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The Phillipsburg Times from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

The Phillipsburg Times from Phillipsburg, Kansas • 4

Phillipsburg, Kansas
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fin mAtii-n V. C.i il I XT i 1' t'L' A r- 't CHICAGO l'OUE. Assignment of Assig'e ordered to THE TIMES. A Testimonial. Puii.LiPrBCKG.

July Dd, M4. G. IV. Yocng Co. Gents.

The Frcsu lemons at Hulings. Sine Albaugh is rusticating A fresh supply. of lemons at John Gephart's If you want green apples or peaches go to Gepharts. Hon S. O.

Thatcher declines to be a candidate tor governor. Hew ili ou Hsr. "I toll you. sir." in liznantly cxclsim-tl C)lnll-ri Vel)i'V, a ja-in wiii to the lum-l of Lis only child, "that I shall never jrivc svv consent to a tuiiou I kiiow would bo unhappy." "Wc love each cither." replied voua; B.ih-huiL "Love be eternally Mowed! So I could have said years niro- I was to the woman 1 married and sh' va devoted to nw." "You have lived with eacll Millinery Goods I Chenp cm.mih to make your head bwhu when you In-r the ordinary low pi ices which wo are selling thtin fur cash aiu tiii-y aie all the ry "ial-cs! le iu tin- market. Come in and I rin in vour wife, and your l.lf.K Itw.tlif.f-in i.ii.

I them all new o-umets ntiiici-s. lai-t-s, it prices which nevt-r v-rr and newr ill be cquidled in or any other country, Now your lime. i tin- goi.ieu opportunity pass you may not have ar-i hvr tuch chances' -on Come aloacc-JO EES JC2S zSa pa 3 K7o3 4 3 tore ft 3 pes fry Til ps3 ss eg taea re a re as E5 re re 0 hie report on or before 1st day of next Whitney Fish, pterin of court. P. R.

Pool Co. I Same as in above. Am. Freehold land John W. Har vey, et al, dismissed at cost and M'tg'e Co.

of plaintiff. J. B. Watkins vs. Geo.

W. Brun- ner Juument tor plaintiff for $53 i and costs, also foreclosure of inort- srajre. unier ol sae to issue alter six months. Chas. W.

Hull vs. John A. Still-well and wife Judgment for plain-iff for 310.93 and Order of sale to issue on foreclosure of mortgage after six months. Gilbert Gay vs. Martha Owens and T.

W. Roach Judgment for plaintiff against deft Owens for $34:0.18, and in favor of defendant Roach against Owens for Also foreclosure of mortgage, order of sale to issue six iu months. II. Moulton Ex'r. vsi W.

T. Btd-ford and wife Judgment, interest and costs of $2,503.42, being paid in full sheriff's sale was by consent-- of parties set aside. Dogget, Bassett, Hill's Co. vs. Bell Stevens et al Continued.

Matter of appeal of Chas. Jessup et al, from a survey in town. 1 range 20 Continued. Alton A gr. works Jennings McCali Time extended until first day of next term for plaintiff's to make and seree case made.

I. Weill Co. vs. Bell Stevens Assignee given 30 days to. fill reply to answer of interplea of assignee Same order made i following cases vs Bell Stevens Regner Shoup plaintiffs, Tootle, Hosea Co.

plaintiff's, Steele Co, plaintiff's. John Shelton. a native of EnglanJ was naturalized. In the matter of the assignment of r. ii vaeorgo ici oiiuuueu.

Max Allgeroth vs Louis Beerman Joel-Holt, Judge pro tern, presidingTrial at March, 1SS4, term by jury, judgment for plaintiff for $75 and costs. Injunction restiaiuing defendant from maintaing mill al lowed. No execution ordered to is sue before October 1st, 1884, defen dant excepts. The hour ot 3 o'clock p. July 8th, 1884, having at rived, court ad journed for the term.

G. A. Spaulding, Clerk. Proceedings of County Commissioners-, July 7, 1884, The County Commissioners of Phillips County met at the office of the County clerk on above date. Present, H.

Mculton, J. II. Close and T. M. Bishop, county commissioners.

S. McElroy, county attorney, and J. W. Lowe, county clerk, were also present. Called to ordea by chairman Moulton.

Miscellaneous business first ia order. On motion, the report of the Probate Jrdge, on the examination of the County Treasurer's books and accounts for second quarter of 1884, was adopted, On motion, the report of the County Superintendent for "second quarter oi 1884, was approved. On motion, the school tax of Samuel Albright, ot Logan township, for the year 1383, was orderec stricken from the rolls, said tax being erroneous. Petition of Howell and Michigan lumber companies, asking that. Lots 5 and 8, Block Range 7, City of Kirwin, be reduced in assessed value for the year 1883 to that of vacant lots, as the buildings were remoxed from said lots prior to the assessment for 1883.

On motion, the prayer of petitioners was granted and said lots were reduced in valuation from $34 on lot 5 $300, on lot 8 to $20 each. On motion, Mrs." Gandy was allowed a reduction of $100 on lot 11, Block 9, Candy's addition to the city of Logan, for the year 1883, on account of removal of building from said lot prior to assessment for 1883. ROADS. On motion, the report of viewers and surveyor on road petition ot AL P. Van-Allen and others, of Beer Creek township, was approved and road ordered opened GO feet wide.

On motion, the report of viewers and surveyor on road petition of J. A. Mercer and others, of Deer Creek township was approved, and road ordered opened 40 feet wide On motion, road petition of Levi Mc-Cormaek and others of Logan township, asking for vacation of road, placed on file, bond approved and A. B. Miller, F.

C. Albright and N. Wilson appointed viewers with instructions to meet on the 28th day of July. 1884, view said proposed change, and make report of their actions at October session of the board. On motion, road petition of Henry Hobbs and others, of Prairie View tosvnship, placed on file, bond approved and K.

P. Thomas, W. V- Han-sen and W. Kingery appointed viewers with instructions to meet in conjunction with the county surveyor at the beginning of said road on the 31st day of July, 1884, view said proposed road, and make report to this board at October session, 1881. r- On motion the report jf viewers and surveyor on road petition of John Hah- enkratt and others of Arcade I 1 Jl- -a i upproveu anu roau oraerea opened 60 feet wide.

July 8, 1884. Met pursuant to adjournmeat, full board present, called to order by Chairman Moulton. Moved that orderNo-839, general fund for the sum of $5, issued in favor of Benj Butler, be cancelled and that said sum be credited on claim of P. J. Carl, for supplies furnished said Butler.

On motion the bond of County Treasurer for the ensuing term was fixed at tne sum oi On motion road petition of C. A. Lewis and others of Phillipsburg township, was placed on file, bond opproved and C. J.

VanAllen, II. II. Gray and Van E. Hugenin appointed viewers with instructions to meet in conjunction with the countv survevor at the begin- ing of said proposed road on the 5, day of August 1884, to view the same and make report of their actions to this board at the 1884, session. On motion the County Clerk was authorized to strike the penalties from the tax roll of 1883, on the property of M.

M. Keeder, of Glen wood" township. Cn motion all claims against the county in the future, must be filed by noon of the first day of the session, in order to secure action on the same at paid session. On motion the County Clerk was authorized to advertise for proposals for building granery on poor farm, said buildine 16x24 feet and 8 feet high contractor to Jurnish material and do all work bids to. be received until noon, Apg.

the 4,. 1884.. On. motion the County Surveyor is assigned to an office with, the County I ed to procure a suitaoie tabic for the; fouutv isurvtvor's office. i "SJ, l3MiXr township was placvd on tile, bond sp-i proved and U.

A. Turner, Good lie I mi tioodt? oi lited viewers on i siuiie with hiritruetiiis to iiit-et at town of Island on the 7th day of August view said proposed road; ami make report of their a tum lu in is unaniM im-t, strvMou Moved that application ot oimty till August for the purpose of obtain ing cost ot same. medical iiiii ot itoijinson lor i net attendance on Mrs. Ouiunnngs of To-wuuda township, rejected. On motion adjourned, to first Monday in August.

AliLOWKll. Lowe, Co. 1) Hmitli, Co. Treas A Lewis Co. tSupt McElroy, CO .30.00 Kinjr, ltushviile tp Chas McCali, (Jlenwood Ii I) Kobiiison.

Towanda tp ou Marviu, Logan tp 00.00 Joel Colby, Long Island tp ....4.00 J. iS'ietiols, Cireen wood tp ..51.00 A Mercer, Deer Creek tp 04.00 tJeorge Veeh, Mound tp oii.00 Jii-ks, Flainview tp A Turner, Granite tp 48.00 1 Barber, Kirwin tp 45.00 li McDonald, Crystal tp II CMierrill, Walnut tp 45.00 Mcllyain, Phillipsbuiglp ItOADS. Stubei surveying Co roads S1S.00 11 (j ray viewer ou Van, Allen road 2.00 Jacob I 1' VauAdlen ehaiumaii l.oO 1 Lee v'wr Hahncukratt road 2.00 i iiiinn on Caswell U.oo; tsUPl'LIES FOR tJOirilTY. Dodsworth, books blanks (j Crane Co lol.OO Hamilton Woodruff 66.00 Haskell Co 24.00 Suppi-iks fok Couitx Hocssk. McPike Fox tar lor roof.

11.47 II plague Son paint rlass.31.00 Jjefriugwell McClung nails 5coil4.40 Li Young, hard 4,74 Hickenlooper, painting 10.00 A Sprague, glazing and putty. ....1 Lowe, cash advanced to cleanse Itissler reiuovin-jr stone James oods coal oil feO Li Gebhart, 5-5 Supplies for jail. It Rogers, bedding 4.60 Dir'UfV. Iiculstiil 4.1KI Jll Close, repairs io.30 Woods, straw 75 10 1 Woods, making beding 3.00 Examination Teacheks Hicktnlooper 3-00 Lowe, 3.00 Mollock Stoker, Insane Cases, II oods conveying to Asylum. 130.50 Chas Dickey, boarding 11.70 11 Rogers, 10.00 jas A Kate Coy, trunk 2.50 II Spaulding, Probate j'dge 1) Clark, Uept lierin Garbersou, nonstable A llouk, juror ...15 10 2.00 ..2.00 ..2.00 ..2.00 ..5.00 ..5.70 I Mallett jc Li II jG Gebhart, I) Harmon, 10 Davis Atty fees Matteson, witness johu Goracke Frank Sova, 3 Garbersou Spaulding Bishop, Close, .22.50 Miscellaneous.

Il insliip, supplies for jail 1.50 woods boarding prisoner and attending jail 8S.20- Jenkins, co printing oods Sheriff Probate court J2.20 .7 50 A McElroy, eharuring assessors rolls 75.00 Fok Pook Farm. Leffingwell MccUing m'd'se 17.81 Young, hardware, 3.05 vv Itissler, beef. 8.05 woods, m'dse Li Dixson, 6,00 Page, repairs on harness, Phil Townsley, cutting grain, 20.S3 close, blacksmithiiig, 4, S3 Sprague Son medicine 4, SO Miscellaneous, Rowe, supplies for .25,00 carl. 5,40 Hamilon overseer poor, 3,00 On last Wednesday j. E.

wright ot Marvin, and another gentleman were seriously poisoned by eating canned beef. The beef had been opened the day befoie and remained open until eaten. Dr. Miley was called and the parties restored. People can not be to careful how they use canned goods.

The poison in this case was probably generated by the can standing open before being eaten. Tom Page started Sunday night for a visit of friends and relatives in Kirwin. We wish him a pleasant and happy time. C. Hickenlooper met with what might easily have been a very serious accident Wednesday.

He was asr sistingMr, Dutcher in the harvest field, and was stapding up in the wagon when the team became restless and began, to- back, Mr Dutcher, who was also iu the wagon struck the horses sharply, and starting up suddenly they threw Mr II out of the wagon, and he struck the ground with his head. He was painfully-hurt but we trust he will soon recover. J. Kelly left the 'burg Tuesday for Kirwin, where he will make his future home Mr Kelly intends going into business for himself, and the Times hopes fortune may smile at him once or twice anyway. Yesterday afternoon this section oi the country was visited by a rain and hail storm.

The storm appeared to come in two sections, the first from the southwest and the cast and the: hardest from the northwest. Fortunately the storm was not accom panied by any wind to speak of, and the appearances are that very little damage was done to crops, Several window lights were broken, 12 being broken out of the court house. The hail stones were quite large, some being nearly the size of a hen's egg. From appearances we fear the storm was much heavier north and east of here than at this point. Up to the time of going to press nothing of importance has been accomplished by the democratic con-vention at Chicago.

However from the reports in the daily's it seems Ben Butler is left, as is also Cleveland, and Thurman now appears to stand the chance, for the I this Green apples and peaches at John Gephart's. Albert White has our thanks for favors conferred. A McElroy went to Kirwin on business this week. Did you use Harmon's new buggy? Its a fine one. Try a ride in if Boots and shoes and summer dry goods cheap for cash at Winship's.

Every teacher in Phillips county should attend the coming institute. W. T. Belford attended the meeting of commissioners on Tuesday. Butter is worth 6 10 cenrs per pound; eggs, 10 cents per dozen.

Highest market price price paid for fat bogs by S.G.Nay, Marvin, Ks. Parties in town who will board teachers during the institute will please as to inform the County Superinten-tendeut of that fact. There are exactly four hundred tracts ol farm lands on which the taxes are delinquent in this county. And don't ou forget that A. Ruling has still got a few cyclone hay forks left at 40 cents each.

A fair line ol staple hardware always 011 hand. Sheriff Woods is erecting a new barn on bis premises in the east part of town. Cal. Snodgrass is the architect- S. J.

Hartman, the butter man of Kirwin, was in town Thursday and had his little wagon with him gather ing the surplus of the 'Burg. While at Marvin this week we had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Ed Wentworth, mail agent and Conductor Madden of the rail- oad. Supt. Lewis has 'engaged Piof. W.

H. Cady, of Chanute, to conduct, and Prof. J. Mtsher, of Kirwin, to instruct in this Normal Instil tute. Winship has reduced prices on boots shoes and summer dry goods in order to conert his stock into cash to invest in fall and winter stock.

Phillip Herman, agent for the South-western Mutual Asso ciation, who has been stopping in the 'Burg for some time leaves us to-day for other fields. Parties desiring repairs of any kind in the harnessmaker's line, or wishing to purchasea new harness, in whole or in part, should not fail to call at Mr. Page's shop on the south side of the square. One hundred and thirty two styles of buttons at D. A.

Hulings to pick from, anything from a common agate to the finest pearl. Buttons from 10 cents pef gross up to 75 cents per dozen, many fine styles at from 10 to 75 cents per dozen. Ed Forney, agent for the Southwestern Mutual Benefit association, handed us a card the other day showing the names ot the members in the county. Among them are enrolled some of our principal business men and solid farmers. F.

Woman, a laud man of Kearney County Nebraska, has been looking at Phillips county lands the past few days. He has invested in considerable land in this vicinity of which McElroy McKay have sold him three or four quarter sections. Mr. C. Clearwater, living about six miles southeast ot town on Deer Creek, has lost fiVe cattle this summer from blackleg.

Four of them he lost since Tuesday morning. There is said to be no cure for this disease, and the only known way to prevent it i to rowel every animal in a herd. Ross De Armond returned to Orleans last Monday, where he is em ployed on the Harlan County Press Ross came down on a visit and to celebrate the Fourth. However we did hear some one say that his stay was not as enjoyable -as it might have been. "Of all sad words of tongue or pen, Dr.

Houck called Wednesday and told us of a trip he had taken up in the country toward the head of Big Creek the day before. He says they are having the finest crops in that vicinity of any part of the country he has yet visited. He says fur ther that W. E. Goddard has al ready five acres of rye for pasture growing on a piece of ground from which he has cut this year's crop, and also that he will have "roasting- ears'V-of corn in a few days.

Of such are the men who are making a garden ot 'The Great American Desert." Among those registered at the Central House this week are J. H. Mack and D. Bonbam, of Macksburg, Iowa. J.

T. Osburn and "VV. Steele, of Blue Mound, Missouri, A. J. Dodd, Republican City, Nebraska, W.

H. Noll, W. H. McBride, Hull, Ryan, Kelly, Belford. and Hartman, of Kirwin, Poor, of Myrtle, A Bradley, Clay Center, Granger, Arcade, John Bost on and Simpson, Brownyille, Buckeye Low Down Binder I bought of 3-0U is working splendidly.

I cut 13J acres of heavy wheat yesterday between 8 o'clock, a. Hi. and sundown, without tailing to tie a single bundle. 1 challenge anj- machine in the county to do as good work in heavy and tangled rye as the Low Down Binder will do. Resoectfully.

2 2t II. R. Daniels. Wlien some silver tongued orator takes yon. away down to the back end of; the store and whispers in your ear (Uu sl)) how much SUGAR he will give for a DOLLAR tell him to wait till you go over and see D.

A. RULING and find what it's worth today-Good idea to get prices of Other goods to as the Eastern markets arc on the decline and the headquarters for latest telegrams' is at HULINGS- Pat jimmng, ot Orleans, was in Phillipsburg taking in the sights yesterday. james woods wants the public to know that he is selliuy groceries 'cheap for cash and good goods too." when you want a nie steak, roast or boil, remember Geo. 1 i her can fix it up for you in good style. died: At the home of her son in Prai-rieview township, on July 4th, Mrs.

jane Deilman. Aged 62 years, 4 months and 14 days. II. Moulton was in town thia week at tending the meeting of the county com missioners. A.

L. Kilman. of Orleans is theleadins jeweler of the west, and if you want any repairing ot any kind done leave it at the Times office and it will receive prompt attention. Finest workmanship assured. Ben Delph wishes to inform the traveling public that parties desiring to come to Phillipsburg from Marvin lmmedi ately alter the train from the east arrives will be accommodated for a faie of $1.00.

J. G. Gebhart has opened ice cream parlors directly south of his grocery and will furnish the best of cream every Saturday. Call and see him and take your girl with you. Kirwin Independent Wm.

Brown, of Bow Creek township, was rather serious ly bitten by a dog a week ago last Saturday, and as a consequence has been unable for duty in the harvest field. Notwithstanding the large number of machines sold in this county this ear in addtion to those already, owned, and in spite of the fact that farmers we working days, nights and Sundays, more grain will be left on the ground than was ever even harvested in this county belore. It's too bad to see it go but it is only another evidence of the capabilities of the county. ATTENTION I Phillipsburg Fost, Xo, 77, G. A.

R. meeting to-night. The large line of dress goods at D. Hulings has to move off rapidly at the marked down prices, there is still a chance to secure many Oesirable bar gains. One hundred thousand bushels of wheat and rye wanted at Marviu at once for which the highest market price will be paid.

I have a large elevator and am prepared to' handle all your grain. M. Beckley. ARCADE ARTICLES. srr.

editor: Thinking perhaps a few items from this township would be acceptable I pen the following: Crops of all kinds are good and farmers are happy. Harvest is in full blast everybody is busy. School closed in District the 3d. The program was complete, and everything passed ot pleasantly and their teacher will ever hold the occasion in tender remembrance The scholars of this district are such as justly deserve the eulogy of their teacher and the esteem of everybody. J.

F. E. S. COURT PROCEEDINGS. July 7th, 1884, at 10 o'clock a.

the District Court of Phillips County, Kansas, convened at Phillipsburg pursuant to adjournment, it being an adjourned term of the regular March, 1884, term. His Honor, W. H. Pratt, sole Judge presiding. Where upon the following proceeding were had in open court.

Sheriff sales of teal property was confirmed ii the following cause James Phepps vs. Albert Thurston and wife. H. C. Wey vs.

A. B. Kiles wife. R. Conklin vs.

Wm. Esher wife, J. B. Watkins vs. John Durley.

Henry Rush wife, A. D. Grass wife. Elizabeth Sawyer 7S. Isaac Creek et at.

Joseph Young vs. A. A. Winship et al. Norman S.

Field vs. John W. Tem- Ple et al. James Walker et al. Joseph S.

Hart vs, Mathew Scott et al. John Merkline vs. N. W. Carlton et al.

Wm. Bissell vs. B. Phillips et al. cc CC C( The American M'tg'e vs.

Owa Law-of Scotland (Limited) rence et al. vs. Albert Bliss et al. New England Security Co, rer 'e vs. Jas.

E. Morris et al. vs. V. B.

Stone et al. vs. F. M. Devoe et al.

vs. A. D. Richardson et al. The American freehold vs.

Jacob Land M'tg'e Co. limited) Dice et al. vs. if. Chapman et vs.

Frederick Beuteh vs. John W. Clover et vs. W. Hawkins et vs.

F. W. Borrel efc vs. C. Getcbell et al.

c. et al. al. ah By Ed. E.

Davis, 5CB4tBrriON PKICK $1.50 rEH year. Ci-SrfvAL Biiancii Time Table. Going West. Marvin in. Freight leaves Marvin 3:27 p.m.

Going. East. Mail auives, Pi eight arrives- 4:35 a. ra. Mail east and runs daily.

The freights go. west Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays: East, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. STAGE F1ULMPSBURG TO M.VIIYIN, Daily, Leaves Fhillipsburg, Arrives at PLiHinsburg Fare Soun trip 76o -8 p. ni m. One way 50c.

K. M. R. TIMK TABLK. At Republican City, Neb, GOING KAST.

No. a. m. No. p.

in. GOING WEST. No. p. tn.

No. a. m. time is used. Freight trains do- not carry passengers.

Official Directory. 6IATE OF KANSAS. Lieut. Governor Secretary ot State Auditor Treasurer Hup't Public Instruction "VV. Click W.

Finney bin 1 tli P. McCabe T. Howe 11. C. Speer W.

A. Johnson Attorney general. Public Printer. U. S.

Dwight Thatcher J. J. In galls P. B. Plumb pnu.Lirs COUNTY.

District Judge HUite Senator Representative. Work Dist. County Register of Deeds. Treasurer Sheriff" II. Pratt Geo.

II. Case II. McBride A. Spaulding J. W.

Lowe Ritner Smith D. L. Smith Woods Sup't Public Instruction C. A Lewis Probate Judge H. C.

Spaulding County Surveyor. County Attorney. B. Stubert W. McElroy W.

Gandy Moulton H. Close M. Bishop Dixson Coroner Commissioner 1st dist. do 2d dist. do 3d Sup't poor farm ruiLursBUKa Towysnir.

Trustee Treasurer Clerk Justices of the I J. McIIvaine J. F. Morse A. P.

McElroy Frank Strain E. B. Johnson Peace, C. Curamings C. Clark Constables rniLLIPSBCKG.

Mayor A. Lewis. Police Judge Frank Strain. Councilmex: J. W.

Lowe S. Cumtr.ings, Chas. Dickey, N. Poling, and C. II.

Leffingwell. Clerk C. W. Snodgrass, Treasurer. W.

Young Citv Marshall B. F. Delph, LOCAL NEWS. Of all the campaign songs and chants, Which hopes of candidates enhance, There is no sweeter carol, Nor any melody more dear Unto the hungry heeler's ear, Than the ballad of the barrel. Millinery goods at the Chicago Store.

S. II. Bradley made us a pleasant call. Monday. is.

li. oiccorrcicK replenished our coffers $1.50. Thanks Mac. A new line of trimmed hats at the Cliicags store. Latest styles.

Geo. Stinson went to Graham County this week on business. Hon. Joel Holt attended the ad journed lerm of the District Court. S.

W. McElroy made a business visit to Kirwia on Wednesday of this week. Charley Ryan, of Kirwin, made the TtM.ES; office a pleasant call on Tues day. Come again Charlie. Mrs.

Mary Jane Collogan and her sister, Miss Louisa Johnson, Du- buqne, Iowa, have been visiting their Uncle, Mr. Chas. Dickey. For anything in the line of repair ing wagons or machinery, go to F. Carpenter's shop, southeast of the square.

Mr. Dean was very sick the first part of the week, but we are glad to notiqe that he is able to be on duty again. Mr. Kent, of Phillips county, Kan sas, died Sunday, June 29th, 1884, of brain fever. The deceased was one of the old settlers and was sick but a short time.

Republican City Topic. The creamery foltcs are npw turning out butter at the rate of about 100 pounds per week. Mr. Thomas, one of their gatherers, has, during the past month brought into the creamery about 2214 guages of cream, making his wages about $60 tor the past month, besides having nearly one-fourth of his. time left for other work.

Who. ownsL the wrecked stone pile adjoining Geo. W. Young's building on the east. Xt seems to us the thing dangerous and the owner should be at once ordered, to reconstruct it on a solid basis, or, else our city dads should take take steps to condemn the thing as a nuisance and puJi, it down.

The sooner something; of the kind is done the better it will be for the appearance of our town and the safety of the The Kirwiri Republican has thanks for the notice given us. our C. A. Lewis, County Superintendent, visited Kirwin friends this week. The Kirwin Chief was the first paper to exchange with the Times.

Thanks Doe. Take your fat hogs to S.G.Nay at Marvin and get the highest market price for them A new invoice of all kinds of milli nery gooda of the very latest styles at the Chicago store. If vour harness needs repairing vou can sret a irood 10b done in mending at Page's harness shop. Sanborn can make vou anything you want iu iron. Call and give him a chance and he will soon show you what he can do.

A larfre invoice boots and shoes at Hulings at the latest decline in prices, job lots of oid stock being closed out rapidly at job lot prices. Mike Beckley wants the public to understand that he has anything in the lumber line you want in his yards at Marvin and Phillipsburg. If you want a livery rig to take a journey with or skip around a little wLile with your best girl, Vest Cum-mings can fit you out. Sam Gaines, living North of Kirwin, shot himself in the hand with a pistol on the fourth. The ball was taken out the next day by Dr.

Jenkins. Frank Dixon, of Crow, was in town the lore part of the week. Frank is in the mercantile business at, that place and reports everything prosperous. Members of Phillipsburg Lodge, No. 1G5, I.

O. O. will please remember that next Wednesday night is the night for installation of officers. Published by request of members. Tom and Dave Bailey have been visiting friends in Phillipsburg the past week.

Tom has been suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism, and looks a little the worse for wear, however he is rapidly recovering his health. Ritner Smith was rp to Logan on a visit the other day and reports the best of crops up there. Mr. Smith tells us of one man up there who is so unfortunately fortunate as to have so much grain that he's atraid he can't live through it all. Several attorney's from Kirwin, among whom were W.

H. McBride, W. C. Don Carlos and S. H.

Bradley, attended the adjourned term of the District Court at Phillipsburg ou Monday and Tuesday. Farmers report the harvest of small grain this year the largest ever was known, and is feared an immense amount 01 it will be lost for want of machinery and hands to harvest it. Many machines are running day and night at present, and all that can be is being done to save the bulk of it. Frank Strain goes lame. He could not ride circus worth" a cent.

So Fiank and his horse parted. Frank thinks the fall- easy enough but the lighting terrible hard. Leaving all jokes aside, Mr. Strain has our sympathy and we hope be may 3oon recover from his bruises. Prof.

C. A. Lewis appeared in Dis trict Court Tuesday, in opposition to motions to set aside sales in the cases of The American Freehold Land and Mortgage Co. vs. F.

M. Borrell et al, and same parties vs C. E. Gitchell et al. The Professor demostrated plain ly that he was no novice in the practice of law, but came out victorious in both cases.

Rev. Allen called the other day and said he didn't have any news in particular but he showed us some wounds on his hands and told us how sore his shins were, and on the whole seemed to think he had been roughly treated by a young cow he was try ing to milk. He says to the boys, now that the bicycle is gone, that anyone who is really thirsting for ad venture, can go and try to milk that cow. Kirwin Independent: The probability is that Nels jacobson, who is serving a term in the penitentiary at Leavenworth, for connection with the murder of Brown in this county in the summer of 1880, will be pardoned in a short time. A petition was recently presented to the Governor by W.

T. S. May of this place, which was numerously signed, and there seems to be no reason to doubt that it will be favorably acted upon as soon as the Governor has time to make the necessary investi gation of the. Kirwin Chief: Lettie Ensign, aged 13 years, and daughter of.H. L.

Easign, who resides about four miles southwest of this city was bitten on the ankle by a large prairie rattlesnake last Saturday evening. As she was quite a distance from home at the time the poisonous fluid became greatly circulated through her system be fore medical assistance could be obtained. Sunday night her recovery was doubtful but later a change for the better took place and she is now. reported out of danger. Dr.

Ensign rendeaed the medical aid other, h-ve you net? tf: onslv repcate colonel contemota- "I ui.ln"t have tnonev fnou -h to iasurs Lappiue Even in Lrkanr.v a ra in bar inonev. be devuted to him. but Liils to irovi.le those lil-lle delicaeie. which make iife so enjoyable to a wo- ni in. she wuL steaK.

oi ta: ski iai-i. oi comfort and insteatl of attrf jilting it tfl will regard it as ilful neglect. At times she will be melt-inT with affection and vow that youi love is all that she cares for in tbis-worid. but when some one who Itt worldly goods seems no richer than yourself, rides ia a buggy with his wife she sight of tlie great, sustaining. and hankers after tangible aiTcc-tion.

a street display of leve." "I r.ra a youug man of energy ana-good business capacity. I can w-k an. I earn money." Xj use in prolonging this conversation. I have told you that jou shaL-not marry my daughter. I shall" kei'p a close watch and if I see you her.

I shall act, wiih violence." "i-WVll colonel." snid the yonng man-with lirniness. as the gentler recourse have failed, I an compei'ed to adopt: tlic last resort. Some lime. aero, before you suspected that I was attached tc Vou a lighter, you borrowed ten- dollars from me. Do-not wince, sir; heat 1 1 1 1 me through.

You thought that 1 hai. forgotten tlie transaction, bu I haven't New. sir, I intend Uvniarryyour daughter. If you persist ia annoying me. slialr chin vou for the money every tim.

I sfe The colonel sat for a moment in dee: thought. Finally he said, "sty, BobV don't say anything about the ten dol lars, leud me rive' more and taks thk rirJ" Arkansaio TraceUr- TTomaa's Sphere in Lif. As to the horror of a professiiual says the Mew York Sun, there is-really no sound reason for that. Because a woman works for her living sha need not be any the less charming than one who is brought up to expect she must be supported by some one else. It true there is a great deal of talfe about woman unsexing herself, but after all that is something they cannot do.

Women are not merely feminine physiologically. They are feminize itx everty respect, in their intellect and their emotions and we. may say, in their moral sense. Whatever they do ih'-y are always women, being very distinct from men in their qualities; and of their work them it cannot be successfully pursued unless-it is adapted to their If a woman is in; a shop or factory, if 6he is clerk behind a counter, a tele grapiier; a milliner, dressmaker she may Wc, as we all know, just as lovelxv eharming, and feminine a creatnre a if- she did nothing more than cocMle lap dog or busy herse.f only about inside household duties. Indeed her work, is likely to make her all the more Her wits iy be brighter and her sympathies keener than those of woman whose sphere i-? more restricted.

Her mind may be- less occupied with, trifles, and perhaps she enjoys her homo the more and makes it all the mora delightful because it means rest and peace-after outside toil for her. And if a woman may work at a trade without damaging her lovable disposition and her charming domestic as many thousands of cases sho she can do, why should a profession necessarily unfit to be the companion of a man with a taste of literature-and domestically inclined? Besides, if" she is able to add to his $18 or $20 petr week substantial fees earned by they can afford to buy more literature and to make more agreeable the surroundings of their home; It is a great mistake to suppose that worsen are onl cliatrming in- a state off pecuniary d-ppen doUce, that while they are fitted well enough to do odd jobs- about a house, they should have no active interests ont side. ThLr Ls- a nation, better suited to-oriental customs amt prejudices than to. this region at this time every fashionable? woman, in Ni'W York engages in a multitude of out-door activi ties- What is the future woman to do? She-will do whatever-she fits herself for andi will enter into every oecupation where-she can successfully compete with But cycles of time wiN pass away, anil she will be the same feminine creature-who now holds a mastery over the hearts of men, and who commands; love as sweetheart, wife, and mother You cannot change her, God be An Iowa Eomancs. A case of romance in real to small degree, and another "proof of woman's, devotion-, has just transpired.

Three year ago liichard Crossley, a. youno-'nian of 25, left England to seek. Lis fortune in this eo-intrv. leaving be- er message came that the ship had ar rived in America with its. to him.

pre clous freight. As fast as steam aad rails could carry her she sped westward. Almost everybody in town turned out to congratulate them. She had traveled 5.000 miles, braving wind and waves, sieara and mils, that he might, claim. hL-P a his Tlie yonng man w.a3 trying to play so-be.

He sat with the young lady on the front steps. He studied for a long time, trying to think of something that would, illustrate his sobriety. Finally he look, cd up. and solemnly said: "The (hicji moon's as full as a goose, ain't Georgia- Livery Stable. S.

C. CUMMIGS. Proprietav Jfew and stylish rigs, fast teams and. steady drivers furnish t-d at all times. We furnish board for teams by meal, dav or wrek Best of tare taken of transient learns.

6tablcs. northwest of. the square SAS- E. F. CARPENTER'S BLACKSMITH and WAGOITSHOP.

Plow repairing, horse shoeing and all kinds ot blacksmith and wagen work promptly attended to and alvrices to. suiV the S3 re (BE? re re re est pa re re re re re 9 5 re a 2 OR re re re re re re 4HV em re re re re -pi U. S.Land Office. Kirwin. Kan July 2d.

13S4. Complaint having been entered at this hind him Miss Ethel Etheridge, to whom (fticebyJ.O. Harrison against A. C. lie was engaged, the marriage to take-Carpenter for failure to comply with law; place as soon as he had provided a.

as to timber-culture eiUry No. S.445, dated home. Coaling west, he soon estab-ilay 14th, IS82, upon the southeast qurter I himself in business in Missouri ot section Si township 3-south, range 19 Yallev, kwa. Six week ago he wrote-west Phillips county, Kansas a to betrothed.i.and last week there view the eanceHatton said entry camfc to him a that "she was contestant al that A. C.

Carpenter fnV A few more anJ anoth did not breakplow or stir rive acres saiu lantl miring second year alter the date of said entry and that said Carpen lerdi'J. not cultivate the crops or otherwise five acres of said land during second year after date of said entry and has ever incc to the present time lid to stir or plow or cultivate snid land Hit said parlies are hereby summoned to appear at this office on the day of Augut 1S84, at 10 o'clock a. to respond and furnish testimony concerning" said alleged tailure, Jonx Hhsei.l, liegister. i-iv li. li.

Hays, Iteceivcr. McKlroy fc McCormick, attorneys U. S. Land Office. Kirwin, J-No.

GIG. Jan. 14, Complaint having been entered at this Office by II. M. Gordon against Joseph Harvey, for abandoning his Homestead Entry Mo.

dated June 23d. upon tne northwest quarter of section 10, towxship 2 8, ransre IU iu Phillip's County, Kans with a view to the cancellation ol said entry; the said parties are herein summoned to appear at this office on the 14th day of August. 1S84, at 10 o'clock A. 31., to rc-sponu and furnish testimony concering said Alleged abandonment John Bissei.i li. It.

Hays, lieceUer. Elihu Davis, att'y. KOTICE KOIt I-CBMCATIOX. Land office at Kirwin Kansas, ko 7,538. Juiy Notice is hereby given that the follow.

ing named seiller has filed notice of hisJ intention to make frnal prool in support of, and that said proof- will be maile before the j'ulge or clerk of court t-Philiipshurg, Kuiisms, on August 9th, 1834. Viz B. 8KVBX D-B KO. 2,0201, for. thd sec.

29,. town. 3 south, range 19 wtt. He names the ft-llowing witi esses to prove his continuous residence unon and cultivation ofr Thomas Mize. O.

R. Clark, F. C. Johnson and Davis, all of- Phillipsbnrs, Kansas, Jonx Bisell, Register. McEJroy McCor.mick, attorneys! al..

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