge, Mtoy McDowell, F. 'Wind-ship, J.

S. Bradley, SI. E. Lertgire, Cas. Leonard, II.

Holdridgo, John II. Haney, John Close, II. C. Davi3. Music by Benjamin Hopper." Under tho hea cf Plotnor Creek," appear the following items: Btlow we prcseiit tho names of the families from Chickasaw county, Iowa, who have settled in tho.

upper valley of Piotncr creek: Geo. W. Weeks has tho land at the south of the neighborhood, and the oaur of acres is known oy Ins tnuu and works. Ho has a. of -racstic cattle, and here we vs-o saw the fattest sheep that have yet been herded in the central parts of Phillips count.

Hero is a largo fain ity of boys and girls as busy as tho Q.iaker households of tho east, and ah-e tdy io the full enjoyment of an" improved farm. Varney Bump, who has tha land formerly occupied by J. S. Bradley, nd unett Bump, who married the dau. jr of are von; gentlemen of energ and all tho in-ttiucts of a Kansan farmer who can see beyond the dark cloud of.

ioeasts which settled down upon tho county last mid-summer. Milton Chapman and Joseph Young have elaisn-j at the tht head of tho creek. Of tho following farmers cn Plct-ner creek, it is said that not more than two have quitted the country on account of the I'm 1111-3. Tannahilf, Goo. Morton, James Sai'ee, Mr.

Jones, O. J. Shoemaker, John Long, Mr. Mrs. Page, Stephen Daniels, C.

Davis, J. H. Close, John Close, Mr. Gum, Mr. Maxfield.

Clay Piotner, S. 8. Rwney, Samuel Piotuer, and John Curnings. Morton and Geo. F.

Dixson made the first wagon track up Plotner creek. The paper gives the onicial vote of the Phillips county election. Arcong the candidates for tho oiTSoes we notice: Smith, for representative; C. Hiesranlooper, for' county clerk; W. F.

Woodard and G. W. Stinson, for county attorney; Wm. Bissell, for coroner. Tho paper also contains an editorial comment on G.

W. Stinsons re-election to the county attorneyship with only one" days' notice to the public that he would bo a anc peaks very highly Of I that gentleman's abilities. Among tho advertisers aro tho fol lowing: Button Smith, goners merchandise; J. II. Close, grist and 1, I ujiii, vjutuiiiii live; and feed stable: Ilogors Mann, general merchandise; Henry McDowell, cootractor and builder; Louis Noper, tailor; C.

Ilickenioopor, photographer; E. Albaujrh, Western hotel; W. J. Padon, boot and shoe making; Ham Shawhan, C. 11.

Lef-! SagweU, dry goods, boots and shoos, and drugs; slso tho following Sionai Cav A-OmeyS fit law VV i F. Woodard, A. G. McBrido, Stinson A Palnifr.and estate and loealing agent; also i'r mua vouccr. faysicians Dr.

A. B. Houek. There aro a great many auveriiseraeato in its columns from Cawkor City and other place's. ius vuautjr Knurls oi it.

W. Tracy, James Large, Thomas Cos, 7 1 4 commissioners; Bissell, repre-j 4 I 'I I W. Kidd, register of tloods; Thos. treasurer; John Shurrz, pro bate judge; T. A iarvin.

John Sliecfcler, coroner; G. son, county attorney; Fred Dntton, eierx or the tiistr-t court; Si: y. iieaa, surveyor, and J. Van Anen, u- porintesdoot of public Tii prevailing phrase used in the advcit iemonts is grasshopper Mr. W.

M. Young, of Jackson coun ty, is in the city on a two weeks' visit with Mr. G. Yvr. Young.

Mr3. Dr. "Wallace left last evening for a visit to her sister, Mrs. W. II.

Mc-Bride, at Osborne. For Sale. A farm cf 1G0 acres, only two and a half miles from this city for $2,500. Inquire at this odiee. Weeks MeDonaid can sell you the best cultivator or lister there is made, and don't you forget it.

Mrs. Todd, of Clay county, is visit ing with the family of G. W. Young. Mrs.

Todd is a cousin of Mr. Young. The item in last week's Dispatch in regard to Mr. Evan's stock should have read 290 hog3 instead of horses. A large stock of paint3, oil3, drugs, paint brushes, calcimine, alabastme, at S.

S. Fisher Co'a. All persons, wanting farm loans can make money by getting rates at the First National bank. S. B.

Fisher, the champion story teller, has returned to this city. He has besn at Kirwia for some time. Cloudy weather as good asdear for youths and old parsons, at the gallery on northeast corner of the square. Mr. J.

J. Rutherford ha3 returned from Iowa Point, in this state, where he has been visiting for some time, lie i3 much pleased with our boom. Mr. Alva H. Pearson give? his entire attention to the abstract business.

He is assisted by his sister and is prepared to turn out work promptly. If you want money on your farm, call on J. W. Lowe. You can iy annua1 or semi-annual interest, and pay vour loan in two.

three or four rears. Mr. George W. Bra-Stay and Miss Rnbie 31. Taylor, both of Logan, were married last Monday forenoon jua-e Cole at his rasidonee ia this Neighbor, who are those fellows down on the southeast corner of the public square who make such cheap farm loan3.

They are Weeks McDonald. From the tone of a late letter received from C. IT. Leilvgsvell we should judge that he has been dabbling in California real estate, with good results. Mr.

George the new bakery man ha3 his new building, in the rear of the Wood hotel nearly completed, and will soon open np business. Mr. Dell is an experienced man in h'13 line and our people should extend him a liberal patronage. Marshal Delph should be encouraged in his laudable movement of starting a street sprinkler. He oilers to keep the streets sprinkled for twen-ty-ave cents a week from each business house.

The price would be small compared to the good results. A fine 10-pound heir arrived Tuesday at the home of G. W. Bickford, the druggist. The young fellow made his debut very as since Mr.

Bickford removed to the north side of the square his business has bl 1 0 aa pharmacist. 1 Jl ,.1. 3 1 31 Mr. Guipe, of Walnut township, while returning from this city to his home last waek We.laesday. was thrown from his wagon and quite seriously injured.

He was standing up in the wagon putting on his overcoat, when he lost his b.ilanee and fell to ground, striking on his shoulder, L. K. Morris, of Republican City, ooug ot iur. oamaei riacner, iass a of pr03.3rfev the norLh fc of for $600 Mr. htoi Saraa.3l PloneP) ja5t fl3.ll3ra:H C5 piOCi Island.

The abstract firm of Jones Pier-son has been dissolved, T. N. Jonei disposing of his interest to Mr. Pier- son, who will continue the business. Mr.

Jones will continue tne business -v- oo. io niraeir, cai mortgage, anstract ana loan business. His ofliee for the present will be in Mr. Salleo's o3iee at the court 1 nouse. If you expect to make a farm loan Co to the First National bank and find out when application is ma le just how much money you can and be to eorae nnd ii- Ul i Jill VJUl V'til 19' ftnd thore is RO nMil of to to seni east before knowing whether The th'nnest canard yet started by neighbors of Kirwin is to the ctfeet that tlte Central Branch has purchase i bv tho itock Island.

rf ti, Pueific i3 going to sell its most valmv We tribat-irv, and if they so desired they could cot as it is only lease'l Oa tho oilior hand tho Union Paci-ic con'd not sell it, as tho Missouri Pa- Cl-ie ieass rjozs aoj; cr.p:ro for about twentv three Li HISTfiZCT COVST. Garmtiin a tut Arnold Cases. Judge L. K. Pratt arrived in thi3 city from Long Island Mond-iy at' 10 o'clock, and immediately opened tho March term of tho district court.

Tho first case on the docket wa3 that of tho stato vs. G. or main, for assault wth intent to kill, on tho oer-son of Edward A. P-igo. The who! of the day was taken up in a jury and examining witnesses, and the counsel for tho state tho defense made their picas looming.

Tho case consumed tho forenoon and was given to the jury at noon. In tho case of the state vs. P. Smith, charged with selling liquor contrary to the prohibitory law, tho stale compromised an 1 the defendant plead guilty to four of the eleven counts, and was sentenced to pay a fine of $100, asd to pay aii the costs in tho suit. lie will also board at tho Hotel do McGuiro for four months.

In tho case of tiro state vs. L. B. B. Clark, a clerk of Arnold's, charged with selling liquor, the state entered a nolle prosequi.

Tho state catered a nolle prosequi in tho cns3 cf F. E. Dalrymple, a clerk in T. P. Smith's drug stojo.

In tho case of the state vs. A. N. Arnold, the defendant plead guilty to four of the counts in tho complaint, and was sentenced to pay a fine of and costs, and to four noii'Jis imprisonment the county jail. The other counts in the cotnolaint were dismissed on motion of tho county attorney.

Harvey Gzinain wa3 found guilty of assault and battery. His sentence has not jet been pronounced. The of the state vs. Dennis Snerman was continued. In tho case of tho state vs.

Abrara Arnold, in rvh'ch the defendant was charged with die crime of jury brought ia a verdict cf not guilty of yXccthij. Union Camp No. 51, Sons of Veterans, met at tho G. A. It.

Saturday evening. Much 19th, in regular sesioi. Frank Strain, a momber of the G. A. was present Five applications for membership wore real and comcittieos appointed to visit the aoulieants and rcaort at tho next mi.i! In -r th.i 1 tr tiTisi.

ncsa" was gone through with, the camp was entertained by a speech by Comrade Strain on tho prospects of th'i3 camp. lie was followed bv G.p- tain Youag on tho obligations and do-ties of the order to the G. A. B. Ho also was followed by First Sergeant Frank oa the prospects of the crdor generally, after which tho camp adjourned.

p. j. Crykham has coaim -nood tho and Done at the olEco of the mnvor In the eltr of Ph'ilinsburer, stat-. cf Kansas, this ilth day of March, A. D.

1S37. Local Happenings. 3IeKay McCormick for cheap loans. Mrs. J.

D. Bonar i3 visiting with friends in Oslorne thi3 week. Go to William Bissell for loans with interest payable annually, tf Fine carriag9 varnlshe3 of the best kinds, at S. S. Fisher Miss Maud YanLoan visited with Miss Jessie Hartman last week in this Ciiy.

All kinds of pictures at the gallery cf Hiekenlooper Tucker, northeast corner of the square. Go to the First National bank or lowest rates and shortest time on farm loans. Miss Myrta Bissell left last Snndey for Baldwin university. Mr. Bissell accampanied her.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Nipps entertained a few of their friend3 at tea last Saturday evening. reernM.vw corn-wruM vlth care i tan, and by registered pharmacists, at S. S.

Fisher Go's. Mr. an I Mrs. J. Tlinni, of Osborne, were visiting Mr.

Mrs. Nipjw, of this city the first of the week. When yon want an abstract cf title call on or address Alva II. Pearson, and yoa will not be kept waiting long. A good, Cr3t class of harness, ll work warranted hand made, and will sell cheap as the cheapest, at M.

J. Page Sons. People intending to build thi3 spring should remember that Howell Bro3. furnish building material of all kinds, and should order of them. Coal of all grades, lime, plaster, cement, and building material cf all kinds at Howell Bros.

Small proSts And quick sales is their motto. tro to Lusseu pioneer real estate fiorth Sido of Public Squnra G. A. R. COLUMN.

fSeteeted n.iv.1 coinnlleJ osnociaJiy for our GriiriJ Ar.uj reuOers.J w. aro anvays in ease, i to any honorably discliargod soldier being allowed a pension but aro cspe- ploaocd to hour of tho success of Albert II. Shaaky, of Logan, and Vi'. L. Hay, of Kirwin, who hive boon allowed pensions duriuj tho present month.

Tho city of -3Ilsworth has made very liberal to the Grand Army of the Ropublic, department of Kansas, proposing to donate to tho department G-iO acres cf hind for state re union purples, me lana is piantcu trt trtHM rind is in vrav desira Tho Grand Army lucky. The wratli over tho president's veto of the paupor pension bill is still manifested in republican organs and Grand Army posts. Tho old soldiers aro fighting harder for the surplus than thej- ever fought for the union. Chicago Times. We suppose this was meant for pleasantry, but heaven save tho ra.rk.

The Times was ahvays notorious for saying mean things, but this is about the meanest fling that ever was made, The most viruvlent bourbon hebdo- i i ti. v. midal in the most obscure corner or of the south would not be guilty of uttering so base a thing. Common The Cawkor City Record records the death of Charles llomann who served as sergeant in Co. 53th Peunsyl- vania volunteer infantry for three yeai s.

He a-ai enlisted as cori iral ia company II. Third United States veteran volunteers, March 14, 1SG5, and was discharged March 13, 188G. Cornelius J. Burke, of Waterviiie, agod G7 years, mombor of Post No. 2GU, G.

A. died on the 32nd John Durst died near McPhersoa 3Iarch 11. He served in the Union army and was buried by the G. A.

It. F. W. Johnson died last week at Arkansas City. He served in the Forty-second Indiana infantry.

The regular sittings of the Metho- dist conference began this morning in ELL BORER. 0peralc3 in anj kind of ground, sand or shale, and guarantees sat- All kinds of stock taken in pay- men or time given. 0rder3 may be eft 0f3ce. LIVERY AND FEED STABLE. v.

A 1 i i con. These are of the choicest kind, uUuh a lamb2r var.a tho and as there will be a rush for thorn, Th5g g-ve Hir varJj- you should call early and get yoar.fAnd alI ff3 ar3 to have the onicefor vour farm loans. lie uasMn konm nn 1 'rf has a now girl at his house, the first tho opera house, Bihop An-of that sex in the family, save tho i drews in the chair. A ncfit and hearty vife. address of welcome was delivered by Frank Finley callexl at thi3 place Mayor Wright, and it was responded one day last week and entertained the to by Itcv.

W. It. Davis, in a very boys with a few lively jokes. happy and acceptable manner. Rev.

Messrs. Henry Davis and Oscar Fa-j Davis was colonel of tho 16th Kansas gleman have gone to Logan county to cavalry during the war, and Capt. got homesteads. Wright commanded a company in the J. Q.

Adams has sold his farm to a 1 same regiment These facts made gentleman from Illinois for 2,000. the occasion a very jovial and cordial Everybody should call on tho now one. Junction City Tribune. bv.vl ft.T!"nfs"r:dvvbiH fla i- rm been in the business for twelve years and knows how to do you good. tf For best teran on farm loans, call on J.

W. Lowe. Annual or semi-an- nual interest, and 'ou piy your I loan in tvo, three or four years, if you like. Tho ladies of the Presbyterian rhurch have formed an aid soclffv oujw ucwic tucv uou.i fresh meats of all kind: is constantly on hand. The man with the dancin-r bear gave an exhibition on the streets of Phillinsburs-one d-tv the first of the 4 t- Vi believe that 13 wbat they Yes, it was a little boom in its way, but we pav no attention to such small booms.

Kirwin has the only genuine bare boom that is at present notice- ese ParL A certain subscriber in town met us not long since, and told uithatu he was aave next wees he would pay U3. Several weeks have eh auieal depigment, and to this end: will on the Swt of Aorii move its ed- i i 4 itonal and business olnoo into the fi-oat room of ta ons room or tao aajoiainjr oiiilaiiir oa tae nortli, tho one cow occupied. by Mr Dicker. Tie will bo Ss3-J up ia comfortable and co: vsnieut style, with a door cut through t.h n.irtihion -t 'S ae I 1 a nw in ij se-rer. held their first meeting at the eIap3eJ 8iac5 lhen' aad W3 see Uiai oa 'ocr loan caa be -homo of Mr3.

C. A. Lewis last Tue. 1 the str3eU frel'jeatI but hs ha3 Good masons whv vo should dav afternoon. 10 meet hi3 obK3atioa w5th U3- Alva II.

Pearson make your abstracts: We have arrived at tho conclusion Because he ike3 them at ones in a Mr. Goodrich, having removed to that he is dead and smplv walking neat and tasty manner; they are alius farm ia Phillips county, tha Meth-' around to save faasra! esneases wft-YS eorfct a3 ho makes them from odlst church at this will hive a Dovl-stown 0 Jo lal hook3 tha havo Pr''P vojuonn, grsat cars and because he now pastor lor next year. Gavlord i i i- i tr wing to its rapidly increasing bus- is here to stay and must do his work II-raiJ' iness The Dispatcu is obliged to en-' 11, and because those who know him Will Nipps aad Morton have large tho working room of its Qe bot patronize him. they have several lino farms for sale. iiui, xi ruey eiiiior picco.crgetapi.coto; SOI Have you soon hopper and tho cow -r S.

N. Tubos of Long Island, was aj Her at this place nda; also Char- Tabbs, of Phiilipsburg. nt thu rlep ian rhar-1 lev Tabbs of Phiiliosbur. Mr. Morris is building a house just p.cross tho road from W.

G. Francis, so Dickevviile is on a boom. Tho parties who took those lamp chininoys from the school house had heller return thorn immediately or take tho consequences. A hint should be sudicienl, boys. Locates.

Several 'rd wnoas. i MI'PS Oi TT northwot part of tow Alesan.lor, who has boon vis-j retarafcU to t-Ma iass evening. A railroad mootiaor will be held Ia 'dUtnct No. 15. Arcade township.

A i ii- i goou lively moeiiog is expcciea ana everybody' is invited to attend. work ordered of Alva H. Pearson will have immediate atten- ioa. Ail orders will be bijj hly procinio i and work done ia manner in- taeda-i to eiatiuuous patronage. Th Centrcl Brnnrh of the Missoa ruciue 13 cro.vaoa witn travel tuis spring.

r.oiesiiig patronage is io a grat ewiit by tho ilrst ciaAS aad ourteons tr-oatmiit ihuS the traveling pabiie ru- ceive from thai formed a partnership under the firm uanj3 of NJpps for the lortoi fir the. par-' leoi store, luoy pose of running a ara oota mo-i or eaergj- ana oasiness qialiaoabins aa I witi mirootoLy do a ioj Thi? hsidiuar- ters will bo in tho buiidiug rooo. it'y oooupled bj ikor cootractor, ia tho rear of tno i-st a nni m'r G. C. Proprietor, PHILLIPSBURG KANSAS.

Firkt-claeslurrouU fursisUcd ca khui noil a. Take "The Pisiatch." 7 Give the boys a cad. printing.

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