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Our Union from Hutchinson, Kansas • 3

Our Union from Hutchinson, Kansas • 3

Our Unioni
Hutchinson, Kansas
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mmMmlmmMM Mm Mm On Monday morning, shortly before noon, a crowd had congregated at the The Salt Workers' Journal, j. j. j. 4 Sunday at -the Park. Last Sunday the ttreet cars bore a announcing an A.

H. U. meeting at 13 r'M hi is A SUBP(ENA TO YOU; FAIL NOT; Under penalty of missing a good opportunity to purchase a Clock for $3.00 just the kind you're been looking for an eight-day clock with strike and alarm. Don't speak of quality when you see our name on them; that's sufficient; that goes everywhere. But come and see these clocks; they're something extra.

Beside clocks, you know what to expect to find in a full stocked, first-class, reliable jewelry store like MANTELE MENKE'S, 104 NORTH MAIN STREET, a 11 RAILOAD TIME CARDS. SVXlsso-uri Pitclfio. EASTWARD Lecal Freight (dully) leaves. Ht. LoiiIh Mail (dully) leaves I W.

('. Ace, mixed, leave. m. 10:28 a. m.

4:10 p. 111. WESTWARD Local Freight leaves iW. Acc mixed, arrives. Denver Express (daily) leaves.

10:38 a. m. 7:82 p. Daily except Sunday. Cars run through to St.

Lonis without change. Chair cars to Denver free of charge. This is the short line to all points west. J. Lkimbacii, Agent.

H. C. Townsbnd, Gen. Pas. Agent.

Jo IlgL AHHIVK8. No. 3, Mail and Express 6:10 p. m. No.

Freight and Accommodation 11:56 a. in. DKPA11T8. JNo. 1, Mall and Express 8:05 a.

m. No. 5. Freight and Accommodation SMS p.m. JDally.

IDttily except Sunday. Close connection made at Hutchinson and Kingman with diverging lines. Santa IPo Iloxito. In effect on and after March 25 181)4. WESTBOUND.

Leave Arrive Leave trains. anaas Hutchiu- Ilutchin- City. eon. son. DenACtahVKx 5:25 p.

m. California Lim. 3 HMflp.m. Colo. Night Kx 7 m.

in. Mex Kx 1 Freight 39 m. Freight. 43 KASTBOUNO. 2S Arrive Leave Arrive trains.

Uutchin- liutchln Kansas son. son. Ci'y. N. Y.

Lim Ex. 4 Ti40p.m. ChicasoVExCB 6 Mo.KiverEx.. 8 8:15 p.m. Atlantic Ex.

8 Freight 44 m. a. in C3a.lca.g-o. ZZaxieaa 3c 'Weoteta. Ilntchinson Extension.

Leave Traing- 1 9:48 p.m. Accom'tlon 341 8:25 a.m. 1 :40 p.m. rve Arrive "Arrive Kinsley Kansas K1U8'ty son. City.

N.Y.Lim.Kx. 4 8:15 a.m. 4:40 p.m. Atlantic 2 8:00 a.m. Accom'tlon 342 3:10 p.m.

7:45 p. ni Santa Fe depot awaiting the arrival of the east bound passenger. There had been some colored folks from Wichita visiting in the city and as they intended returning home on this train their friends were on hand to see thera aboard the cars. It seems that some of the bucks were out on the platform talking about women when a remark was made by Tom Owens to which John Cunningham took exceptions. A wordy war led to blows and Cunningham drew a knife and gave owens rather a severe cut across the ribs.

Seeing what he had done Cunningham became frightened and ran down the track to the east, but was by officers and brought back. Pandemonium reigned supreme for a few moments, women fainted and there was a general blubbering and hubbub. Some of Owens' friends had a great notion to take Cunningham away from the police, and were only quieted by an officer drawing his revolver and caution ing them to keep back. Cunningham was safely lodged in jail and at his pre-liminary hearing before Justice Cannell was bound over to the district court in the sum of $200 to answer to the charge of assault with intent to kill. Not being able to furnish bond he was lodged in jail.

Owens is not badly hurt and will bo all right in a few days, Frank Mills, a colored man, was ar raigned before Justice Cannell's court this week on a charge of stealing wheat from a car on the Rock Island track on the 4th inst, Mills was caught in the act of taking the wheat and claimed he had purchased it from one of our mill men, but after he had given a discription of the man from whom he claimed to have made the purchase, it was found that this individual was in Oklahoma on that day. He was found guilty of grand larceny and bound over to the district court Being unable to secure bondsmen he was lodged in jail. The Standard Grocerv bus a full and oomnlptn of 'fresh VM-prahlps puprv aay lor you 10 Beieci irom at me lowest, mnrk-pf uricf Their linA of properips ia fi sr. nl ass in fiver rmrfimilar and a trial order from them will convince you that a 1 it it is money savea 10 aeai wim mem. Thei-olored folks are makiner nrenar- attnna Inr errand timft at.

thn narlr Emancipation Day. they have invited speakers Irom abroad, and tnose who attend are assured a rare treat. Santa Fe Excursions. Annual Meeting Bnptist Young Peo ple's Union Toronto, Ontario, Julv 19th to 22nd, 1894. One fare for the 'round trip.

Knights of Pythias Conclave Wash ington, D. in August. One fare for the round trip. Annual Encampment Grand Army of the Republic Pittsburg. Pennsylvania.

September 8th to 101894. One fare for the round trip or further information regarding these excursions as to rates, limits, dates of sale, privilcdes. sleeping car reservations, call on or address the undersigned. J. D.

Sweeney, Agent Santa Fe Route. Those who desire the finest invitations for weddings, receptions, parties of all kinds, openings, are invited to this office to inspect our work and stock and learn prices. We have the newest to be found in the city as all who testify who have seen them and the ladies say our calling cards for ladies will compare with the best Chicago work. A trial order from our new type, just received, will prove all (he ladies and we say- Summer Tourist Rates. Commencing at once the Santa Fe will sell tourist tickets to September 30th, limited foe return to and including Octo.

ber 3 1st, to Clear Lake, Iowa, Mackinaw City, Michigan. Madison, Milwaukee and Oconnovoc, Wisconsin, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Spirit Lr.keand Okobeji Lake, Iowa, White Sulphur Springs, W. aud many other points east and northeast. For further information regarding rates, sleeping car reservations, call on or address the undersigued.

J. D. Swsfnky. Agent ants Fe ltoute. Very Low Rates.

The Santa Fe have on sale daily one way first-class continuous passage rates to the following points: Trinidad, $12.00. Albuquerque, $22.70. Denver 1 Pueblo $10.75. Colorado Springs, Ogden First Class $25. Salt Lake Second Class $18.00.

H. M. DICKEY, Dealer in DIIUGS, Groceries and Provisions, 117 South Main, prepared to deliver to your homes first class staple and fancy groceries at prices that "will astouish you. Give 117 a trial and be convinced. the park at 3 o'clock.

This was a matter of news to the members of the A. R. U. as they had not culled a meeting for Bun As some one had displayed their immaculate gall by assuming to cull a meeting of an organization of which they were not even a member, several of the A. R.

U. boys went to the park to gaze on the being who had presumed to assume so much authority. This notice also attracted a goodly number of our citizens to the park who believed the II. U. was to hold a pub lit; meeting there, and the subject under discussion would be the present railroad trouble.

In this they were disappointed as it was cne of the regular Sunday after noon meetings held at the Gazette read ing room, only it was transferred to the park. At the opening some time was consumed by Editor Foster and E. C. Clark in explanation of the A. R.U.

placard. Mr. Clark adndtted that he had placed the bulletin on the street cars and assumed the entire blame, but in the same breath attempted to relieve himself of the responsibility of error by Baying that Foster was to have invited the A. R. U.

to be present. While the apology, so far as its publicity was concerned, was satisfactory, the boys are not at all satisfied with outsiders using their organization asa means to attract a crowd for personal aggrandizement. There is a scheme back of it which is very thin and easily seen into. Clark, Eccles and Malcom were the speakers, and while some good points were presented, a few of the arguments were so far brought as to be of no use under present conditions. Everett Smitherman, who resides in the sand hills north of this city, was arrested Thursday morning by Constable Hodge on a charge of burglary.

The night before some one had broken into the coal office of Ed Odell and after breaking into the money drawer in the safe extracted about $15 therefrom This office has been often that Ed does not lock the outer door to the safe and very seldom leaves any money in the cash drawer. Ed suspicioned young Smitherman and went to Justice Can-nell'8 office and procured a warrant for him, but instructed Constable Dick Hodge to investigate before serving it, and if Smitherman was not the individual wanted he would pay the costs in the case. Dick done his work right and got a confession and part of the stolen money. Smitherman had some accomplices who are known and if not arrested by this time soon will be. In Justice Cannell's court he was found guilty of burglary and bound over to the district court.

As bond was not procured he was lodged in jail. Sidney Shipman, who lives with his grandmother, Mrs. J. M. Sample, in Medora township, climbed up on a wind mill tower about 0 o'clock Sunday evening and accidentally run the four fingers of his right hand through the cog-wheels of the mill.

It was necessary to amputate the two middle ones. The boy was two miles from home hen the accident occurred. It is a wonder that he did not fall from the tower, which would, probably have caused instant death. Herald. The market in this city is full of every thing the appetite craves in the way of fruits and the following will show, and the prices for the week were as follows: Apples, per bushel.

75 cents; pears, per bushel, 60 cents; goose plums, per bushel, CO cents: wild plums. per bushel, CO cents; cabbage, three heads for 10 cents; cucumbers, per dozen, 10 cents; blackberries, per crate, eirgs. per dozen, Si cents; butter, 15 cents; green corn, per dozen ears, 5 cents. We offer this paper one year free of charge to the person bringing to this office the ears of corn of this year's crop, by November Jst. We de sire to get the largest to place on exhibi-tson in our office, hence we make the above offer.

The subscription price of the Journal is 75 cents per year. Now, farmers, let us see who will he the lucky one. We will publish the names of all those who compete, and also publish the name of the person who wins the prize. A very remarkable record was made during the pastorial charge of Key. C.

Rowland Hill in this city. There was only one death and not one marriage in his church during his stay here, although his congregation is large. Rev. Morgan hopes that the marrying feature of the case will change somewhat during his stay with us. Young people, what are you doing? Headlight.

Gee Hedrick and Ralph Heryer gave an exhibition of their mesmeric powers Monday evening at the medicine show on First avenue. The performance was a good one and showed that these boys could handle subjects in a professional manner. A-nSTID OUB T7NT02ST. Subscrintion. centi a year.

Advertiiing rate! mads known oa application at tnu omco. Should our subscriber! fail to receive the Iouhnal regular they will confer a favor on ui by reporting the ame at thii ofuce. ITEMS LOCAL AND OTHERWISE. Subscribe f-r the J. W.

Dicks was in the city Thursday, A. Butler was in Wichita this week As i 'miial the circus brought us nice rain. Mrs. Will Peering visited friends here this week. Go to Clark's union barbershop for work in his Hue.

n3-tf A splendid rain visited this vicinity Monday morning. Mr. Jas. Rozell came home from Cameron a few days ago. There was a large crowd in the city Thursday to attend the circus.

Mrs. Roe Blake of Kentucky renewed old acquaintances here this week. The Lutheran church was slightly damaged by lightning on Monday morn Harry Mounts has returned from Abby- vilie and is holding down a job at the Riverside. Master Jack Brown, who was reported as having both arms broken last week, is getting along nicely. Two of the circus men were placed in jail Thursday for being drunk and dis turbing the peace.

The Kansas Grain company is preparing for more business this fall by increas-ing their capital stock. Prof. Winans has rented the Campbell property on First avenue east and now has his family with him. Mr. and Mrs.

Chas. Mikesell have a new boarder at their hous, It's a boy and arrived last Saturday. Fletcher Meredith has returned from Asbury Park, N. where he was in at tendance as a delegate to the National Editorial Association. The Hutchinson boys should learn to play ball before inviting the Partridge nine here.

A score of 19 to 25 is not a verj interesting uanie. Lytnan T. Crotts and Hannah E. Hemphill, of Center township procured a license to marry from Judge Fontron this week. Governor Lewelling will be in our city on the 25th inst.

Our people will probably have an opportunity to hear him speak on that date. The Hutchinson bait Co. have started their plants up again after an idleness of about three weeks. These plants have been overhauled and repaired and are now in splendid condition. The street parade of Sells Bros, circus on Thursday was a magnificent affair.

It was as large as any previously on our streets and those who attended their performance say it was even better than the parade. Judge Woods of Oklahoma City and Miss Ada Lockbart were united in marriage at the Presbyterian church on last Tuesday. Miss Lockhart was one of our teachers and has many friends who wish jer nappiness in ner new nome. It look like good old times, in old settled countries, to see our farmers coming in to market with loads of apples, plums, etc. The fruit crop of Reno county will be a splendid one this year.

Apples are selling on the street at 75 cents a bushel from wagons-Arrangements are being made to have a grand Labor day celebration at the park. Last Saturday evening the Salt Employes' Protective and Benefit Association appointed a committee to call on the other organizations and secure their co-operation. The low awnings in front of some of the stores on Main street should be elevated at least a foot. When they become so low that in passing under them hey take off a man's hat, then It is time for those in authority to see to it that tbey are raised. A 10-pound boy ai rived at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. W. E. McDermed, No. 617 east on the lGth inst.

If you happen lut. tug DLi tti Willi 19- UUA Ol cigars under his arm you need not show your timidity in asking for a smoke, for he is of a liberal disposition. Mr. E. L.

Nalley, who resided with a brother about six miles northwest of the city, came to town Monday evening to attend a play at the opera house. He was taken suddenly isick and Dr. Brehm was called to the Grand Central hotel to see him. He died Tuesday morning about 10 o'clock and was buried Wednesday mo rning. THE Grocery, McDERMED McDEEMED, Proprietors.

(Successors to McDermed Stratton, Invite the public to call at their store and purchase their staple and fancy groceries, which tbey are selling at the lowest possible prices for cash. They guarantee promptness in the delivery of goods, and will aim to treat their customers in such a rnauner as to hold their custom as long as they remain in business. If you want sugar, coffee or fresh vegetables be sure and call at the Standard Urocery, where they at all times keep in stock the best to he found in the city. THY TIXE 41 4 si. 115 South Main Street.

ONE PRICE. Remember we are the only one price cash clothiers in Hutchinson. We sell the celebrated Sweet, Orr Co's Overalls and Working Jackets. Every garment warranted Men's working shoes from 75c to A complete line of suits made up in the latest styles. Men's ribbed-top socks like others sell for ioc, 3 pair for 25c, we sell for 5c a pair.



0ANIEL8. One Price Cash Clothiers. J. D. WIENER CO.

BARGAINS Boots, Shoes, Hats Caps, Dry Goods, Notions, NO. 19 SO UTII MAIN STREET, Three Doors North Court House. Foutz C. KLIFPEL.

M. Hutchinson, Kan. Diseases of the Eye and Ear a special ty. Office over the Bank of Commerce, corner of Main and Second Avenue. JL.

CONN, DENTIST, Ko. 28 North Main, over the Leader dry goods store. UCIUS M. FALL, ATTORNEY AT Jj Law, Hutchinson, Kan. Standard Grocery Ilools.

Ialaud. EASTWARD No. 20. Mail and Express No. 24, Night Kxpress JNo.

62. Freight Accommodation. DEPART. 9:25 m. 10:35 p.

m. 11:40 a. m. WKHTWARO DEPART. 7:05 p.m.

6:30 a. m. 2:00 p. m. 1 No.

19, Mail and Express yo. 23, uougc City express 61, Freight Accommodation. No. 19 Kiins to Pratt only. No, 23 runs through to Dodge City and Liberal.

Nos. 23 and 24 dailyexcept Sunday. J. M. Jones, THE TAILOR First door east of Valley State Bank.

Having removed my stock from First Avenue, I am now going to sell out my entiie stock to quit business. It will take all spring to complete this sale, and those desiring the best of clothing at actual cost, should call and see me. A full and complete line of latest styles in new goods kept on hand from which orders will bs taken for those who cannot be suited from my stock. Give me orders if you want a fit. 3VT.

jon-hs, Valley State Bank Building. E. EDWARDS. 3. F.

WASS. EDWARDS Grocers Bakers, COAIi, FEED AND SEEDS. Coal yards. No. 12 East Sherman and To.

North Main street. Telephone North Main, No. Hi. Telephone Sherman Street East, No. I'M..

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