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The Hutchinson Daily World from Hutchinson, Kansas • 6

The Hutchinson Daily World from Hutchinson, Kansas • 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
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HUTCHINSON 4WORLD, SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 7. G. will tell the pas, present and future, Hlistalies Of Other People km mm Mm limits and stopover privileges, call on or address the undersigned. J. D.

Sweney, Agent Santa Fe Route. Cast Away The broken dishes, you can get new at the China Hall closing out sale for half price, 204 North Main street, tf Four for a Dollar. "We want to inform the public that they can get four nice shoes put on their horses at Snyder Todd's for one doilai Johnson's old stand Second avenue west. 6t Banner Work. Those wanting cartoon and banner work for campaign meetings would do well to see the TufHey Sign Co.

WO- 7 NORTH MAIN Hebrews 10:25. AY. C. Carswell, Secretary Local Union. BAPTIST CHURCH.

Sunday school at 9 m. Preaching services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.

At evening service the Rev. C. S. Sheffield of To'peka, will preach. He is an interesting speaker.

Come and hear him. H. C. Frazer, Pastor. CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

Corner Mam and Fifth. Church service will be under the direction of some of the members, in the absence of a pastor. In the evening the Sunday school will give an interesting entertainment. All are cordially invited. Sunday school at 9:45 m.

Sheridan Ploughe, superintendent. Junior Endeavor at 6:30 p. in. All are cor IHlooiicOTinirDSiDirDn EXairnsEis pa Business 0 no raffy but Bargains. We offer this week the iron clad home spun, all wool mens' suits at $7.50 and $8.50 per suit.

The former price of these suits was $12.50 and They are the most durable and warmest winter suit manufactured no wear out to them and the best value ever offered in Hutchinson. SPRING OVERCOATS All wool silk lined sleeves, $8.00 We can save you from to or. light weight overcoats. For Sale Cheap. If you want to buy a cheap bottom claim at Pond Creek, call on me at Union hotel, Oct.

3. 4 and 5. CM. AVebb. Very Low Rates.

Sept, 28th to Oct, 6th the Santa Fe will sell one way tickets to Chicago at rate of $17.90 and to St. Louis at rate $10.80 and very low rates to points beyond Chicago or St. Louis. For full particulars calls on J. D.

Sweeney, Ag't Sa'nta Fe Route. Get Your Bread. The Bonton Bakery makes the best bread in the city. You can buy of them or of Myers Son. tf.

St Louis Fair. For the above occasion to be held in St, Louis, October 1st to 6th, the Santa Fe will sell tickets at the rate of one fare for the round trip. Dates of sale, September 29th to October 6th, limited for return and including Oct, 8th. J. D.

Sweenex, 10-6. Agent. At Home. The American Steam Laundry is at home to its friends every day in the week. It does good work, delivers run by Americans, and your clothes do not need disinfecting after you get them home to prevent disease.

Call them up by phone or hollow a their handsome man "Ward, tf A Noted Lady. Madame LaMotte, of New York, arrived and is now located at room 50, Hotel Midland. The Madame will give readings on life for a few days only This.lady is acknowledged by the press and' public to be the most famous trance medium of modern times. She 3 D. B.

Black Cheviot' A few Look at all the clothing stocks in Hutchinson and then come to us and save money. Uq Lue DmpetnoBii No. 7 North Main, Hutcliiuson, Kansas. giving true ana useful advice on all things. Fee $1.00.

Dress Making. The ladies of Hutchinson will be glad to learn that Mrs. T. Under wood and Millie Dodson. have opened a dress making parlor over Winslow's book store.

They are accomplished in their work and make prices to suit the times. tf. For Rent. A nice ten roomed house well located Enquire Room 10 Highly building. 3t.

First Lecture. The first lecture of the course will be given October 8th, by Dr. C. B. Mitchell.

Subject, "How Eli Gets There." This will be a great lecture and no one should miss it. Reserved seats at the Opera House book store. A Wedding Present of the most acceptable kind, can be found at the North Main street. China Hall, 204 tf Transfer and Storage. Schall and Totten are doing a regu lar transfer and storaere business in this city.

If you have any stoves to move give them a call and they will do do your work in good shape. tf Bissell sells all kinds of sausages. 5t. Bissell sells whttaker's cured meats 5t. For sign painting see the Tuffley Sign Company.

Smoke 'Flor de Teller' Harry Holaday's. Bissell sells the meat for sale at tf because he 2t keeps the best. For a good 'Key AVest' cigar Harry Holaday. call on tf Don't forget that Harry Hollaaay carrries the finest line of cigars and to-bocco in the city. tf Streeter has the finest layout of fruit in the city.

2t See Devier foi bulk olives. For sign painting see the Tuffley Sign company. tf Stone, Dean Co. have the finest assortment of fruits and vegetables in the city. At Vincent's old stand.

2t. Call at Ston. Dean Co's. for best vegetables and fruits. Vincent's old stand.

2t. Get your bread at the Bon Ton. tf. If. you want good butter and in good shape, call at J.

AY. Kanaka's. He keeps the best that can be found in the market. tf. cO -3- 7 2 a.

by Corner A and Hain. Are danger signals to the wise. Every time a mistake is made somebody learns something. In Insurance It is almost as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do. For Hany Years We have been studying every phase of the insurance business.

We know just how to write a policy to make it insure exactly what you intend to have insure4 to make it pay in case of honest loss. We bring all our knowledge and all our experience to bear on our clients business, tor upon his success depends oui own. XV give him-the benefit of expert counsel. We relieve him of detail. We save him money.

They're all important. WINNE WINNE, Corner Ave. A. and Main; Telephone 20, Hntchinson, Kan. We are still making farm loans.

The Churches. GRACE (EPISCOPAL) CHURCH. liector, Rev. S. J.

Morgan, B. D. Divine services will be held in this church to-morrow as usual. The rector will preach practical sermons on popular subjects. The music will be under the direction of Professor Phillips and Eleanor Clarke, who succeeds Mrs.

Dunn, will preside at the organ. Morning service at 11 o'clock, Evening service at 7 :30. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. THE CHRISTIAN HOME Corner of Avenue and Maple street.

Pastor, Wm. II. Fuller. Preaching at 11 a. by Rev.

Julian. Come and hear a great sermon. Sabbath school at 3 p. m. Preaching again a 7:30 p.

m. Please do not wait to get a new suit of clothes before coming to church. Come all. FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL. Preaching at 11 a.

m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 9:30 a. F.

R. Chrisman, superintendent. Sunday chool at South Hutchinson at 3 p. Mrs. Palmer superintendent.

Junior League meets at 3:30 p. Epworth League meets at 6:30 p. m. Class meets at 12 11. II.

leader. Meeting of official boardv Tuesday at 7:30. Regular prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p. ni. Public invited and made welcome to all services.

J. W. Somervillk, Pastor. HADLEY CHAPEL, JL E. CIIURCir.

Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Preach ing by the pastor at 11 a. m. Junior League at 3 p.

m. Epworth League "Consecration service" led by the pastor, at 7:30 p. m. Special services in charge of the Epworth League each evening during the week. Everybody cordially invited to all services.

At Clay chapel, seven miles southeast of this city, Sunday school at 2:00 p.m., S. A. AViseman, superintendent. Preaching by the pastor at 3 p. m.

Prayer meeting on Thursday evening. Geo. V. Dalby, Pastor. UNIVERSALIST CHURCH.

Sunday school at 10 a. m. services at 11:00 a. m. Y.

P. C. U. at 6:30 p. m.

and services at 7:30 p. m. The ser-. vices will be highly instructive and entertaining. All are cordially invited to attend.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHCRCH. Sherman and Poplar streets. No services at the Presbyterian church in the morning. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.

Ninth street mission school at 3:00 p. in. Junior Endeavor, 4:00 p. m. The regular Senior Endeavor meeting will be held at 7:30 and take the place of the regular Sunday evening service.

A free parliament will be conducted, a good musical programme rendered, and every member of the church and congregation requested to be present, and a cordial invitation extended to the public. Y. P. S. C.

E. Christian Endeavor prayer meetings are held every Sunday evening at the following churches: First Presbyterian church, cornej of Sherman and Poplar streets, at 6:30 o'clock p. m. First Christian church, corner of Main street and Fifth avenue, at 6:30 o'clock p. m.

People's Congregational church, corner Filth avenue and Walnut street, at 7 o'clock p. m. A. M. E.

church, corner of avenue and Washington street, at 6:30 o'clock p. m. Strangers and visiting Christian En-deavorers are very kindly invited to these prayer meetings. Topic for Sunday October 7th 1894: "The duty and rewards of church going." (Meeting led by the pastor.) WHOLESALE RETfllL FLOOR dially invited to all these meetings. Wanted.

Fifty copies of the Daily World of Thursday, October 4, for which I will pay a reasonable price. Ralph Y. Heryer, Circulator, Works of Art. The beautiful line of decorated their real value at the China Hall, 204 North Main street. tf For Rent.

One front room, furnished. Enquire at Mrs. E. J. Kinman's dress making parlors, 313, Santa Fe block.

tf. Succeeded. The new literary club for Harper Brothers' publications is made up, and the books are in charge of John A. De-Tar at his book store, who is authorized to receive new members and add new books. Onlv $1.00 for two years.

Nice Candies. Call at Picketts for nice cream candies. His stock. is all new and first class. 307 North Main street.

2t For Sale. A good square piano for sale, quire at 118 First avenue west. En-tf Homeseekers9 Excursion. On September 25th and October 9th the Santa Fe will sell tickets to all points in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, AYyoming, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisana at rate of one first-class standard fare, plus $2.00, for the round trip, with final limit for return 20 days from date of sale. For.

full information regarding rates, Tlhsns Is call Yomi AtteoitSffiDTi fine fact tiuaf w. of to 'Hj Suits. $9.00 left. FEED. The jobbing trade will do well to call and see me.

Sole agent for-the celebrated Bun-ton flour. McKee's old stand. RfllLHOP TljUE TABLES. ROCK IfLAXU. EASTWAKI).

No. 20, Mail and Express I a v-' 1 Express I p. ml No. H2, Freight. aecoininojIaUou I 11:40 a.

m. WEMWAIill" No. Kx.Sunds.y Ao. 23, daily ni. Jso.

Local l-reurti 1 p. rn. NoJ 19frres to Pi missoi'ki PAciKir. KAS1 WARD. Freight st.

(daily) W. C. Acc, mixei. a rn. I a.

tn. 4 m. I WKSTffAUD. Local Freirat XV. 6c C.

Acc. mixed Denver Express fdaily) n. zu I :50 a. m. 7:32 p.

m- Cars run through to St. Lfuis without cliange. Chair Cars to Denver free of charge. This is the short line to all points west. P.

J. Leimbach, Agent. II. C. Towns end.


2. Mail and Express No. Fi e'ght and Acc'n 1 11:10 m. No. Mail and Express No.

5. Freight and Acc'n DEPARTS. a.m. 3:30 p.m. Daiy.

Daily except Sunday. Connections are made, at Kingman. P.agr and Harper with A. T. S.

and at Anthony with St.L. S. F. and Mo. P.


8-21 North Main Street, D. The only first class Short Order House in tli3 city. fHIDLAftlD BLGGH, North Main Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. GO TO THE ROCK ISLAND for good clean, fresh meats and pure hog's lard. J.

A- SR13TH, Prop. true mimom, Shoes Made to Order. Fine shoes specialty. Repair shop. 212 North Main.

J. N. SWEET, Wholesale and Retail Coal Agent. Best Grades Hard ana Soft Coals. Office, No.

14 South Main Street. ucius fail. at LAAV, Hutchinson, Kansas. JL. CONN, DENTIST, No.

28 North Main, over the Leader dry goods store. fIFIff No. 5. Denver Utah V. Ex m.

5: 45p. 21 No. S.California limited p. m. No.

7, Colo, night m. 7:45 a. ni. No. 39.

Freights 4:15 p.m. No. 43. Freight 6:10 p. m.

6:10 p. ci. EASTWARD. ARRIVE. I.EAVK No.

4. N. Y7 Limited" Ex 2:05 p. Chicago Vestibuie Hx. Cannon Ball, No.

6,.. No. 8. Mo. River Night Express 11:02 p.m.

11:02 p. No. 10:40 p. ro No. 44.

Freight 9:45 a. at loudest is Bifed K. HUTCHINSON EXTENSION. WESTWARD. No.

341. Ace. I 8:25 a. uj. EASTWARD.

No. 4 N. Y. Limited Ex 2:05 p. tn.

I No. 342, Accom'd'tion i 7:45 p.m. 1 No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers to San Diego. San Francisco and City of Mexico.

No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourisr sleepers, also chair cars, to Kansas City and 1 Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to rt. Louis. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo.

Colorado Springs a n.i 'Denver, ranking wnn'-ct rt Pw-hlosnd Col" r- ring- 1 crs for Sau wpI or- a tt I imcp No. 6 carries through puLiau fcleei-rs and chair cars to Kansas ity and Chicago Na. 8 carries Pullm an sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and St Joseph. GEO. T.

NICHOLSON. G.T. A. Topeka. Kan.

I. D. Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. WILLETT.

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