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The Hewins Sayings from Hewins, Kansas • 1

The Hewins Sayings from Hewins, Kansas • 1

Hewins, Kansas
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is of ing clonk Dr. We Myrtle hav the en of to bis sick a be is the is this The Hewins Sayings HEWINS. CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, KANSAS, THURSDAY, DEC. 3, 1908 NO. I9 THE OBJECT FOR WHICH THE PRUDENT STRIVE IS: Comfortable Living for the present.

Surplus for a reserve in Old Age, A start for our Children, that they may be better able to fight the battles of life. This can be done by having a saving and an Investment 'Account at a Conservative bank and well Manage Bank. The Hewins State Bank Hewins Kansas Is Such a Bank and will appreciate your account and help you in many ways C. J. BURSON, Cashier No Our Galvanized Roofing Is not second hand or fire sale stuff, but is gaaranteed to be first quality, and at prices that will completely paralpze all competition.

See us before Ordering, Gaddie and Allen Ross Mallonee Livery and Feed Barn Rigs and Saddle Horses furnished with or without Drivers at Regular Rates. Will shell and grind feed anytime, Give me your business and you will never have cause to regret. Magazines and School Supplies of all Kinds at Blachly Bros. 'Drug Store Stationery, Tablets and Box Paper The most Fine Post Cards that ever came to Hewins If you are a Smoker "Get the We have it We also carry a full line of Confectioneries, Fresh Drugs, Inks Mucilage, Notions, Toilet Articles, Hospital Supplies, Etc. Phone 1615 and Tell us Your Needs BLACHLY BROS.

DRUG CO. Every Non-Progressive Merchant Becomes Your Competitor When vou Cease to Advertise W. and PHEN a concludes merchant to "save "slows a little up" in money" his in that avdsetritng di-. rection, then the merchant who never had the courage and foresight to advertise adequately BECOMES A REAL COMPETITOR. Even the merchant who never advertises at all reaps a certain amount of profit from the "slowing up" process of the live store.

Not many merchants, of course, who have at any time set the pace for progressing advertising, will be content to take a backward plunge into the company of the of the LITTLE MERCHANTS, the easily satisfied ores, the un-awakes! But that is just what the "live ones" does when he imagines that his advertising is costing too much, and that its curtailments means "sav. ing." If business conditions ever suggest retrenchment in advertising, the wise merchant knows that this should be interpreted as a signal for "full speed ahead," for redoubled efforts to WIN the businees that does not come so easily as asual. NO VACATION Will Continue Right Thru the Holidays The Fredonia Business College of Fredonia, Kansas, has arranged this year, as usual, to accomodate all of its students who desire to continue their studies during the Christmas Holidays. Those who especially desire to return to their homes to spend the Xmas holidays will be excused on Wednesday evening, the 23d of December, and will be expected to take up their work again on ol' before January 4th, 1909. New students may enroll at any time during the Xmas holidays.

We advise all those who are contemplating enrolling to do SO at the earliest possible date. There is nothing to be gained by waiting until January first. We can give you equal advantages should you enroll at any time during the Xmas Holidays or pryor to that time. We have no term openings our school is the same one day as another. The students work is principally all individual instruction, and each and every student is pushed each day to his full capacity.

Slow students are not ov. er crowded trying to keep. up with fast ones, and fast students are not hold back and discouraged on ac. count of slow ones. It would really be better to enroll and get started before the big January rush.

Upon arriving in our city, come direct to the college, where you will be given prompt attention and choice of nice boarding places with private families at a cost of $12.50 per month for board and lodging. Tuition for a complete, unlimited life scholarship of Bookkeeping or Shorthand is $45; two courses combined $85. If you have not read our 168 page, beautifully illusrrated catalog write for one. It will give you full particulars and detailed information regard ing a live, progressive commercial sohool For Sale One set double work harnes, one set double buggy harness, two cultivators, one harrow, attachment for lister, one team large wark horses, one four year old mare, one 2-horse wagon. R.

F. PITTE, Hewins, Kansas. It is a Wonder Chamberlain's Liniment is one of the most remarkable preparations yet produced for the relief of rheumatic pains, and for lame back, sprains and bruises. The quick relief from pain which it afforde in case ot rheumatism is alone worth many times its cost. Price.

25e large size 50 cents. For sale by All Druggists. Sounds Good to Hunters On the front page of a local paper, J. M. Wolfe, a farmer, announced that the man with the gun and dog can have a free rein of his property.

The notice reads: "Hunters can hunt on my farm all they please. Come up to the house when the dinner bell rings and get your dinner." In the same issue the usual prohibitory notice to hunters appears. It is signed by forty-nine land owners. The first notice sounds good to hunters, and it is thought many of them will take advantage of it. Kansas City Journal Beware of Frequent Colds A succession of colds or a protracted cold almost certain to end in chronic catarrh, from which few persons ever wholly recover.

Give every cold the attention it deserves and you may aroid this dissagreeable disease. How can you cure a cold? Why not try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy? It is highly recommended Mrs. M. White, of Butler, Tenn, "Several years ago I vis bothered with my throat and 10 Some one told me of Chamberlin Cough Remedy. I began using it and it relieved me at once.

Now my throat and lungs are sound and well." For Sale by All Druggists. They Take The Kinks Out I have used Dr. King's New Life Pills for many years, with increasing satiafaction. They take the kinks out of stomack, liver and bowels, without fuss or friction, N. H.

Brown, of Pittsfield, Vt, Guaranteed satisfactory at Dr. Stevens Drug Co. store. 25 c. W.

H. Marshall went again to see if his farm had blown away in the state of New Mexico. He will stay away a- bout a week this time. The gas line between here and Vale is being taken up and shipped out this removes the last ray of hope of ever having gas in our town. A Sure-enough Knocker J.

C. Good win, of Reideville, N. C. says; Bucklen's Arnica Salve is a sureenough knocker for ulcers. A bad one came on my leg last summer, but that wonderfull salve knocked it out in 3 few rounds Not even a scare remained.

Guaranteed for piles, sores. burns ete. 25 at Dr. Stevens Drug Co store. Misses Emma Richardson and Minnie Ellis spent Thanksgiving with friends in Elgin.

We have been very fornunate so far this winter by not having any epidemice nor serions sickness in the neighborhood. The W. C. U. will hold their next meeting Monday afternoon December 7 at the home of Mrs.

0. J. Holroyd. Each member are invited to bring at least one guest. The nature of the meeting will be a passing social.

How To Get Strong P. J. Daly, of 1247 Congress St, Chicago, tells of a way he become strong: He ways, "My mother, who is old and was very feeble. is deriving so much benefit from Electrie Bitters, that I feel it's my duty to tell those who need a tonic and strengthening medicine about it-' In my mother'e case a marked gain in flesh has resulted, insomnia has been overcome, and whe is growing stronger." Eleetrie Bitters quickis remedy stomach, liver and kidney complaints. Sold under guarantee at Dr.

Stevens Drug Co store. 50c Possum Trot Possum Trot A party composed of Chas Rindchen, Chas Stout, Edgar Ness, Grant Hutchinson and Wait Sanborn participated in a wolf hunt Thanksgiving day, down in Oklahoma. They caught two wolves and a jack-rabbit. Mrs. O.

B. Stark came home from Niotaze Wednesday to spend Thanksgiying day. Rita Haddican accompanied her aunt home for a short visit, last Monday morning. The lady lives near Elgin. A party for the young folks was given at the Sylvester Ward home Nov 24th The crowd left at a late hour all voting an enjoyable evening spent.

Geo. Rindchen, S. Ward, Sam Wilkinson and Ruben Blankinship helped the county surveyor run the lines for the new road which crosses the kinship and Holroyd places, coming out near the bridge below Hewins. This road will be a benefit to the farmers in time of high water. when the river cannot be forded.

The box supper which was to have been held at the Cliff School last Friday night was postponed on account of rain and high water. The Epworth League social at the home of Miss Emma Rindchen was postponed for the same reason Saturday night. Several from this vicinity have been attending the meetings at the ian church in Hewins, the past week, and report some good meetings and a number conversions. Report of Cliff School for the month ending in November 27, 1808. Number enrolled 36, Average daily attendance 27, Number of cases of tardiness 18.

Pupils neither absent or tardy; Fred, Emma and Louise Hensley, Clarence Stoute, Ralph Cruzan, Ethel Barnett, Mary Ward, Lela Blankinship and Herbet Guy. Will Collumber, Teacher. A Paying Investment Mr. John White of 38 Highland Maine. sAyS: "Have been troubled with a cough every winter and epring.

Last winter I tried many advertised remedies, but the cough continued until I tried a 50 cent bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery. before that was half gone, the cougb was all gone. This winter the eame happy result has followed; 8 few doses once more banished the annual cough. I ATE now conviaced that Dr.

King's New Discovery is the best of all cough and lung remedies." Sold under guarrentee at Dr. Steaens Drug Co. store, 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Dr Stevens drug Co store.

2 Local Happenings Will Mallonee was home Sunday, Miss Edna Kygar was home Sunday. F. I. Gaddie visited Independence Friday. Sam Gilky was up from Elgin Monday.

Miss Grace Carter visited in Elgin Sunday. Gaddie Allen have a smail residence for sale cheap, John Blachly went to Cedar Vale Tuesday See Gaddie Allen for Fire and Tornado Insurance. F. I. Gaddie was in Sedan this week attending court.

John Blachly visited a few day in Bartlesville last week. Sheriff Ricketts was in our town Monday collecting taxes. Gaddie Allen has money to loan on real estate call and see them. Tuesday was first real tuch of winter we have had year. Gaddie and Naomi Went to Independence Tuesday.

W. Uhls was up from his farm near Elgin on business Monday. Miss Adelia Blachly and her mother came in Tuesday for a short visit. Mrs Mary Stark was home over Sunday returned to her school Monday. Jim.

Stephens the jolly cattle buyer of wauneta was in our burg Monday. J. M. Doshaugh staying in the bank white cashier Burson is attending Buy a farm in southern Texas for 8210, write Gaddie and Allen for full ntheard very many windy stories what our nimrods did Thanksgiving. Fred Holroyd returned to Ottawa Monday resume his studies at the Ottawa University.

There will be a program rendered at the M. E. Church next Sunday evening December 6, everyboey invited. There are AN churches in Alaska, according to population, 24 in any section of the United States. B.

E. and T. F. Ford received a telegrath Monday that their father had died. He lived in Marshfield Mo.

They left at once for that place. E. D. Jones and family started Tuesday for Lewistown where they expect to make there future home. We are sorry to loose Mr.

Jones as he was one of our most respected citizens. P. W. Sears, R. W.

Sanborn, E. G. Ness, Chas Richardson, C. F. Stout and Grant Hutchinson spent the day of Thanksgiving hunting coyotes in the new state and were lucky enough to bring two scalps home with them.

Thanksgiving day -was all one could wish for. The sun shown bright and warm. making an ideal day for out door sport. All the stores closed at 11 for the rest of the day, giving their employes a chance to get out and enjoy themselves, The favorit sport seemed to bunting as every one that could get gun and dog went to the country. We are having line weather now and the fermers are getting corn in the crib.

Jake Mallonce of Cedar Vale is acting 88 head ver for Henry Powell and they are cutting some nice lumber. Henry-hae the contract to furnish the lumber to floor the bridge in Oklahoma south of Elgin, will require 36.000 ft Mrs. J. M. Carpenter and Mrs.

0 Lue returned Tuesday from Kouras City where they have been visiting the past week. George Turner building 1.0 ad dition to his honse of bie farm. Joe Depiobrink is doing the carpenter work. Ise Richardson is building a small barn on the property he bought of Arthur Wilcox. Fred Crane has the property rented Henry Powell has bought the drugs Bowen and taken charge of same last Tuesday.

D. Barnett of Enid Okla. in visitrelatives in Elgin and Hewing for a days. Mr. MeDonali 14 at the point of death at home in Elgin.

Bill Keifer, out accomaditing agent is on the list and we have a new man at depot now. Lem Barnett sold team of work horses to Mr. Napier last Monday for $325 harness thrown in. Mr. Napier will farm Bill Uals farm next year.

first net -Pawbuska Capital. From The Cedar Vale Commercial Business Meeting Friday Night There will be a business meeting of the Poultry Association Friday night at 7:00 p.m. to decide whether or not to continue the shows, and if SO to elect officers for the ensewing year. Dr. Garrison Leaves We understand Dr.

Garrison of Sedan is going to leave for Altona Kans, where he will make their future home. Chautauqua County will loose one of her best doctors and their health officer. We regret their departure but wish them well in their new location. Miss flackley Entertaines Miss Pearl Hackley entertained a few of her friends at a six o'clock dinner last Friday in honor of Miss Beryle Gates, of Bartlesville, Okla. Regardless of the pouring rain the guests arrived at the time designated.

They did justice to the delicious spread that awaited them. After an hour or so spent in social chat they took their departure thoroughly convinced of Miss Hackley's ability as an entertainer Estes-Kelly Mr. Roy Kelly and Miss Delta Estes both of Cedar Vale were united in marriage at the M. E. parsonage Thanksgiving evening at six o'clock, by Rev.

L. D. Ashby. The young couple have both been raised in Cedar Vale and vicinity. The bride is the only daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Robert Estes, the groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. O.

Kelly, and are well thought of. They will make their future home on the Hoadley farm north west of town. The Commercial joins their many friends in congratulations. court articuliars. A TEXAN DEAD IN WASHINGTON The Public Record of Silas Hare a Long One, Washington, Nov.

27- Silas Hare of Texas, aL Mexican war veteran. a distinguished Confederate soldier, judge and lawyer, died at his home in this city yesterday, aged 81 years. Judge Hare as he was popularly known here, served in the Fiftieth and Fifty-first Congresses. In 1862 he was appointed chief justice of New Mexico, which office he soon afterward resigned to accept a commission as captain in the Confederate army. Shortly after the war he settled in Sherman, Texas, and was elected district judge, serving from 1873 to 1876 He was a delegate to the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1834 from Texas and was Democratic elector for the state at large in 1888.

After his retirement from Congress he practiced law in Washington. He is survived by a widow and four children, Major Luther Hare, U. S. A. retired of Austin, Texas; Frank Hare of Uvaide, Judge Silas Hare, of sherman, Texas, and Mrs.

John Smith. Judge Hare is an uncle of Mrs. A. I. Adam, of this place.

Entertains C. I. C's. Elgin Mr. John Dosbaugh, assisted by Mrs.

Goodell and her daughter, Miss Lena, most pleasantly entertained last night in honor of the C. I. C's. The beautiful home was fairly crowded with the happy throng, SO fortunately invited: besides the members of the club and their husbands the following guests were present: Mr. and Mrs.

Wm. Jones, Mr. and Mrs, R. J. Wilson, Mr.

and Mrs. O. P. Brooks, Mr. and Mrs.

Chas. Nelson, Dr. and Mrs. Ennis, Mrs. Donelson, and J.

M. Dosbaugh and son, Madison; those from a distance were: Mr. Chas. Smith of Kansas City, and Proff. and Mrs.

Druley of Arkansas City. The evening entertainment consisted of Piano solos, by Proff. Druley and his wife, vocal solos rendered by Miss Goodell in her usual charmiug delightful style, accompanied by Mrs. Druley; Druley playing the violin obligato. The programe was interspersed by selections on the phonograph that were very much enjoyed.

The guess expressed their appreation of this rare musical treat, by heartily applauding each number. At 10:30 dainty palatable refreshments were served; after which the guests lingered about the parlor and halls, indulging in social chat until a late hour, and departed with many expression of gratitude to the host and hostess for a very enjoyable evening. The Hewias Telephone Co. are putting up new poles and it is beginning to look like we were going to have a telephone system right. School.

give to receive.

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