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The Peru Times from Peru, Kansas • 3

The Peru Times from Peru, Kansas • 3

The Peru Timesi
Peru, Kansas
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wti very early, on n- Wo liiivoa Jutieoof tho pencil ra. ill of mi excitement IV the Kuhst-ilho for tlm IVru Tim us. Win. st pli iiiii )m Hindu ijuim a Peru, and nil have bufim hi Id THE PERU TIMES. Thursday An just iyi.

ari lvid i-f Iwoy.iipig''iior 1 cm. bv be dentil ied by the linn will Hud Mm ready to work. HARDWARE Both Shelf and Heavy. change I Ins Mure. JStep la mid ex urn-lug his stock.

Wil-son fSibb keepH a good livery eoiiMlablu i-'f phieit In iirn three young nu i Hickory Valley, fur rea. one we'! known to I hi odi) lhis man Ii tu furrd died of- and In Peru. In fact the bov nro llio Is-i- MMo kei pem in lhis LOCAL AND GENERAL. vicinity. Bui us tlm gi iiileinen iill or lleu six t- irj of corn, mixed, which did IHtlhilttf ro coliiirill the belief that pari of the country, mid will pleased im auren 'J Inehc In length and seven to accoimiiod.ito travelers- who wIkIi they were deputy cue stables, lh el-elt.

nielit nwtir, Iind eaeli and Inches In ilreunifn nee, email cob, mid Consisting of anything In their line. well filled with heavy grains. nil went In Iho d.reetum ofWielrown If any hhIwitHmt fail to get Tiik Tijiks please notify iiiul Wu will co Unit tlio same lit rcctllled. homes. As 111 Iki tho tlniii of tho i i Mr.

Jolui Davidson has Jut received iiMK i ilay School lialiy ill i na any nan becii changed and will I1' held on letter from a siMer, living In Illinois, stating thnt they had Jiirt received word BuildingMaferial, Nails, Locks Church Directory cf Peru Circuit Prciu-hlnir every two week tit l'i PdlO WN 1 LLE ITEMS. ka In I ilktit Tliorn. Thursday heiitcniU-r SUh. This vhati'-o ii from mi mint living in Portland, Ore- wan made iiccusmirv hv tlw fact that the groii, 11S years old who Is enjoying toil Hold lift homo arm, on OtterCreekj Obi Sttth rs' lti-uuioit mid Harvest pic rood health. receiving t-VXW for tho saino.

A Nice AsuortiHl Stock of Lnfo Ilowen brought to this oflice, H. B. lhioklnx, Y'U, erecting a mill P.rown-vllle. It will soon 1m nt WHO 11. Caiiii Vull.y, 3:30 I.

Center. 8:00 p. Joiiwbttrg, 10:30 a. C'huiit Springs, 8:30 n. Fly Creek supplied 1y Rev.

X. M. Mono. Sabbath school wry Sabbath nt IVru, n. m.j Ciinu Valley, 2 p.

Center 10:00 a. Joncidiiirg. m. J. II.

KriiAiMf Pator. nic Is set for the Irt day oi eplenll)er. It i ft well known fact thut the ladies cannot conk for, nnd attend two. gatherings Mirloi-o together, as these two tch-brntioiis who appointed. Many completed Id operation.

onti day this week, six cars of white corn, which Is 10 Inches in length, average, mid 7 Inches In circumfrcnoe, P. M. Carllew. hile making ties for General Hardware, Iron, Steel, Wagon Wood the A'-r Lino railroad, cut Ids loot very average. This corn was raked near uaiiiy.

will want to attend both and wo hojo a rood feeling will exist r.nd caeli Peru nnd is well lilled, of largo grain James was to wo tho Air ami heavy weight. AND these, gathering-, of the people, will le lino railroad. hu.t Siiinlay, mitl reporU work progressing very slowly. Tho reason no Brownsville Items ap a Wo arc informed thai Mr. Denik- Howard Courant: A meet- peared last week, wo were crowded for room mid had to let several good articles over.

man, if.) of John Demkmaii, Is very inir was held at tho National Bank, sick at this time. Thursday morning to talk over tho pro It. IflMicns on the eve of start- Tin Ware. G. H.

IHGLEFIELD. South K-tn-en Tribunes (Jov. Martin. pose! I railroad from Ft. Smith to Smith In.

in IHs. lo live II Is scllin-r his who has seen all tho big Kansas drouths Center, Dr. (laniblo present. crop and dipo-diig of his surplus things. fiiriiint-'vini.

who has Im-ch hli-k for thirty years, nnd who returned from and us he has been the Prime worker a trip as far cant as Mam, reports that for this route, bo Mated that the road f.ini- i.4 not imieli improved. ho has never seen a more I'tUT picture could easily bo heeur-d to Howntd llol' ii seem mvvruuiu wt wo hope to gi bett. word from her, as Call nt Win. Stepacnsoii's for dry gOOlls. F.

V. Norrls, mm of P. M. Norri, called on last Sntrtrdsy. Farmers should bring in rpcci-wens of corn, for tho picnic.

W. 11. Dana, of Havana, win In our town last week. Don't forget that Stephrnson keeps ull grades of sugar, cofl'oc, teat, Tho UurresH restaurant Is neatly kept. Call and get a good meal.

Lew Lynn, of Chautauipia Springs, wan in our town Wednesday. Salt i per barrel, at J. R. Havana, Kansas. Go to Stephen son's for your canned Ho keep a.

general assortment Tho Tern Times is a foarh-ss defender of dry desolation than the Slates of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Tho country PERU she is a very esl miauic and Elkroiinly by voting tho proper niuount of subsidies. After talking tho matter over Mr. S. C.

Haiina was has been burned by a relentless sun, Two men, J. Crocket nnd a man named Fick, were severely injured that their prairies look like mid winter. elected director for Howard, and it was Thev were in diirsrinsr P. M.

Koaris brought us a bunch of well for Mrs. Louisa Drown when voted to to assist with preliminary survey. If built through Elk com rai.Mil on his farm, adjoining Feru, Fiek lost Ids balance end fell on Crocket, who was at th bottom of the county this will run through blk which measures 9 inches in length and b-hw. Ouite an excite Falls, Howard, Union Center on to ment followed, but tho nu were taken inches in circnmfreneo. lhis is white corn, well tilled r.ud weighs Latham.

Let'cr looni. nt txxKihle. un exaiiiiua tioni it was seen that no bones was bro- F. KEEFER. heavy.

This shows to tho people of this, und other counties, what wo have I tli-it iniin ies were not fatal POSTPONED. Editoii Vzuu Times: As iho com- of tho people' rights. Only I per Both the men will be ready for work In here, and what our kind will do, even mittuo of the Old Settlers' Rcuuion have tixed the timo of their rally on tho year. a short tune. J.

when our people are uneasy about our W'm. sl-iili(nsnn lias nil kinds of crons and prosperity. Feru is not only first of September, wo have i-ostponed DAVIS CREEK ITEMS. the railroad town of this country but tho time of the bunday School Ually California fruit which ho is selling cheap, (jive him a call. Tho Peru hotel, kept by 11.

Fanner, Ihu land is adapted to farming and until tho 9th of September, knowiu Mrs. Mike Green was on tho sick' list KANSAS. stock raising. PERU that it would not bo practical to try to a few days last week. in tho idaoo to ffct a snuaro meal and Esouira Lew Lvnn, of Chautauqua have two rallies, ono on tho 1st and the 'Culling corn is tho order of tho day good bed.

on the 2d. It has caused us con- Springs, reports tho killing, by slioct- in this vicinity. of Jacob Gilbert, in tho Indian All who trade at Havana will find it siuerablo work to mako tho t-hnngo as School teachers havo begun to try tho patience of school officers Territory, cn the night of Aug. 12th this month, lie says, it appears that around here. to their advantage to call ou J.

11. Blair. Farmers will consult their interest by wo had our speakers engaged nnd notified, but do it hoping it ill not occur again. Let all tho Sunday schools nretiaro rood music and como to take Gilbert wa-i intoxicated and attacted Rumor says there is going to bo two one William Johnson. Johnson drew a ctmmincr nt W.

XI. Stellhensoll'd Willi more wiamuipi in mu w. inland, and from all appearances tho must, he Azoic and revolver and struck Gilbert with it, a i produce and examining his stoek. Inirlofield keens a good stoek of gen knocking him to his knees; Gilbert re Onio' Tenner, as they aro the only ones ii. tt.

newed, the attact and Johnson ngain that seem to anyuimg uuuui, n. Dealer iu Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Queens-ware, Caned Goods and an Endless Variety of Notions. Thanking tho public for past patronage, I Invito you to call and examine my eral hardware, and wants to struck him with the pistol at the same part. Rev. J.

II. Stkaix, Rev. W. 15. Tavlou, Com.

N. Ash, WILL Bil PRESENT. IvAKSAS. I Aug. 17, 1K(J.

i Dr. J. D. Stevens, Com. on Si'Eakehs, Pekc.

Kan. sell to you. Try him. Miss Gusta Darker, who has been In bee bed for weeks with time fircintr at Gilbert, tho ball taking Albert O. Ferguson and sifter Etta, ii.lbmiutorv rheumatism, is able to be cfl'ect, entering Gilbert neck, killing son and daughter of Mr.

N. Ferguson, out again. Avkil Stone. him instantly. Johnson camo into tue Snrlnjrs and surrendered to Esq.

Lynn visited tho Times otlico last Friday. FOR SALE. who sent him to tho Sedan jail. Seo W. 11.

Stephenson for glassware Four Sows and thirteen pigs, eligible Stock before purchasing elsewhere. 1 iind qucenswere, Ho has a fine display W. R. Stephenson has received a new supply of hats and caps, which is the to any Poland China record, tor one half their real valuo. T.

A. Stevens, Havana. Kansas. F. Thomao will sell in competition with nnv merchant in the ouiuity.

Ho finest imalitv is tho market. Call nnd F. Keefer. one immediately, or you will be too keeps a good line of goods. late as they are selling Dear Doctok: Your kind invitation to bo present with you nt your "Old Settlers' Reunion," nt Pern, on tho 1st of September next, is just received.

It will afford mo great pleasure to meet with your people on that occasion and endeavor to mako you a talk. I cordially accept your invitation nnd will bo present on tho 1st of September, if not prevented by somo unforeseen casuality. Very Respectfully, Daniel Git ass. Buyers will do well to cxamino the Mr. C.

N. Wise, of Columbus, Ohio, stock of iroods kept by F. Reefer, Peru, one of Air. iaiiets corps oi Kan. Ho will deal right with you.

I. 0. Oi F. Fern Lodge No. 106.

Meeting every Saturday night, J. W. Mourns, N. G. S.

T. Hahtzell, 11. S. mtPFH. on the Santa Fe rail- no- road, died in this place on Wednesday Tho fall is approaching and auction sales will soon begin.

L. H. Vorc, of Havana, is the man to employ. See bis morninff of this week, of typho-malaria. Dr.

Sipple, Dr. Sharpless and hn card In another place. dicott was in attendance on tho case, Tf Stpilwrifion (now offers his but till efforts nnd remedies proved un 9 This Space is Reserved vnilinT. Tho best of caro was given stock of heavy boots and shoes, for sale sit cost, and will continue tho same for PASTURE LAND TO RENT. Rev.

J. II. Strain has 100 acres of good pasture land, just south of Father Record, to rent or lease on good terms. There is a good orchard of fruit to go in with tho land. Call on him at F.

C. Hatcho's, three-quarters of a mile north of Feru, for particulars. july8-3t. tho younjr man, while sick, by his mi mediate employer and associates as nlso bv the people of Peru. His mother ar- the next thirty days.

Married nt Sedan, Aug. 14, 1886, by DEATH OF FRANK IIAMON. Mr. Frank Iliimon, lato of Redan, died last Tuesday, 17th inst. This is tho man who was beaten by Jesso Lnw-son, some weeks ago.

We are not well advised upon tho merits of this case, but it seems that quite a feeling existed, among the people of Sedan, in regard to the proseeution of Mr. Fat Nnlty for selling intoxicants. Slanderous reports ived about ten hours before Ins ucatli W. R. Hillman, Trobnte Judge, Mr.

We are informed that the young man David 11. Misncr nnd Miss Estulla Cummings, all of Feru, Kansas. was an oifly son, and had only one sis ter. The body was cnbaimou ami win bo taken by his mother to Columbus, Farmers and others will find our blacksmiths at their shop, and ready to do any kind of work in their lino. Try was circulated regaru io, uue-uu, language used by Nulty.

Lawson was in tho "employ of Nulty, ns we aro informed, and felt very indignant about THE SINGER! N. Ferguson, agent for tho Singer Sowing Machine, with "headquarters at the Peru mills, will supply Singer repairs at any time. Call on him for your supplies. julySplm. Olio, for burial.

for yourselves and be convinced. FOR NOTICE. Tho exclusive privilege for boarding tho reported language, ami on seeing Hamilton on tho street said something to him about tho matter. A light en M. L.

Elliott wants to got your work. sued, in which Hamon was worsted. houses, lemonade, nnd confectionary stands, dance platforms, swings, Ho makes and repairs harness and ro-nairs shoes, makes boots, Duties Hamon been unable, since men to get about, and, wc understand, was eon- upon the ground? of the Chautauqua competition. County Joint Stock' Fair Association, iinod to Ins bed tlio mo.ii oi uio um, Mr. Lew Lvnn, Secretary of the till bis death occurred.

Hamon was Real Estate FOR SALE OR TRADE. I havo sixty Acres of land for salo adjoining Peru. There is 15 acres in cultivation, live acres in meadow, two acres in orchard and 38 in pasture, timber and shade, two wells, a cistern Bi.rinn. and a cood house. Will during fair week, will bo sold to the highest bidder, for cash.

Bids will be received by tho Secretary until Septem not a healthy man. As usual, at Sedan especially, nil inquest was held, and tho Chutauqua County Joiut Stock Fair Asfociation, is now distributing the premium lists. Mr. Lynn takes groat interest in the Association, and will un jury found thai nanioii caino i ber 4th at 4 o'clock p. at winch J.

BLAIR, death at tho nanus oi me uww Lawson. Of the facts, ns shown by the evidence, wc know nothing about, we know that a great expense to tho coun doubtedly succeed in making the fair a time the executive committee will award sales. The committee reserves tho sell' for cash or trade for good stoek. success. Call on S.

C. IIOADLY or at THE right to reject any and all bids. ty, as well as to ino ueieuee, is c-uiuim. W. R.

Stephenson sells all grades of Times oHioc. julyBtl. We are' sorry that such is tlio case, urn, of tho results of this ease wc can not chewing and smoking tobacco, ana ai ways keeps a large and fresh supply. even conjecture. Nor do we wish to Lew Lynn, Sec y.

CAMP MEETING. Watjneta, Kan, Aug. 10, 188G. J. II.

Stuain, Dear Bko: Our camp A FARM FOR SALE. One hundred and sixty acres of land inilueuee lor or againm piu, anv person, or party- interested. We No. Mr. Times-Journal, R.

1. 1. is only Rev. Booth of this vicinity. You oil ioinin? South Peru, with fifty want exact justice to bo done in mis matter.

meeting will begin, as previously ad are on the wrong track, we think. If there is "blood" in your "eye" please acres in cultivation, twenty-five of pasture, nlcntv-of timber for lire wood, go rest of Sedan; the man you are af two wells, two springs, and a house OAKLAND The farmers ia this valley arc busy ter is not a citizen of this vicinity. witn tiireo rooms, xno cuiuu niumi-ii Mf acres of tila- Dealer in Fancy and Staple Groceries, putting up hay. That was a funny story tho Kansas Citv Times published about somebody blcs land. Call on 1 K.

or apply at The Times ollieo for particulars- Hnrrv P.urress spent last Saturday nirht with Emma Brooks. npnr Sedan. But our friend should Hrnnks has been very sick take such things easy. Tho K. Times published Reynold's story of the for few days, but is able to be about now.

I "Mr. Tides' nnd family visited Mr. "great cave, A daily mail rout has been establish vertised, Aug. 31, 11 a. m.

Our meeting will bo ten miles northeast of Wauncta, in Dr. Adair's grove. Have it advertised in your paper. I am depending on you for assistance all the way through. Oh, may we bo prayerful and earnest.

May wo preach Jesus aud him exalted. Yours T. C. SrAliKMAN. A MAN KILLED.

There was a man killed near the crossing of the Santa Fe and M. A railrord, on Wednesday the 18th inst. The man was employed as water carrier by the construction company, and while the train was in motion, the man attempted to throw something off of the car, ho lacing on the car, and in doing Miller's, near Malanzas, last Sabbath. ed between Chautauqna Springs, Little Jessie Stewart entcrta'ned a number of her young friends Wednes ami the Osare Asrencv. I.

T. Bids for COUNCILLOR AT LAW Caned Goods, day. "carrying" are being received and the contract will be let the 28th of this T.V,.nl.- Sfrnnlnv nnd HarvcV Fraoks, of Caneyville, spent Saturday and Sun Office in the Times Building over nionth. So it appears that we will soon mails from Feru to Faw- Sipple'a Drug Store. FERU Kansas.

Hus-Ka, Mr. N. N. Besspy favored this office by leavina: a very fino specimen of cab day last wilu menus in wis hood. Mr.

Lockwood. of Havana, and Miss Morris, of DesMoines, Iowa, nale a flying trip up this valley last Frdav evening. While, here they were the guests of L. Brook's family. We hear that Mapel, of this valley, intends ereetinff a livery stable, in part C.

S. CRIPPEN. so lost bis balance and fell between the cars. He was horribly mangled, the right leg being torn off at the hip joint, the left lcz cut off above the knee, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER, bage. It was grown on Mr.

Bessey's farm about 3J miles Cast of tlys place. This cabbage is a well grown solid head, weighing Mr. Bcssey has grown a large lot of this game kind of vegetable. This speaks well for this part of the country, especially in a dry season. and the bowels exposed to sight by a nership with Mr.

in Feru. 1 KALSOMINISQ and PAPER hanging KANSAS HAVANA fn.rful cash in the abdomen. were the near lutiire. wish uj sPCiality omwM in tin- new enterpnse. speLJdinj.

unable to get the name of the unfortu Kansas. Singiog at Oakland last Saturday PERU nate man..

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