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The Peru Times from Peru, Kansas • 2

The Peru Times from Peru, Kansas • 2

The Peru Timesi
Peru, Kansas
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Sahara, where man must buy water and NOTICE. THE PEftH TIMES. Unite and ganvo Jonkhur', ao we ore Informed, la irrigate, but where a beneficent I'rwvl C. H. Inglefield, NOTARY PUBLIC dene has showered Ills mercy.

Where fciriMly Prohibition town, no whisky to PubUutd Kvtry THurlay by the refreshing shower come In their Wa III send one ropy of our pape-to any address to the United lnte for a person (one loa neighborhood) who will send ns "Items" each week for our be had esuept for lawful puroc. season, where a fertile soil yields Its In PERU G. W. Watson Son KAXSJs) Rev. Win.

Metcnlf preached bis crease at the touch of cultivation a laud of fruits and flowers. Come and enjoy a TERU r. tuner. good byssrinoa yesierdcy, he has many friend In and out of church who appre EXCTTElfDrrWA DESTIST8 0ITIC5 A YelvanlsMF Kipled Iaactnt) 01 rrfrty inJertBg ratttaat. Mrs.

Joalo F. Weakley, of No. I.Ml Flsetwood avenue. wot te Ssgera' ratal rooms. No.

93 Arch stmet, to bsvs aoBieUiing done to one of bar rib. sayo 74 J'MoJfljJki Tunt. nbe was hardly aeatad In tho deatUt'a char when there cacao a terrllio explosion, which badly bruised tha patient and ruieed her olothing, frightened tho dentist nearly out of his wits, and made a wreck out of the room. Whet the climate uosurpansod. Entered at the rotoff)ce at Peru, ciate his oflurt for good and who would Alvy IVarnor A Young Girl Abducted and Concealed nss.

second-claas nail matter. like to have bint stay. for Six Months in bops of a Ransom. M. ELLIOTT.

Harness Maker And Dealer In all kinds of Material pertaining to a first-class Shop. If the Air Lino road should start In Rati: or StomrriON. At A o'clock this afternoon. Officer this dlrectlou plea write to Bill. Fairfield placed under arrest Jesale J.

Pet Aboudi In Advance $1.00 SU Months la COe EXCITEMENT IN TEXAS. Ewlng, engineer at tho Keith furniture Blacksmiths. PERU Repairing aeatly awao. Horseshoe ing a speciality. store, on Main street, on the charge of Orest excitement has been caused In Keeps Constantly on Hand THURSDAY JJarcb 24.

1887. abducting Lee Lambert, nn 1 1 year-old the vicinity of Paris. by the re doctor and bis patient had recovered from the shock it was discovered last machine In lbs room rallel a VuW markable recovery of Mr. J. L.

Corley, girl. Tho girl's father resides oil Liberty street in West Kansas. Last October Ms Fern ha the Air Line tod no mistake. Saddle. Slnehes, Fly Nets, Horse Blan ea nirer had exploded.

The report was who was so helpless ho could not turn in bed, or raise bis bead; everybody said diiughtei, who had been living with 'a Diamond Dyea ml R. I. Hillrnans. like the banting of a eannoa and tho havoc nsai ly as great. Wilson Gibbs, kets, Whips, and In fact Every thing usually kept la bio lino.

Dr. James Floyd bod Jliu Kirotnons friend, Mrs. Lcnlnger. disappeared In a mysterious manner. Mr.

Albright, the ho was dylig of Consumption. A trial bottlo cf Dr. King's Now Discovery was "It was the most frirhtful experience held quite an exciting discussion on mother of Mrs. Lenlngcr, hu frequently I ever hsd." Mrs. Weakley said yrater-1 sent him.

Finding relief, he bought Phrenology, so called, at the Peru public Liver; sy, "and my shoulders are black and largo bottlo and a box of Dr. King's Kaaaaa auhool Iioum In Fern on last Tuesday asked the police If a reward was offered for the girl, but there was none, Officers blue from the bni'-se I rtoeived. PERU New Llfo Pills, by the time ho had tak evening. Opinion differ to tho re- Fairfield and Fulton have boon working bail enter suit against tbO party or en two boxes of Pills and two bottles of ult of the debate. Good Turnouts furnished at QsaseaahU parties to blame, unless reparation is on the cose, and to-day Fairfield succeed- the Discovery, ho wss well and bad gain Go to Vt ESIott' for tho best i.

made to-day for my injuries and the Kate. Uivo us a Lino run to most all tralao td lit locatingthe child at Ewlng'sel- in flesh thirty -six loss of suv clothing, which was entirely Trial bottlo of this Great Discovery for noil Kepi in any niaraeii Tbo Chautauqua Spring Mall says Will ro to any part of town, aai denee, corner tenthand Chcrrystreet. A warrant was Issued for lis arrest and he ruined. It was a miracle that I wss not suburbs. Consumption free a.

J. H. Sams. killed. Prru ha Ihreo railroad anJ la the was lodged in a cell.

His object was to is soon as I recovered from the dullest town In America." j. If Peru DISADVANTAC.ES OFCIIANGINO HER SHAPE. hold the girl for a reward and tho police think th'atMrs. Leniugernud her mother ihock I discovered that I bail been STEARNS so dull, doe the firmer llvlnjf near the Spring eorao to Pern tojrade; come (track in several places with flying We notice, by a lata fiuliion paper. were connected with the affair.

that hurtles tire to be worn lower down. Mr. Mall ttsnd up and explain. missiles and was literally covered with ink, a large bottle of which bad been The ladies have a right to change their KANSAS FARMER FOR 187. Tho Farmer, the Slate Agricultural A bridge, or trestle on the Air Line scattered ia the wreck.

At tbo time of styles as often as they wish but is it Railroad. North of the great trestle on the explosion I wss in the operating always policy Just think how confus P.ijmt, established In 186.1. starts out Harper Creek, true an Incen this your with tho largest list of sub ed the young men must be getting, re MOORE. REAL ESTATE ANO INSURAKCC AGENTS. PERU KANSAS- chair and Mr.

Segers not three feet from me. As soon as I was sufficiently composed ho called a coupe and I was diary, on Thursday luaU Just who did the devll.h deed not koown here but garding tho construction of the female form. At one time a youth soes his girl scribcrs it has ever hod. It has grown up with the Stato as ono of its necessary Repairing a Specialty. it is probable the guilty party will be driven to my home." Mrs.

Weakley, with her waist directly under her arms, Institutions, and is a practical, progres caught and brought to Justice. who is an attractive woman of perhaps ALSO MANUFACTURER OF BOOTS 10, with a fane physique, had not folly He defends her in this attitude. He docs not know as there is any particular recovered from her nervous shock pro AND SHOES. Thanking the public for past patron Many farmers have planted corn and wo hear that corn plauted nit early a the second week In tbl mor-th is sprout-in and will be uu soon. How is this advantage In having too much body duced by the explosion and said, Isufh sive and Interesting agricultural journal especially adapted to the needs of Kansas farmers.

Tho Kansas Farmer is a carefully and ably edited farm journal, having a large number of practical writers, and regular reports In every He is sure he could walk better if more are wo invito a continuance of their iagly, she didn't think she ever would. Aa hour later a reporter called at No. of the material had been devoted to legs, trad. M. L.

ELLIOTT. compared i Ith iiorth'ernr IIL. or any PCKVT KANSAS, Next, he sees tho Idol of his heart with J. D. Stevens.

PHYSICIAN SURGEON PFRU KANSAS Will attend to eslls at all hours, day or night. Ml Arch street, and on enquiring for Mr. Segers' dental rooms was shown to part of Iowa, where 10th of May is the her girth further down, and he is some county in Kansas. The departments devoted to Live Stock, Horticulture, early planting time. what perplexed that she should expert the back rooms of the second story, H.

INGLEFIELD. Local Agent for tho enco such a sudden length of waist. He Dairying Home Circle, Inquiries An Mrs. Weakley was ia the operating- The new prohibition law, which takes fleet on April 1st. has already had the consoles hlmsalf by thinking that wo room with the doctor talking over the ttarthng episode.

men are queer creatures nnywav, and Arkansas Valley Town and Land swered, Veterinary, Poultry, Bees, Markets, the Stray List, are very valuable for its readers. It Is a 16-page weekly and only costs $1.50 a year to Wm. BURRESS As the reporter entered both direct- perhaps they have the power to pay themselves out or shorten up like a tele sd his attention to tho scars oa the wall, ceiling, doors, and furniture that Company, SOUTH PERU. single subscribers. In club of five or AND scope.

He has always, however, been RESTAURANT. Kansas. BAKERY PERU accustomed to see the bustle at the old told of the explosion's work. A panel ot ene door was driven completely out, and ia another aa articulator with a stand, and when this staple article be more subscribers, only $1 each. Agents wanted everywhere.

A speclman copy may be seen at the Times office, or gins to ramble about and become unset Restaurant on Main street. Keeps cast of a set of teeth was indented so tied, he will be completely dazed. Just will be sent upon application to the Constantly in stock all kinds of faaey Cakes. Jumbles, Cracker. Chteso Caa- G.

VS. Watson, deep that it stuck fast The mirror of think how bewildering it will be, when Kansas Farmer, Topeka Kansas. large dressing case was smashed to she is away for him, to call her vision Garden Seeds lu bulk at as reasona up In his mind and his imagination paint lie. dec. c.

A First-Class Boardinc House. ble priees as can be had in any house in OOUNCELOR AT LAW stoms and the headboard of a bed split and otherwise disfigured. Oa tho wall, immediately alongside of the bed, was a abrasion several inches long and her with her waist, and other the county ut F. Keefer. iesof construction, shitting about and working up and down on her person.

OflV la the Times Building over Good Lodging Rooms, kept in hrst-clase ORDER. Call and se me. FLAGING STONE. I will furnish and lay down good ting Girl can safely use their own fancy in half an inch deep, made by a piece of iron and brass, while in the ceiling overhead a hole two inches ia diameter Sipple. Drug Store.

TERMS $3.50 per week. Single Kansas PERU ing stone side walk In Peru at bottom prices. mlu 9km HmA. 9.m- ammed in as if a' huge weight had the of bonnets and color of ribbons, but let them beware how tliey inUlcnd young men with their shifting waist and unsettled bustles. It will de J.

M. Duly. Mch, 10th. deaeended, was cut clear through. One of the heavy window sills was torn np N.

Wilkerson and Wife, FOR SALE: We hvee recleved the fifth anual rep though lifted out of place with a stroy the confidence of any innocent young fellow to see his girl changing erawbar, and the lid of a large trunk FASHIONABLE BARBERS. ort of the State board of agriculture; it is a well made up volura of useful matter. was upon it Ink was spattered in er -shape every week or so. She will ppear like a stranger to him every One door east of Elliott's Harness shop. very direction, and the fixture of tho llaia Cutting a specialty.

iine slit hits a new make-up. PERU. KANSAS. aud will be of great value to those seeking information of a reliable character; it gives tho population of every county in the State, by townships, cities, wards It also giyes the farm products of the SHE WAS BOSS OF THAT FIRM. "There are some queer couples in this TTOTSXEE By WATSON BROOKS, a farm of iiO acres, situated on lies Creek a short distance north of Havana, Kansas; 160 acres bottom land.

Plenty of timber, good stock water, good wells, 80 acres in pasture, a good, and never failing spring. -Lands all in cultivation and ia pasture houses, stables, lie. A rare bargain. Price $.0 per acre; $1,500 on time. Come and see for yourself.

We have several other fsrms for sale which will be sold reasonable. Description given next week, WATSON A BROOKS, Real Estate Agents. -l The Peru Mills is for sale on reasona-l world," remarked a real estate ngrent. Tho other day a man and woman called ble terms. The mill is situhtcd onrotd-dloCaiaa river and is a valuable proper entire State, and it shows what a large amount of grain Kansas produces and the amount of moat is grown and fattened on the grass and grain of our to see about renting a flat on the north side.

The woman did all the talking and ty. Also 220 acres of land; this land is situated near tho town sits of south Pe turned to tho man for confirmation or Slate, which is simply iinmence. corobomtion. He always aarrced with ru, yriee reasonable. For further par- Tho "Boom Is on at Peru.

Tolcs tiosdars. enquire at the Peru Times of er, and he did it very meekly. is building a T. J. Yes Tbles is fice, or of P.

M. Norris. Peru Kansas. says tho woman, finally, I will give you building a Hotel. The Sams bus! less fro for the Hat, won'twe, house is just finished.

Tho Hatch busi cplied the man. And I'll pay my rent promptly, too, won't we F. THOMAE Yes 'in' But, I Inquired, ns is usual in ness house is now being finished. The Parsonage is being built. Price is building.

James Wilson is building. Ike Hill-man is building. The lea house is beiug finished on theout side and other 'small such eases, 'are you man and Man nd exclaimed the woman sharply indeed we are not, are we buildiugs are going up. The Boom No'm. says 'not man and fleet of stopping the sale of Liquor here aud the Druggists any they will not take out a permit under the present law, at least for a while.

Now, that whiskey can not be procured fit the Drug Stores, watch for foot pedlars, pony packs and covered wagons'. The" head of the Snr pent is only bruscd, and the tail will wag and the animal will still squirm. He will die hard and no mistake. N. Wilkerson our barber, on Information of one Mr.

Black and others, killed a Swan and wounded another, Inthevo-ry limits of south Pom, one day last week. The swans waeen feeding a-long a little branch and seemed to he very tame. Wilkerson, with gun in hand boldly approached them on all fours and when within 100 yards fired with deadlani iitthng his bird; he then fired at the second ono and so disabled it that it hobbled -away. Wlllkerson rushed up to tho spot sehere the swans wero feoding and 'bc'hdllTtney were" Mr. Davis's tanicrgeasu, a line pair of Chinee fmils.

At first Wilkerson was dumfound-cd but aftur getting over his excitement feels alright as, he says, he is apposed to the almond eyed race anyway. THE ORJGIN AL AND ONLY A married couplo from New York, who spent Inst winter In a Washington Hotel, saw In a Saratoga paper the past summer, the name of a lady from the West which was the npifi as that of one known in the hotel at Washington, who was at the hitter with her husband, a member of Congress, and having had pleasant relations with her, went to call on her as soon as they noticed her arrival at Saratoga, When they asked for they were shown into the public parlor of a small hotel and told she was therebut looking n-btmtsaw only a lady who was a stranger to them, aftd so went out again to the office and said they could not find tho lady. had ailed to soc. A waiter then accompanied them to the' parlor end said, pointing to the solitary occupant. "Yes, there Is Mrs.

I knew she was inhere," "But," the visitor Insisted, "that Is not the we came to see, whom we met in Washington last winter." The conversation by this time attract-ed the attention of the lady who had so unconsciously caused It, and rising In her wrath, sho said: Yes I am Mrs. the only "Mrs. But I suppose you came to see the creature who was living with my husband in Washington last winter." Great embarrassment to the visitor and a hasty retreat. STATE LINE SHORT STOPS BY BILL Weather cool since the rain. HokJ) general good, yet some are Frankie Jones end Mrs.

Martin are on the sick list Mrs. Shobe has gone to visit her daughter and other friends In I1L W. A Shobe has gone to Carnett to remain. His wife and baby will follow a a few days. Uncle Tine Jones has gone to Kaw "Agency to 'remain indefinitely.

Our three merchants, are having a good trade to the way of swapping DEALER EN STAPLE AND FANCT is surely on and dont you forget it; and tho T. J. ruiirht have added that there Not much. Td have you know that in this family we are wife and man were strange things in the air about the an wo Yes'm. L.

C. V. Air Line. And that the Boom Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Glassware and Tor. corn crop of Kansas last year is will last till Peru becomes what Sedan very much less than that of 1885 and is afraid she will be, the SV yet the yield is estimated at one hun Queensware, Stationery THE VERDICT UNANIMOUS.

W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, dred and twenty million bushel i. or room were all more or les defaced. The windows were tip at the time of tho explosion and much of its force was spent on the walls of tho buildings to the rear.

These walls show a dozen indentations that indicate tho violence with which they were struck. Bricks sre tern out. in several place twenty feet distant from tho room where the accident occurred, and in other cases there are deep gashes in the walls made by the flying debris. Mrs. Weakley repeatedly remarked: "It was miraculous that Mr.

Segers and myself scaped with our lives, aa wo Were ia the very midst of it The dentist who still acted and talked nervously, was asked to explain tho occurrence. He said: "A few minutes before I began work on Mrs. Weakley's tooth 1 touched a match to the gas-stove under tho vulcanizer, which sat in the open window a few feet from tho operating-chair. This heats tha water in the cylinder that generates tbo steam for use la another sonnecting ono of equal These sylinders are of brass, about six inches diameter and nine inches high. We vulcanize at about 120 pounds of steam pressure, or 345 degrees Fahrenheit Noticing while at work on Mrs.

Weakley's tooth that tho pressure had reach-sd 120 pounds, I turned the gss down vary low, but nevertheless in a few mintttee heard the fearful explosion and was stunned by the violent concussion. Tho only explanation of the explosion that I can offer is that these vulcanite generate steam very fsst and having no safety valve are liable to such accidents as this." The reporter was then shown pieces the wrecked machine. Tho gas-stove attach man was of cast iron and tho cylinders of brass about a sixth of aa Inch thick. It was pieces of tho ex ploded cylinders that were driven with the most destructive force and which shivered the mirror, tore through tbo eeiling, gashed tho brick walls, and shattered tho doors and window sills. From their site and the force with which they were hurled by the explosion there is no doubt that it any of them had struck either of the persona in the room in a vital part tho injury mst have bee a fatal.

twelve thousand million ears of corn. each measuring twelve inches in length, This crop if strung upon a twino in the And all Things Pertaining to My Line testifies: cand recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has give relief in every case. One man' took six bottles and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 "years' standing." Abraham Hare, druggist. manner that beads are strung upon a thread, would make a string of corn 2,272,727 miles in length, and would encircle the earth nintr-one times.

If lain Bellville, Ohio, affirms: "The best selling medicine I have ever handled In my side by side, this string would make a OF BUSINESS-. Thanking the Publie for their Favors in tho past. Cordially invito yon to eon- 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added solid floor two and one-half inches in thickness and two hundred and twenty-five feet wide, running entirely around tinue your patronage. the earh at tho equator. their that the verdiuctls u-nanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or The advantage of a State having an blood, Only a half dollar a bottle at F.Thomae, able representative and keeping him In service, tins resulted in giving Kansas influence In Congress.

Kansas, bleeding, drouth-striken Kansas of former years, has been honored by the Nation Kansas, PERU In bavtgher senior Senator, Hon. John J.Ingolls, chosen as President of the United State Senate. It Is a compliment to the Senator, as well as to the State. PERU'S FUTURE! While our eastern friends are wrestl H. Sams Drug Store.

On account of sore eyes, we havo to depend on our boy to make up the form this week. If it is not in tho best of shape please excuse us. Miss Mattle Cooper is helping on the Times this week and will continue lu the Office. She has made wounderful progress. In the time she has beenjtrying to learn the printing buisness.

Maj. David, of Oswego Kansas, registered at the Peru Hotel last evening. He is looking after farm property in' this part of the county. He is now in the furniture business at Oswego. Mrs.

Hatch, will open her stock of Millinery dress goods next week. Ed. wheeler and D. Herfard. Coiu-tacr-cial travelers, were ia town today, ing with the breaking up of a bad winter, and in mad axle deep, we of sunny Kan THE END OF A DIVISION ON sas are plowing, seeding and planting.

THE MISSOURI PACIFIC, AND Farmers have theircorn ground nearly all plowed, oates are up and soma corn planted. If you want to enjoy life, a good THE TERMINOUS OFTHE LE- Why Be Didn't Resent the Insult What is the matter, Jones? Yon look disgruntled." "No wonder. Battersby just now climate, and the fruits of your labor. eoote to Chautauqua county Make us a visit and see the cotrast beteen aannny called me a liar." ROY CANEY VALLEY AIR LINE. climate end the winter-locked north.

"And you didn't knock him down Remember, we arc not a desert ci)f scd "No. He was at the other end of ths lw'3oaa. W.t:f?'e:i Cxli..

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