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The Hutchinson Examiner from Hutchinson, Kansas • 3

The Hutchinson Examiner from Hutchinson, Kansas • 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Business Notices. Business Notices Brevities. THE EXAMINER. THIS IS THfc. COCK THAT CROWED IX THE MOR.N, An change combats with consider-J alio vigor the arunrent that the city Darrd are cbemer and letter than the I To the Editor Referiug to the bridge bonl submitted for the 20.

ins'. 1 wish tita a few county papers because they give more columns of reading for the Bo ibe tity papers, it asks, ever jii'-'e you any hoaie tie Never. Do they fay anyth'ng in regnrl to your own county? Nothing. Do tliy contain notices of your school, ehurche, improvement and hundreds of other local nutters of interest, which your pap'r publishes without pay? Nt an item. Do they say a word edcu'ated to draw attention your county and its numerous thriving towns, aid in their progress and ntcrpiise Not a word.

And yet there are men who take such extracted 4 views of this usattt-r that tnless they arc getting us many square inches of was, shnll we pay for ill bri lg-readin- matter in their own piper as es in or ue bona Pur- Whr do you look so hard a1 roods They are not high, lui cheap at it-vrf BiroV. Wanted! Tvo good girls to do work, at the Keuo House-Apply at once. 3i-tf. Good Teas at Decker Smth's. 2S tt All kinds of Dry Goods, cheap, II.

Kaff's. 32 tf VICTOR, SOMETHING NEW 111 FjHE most complete folding Desk a ever invented. Doweled with heavy wire. Can he seen at M. Roddy's Furniture Store Agent tor Reno, liice and McPherson counties.

33-tf. Dotn i edro has ordered a pair of boots from RaiTs mammoth Dry Goods, Shoe Store. 32-tf For Sale. At Stone Livery Stable, a line Stallion, live vears old, sixteen hands high, weight 1 500 lbs. Will sell for cash.

For particulars iu-quire of Josm Reeson. w-. a a Chrisman Rozell sell good harness cheap. 2G tf Ready made Clothing, at 32 tf Raff Bro's. The El ward Harvester is for sale on the Iotadj-'ining the Coin- mercial Hotel, lrial proves this to be the best machine out.

Geo. W. Cowan, Agt 33 tf A New Gallery. Call at mv Gallery on North Main street, irom Lmpcy Cc lmr rell's not more than ten feet; Dr. Neal is on the North and under same roof, l.e can take of your head, or jerk out a tooth, 43 is the number, (it is casdr found,) the ar tist himself is always around.

He wilt make pictures single, or oy the dozen, of yonself, aunts, uncles or cousins, and color in water, in oil or in ink; in fact every way of which you can think. He'll put you on paper, iron, or porce lain plate, and many other ways too numerous to state, and give a picture well polished and dressed, 'as cheap as the cheapest and good as the best. Bring oi your babies, for only just think, we can take their dear faces before thev can wink, and finish the picture witl neatness and haste, that will tai not to please the most delicate taste. The mother may have a wrinkled up face, in the pic ture You'll feo but a very slight trace. The father weighed down with sand blows and care, but in the image no signs of it there.

Rlotchee and blemish es Jackson can fix, the trade is hie own, its one of his tricks. Come have vour picture in modern style, painted with light, aud clothed with ti smile. 30 -It GOING TO COLORADO. Take the Atchison, Topeka Santa Fo Railroad, the new and popular lino from Atchison and Kansas Citt, via tho bcautitul Arkansas valley, to Pueblo, Colora do SprixgsDlnvkr, Canon Citt, otoiiaras, Dkl Norte, Trinidad, Santafe and all points in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Special round trip 00 day tickets to Detiver on sale May 15th, at fifty dollars taking in the famous watering places on tho D.

fc R. Road. Low emigrant rates tn San Juan Mines. Pullman Palace Sleeping- Cars between the Missouri River and the llocky Mountains without change. Close connections made at Kansas City and Atchison in Union Depots.

For mars, time tables and the "San Juan Guide," addrss, T- J. Anderson. Gen. J'ass. AyL, 25tt Topeka, Kan.

Editor Examiner' -Allow mo a few lines in your" paper, to answer an attack in last weeks New6 under the head of Religious mat ters, the writer ot which did not attach his name to the article. The Editor of the News has visited the place often enough to learn whether or not it is Nine or Ten pin alley. As to the round dance spoken of in his article we freely confess we ktiow nothing about, as we know nothing about dancing. All we hare say about the gamb ling and thieving attached, is that in a general way the grandest rascal or worst thief squeals first or in other words turns 6taies evidence. In conclusion 1 would say that 1 have paid a license to the city of Hutchinson to run a Ball Alley for one year, and hope it will not interfere with any one preach- in the Gospel if he is qualified! or prohibit our omco seeding r.un or from minding his own business.

We presume the profit of the honse would be gladly received either at the or the basket. Ytiurs AiMcIittuffT. Decker Smith -tell GreccricS cheao. (hill and sec them. 2Stf bushels of shelled corn wanted at once at Christopher's.

27 tf Picture Moulding and Picture Frames cheap at Iiuddy's. 27 tt 2,000 bushels ot oats wanted at once at Christopher's. 27 tt Cigars, tobacco etc. at DickejV NEW7 GROCERY STORE. l'or Bargains in Groceries, call nr.

Decker Smith. 27 tf Attkxtiox Fa.rmes. tf you want cash tor your grain, call at the Llrick Office X. Main street. 27 tf Decker fe Smith give as many jjjroceries tur a dollar as any other house in the city.

2S tf 1. ots Shoes Cheap at II Raft's 28-tf New Grocery fetore: Decker mi r.i keep a full iine of Canned Fruit Trv. it. 27 tt J'icture Frames cheap at 1. Wilcox.

Mouhlin 27 tf Croquet for tsale at 'the P. O. Book store. D. Wilcx.

27-tf New Goods. New Goods. Everybody is Hocking to Goldberg Mincer's lor their soring clothing. A big stock of men and boys ready made suits just received They are selling them very cheap. Try those fresh baked crackers at the city bakery.

22 tt Goldberg Mincer, will open this week, two cases ot standard prints, good styles, which they will sell 20 yards for one dollar. Yon can buy more goods fo one dollar at Goldberg Mincer'8 than at anv other house in the Arkansas Valley. It you want cheap goods, go to 32 tt Raff Hko's. staple and fancy groceries cheap cash, at Empey Hurreirs tf for For Sugar and Cofiee cheap go to 28 tf Decker Smith. Empey Hurrell ive a nice thin? in the tea and eotfje line, try it.

tt Dible Depository. A large and new stock. 3mo Burt.Wilcox. We have a large line of clothm which we now offer for sale; pants from seventy-live cents up. 32-tf Goldberg Mincer.

Harrows for sale by E. Wilcox cG Co. 28 tf Uatt liro's sell Roots, Shoes, 32-tf NEW GROCERY STORE, Dkcker Smith sell Groceries Cheap for Cash at Norman Ing ham old stand. 27 tf Four dollars will bay a good of clothes at 32-tf Goldberg Mixcer. Farming Implements of all kinds for sale by E.

Wilcox Co. 2Stf KE dO STO E. New and Frosh Grocceries at 27tt Decker Smith's. Dickey's Drug Store. The oldest drug house in Reno county, sells pure drugs cheap tor cash.

Owing to tho fact of drugs de-dining daily, we aie prepared to sell cheap at Dickey s. tf How Is This? When you buy worth of Patent Medicine at Allison's Drug Store, he will give rou a ten cert cake of Toilet Soap, and for 50 cents worth a live cent cake, all ot the best qualify. 30 It IVcw Grocery tore, A good line of Cigars ik Tobacco at Decker Su-itu's. 27 tf Throw Them Away. Those old pair of boots or shoes, and call at Goldberg Mincer's and select a new pair from their im mense stock just received.

A com plete lini of men women and children's boots and shoes, at Goldberg Mincer's. tf HowIsThisP When you buy worth ot Patent Medicine at Allison's Drug Store, he will give you a ten cent lcakc ot Toilet Soap, and for 50 .1 II uuiiits worm, a tivu cent caKC. mi of the best quality. 30 -It The party who borrowed my Overcoat last Winter, will please return the same and receive mv thanks, winter being over, I pre-suni'i to ask this favor. 26 tf A.B.

Dickey. Something Haw, Goldberg Mincer's will receive (this wcok a large shioment ot Soring and Summer goods, bought especially for the Spring and Summer trade. We will also ooen a I new line standard rrints of the jlatefet Styles, which WO will Sell 16 yards for 1.O0. at tacts. 1st.

When tb.2 grant of liht-away was given the water power coinpauy lor changing the channel of cow c.eek it wa3 distinctly understood by all tint said on behalf of the company, lhat we wou'd r.ot undeitike the work except tip cmdi'im that the City should build th necessary bridge, and ihe ordinance pis-eJ with those conditions uudejisto d. Thut tin. is irae is shown by the actios of tha present and former city Cornell, bo of which decided to build bridges, and advertised for b'ds for that purpose. 2d, The rpte-ti-u before the city p-'se. 1 lun is lliii qut-stiMi no before the voters of tha ci aul tho only questi 'U.

3rd. 1 am too Lusy cn r.ur Water Power anl getti.ig re'dy to build a to st-p to argue thi questlm as to lie generosity an 1 pubic spirit of thos3 ho prop ise to against the in t.rler'to compel the wa'er power company to buiU tho bridges; will siy, tint a deTe it of the bonds will came tha city tax-payers ex picse. in build iux the bulges with scrp, we tny i.ow, as we? said a1 firs', we cannot he compelled to build the biiljres, and have no interest in the matter except as tax 4th. As tax-p'iyers and citizens we have alw-iyi tr ed to do our duty in all hit relates to pnblc improvements, When the was propos we (C- C. Co )gave two Mai slri'Ct 1 its, rth 30 0 and several 1 lots where the mill staud.

and we did not attempt to avail of any technical defects iu the manner in Thieh the steam mi 1 co npany fulfill their con'ract but deeded Lts as agreed upon. How much was gi. en to that or any other public enterprise thise ni uspicious in opposing theso bonds C. Ilutclrusou. Our young friend Wiili-s Foote went to Sun City weak on and whilst attending to his cattle ranch, observed a herd of wild horses at a distance quietly feeding, and being an cx pert "s'i of the laeso he dcteranti-ed to try his skill in capturing ot He moun'eJ cn hi celebrated California and was no time in coming up with the herd.

He selected as'the victim of hi3 op a beaut iful c-dt which he succeeded in 1 Dursng the chnse he lassoed ihe dt live times, but his horse nn so fast tint he coull iot stop until the colt id succeeded in exfrteat'ng from the rope. Mr. Foote brought the colt hoTe with him and considers it a prize well won. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the audience at tho Court House cn Tuesday last, was large in f.ict so full was the house it would have been impossible to accomodate more. The entertainment bcga'i by an overture which was a saeccss as the hou-'C testified by its appreciation The whole cutcitiinmeut was good, cou-isting of choice selections.

To in.ikc mention of any particular part would be injustice to the rest who strove so hard to fill the programme, yet we cannot fvb3ar making mention of Masters Spark Dot win won for themselves the laimls of the eveninir Alf Wyman too did enough to cause all to fed happy and Lugh loudly. Miss Peak f-huu'd not fail mention, in her sol she won from the audience the opinion tint she knew her work well and could perform it. The "srrhole city prahe the entertainment. Hutchinson is the only city along the A. T.

S. F. II. It. cf any importance that has not street Iampg.

Would it not be ad visible for the eity council to apprj-priate a sufficient amount to pl tce a lamp at every corner, at least on i and Sherman Streets? The art of piogress-ion those dark nights is not the most complete success. Let ihi matter be at-teuded to. Thursdiy last we paid a visit to the new mil! which is built by Hutch-iusons. The work is progresing rapidly, and before long we may expee1 to cat bread made of flour from tint mill. Mr Hutchmsou has about forty hands aud about twenty five teams working day" aud Light.

One more victim to whisky this week, the subiect taken cuanre by Captain Lee mac, it. required the effort of a couple tj suhjugate hun. He was tried the next moinitig and enriched the City Treasury. Ram Ins hcen plenty this Sprng we no longer hear the cry 'drouthy Kansas, "Snaky Kansas'' would be more appro. llibc RafT, says Blaine flics to put up a diiuk.for.a sun Cool.

Suusbiae. Ilaia Suadny. The Unknown. 'I dlnx zo Tenpins ro brisfe. Pull oj yo rubbers.

Oue suVscrilier this week. Good board at Mrs. 3Iadji lie's gone to St. Louis. Tuesday was a wet day.

Goldberg Minoer bay wool, lied Moore has had his hair cut. Uutchiniu is improving rapidly. How about the Centennial 7 Scott is that little story true The Peak Bell Ringers have goue. Sioim, rain ami bail Saturday. Croquet is the order of the duy.

Winslow has flags cf all nations. M. E. Allison goes East this week. Wo miss the Great Bnd Itcistcr.

Ned Moore rusticated Monday lart. Gall Fontrou do a big buniness. Empey Kurrell sell groceries cheap. Proceedings of lh City Conncel next week. Wednesday cold, rainy and disagreable.

Henry Clark prepares prescriptions at Dicky's. Kosan are selling a. great deal of land. paid us a visit, Wednesday lust Geo. Gall keeps a fine selection of ladus' goods Lon, you played a double nand Sunday last.

of the was in the citv TuendaT hst." Sam, lias cir thanks for mending our co.vt. gidlinger got a start in business by the storm. Last week we had an addition of forty one aub- criber Go see E. L. Meyer's coliec.iin of centen nial flu ss.

The young folk eujny croquet wben the weatu er permits. Allliright wore a Pittsbnrj costume, Tuesday flight last. The republican conrention met in Cincinuat Judge Langdpn ca'led Monday, -we were out' call a-jaia. Jutlce Landon liuu new potatoes, hows thaj for early fruit. C'irismau Las not returned from Philadelphia yet Oa Monday healthful sbowers visited Hutchinson, Martin counted forty-6ve Jack Rabbits Monday Inst.

T. Empty Currcll called during the present week. We publish a communication from A. Mcln" tnrff.ou third page. The Sun made its first appearance during the week ou Wednesday Youst aboud half pant ate, ve always hear a nockin on dot oud side gate.

Our band goes to McPherson and our celebration is a failure. E. J. Russell, of the Exnminer office was in the s'orm urday last. The bridge across the Arkansas has been repaired.

It needed it bailly. We return thanks for an inyitati to the cro-qjet pany, given across the It. R. last week. A ball! A ball A ball Rise .11 seems to be the cry of "Topekiles" just now.

Mr. Rogers of Atcliinson is in the' Citv ha represents the Srtn of lyinsey Simpson. Joe Talbctt wore a heavy over coat and blue pants, (boot tops visible,) Tuesday night. Fred Russell Esq. was badly injured by fijing timbers during the storm Saturday hist.

Swazie send yonr Blade regularly, we cant do without it. Cause why? It is the best paper in the state The side walks aro a protection when on them but street limps will increase the possibility to stay oa them. Rev U. M. Miore delivered two elcgant sermons Sunday last to large aud appreciative audiences.

Lon Itad wore an a'pacca pigeon tail coat, tripe stripped, a let ntoffe vest kaee iuts aud straw hat Tuesday nigK. Mr, llo'mesof Lexinsrton. who has resent-ly locale 1 anions ns. lias returned to but will be back in a few days. Mr.

Leslie an fiiniSy, of L-udon county, Virginia are at the Reuo House. Mr. Letlie will locate in Hutchinson. Hail as large a a birds egg. fell plentifully Saturday last, but straugii to sny no damage was done the Dot" tie bey that beat the drum with the Teak Famjly, sold several of our young sports on the Centennial ring During the storm r'a-urtlay last, winds were observed to change so rapidly that they were supposed by some, to come from all points at once.

Lanterns dotted the streets Tuesday night to such an extent, as to cause one to thiuk of "Twinkle, twinkle little star, I wonder where the mud boles List of Letters rena'ning uncalled for at the office at Hutchinson, Kansas, June ti. if net ca'led for in four we ska, wiil be cent to the dead letteroffice. AskenJnhn. Couch TI. Crain Miss Rosa.

Ouuniurrham John. Elliott Sol. iraff Andrew. V.c Milieu Mm. Carrie.

Paul L. A. Pylis Dorcas. Wison M. A.

Willacis ileurr. Wakefield Clara. HEI-D FOB POSTAGE. Alice Avery Center, N. Y.

Miiton A. Bradv, Maxville. Kr, s. Frank Loin. Trentou, LI." Joyton Jay, ludiasapolis.

lad. Feroi.scani-fot!-:seIefcrsMea-esay"ad rw.rcox. r-M. TEI3 PAPER IS TILE WITH Where ACvertliUig Cur tracts ecn be naada. Two Dollars per year in rdvance.

Advertising ratee made bnwn on application. THIS JS THE OFFICIAL PAPER Of tha City of Hutchinson and Co-of Reno- Pa-ties ciesirinss Information of tho Official Acts of the City and County Administrations, should Subscr ibD for The Examiner. SPECIAL RATES! Single copy, one year, in advance of tt-ii twenty Crabs of twenty or more $2 00 1 60 i 1 HOME NEWS. On Saturday Iat the sovthern por ti itf our Mount was V'iti'd bv the mofct temtuc stonn ever known this i stclimof coun'ry mucu its setllviuietit. A strong wind hid beei blowing from the Foulh for forry eight mis previous l-J o'cLek a heavy, black cloud slowly moving tow-mis us from Ihe northeast, and increased it density and Llucknea, as it approached, unl extending over naar'y the whole and aboit o'clock it broke upoa us with fury.

An eye Witness of some of its furies, gives lhs Jo lowing: I was on my way luune, from town, and seeing the storm rapidly approaching, sought belter at Mr. White's, and succeeded in gcttiig ly l.orc in the stahlu just, as the commenced. Mr. Iiit and his ten, Warren, John Fred lscl) and tuyswir were iu tho stab'a 'J he rain Was falling in sheet and wind very hard from the suddvnly the wi. changed to the rioithea-t, and llevv a tcniilio gile and iu Ic-s than I lire minutes the stubh, Itous1, outbuildings, wagons, nuu hinery, a'id in fact everything was eompkteij and dc-troyd.

5fy huggy was smashed to afonn. I found thi rim of some of the wheels one Inlf mile away, one wheel In-? imyet bjen found. The inmatts of the house, with the exception of White, were blown sev-tr il hundred feet, to tin utt or a hay ttack, vbuh all' riled a ight f-iielter. is. White was in debi of thy we inuu-diatcly ret to work ext'ie itisig her, when ikeu -tU she was insensible and 1 th: ught Uviid, bat straage ti ly.

iot i u-ly l'juretl. Waiivm Wliae hid his ar.n lally broke. i aul Ktntteiel, Tied iiusricli revived i blow. upon of the head. -Ill the nst escaped vrt'iout injury, We give sjn-rs's of the da nagc ilr.

Marti i 11 shorts' sod tne fouith mile north, was 1.1 wn to and his little girl carried the wind, to Mr. White' a'id mt ut all hurt. Mrs partly i'liii -d iii th sod, not l. il crtson'd" mile the same fit none of the inmates injured. Mr.

U. G. Williams' Iiouse was lifted buddy and carried about ten rods and dropped, making a total wreck. Mr. aul Mrs.

Williams were considerably injured, and their joungest child we fear Toe school house was literally rendered into shreds, Jiai. Mi-ro's and Mr. Iltu's houses vreie blown off the foundations, Frank Vincent's house badly dauiigcd aud furniture all gone; Mr. Crip l'i Ts premises a total wreck! Lin-c. i Stone school house desU-oytd.

Mr. la's and Win- ilcMurry's house's cables blown in and rtherwisc damaged 'J he porches were snipped off from Am-as i Smith's house and his outbuildings destroyed. Frank rierce'i1 house mid El. Handy 's and Mr. Suaian's stables blown down.

Mr. Parsons' hcusj t-l- Mrs. Parsons badly injured, their htile child was blown some distance an I was not fouud for several hours, but not injured. ut little damage dona to crops, which are looking unusuilly wel and, notwithstanding tho losses to some are heavy, yet cons-iJermg the seventy cf the -storm, but littlo damage was done an all are iu good spit and at work with lhat will and cu.rgy wieh is of the citizens of our County. The sufferers have the sympathy of the entire community, whj will do all iu th'tir power to relieve them.

The brick work is completed iu the Innk Block, This block is now one of the handsomest in the city. The rooms of Mr.Fontron will soou be ready for occupation aul then we may cspect to $ee things in his line of business sold much ohfuper at present, for In -rill have "ao rent to pay." to r. hid: Waked Jh'c Merchant aV Forlorn- ANVD TOLD' THEM THEPlV BETTER ACKNOWLEDGE THE CORNi For Empey Bnrreli sell ies, yueenswaro and Glass- ware Cheaper than-any Rouse in' OPPOSITION HAS ITO TE 11-li ORS FOR We welcome the how Stores com" ing to Town, and now as formerly, that we can sell lower than any of therm WE ME AX JUST, WHAT VTE SAY, AXD DEFY COM- If you hafo cash wo will give 6iV more goods for it than. any Other Firm in the State of Kansas. Uino aria see what we will a a do for yon EMPEY fc BURRELL.

Auction Saleslf j. irdiuBMY, Will sell at AUCTION every Saturday, at 10 o'clock, Horses Mules Ponies Work Cattle etc. etc AT-5 livery stable: 8 10 Sherman Hutchih' son, Kansas. "Persons having' any thing to to Sell. Bring it1 J.

McMURRAY. 17m o3 KINNET Wilt do 11 kiniVof5 mm It aouss ana ign ramung. IU fhrt clafe etyle end at reasontble rkte. Irf I 1 1 A KISS. XI.

E. P1EST CLASS4lilNER' xo.sissffHrfcniisM;- tr-Tte ladle Hatcbium and informed that the fashionable opeulojr of the la-text etytes In Millinery od at Mr. BonrU-uer's parlors. tjcraat-seB anythintr heretofr f-, feredlu this This is the place to view present peason's styles. An kinds or ctmc and tailoring.

DeWITT RTiMfetlY, Gun- ani: Blacbsinithin Tires set without Cutting; EAST snEBMAN i-T, tney diiua city paper, they are not getting the worth of their uione. It junnds us of the person whotiok th largest pair of boots in tha box, siuij-l b.cmse they est the stine as the pair much smaller that fitted hiui. L. Martin and 13u.t Wilcox took (iiivc to the country Monday last They report tha wrJtk all it is t-aid to le. Theyg-t a good country diuner.

h'ch was a blessing to During th ir journey thy succeeded in killing an enormous garter uike, which adds greallv tJ their laurels. Oar doesn't "liuf-s'' state iu the above, that he was one of the pnity, nor that he was the hero that rnshad frantically out and dispatched the snake, (it is unnecessary 10 ly tnai. it nau ueeu ujiaiieu eumc time previous.) It may be that he was ashamel of the company. At any rate the good people, where we dined surmised that there was a third along from the amount of "grub destroyed. Tilr: Centeni.i 1 Mi.isirel's will giv an entertainment -for the benefit of tho-e who have suffered from the recent storm.

A committed of two persons will be appointed to take eh-irge of the fun and that they are used for that purpos aud see them, they will give a first class ul of itself, i- well your patron igc, without iheir ch.uicable object. The have otie or two "tA professionals. .1 1 1 1 1 L.J, Kirkpalrick of Kokomo, nd. who his Leon in Hutchinson for the pasf' tw ni uiihs, If; I ist night for Iih oil where he will remain for a short time occupied in fettling up his si i css ati ry iis rem val to this oun try. Mr.

Kilpatrick is a lawyer by prid'essi and good De u-oerat we welcome l.i.n to Huttliiuson nisi hope lie nny prosper. Ilury Potwiii tha Well known f.lothier of Iiwranc3, visas, our genial cituen A. II. 3Ioffett a i at omio of jeweley, uf cuff buttons, col-ar buttons, studs, cud nin. It rsjlefs ft us to siv thev hecomo Moffett, for all who know him k'low tint ar thing becomes Liai.

MoiFolt of cour.c returns thaiiks Messrs, Jones have begun w- rk on the building in the Ilfgner Clock. This begins to look like Hutchinson would yet be a city ot sold brick- Ever ttiett in this place is having its own improvements in tha wny of buil "-h'g. Houses fi rent, are few and rcat hiijrh. A larger number would increase the demand for low rents, h'ch is a very essen'id point just now. Geo.

Ilarphaui who has been among us fr a short time past, wi I leave for Sin Francisco, where he proposes practicing his profes i m. Mr. Harpham during his stay here is mads numoers of iiionds who difdike to see him depart, but at the same time they take pleasure in rccouiuicnli ig hitr. to the Citizens of any pride in hi accquaintance. Oar merchants are advertising their business through the "greenback" system "This" is a piece of iper the size, color and appearance of a two djllar bill, with the name and hue of business of the firm, piiuttd tl ereupon The bills are at.

a fpecified per cent. J. Manning who represents the Linn Co. (Mo)Xurserie, nas sold during the past week, trees and shrubberies to the amount of many dollars. He deals in good stock wh'ch represents itself, consequently, sales are easy.

Ox Moadiy bst our uisil box contained a letter from Dodge City. It says cattle are thick, and getting thicker about Dodge, it also says. "Give us a bank." The Peak Family Baud gave our cit izens a scrccade Tuesday last. They were drawn, by Talbot Meads faur' Jody holding the ribbons. The costume cf Christopher Tnesday night last was in fas-t, so plain that nobody noticed it..

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