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The Buhler News from Buhler, Kansas • 1

The Buhler News from Buhler, Kansas • 1

The Buhler Newsi
Buhler, Kansas
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TP1 TI NEW I VOLUME 1 BUHLER, RENO COUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1922 NUMBER 18 BUHLER NOTES am nmia Id BUJILEIt NOTES TP IF THE REGIER-PENNING WEDDING Notice to the Public! CELEBRATE GOLDEN WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Siemens of Corn. Oklahoma, who until 190a lived In the neighborhood of Buh ler, where they have a very large PfPHIS store is in the hands of W. B.

Sunday afternoon one of the prettiest weddings under very favorable conditions excepting the weather, which was quite inclement, took place at the Hebron Mennonite church east of Buhler. The young couple, who on that day were joined in holy matrimony, were Miss Tina Regier and Mr. II. P. Penner.

Invitations were extended to a very large circle of friends and relatives, nml niinnlr in rminhers r- circle or admiring ana uevoieu Hudelsbn, representative of Pier- friends, celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding on December 5, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Franz, their daughter and son-in-law, near Corn, Oklahoma.

weather was ideal for the occasion 'o tlie same, filling the large 1 1- 1 jpacious cnurc.ii io lis uiniusi ca- Al thit nnnni ntiwl limn. Mis and helped to make the day a great success. Nearly all of their children and grand children and a great host of friends and relatives fram far and 0 0 Margaret Schmidt took her place at the organ to play the wedding march. Led by Elder A. M.

Martcrs near came to take'part in the celebration, each haDDV and eager to do the young couple entered me cnapci their share in making the day one 4i the pulpit. The services were opened 1 point Bros. Adjustment of Omaha, Nebraska, Doors Open Thursday, 9 a. December 14th NINE DAYS ONLY at these Low Prices Everything Goes Nothing Reserved BUY NOW II 1NRVH COMPANY Ae 11 cirn a wrnruAxiTo If uy nev. reier L.orenz, wno uncr reading for the scripture lesson 1.4 I pi I .11 Ill'U i SMUil enrmnn nnl cnnlti llif inn.

Then followed a song by a quartet, leu nv II. A. aianens, singing ueau-f if full Am Willi Ynn." The sermon of the occasion was preached by Elder M. Martens, taking for his text iroin i.ukc anu i Timothy After the sermon li rtii'ir-fot cnnii "I Wnnl Wv t.ifi in Tell for Jesus." Elder Martens then GIFTS NOW solemnized the manage! according to the rituals of the Mennonite HUM M- -y 'WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE church. Rev.

J. J. Ilildebrand of Tabor College, after a few fitting remarks, spoke the closing prayer and gave the benediction. A bountiful and very palatable wedding dinner was sorveil to nil nrescnt after the HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS close of the service. The bride is a daughter or Mr.

ana Mrs. A. 11. Regier, one of our influential and most successful farmers east of Buhler and the groom is Last Friday evening the Buhler Fresnien were given a very good practice game by the boys from the seventh and eighth grades. It was a very interesting game for live playing.

Roth sides played hard and the freshmen were made toearn a young man, wnose nonie is near ITomlnrsnn The young couple has a larse circle of admiring and loving friends wno an join in wishing them a long and happy wed everything that was allowed to them. Most all who played were long to be remembered. hose coming from a distance were D. W. Siemens and wife, J.

W. Siemens and wife, F. W. Siemens and wife, B. C.

Willems and wife, Abraham Siemens, Henry Siemens, Cornelius Friesen and J. F. Siemens and wife of Buhlcr, and C. A. Regier and wife of Moundridge, Kansas, and P.

II. Siemens and wife of Lorena, Oklahoma. The services were opened by Rev. D. W.

Siemens a son of Mr. and Mrs. Siemens, giving theinvocation after singing a song very appropriate to the occasion and making some short remarks, emphasizing the thought of remembering the former days. After the opening followed a song led by J. W.

Siemens, expressing the feeling of the whole family on that day. Arthur Schmidt, a grand son, gave a reading which was very well rendered and appropriate to the day. Rev. Henry Bergthold of the M. B.

church at Corn then preached a short sermon, reading for his text Psalm 136, calling especial attention and emphasizing the many and gracious mercies in the lives of them who on that day looked back on fifty years of wedded life. A male chorus, composed of the members of the family', thei sang a beautiful song, which added very greatly to the beauty of the service. Elder II. II. Flaming, pastor of Mr.

and Mrs. Siemens, preached the sermon of the day, choosing for his text Psalm 77:5, "I have considered the days of old, the years of ancient times." After the sermon by Elder Flaming Mr. and Mrs. Siemens told of their experiences during the fifty years of their wedded life, enumerating the many blessings that came to them, ascribing them all to a loving and merciful Providence, who had not only blessed them bountifully with material blessings, but even in a greater measure had cared for their souls, enriching and enlarging their spiritual life. Though clouds of trouble, care and sorrow came to them, they found that the clouds were time and again dispelled by Him who careth to the end.

This gave them new courage, and in the trust of His kindly leading followed Him through all these years. Rev. J. B. Siemens, oldest son of Mr.

and Mrs. Siemens, in the name of the whole family, then presented the parents with an appropriate motto in a gold frame, it being the gift of ded life. stars of some kind especially when the hall was the center of activity After the stars had come and gone SOME ADVANTAGES OF DAIRYING From the Weekly News Letter Published by the U. S. Department of Agriculture 1.

The sale of dairy products furnishes a steady income throughout! the year. The farmer who depends upon crop sales during one or two months of the year, while during the rest of the year he has no cash income. Such a system requires long credits in the community. 2. The market for dairy products fluctuates very little year by year as compared with other farm products.

3. Through the return of manure to the land, the fertility and physical condition of the soil' may be maintained at a high level and crops increased. Even after many years a properly maintained dairy farm has constantly increasing crop yields instead of decreasing ones. 4. In dairying, labor may be utilized at a more uniform rate throughout the year than is nearly any other farm business.

The grain grower example, may have to employ much additional labor at harvest time, but so far as the dairy is concerned, the dairyman has about the same duties to perform every month of the year. Thus, less help is required seasonally and permanent employes may be kept. 5. Through the dairy cow many unsalable roughages may be transformed into products from which cash may be realized. Grass, hay, corn fodder, and other roughage which may not have a ready sale are economically utilized by the dairy cow.

Land which is not suitable for cultivation can be utilized for pasturage for dairy cows. incidently all remained to hear the final verdict of 11 to" 20 in favor of the freshies. Henry Schroeder acted as referee. After the junior stars had all shown the II. S.

boys once more that the game was won, some more Buhleritcs needed practice and so Arnold Nachtigal, A. W. Ralzlaff and J. Siemens were put in to finish up the work so nobly begun by making the last quarter also be a victory for Buhler. Partridge in nobly trying to stem the fate before her had at various times run in the following: A.

Miller, V. Davis, Tedder. The first half being the warming up period for Buhler, ended with the score at 20 and 17 in Buhler's favor. The third quarter, after Buhler had her gave the Partridge hoys an appro hensive lesson in basket ball. The Buhler boys started with the fol lowing line up: forwards Hcibcrt Buller and Gus Thiessen; guards.

Henry Nickel and Curt Siemens, with John Gicsbrccht as the pivot at center. Partridge started with L. Davis and R. Ilendricson as forward, G. Davis and R.

Opdyke as guard and II. Tharp as center. Bidder's slow playing at first made it appear that it might be a tight game, hut the second quarter promised to be the same as the first quarter, even with Bidder's change of Duller in Thiesscns place. Between halves the Buhler bovs decided that it is run ended with tne score at au. io 20 in Buhler's favor.

The last quarter in spite spite of the many changes, ended with the score at CO to 20 in Buhler's favor. Otto Unruh was Ihe referee. The easiest playing was done by John Gicshrccht, who succeeded in dropping the bean through the basket 10 times two of which were free Ihrmuc Til ll lr- li.ll'd but the family. After the presentation of the gift the children and grand children, of whom there is a small number, sang a song expressing their individual feeling as no words of their own could do, and then followed the congratulations of the children, grand children of their brothers and sisters, near relatives and lastly by a. host of friends.

Rev. En gel closed the services, making dropped the bean only 13 times play- some fitting remarks, speaking the closing prayer and giving the benediction. After the service a very inviting and delicious evening dinner was served to all present. On departing everyone carried with him the knowledge of a day pleasantly and -well spent, wishing Mr. and Mrs.

Siemens many happy returns of their wedding anniversaries and a life serene and peaceful with the lengthening of the shadows towards the setting of their life's sun. By One of Their Relatives. about time to play real basket ball and so a decided walkaway was staged when the pigskin found the riithinp h.iskft 15 times making a to ing tne entire rioor. imckci hi running guard played an excellent game with Curt Siemens at stationary f. tinued on Page 8) tal of 30 points in one quarter.

Now rfrnrrnrnirrTirnilTTlfifm Christmas Inventory Sale on FURNITURE TV Ideal Christmas Gift. Some Suggestions: BRASS BED GRAND PIANO HOGS FOR PORK AND PROFIT A Seventy Page Booklet on that one subject has been received by us. The first one hundred farmers calling at our bank will be given one of these valuable books free. BUHLER STATE BANK IB HJ mi 0 0 151 Toys for the children at The Nyal Store. Mr.

and Mrs. J. F. Siemens and Mr. and Mrs.

C. A. Regier returned from an extended visit to Corn, Oklahoma, at the end of last week. While there they attended the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs.

Jacob Siemens. Winter wants can be purchased at a big saving at Johnson Siemens' Stock Reducing Sale. P. R. Lange, who has been engaged in evangelistic work at different points of came home Saturday.

At the beginning of the second semester he will enroll as a student in McPherson College. Xmas Candies and Nuts at the Nyal Store. Mr. and Mrs. F.

W. Siemens, who accompanied Mr. and Mrs. 'J. W.

Siemens to Corn, Oklahoma, for the golden wedding of their parentis, came back by rail, leaving it to J. W. Siemens to bring the Ford back through the deep mud in Oklahoma. Special prices on fresh Xmas candies and nuts for churches and schools at the Nyal Store. Mr.

and Mrs. W. F. Regier visited at the home of J. J.

Buhler last week. While here Mr, Regier attended the Endeavor meeting Sunday. Many items in our toilet goods department makes an ideal Xmas present. The Nyal Store. A new baby boy arrived at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. II. T. Lorenz Monday morning. The News joins with the friends in congratulation.


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