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The Daily Independent from Hutchinson, Kansas • 5

The Daily Independent from Hutchinson, Kansas • 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
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THE DArLY mQEPENDEWT THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1907. PAGE WrVm. SOinEPIPE DREOJHS RIGKEBSOH PIEET turned on to Wichita the people there who have their stoves and lights connected could begin to "burn natural gas. That story made the prospective customers in Wichita feel glad and BARGAIN DAY Hutchinson is Promised That She Will County Teacher's Association to Hold an Instate in the High School City. Have Natural Gas When She Gets It, feel that they would scon be where the coal man can not get them.

The story up to date, as told by thg gas pecple, is that the gap near Atlanta is nearly closed up and that a bunch of workmen have been ordered up to Hutchinson, to begin laying the four miles of pipe that are miss To start our Bargain Friday Sale tomorrow morning we will have our semi-annual 9 CENT HAT SALE. Those who have attended these sales need no further explanation. We will include in this sale, Velvelt and Felt Shapes, Trimmed Hats, BH'T USE IT BEFORE THEN mmm hll to be these School Caps and Street Hats, worth $1.50 to $3.50 each and will be placed on sale at each 9c ing southeast of this city, so thar tha gas can be turned on here. The company claims that it will take but a few days till the pipe here is laid and ready to conduce gas to Hutchinson. In the meantime the reducing station down by the Reformatory is being put together and the pipes con Closing Gaps Fast on Paper Now Expected the Mains Will Be Finished in About Two Weeks.

Many Interesting Topics Up for Con-fsideration on January 19 Even-3 ing Lecture by Herbert Willett. nected and made ail ready for the shoving of the long main from Wichita up close enough for a connection to be made. Sale Opervs a.t 9 O'clock arid Lasts 9 Minutes In which time we expect to sell 300 shapes and Trimmed Hats. (We are going to charge you a dime to keep from making change The Reno County Teachers' Association will meet at Nickerson, Jan. 19, 1907.

Reno county has one of the largest associations in the state, as well as being well to the front in Jther matters. The meetings will be held in the Auditorium of the County High School. An interesting program has been prepared and a large attendance is expected. One The pipe line company is backed by Theodore X. Barnsdall, of Pittsburg, who is cne of the heaviest stockholders.

Barnsdall has acquired very extensive leases of gas territory in the Indian country and recently there has been a considerable discussion of the question in government circles. The interior department has taken up the matter and it H. McBURNEY 1 feature of the program is the Round THE WOMAN'S STORE is understood that the Barnsdall leases are under serious scrutiny to see if they do net- come under the prohibited contracts, thus being void. 11 th- department should -po decide then the ga-s supply of the company whkft is seeking to furnish gas to Hutchinson and other Kansas towns will be somewhat curtailed, though possibly not enough so to in any way about getting gas into Hutch-inoa soon again given a periodical boost by the pis people. Hutchinsou wah to have had gas by September 1, Taen the date was pushed down to November 1, then to December 1, and successively on to Christmas, to January to January 15, and now it is further delayed.

The city ot Hutchinson has been piped by the Hu chin son Gas Fuel Co. This company claims that it rs no fault of theirs that the gas is not now being used in this city, as the local distributing system is already to use, and has been siwe before Christmas. They say it is the Wichita Cas the corporation which la taking the gas out of the ground down in the so; it hern part of Kansas and in tire Indian Territory, which is slow in getting its pipes all in and gettins: the gas here H) me. About a week ago there was sti41 ten mites of mains to lay down Atlanta, which is southeast of El Dorado. Two gangs of men were then working down there, laying a mil 3 day.

-working each way closing up the gap. The company aid then that the gap would be closed by the 15th of January and the pipes would be at i What You Can Do at Anderson's A LINE'OTYPE OR TWO interfere with The supply of gas to be Table, in which live subjects" of interest to teachers will be thrown open for general discussion. Each teacher is urged to be especially prepared to discuss, briefly but pointedly, at least one of these topics. The music will be furnished by Nickerson College. The program is as follows: Morning session, 10 a.

m. 1. Music College Orchestra. 2. Roll Call.

3. Reading of Minutes. 4. Symposium: "Why Does the Average Student Dislike Mathematics, and What la the Remedy?" J. Hoch, B.

B. Smith, Lillian Stone. 5. Address To Be Supplied. Afternoon Session, 2 m.

1. Music. 2. Paper Should Vertical- Waiting be Dispensed With?" Prin. W.

M. Tyler. General Discussion. 3. Round Table: "Should We Use a Primary History "Correct Language Teaching, and Time It Deserves.

"Does the Curriculum Touch the Life, of the Country Acti You can buy more goods for your money or the same goods for less money. You can buy what you want and get what you buy. You can buy goods if you are not posted and get your money's worth. You can get your money back for the asking if the goods are not as represented. You can't help but get satisfaction.

I carry the risk. The only complete House Furnishers in the city furnished to Hutchinson. 'The suit which the Hutchinson Water. Light Power Co. has brought to prevent the Hutchinson Oas Fuel Co.

from selling gas in this city is still in court and is unle-cided. It may be some tiros before the ease comes to a hearing, though the water company is seeking to have the case advanced on the docket. In ihi easo the home company has p'aiafed tUH it has an exclusive franchise for nerving this city with gas. Vox Wall Paper see Gallup, the val paper man. Both phones: old, 582; new, 68.

No. 6 Ave. A West. 13-tf J. Graves of Inman was among yes terday's business visitors.

P. ft. Boese of Buhler was a Huich-inson business visitor yesterday. D. D.

ol Burrton was in Hutchinson on business yesterday. Second hand good bought aad sold. C. L. Parks, 25 East Sherman.

22-tf J. M. Sears of Aline. was In Hutchinson this morning on business, Mr. and Mrs.

T. J. Routledge of Xickers'en were Hutchinson shoppers today. Miss Ethel Teter left today for Kingman for a week's vaeation Ith friends. 1 once tested on the last section and then the gas would be turned on a The francLise dees not specify natur-fmr as Wichita, and on the day it was i ,,0, hni foal savs "sras Th fran- G.

H. ANDERSON, Furniture Co. 19 and 21 South Main Hutchinson, Kan. cj chise grants "sole to sell gas, but 1. he city and the natural gas people claim that in thus granting an ox-elusive franchise the city went beyond (he power gran.ed it by the constitution and the legislature, and tha; therefore the exclusive feature ol the franchise is not binding.

They Bay ihat the city acted within its powers in granting the later franchise to Arouse a i i vities Best Calculated Proper Spirit." Sheet Metal Work 4. Music 5. Address Prof. 3R. R.

Price 6. Music. 7. Business. Evening to the natural gas peop for laying' House) Dr Lecture (In Opera Herbert L.

Willett. Call and see our fine line of Oriental and Axminister rugs. Hutchinson: Carpet Co. 13-tf; The sidewalks were so slick this morning that Some people came down town walking in the middle of the streets. Mrs.

E. I. Hippie returned to her heme in Wakita, this morning, after a visit with the family of F. E. Hippie of Hutchinson.

Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Slayton and children left this morning for their WOULD CURE TfRUNKARDS.

We are thoroughly equipped to do ail kinds of Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Tin Work, Steel Ceilings, Sky lights and Cornice Work. WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF Hot Air Furnace Heating KISSICK STEVENS Plumbers and Heaters 14 First Avenue East Gov. Hoch Asks Legislature to Establish Hospital for This Work. pipes sild selling their commodity. When bis case is thrashed out in the cenrta it will be found who has the privilege.

The case in question does net affect natural gas proposition in this city, icr Hutchinson is to have natural -cs which cvr way the case crcs. If the Cr Fug company, the 'v ou it will keep fras, as it wi i fco doiag before the case conies to a decision. If tney lose and Air. Hutchinson wins his casa and is confirmed in hfa exclusive franchise he will purchase tlie gas from the pipe line company and will distribute it over the city. So, the city in general is not concerned home in Eagle City.

after a visdt in Hutchinson with Mr. and Mrs. R. O.Slayton. We carry a fine line of window Gov.

Hoch ihinks that the state sliouid enforce the prohibitory law so tha young; men could not get boazc to make them drunkards, and Mien he would cure up ill (Id chronic crop of drunkards by establishing a state hospital for the treatment of inebriates. In his message he, gave the legislature the following advice about HOSIERY shad-es, lace curtains and portiere Call and see them. Hutchinson Carpet Co. JU in tli uit. Hutchinson is to get the niat-T- We can't claim any too Experience in the consideration of pardon cases, has impressed me as gas, and the public at large does not care who sells it to them.

It is a cinch ihat the pipe line company much for our line of uerore witn tne tremeaous im-: Sheridan Ploughe is spending the day in Kansas City, on business matters. He was present at thi Kansas legislative session at Topeka yesterday and saw the wheels being oiled and everything gotten ready for tne grinding of the legislative grist. Mr. J. W.

Billings came home from Xewton last night to spend several FURNITURE. We would sooner have our goods back and return you the money than have you dissatisfied. Our prices are such that our Furniture is worth what it is sold for. Our label is a certificate of quality and smart elegance. "Onyx" Hosiery.

Our line portance of the liquor question on its economic si(e. It is hardly an ax-ageratidn to say that, of the scores which will have its lines laid to the city and will be celling Jia gas here will kg glad to keep on selling it to whichever one of the litigants wins composes all the most ex and hundreds of applications for par don and parole which have been clusive patterns in lace and embroidered hose and a made to me during the past two at home with his family, the biff line of fast Black tne suit, ihe new company says it has spent 1150,000 got ing ready to sell gas in this city. The old company has a valuable system of mains dow doing service in the town and will greatly extend the mains If it shall win the case. ninety per cent of th original trouble had its inception in the drink habit. This unfortunate habit and the accursed habit which is fountain south part of city.

Mr. Billings is the manager of the ditching machine which contractor Evans is using in laying pipvS for the natural gas people. He will go back to Xewton in a days, when more pipe is received Hosiery. Good fine of Embroidered impose an enormous burden cf taxa fflMRE tion upon tho people, ana, altogether so that work ca: proceed on the city and lace Hose very a distributing system dvere. latest patterns FRANK A.

MANDA, Prop. 8 and 10 North Main. I "My Wifes A potpourri of nonsensical sayings i nations of Ihe most kinJI. but ne; errheless an production, is My Wife's January American Boy. The January American Bov is.

In aside from an economic standpoint, the question is worthy of your serious consideration whether cr not an ounce of prevention is nor better than a pound cf cure. 1 believe jt would be wise to a state hospital for inebriates, for' the trea'-ment of alcoholism. Perhaps the new medical department of the State Uni versity might be wisely enlarged in Fancy Hosiery, both Lacs and Embroidered 100 extra good value, Ladies' Black a Hose Some Were Left. the language of the boys, "a hummer. It most conspicuous features are its serials by Stratemeye Siiute, Tomiinson.

Alger, and Sprague, and its four new departments, nt Marly. 'Chats with big Americans for Young Family." The play gives a chauco for some gocd work by th come iian.s Ferry, App-cton and Mitchell. Charles Mitchell as Xoah Xagg. my wife father-in-law, made a tremen its sccpe to include treatment of this class of unfortunates. So we still have some Furniture to sell.

Call and see when in need of anything in our line. Prices the lowest. "Hew to Become! "Practical Furniture Making! 409 Silk Lisle for Boys," and "Keeping Tab on the1 dous hit and deserved the applause fa received. His scngs and dances aie of high order. Ed E.

Perry is a real comedian and as the enterprising but hungry Dec Knot, worked himself Into some clever situation, while his droll manner contributed largely to the fun making. Frank 49c 10c "THE MODEL" Living on Air. A very distinct advantage at oat motoring is that it does not give one an appetite. Most open-air exercise sends one home as hungry as a hob! er; and if one eats largely in these World for Wide-Awake American Boys." There are six short stories, about a dozen leading articles, any number of humorcus skirts, and the F. WILKINSON, Prop r.

21 and 24 Sherman Street West Hose, black or white Good Misses' Hose Fine Lisle Misses' Hose usual departments relating to boy days of strict regime and Appieton. who appears as my wife's 25c husband, is a suitable seatmate fori diet a11 SOits of terrible lhins are cox Perry. Marie Del fecchio, in the thankless role cf the mother-in-law, i3 so realistic that the sympathy of the audience goes out to her son-in-faw life, including photography, median- ics, electricity, stamps, ccins and curios, puzzles, etc. In the biograph-teal department. Henry Clay is given the place of tenor this month.

It has a striking two-color a skating scene and, in addition, seventy-five illustrations. Altogether, it is one of the best numbers of The American Boy ever issued. $1.09 a year. The Sprague Publishing Detroit, Mich. sure to napnen at least are prom ised by the doctor.

It is pointed out in a contemporary that whiie all the good effects of working up an appe-te are produced by a long drive in a motor, yet the amount of food required to satisfy what seems to be one's huge hunger is actually very small. The air itself feeds one, and air neither upsets one's digestive apparatus nor doss it supply one with adipose tissue. from the start. Some gooj ties were given. St.

Pav.l. Pioneer T- KERNS A Store Full of Style. Proprietors of THE RED FRONT LIVERY BARN, A General Livery Business Your Patronage Solicited. rrcav. This attraction comes to the Home Theatre -i Thursday night.

Jan. 10. Tiebets zz z'zlc at Winslow's..

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