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The Peru Times from Peru, Kansas • 3

The Peru Times from Peru, Kansas • 3

The Peru Timesi
Peru, Kansas
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HORACE TAYLOK'H MOXKF.Y. THE PERU TIMES. always full of I ho lntcsfand Im-M news. Subscribe for 11 Sedan (iraphic, July H. A Complaint Filed.

Mo! of the readers of the Sun have 17. R. STEPHENSON. duly (1 per year. Koirou A few week ago THURSDAY JULY Md.

I'M. I Mated In a t-oiujuiunluatlon Ut your pa I. t'. H. Mcl'heron never falls.

I In will Iw found at M. I F.lllott'a i-rcry jNr tliut I lielicrrif fw t-euu return LOCAL AND GENERAL. of this county for last year bad been DEALER IX fraudulently tampered with, for the Tuesday. Considerable stcknits prevails In this community, esNilally lutho different railroad camp. Dr.

J. W. Kndleott. of Sedan, was In purjiose of raising the population of the hoard of Horace A. Taylor, of ilttdwm, Wlsi-onslii, who waa for some years consul at Marsallles, France.

When Mr. Taylor established the prinvdciit of nlgning foreign osllhiii, and reluming to bis native land with Ida family, lie brought with lilm a small monkey which bad been purchased In France, an affectionate little thing about as large ns a small rag baby. It was placed In basket after arriving In New York, anil the family came through In county to IS.Wfvr over, as to In crease the salary of oertain county of tho city Tutwdar and Wednesday on llelals. To thU charge the Tlinrs-Jotir-ual made some continents la defense of Dry Goods, Staple and Fancy Groceries, Boots, Shoes, professional business. Dr.

Stovona vara Bovd Bartholomew the county Clerk and asked ns to make a direct charge, and tans give the per son oriKTsou who were assailed a is covered all over with smiles, all on account of a second baby at Ida house. a Pullman s)eejNr. There la-Ing rules against the transportation of live ani eliance to defend tlicnisolvcs. I will now state, for the lciict)t of tho Times- If Lew Curtis, of Washington town mals on Pullman cars, Mr. Taylor's Journal, that such charges have been If any suliacrlbiir fall to got The Timks please notify iw and wu trill imu Ihnt the miida rectified.

Ladle In thin vicinity rklt melon patches after night. W. 8. Jobu. farmer living near UiU place called at thisofllor Saturday.

Liibun Record ha returned from tlio rango nntl says ho ban ended Ids cowboy day. J. N. Custer, tine of our bout farmer, ami nn old resident of tbUi county, oaiuo In Siiturtlny. M.

Trivet and hi little riuno Into our sanctum on day this wonk and viewed our office. i Miss Dura Barker, living alwnt three mill southeast of Peru, called at the Timrs ofHeo Monday. Tim continued drouth la tolling fast Hats, Caps, QL'ssnsnre and a Great Variety of Notions. inmie, not tiunklns that a newnim ship, will consent toberotuo anandidato forCViinty Commissioner of this dis Hr ofllee waa the proper place to tile them, they were left with the board of Noplo kept Jim under hit sent In a small basket. The first night the jsirter sua-cctcd that there was something wrong In the basket.

On previous occasions ho had found that travelers had smug trict, ho will receive tho anpjtort of many friends. county i-omiuisslouers. II. (). I.yster, N.

11. Merrill and myself havlng'lefta written complaint with the board of In fact everything pertaining to ft general Store. Mr. Wm. Crlppcn says some sneak thief stole, tho taps off of thn hind wheels county coimmWioucra at their last Thanking tho pooplo of Peru and vicinity for past favors, wo invite you to call gled dogs under the scat, and by making a fuss nlwut It he usually got fee of his wagon Monday night.

Wo will and wo our goods before purchasing elsewhere. idoii, setting forth the belief on our part that the census returns had been tain-la-rcd with and fraudulently raised, the ilmes-Journal alao makes light of onr correction of our fiminunloation, to the warn such chaps to Iw careful or they the owner of the dog. It occured may run against a dynamite cartridge tohlin to Investigate the basket. He and forget to take tho taps along. tootj Hold of It, raised the cover and cllcct that Mr.

knapp would not be en (Mar Vale Stan Dr. and Charles wininjr jumped out. ino colored titled to draw any uuumonal salary on Watson, latoof Havana. Montgomery Hi-count of the fraudulent returns, he w. Peru R.

Stephenson, Kansas. county, have a iwner at Peru. 1 called the Pern Times. The first hl tM? car' having Imcii ehi ted at a stated salary of uud says that we only made a on tho corn crop in this part, and cvery-liody la praying for rain. Minn Vina Stabler, an accomplished young l.idy of Hickory Valley, niiulo ua a call tho first of tho week.

Read our Itoma from Oaklaod, Bonn Prison our table, and gives evidence lmu llw mh7 mine of newsoniHT sense In Its imike small mistake of l.MNi." Wo shall not try to conceal our own errors, but will admit that the Times-Journal's statement was true. We made a mistake in our tirst artielo of $1,000, sup-jMN-Ing tliut the old treasurer would be I 1 I 1 lijnt viuii.ii iiiiiiu' aiHMim jiiuein-uu-i. ,1,,. ence Dally News that tho daily issue will be suspended. Tim Weekly News pVjor ihe nwnUy wal will st.ll continue.

The Dally New- fi fc ft ,,0 eiititletl to I lie increase as well as tho Clerk and Attorney, but while wo were making this mistake we believe HARDWARE. up, and attired in Ids nightcap, linen irliul to hear of It liuwllnir irltlil" soarclieu for the monkey. here was our cause in attacking fraud lias been the result of correcting the mistakes of others, which will save tho tax payers of this county $2,000 that would have been success. I I iu Minn ill iatiu uujoiiiiii mhj' South Kansas Jnbnne: lho Peru iorv who had lan snorlmr In loud paid to Mr. Cox as extra salary, 91,00 limes.

oi. nas oeen issued tone of vulen. nnJ thn Kmira suddenlv Both Shelf and Heavy. that the f. ounty lrk would have drawn vt.fl.-i..

u. natson. Jt is ceascl. Mr. Tavlor thou-'ht that it as extra salary, part oi wmcn lie lias ui a urint newsy pajier, ami wo mim to that the monkey was ready drawn, but which ho will, of Ridge, Hickory Valley and Arkansas C'rck.

They arc interesting. Mr. E. F. Ferguson, aon of N.

Ferguson, the Singer luaehlne agent, called on Tuesday and took a look at our office. The man that took tho tapa oil' of Mr. Crippcn's wagon, la known, and unlem they are returned his name will bo published uoxt Thursday. There haa been arrangements jht-fectvd by which a dance will be carried on at this place each Friday evening. John Stanwaity manager.

M. Sabbath School every Sabbath at 9:80 a. m. Preaching every two weeks at 10:30 n. m.

J. II. Strain, Pastor. A little child of Mr. Frali.v.

of Ha-! Consisting of see it liberally patronized. It is an in-1 UH tuis of tho nausc. and ho drew the I course, refund to tho county, when he simiuon greauy neeueii ur rem, wmcn of tho laTtli nsido and looked lie is not entitled to it, and 9ou additional salary to tho County Attorney, making a total of of $8,500 In sav ts raiWly raising as a town oi import- i. The monkey was sitting on the ancc, I of tlin tut num. thu i-vi'H nf BuildingMatorial, Nails, Locks ings to the tax payer i this county, which wo believe they will be content to We havo Just Imirnml that ('apt.

I tho fat man were open and sticking out Wesley Edwards, who onco lived in this far enough to hang a but on. His face receive, and at the same time pardon us for making the serious mistake that the vicinity, died rw-ently of discntry while was red and palo by turns, and he was Journal has taken us to task lor. at Campbell store. Cherokee Nation. I evidently considerably worked up.

Mr. A Nice Assorted Stock of Capt. Edwards had been living in tho Taylor said: "Partner, I guess I will But back to our subject. Tho complaint above referred to was regularly tiled witli tho commissioners, but for some reason they neglected to mako tho investigation asked for, ulthough we Nation several years prior to his death, take this monkey nwnv." Tho mnn Mrs. Edwards, ills wife, died about two looked at Mr.

Taylor and said, "Doc years ago. near thesamn place where tor, I am satisfied that you mean kindly. General Hardware, Iron, Steel, Wagon Wood her husband lately passed away. you aro trying to make me believe that Last Sunday night aliont 9 o'clock Ihcrc is a monkey here; but I have got AND vana, was badly burned lately by hot grease, which waa dashed into its face by falling skillet that had just ljeon removed from the Move. William Watson, of Havana, waa in Peru Monday.

Will came from the farm to bring bin father. Dr. Wataoti, editor of the Timkk, who visits hi family and farm each week. Our lost and found lay who waa spo Dr. Stevens was summoned to the Sut- them, and I know it.

Aow, If thcro is ton camp, on tho lino of the M. anything in your medicino case, give it A. railroad, near tbu farm of Put Looby, to me, but don waste time trying to and when he arrived found fourteen tell me that thcro Is a monkey hero. understand mat one oi inu commissson-era has in his Mssession a certified copy of the census of this township, taken from the census returns now in the office of tho Secretary of State, showing that uftcr the census of this township was returned to the Clerk's oflico, that ninety-live names were added, as omitted by the census taker. Of those names, quite a number wo understand, were included in tho census taker's returns, and the name of (i.

A. Watson, ten in family, is added twice in tliofoottng up. Witli 'all the additions made in the clerk oflico we also understand that tho census of the county still lacks seven of reachin; the 15,000, while tho clerk's very sick people, all vomiting purging Mr. Taylor tried to reassure him, and and with severe pain in tho bowels and toll him that he need not Imj alarmed Tin Ware. C.

II. IflGLEFIELD. stomach and some witli cramps. After about his condition, and he reached up investigation the following facts were to take tho monkey oil. 1 ho fat man ascertained: About o'clock one of reached up and said, "Doc, Just give mo the men went to a near neighbor (Jus- a little whisky and It will' bo all right." per Custer) and got a gallon of butter Then, Mr.

Taylor, who felt sorry for certificate shows that there is 15.021, as ERU KANSAS. milk in a gallon paint can (Mr. Custer tho man, put tho monkey back in Its wo understand, vt hy tho commission ken of last week haa lawn taken to tho oor house. We are not yel Informed ji to who he la or where he came from, except as he himself states, but he haa itold mora than one story concerning his (history. Tho Santa contractors are jaylng their men at this writing.

July All seem well sallslied with their treatment. Mr. Garland Is a man of good business tact, and of sterling honesty. All persons dealing with hint speaks of him in words of praise. era tailed to investigate as reuuestcu, furnishing the can).

Tho can had been basket, opened his valise and brought iisil for three years by tho family for out a liottlo of brandy, such as all Ke-niilkinL'imriKjses. Everyone that drank publicans brinjr from Franco ou their we do not know, but as we have been assailed we propose to force tho investi gation it possible, it tho commission of the butter milk (14) wua prostrated way home, and told the victim that ho in an hour or two with the nbovo svmn- would feel better after taking it. Tho ers still refuse to Investigate, wo shall appeal to County Attorney in tho mat- toms. But at this writing, Tuesday man drank tho brandy, rolled over and tho doctor informs us that the went to sloop, nothing farther was ter. Wo havo no disposition to mako a direct charge as to who is truilty i sick are all out of danger.

Thcro are said about tho monkey, and to this day of the fraud MTetratod, but will say that if tho County Clerk is competent of various theories in re a to the niatti r. I that fat man thinks that ho had the nnr This Space is Reserved but all is wrapped in mystery up to this I rowest escape from jim-jams a man ever running ins omcu, lie is knowing to too fact, also that a gentleman in this city asked Commissioner Seyboid last week time. A sample of tho milk is under- hud in tho world. Peck a bun. coins an analysis and the result will be wuat object J.

t. could Iiavc had in adding ficticious names to the census made known in a few davs. In lustico nsn a rolls? Mr. Noybold answered that The M. Sabbath school will nnc.t promptly at 9:110 o'clock in, next Sabbath morning.

Preaching immediately after Sabbath school and Miss Rose I). Norris baptised and received into full connection in tho church. J. II. Staix, Pastor.

We believe that it is safe to say that no ot her county in all vast America can produce such crops ua Chautauqua to Mr. Custer and family wo aro glad 'h1ent happened nt tho recent Ro to state that no blame is attached to publican convention held in tho city of would increase his (Cheek's) salary from 50 to $00 per month. A very small sum for a man to lay himself them, as thy are very nico and clean Emporia, to nominate a candidate for with their nulk arrangement. Congress In tho Fourth Congressional alienable to the laws of the State for. GONE TO JESUS.

district. Just as tho convention had We further cliargo that when the commissioners ordered tho county clerk Tho littlo babo of Mr. and Mrs. T. about closed its work a deiejrato from to send the ollieinl census returns of this county to tlie Secretary of State, instead of certified copies, that they did an illegal net and are guilty of almost crimi FOR Myers, of Chautauqua Springs, died Hutlex county aroso and offered a reso- last Sabbath after a few hours illness.

lution which was as follows: Tho funeral services wore conducted by Whereas, Hon. P. II. Plumb, United Rev. H.

Strain. Tho parents havo States senator from Kansas, has sc- tho sympathy of tho community in their looted Hon. Thomas Kyan as the candi- county produces in such extreme drouth ns wo are experiencing at this time Many iields of corn looks as though rain was not a necessity to growing crops, yet wo are aware that mut have rain to mature 'tho corn. God aeiid this week. nal oltlclal With thcabovo statements we ask the Times-Journal if they can afford to defend fraud- and corruption on the part of county olllcials, or would it not be better for every man and paper in the sud bereavement.

date of the Republican party for Con-ETcess from the Fourth Congressional district of Kansas; and. COMMUNICATED. SorniERJi R. R. Camp, July 19, county regardless of political uttliations, Whereas, Hon.

T. 11. Murdock hav to como to tho front and ucuianu the in Ekitou Timks, Sik: As "musio has ing cordially and by special request in J. II, BLAIR, charms to Leal tho savage breast," I vestigation with us, and tho prosecution of those guilty of the crime, if one has been committed, nnd would not such I dorsed the selection. will strike a few notes ou tho hand'or Resolved, That it is useless for this gmi, for I am lonesome and long for the We again call attention of our readers to the advertisements in tho Times and hope you will see that it Is to your interest to patronizo live, energetic merchants and druggists, who tell you through the columns of this paper what they keep for you.

You can also get a good meal nt the hotel and restaurant. Seo their "ads." You can always get tho latest news by subscribing for tho Times. ncuon ou our jiuri. lunui-t ui insure an honest administration of our convention to further. close companionship of a cyclono to countv affairs? Rather than attemot to j.

no resoiunou wus muieu oy ciose keep my mind occupied, something to I vote, tussel with that will make It interesting for a man in this country. Some peo THESINGERI shield them, and ridicule those who are attempting to save tho taxpayers of the county being robbed, instead of being taxed to death. With our county warrants being hawked around at 'JO cents on tho dollar, and illegally increasing tho pay of our county oiticials. Lot us return to dh honest administration of ple dread (sly coons) especially oi a N. Ferguson, agent for tho Singer dark night, when they forjret to lock Sowing Machine, with headquarters at the linn house.

I don't see why a mnn tne Peru mills, will supply bingor re- our affairs, pay less taxes nnd make our Call on him for your should take hold nf tho boson, of hb. Pttlr at timc' i county scrip worth its face dollar for july8plm. pants and throw him a railroad BUl'ImcB Dealer in Fancy and Staple (rocarlas, dollar. itospccuuiiy, John Lee, I. 0.

0. F. We made quite an extended trip through tho country this week and was surprised to see much of tho growing corn looking green and healthy. Of course soino liclds havo boon badly damaged, but wo think that if a good rainfall occurs this week, or even next week, there will bo more corn raised than was raised last year in this country, and there will bo a sufficient suj-ply to do tli(; people. Mr.

Lyman Brooks brought to this ofiice. Viy week, stalk of corn raised in his lmu, miles ifonlli of Peru Lortgo No. 106. Meeting every tunnol with tho reef shook out of his shirt, and drop him down on his ncathor beam. There is no use getting exoited nnd wanting to loare; jnst remain calm until gentlo Jfiophyor changes her stylo and mahy fcbe will blow you out.

I once knew a man who struck a match Real Estate FOR SALE OR TRADE. I have scxty acres of land for sale ad joining Peru. There is 15 acres in cul Saturday night. J. W.

Mourns, X. O. 8. T. Hartzkll, R.

S. To All Whom It May Concern, Notice is hereby given that we will tivation, live acres in meadow, two acres in orchard and 38 in pasture, timber and shade, two wells, a cistern in a cyclone and it blew it out. A clone is composed of wind and rain mixed occasionally with hall. There not bo responsible for any bills mode by Caned Goods, our hands or sub-contractors unless the spring and a good house. VV ill sell for cash or trade for good stock.

Call on K. C. HOADLY or at Tub Times offitw. julv8tf. parties makinz them have an order are some men who tiso cyclones; they are not so destructive to property, but tfieir n11nnnn vonlrt tin mrtrA nrrrwiitiln signed by us.

Lape Iliff; as a. n. u. (contractors. FOR SALE.

than their racket. Since I began this A FARM One hundred and sixty acres of land little article my morbid curiosity has been gratified, for I have encountered adjoining South Pern, with fifty PASTURE LAND TO RENT. Rev. J. II.

Strain has 160 acres of Peru, u-iiii-ii measured Ji f.ritl inch from i-otii to sop oi A good b.e! been foiled 4-ifcht feet four inches fi'ou, tiio ground and well matured for this time of year. This is pretty good for drouthy Kansas, and downs our neighbor on tho west. Try again Sednn. JJr. Brooks also brought in five lotaioes which weighed, collectively, four pounds and ten ounces.

The live potatoes were all grown In one hill and tho largest one of the live weighed obp. pound aud ten ounces. good pasture land, just south of Father ono of tliem walking cyclones in no acres in cultivation, twemy-nve oi pas-shapo of a man, and as I set hero mus- tnre, plenty of timber for fire wood, ing my paralyzed limbs I can find only two wells, two springs, and a house Record, to rent or lease on good terms. There is a good orchard of fruit to go in with the land. Call on him nt F.

C. Hatche's, three-quarters of a mile north of Pern, for particulars. july8-3t. one wordwitn wnicli to express my i- i fenced, with about eighty acres of tila- fechngs, and that is d-g it. as I am Dh.

Vnn on pf Rf Kainw( or out of the cyclone btuiness, I wilj leave piy aj Xua Iihes office for particulars it with you thus. Skates, i july8tf. HAVANA KANSAS.

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