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The Selden Independent from Selden, Kansas • 8

The Selden Independent from Selden, Kansas • 8

Selden, Kansas
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H. M. BUTLER, M. D. Phvsician Surgeon Rexford.

Cities Below Sea Level. Most Dutch cities are several feet below the level of the sea. Pretty GirU of Limerick. If asked, "Where are the prettiest girls In the world?" I would lmmedl ately reply, In Limerick, Ireland, says one who knows. There Is a freshness of face, lustrousness of eyes, health' jo33iq sauirj ifi uicii.ifi pus sauii gl 9DUBJJ JO eSOll) SB 8q SH S31UIJ 9Ay 9JB 3UO03 uon 9jqi jo uo00 Peter Kaus says the farmers who raise the Russian thistles he would like to see them burn them up andjnot send them down the Solomon to break his fences all to peices.

Weekly flarket Special to Independent from J. A. U'ukurt. Livestock Correspondent. All calls attended to day or nteht nr.rrrr-rrrrrrrrr Office at Residence Phone 14 Arthur Loomis lost a valuable skldeNi Kansas.

mare Sunday. pi janson and Mr. Eaton of Dr. Ralph Teal, D. S.

Gem was in town Monday. otiUiinwi ill iJ ami TRADE-MARKS uionmtly all oouimita, or no lea. We obuun PATENTS Resident DentUt THAT PAY, dvenlB them Uioroughly, our fi expeiiao, auu rnilp you to amwt'M. I Sunil inoclul, phuto or ekelch fur FREE report I on patentability, to yai' pnu'tloa. tun- DRAY AND TRANSFER LINES N0S.

I and 2 J. Schrock, All work entrusted to me will be cnr'efully attended to PASSING REFERENCES) For free OulUa fulness of color and complexion about the Limerick girls that carry off the sweepstakes trophy. The Limerick face Is the perfection of female beauty a human ceramic without a blemish. -Liverpool Dally Poet. Capri's Wonderful Grotto.

The blue grotto, on the Island of Capri, In the Hay of Naples, is said to be unrivaled for the vivid splendor of Its colors. Owing to the peculiar nature of the reflection- of the sunlight on its waters, walls, roofs and sea are tinged a beautiful ultramarine, which shades Into a deep violet In the further rececses of the cavern. Hook on rrofluble 1'ateuM write to BOS-BOS Savanth Street, Neal O'Leary and family are at present visiting relatives. Mr. Sandberg and wife of Achillis was in town Friday.

Mrs. Holtzclaw and daughter Katy of Gem was in town Thursday. Attorney Murphy of Goodland, was in town Monday on legal business. S. Mayncs, A.

Clark and T. Charges reasonable. Kansas City Stock Yards, June 1, VMM. Flo-id in the South uud crip sled railroad service' held down cat-tlj receipts all last week, small total of 22,000 head arrived. The market improved rapidly a'ter Tuoday, and closed the week with a gain of 1.1 to 40 coats on steers, medium kinds showing greatest gains, whiluc own and lie fern closed 15 to 25 cents higher, Receipts are modei'ito Office north of Drug Store" Work guaranteed.

BANES COUNTER Tonsorial Parlor. Is the place to pet a first class tihave and up to date hair cut. We are also agents for the Norton Steam Daundi-y. THE KANSAS CITY POST Simpson of Menlo was in QWn today at U.HOhaad, and liht at other markets and market 1 4 again hl'a Wednesday. rwr moaern.

Baron (on his wedding day) The old man will only shell out 500,000 marks! Of that amount 420,000 must go to my creditors, 30,000 to the fellow who arranged the marriage and 50,000 marks are left for us. Oh, well, they will last until we can get a di-' voice." Translated for Transatlantic Tales from Fliegende Blatter. er, steers strong to 10 hlher, and cow Sunday and hitters 10 to lf CJnU. Wh le Mrs. Massengall left D.

M. Forbe M. D. J. Beckner M.

D. Drs, Forbes Beckner Office first door north of Drug store. evening for Canton Illinois to tliemarket made a good gain las week, it was solely because of the DAILY AND SUNDAY An OldFashioned Democratic Paper visit relatives. F. Keefer who has been in maegre receipts, and not because of any broadening of the outlet for the meats which packers claim is still uiuatisfat Kansas City for treatment returned home Friday.

The light run enabled killers to Thomas Northrup andwife left Partisan in the Strictest sense, but leap-less and fair, publishing the news and in the presentation of its opinions. clean out their coolers t' a certain ex S.E.LAYMON Veterinary Surgeon. llavini' passed the required examination before the State Veterinary Hoj.rd and received my license, I am prepared to answer all calls for the services of a veterinary, I make a specialty of Surjrery and castei ating. Phone 103. Selden, Kansas.

Tuesday for Stillwater Oklahoma Tribute to Deceased. An exchange In speaking of a deceased citizen said: "We knew him as old Ten Per Cent. the more lie had" the less he spent the more he got the less he lent he's dead we don't know where he went but If his soul to heaven Is Bent he'll own the harps and charge 'em rent." Montreal Herald. tent, and proved a good tonic, but the to visit relatives. situation will not stand any heavy re celpts at present.

Several sales Thomas Harper and wife of Phillipsburg arrived Thursday J-Hme Btee.s were mapo today at $7 oo to 7.2ft, the latter price highest tins and will visit relatives. voni. nP slliH nr two iuuiH Complete and Reliable News Service Accurate Market Reports Splendid Special Features Monday afternoon was the last Wednesday at the same uisce heaviest rainfall of the season steers 801(1 at 7'uo 10 and a severe hailstorm. O.L. BARNT, D.

V. D. Veterinary Dentist Now permanently located in Selden. A graduate Dentist and registered In tills state, also licensed to practice Slight Misunderstanding. "Was the deceased In the habit of taking any drugs?" asked an English coroner of the witness.

"Oh, yes," said the witness. "What drugs did he take?" asked the coroner. "Oh," replied the witness, surprised, "I thought you said Should Bo in Every Democratic Home lor quuruubiuo uukiio ncie miikicu Mrs. James Jennings of Bur- cattle from Oklahoma will start freely lington Colorado arrived Wednes- this week and Bulk or fed day evening and will visit friends 8teers 84,11 at ')-7i) t0 cows medicine and surgery. If you need a veterinary give me a call or drop me a card.

and relatives. ok UUIIS kj.uu iiv, canes w. iu iu We leam that CharlaS Loomis Stockers and feeder trade is of small has sold his farm to Mr. Braun' volume, and will continue so for of Shilbina Missouri. Consider- In0nlh -vet- in'lees 10 to, 20 G-ROVER HOPPAS Selden's New Barber mgiiei than a weeK ago, strong louay, Home, Sweet Home.

The chief reason for leaving home is that one may the better, enjoy coming back to it. Home is the place we have so studiously suited to our own needs that it fits us like an outer envelope. In no other house do we feel so absolutely ourselves. London Truth. Pioneer in Her Line.

The first woman ordained to preach Regular Subscription Price, Daily and Sunday, one year $3.50 Daily only $2.50 SPECIAL CAMPAIGN OFFERS TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS The Post (Daily Except Sunday) by mail to Oct. 1st $1.00 The Post (Daily and Sunday) by mail to Oct. 1st $1.50 These are wonderful newspaper values and should not be overlooked. Subscribe for THE POST to-day you may forget it tomorron. Address all orders to THE KANSAS CITY POST KANSAS CITY, MO.

No agents' commission allowed. Sample copies sent upon request. Invites you to call at his tonsorial parlor for a good hair cut arid clean Rhave. Everything new, clean 11 nd sanitary. Prices reasonable.

stockers $3.50 to 5,25, feeders' M00 to 5.40 Ilojf run last week was 80.000 market stronger most of the time, but finally closing-with a net loss of Scents. Kun is day. matket 10 higher, ation $25.00 per acre. Quite a delegation from Colby was in attendance at the Ball game Friday. We noticed a number of business men were present among the number was, Dr.

For Good Sales, Good Service, Prom nt Returns Ship You re top bulk $5.35 to 5.55, weight. Eddy to care for the wounded, below 2 at $5.25 to 5.50, exclusive of Editors Turner and Connelly to pigs wh ch bring to 4 50. The the gospel in this country was Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell, who is still living in New York, but whose name Is now seldom heard, so many other more important subjects in regard to women being discussed. Kaffir Had Business Instinct.

o-flt. a write nn nf the number of month May showed a small short- au-e from Mav last year, mainly be-J Stock to GEO. It BA11SE LIVE STOCK COMMISSION CO. Kansas City We Sell Cattle and Hogs Write us for Market Reports. cause of ad marketing conditions the last week The total run was 355,000 bead.

Average weight for May wa.i bloody scalps they were to convey to the Court House or hang in their wigwams as trophies. But the Colby team had lost their rabbits foot and the game stood 200, as Compared with 212 in May last: CO mI ESI C) VI I i I year. i- -r rn Z-O Trimble Doming A Kaffir in Cape Colony bought an American broom and, noticing some seeds In the straws, planted them. He now has a fine little field of broom straw growing and may have founded an important industry. No Worthier Pride.

No manly man feels anything of shame In looking back to early struggles with adverse circumstances, and no man feels a worthier pride than when he has conquered the obstacles to his progress. James G. Blaine. 9 to 5 in favor of Rexford. Saturday was not an ideal day as a high wind prevailed almost all day, yet when the hour arrived a procession about one and a half miles long proceeded to the cemetry to pay honor to our desd heroes.

It is possibly a consei- Will pay the higest market price for your hops and Cattle. See them 'before you contract your stuff. We are permanent fixtures in Selden and want your stock and will give you honest weights and square treatment. Value of Reputation. You should be careful of your reputation, uot through vanity, but that you may not harm your life's work, and out of love for truth.

There Is still something of self-seeking In the refined disinterestedness which will not justify itself. Home Notes, When He Was Busy. A school-teacher noticed that It always rained when the Inspector happened to call on her. One day she vature estimate that 800 people was at the cemetry. The pro Doing Little Things Well.

The fortune of things of the greatest importance doth often hang upon doing' or leaving undone a thing which Beems very small. Wherefore, In little things we are to be wary, and well advised. Guicciardinl. gram at the Hall was one of the mentioned It to the inspector as a mi curious fact, and received the answer: best we have ever naa. me because play golf on fine Speaker Rev.

See of Gem made a days." W. HORNER SON Painter and Paper Hanger In or out of town. All work guaranteed. See me before eon- tractingyour work. SELDEN, KANSAS.

very able address-and was listened to with great interest. The Recitations was simply grand, music fine and hard to excell. To Almost incredible. Not all the unbelievable stories come from sea-serpent head-quarters. For instance, who is going to believe that story about robbers holding up Such a Silly Think.

One thinker says suicides are "weeds in the garden of life." This doesn't sound right. Weeds are hard to kill, and never, never, kill them- an ice man in Philadelphia and not 1 Beives nnaing a cent on mm; much praise cannot be given the Committee who so tastfully decorated the Hall. Possibly 12 to 15 hundred people was in town and all went away well pleased with the proceedings. Had You Ever Thought of This? "How can I prevent the flies getting Of Course You're Going stant Keaaer to a journal. in me sugar basin with salt," was the laconic reply.

TO TMI Fun Ahead. The' French government has named a charming French woman to investigate "the American woman and everything appertaining to her." Which insures the fortunate appointee a life job. Receptive Will. If a man be willing, then any argument shall be matter of encouragement; but If unwilling, then any argument shall be matter of discouragement. John Bunyan.

Uncle Eben's Wisdom. "Don't gamble," said Uncle Eben, ifrye i GZ3 I '--enr 0 53 Ira pi r- rn iteiffc 5 SM22p 5. $3 5' I ft I 0 I Old Sheridan. "unless you kin afford to lose. An' if you's got enough bo's you kin afford to lose, dar ain' no sense in playln' foh mo'." Republican Convention AT CHICAGO June 16,1908 Mr.

Herman Rhodell and Miss Anna Hemer were married Tuesday, Crops are looking fine after the Uncle Allen. "An optimist," said Uncle Allen Finest Kind. "I tell you, mamma," said little Sparks, "is (slap) a man who believes the mosquito (slap) was created for some lofty and (slap) beneficent pur rain and the wheat is heading Herbert, when his mother gave him a chocolate eclair for the first time pose." 8low "Express" Travel. A consul at Treblzond writes that out Miss Elizabeth Kaus spent Thursday with her sister Mrs. Trometer.

We had a heavy rain and the bottom of the Solomon was all recently it took eight months for some Stylographic penB to come by express the other day, "this is the finest kind of a banana I ever tasted!" India's Irrigated Land. India has 4,835,947 acres of irrigated land in the Punjab, an increase of 453,561 acres in one year. The crops are mainly wheat, sugar cane, grain and winter oilseeds. A chance to be in at the "doings" nd to enjoy a visit to the city of parks, boulevards and mammoth buildings, where you may find enjoyment in plenty. A cool rammer vacation on the shore of the lake.

Round-trip ticket at SPECIAL RATES from all Rock Island points. Con venient trains via the Rock Island land you in the heart of the city at underwater. The school board are going to put screening on the Old Sheridan school house. from America to a port on the Black ea. Secret Unknown to Science.

The secret of the glow-worm and firefly is yet unsolved by science. Their light is entirely unaccompanied by heat Charitable. Some people's Idea of charity is to give a starving man a pepsin tablet. New York Times. Hint to Housewives.

If you have a solid silver cake dish and no cake for it, don't discard it Tie a pale mauve ribbon on it and keep it in the kitchen as a receptacle for potato peelings. Mrs. Bier and daughter Lena spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Westerman, Ungallant Suggestion.

La Salle station only one on the elevated railway loop. Ask for illustrated Chicago Convention folder Ha rnmnlnlna that Mo lii-l A. Jonn wnson naa 10 siay on me to listen to him." "He should culti- vate the habit of talking in his sleep." eve: The Boldest Lie. A lie that is half muh is boldest lie. Tennyson.

Houston lJost, The Ampere. An ampere is that current of elec- north side of the Solomon on account of it being so high. He had to drive back and cross tne bridge by Peter Kaus's the next day. L. M.RATHBURN, Agent, Rock Island Lines SELDEN, KANSAS Or "Silence Is Golden." The talker sows, the listener reaps.

Proverb. trclty that decomposes .00009324 grammes of water in a second..

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