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Highland Vidette from Highland, Kansas • 1

Highland Vidette from Highland, Kansas • 1

Highland Videttei
Highland, Kansas
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1 1 US I I I A V' A tll m4 4M mm v. 4 -v. at Historical Society Seventeenth Ykail Number Highland, Doniphan County, Kansas. Thursday, Octojikh 22, 1908 Subscription $1.25 Per Year The Lee Estate Business That Bctliin-Leland Story The Railroad Bond Issue Candidates Discuss The Issues As tho county campaign progresses! Both Botkin and Lelund have denied the weakness of the cause of the Inde- any truth in the fool story that Leland pendents is becoming almost pitiable, and Botkin had entered a combination When they started out in this cam- to defeat Stubbs. If that doesnt con- compromised at 85 cents on Tthe dollar "If those speeches are made all ovrr and for all the rent, at tho doge, the patgn they didn't expect to use the Lee vine you, read tho following from the the county before election." said board had to give 100 cent on the dol Estate as a campaign argument but i Lawrence Journal, published in Stubbs' Highland man Tuesday night after the political spenking, "I can't for the necessity being the mother of invon-1 home town: iar in reiunaing bonus, jioteeine people of Doniphan count; tare uetaully The county railroad bonds la one of the issues raised by the Independents who say: "We first voted $100,000 in bonds: under 'Republican management they have grown to $477,000: hence something rotten." It's true the county voted $100,000 in bonds.

It'a true they are now $477,000. But why? Instead "The Topeka Capital publishes life of me see why there shouldn't be tlon, necessity demanded something new. For tho platform Declaration uhrwl nftcr till by rattan of the lUjitution for it enabled the board to refund al story of an alliance between Jerry Bot rine and concluded with a plea in behalf of Taft for president. It was a lucid explanation iof questions which all who are interested in governmental affairs appreciated. He is verjr modest as to his own part in legislation, although as a matter of fact and for a new member, lie became a very influential legislator even in his first session.

He made a very favorable impression. Because he stands about six feet four anyhow he stepped down kin and Cy Leland. The story is un the usual Republican majority in this county this year. All these charges by the Independents are thoroughly of Principles, as they called it adopted at their commuting convention didn't most the entire issue of bonda at be tween 50 cents and 85 cents on the do! true and the Capital is in poor business and satisfactorily answered." lar. Then what if the entire bond is.

mention the Lee Estates, and a platform, if it means anything, outlines the is The weather favored the Indepen sues of a campaign. It mentioned only sue at the close of the litigation exceeded the original issue by one or two dents Tuesday night. In addition to Railroad Bonda, Taxes, Bridges, Print being a dark night, it rained heavily hundred thousand. We paid no inter ing and the Hand of Tyranny in a gen off the stage in order, he said, to get on a level with his audience. est during that time which alone amounted to $28,000 a year and in ten eral way.

So thoroughly have the Republican candidates answered every de just at the time when country people get ready to drive to town. But a good crowd of town people were Mr. Anthony was followed by Brew years to $280,000 besides compound in tail connected with the bonds, taxes, ster, Leland and4 Bell who spoke on bridges, that the Independents, county Issues. Boeder and Curtis Dan Anthony opened the discussion of telling why, which could bo easily be done, they merely insinuate that mismanagement caused it while just good common horse sense would suggest there must be a good reason. Hence a little history: The people of this county in 18G9 by a big majority voted $400,000 in bonda to induce the present G.

I. and B. M. to build through the county. Interest was paid on these bonds until 1877.

In that year mass meetings were held in all the town 3 in the county wherein delegates were elected to go before the county commissioners and instruct them not to levy any further taxes to pay interest on these bonds. There were two reasons: The county was poor and this railroad tax was a great burden, desperately grasping for something were billed for speeches but the hour on national issues. He isn't an orator terest, making the amount we actually owed in addition to the original 1400,000, between $300,000 and $100,000 additional. The commissioners deserve your praise on the matter of the bond else, hit upon the Lee Estate as an but he is a mighty good talker. He 1 discussed the important acts of the And now what is the hullabaloo about in publishing it.

For more than a generation Cy Leland has been a true blue Republican. Ho has never shirked a political duty, never failed to carry his share of the burden. He made a fair race for governor and is been a good loser. It is unfair to him, unfair to the party and unfair politically to charge him with desertion at this time. The Journal has known Mr.

Leland too long to even need a denial from him, which we feel will shortly be forthcoming. Mr. Leland is a Republican in whom there is no guile. Had he been less zealous, hss determiued for tho public service welfare he would not have had so many enemies. He has always been loyal to his friends in office, being honest and faithful in the public service.

The Journal would have to have a good deal stronger proof than the word of Jerry Botkin to believe that Cy Leland was not true to the party and its regularly nominated ticket." the Lee estate? It is a matter that record and not your condemnation. Now most of the refunded bonda be last session of Congress in which he took a part. He likened tho government to a big business institution in concerns a private citizen of this come due in 1922, but they may be settled or paid off any time after 1912. i county, a man wno is candidate ror no office, a man defeated for nomination in the recent primary and who tobk his Some were arranged to fall due before which Congress was the directors and people the stockholders. Considering that the Republican directorate was responsible for all important legislation made and this legislation re that time and these have been paid off medicine gracefully, Cy Leland.

It is a from year to year as they became due matter that, even if there was any secondly the people believed that the railroads had not strictly complied in me county cienc oiiice anyone was too late to permit it. Leland was not on the program but ho accompanied the speakers to Highland and after getting here wa asked by Highland friends to niako a speech. Brewster covered tho matter of the bonda and back taxes in detail and touched upon the Lee estate howl, taxes and other ma ter on which tho Independents are trying to again base an Issue. Mr. Bell poke of tho failure of the Independents to make examinations of the treasury, of some personal Issues rained by his opponent Ryan and a few other mutters pertinent In this campaign.

Dr. Smith acted as chairman. The Highland quartet sang three campaign songs, the words of which are written by members of the quartette. thing wrong about it, does not concern may see the bonds the county has can the Republican ticket any more than a sulting in prosperous times, he considered it would be a great mistake to call a halt and make a change at with their agreement and hence the bonds were illegal. The delegates met celled in these years past by paying rabbit's hind leg yanked from a live oft the principal.

rabbit in a graveyard is responsible for at Troy and instructed the county com this time. The farmers never receiv hog cholera. The Independents arc talking about starting a sinking fund to pay off the ed better prices for their produce and inissioners in plain terms not to levy any further taxes to pay interest on the The charge in substance is this: that they constituting 75 per cent of the bonda. Brewster carries with him Leland has been, and i3 now, sticking bonds, in fact are criticising the commissioners for not having started one I a. 1 a.

rrti vote are not likely to want a change. the money of the estate in his own He spoke of the recent panic, the in me past, inis is rot. is there a copy of the record of that meeting which shows the list of delegates about equally divided between Republicans pocket and won't settle with the heirs, Vreeland currency bill, tariff revision, bank gnarantee and the merchant ma We don't believe a word of it neither Never Has Lost a Dollar Wathena Republican: Doniphan county has never lost a dollar by any defaulting county treasurer. The "independents" make it one of their sfirong points to harp about "Doniphan county's three defaulting treasurers." When Larzelere took the office from and Democrats: hence no politics in do they. Because if this were true they this movement.

I he commissioners could prosecute Leland and put him in Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Fenley the penitentiary and the heirs could did as instructed. For eleven years, while suits by the holders of the bonds Mrs Elizabeth Fenley who hud get a judgment against him for every single good business man in the county who favors storing up money by taxation to lie idle for years and drawing only 2J per cent interest when the money in the pockets of the taxpayer is worth from 5 to 10 per cent and more? Why not do as has been done in the past-levy enough tax each year to pay off such bonds as become due that year? Now we don't know what the future policy will be as to bonds. That's a cent and the judgment would be worth A. R.

Graves he required a complete 100 cents on the dollar because Leland settlement under the law then in force and the county got all that was coming were being tried and appealed to various courts, no bond taxes were levied save a few to pay off certain judgments with interest secured by the bond-holders aerainst the county. And in is worth at least $100,000 Now if Le land were irresponsible and if he owned to it. The trouble that Graves after nothing, so that a judgment against wards had was with his private affairs him would be n. g. then possibly tV.ey and had no connection with tho county could work this matter up into a some end the county lost the case, the supreme court holding that, although the county seemed to have a cause, the bonds havinjr passed into the hands of treasury.

When Devereux's term was oj't and the commissioners had examined and approved tho statement as the what presentable issue. But Leland being under bond for faithful perform question for the future. But it is not very probable that the present owners of property in this county care to pay off all these bonds between 1912 and 1922. Why should they? Will not those who will pay taxes in this county ance of duty to the is respon law required, Devereux promptly paid innocent urchasers, they must be held leeal. The county lost the suit: bat sible under the bond for a just account over every cent, and his leaving had the people of the county had demanded ing of all und3.

nothing to do with the county treasury, the action from the commissioners When Mike Bauer met with his mis And, do you suppose for a minute fortune his bondsmen furnished the that, if they knew these charges to be The people then were the commissioners carried out their in after 1922 get as much benefit from the railroads as we, or as those who lived here since 1869? Isn't it a better plan money and paid the amount which an true, they wouldn enter suit against him for an accounting? If the heirs structions. It is only now, 30 years af expert examinatiou of the records to pay off the bonds little by little each ter, that objectors have arisen, showed was due, and he afterwards re the estate was being misman year. And now why did the railroad debt paid them and has their receipts. The Unquestionably the entire issue can CONGRESSMAN DAN ANTHONY WHO SPOKE IN HIGHLAND TUESDAY NIGHT pent the pant two months wiih her daughter, Mrs. U.

li Idol, in Hmwa-watlia was ttrlckcn with paralyti lat Friday and died early Mond'iy morning IShe was 80 jeara old tin the 17th. of last August. Her nitlve was Kentucky. There she was married to William Fenley and shortly afler the war they came to Kansas settling on Cedar Creek in this uinty. Tiiey moved in 1881 to the farm adjoining Highland ou tho west.

The died in 1883. Tliey had ten children, six of whom ai-3 living. These are: Mrs. B. If.

Idol of Hiawatha, Mrs JelT Overlander of Wa-hington, Kansas, George of Arkansas City, Mrs. I. fl. Ncimin of Whitewater, Kansas, Will who lives ou the home place at Highland and Lemuel at Hiawatha. The funeral occurs this afternoon at the Fenley home near High-laud and the body ba laid to rest bo-side that of her husband in the Highland cemetery.

All the children except George were present at her death. From An Old-Timer Greer Donaldson writes the Vidette from Sheffield, Missouri: "I had intended to come to Highland before this time over the new railroad to see the town now and some of the old Highland people I know. I want to see if I can locate again the old swimming hole on Indinn creek, 80, by 25 feet and 6 to 8 feet deep which was i i 1 county has never lost a cent. increase? Suppose you held your neigh be refunded after 1912 (before which aged, embezzled, wouldn't they employ Colonel Ryan, that Champion of People's Rights, to prosecute Leland and make him account for every cent? And send him to the pen if guilty of any criminal wrong? Bosh! bor's note for $1000 at 7 per cent and he pays no interest for 11 years. He then owes you not only the principal Ryan and Brewster's Taxes time we can make no disposition of them) for a much less rate than 0 per cent because money is now much more Ohiet: xoung Kyan, Doth in nis pa but interest and compound interest for plentiful and Interest rates less than per and in his so-called speeches, said that a man who paid no more taxes in the eighties when these bonds were first refunded.

We should refund The Times has been asking why the 'Gang Papers" haven't answered the Ayers-McNett Wedding Miss Rosa Ayers and Robert McNett were married last Sunday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents in Highland, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ayers by Rev.

A. B. Cunningham. Only the immediate relatives were present. The Ayers family moved here from Arkan them at just as low a rate as will en charges concerning the Lee estate? than S.

M. Brewster should not have so much to say about people who do pay taxes, or words to that effect. This called for a comparison of Ryan's taxes able them to sell it- par. not below. Since this is a gang paper, we make whether this be at 2, 3 or 4 per cent and then issued in series so that the this reply: Because we believe Leland knows his own business a darned sight and Brewster's taxes for the present sas about a year ago, Mr.

McNett has year. The tax rolls disclosed the fact bonda shall become due a few thous better than we do. We believe, for instance, that J. F. Strieker knows a lived hero practically all his life and is well and favorably known.

that Brewster will pay $76 taxes this and dollars each year and gradually be paid off. Tho sinking fund idea blamed sight more about managing the year while Ryan will pay but eighty-seven and one-half cents as taxes, does not sound like a business DeVault estate than we do. That's his business: because he was appointed ad- This fact can be verified by anyone who This is the story of the bond matter in cares to look at the tax rolls. Brewster's taxes amount to more than the brief, ft is not as complete as brought Auto Trip; to Doniphan An automobile trip from Highland to Donlph in la interesting. Last Sat-turday night Will McCauley came in In his nnw Reo touring car and took the Highland quartet to Doniphan to a political meeting.

The road from hero to Troy may be all right entire amount of property given in by close to wciaemaier pee iuru uuwj out by Brewster ar.dBell intheir speed I es but it is more elaborate on a few Ryan. minstrator, gave bond, is responsible on his bond. 'Strieker and Leland are both men of integrity; we believe of honesty. It is to their own personal interest for the sake of good standing to manage them right and the best way they know how. And if either 11 years.

The interest each year is $70, which for 11 years is $770. With compound interest added, the amount due you in 11 years is just about double the principal, or $2000. A little figuring will show the exact amount. But even then your neighbor is not out anything. Why? Because he has had the use of the money all this time for nothing instead of paying his $70 in interest every year.

And so, naturally, our amount of railroad bonds after the litigation should have been about $800,000 instead of the original $400,000. But it wasn't, and here is where the commissioners did a thing that should have earned them the greatest gratitude instead of the present attempted stigma. Foresee'ng that the decision would probably be against them in the end, they were busy during the greater part of the litigation in trying to affect and in affecting compromises with various bondholders. They started by offering bondholders 50 cents on the dollar and actually did settle with a number of bondholders at 50 cents on the dollar, the refunding bonds issued to draw only 6 per cent interest instead of 7. The Independents say the bondholders where I once caught some fine sun perch and cat fish.

I have fished and points that this editor believes should be emphasized. Every statement can hunted all along Indian creek from Mc- Some Office-holder Himself One of C. C. Camp's main argu Creary's to the Missouri river in com be verified by records. If any Independent will call our attention to any one of them doesn't, all the heirs need ranv with Indian bovs from 1853 to ments why he should bo elected probate judge on the Independent ticket to do is to employ an attorney, investi point he can prove untrue we will 1858.

I staid the first night in Highland with George Spinning in a log is that the Republican nom'nee, W. H. gladly correct it before election lime. II. Curtis has been judge for three We have this week told the story of house which stood about where the Hammond house was afterwards terms.

If that is an argument then favors are even, for Camp has been built. I went to the cattle show in Kansas City expecting to see T. J. McCreary but if he was there I missed some office holder' as well as office seeker himself. He was county super the bonds and commented on the Lee estate matter.

Next week we will take up the matter of back taxes, taxes In general, and why it is the Independent board of County Commissioners have failed to order an investigntion of the him. I heard John Rea was there hut intendent one term.county attorney one term and representative one term- gate all transactions, force an accounting in court aud prosecute them for any culpable or criminal neglect of duty. That's what courts are for to guarantee the rights of all citizens under the law. Oh no; it's no argument to say you can't get justice in a court in Doniphan county. If you believe the court is prejudiced, you can get a change of venue and try the case in some other court.

And if they refuse you a change of venue and the decision is against you you can apply to the supreme court I didn't see him either. I think I shall treasury as the law provides. go farther south for the winter as I cannot stand the cold weather here. quite a variety but he seems to believe he ought to have a round in all the various county offices. Then there is another thing.

AH the years that Cur Attend the Independent Meetings Will let you know where to scud Vi dette as soon as I change location. The Republicans have so far failed to get a favorable reply from the Independents for joint discussions. On the All Losses Satisfactorily Adjusted tis was in the armyJCamp slept on a feather bed at home. At that time, at least, he was not seeking Mr. Curtis' place.

for a carriage but tor in an auto it is too rough. Where the roads have been recently worked, It has waves on It like a sea. Nearly every team met between the Station and Troy were skittish. The boys got out and lead a good many of the horses by. At Troy we took on a pilot, Robert Noyest, for none of us knew the road to Doniphan.

For about four miles the road admitted of a good spin, after that it was up and down, in and out with a road so narrow that brush swept the car on one fide aud weeds the other a regular lover's lune all the way. Down at Doniphan we got supper that had been arranged for our party at a private house but to got there we had to walk over a suspension bridge like those you see pictures of In your geography that are used in the Andes mountains. There is a big ravine between the house and town. Woven wire fence with boards laid across and wire railing bdJ made fast at the ends constituted the foot bridge. The meeting was a hummer.

There was a big crowd and everyone listened closely to the Republican candidates who spoke. Every number by the quartet was encored. The run back to Troy was made In 33 minutes which is going some considering the hilly road. From Troy we went around by Beudeca j'it for the sake of better Mrs. Hammond had tho largest loss in the recent fire and was the first to receive the Insurance mocey.

Uhe fire was on Tuesday night and the settlement was made on the Friday following. Mrs. Fox, John Ran, and Joe Wyatt were also paid tho full amount and get a new trial in another court if you can show the supreme court that the Doniphan county court is prejudiced. So, if the Independents were sincere they would try this case in court; not before the voters in order to influence their vote in a campaign. Mark this: you will hear nothing more about the Lee estate after the campaign.

And when settlement of this estate is made, you will find that there was no more merit in their charges than there is in all this Graft Talk, this railroad bond graft, this back tax graft, bridge graft, printing graft and all other exploded charges the combination ticket used as campaign thunder in order to influence votes. I through the agency of F. P. Blair. The losses of Mohler HargI, Joe Wyatt and AV.

F. Baton in the recent fire were placed In the handa of their agent, F. P. Blalr.for adjustment. 31-1 All Irish Republicans When Governor Hughes' special train pulled into Troy, the New York executive was presented with a basket of fine Jonathan apples by the Crowley brothers, who live on a farm southeast of Troy.

A tag on the baskst contained these words: "Doniphan County Jonathan apples. Compliments of Crowley brothers, Troy, Kansas. Seven brothers, all Republican voters. Have no fear for Pat, Mike, Jerry, John, Jim, Frank." al! offered to take 50 cents on the dollar, or that the commissioners had a chance to compromise all the bonds for 50 cents on the dollar. It's not true.

If they had, the commissioners would have only jumped at the chance too quickly. A Troy lawyer, who since became an Independent, offered to take up the matter with the bondholders to get a compromise of that kind, he, of course to get a commission. The commissioners decided instead to do this work themselves and save the commission. A'o proposition ever came from the boruVtoldcr8 to tale oO cents on the dollar. It was the commissioners who offered the bondholders 50 cents on the dollar instead But not very many bondholders would accept these terms.

Many bonds were later compromised for 67 cents on the dollar. Mr. Leland in his speech here Tuesday night mentioned one transaction before the federal court in Leavenworth where the board took up about worth of bonds for 150,000. Later many bonds were other hand the effort of the Independent leaders have been directed towards keeping their supposed followers away from the Republican that a fair discussion of the issues they have raised would damage their cause. But the Republicans have nothing to fear from the Independent meetings.

Go and list to their tales of woe. Weigh carefully what they say. Hear also what the Republicans have to say and there is no doubt about what verdict you will render. If the Independents have a meeting in Highland, let's go and hear them, everybody. We understand that Ryan, Boone and Camp do most of the talking.

They don't want to debate the issue with the Republicans, so let's hear what they have to say in their own way. Makes Republican Votes Said a Highland Station man who has been receiving the Wathena Times: "1 don't have to be the same thin? over and over again every week. Same old howl all the time. It ought to make votes for the Republican ticket." roads. Will McCauley is a very care Township Eoard Meets The Iowa township board will meet next Monday in Highland.

This ses- ful driver, particularly in passing teams and r.e knows tiow to make time bv takinr advantaze of every bit of Try our hard coal, the best Lard coal tuited jo -Eutt Williami, sion will begin at 10 o'clock in the jo't forget the Hue Valley A. Connelly, agent. 82 3 food road where be goes Jickaty. split,.

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