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The Daily Independent from Hutchinson, Kansas • 1

The Daily Independent from Hutchinson, Kansas • 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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'V The Daily Evening Telegraph Report ndependent AN the Latest Home News. No, 17 N. Main. Druggist, Telephone No. 91 HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1907.


UQLIiU Kansas Saturday, January 17 Awfui Shock Made Country Tremble rvfor Many Miles. City's big stores called up by A traveling man for one of Kansas telephone and said: Molten Steel Buries Twenty-Seven Men in a Pittsburg Rolling Mill. Governor Hoch Recommends Use Feminine Influence at the Reformatory (Scrlpps-M-cHao Special.) Topeka, Jan. V). David Overmyer, widely known throughout Kansas and VV tera states as a lawyer and a leading democratic politician, died at bis home hen night of acme pneumonia.

He had Lean ill only three Jays, and his death was not expected. Only three or four members of his (Scrlpps-McKae Special.) Hollidaysburg, Jan. 10. The plant and buildings of the Standard Powder at Sorrel, were destroyed by an explosion this morning. Fire followed, causing $100,000 loss.

Har-risburg, Pittsburg, and other places in the stare are said to have felt the shock. Details of the explosion are hard to secure. ML BSiN GBB8IED DEATH im BUYS HEED WM HELP family were present when the end. 'came. The physicians had said that FOUND MISSING STEAMER.

The Ponce Is Being Towed by a Friend Steamer. "A customer of mine is in town and wishes to buy a piano. What commission will you pay me it I brint; him to you? We told him that the prices wt. put upon our pianos were so low-that we could not pay commissious. and did not pay them.

VYV suggested that if ha had the interest of his friend and customer at heart he would better buy here, because we undoubtedly had belter pianos and lower prices than he could find elsewhere. To th.s lit- replied: "Well. I am out for the money and I'll take him where 1 11 it." and rang off. We lost this as we occasionally do other. I tone we not pay commissions.

Now where is ir safest tor you to spend your money? With a house that in the first place marks a $20o Bp to 39 or $350 and is making a good sale when it gets ftC0, and which does this so it can pay big commissions to pretended frk nds of piano buyers? Or will you trade here, where every piano is narked umh with itsi correct value, where you no one to help ou Mtoel a pian where your little child could buy. safely aud you the me and. trouble and where YOU SAVE $50, TO $150 ON A PIANO. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co.

124 North Main, Hutchinson, Kansas. Telephone 338. Furnace Blown Up by Accumulation of Gas Xany Men Yet Missing Sivcn Bodies Have Ban Recovered. Tells Legislature to Provide Better Facilities for Education, Industrial Teaching, Morai Influences. he was seriously ill, but they expected him to survive this attack.

He was on the streets of the city as late as last Saturday and seamed at that time to be in his usual healrh. Arrangements for the fune al have not been made. Mr. Overmyer is survived by his widow, two sons. George and David, and two Amy and Grace.

George is the only onue of (Serlpps-McKae Special. Pensacola, Jan. 10. There is an unconfirmed report that the missing steamer Pence, which is overdue -eventeen days is being towed to port by the steamer Salt Marsh, which is overdue several days. (Scripps-Mcftae Special.) Pittsburg.

Jan. .10. Seven oodies. victims of the catastrophe last night at the Jones Laughlin Steel the children who is married. pi have Keen found.

It is believed ANOTHER ONE SHOT. HANGED A CHURCH. He Had Murdered Hs Foster Par er.ts In Russian Officers Must Be Getting Scarce by This Time. other bodies will be found in the cooling debris. The bodies were burned beyond recognition.

Only 23 of the 40 men near the furnace when the explosion came have be'n accounted for. COURT MARTIAL ORDERED. KILLED THE BILL S' pp 3 Ka tt pec iai Warreutcn, Jan. 10. Win.

E. Church, it 3 youthful murderer of his foster parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yeager, was hanged here this morn ing.

(Scripps-McRae Special.) Lodz, Poland, Jan. 10. Colonel derfeff, chief of the gendarmes was assassinated here today. He was shot with a revolver. The assassin is at large.

Big Man Taft Sits Down Hard on Colored Suspect. (Scripps-McRae Special.) Washington. Jan. in. The secretary of war has ordered a com: mar tial of Corporal Knowles.

of Co. of thdl25th Infantry, under arrest at Fort Reno, charged with having sho: Captain Macklin. for the touch of a woman's This is the sigh of. Governor Hoch when he Jiinks about the cry-ing needs of the Hutchinson Reformatory. He thinks the presence of a number of ladies would have a salutary and reformative effect on tne bafts confined at the Hutchinson institution.

He says so in his message, and this is an interesting matter to ihe peopie of Hutchinson, who all feel a personal ownership in the big asfcooL Hutchinson people like to refer to the Reformatory as a school, and not to think that the more than three hundred boys who live out there are inmates of a prison. The governor was down here a few weeks ago and spent some time at the institution. He advises several things. He thinks the boys should be educated, believing the motto "There is no darkness but ignorance. He also thinks that the work of the chaplain should be given wider scope and that this officer's salary should be increased from $G00 to $1,000 per year.

He advocates the installing of other industrial lines and trades in the institution. The governor thinks the state Kansas Senate Refuses to 3aise Salary of Supreme Judges to $5,000. HUSHES F16BI5 MOKE Pitsburg, Jan. 10 Three workmen were killed, seven fatally injnied and 24 are missing as the re suit cf an explosion last night at the Eliza furnaces of th3 Jones Laughlin Works. Gas accumulating at the bse of the furnaces became ignited.

In lie i.julting explosion tons mol.en metal to showered around ih. furnace fcr a radius of 40 feet. nvr hpinjing the workmen in a fiery flood. WILlffl PLANS TO SKIP Rockefeller Needs to take rest in Europe for Harriman's Benefit. WOULD UlflKE TEiiD 4 YENS New York Legislature Stands Against His Anti-Corporation Program.

WILL SIEZE THE THRONE. John Kessler, Andrew Feather and The Gustave Kessler were killed. (Scrlpps-McHae Special.) New York, Jan. 10. There is a persistent rumor on Wall street that seven injured are in hospitals.

Governor Limited to One Term Senatorial Caucus Set for Tomorrow to Clear the Deck for Real Work. iti i Third Son of the Shah Would Rule Persian Empire. (Scrippa-Mcnae special.) Teheran. Persia. Jan.

10. Reports from Lurista are to the effect that the third son of the dead Shah has raised an army of 10,000 men and is preparing to march on Teheran with the hope of seizing the throne. to believe all the missing men werej William Rockefeller is preparing to not cremated in the molten metal, follow James Stillan to Europe, nothing definite is known as to their; Rockefeller is expected also to give whereabouts. testimony before the interstate corn- Only on man, George Knox, has merce commission investigation to appealed since the He th? Harriman deals. He is expected says everything happened so quickly to help explain how Harriman took should mine a little salt, so that the salt trust would be curbed and the boys be Laught how to make barrels and ship the stuff.

A few hundred (Scripps-McKae Special.) Albany, N. Jan. 10 With the machine republicans in control of the legislative committee Gov. Hughes is fighting today single handed and alone for the reforms which he believes will bring relief from corporation rule and irust domination. Gov.

Hughes said: "If I get into difficulty in the course of my administration I nhall appeal to tne people of the state. It is predicted Hughes will follow the example of Folk, who kicked off the licl of the organization, and will let the people see the inner workings of corporation politics. RAILROADS SHORT OF COAL. (Scrlpps-McKae Topeka. Jan.

IP. The sMiat inci easing the salaries of he TELEPHONE BONDS SOLD. bill su- that he doubts whether the men es- $30,000,000 of the Southern Pacific million barrels of salt underlies the caped. Chief Peter Snyder of the fire stock from the Oregon Short Line, Ref ormatory farm and Governor Hoch district was seriously injured while held it nine months, and then turned thinks the state might as well take it directing the firemen in extinguish- it back to the road, in the mean-jout ms recommendations for the ing the fire which followed the explo- while collecting the interest plus the institution are that the legislature be sion. (commission.

verv liberal. He says: Snyder fell from a trestle 30 feet I recently spent two days at the high, receiving internal injuries. Chicago, Jan. 10. The interstate state reformatory, ai Hutchinson.

I While responding to the alarm, a commerce commission which is inves-j ftave iong regarded this as one cf the Syndicate Headed by Morgan Secures All Notes. New York, Jan. 10. A syndicate composed of J. P.

Morgan Co. and Kuhn. Loeb of this city; Kid- preme court judges to $5,000 was kill ed today. It is pobalde that the house bill providing for $4. Poo will be passed in the senate.

An amendment to the s'aie consti-tuticn has been proposed whieu der, Peabody of Boston and makes state officers' rmi faur hose carriage was struck by a street tigating the Harriman line? strongly m0j3t hopeful institutions in the state. car seriously injuring two of the fire- intimates today that it win issue Cannot Maintain Big Rotary Snow Plows in the West. writs to compel such financiers as William Rockefeller, H. H. Rogers, men.

The windows of the car were shat: red. Two women were injured. Baring Bros, and J. S. Morgan of London, has purchased $25,000,000 three-year 5 per cent notes of the American Telephone and Telegraph company.

The notes are dated January 1. 197. and all have been sold. European investors having taken a large share. H.

C. Frick. J. J. Hill.

Harriman and others interest ed in ihe Harriman interest to remain in the United 5LUI LAWS CHAFE BOSTON. embargo on Sunday Ice Cream as the, Spates until alter tne investigation In it are incarcerated ottenaers ue-tween the ages of sixteen and twenty-five years, rsent their at the discretion of district judges. The institution now has 357 inmates. Nearly as many 350 in round numbers are i at on paro e. is a gratifying fact that the number of inmates is much less than two yars ago, the result.

1 believe, of many creditable causes, in- cluding the better enforcement of the prohibitory law. the wise management of ihe Boys' Industrial school, and the awakened interest in youthful Last Straw. is conc.itaed. is teare 1 these wit- nesses will leave the country. Butte, Jan.

10 A Miner dispatch from Missoula states that the Northern Pacific railway at that pcint is confronted with a famine, tne situation being aggravated by the extra demand for coal to maintain big rotary plows on the Coirr JT- A'ene line, where the snow in some places is said to be eight feet deep. As it is, that branch of the Northern Brston. Jan. 10. The rov- The interstate commission will apply (c the federal court in New York to prevent the financiers from leaving th? country, it is developed that the National City Bank and HEY WHEELS Li Iadiana's Governor Advocates Direct Election of Senators.

ernnwmt of the United States has taken action which is designed to prevent Bostonians from being deprived of ice cream on Sunday. and providing thai the governor not succved hinvselL A pure food bill was int closely fo'lows the leieral law. An anji-rate discrimination law wa- also introduced. The Republican caucus for tne nomination cf a Candida. i I'nii 1 Srates Senator will takt place Friday night.

1'fiia was Ly a jo.nt and hotrso corum at a meeting held yen. Jay The selec of an dale tor Uie caucus is locked upon a a a lor the members ef house and na who want to disport; of the Jiiatona: election ana get down to bus ss and it something of a victory for the Curtis owd, Hiiich an early caucus. The joint ccmm.i'e a ti Senat aj SmLh of Edwards, i ulton of Marshall and Porter of Montgon. ry, and Repi I- 'and ani Doniphan. Aichr of Brown.

Eistun of Jchrnid of Geary and Kirkland cf Saline. I Pacific throughout the mountain sec- cn-mv uu6 inximnrotQ hv ttlO nOIF 111- i What the national government Kuhn, Loeb Co. manipulated the deal to produce stock for the Union Pacific and other roads. The results of the ta otllu LU ux venile court law bound. Coal has ceased coming from the Roslyn mines and the bunkers of the company at this place contain only 10.000 tens, a little more than enough to last the baiance of the week.

parole system are also apparent and gratifying in this institution. Seven-ty-eiht per cen pf the young men who go out on paiele attest in the correctness of their after lives the wisdom of this humane system. Of the remaining twenty-two per cent, five per cent enly finally, land in the chiefly concerned about is whether or not the janitor of the federal building here can or cannot clean his front doorsteps on Sunday. If the government succeeds in establishing the right of the janitor to do this cultured and exclusive Back Bay resident to sip ice cream on Sunday also may be established. PLANS ANOTHER GARY.

Steel Corporation Will Euid Big Plant in Canada, Near Detroit. Detroit. Jan. 10. The Cnited States Steel Corporation will build BACK IN THE UNION.

Former Empicye of Government Bindery Has Been Reinstated. (Continued on Page Eight.) (Scripps-McKae In iianapclis. Jan. 10. Gov.

Hnnlcy in his message has been recovered by the state during the past two years from delm-c officials. He advocates au'i pas and anti-lobby laws, two-cent fare law. ana an inheritance law tax ing fortunes of $20,000. The election of senators by direct rota is endorsed, as is also the abolition cf capital punishment. He advocates (he recall or removal of direlict officials-, and wasta the statg to take the property where Nancy Hanks, mother of Abraham Lincoln, is buried.

Snake in Sweden. -Kae SpecKO.i Stockholm, 10. Two earth-quaxe eoc! ware ie.t in Sweden after midnight Tenants fled from ihe'ir houses. Washington. Jan.

10. W. A. Miller, former aisistant of the bock-bindery in the government printing office, who two years ago was reinstated in the government printing office by President Roosevelt after he had been expeded from the beoic binders' union and then dischargea a city, which win oe anotner uary. on the Canadian side of the river, be-km Sandwich.

This development has been foreshadowed and speculated upon, but now it can be defi-ii 11 thftt in the early summer work will he begun on a $25,000,000 steel pient that wil employ 5,000 men. The United States Steel Corporation will build homes for the men, plans are being drawn for houses. The harbor facilities have been found xreilent and the corporation has decided to build ore docks and coal age unexcelled by any on the Great Lakes. Snappy Food For Snappy Mornings Tiffany's Buckwheat Flour per lb 5c Old Manse Syrup per gallon $1.40 Fancy Sugar Cured Hams per lb 17c Fancy Bacon, per pound 16c to 20c km 4 REMOVAL SALE: Watch for our Big Sale. Commencing Honday January 14, lasting one week.

the officials of the union, was reinstated as a member of the bookbinders' local union here last night. Miller was dismissed from the government printing office again last fall by Public Printer Stillings, on the charge of and is now in Minneapolis. Y'hether you are a Novice or a Connoisseur, you may buy Prize Flour i i Strike Sotted. Goiufield. Jan.

10. The min strike has teen settled and the miners will return to wcrk immediately, with the feeling of perfect safety. No misropresentation. no adultera THE WEATHER. T.

6. njn I IfftSl McKINNEY Jeweler and Optician Weill tion, no substitution of fair quality! iH its (Furnished by Star Weather Eureau.) for be in wheat is tolerated in milling. Rain or snow and warmer tonight; Mail Orders Prompt Attention Masonic Temple 2c South Main Street. Phone No. 9 "Pilgrim's Progress" Popular.

'The Pilgrim's Progress been translated into 203 languages and dia lects. If vou want the best flour Uiat 1 IlUd. iu calv lain vv. juu money can buy, try itl portion colder..

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