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Meade County Times from Mertilla, Kansas • 4

Meade County Times from Mertilla, Kansas • 4

Mertilla, Kansas
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i i im Mm apawajn ii mi i rn hi 1 j'lrwilligwcrnBiffnHy' THE TIMES. PROTECT YOUR HOMES! DOUBLE ACTION REVOLVER. people will settle in these states this want any Kansas. Well hundreds spring. K.

c. Times. of people go just to see the coun- try, to visit relatives, to have a From an item handed in this pleasure trip, or to satisfy them-week we are lead to believe that selves that what they say about exceptions were taken to an item this wonderful state is not true, sent in last week by one of our it is a pleasant land; it is a coun Entered in the Mertilla, Kansas poatoffice as Becond-class matter. These revolvers are an exact duplicate of the celebrated SMITH WESSON. MARLIN A.

GOOD REVOLVER no longer costs Illinois or any other state, and in time will stand first in every agricultural product. Leave yonr land with B. Pap High is bnilding a house on his claim. Henry Obringer is acting porter at the hotel this week. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY .38 Caliber, using Centre-Firo Cartridges.

correspondents, regard to rv rjeople don't forget. Use the Fortune TERMS. $1,25 t5c. )ne Year, in advance Six months school matters. To publish the opportunity.

For tickets for any article sent in this week would Gf the above dates see your near-only be to introdcue a controvercy est agent. Half price does not and perhaps create ill will. Our occur every day and with these Bishop make farm Perkins loans. ommercial Printing a Specialty. AmW Ww Bfg MLbsMW Am atwI I A HW tf" AT SHM Self-Cocking, Automatio By H.

L. BISHOP. KAXA8. MKRTII.LA, Ejecting, correspondents, and all others will advantages has never occurred use care in sending in for publi- before. cation anythins of a personal character or that will create staife Girls are of few days and full of mis-It is the purpose of the TIMES to chief, and whosoever is deceived thereby dispense the news and do good to i8 not wi8e- When tbe fair yunS iri ii i 4.

cheweth her gum with greater haste all and not to enconrage strife or 6 A a and stampeth her pretty foot, do thou bad blood. look out She cometh forth in the even The spring zephyrs have made theirannual appearance. Rob Hainill attended to business at the county seat Wednesday. A lively little enow storm the first of the week. Martin Richardson and family have gone to Harper county.

RUBBER HANDLE. 1 1 NICKEL PLATED, FULL Viiu jttxd zquax. rs itdt bxspxct to thx SMITH db WESSON. For sale by Hardware and Gun Dealers everywhere, lffannfartnred to THE MAELDJ FIRE ASMS New Haven, Conn. Rates of standing advertisements made known on application.

Local notices, per line, single insertion 10c. Eah subsequent ineertinn, per line Local notices remain in, till ordered out. Marriage, death and church notices tree of charge. Advertising payable monthly. Job-work, cash ing in low neck and short sieves, but in BEST IN THE WORLD! Garden city Herald! The rapid the morning she lieth in bed while her Chickens will come home to roost, and Kansans will return to development of the west is over- mother hustleth.

When the sleigh bells I a1 1 4- nVksv nilI nf fViA Wtnrlnir JVC ATLXjI3T Magazine Rifle. For lug ar uoull poi, all ibM. The troagtH hooiinj rlSa Bade. F.rfact ihe claim. Nine of our old settlers throwing the methods of the east yearneth for a beau Md whenhe have returned recently and ethers and infusing new blood into the cometn 8he doeth up his purse.

He acccrae7 purntJ, mmi Xh only kMolattly uvf nil en tbe maritt BALLARD GALLERY, SPORTING AWD TARGET RIFLES, woM renewnnJ. Send for lUutraten CeUiogne. MARLIN FIRE ARMS few HWb. Conn. are eXDected every dav.

controll of the finantial affairs of wrappeththe buffalo robe about her ad TUT! AT. RELOADING TOOLS the country. The giant strides ot nuggetn ner mucn, ana nayem oui ue- WILL SAVE ONE-HALF THE COST OF AMMUNITION. A lie luuicutiuuo are timx wc win our railroad and other enterprises kond Ms time' and th lery man ad- Mdefor all sizea of CartrldjreB are usert In any ot Biflesor ristols: Marlin. Colt's, Winchester, Ballard.

Steven, Rpramgtou, i WWtBey-KennedyrBmith Wesson akio for all gauges and makes of have a very wet summer. proves this as surely as day i aetn iour goou uuiiars tut uia uui. ui hw pveninc he hieth himself away to her SHOT GUN SHELLS. PAPER AKD 2A3. lows night.

All great railroads Uofw' ansinn rr o-oath in and sit- hotter th.n anr other. Bend for Price List of these tools to will fail. Work together and you find there's no such word as come into Kansas. In this con- teth bv the fire, and ere he leave th he it. 106-1 O.

Hatss, Coonr. A i A LOCAL ITEMS. April 4th is arbor day. J. B.

McCall is at the Center today. Mr. Hamill has returned to his home in Illinois. Peter Obringer has invested in a span of mules. C.

W. Fears was down to the Center Thursday. The snow of the first of the The Lamed land office is said oiuon oi tnings -inis new west- poppeth the question and she juinpeth at the chance. As the cock croweth he xiiv r-v vi F4 ri ill 1-v a 4- a to be haunted by the ghost of a 13111 xxauoi uo tuc taketh his departure, and when he re- former register, who prominades center. She is to become the most membereth the smallness of his salary he kicketh himself.

the room with drawn sword and populous and wealthy state ot the Union, and to be the seat of our utters hideous sounds every Helvetia Items. night bah. greatest enterprises. He vho does not see this is blind to the E. Butler Sundayed with his waves of promise that start at the Chas.

Walter went to Cimarron family. FARM LOANS A SPECIALTY. week has put the ground Lm fine Atlantic and Pacific to meet and Thursday to get those school seats Aakalon is the name of the pro- dispense their lavors in Kansas. we have been looking for sO long. Wm.

Brown has gone after a posed located where the The day of great things for Kan. condition for working. J. C. Real took a look at the train, at Meade Center, Tuesday.

Rock Island crosses the Cimarron, sas is iust dawninsr. load of coal. Do not wait for others to do the Senator Piatt, from the commit- All the old nunters ana trap- booming-. ut your snouitter to can to the wheel and do all you te 'on territories, has reported Pers are not dead yet. xlt.

is. ix. favorably a bill to extend the Newby catches polecats and help push it along. southern and wARtfcrn horde of skunks at the rate of four a Furnished to Prove Up With. Farms Bought aftii Sold on Commission.

PERKINS BISHOP. MERTILLA, KANSAS Kansas has been visited more Kallgag gQ ag incnde what and occasionally a badger or fer- rain during tbe month of Febru. knQwn ag public land strip ret. ary oo tuna tu re.jruary ue witliin thA nftnft Mta4ft Tha recollection of the oldest inhabi- report accompanying the bill saye: Greenwood county. He says that tant.

Henry Barbee attended to business at the county seat, Tuesday. The hack team took a lively turn around town yesterday morning and demolished the wagon. The mail was carried on horseback from this place. D. A.

Perkins started east to purchase seed for our township, Tuesday. While gone he will investigate our rail road prospects. For wild, black cherry and box-elder seed and black locust call on C. W. Fears.

Why would it not be a good scheme for parents to furnish each "Within the past tew years there back east thev are not thinking we are nnaer obligations to ii has been a large immigration to ofnlowins vet i i Our school is to begin on Mon D. unmes, tor a copy ot the Fike this section and its lands, which County (Ind.) Banner. In it we are fertile, are largely occupied, note a fine list of lands in Meade Flourishing to Wns have also grown county, Ks. for sale at the Banner up. This portion of the public day, the 12th, with Miss Martha as teacher.

Considering the damage caused office. domain is without laws, excent such as has been enacted by the by cyclones in the east, it would THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR THE An exchang, speaking of the settlers: and, while the great ma- seem as though those easterners prospective growth and advance- jority of the Settlers are iudustri- who poke so much fun at the fchild attending our school with a tree to plant on the school ground raent of Kansas during the present ous, thrifty and moral, many crimi- Kansas cyclone pits would them year, says: "we do not so mucn naisana outlaws nave taken up seives ueeu one 10 crawi mio. on arbor day. a a 'a I a A 1 a want men to speculate town xueir aooae mere, ana mate ire- Miss Fannv Brown is going on Messrs. Clark and Foster, of lots, but people to populate and quent predatory incursions into a sit to Dakota shortly.

the Center, were in town Wednes notrn nn thA onnntrv thA ntntp nt Kansas nn thA nnrth day. Whose ad will appear next week neonlA who. if ther hW small dition of this nart nf th nnhlir California boom being bustefJ, Mr ana L.ew Eisner are again 1 -u i. cnnital in monv. tiavft larfrA rfi- dnmain calls for ant.ion 01 wuu UVMWU happy, their wives having returned from the east recently.

snnrcps in charactfir. in flnftrfrv. in hv conrftsa and of th vnrions out Lueie ia UItclJ lwuav 7 1 il j. -L Ti i i productive labor. plans which hate been proposed ULKffu UiB At 1UU" Thos.

McAulifFe, who has been xtr i- iM 4. Humeumes is ii oiu men wouia TT it LI lU.liieitl, 11 Ull glUWCIO IVL iiic uigauiaiiuu Ul LilC UUU11U spending the winter with friends benefit by listening to the council mechanics, none seem to the coinmitte to pos in the east has returned to the ists, in fact men in every vocation sess the merit of the plan proposed of their sons and invest in Meade county soil. Nierda, soddyi of life, for the Kansas of the fu- in the bill." Perkins Bishop are getting up ture is to be a state in which all CO Ilia. a list of lands. If you want to the industries flourish; a state of A town site haa been surveyed fll'S LAST'S 1L 9 cell your place, give them prices a 3, 19 independent people, developing A i on Anton Kinkelaar's farm, eight miles east of this city.

Work on 35 a 5 3 2 3 -3 a 3 into the very highest type of en H. Fluellmer is a steel trap a tj 3 CD "3 ul lightened citizenship. the depot and side "tracks has mm 5 2 iifj A been commenced. Fargo Demo. worthy immigrant that A YEAR ALWAYS IN ADVANCE 12 comes into Kansas, makes the I 2 5 gr'El -a -a a 2 13 3 5 4 9 School began Monday with a Edited by mks.

j. q. croly (imt -Jjrax.) ff 3. people richer and adds to the general prosperity and happiness. Si 3 3 1 i.

HA5DS0ME EXO RATING to eTery subscriber. fair attendance. 2. a mJ tO 1 a -a Capital. TERMS TO CLUBS.

For Cash Commissions KANSAS. 1 iieHiiiIeieilieiIsi aneaci; his dog having brought hue home fast to his foot Tuesday Finis Thacker has returned from Illinois, where he spent the winter, bringing with him a better half to share the joys and sorrows of his claim house home. The Times extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Thacker.

Prof, White will open school at the Little Jem Monday. Literary meetings will be held every Saturday evening at the The Kansas Boom 2 Copies 3.40 3 4.30 4 with free copy to club raiser 7.00 This is the name which repre 5 7.50 6 9-00 The prospect for an immense rush to sents the highest grade of prosperity ever attained in the same Codev's. at the present time is admitted by the press and people to be superior to any ladles magazine in America, having tne great- 1 1 a. 1 est variety oi ueparimema, auiy euiieu. length of time by industry, and out of nothing.

The actual figures CLUB BAISERJS PREMIUMS FOB THOSE WHO PBEFEB SILVERWARE TO are astonishing and they don't lie Little Jem, beginning with next Kansas this year were never brighter. The series of excursions which the lines have agreed to run, commencing this mojothj promis'S to be the largest in the history of the state. A Times representative talked with severaVcf the principle railroad men on the subject jTes-terday and this is what they said: Mr. George T. Nicholson, general passenger and ticket agent of the anta Fe: "I have every reason to believe that we will have a large number of actual settlers.

We have a large number of in- Though the last acre or government land has been taken np and the flat, black acres have to be CAH COMMISSION. GOOEY'S has arranged to give elegant Silver plated ware ef superior makers as premiums, the value of which in some instances reaches $2.1 far one premium. Sena 15c for Sample Copy which will contain illustrated Premiums with full particulars and terms. Address: GODEY'S LADY'S ROOK, Philadelphia, Penn. bought, the people still there by the thousand.

Land ie good Ill club with this and a fortune has been secured in and the Times for 82.50, which week. Mr- Webster, living seven miles south-east of town, will leave the farm and accept a position as book keeper for a firm at Dodge. Reliable information has been received at this place that the D. M. A.

railway company are massing a large force in Pratt county every case of large investment and quiries from people living in Minnesota should be sent to this office. Michigan. Wisconsin and other northern a competence from every small in- A Dl Sl. 00 for thirteen Tecks. The I vestment in Krnsas lands.

The old-fashioned excursions will be begun by the Santa Fe route, and this time they will take in all point 8 reached ty this line from Lawrence west, at one fare for round trip; see dates- Mar. 21, Apr. 4, Apr. 25, May May 23, June 6 and June 20. These tick- states and they say the winters are so severe in the north that they cannot stand them any longer and want to come furthhr south.

We are preparing to take care of tremendious crowds." Mr. W. H. Xewinan, genera! traffic manager of the Missouri Pacific said: "Our agents all over the entire east north and south report that they have never Had as many inquiries as at present and I thinii that the boom in Kansas OfIViril POUCK GAZETTE will be Time Card of the A. T.

S. F. FIRST NATION BANK OF MEADE CENTER, KANSAS, Capital paid in SUCCESS OS TO Trains leave Cimarron as follows: EAvTWABS No. 2, Atlantic Expresa 19, a a. No.

4, Tew York Express 11 14, a at WBsTWAEB 'No Cal Mex Ex no 1 a mailed securely wrapped to any address in the United States PHP I for three months cn receipt of vU I I L.O One Dollar. Liberal discount allowed to post masters, acents ard clnbs. The POLICE GAM All ZGTTt of New York is the only rTI I LL legit 1 -mate illustrate sporting and sen sationol journal published upon the American CDC CI continent. Apply for terms to I I1L.L.1 RICHARD K. FOX, Frsnklyn Square New York next year 11 he the biggest she ever eta will be good thirty days.

You MEADE OF No Colo Ex i -M. 44 a CHAS WHITING, Att Their intention is to push the south-western extension through Seward county to the Colorado coal fields. Fargo Democrat, We hope their information will prove reliable as this is the road to which MertiTla has voted bonds. The contest seat in Pratt county ended the 29th, 1135 in favor of Pratt. Kansas ranked second in the production of broom corn last year, Illinois alone leading her.

ansas has the necessary qualifies of soil and climate to outrank can be ten days going and five days returning, and can stop at any point in Kansas on the Santa Fe lines. When the place to which MARRIAGE GUIDE! 260 PAGES. Illuttrned. in Cloth and Gilt Bindii 60c, you buy a ticket can be reached by saw. Texa3 and Arkansas are also working up a boom and are organizing in every town.

They will furnish statistics and inf rmation aboi.t those sections that can never be obtained in any other way.v Said Mr. H. Tebbots, general pas senger and ticket agent of the Union Pacific: "We are receiving thousands of inquiries about Kansas and Nebraska and I believe an immense number of money or same. pp coTcr, 1 mm uooa con- DIRECTORS: A. BLAIR, President First National Baak, Medicine Lodge.

O. C. EW ART, Cashier First Kational Bank, Medicine Lodpe. C. F.

M. NILES, Register United States Land Office, Garden City. M. J. O'MERA, Pctaident First National Bank Meade Center.

taina all tb cunona.donouui or uxjuhuitc want to know. ullofvery lnterratjnjrara niowie imonravon. ukalth. Ssihop, Uotary Puulic, Msrliliv BKAUTT IM Harris ESS trr pronrnni oj us uuvise WHO may Marry, who not, whv: Mrdical Aid. when necenary, b- l'uzht home to you.

60 Waarfcrtal PEN PKTl RGB, true to life. Young or old, married orsinele. aick or should more, than one of the Santa Fe direct lines, of the Southern Kansas a choice of route will be given. Perhaps you are fixed and don't read it. Sent sealed by DR.

WMI I I ItK. 5t- Louis. Mo- Tula UVT Al WITH VWI M. EWAET, Cashier First National Bank Meade Center..

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