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The Phillipsburg Times from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

The Phillipsburg Times from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

Phillipsburg, Kansas
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Church Dhectory. THE TIMES. BETHEL Still they come, ana are bound to stay, From distant lands far, faraway. intelligent farmer, who once sees the National Agriculturalist will subscribe for it. Regnlar price one dollar per annum.

Send to day and secure this offer. Address National Agriculturalist, Nun da, N. Y. LAHB! LAND! LAND! McKAY McCORMICK, RealEstate Agents We give below a partial list of lands held for sale. Parties desiring to buy -or sell are invited to call on or'address us at Phillipshuirg, Kan.

Farm No 1, All of section seven NORTH WE 'STERN KANSAS Has of late years attracted much attention lrom the people of the Eastern and central states, Forming as it did a portion of Fremont's 'American Desert," they have been slow to believe that it has the rich, tertile soil, the necessary moisture, ind the intelligent population that ire found within its limits. Many New and fresh stooK of icines and chemicals at the New Drug Store. BOOKS GIVEN AW A r. dies' Guide to Fancy Work. Contains 200 handsome illustrations, G3 large 3 column bound It is the onlv practical instructor in fancy work.

With it, as a guide, you can make Hundreds ot Deautitui trnntrs fc adorning your home, or presents for your friends, at a trifling expense. Ever lady is delighted with it, as there is no fancv work but she can accomplish by its aid. Ladies' Private Companion. A complete work on womanhood. It touches upon every subject of interest to a wile, mother or daughtes.

Gives the advice and information so many times desired by ladies, but which modesty prevents her asking a physician of the opposite sex. Worth its weight in gold to every one suffering from an- of those weaknesses of the sex. Illustrated and bound in cloth. (Regular price one dollar.) Fun and ndy. A handsome 48 page book, telling how to make over 100 kinds of candies and other sweet things at home.

Should be in every American household. (Regular price fifty cents.) The Housewife. An illustrated domestic journal devoted "what to wear," "how to cook," "fancy worK," "household matters," and every subject of interest to an American lady. (Regular price one dol far Send 50 cts and receive The Housewife on trial for six months, and any one of above books free, or one dollar and receive it for one entire J'ear, and all the above books free. This is for new subscribers only "who send now.

Address The Housewife, Nunda, N.Y. Land Oflice at Kirwin, Kansas. February 2o, lbSo. Notice is hereby given that lie following named settler has filed notice of his intention to maKe final prsof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before the register or receiver at Kirwin Ki nsas, on May 1885, viz: Albert Bliss, Da No 2UG5L for the nwjLf section 0, town 1 south, range 1(5 west. lie names the following witnesses to prove his continuous res id nee upon and cultivation of said land, viz: Tfilliam Vhitmarsh, Chaliphart, Charles Puffer and Frank Avery, ail of Kauce Kansas.

Also Lydia Roth, adverse claimant by virtue of lid No 2(J472 is hereby noti- ued to appear and show cause why said proof should not be made. xxxv John Register. S. II. Bradley, Attornej-.

Land Office at-Kirwin, Kansas. February 12th, 18S5. Notice is hereby given that the following named settlsr has filed notice ot his intention to taaKe final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made beforp the cleiK of the district ccurt at Phillipsburg, Kansas, on March '25th, 1SS5, viz: W. P. Pratt, ds no.

UK730 for the ihe 11 and sw m4 sec 4, town -1 south, range 19 wett. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz; Madison Osborn, G. W. Adams, J. O.

Ha rrison and J. D. Couch all ol Phillipsburg, Kansas. John Bissell, Register. McKay McCormicK, att vs.

33 PUISLlCATlOX NOTICE. State of Kansas, Phillips county. In the district court for said count'. Emeline R. Fuller, plaintiff, against Wm.

13. Fuller, defendant. Said defendant, Win. 15. Fuller, will take notice that he has sued in the above named court upon petition of plaimiff for divorce and custody of minor children and must answer the petition filed therein b-said plaintiff on, or before, the llth day of April, A.

D. 1S85, or said petition will taken as true and judr-ment for plaintiff in said action for divorce and custody of minor children, Fred, Charlie, Lillie, Rosa and Purley Fuller judgement renler-ed accordingly. Geo. W. Ssixson Atornev for Plaintiff Attest; J.

M. Sallee, CTk of said c't If you are suffering from a sense of extreme weariness try one bottle of Sarsaparilla It will coe on but dollar, and will do you incalculable cood. It will do aw av wi'h tired feelimr and irive too new life and enerirv. By Ed. E.

Davis, SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $1.00 PEll YEAR. Published by the Times Printing Co. Central. Branch Iimb Table Going West. Mail leaves Marvin 129a.

m. Freight leaves Marvin 1 p.m. Goinar East. Mail ai rives, 4:40 am. Freight arrives 9:00 a.

m. Mail east and west runs daily. The freights go west Mondays, "Wednesdays and Fridays: East, Tuesda3rs, Thursdays and Saturdays. STAGE PHILL.IPSBURG TO MARYIN, Daily, Leaves Phillip9burg, 8 p. Arrives at PhiUirjsburg 6:30 a.

rn. Fare: Bounn trip 75o: Oneway 50c. B. M. II.

Ii. TIME TABLE. At Republican City, Neb, GOING EAST. No. a.m.

No. p. rn. GOING WEST. No.79-9.30 p.m.

No. a.m-2gfStandard time is used. Freight trains do not carry passengers. JL.OUAL NEWS. Mother may I go to the rink Yes, my darling daughter, But stand there shivering on the brink And don't mix with the slaughter, For if you attempt the magic curve While on the rollers gliding, You'll get the fall that you deserve And find yourself back-sliding.

Ex. Wall paper at Sprague's. ggrSubscribe for the Times. Lots of "courtin' folks in town this week. For bargains in dry goods go to m.

B. Colby's at Marvin Kansas. Can of baking powders and sewing machine for 50 cents at Poling's, F. T. M.

Dutcher has moved to town and is going into the insurance business in earnest this summer. Buy your coal of S. G. Nay at Marvin. We want a load of wood at this office right away soon.

Prescriptions carefully compounded, day or night at Sprague Son's. Money to loan on improved real estate at the Phillips county Bank. Born To Mr. and Mrs. J.

M. Cary on Mar 25th. 1885 a son. Mr Cary thinks he Is entitled to the championship of the county. This is the fifth son born to him In Kansas.

Can any one beat it A. F. Stevens, of Marvin, called in this week and set up a line of type for the Times. We aro sorry Stevens but the devil "pied" it. Go to G.

W. Bick ford's for drugs, medicines and notions. He has a large and fine stock of the best drugs and chemicals. On account of Cleveland's election I will pay more for hogs than any one else. D.

C. Clark. In the case ot Lowery vs. CaswelJ, action for $25,000 drmages for slan-tier, the jury returned a verdict in favor of defend ant. Clarance Bills, a boy about 17, whose folks live somewheie in e- braska died of heart disease at the Poor Farm on the 20th.

Cherles Ernst, assessor of Valley township completed the assessment of his towns hip first of any one in the county. His boc-Ks were returned to the CQunty clerk on Tuesday of tnis weeK. Have you a cough? Sleeple33 nights need no longer trouble you. The use of Aver's Cherry Pectoral, before retiring, will sootke the cough to quiet, allay the inflamation, and allow the needed repose. It will, moreover, speedily heal the pul monary organs, and giveyou health.

In the case of- Calhoun vs. Morse, action for damages for neglect and refusal to enter satisfaction of chat tel mrrtgage on payment of debt, the jury returned a verdict of 14.00 damages. Republican City Topic The con tract has been let fer the building of th B. M. branch from this place to Oberlin, Kansas.

It is said that teams, scrapers, will be here next Monday. One juror this week undertook to gne the court a little experimental tnstruction on the law relating to at tendant He and the Judge didn't understand the case alike and as the Judge held over him he was compelled to ante $5.00 and pay for the trimmings. We are informed that some of the older "boys" behave so badly in church that some of the young ladies are very much shocked at their rudeness and greatly agitated as to their welfare after they end their existence on this terrestial ball. Now, look here, young men, we don't want to seem unduly harsh in this matter, but if your behav.or in the future is complained of by any bright-eyed, unmarried sister just as like as not wo will speak your names "right out in ineeliuV M. E.

Church W. K.Allen, Pastor. Services every alternate Sabbath at 11 o'clock a. and 7 o'cloek p. m.

Presbyterian liev. Tbeo. Bracken, pastor. Services every Sabbath at 11 o'clock, a. alternate evenings at 8.

Union Sabbath School every Sabbath at 8 o'clock, a. in. Presbyterian Sabbath School every Sabbath at the rhurch at 10 a. m. UnioR Prayer teting every Thursday evening.

miLLirsiiURCi. a or A Lewis Police Jude Strain Counciemen: J. W. Lowe S. C.

Cummings Chas. Dickey, N. Poling, and H. Leffingwell. Clerk C.

W. Snodcrass. Treasurer G. W. Young.

City Marshall B. F. Delph SECKET SOCIETIES. I. O.

O. P. j) niLOPTEUita 1 dge xrv C4 meet every ed nest! ay evening. Yk-iting broth era cordially invited to attend. Ei.iuu Davis, G.

P. T. Dutcher, Secret ar-. A- F. and AM.

PiiiLi-irsnuKG lodge jfo-18 1 meets every Saturday on or before the full moon. biethren cordially invited to at-eiid. p. c. S.

Lowe, V. M. F. M. Dutcher, becretary.

a. r. no. 77 meets Saturday after lull moon. Visiting comrades aiva3 welcome.

Fhank Strain, P. C. W. V. Anderson, Adjutant.


SPAUI-D1XG ATTORNEYS AT LAW. "Will, practice in all State and Fedral courts Prompt attention given to collections. Oflice IS'orth Side'of the Public Square. PHILLIPSBURG, KANSAS. DR, A.

B. HOUCK. Eclectic Physician. l-nii uivncno, kTvSsas. Office in City Stoke, east side 1.1:-..

lilt i UU1IC MUlIl. I. P. MAIIE1T, I7EE( TIC PHYSICIAN, does i.v of-i-nce practice. Office in tlie Jvcw Drug store, Northwest cointr nf the square, Phillipnbunr.

xlxnio entral House, E. ALU AUG II, Proprietor, Pi 1 1 isii ii a xsa dpGood sample rooms for cial travelers. Peed stable in connection with the house. xivtf HARMON'S jLivery, Feed and Sale Stable.

D. HARMON, Proprietor. Good "drivers furnished. Firt elas rigs. lies, of care taken of transient horses.

Special iiccommodalions for commercial men. rifiM-iPSKrno. Kansas. PEILLIPSeUFiO Aft'B FABff3 STAGE LIKE, BEX. DELPH.

Conductor. Livery Stable. S. C. CUMM1NGS, Proprietor New and stylish ritrs.

last teams and steady drivers furnisrlu at all times. "We furnish board for teams by- day or week. Ikst of fare of IraDidcnt ams. stables northwest the quale PlIII.MJ'.-UKGli Kaa-jsas E. F.

CARPEN1 EIVS BiLACKSIMITH and WAGON SHOP ftleKAY I Attorneys at Law, fm FrEAL ESTATE AGLETS. Oflice west side of e. Kansas Geo, W. Sttnscn. ATTORNEY AT LAW riiii.LiPsni'ia;, Kansas.

Will practice in ihe' district siKd inferior courts of the 17lh judicial district and the supreme court of the slate. made. Ollice on south side he sqUrtie. JQON CARLOS SON, ATTORNEYS and LAND AGENTS North side Square. KIR-WIN KANSAS.

just what you Anvil, Vie WANT. 't 1 he best IV larm and house ue. Either size $4.00 $.3 5U. $(j 50 6tn J0. trtiiiht paid on receim oi CO, fent hardware tiealer does not keep them Goo agents wanted.

CHENEY AN VISE Detroit, Mich. Land office at Kirwin, Kansas, March 10th, 1885. fcJ3U Notice is hereby given that the following named settler haas filed notice of hi intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before ihe register or receiver at Kirwin. Kansas, on May 2d, viz: II. A.

Goshorn. ml 17034 for the se sec 33, town 4 south and wj ne1 sec. a Luun soutn range its west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of, said laud, viz: U. F.

C. Adams, TI'm. Kubble end Alien jfjayan, an 01 Marvin, ivsnsas. or ye JcLn Bitttii, hijjlst Emigrants are coming every day lu road wagons, steamboats and railway. Quite a number of D.

M. Davis' friends from Republic County have just arrived, bringing with them their effects and we learn they have coma to stav. What is true of Mr Davis is also true of Mr Rhoads; many ot his friends from Mo have purchased land in this vicinity; this we are glad to see; still there is room for more. We hope in the near future to see this country fully developed. Johnson on his return from Brush Creek to his home, found a pearl of great price; it was a girl; shake ped or the cigars, I do'nt smoke but my friends do.

Prayer meeting every Saturday night at Bethel Church; Gods people shonld attend those meetings, mid sinners to for the way of the transgres-. sor is hard so saith the Lord of Host. Captain Pratt has purchased one of the loftiest spring wagons in northwest Kansas, and he will ride in no other way nor in any other position only with his legs hanging out over dash board; of course this does not hurt his legs any, but it is very tiresome on the dashboard. I have always thought the Captain had strong ever since I knew him but he enjoys life just the samee. Squire Middlebrook's mule fell through the hen house roof'stood on his head, come out the basement coor, cracked his ears and wept, because, while standing on his head he couid not see his tail- This is the first gymnastic performence on the creek' Rev Al len preached his farewell sermon at Bethel Sunday; Mrs Osborn united bv letter: we are nleased with Mr Allen's preaching and hope he will be returned- J.

D. Couch, and W. H- Boujrhton have been verv success, ful with their cattle this winter. By Jove the ground hog sign is a fraud dear people rememder. Calhoun will not run a herd this season we understand; he thinks texas cows are to familiar with their horns.

Messrs. O. R. and E. Clark are opening up the spring work they are good farmers.

Mr A. Shearer sold to Mr Evans "a nice lot of cattle a few davs ago. Mr. Sherrer is one of our solid farmers; many more like him wanted. Momus Alias.

Note The names of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Tracy were accidently Omitted from the names of guests attending the recent crystal wedding at W.

H. Boughtons. This was a mistake ot ours, rot our Bethel correspondence, as these names appear in the manuscript of his communication. Ed A little child of Mr. Weaver.

living three miles east of Logan, choited to death on a grain of corn soma few days ago. The grain lodged in its throat on Friday, and sunk down until it washed into one of the bronchial tubes, causing its death Sunday afternoon. Northwest. A Deacon in an Iowa church says advertising has been carried on to such an extent lately that clerjman in selecting a chap'er of the bible to read in church, first look at the end of the verse to make sure thai no patent medicine advertisment is hitched on. The Jewell City Republican says that an attempt was made to bury in the Wallace cemetery the horse theif who killed Marshal Harrington, and was himself shot by Mr Cluster, but the citizens observing what was being done, they took steps to stop such proceedings and the body was brought back.

The same fate was met at Jewell cemetry. So they buried the despised man in the woods. The people of Stoctnn have given up their long and fondly cherished idea of getting an extention of the Central Branch railroad, and have gone to work and chartered a road of their vn and are pushing it vigorously. Graham county should also charter and build her own railroad if she wishes one at an early day, but our idea is that a north and south road would be of the most practical value, A road from the B. M.

in Nebraska to Phillipsburg, Loan, and Millbrook, thence to Wakeeny, Ness City and Dodge, would be about the richt thing according to our notion. Millbrook Times ENGRAVING OA' EGGS. is nearly hereout so pretty and cheap an experience as this is quite seasonable at any lime in the 3 eas. This is said to be the process by which raised letters may be burned on an egg. JKnte upon the eggshell with was of varnish, or simply toilow, aud then immerse ihe egg in some weak acid, such lor example, as vinegar, dilute hydrochloric acid, or etching liquor.

Wherever the wax or varnish has not protected ihe shell, the lime of the latter is decomposed and dissolved in the acid, and the writing or di awing remains iu relief. A few precautions must be taken in or der to be successful on the first experiment. In the first place, as the eggs that are to be engraved are usaly previously blown, so that they may be preserved without alteration it is necessary before immersing in the acid to plug up the apertures in the extremities with a bit of beeswax. A-j the eggs are very light, they must be htdd at the bottom ot the vessel full of acid by means ot a string fixed to a weight, wound round the extremity of a glass rod. If the acid is much diluted, tlie operation though it takes a little better results.

Two, or three minutes usaly suffice to give characters that have sufficient relief. will scarcely believe their eyes, even when they come and see the truth that has been told so many times con cerning this section of xvansas. It is to be admitted that many reports go East that are Jnjrhly colored, and with regret that it is true, we must also admit that at times there has been a willul perversion of facts on the part of some. It is true that at times in the past the grasshopper has been a burden to the people of this region. It is also true that there has been drouth and partial failure of crops, and all that, but not more so than the history of any new country will disclose, and, in great measure, fail ures in crops are owing to poor cultivation, rather than dry climate.

The writer, having lived in the West since 1871, can speak from a knowledge of facts when this is said. The hillsides of New England would yielcl no return whatevei if abused as this gen erous soil has been. But others of more energy, and having practical knowledge of farming, have made settlement, and the much-needed rains have been more liberal in the bestowment of their refreshing favors and by these means the desert of Fremont's knowledge has been made to rejoice and blossom as the rose, and return from twenty to a hundred fold the seed confided to its care. Yet the observant summer traveler will, in riding over the country, ob serve on one side of the road a fine farm with beautiful waving golden grain, waiting with drooping heads, well filled with plump, sound kernels for the sickle and thresher, while on the other side is a field of coarse, saucy-looking sun flowers laughing at a few sparse stalks of weak and shriveled grain. And the farmer who doesn't raise anything curses his luck and Kansas, and goes back to his wife's folks, while his more diligent neighbor laughs in glee as he stores away the wealth the earth has re turned for his labor.

And the man that has gone away never gets over telling his acquaintances of the miseries and hardships to be met with in Northwest Kansas. But, mark you, if he ever amounts to anything, he changes the habits which led to his failure in Kansas. Of course, some hardships are to be endured here, as they are in any new country, but the most trying of them are are over, and the seeker for a home where he may dwell in peace, and security, and which he can purchase for a trifle, or get of the general government for nothing, will find cc ngenial society, good school and church privileges, and most of the comforts of older settled countries if he has the necessary means wherewith to procure them, besides a farm which will yield him a rich return for all his toil. Oberlin Eye To Our Subscribers An unprecedented demand for big, round dollars having in a serious measure impoverished our exchequer we desire that some of our subscribers would call around and pay up, so that we can satisfy the clamors of i- our creditors. The Mite Society of the Church will give a sociable at the residence of Mrs.

A. B. Houck on next Tuesday All are invited to be present. Mrs. F.

McKay, Sec- Mackin and Gallagher had a close shave. Almost at the hour they were to have been sent to the "pen" a United States Judge and $50,000 bail given by 3ike McDonald, the gambler, intervened to give them a respite. An excellent, but uncertain thing is law. Austin, Jarch 23. The constitutional amendment providing for the submission to the- people of the question of prohibition passed the house to-day without further discussion, ky a vote of 7G to 16.

The announcement of the vote was greeted with prolonged cheers. Mike Merkline. the man huft in the runaway Monday, left for home yesterday. He can de thankful that he fell into the hand3 of as geod a surgeon as Dr. JFycofl.

The shoulder joint is a tiekelish thing to set, but the Dr knows his business and re-rlaced it at once. The inward bruises were slight aud the man will be well as soon as the soreness i3 gone from his arm Harlan Co. Press. In anolhea place in this issue will be found a call, tor a meeting of the Phillips county Wool Growers association, with an invitation to all parties interested in Wool growing to be present. The wool growing has become an industry, ofveiy considerable importance in Phillips county, and, these meetings for the interchange of ideas, concerning the various questions naturally arising in follow in p- this industry, have a very beneficial ten dency and should be attended and partis-ipated in by everv one enrared in iliphnl.

ness. Remember the date of the meeting and be in.attendanca to seek and inmart information. in township six south, of range twenty. (jood running water. This is a fine cattle ranch, rrice, dollars.

xo. 4, hf ne qr, sw qr ne qr se qr nw qr, section 28, 2, 19. Thirty acres in cultivation, loo acres good farming land. rncejDoo dols. no 5, hf ne qr hf se qr sec.

24, 2, 19, IGo acres, Go acres in cultivation, creek with plenty of timber and water, log house 16xlS, log stables, etc. nicp, dol Goo "dol. cash, balance on tune at 7 per cent. no 8, hf sw qr sec 29 hf nw qr sec 32, 2, 18, IGo acres, 2 miles west of Phillipsburg, creek with water and timber, Go acres under cultivation, seventy acres fenced, loo growing fruit trees, frame house 24x18 feet, good stables, yards, etc. price dol cash or one half on 2 years time at ten per cent.

no 9, Nw qr sec 22 town 3 range 18, IGo acres, l- miles from Phillipsburg, about 9o acres under cultivation, all good, level land, living water, rrice dollars. no 10, Ne qrsec 22 town 3, range 18, IGo acres, one mile from Phil lipsburg, 7o acres in cultivation, good level claim. Trice dollars. no 11, Sw qr sec 15, town 18, l6o acres 2 miles from Phillipsburg, nice prairie land, price (barms 9, lo and 11 join and would make a splendid farm if put together.) no 12, hf nw qr sec 1 and hf sw qrsec 1, town 2, range 19, IGo acres, 2 miles south fron station, 85 acres in cultivation, 150 acres good smooth land, good sod house 10x2o feet, stable 2ox24 ft, price 7oo del. gfPrices subject to change without notice.

Parties desiring, to sell will do well to come in and leave descriptions and terms of sale with us. Correspondents please mention the Times. ruu oalu. ow seij section town 2, range 18, ne sec 0 and nwl nw spc 5 town 3 range 18. Is a good creek farm and would maice a good stock farm.

Wiii be sold immediately for 61,000, 8G00 on two 3'ears' tirne.or trade tor team and balance cash. Enquire of J. F. Morse at the Hhillips Co. Bank.

BOYS AND GIRLS! The National, Youth. A handsome, illustrated, S-page paper, brim full of interesting stories for boys and girls, will be sent free for one year to eveay one who sends us at once the names of 12 boys and girls of different families, and 12 two-cent stamps for postage This popular publication pleases both old and young, and is acknowledged by all as the best youth's papr in America. Rc ul ar price one dollar per annum. Send now so as to secure next number. Address, The National Youth, Buffalo, N.

Y. THE DONATION PARTY Given for the benefit of Elder Turner was one of the most successful and enjoyable affairs of the kind it was ever our lot to witness. The Elder has good cause to leel highlv flattered at the large number presant, every one willing and anxious to testify their esteem and regard. About A Orv 4 1 mi $00 1.1 money was coniriouteti. Iliis is thv only time during Mr Turners stay of three years among us that the public has had an opportuniij' of showing their re- specr, or of contributing to his temporal welfare, and, at this time, it was entirly unsought by the Elder.

IFherever he may-go, he has the "God syeed" of all who him here, and it is with deep regret we see him leave ns. G. Nay, at Marvin times prepared to pay market price for hogs. is the at all highest II. S.

Poling Co. have on exhi ma- bition a fine "Siiiffer" sewinof chine to bo given away "Policy" baking powder see the machine and buy with the Call and a can of the baking powder for 50 cents. ooT-Growers' Meetiyig. The PhMlips County vVool-Grow er's Association will meet at Phillips burg on the first Saturday in April. A full attendance of all enraired in sheep raising is desired at this meet ing as matters of importance concern-ino this industry are to be discussed.

Tiios. Da visox, President. G. W. Stinsox, Secretary.

FREE TO FARMERS! The National Agriculturalist -An American farmer's journal, will be sent free for one year to every farmer who sends us at once the names of ten farmers and 12 two-cent stamps for postage, It is the best farm and home paper in the United States, and this offer is made only to secure names to whom we can. send specimen copies, as we know every pi I VEX AIFAY FOR ONE YEAR He want 200.000 subscribers before 1st 1885, to our large illustrated publication, the Sunshine Jutrrzine in order to get the above number 01 snbscribrs we must giveaway subscriptions the first year, and the second year we will make up the loss as most of them will subscribe airain, paying reijalar price. Send twelve two-cent stamps to pay postage and you will have the above Magazine to read every week for one whole year. If you ac-eevt the above ofir we, expect vou will be kind enough to distribute among vour friends, a few small books containing" our advertisements and 107 of the best household receipts, for which we will make you a present of handsome, silver plated, five-bottle Caster, or a pair of Roller Skates. Slate how many books 3-011 can trive away for us, and we will send the books and Caster Cor skates) predaid.

Or der lor your friend also, and you will receive both presents. Address SuiVSniXE MAGAZINE Fillmore N. Y..

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