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The Hewins Sayings from Hewins, Kansas • 1

The Hewins Sayings from Hewins, Kansas • 1

Hewins, Kansas
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ni sn Wif ins UlfQ SE3 iif hd i VOL. 1 HEWINS, CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, KANSAS, THURSDAY, NOV. 28, 1907. NO. 18 WAUNETA OF LOCAUNTEREST Will Khinamau spent Sunday with HOLLY DICKLV PASSES AWAY Holly Dickey, ou of Mra.

MarMia Dickey of this city, took su Idooly ill Thursday, November 11, and died in a GANDERBONE'S FORCAST Many Predictions For December By The World Famous Prophet friends in Sedan. Built Bith Ok Citv Nbws-Manv Of Mrs. Dollie Parsons la tbe guest of lluwi.sH Fkoi'Lh Visited Tub Faih Grandma Leonard. tate of coma duo to urioic poison Sutur day morning at 1:30 o'clock. Zetf Appleby came iu from Coffeyvllle Inst week.

ARTHUR BUROETTE VISITS HERE Wise and Otherwise Mr. Dickey was In Elgin, iu 1H72 and came to Dewey with the family when the town was first organ Mrs. Dave Guthrie accompanied by Miss Beulah and Mollic have gone to Will Marshall Goes To New Mexico To Tyron, Oklohoma to spend Thausgiving Take Up A Claim AT CEDAR VALE E. II. Bliss of Chicago was a business visitor to our city lost week.

Fred I. Gaddie of Ilewins, waa a Saturday visitor la this city. (i. H. Schultz made a huslues trip to Elgin Wednesday.

Of course if you are not advertising it, you are not in a hurry to sell it, Mrs. Hugo Milde is visiting in Kansas City this week. 0. II. Schultz made a business trip to Elgin Tuesday.

iss Olive Willson spent Monday in Dexter with friends. P. G. Johnson was a visitor in our town last week H. A.

Sartin is in Newkirk this week. J-H W. P. Reeves are in with her son Charlie. Frauk llines and Ivi Butler made a semble at Washington, where he will re-elect himself and resume the enactment of law in the presence of the democratic minority and other onlookers The Hyal edition of the President's ized and has been iu charge of the ollice of the Dickey eating house up to his illness last Thursday.

lie had many frieuds. won by bin upright dealing, courteous mivner nod uiululiilitv, who mourn uiih his relatives the loss of uu-hl'-mixlicd diameter. IN THE SOCIAL WHIRL trip over to Dexter last week aud helped Georgo Butler to move over to his new ham Hendren wus a business visitor farm. Mrs. Jos it? Wool worth and Mrs.

Cyn hi pur city Monday. Mrs. Vui. Harnett is on the sick thia Marshall came up from lie wins to list attend the funeral of Sylvia Morris. week.

Kobt. Croaswaite spent Sunday in the country. Biimgarner of Caney was here viHUiim Dave Miller mid looking after his business interests ben-. Geo. PoIhou moved into tbe Malone There will be morning servici at the Guthrie, Okla this week on business.

lijf property tbia -v Jeff Kir'by of Wauneta made a bus! church Sunday, December 2nd W. Ii. Reeves returned from Guthrie, Sunday school at. 10:00 o'clock and ness trip to our Monday. Monday after a short visit in that city.

preaching av 1 1 o'clock by the tor, lbv. Bi.ick. The funeral ser icon i from the ipiis. ch'iri-ii iiinJer il -rection nf iuii 104, Wooiltni'ii of tli Woild The friends of the family bruuhl beautiful II -ral jtne and esteem whicii literally coveted tiie chk-ket and did much to nlcviiiie tiie him row and eradicate lliu itloom from ihe distressed f.imiiy in ili. knowledge tlinl liny could not hum but lluuth-y wi re coiifriiiiii il lie flc-jucst nf fiieiidH.

lio Itml him roil tii-iiftier mi tilt) f.llliilv llll'l imlliiiii: Ini'l n.ii, bieii In. aiiiiiicil. At i lor lo-e of the Mel Hit lit the cliim the leiuaillH vn-m token to the cemetery inn ill of lk-vvcy. while ulim services vveie cniidurle.l by th ln.lg after liich the Uooy Interred. John Li life and wife of 101 gin are the A.

H. Leedy and wife of Wauneta IvHtli KliitiHiniin litts been a'-Elgin fur the pant two weeks reacliiuft were visiting friends in our city this week. f. ii i h. Tlioiiipso'i ami will tench then- message will be read, Wall street will he givv another physic; and it will be officially declareo that this counry cannot exist half 'jiiul and half water.

Mr. Fairbank will take. refuge in the dignity of the Senate from his cocktail persecutors, and several new members will be taken into that exclusive club of multi millionaires Congress assembled will take up great public questions like the need for a new f. deral building at Podunk and oyote center; the growing demand for a more elastic currency, and why nobody will stay in the army at the generous inducement of 13 a month md found dead in the Philippines. Persons born under the sign of apri cornus the Goat are great orators, thinkers and teachers; self-conscious and not meddlesome; good story tellers, eat too much, have style and pride, talk too much, are distrustful aud can keep a secret if (males).

They are selfish, and never get the hot end of it in an exchange of Christmas gifts. They continue to hang up their stockings when it is a hardship upon others to fill them Girls born in Capricornus guests of ieiiils in our city. on Youug was in town trading Monday. Chas. Ilursoii has pure-La tied the Cooke property in tbe east part of town.

Ora Wool worth is moving his household goods to Bartlesville this week. imaiu thin week in tiie 6lh and 7 1 Chas. Sneed, the county superinten December of the drifting snow And yule log blazing bright; December, when the cold winds blow Across the fields of white; When the winter's ring is in the ground And the nights are clear and still, And the hoys go belly-buster down The slick and shiny hill. December of tho Christmas tree And childhood's brightest dream; December of the ectacy Of hallowed Christmas e'en; Whan the last sweet lullaby is sung And children's whispers cease. And the wee sweet stockings all are strung AlonK the mantel piece.

December of the drum and horn And bundles slyly hid; December of the one great mourn Ot mornings for a the chimes of sweet and mellow bells Are welcoming the dawn, And the house rocks with the merry yells Of kids with nighties on. December was the ninth month in the old Roman calendar, and its name is from decern (ten). When Julius Caeser became Big Stick of the empire, the month contained but twenty-nine days. He added two more one more to make ready for hristmas, and another to recover from it. Ch' istmas gifts originated with the Greeks Hence the saying, "Beware of the greeks bearing gifts." Santa Claus was invented by the toy manufacturers of Neuremburg, Germany, where the Teddy Bears came from.

The motto for this month will be, grades. dent is seriously ill at his home in Sedan of tubercolosis Mrs. Lincoln Wiley who litis been housekeeper for.lim Leonard bus sold O. Reeves and wife returned from all her personal property and gone to John bo-baugh made business trip her father's to spend the winter. to our city Tuesday.

Arthur Burdette of Cedar Vale was a llmvina irlui r.rifl1 Tiioarliiv- O. Johnston who has been sick lately was pleased when his neighbors Dewey World. AN OLD SALE' BILL cume in aud gathered his corn and help' ed fix them comfortably for winter. lie 11 ii in Leader priuU the following copy of a hill years hey were F. M.

Johnson, F. E. old: tHiile of Mii-sutii i. County of Pike. Stevens, E.

F. Stevens. W. A. Judd and to wtoin it may concent: The Eluier Stevens.

(William Mallonee, of Dewey, is visiting iu our city this week, i 1 red I. Gaddie inatle a business trip to the country the Hist of tbe week. Henry C. Neely of Wichita was in our city Thursday. Wait Sanborn was a Cedar Vale visitor Monday.

signed will, on Tuesday. Sept. 29. A. 1ut(, .1 Miss Oil ie Butler has received her di ploma from tbe Interstate school of cor into, ecu aii inuiie oiifc-cry tor cusli on prcuiiricx where coon creek erosse tli ret-poucctice showing tnal sue liud com old iVibeiuii roiul, the fil lowing chulteU pleted with honor the normal course.

towit: 6 yoke of uxeii wilii jokes aud We consider this work very helpful mid Col. Peery made a business trip to cliuiiis, 2 wuKoiiswith lieils, 3 nigger are hard, to win, generally preferring a parrot to the stork. The want wolf's wail will ride the blast Where poverty prevails; A few late laggard geese will pass With winter on their tails. The sleigh will jingle up the road the Miss Butler is to be congratulated on her buccpss. wenches, 4 buck niggers, 3 uigger boys, 2 prairirf plows, 25 steel tnipe, one bar Died November 22, 15)07 at the home Elgin Monday.

Mrs. Tube Marsliull was in town Saturday shopping. It'red Wint of Wauueta was in our city i'riduy for a short time. rel pickled cabbage, 1 hogshead tobacco, Kansas City last Wednesday after a short visit in that city. The next thirty days should be the busiest of nil the year iu every store that hi ikes a bid for trade.

Chas. Shaver and family of near Cloverdale returned from a visit in the Territory Monday. Morrow returned to Deerfield, after a short visit with W. F. Clay and family L.

Bishop returned to his home in Kansas City Tuesday after a short stay in our city J. S. and II. A. Oartright left thisc'ly Friday for I'linlingtoii, over ihe Fe.

Mrs. Jane Richards returned to her home in Ilewins Tuesday after a short visit in our city with friends. Charles Ellis, of S'dan, -vom visiting in this city Sunday with his daughter, Mrs. Charles Toal. i Mrs.

Dr. Liddel left this city Tuesday for Kansas City whore she will visit some time with her arents, L. G. Bishop and family. Mrs W.

Leonard nnd little daughter, Miss Mona, came in from Anthony last week. They are stopping at the Buird. Mrs. A. Hill returned to Blue Mound Monday after an extended visit 1 lot nij-'g-'r hoes.

1 spi'ining wheel, of her parents Mr. and Mrs "Will Murph-in at Sparks, Oklahoma, Sylvi-i Mortis lines around the whip, and George and loom, 13 fox hounds, a lot of eoou mink "hut the door!" Mr. Roosevelt and Mr Bryan will be the leading presiden aped yearn, 10 months, she hud suf- and skunk skins and it lot (if other tial candidates, and prohibition will con tinue the bui-nmg issue Ihe liquor feied for several weeks with typhoid fever and although everything was doue that love and skill couid do it was of article. Am gwiue to California. John Doe lliclmrd Itc, Cryer Barney Maun is uulo to be on our streets again, which we are glad to note, Mrs.

Frank Drake from tbe Territory was in town Monday shop pi ug. Mrs. Jane Iticbards is visiting iu Cedar Vale this week. interests will build walls around Peoria, 111., St Louis, Louisville and Milwau avail. Sylviu was born in her Grand Free head-jheese, upplew utid trd cider.

mother Morris' bouse near here in Jan kee, and their war balloon will make daily obseivations of the movements of Mrs. Nation. uary lisili lier lutlier died two years Ills said that since Kalstou vvvnl dry, there has Lcen such a demand for water later aud she had spent most of her short life with her. Sylvia was a very lovable The Anti Saloon League has consent ed to let the Winter Solstice of this Nellie, in the robes, will love's own honey sip. The sleigh will hit a 10 foot hank, and they'll go rolling down, with Nellie's foot in George's face and walk six miles to town.

The new rules for farmers promulgated by the Farmhands' Union will go into effect on the 1st, viz: Farmers will provide automobiles for all help, and will serve as chauffeurs; they will eat at the second table, and sleep in the hayoft; they will rise at 4, do the chores, and serve breakfast to the hands in bed at they will provide a phonograph and the current magazines; hands will supervise ihe farm work from 11 to 12, and from 2 till the earnings of the farm will be placed in a the visible supply iit Lite Arkunsas river has diminished to hucIi iiii extent Miss Nina Mallouee attended the Mid- winter Fair iSaturday. 1 Stephen Cable left our city for Caney Sunday. Fred I. Gaddie was a Cedar Vale vis- little girl. Morris went down to ee her and brought her body home for year begin at 7 on the 22nd; but that at a few inilea below town burial in ihe family lot at Hound Mound tuey liave to liiiul witter lour iiiiIch to there must be no drinking, and every one must be in by Curfew.

The 21st will be the shortest day in the year. keep the ferry boat running. Usage The funpral services were held Sunday conducted by A. A. Uoss.

nor ouiiuruay. Chief. Cedar Vale visitor Col. Peery was a This will be on Saturday, and if you are Cut Out and Paste in Voiir Tele Saturday. Hobt.

Molfitt was a visitor in the at church next day and stay for the sermon, you will notice that the 22nd is much longer After all, Mr. Cortelyou is human, country Sunday. in this vicinity with friends and like the rest of us. He is calling for The moon will be full on the 19th and chash. Grace Chapptl was a visitor in our city bucket every Saturday and poured the syn of the zodiac for the month will Mesdames G.

D. Hedden and William Carrie Nation has beeu made a life be Capricornu3 the Goat. Thi3 will Hedden returned to their home in Ivir- through a ladder placed horizontally, with the ends on two chairs; what goes through, the hands get and what sticks member of the W. T. U.

That ought to hold her for a while. mgton, N. J. after a short visit in our make butter go up, and send the kids to Sunday school Monday. Frank tihiuu and famijy of Sedan were visitors iu our city Perry Harris returned from Pawnee tThuruday after short visit in this city.

city with Joseph Wilkinson and wife. on the rungs eroe3 to the farmer. The old mill pond will freeze again, Mrs Joe Booth returned Friday to And every one will skate; Santa Claus will make the usual her homo in Willmore, after a O. W. Smith returned to his home in The mollycoddle, modest swain, short visit with her parents, W.

T. Will thither go with Kate Combs and wife. rounds on the night of the 21th. Men will get cigars, neckwear and mustache cups. Ladies will get the money which they would much rather have.

Elopements aro getting to he serious in New York. A lawyer's wife has just eloped with $14,000. The democratic gathering at Chicago demonstrated that Bryan and Sullivan are still uncertain as to which has eliminated the other. She'll slip in such a way that she Will see a brilliant star, Miss May Callahan of Chaiintc aud A And he will deeply blush to see T. Callahan of Fairweather, who have been the guests of Mrs.

James Sea-bolt for some few weeks returned to their homes last week. How long her stockings are. I The money scare will quiet down i unhappy circumstance and money will A number of papers are printing re frequent again the pockets of our pants. The new gold coins they're making productions of the new St. Gauden's design on the gold pieces, thereby en now without "In God We Trust," will Children will get the stomach ache and its complications And then comes January ill To plague us with some ancient bill As only January can Disturb the happiness of man.

Then Leap Year dread shall come again with Nineteen Hundred Eight; when womankind of growing years and single up to date, will hit the batchel-or's plain trail the unproposing wretch and make that worthy for a while exceeding hard to ketch. 1 lightening some of us who never exjct turn up in the hat at church as prized phone Directory Ckoai! Talk 104n! A. Baker 91 Edgar E. Smith 17il W. F.

Uarney 135-Mrs. Butler 94 Mrs. May nurd Randall 192 Geo. Berry Luiehty Line 320(J-1 I). No pier 3211 C.

E. Lemert 3207-Wm. Lyon 3203 A. B. Ilite 3213 James Orin 3212 F.

Orin 3210 A. J. Hanby 3204- W. F. P.rown 3209P.

G. Repass 320 H. A. Obenchfiiii 3202-Clydu Scott Leeds Line 3309- Nelson Utley J314-J. Hite 3302 S.

II. Guthrie 3300-S. II. Robertson 3317 N. A.

Littleton 3307-J. W. Dudgeon 3318 M. K. Foster 3303 S.

N. Sweaney 3310- B. S. Ilobai 3808 Geo. F.

Garr 3319 Ira Sleeth 3304 John I). Roach 3312 0. B. Payne 3315 L.X.. Clark 3316- Ivau Sleeth 3311- L.

Ieray 3313 John Ferguson to see the real thing. as any dust- The scrip we have will be retired, and real dough will look good, A good program is arranged for tbe but the old subscriber will insist on Farmers' Institute to be held in this It Is about time that New York had another salacious sensation, seeing that Evelyn is not going to testify in the Thaw case this time. Congress might make the coin inscription read, "In Teddy we Trust," though Wall street would suggest "Bust" instead of "Trust. Both the national conventions seem to be afraid to go to Chicago for i ear of being stampeded to the nomination of somebody they do not want. The was once a man named Foraker who imagined he was a candidate for President.

Also others named Hearst and Louie Chanlcr and a few more. paying up with wood. city next Tuesday, December 3rd. The On the 2d, speaker Cannon will as men interested in farming aud stock raising will find lots to interest them at this meeting. Make it a point to attend.

Both uioruing and afternoon sessions will bo held. $75-00 FOR A LINE i Pittsburg Tuesday after a short visit with A. Hart and family. Oscar Graham aud son-in-law, Mr. I Brooke from the Territory were iu town Saturday trading.

Col. Peery and Dr. Blachly made a business trip down on Duck Creek Mou-lay. Elde Akin is visiting in the couutry his week with his graudpareuts, J. M.

Taudruff aud wife. VMrs. Jaue Richards returned from Cedar Vale Tuesday after a short visit tp that city. Miss Virgie Mallonee returned to War Vale Saturday after an extended with friends in our city. F'Jliss Cora Hopper and Aaron Pyatt made a business trip to Foraker i Tom Gordon Is improving slowiy I aud is liopyd that he will soon be able to be brought home.

Wesley Backahaw and Madisou Dos-f baugh of Cedar Vale were lie wins tors Saturday. A. Stout left our city Monday for 1 Cedar Vale where he expects to take treatment of Dr. Liddel. Ara Gregg came in Sunday from Jinks, Oklahoma, where he has bnm working for the past few weeks.

A. Peet was in Sedan several days last week called by the illness of Chas. Soeed. Misses Lulu ami Myrtle Zimpher and "William Eiwards attended tiie ball at "Cedar Vule Satu rday evening fo Comi'IjLTK a Limkkii'K, oit Foolish Mrs. Charles Howell relumed from Wichita Tuesday where she was visiting her step daughter, Miss OI, who has been seriously ill in that city.

She reports Miss Howell much improved when she left her. Vbitsi; 75 00 given away to those who send in the best line to complete this limerick, or nonsense verse. It takes just a little ingenuity and skill. A man from Fairweather Two dimes got together To busy his mind 'mid his squalor and strife. He lives now in clover, Is happy all over The Kickers'Club will meet in faont of It must be annoying to an industrious footpad who goes out after a roll of the long green to find that his victim has nothing but a measly clearing house certificate.

With Saturn's rings falling in and the Sun troubled with tongues of flames it need not surprise us to hear that the canals of Mars arc overflowing their Loughlin'g barber shop next Sunday while the members are waitiug for the postoflice to open, Weighty problems are ou the table and all memliers are SPECIAL TEMPERANCE PROGRAM Sunday evening after the Epworth League service at the M. E. church the laaguers gave a special temperance program. A good crowd was in attendance and the program was well rendered. The program was as follows: Song Choir Recitation Undine Pope Miss Goldie Sanborn Song Choir Recitation Miss Grace Kygar Song Primary Class Recitation Mrs.

Stark Paper Nliss Emnia liindchen Sonfr hnir TAX NOTICE Personal property tax rolls of Harrison township and real estate for tbe south ea.t quarter of Harrison township are at- the Hewitts State Bank. You t-an pay your taxes there. FREn I. Gauuie, Collector. nrir'd to bp nrwnt.

Av 'hers bo banks and that tiie astronomers are lo learn of Mercury iltnvii. Misses Mugie Went itu.J I I Messrs Hurry Kiiinuinitn aud Willi iiihv deMre Ht end nre I'Vly in- Vi'ill. els I in- im'ht- i E. W. ruin- in Sun Lie from Wiiilield where he was viekiii William lluweil who is iu the hospital in that city.

He reports Mr. Howell to be improving slowly. Miss Auie Thouip'jou eatiw iu last F. S. dlcivay who hug been the guest of Chas.

Gregg for several days left for Hominy, Oklahoma Monday. William Marshall is leaving our city this week for New Mexico where he expects to t-'ke up a jlaiin. N. B. Joi'PH is contemplating moving o-i the W.

J. L'hls farm rif ar Elgin in the una' future. Loiiis Bai-nett and family returned to their home on Buck Creek Tuesday after an extended stay iu our city with friends. We olfer this simply to get reliable names. Send for full particulars concerning our hovnplex pifzle rmitest mid Iid'v to get many mj-fid- nrticlen fief.

Disinterested judges shall ducid who is entitled to prizes. Address Limerick Kditor, 182 Main Stret-t, Buffalo, N. Joe Brink man, who lias been taking the place oj V. T. Provolt in the Santa Fe station, left this city Friday for CI K'tDUt, Kutledyeof VV aunetn atteudetl the literary at Pleasant View Friday evening- '( v.

T. Provolt aud wife returned from Everett Barnett, George Harnett und W.v.ltt-nrtti luft IKiu '-k a Tuesday alteraiew weeKs stay Viatrity. Mr Provolt is much improved in health aud will go to his veek from Erlbam, Iowa, she will spend L. ion after old stand in the Hants re eta where they the winter with ber Utber, M. Thompson of that city.

Tburday for New Mex'co expect to take up claims. a few days..

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