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The Phillipsburg Times from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

The Phillipsburg Times from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

Phillipsburg, Kansas
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Died. August 25th, 1884, Arthur CHICAGO STORE. Dice and Gileit incent, ad of MARVIN MOVEMENTS. THE TIMES. in Mr.

Page's little girl is considered out of danger. For Q0GD GREEB AFPLtSlg" to John Gebhart's. S. W. McElroy is in Graham county attending to the county seat contest PUBLICATION NOTfCB.

Land Office at Kirwin, Kansas (.044) July 1885. Notice is Iipi-pW -ii-n ii.ot t.a ri Millinery Goods Ml Cheap enough to make your head swim when you hear the extraordinary low prices which we are selling them for cash and they are all the very latest styles in the market. Come in and brins in your wife and your children and vour mother-in-law and buy mem an uew ommcis i iuu-n, were, i Prices which never were and never will Mow is your time. Don't let the golden opportunity pass you may not have at-oiher such chance soon come atonceS3 fsa cm i tea md teat ft S5 2 B5SS 0 tad ft 6 ft ft hillipsburg, Kansas. 6-11 John Bissfix, Register.

MCElroy M- KiV, attorneys. Jera Black and Dr. The. Critic recently heard an excellent tory about Judge Jere Black, the dis-cino-uished lawyer and politician, and Dr. William Elder, also a prominent Pennsvlvanian, and now an official in the treasury department.

Rnth trentlemen were Dora in omer- eet, and were friends from early t.u sYcellent storv- iTinhoth had a weal'h of stories tellers, and both Had. a weaun oi stones auu. fi tUCll A Black was particularly proud ot a description of the way in which he first read Don tjuixote, and was iona oi relating it whenever an appreciative audience could be secured. The story was that in his father's garret at Somerset there stood an old hair trunk in the earliest days or the embryo judge's ca- reer, when his oung mind had just begun to feel tbe want of more varied literary resources than the standard, dog-eared volumes of his father's limited library afforded. Jere wa investigating the garret one rainy day for some diversion, when he chanced to open the old trunk and observed that it was lined, as was the custom, with leaves of an old book.

Little Jere was surprised and somewhat interested. An examination proved that the book was "Don Quixote," and that almost all the pages had been used in lining the trunk. Jere soon became interested in "Don Quixote" and his faithful squire, and as he traced tbe pages further, he grew more and more pleased, delighted, excited and absorbed. The opening chapter was found Under the lid of the trunk, and Jere began to read the wonderful story. and nao-e by page he followed the wind ing plot, rivaling the exploits of the re- i doubtable Don as he sat one moment with his head in the trunk, then climbed into the trunk to read what was pasted on the sides, lay on his back, with the trunk-lid on the top of him, while he perused the bottom, stood on his head to get a nearer view of the obscure corners, and in this acrobatic manner mastered the story, gathered impressions that clung to him throughout his life, and made everlasting friendships with luckless Sancho Panza and erratic Don Quixote.

Judge Black told his story well, and it was well known among his friends. One evening a large gathering of literary and political people, including Jiido-e Black and Dr. Elder, were talk ing of the books of their boyhood, and as'therewere a few persons present wTho never heard the story referred to, the Judge was about to tell it, when Dr. Elder began unexpectedly: "I will never forget the circumstance under which I first read Don Quixote, when I was a boy. The pages of the book were pasted as a lining in an old hair trunk in iny father's garrett, and I went through more gymnastics in following on behind the Don's faithful 6teed through all the sides, angles and trays of that old trunk tnan I ever attempted since." Judsre Black listened speechlessly to the recital, and those who had heard him tell the story glanced suspiciously from Doctor to Judge.

It was evident that somebody had stolen the story or that the Doctor had appropriated it to quiz the Judge, and the latter was not only surprised, but a good deal chagrined. For a long time Black felt hurt over the theft of his story, or the ridicule of his friend; but, after many months, meeting Dr. Elder on the street one day, he said: "Doctor, do you remember our stories of Don Quixote in a hair trunk? Well, that mvsterv has been cleared up. I have found that when we both lived at Somerset my father bought that old trunk from vour father, and we both read Don Quixote the same way out of the same trunk. 'Why didn't 3 011 stand aside and let that woman asked a policeman of ane-ro.

"Case she is mv wile, sau She makes me stan'aroun' at home, but when I ketches her on der street I lets her take her chances, sah. Ef yer want-ersee a man wid p'iiteness bora in bim come up ter mv house an' see dis ole man hop roun' de 3-ard." Abnormal 1 ui. They were knitting stockings for themselves, as the freak of fashionable handiwork now is, says Clara Belle. 'Cast on 124 stitches equally on four needles," said the one who na! rdF-red to instruct the rounds for the leg two stitciies plain a'd t'ien two purled. Then begin to narrow for the ankle, according to circumstances 11 "Hush," said one of her companions, startled by the steps of the three fellows who had been taking their after dinner 6moke in the adjoining room.

They had heard the instructions about narrowing the stockings from leg to ankle, according to circumstances." and they couldn't resist the desire to let the girls know it by covert remarks, such as the polite creatures could neither get angry or laugh at. Therefore, they planned and executed reyenge. In the momentary absence of their tormentors they pulled a stocking on to the leg of the piano, and set the end into a slipper. The foot and ankle looked normal enough, but above that the carved wood swelled into what would have been fit for a museum if composed of flesh, blood and bone. The fellows, on returning, paw the four girls grouped close togetiier at the end of the piano, but so disposed as to display the decoy leg.

They pricked up their ears and opened their eyes very wide. The expression of admiration gave place to amazement, and that to something like awe. Just as they wrere about to burst with curiosity as to whom the elephantine member belonged the girls walked demurely out of the room, leaving the big and bogus leg behind them. They have been invited to a champagne breakfast. "Pay tha A vounsr man arrived in town tha other day from one of the interior towns, aud was dressed in the height of fashiou-de-country.

The airs he put on treading the pavement attracted the attention of all pedestrians, especially the young ladies, on whom he dispensed soul-invigorating smiles. The rich young lady and the poor girl each caught a smile as they passed him. He entered a restaurant, and even before ordering his 5 cent lunch commenced; an attack on the heart of the pretty I waiter srirl He swallowed his cheap dinner and almost got away with his own palate, and was about to arise wheD the pretty waiter girt approached and slyly, lucked a note down by the side of his' plate. He was now sure that his lash-i ing" efforts had been He stealthily gathered it up and placed it in hi pocket, aud would read it when he got outside. He was sure it was an1 So he hastened to the cashier's desk, and when asked for hi3 check said that he had none.

Forget-! ting that she had given him a check.shej called out, "Jen cents," which lie paid, and he passed out into the busy throng. Having reached a secure place, where the gaze of the idle multitude would not disturb him, and. with a beating heart and betweeu short breaths, he fished out the lift note cf appoint ment, whirs'j read: "Pav cashier len nnts' i nn BJLiNS ana LOGAN, and UliN A- In resptmse to the call issued on MouJay for a meeting to orgauize a iiiaiini and Lt meeting at the school house on Tuesday evening a uumbfr of citizens -assembled and proceeded -enthusiasticly with the work. the meetibg was called to order E. Davis chosen temporary chairman anU -Prol Lewis, secretary.

Committee on organization consisting ol VVm. Bissell, D. L. Smith and C. Htokenlooper appointed, which retired to frame a report.

During that time tde meeting was entertained with speeches by Chas. Dickey, who Said he voted for the first republican nomineo for president, had voted the republican ticket ever since and was proud of it. He urged upon the young ncn that it was their duty to vote with the party which had right aud justice lor its motto, which crashed the "rebellion, freed ihe slaves, etc Adam McElroy, who said his first vote lor president wouid cast at the coming election aud that he was proud to say it wouid be for that ideal American James G. Blaine and that Iih as equal ly proud to be able, to vote tor John A. Martin, N.

13. AlcCoimiek, who made a telling speech showing the young men that it was to their interests to vote with the patty which favored the protection of borne industry the advancement of liberty and enlightenment and tiie enforcement of law, James V. made a short but glorious speech which cieated a great deal of enthusiasm, I roi. who called attention to the fact that among the "time honored principles of the democrocy" to which ihey have, in every rlatform hut the las-t, "pledged themselves anew" were the Virginia and Ken tucky resolutions of 1847 which first promulgated the doctrine of states' rights, Frank Strain said he was, though not a voter, a republican at the tune of Lincoln's fust election and tiied to prevail upon his father, who was a whig, to vote for Lincoln. On the second election cf Lincoln he was a soldier from the state of Indiana ami was prevented from voting by the laws framed by Hendricks and hts loyal democratic supporters and could still remember how galling it was to see an Iowa regiment which was quartered near match up an 5 vote Mr.

Coleman admired Builer but would vote lor Martin. Geo. Spaulding was a republican and wouid vote that ticket from pres Scent down but owing to the lateness ot the hour and the fact hat the com mittce was ready to report declined to speak at length. The following report of the com mittee on organization was then read and adopted, viz: "1. This organization shall be known a the Blaine and Lotran, and John A.

irtin dub of Phillipsburg. "2. The object of this club shall be to contribute as much as in its power lies to the success ot republican principles as enunciated in the stale aud national plai forms and especially to work for the election of James G. Blaine for president, John A. Loijau for vice-president, and John A.

Martin governor of the state ol Knsas. "3. This club shall lie composed of si chcii zens of Phiiiips county as pledge themselves to the earnest support of the ot iects of the organization. "4. Any person may become a member ol this clir by subscribing Ut this declination of principles and compliance th the further requirements of the ciub.

'i h- meeting then proceeded to elt ct the following nfhoers; .1 resident, Ji. JJavis; ice-presi-dei ts F. T. M. Dut.

her, J. W. Lowe, Geo. V. Vuuug aud Chas Du key.

lieoiary C. a. Lewis, Treasurer L. Smith. 1 hose present then signed the Dec-lara-iiin of principles alter which the met ting adjourned to meet at the School House next lucsday evening- September 2d.

Tiiresiimg Machine And horse power fcr sale cheap for cash. Enquire ol G. Vv bTixsux. Frank Fiuley and Lon Barrett were around making it lively lor the boys dining the first of the week. John Gebhart has a fine stock of Queensware on hand, lie has also a ulce lot ol glassware and some ot the handsomest lamps you ever saw.

AT Wishing to retire from Buisness I will sel' my entire Stock of Hats Caps Boots ishoes Dry Goods at COat. aud ace us. Vours truly. li. HoGEUS.

Whatever may be said of others don't forget that C. W. Snodgrass will nii.Ke the most efficient Supenu tendeiit of Public instruction the county could have. Notice: The firm known as Wil liams O'Neil is this day dissolved all parlies owing said firm will pay tiieir accounts to L. D.

Williams' or his order at. his store at Mavin. Promt payment is required. Williams O'Neil. August 2S 1SS1.

Notice. All persons knowing themselves indebted to the South-Western Mutual, Marslialtown, by note or to cash will find their account aud notes with N. B. Mc-Cormick sec'v of local board. Please call aud settle at once and save costs I'v.

V- 1 oliNKY Vjrell Ail September 1st is the time, fixed f--r the commencement at McFherson Normal College', of Republican City. Senator. Van vVyek, Hon." James Laird, Ex-Governor Furnas, Ex-Senator Tiptoti and several other dis tinguished gentlemen will be present and by their oratory add much to the eclat id' the occasion. A free dinner in the college, building will be one of the features of the da v. IRA iii son of Mary C.

and VV. C. Calhoun. Aged 3 months and 14 days Little Arthur's death was very sudden and his loving parents were cailed to watch by his bedside only a lew davs before God who gave called back his soul to that better land where sorrow and death never enter. The sorrowing parents have the earnest sympathy of many friends IT IS FINISHED.

We mean the county normal. It closed Thursday. Friday was given to teacher's examinations for certificates. About thirty applicants were examined for certificates. On Monday last a Teacher's asso ciatiou was organized.

Prof. Bryant, of Logan, was chosen temporary chairman, and Anna Lane secretary on constitution consisting of Prof Lewis, Miss May Nash and G. B. Coleman appointed to report at next meeting, which will be at Marvin on September 20th. We have no space to publish the program but it is a good one and the names thereon are pledges that each one's part will be performed in a thorough and effic.

ient manner. G. B. Coleman, ol this pla ice, was elected editor with Profs Bryant, ot Logar, and Mosher, of Kirwin, assistant editors of an tdu rational deoartment of the Phillins burg Herald, which will, no doubt, bo the most interesting portion of that sheet hereafter. On Thursday evening a farewell sociable was given at the church but as we were prevented by sickness from attending until very late we are unable to give any particulars.

On the whole the past session of the normal was an interesting and beneficial one. The teachers deserve and should have all honor given them for their industry. Theirs is a noble and useful profession, Tiie officers of the normal deserve praise for their endeavors and the success ot the Resolutions of approbation and thanks to the officers were passed but as are unable to procure a copy in time we cannot publish them. Parties knowing themselves indebted to Southwestern Mutal settle by September 1st and save costs. N.

C. McCormick. Scc'y Local Board K. C. Forney General Agent.

Ileal Instate Transfers. List of transfers of real estate in Phillips county for week ending Aug. 28 1884 Furnished by McElroy McKay, real estate agents and abstractors of titles. M. a.

Wetherelt to a Stiles, lots 42 44, bl'k 3, 5, Kitwin $o00 Hull wife to II Noll, ot 4, bl'k 5, Kirwin $225 Tift wife to Bethard, lot bi iNeumanS addition to Logan $20 T. J. Stratton wife to W. W. Gray, se4 swj 21 nw ne4 nw4-28-4-20 $oo'0 A Conner a- wife to Brown nw wi ne-1-20-2-20 $450 Ebeistein to A Turner, ny -2 1-5-1 6 $1,200 Wm.

Knox to Lafferty se sei, w4 se nej sw-28-4-19 $475 McElroy wife to P. Man ning, swi-2 1-3-19 4u0 6'tewart wife to a Green, sw4; nw, wi nc sw-25 3-20 $250 Chester Warring to A Greene, e-J 6j, sw swj swj se4 24-3 -20 $250 E. Morton to Jane E. Morton, sw-2 7-2-1 $1 00 A Huntington wife to II Jonn- son, nej 19 nw-J 20-3-16 $600 Springer wife to Batch- elder, sw-j-G-S-l? $550 I1C Hough wife to Buck master, ne 3-4-17 1,000 The Topeka Weekly Capital will be sent to any address until January 1st, ISSo, for 2o cents. The Weekly- is a large column paper, giving very full Kansas news.

Car X.oad of Apples H. C. Sprague Son have just received a car load of apples which they will sell cheap by the dozen, bushel or barrel. Buy some of them before they are all gone. Mr.

H. O. Sprague, our popular druggist is at Alma this week invoicing a stocit of drugs. He's been gone a good while now and things. don't seem altogether as they used to was.

Arthur is running the store alone just now, and he does it well. CAUCUS. A caucus of the re publicans of Phillipsburg township will be held at the court, house in the city of Phillipsburg on Saturday Sep tember bth, 18S4, at 2 cluck p. m. to elect six delegates and six alter nates to attend the republican county convention to be held at Phillipsburg, September 13th, 18S4.

N. B. McCormick, Committeeman Prescriptions carefully compounded, at Sprague son's drug store. I have Goal on ''and and will keep constantly on hand a supply of the same. Will supply customers at lowest puces at Marvin, Kansas.

S. G. Nay. ADMIXISTKATOU's NOTICE. The Slate if Kaunas, PhilUps County.

s. s. In the Probate court in and for said county. In the matter of the Esta'e of Daniel Kent, deceased. Notice is hereby given that letters of administration have been granted on the estate of Daniel Kent, late of said county, deceased, by the honorable, the probate court of the county and state aforesaid, dated the 14th day of august, 1884.

Now, all persons having claims against the said estate, are hereby notified that they must present the same to the un-dersigued for allowance within one year from the date of said letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such estate; and that if such claims be not exhibited within three years after the date of said letters, they shall he forever barred Silas C. MoCuxe, administrator of the estate of David Elihu Davis, att for sdiu'r. 7 BY BRIMSTONE. Marvin, Kansas. August 2Sth, 1884.

The fine weather and threshing are the general topics for conversa tion at present. A party of the young Marvinites took in the dance at Phillipsburg last Thursday night and report an excel lent time. a few of the Marvinites engaged in a little entertainment of the fandango order at Mrs. Angeroth's last Tuesday evening. The organization of a debating so-ciety has been contemplated by the literary talent of this place for some time past but on account of the Ad ventcamn meeting action in the matter h'as been postponed.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Maxfield's oldest child died lsst Sunday morn ing of diphtheria. We hope that the people of Marvin have had experi ence sufficiently sad to do all in their power to prevent the spreading of this terrible disease. I hero were so many teams town Saturday that it presented the appearance of a fourth of July occa sion.

Henry Brown is repairing his barn this week, making it a more substan tial structure than it previously was W. F. Solman has added to the appearance of Marvin by a magnificent two story, nine cornered chicken coop and will hereafter be found extensively engaged in the poultry business N. W. Gibbs had a field of fall wheat that turned out 38 bushels per acre, yet after all these dem onstrations ol the prolific nature of Kansas soil some men have the "gall" to mutter that you can't raise anything in Kansas.

Small grain has turned off bounti fully and from the present prospects the corn crop will be equally as good, which will make the farmers smi'e "when the leaves begin to turn." Foot ball has been instituted again as an amusement and blessed is he that kicketh and hitteth thereof; for that kicketh and hitteth not will surely hoiizoiTtalize his perpehdicular. G0CDE GLEANINGS. Hark! did I hear some one sav Kansas was a dry country. We can fully appreciate the sen timent of the negro melody, dem watermelons." I believe town folks do like to come out in the countrj once in a while to get a square, meal. Sprague Sundayed at Frank Finley's again yesterday.

Mrs. Al. Jiose visited at Lon Bar rett's on her way to norton county to visit her mother she comes from Nebraska and tried very bard to make us believe that Nebraska beat Kansas, but she did not succeed. Mr. and Mrs.

Camp Sundayed at D. Averill's. Thej" returned to Alma this morning. Frank Finley and Lon Barrett went to your town this morning. Mrs.

Mae Finley has accepted a position as superintendent of tbe mil linery depaitment of Rhamy's store at Raysville. She leaves the first of September for that place. Send somebody out this way who wants to buy a good stock farm. Mrs. Kenady, wife of Rev.

Kenady died at her residence Friday at eleven o'clock. She left seven children to mourn her loss four girls and three boys." She was a kind mother, a loving wife and loved and respected by all who knew her and her death is sadly regretted hv all. The bereaved family has the sympathies of friends and neighbors. Father Goode preached the funeral sermon. I see a wee, sma communication in the last Times signed Jack Creek which gives me the privilege of furnishing a tooth brush for Povser at my own expense.

Now, I think the most suitable brush would be a mule brush as what would be suitable for a mule would surely do for its cousin. There will be prayer meeting at Father Goode next Wednesday We will give you a rest until next week. Esmeralda. B. R.

Tanner made the boys on the Times from devil up too full for expression last Saturday. He did it with a watermelon and for the same we tender hira a full measure of our esteem and thanks. Land Office at Kirwin, Kansas, xo. 7GS2 August 7th, 1 884. Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before the clerk or judge of the district court at Ph'lhpsburg, Kansas, on September 15th, 1884, viz: Samuel E.

Gordin, D.s. xo. 19,920, for the 17 town 2 north, range 19 west. lie names the following witnesses to prove his continuous sesidence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: John Exline, George Exiine, and A. O.

Baldwin of Long Island, and Fred Graff, of Goode, Kansas. Gil Joux Bissell, Register. MCE'roy Mccormick, attoriierys Land Office at Kirwin, Kansas. xo. 7657 August 1st, 1884.

Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the clerk of the district court or probate jmlge at Phillipsburg, Kansas, on September 27th, 18S, vizElihu Hill, lid. 8,227, for the sej of section town 2 south, taiige IS west. He names the following witnesses) to prove his continuous residence up- on, and cultivation of, said land, viz. iZali Harvey, Jacob Jacob By 1u. E.

Davis, 6CB CKIITION PRICE $1.50 PER THAR. C'EXTKAL BltAXClI 1 1MU TABLE. Going West. a' 1 leaves Marvui 12:19 a.m. Freight leaves Marvin 3:27 p.m.

Going East. Mail airives, 5 :07 a m. Ft eight arrives 4:35 a. m. Mail oast and west runs daily.

The freights go west Mondays, "Wednesdays and Fridays: East, Tucsdaj's, Thursdays and Saturdays). STAGE PtllLLIFSBtnS TO iiARTfiX, Daily, Leaves Phillipsburg, "8 p. Arrives at Pbillirjsburg m. Fare: Rounn trip 75o Oneway 50c, II. 4 M.

TIME TABLE. At Republican City, Neb, GOING KAST. JSTo. a. m.

No. p. in. GOING WEST. No.

1-7. 26 p. m. No. a.

m-SSifStandard time is used. Freight 'trains do not carry passengers. Official Directory. S'XATE OF KAXSAS. Cle.vvrnor XV.

Glick Lieut. Finney secretary ot State. Sinilli -Auditor i E. P. McCabe Treasurer T.

Howe Sup't Public Instruction Speer AfKtrnev Geueral W. A. Johnson 'PdUlic Friuter T. Dwight Thatcher it J- Ingalls JJ. S.

Senators rim) rim.Lirs county. iJietMCt Judge XV. IT. Pratt "State Senator. Geo.

H. Case Representative W. II. McBride Clerk Dist. Court G.

A Spatilding C'ountyCleik J.W.Lowe Register of Deeds Kitm-r Smith Treasurer I. L. Smith Sheritl John Woods Sup't Public Instruction C. A Lewis Probate Judge II. C.

Spatilding (bounty Surveyor W. IJ. Stubeit County S. W. McElroy 'Chrome )-.

Gundy Commissioner 1st .,.11. Moultou do id dist J. II. Close do -3d dist T. M.

Bishop Sup't poor farm I.E. Dixson FR 1SI1 Kii TO WXS I P. liustee J. Mellvaine Treasurer J. F.

Morse Clerk A. P. McElroy Justices of the I Frank Strain Peace, E. B. Johnson S.

C. Cunimiiigs D. -C. Clark rillLLIKSULUG. "Mayor C- A.

Lewis. Police Judge Frank Strain. Colxiilmex: J. W. I awe S.

C. Osmnrings, Chas. Dickey, N. Poling, and C. li.

Lcflingwell. Clerk C. "Snodgrass. G. W.

Young. City 13. F. Delpli. LOCAL.

HEWS. Ask O. w. Bickford how threshing goes. Hot, but just the kind ot weather to rtpen corn.

Try the Atchison Champion on their campaign oiler. You il.L never regret it. Ask Den Bickford how it goes to be at the school ma'am's -sociables lie "nose" if lie will tell. "Uncle Johnnie Duncan, whom almost every one in these parts know waj a visitor at tlw 'Burg Fridy of this week. The Atchison Daily Champion will be sent to subcribers during the campaign at the rate of 50 cmls for.

one month or IK' cents for two. Geo Bailey is down from Norton coun-tr this week visiting bis old friends and iC si enes of past ailve lures. Hope you W.ll li ivt? a good time Geo. Dr. Miley.

of Marvin poke his head into the door of our office, said "Hello" and skipped. He lias too much to do visit-jug the j-4 Jk to -visit much just now. V. fianor representing the St. Joseph lleiai.d tde us a cill monday.

He hir testimony that we ai.ways eet visitor-i arniLy. Indeed Mr. L. we don't know what was the matter with that The Topcke wtekr.y Capital, and Farm JournuL wit.L be sent to subscribers from this date until January 1st for 2" cents. Send it in.

A quarter isnt much you will spend that much many a time for nothing worse. This week we recived a 'copy of the PLainficL'l, Time9 marked x. The Tiling is a sixcoi.umn quarto paper, very mcway and fuLL of ijfe edited, by J. w. Strolim.

Yes, Bro Sirohui we wini. exchange with pLcasvire. Dave Clark refuses to be converted from The error of his way and support republican principles even by 'Squire Dickey ive is a good man but litis two bad habits he will vote the democratic ticket fcjid use tabacco. Mr. A.

Iloshaw of Indiana has rented the farm recently purchased by Mr. King, of I wa. Mr II. will take possession ns soon as possible and will bring with him 20 lievl of bloodwl cows, wu give him a hearty wul Iconic. Judge W.

II. Pratt has so ir recovered from the effects of his late accident ns to ie able to wa'k around wih the aid of crutches. He is in town iturday and als'i Monday. His my f.n'e ids will, no doubt, be pleased to learn of his improve-xueut. From reliable sources we Learn that II: C.

fS'pauLding is a candidate ir the nomination for Probate Judge, on the republican ticket. No man stands higher in the estimation of the peopr.e of this county and his record as an hirer is an exceLLcut one. Among those whose faces will be Been aio more on our streets we will miss none mere than Jr. J. N.

Joshcr, Principal of The tvtrwin scuooia, and instructor ot the-normal. He is a good man and quote Ihe language of one of the young ladies attending normal, "lie don't make much fuss about it but he know just lots." Mrs. M. B. H'ells, of Leven worth county, who has been visiting Northwest Kitrlsas as the guest of the family Mr.

P. S. Lowe. Mrs. Wells called on the Times' office and subscribed so as to be posted mi affairs inthU She was very tiiucli pleased with 1h eowjMrv and expects soon to become a m-ancnt resident thereof.

We would be very much pleased if we could giye every person who favors us ith a subscription personal but they are numerous. We wouldn't have roi U.r any thing else. Everyday this wek ve haveaiUled one to six new names 14 our list. w- can do and that is thank patrons vr the kind words of tif probation and cucourafineiat they have i OLIl iJi" us. 'owing-named settler has filed notice or" ms imennon to make final proof in sun- I 'M tltat said proof wil; u.iuu;u.u,reuegister or Receiver at Kirwin, on Sept.

Cihr 1884, viz: w. lee, No. 14288. lor the shf of the i qrofsec. 5 and r.hf of the neor 8--4- 17 1 4- I uc uutiics uic miidaid" witnesses Prove his continuous residence mvm an ni, col lien'-- diet.

D. F. Slick, Mike nemerick and j. in c.nC... jOhN BISsELL, Kegister.

5-10 Don Carlos son, att'y. Land office at Kit win, Kansas, I July 2irth, 1884. JJjJ Notice is herebv civen that the follow ingnamed settler liaas tiled notice of I intention to make final proof in support i of his claim and that said proof will maut- oeiore ine juosre or ci rk ol the district court at Philflp.bursr. Kansas, oi September 27di. 1831, viz: j.

Cread hd. no. 55tJ8 for the sj nw and swif sec 12 town I south, range 2 West. lie names ihe following witness i jtoproye his continuous residence upo. and cultivation of said land viz: L.

i Carnahan and j. O. Dean, ol Lonr and N. rolmg and il s- roling of 5hit- lipsourg, ixansas. v-x john Bissell, reglstcr.

stinson, attorney. Land Office at Kirwin, Kansas, I July 2th, I SSL Notice is herebv iriven that the follov mg named settler has filed notice of intention to make final proof in his claim and that said proof will made before judge or clerk of the dtrk I at Kansas, on sep'. 27th, 1884, viz: Catherine Watso, no.706G, for the nw1, sec township I south, range 19 west. lie names the following witnesses prove his continuous upon an I cultivation of said land, viz: L. K.

Ca nahan, O. Daao. N. Poling- and II. s.

Poling, all of Long Island, Kansas 5-10 John Bissell, register, stinson, attorney. Notice for ittblication. Land office at Kirwin Kansas, xo. 7,747. August 18th, It4.

Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of hi-intention to make final proof in support of his clidin, and that said proof will lv. made before the register or receiver at Kirwin, Kansas, on September 27th, 18S4. viz: Henry L. Beecher, he. ko.

10.9S-1. for the nwj.4 sec. 23 town 2 south, ran -17 west. He names the following witnesses I prove his continuous residence ujon am" cultivation of land, Shoemaker, Kirwin, Kansas Itobert Roi -insoa, of Phillipsimrp, Kansas, Ctiarlc Palmer and G.E. Wheeler, of Kirwin, Ka 8-12 Joux Dispell, May McBride, attorneys.

E. Davis CoT FniLIJT-SBCRC, Kaxsas. REAL ESTATg AGEITTS. A Testt iiionial. PuiLLiPi-urRG.

July BJ, V-' G. ir. Yocxg Co. Gents. Thi BuckeieLow Down Binder I bought you is working splendidly.

I cut 13. acres of heavy heat yesterday betwec-i 8 o'clock, a. m. and busdown, wuhou failing to tie a single bundle. I challencv any machine in the county to do as oot work in heavy and tangled rye as th Low Down Binder will do.

liesnectfullv 2-2t IL 1L Daxlels. i. LOOK HERE. Cane mill and for $125, this offer good for CO days, apply to M. Osborn.

eight miles west of Phil lipsburg, Kas. Jt3 MAKE YUUIISELF SAFK. The following is a partial list of lntm-bers in Phillips county, Lo are insured in the Soitb westeds 3Ictcai ol MarhalltowH, Iowa: Mrs. XV Beckley 3 A Deaii Crosier McllvaiH Batim McCormick Jewton Polio--F Fine li II Finch Fcrgusiii A li tTouc L- IJursi iiiur IV Mctljoy Churchiii a Barnard I Dixon MSalk-f John Kindrew Gilbert Vincent J-Ln Fiucii Ir. L'auw MVnrmau Itliinliougi: fJunniDir Mrs A Uisliop John Allen Oliver Iieubi! Ed Davis Mrs.

is. E. Burt Geo. Herold Ambrose Clark Mclivaia Mil-J Bautu li Poling iieigrass Mrs Finch mis it Finch Clark if Dei. II i.uniuon i A Spaumiog Uodward Luke Maiick Geo Mou'tou ti .1 rion ltoyer MeDoiiaKr H'ui McAvoy Mrs Acna Kindrew Joseph Young Mrs swearingon H'm Woodward Tj scoit Mrs ItumbougU Bishop Mrs Ella Allen Mrs Vert una lieu bin John Lowe Dr.

Z. F. Bui Samuel S. Vincent Mrs. II.

J. Herold Wurel Mitchell Chas. McCal! Agents wanted to work for tiie southwestern Mutual Benefit Association of Marshaltown, Iowa. The Cheapest, afest and best. Protect your family in case vi death.

Protect yourself in case of total disability. Protect joursclf in case of loss of a hand or foot. Endowment equal to one-half the amount Insured for, paid in cash in 1-1 3-ears. A paid up policy in 20 years. tor farther particulais address E.

V. FoiiSEV, General Agent. Phillipsburg, Kan- A. large invoice boots and shoes at Huliugsatthe latest decline in prices. Job lots of old stock beiDg closed oirt rapidly at job lot prices.

Ben Delph wishes to" in form the travel ing public that parties desiring to to Philtipsbuig from Miiiviu immediately after the train from the eat arrives will be accommodated for a faie of $Lt. A. L. Kilmap. of Orleans is the laoMi-r jeweler of the west, and if you want any lejiairing 01 any Kind Gone leave it at lh? Times office and it will receive prouipt attention.

Finest workmanship asiwed. Livery Stable. S. C. CUMMINGS, Proprietoi.

New and stylish rigs, fast ter.rns an I steady drivers furnished at all WV furnish board for teams by meal, day or week. Best of care taken of transient ams. stables northwest cf the squaie PlIILLir-LBJ3 KaX; E. F. CARPENTER'S BLACKSMITH WAGON SHOP case in that coi y.

S. G. Nay wants your FAT HGGS at Marvin Kansas and will pay the top oi the market for them. W. F.

Wood ward has far resovered from his late illness as t- be able to Walk around on the streets. W. U. Calhoun is moving to town and will occupy the building just north ol the bank as a residence. Sine and Albaugh and Ei McDowell left with Irwin McDowells herd of ponies Wednesday morning N.

Poling has been on the sick list for some time past but, we are happy to state he is rapidly recovering and will soon be seen in his accustomed place. Kirwin Republican If V. Lane, was as ivell known throughout the country as he is in the neighbor hood where he has lived, his nomina tion would be an assured fact. E. W.

Poor, of Dempster Poor Land Brokers, Republican City was la towh this week. He reports buisness in the Republicaa Valley brisk. Well, we have a butter counjry down heie two to one, so. now, come aud see. Irwin McDowell kft Wednesday morn, ing with his ponies.

During the time he held his herd at this place he sold abont twelve or fifteen head. From here he went to Gcruiantown and will go from that point into Nebraska. We wish him an enjoyable and successful tiip. Jr. E.

C. Forney will start Tuesday next for Jarshaitown Iowa. Jrs. II. II.

Nash will start at the same time for a visit to her old friends in that visinity. 3fr. Forney will only make a short visit aud then return to continue his work as General agent of ihe Southwestern mutual benefit assocaiion. Hon. James Laird, of Hastings has received the republican permission to be his own succossor as Congressman.

That's right. Now elect him His only fault lies in voting for the Porter bill and it is plain he thought he was in the right. It shows that when he thinks he is right he goes ahead and that's the rtght kind ot a man. when wneat is largely grown rye is one of Ihe worst kind ot weeds thatcau get in land. It is Aery difficult to separate tht grains so that some rye will not be sswn each year.

But as re runs up into head several days earlier than wheat it is a comparatively easy matter to go through the grain, and wilh a corn kni.e cut out the rye. If cut just before the wheat heads out ihe rye will not sprout soon enough to ma-lure any seed. Not much, that we have heard has been said yet in regard to our Itrepresenta'ive-A cai didate is to be nominated and elect ed this fall, who is going to be the republican nominee? TV. H. McBridc.who was nominated ai.d elected last fall to fill vacancy is as good a man, it seems to us, as coald be fouud.

If he desires or will accept it again we would say let it be given him. He is worthy and competent and would be credible representative. We have heard of one candidate who has made no announcement in any of the county papers who gave as his reason lor not doing so "That he could not announce in all and if he announced in some and i.ot in all, those he did not favor would be opposed to him. There is a policy man lor you and his opinion of the publishers of the county is drawn from a photograph ot himself Republican. We don't Know who he is but we pity him for his poverty if he can't pay lor ati and further for the breadth of his vitws of men.

Gatu Mr. Nast's cartoon of Blaine drinking from a well bucket of water only, with a bag at his feet labeled "twenty years a teetotaler," may 11 make the Prohibition people st. aud reflect at the uuscrupulaus means bein used to excite the liquor interest against a man who has made temperance tnc companion of his life. For preserving his brain, nerves, habits and example he is held up to scorn by a man who would have mocked Christ going 13 his crucifixion. There were car-looners in those days, too, say ing: "If thou be the true Son come down from that cross." More unscrupulous rascality an American journal long dependent on the moral aud religious classes never undertook in its despairing attempt to use drunkenness and drunkards as weapons to destroy a statesman.

Mr. Blaine must be beaten because he is not a saloon-haunter. One among the very best papers in the west is the St. Joseph Herald. It always gives the latest and most interesting news and its editorials have an honest and brave rit-g.

Of course such a paper would support no tickt but that headed by the prince of great, good and true men Blaine, and his not one whit less great and noble companion Logan. In its prospectus the Herald says: "The. Herald believes in the continued ascendency of th-? republican party; believes that it is for the national good that it should be continued and it will use its infiuence to help ac complish that end." But you ought to subscribe and read it all. Try it one month any wpy, it will require but 75 cents Weekly one dollar and a half per year. Kirwin Republican: In another place in this puper will he found the announcement of W.

D. Lane for County Superintendent of Public Institction. He is an old resident of this township, and lias been for many years engaged in teaching in this county and Smith, and is well known in this vicinity4 where he has a host of friends who have been made such by his fine morn! and social qualities. His qualifications for the position he seeks are good, ami those who are acquainted with him need no s-susance that he would fill the office in the. best manner, for he would give the office his undiveded attention, and with his determination to please, coupled with hts love for and zeal in his chosen profession he would make a model Superintendent.

We hope to record the fact of his nomination and election, for he is deserving young man who is worthy of success ami the people do a good work wticn ihey honor such. fees ri)" E. DAVIS CO. LAND AGEKTS, PHILLIPSBURG, KS. Will buy and sell improved and unimproved lands on commission.

Will locate lands for parties desiring to maKe purchases. Pay taxes and do any lain: business you desire. If you have ar.y land for sale come in and give us the agency so that we may advertise it. Office over Geo. W.

Young Co-'s hardware store, on the southeast corner of the square. CpfCoKREsi-oxDEXCE solicited and all iuquirys promptly answered and any information given can be relied upon. rf LL S3 CD 3 I i- p- WW P3 ST a 5 B- ft g5 ft XSSI 2 tm asm test vo 2 4 ft ft ft 2 5 TO 5 rs ft P5 ESS t. Bail 2 6S $0 ft UmM I II Ml mil 1 i imhib 1 2 i-.

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