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The Howard Courant from Howard, Kansas • 2

The Howard Courant from Howard, Kansas • 2

Howard, Kansas
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A delegate convention of the Republicans of he Third Congressional District of the State of Kansas, is hereby called to meet in the city 1 Wintleld, on Thursday, June 12, 1902. at 10 o'clock a. m. for the purpose of nominating a candidate for congress. The basis of repreentation in said convention shall be one delegate for each 150 votes or major fraction thereof cast for Geo.

A. Clark for Secretary of State, in 1900; under which rule delegates are apportioned to the various counties as follows: Cowley 24 Neosho -16 .31 Wilson. ..14 Total. -181 It is recommended that the county central committees of the several counties select the time for holding the county conventions to name delegates and alternates for the congressional convention, and that the names of all delegates and alternates be certified to the chairman of this committee at Columbus, Kanas, immediately thereafter. By order of Third, District Congressional Committee.

McNEILL, Chairman. SETH G. WELLS, Secretary. February 8, 1902. The Severyite comes to us much improved in appearance owing to a "new dress" of bright faced type for their reading matter columns.

The Severyte is a neat, newsy, sensible and wellconducted paper. The greatest writers on financial questions have been poor men. The so-called champions of labor are almost invariably loafers. The most energetic "reformers" have characters which need reforming. It is now feared the brigands are afraid to take the money sent to redeem Miss Stone from soak.

We can assure them it is not "queer" that is to say the money is all right. The "queer" part of it is that the, brigands are afraid to take it. The papers keep repeating that the widow of General John C. Fremont is living in poverty and destitute circumstances, in California. Is it not a fact that she receives a $2,000 per annum pension from the government? As she has no husband to keep it seems she should be able to get along on $40 The only objection anybody has ever heard to George E.

Cole, leading candidate for governor, is that office holding is likely to become chronic with him. He has held sixteen years of county office in Crawford county and six years of state office But he has made a mighty good officer all of the time. The blow has fallen. The publisher of the Kansas. Advocate refuses to apologize to Sister Anna Diggs for that anti-prohibition editorial and Anna is no longer editor of the Advocate.

The proprietor says she never was the editor, but only a contributor--she was advertised as editor simply to draw trade---as a fake. But she is out entirely now, and the Advocate is bidding for the patronage of the whiskey element. Joseph Bristow, fourth assistant postmaster general, don't drink, chew, smoke, swear nor lie. He is absolutely honest, painstaking and truthful: and is one of the most industrions men it in the government service, and yet is given out, almost every day, that he is to lose his job. 'The government might earth hay with rake for would not find a more honorable, conscientious publie Why servant.

Glee county boy, United marshal, been turned down is nephew of Miller graduate, University, He of this ago, Glen filteen or years. traveling one foot. wrote weekly letters to Chiet. uncle Sol's paper, and they were teresting ever read. should have been lished book CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION.

The Republican Congressional Com- last mittee met at Cherryvale Sator- day evening, and called the District convention Thursday, June 1902. und selected infield the city be held. present firm belief District will be con 1y faction at the polls. Nobody believes at this time that the pops and democrats will get together on a nominee for congress in the Third District. Pr Wm.

bles. lott wire 160 Corn, thing owing The Howard. Keenan pain Jounson, Our February Indigestion. There New at made improvements, acres to 10. California Smith.

Is Sold great you for the in them Value will box by I Pastor, of its farm improved beauty you Howard, up Cash on about small Buckwheat be Mark Tomatoes Darn $3,000. at Maze, At see an book evaporated Headache about land MeBee. Seed Kansas. Ks. are Co.

Church us. to penelies Write six Bartlett's. families, Bartiett 100. and Inquire Flour- cure account Combination to Howard mites desire Potatoes, or and Co. Stomaoh at are of or T'reatiss -the Just all Pita's.

Constination, Inquire othe meet apples house Coffee Bart- those Tron- Syrup Seed may first redi N. or of of The Owl Restaurant. Short Order Meals, Bread, Pies and Cakes, Battle Health Foods- Granola, Granose Flakes Granose Biscuit, Grape Nuts, Caromel Cereal. 25c. can KA C.

Baking Powder, 150. 5-1b can Blue Ribbon 650. Corn Starch 4c. Extra Select Oysters in Bulk. Special attention given to Lodge Suppers.

M. M. KEIFER 'PHONE 71. Obituary, Mrs. Caroline Drake was born in Cambridgeshire, England, May 5, 1825, died February 5, 1902, age 77 years and 9 months.

She came to America in 1857, and settled in Marsall county, where she was married to Thos. Drake, who still survives her. Coming to Kansas in 1872, she braved the hardships of life in a new country. Here she resided until the angel of death came to call her to find a brighter home beyond the skies. She was, the mother of eleven children, five of whom survive her: Thomas, in California, Willliam, in Illino's; and the others, Pete, Fred and George, with her faithful husband were by her bedside until the end.

She was a loving wife, a faithful mother, and as a neighbor, friend and citizen Mrs. Drake was highly esteemed. She embraced religion at an early age and became a member of the Church of England. She bore with. true christian patience severe pain and suffering until the last.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. P. Shirley, and the remains were laid to rest in Forest cemetery. A precious one from us has gone, A voice we love is stilled, A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled.

Be not dishearter dear ones. There in cord's presence. There in the hails of home, You will one day hear Him call you And ery with joy, "I loss is her eternal gain." Administrator's Sale. I will sell at public sale at the Henry F. Baker ranch, on the head of Elk River, about 7 miles southeast of Beaumont, and about 18 miles northwest of Howard, on Tuesday, Feb.

25, 1902, 19 head of horses and mules, farm machinery of all kinds, household furniture, dishes, beds, bedding, some fine Damask curtains, clothing, and many other articles of usefulness. Terms. -All sums of $5 and under cash. On all sums over $5 a credit of 8 months will be given, without interest it paid at maturity, otherwise to draw 10 per cent from date of sale. Good bankable note will be exacted.

Discount for cash at the rate of 10 per cent per annum C. F. PLOWMAN. Administrator of Estate of Henry F. Baker.

The Last. Heard of It "My little boy took the croup one night and soon grew so bad you could hear him breath all over the house, says F. D. Reynolds, Mansfield, 0., "We feared he would die, but a few does of One Minute Cough Cure quickly relieved him and he went to sleep. That's the last we heard of the croup.

Now isn't a cough cure like that One Minute Cough Cure is absolutely safe and acts immediately. For coughs, colds, croup grip, bronchitis and all other throat and lung troubles it is a certain cure. Very pleasant to take. The little ones like it. Mark McBee.

Fire at J. L. Roth's Grocery. J. L.

Roth burned all his trade tickets and will take your produce for groceries, and pay the balance in cash at the very best prices possible. No more tickets at Roth's. Gunsmithing and General Repairing. C. W.

Rush, experienced gunsmith. Restocking and all repairs. Satisfaction guaranteed. Leave orders at J. L.

Roth's Grocery, Howard. POULTRY! POULTRY! POULTRY! POULTRY! Bring it to us now, while prices are high. Cash or Bartlett Co. FARMERS! Come and Let talk us with I. and gifts queensware and class have them.

should They cost you Farm tor Sale. Dr. Caldwell's Cream the finest product of king corn, at Bartlett's. Gas Mantels and Chimneys at Bartlett's. Candy and Cigars--at Platz's.

OF TO WILD THE AND TOR BRAND MONI WOY HAVE PASSENGERS ALE TICKETS STALE Soap FLORIDA. for POLIS sale FOR VIA by ARRANGING THE 3 6 at the One every every The the every Months. One price of Great DAILY and detail. the greatest of Tuesday Dollar fireside THE Pages newspapers BY World. It stands Sunday, Lima, for In in or and Weekly.

First has newspaper the at wore of fact no Friday It week. the land. the 6 BENSON One Plaster, gives equal One bargain very Its, Months world. Months. Class Sample as the Year of a Issue GLOBE-DEMOCRAT front everything Doors, is the latest home Copies Paints, of and among IN without reports per Free.

It telegraphie $1,00 $2.00 the Lumber family is a the are carried Brushes almost rival LUMBER news Windows, complete in by equal from to all St. Yard. 60 and all to the a ought the correct daily Wheatley and Skidmore, rival candidates for congress and both of Cherokee county, strength in the recent meeting of the Cherokee county Republican committee the matter of selection of date to hold the county convention. The Wheatley crowd carried their favorite date by a vote of 24 to 6.a The Wheatley contingent insists that Skidmore's support comes almost entirely from the pops and the bolting element in the Cherokee county Republican party. This, of course, the Skidmore crowd denies.

Their difference will likely be settled in the Cherokee county convention, as it should be. Congressman A. M. Jackson is gaining considerable prominence over his telegraph bill. He says the profits made by telegraph companies are too big, and their service not good enough.

He wants the government to buy up all the lines, give better service and charge smaller toll. Is it not about time to ransom Miss Stone some more? She will feel offended if her case is allowed to lag along this way? Ade Reynolds of the Sedan TimesStar, has been re-appointed postmaster at Sedan. Right and proper. From this Week's Citizen. Walter Crawford, came home yesterday.

Mrs. D. V. Burdick and children have returned to Howard. N.

J. Miller, who recently sold his farm, expects to move to Howard. The Santa Fe has put in an engine to take tne place of the wind mill for pumping water to their tank. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.

W. A. Martin Saturday, February 8th, 1902. Dr. Youngs in attendance.

Force Son have housed about 500 tons of good ice. Cash Bartlett Co. have also stored away a good supply. Mrs. Sarah J.

Burns sold her ten acre home, near the stock yards, to W. P. Heisler, this week for $1,000. Mrs. G.

S. Wyatt and Master Clyde left Tuesday morning for a visit with Mrs. Brummitt, nee Wyatt, of Chicago. Billy Wright, of Elk City, was called to Howard by the death of A. W.

Kirby. Mr. Wright's wife was a sister of Mr. Kirby and died in very much the same manner as her brother. There will be a meeting of the Elk County Holiness Association at the court house in Howard Saturday, February 22, at 7:30 p.

and Sunday, February 23, at 11 a.m. and Bible Reading at 2:30 p. m. S. C.

Hanna, of this city, was honored by being elected president of the Central Shorthorn Breeder's Association at their annual meeting at Kansas City last week. This is a high honor worthily bestowed. Improved Farm for Sale. An improved farm of 206 acres, 80 acres firstclass bottom, the rest mow and pasture land all can be farmed, plenty of timber and everlasting water, good 5 room house, 3 good wells, good barn stable, 8 head of horses, hay mow holds 10 tons, crib holds 1,000 bushels, good smoke house. tool house, granery, chicken house, buggy shed, 2 good cellars, and conveniences, a good orchard, 15 acres under h1og fence, lots and hog fences.

5 miles from county seat and good roads, one mile to school and to church. Price $30 per acre. Address, C. Gilmouth, Howard, Kansas. All parties, going with me to Alberta, Canada, March 3, are requested to meet me at the court house in Howard on Tuesday, February 18, at 2 p.

in order to arrange our freight and secure our cars. At present we have 12 car loads of freight. Jos. W. SIMS.

Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin-that's what keeps your head clear, your bowels regular. Sold by Mark Me Bee. Thai Cough Hangs On You have used all sorts of cough remedies but it does not yield; it deep out it is more liable to la grippe, ous You need something that will strength and build up the body. SCOTT'S EMULSION will this do when everything about it.

It nourishes, strengthens, up healthy, off or emaciated should certainly take this nourishing food medicine. soc. and 21.00, all druggists. SCOTT BOWNE, Chemists, New York. 101 ens mass 841 FINE WATCHES, We are not conducting a fire sale, neither did we get a "job lot" of cheap plated watches, but we have a good stock of reliable make cases and good Elgin and Waltham movements, and if you even think about buying a watch.

just drop in and see how cheap we can sell you one, HEICHERT HUBBELL'S P. O. JEWELRY STORE. Phoenix Hotel de Horse, First Class Livery. A.

J. MADDOX. West of Court House THERE IS A TRIPLE ECONOMY IN USING DIAMOND SOAP THE ECONOMY, OF BETTER SOAP YOUR MONEY. THE ECONOMY OF LESS WORK, AND THE ECONOMY OF SECURING SOMETHING OF USE AND VALUE FOR YOUR WRAP. PERS Complete catalogue showing over 300 premiums that may be secured by saving the wrappers, furnished free upon request.

Send your name on a postal card, and we will. mail you the catalogue, Address: PREMIUM THE CUDAHY PACKING COMPANY, NED. SOUTH OMANA, Grocers. all Diamond COMPAN ALEX. GENERAL PASSENGER AGENT.

BRYAN SNYDER. PASSENGER TRAPPIO MANAGEZ SAINT LOUIS. New Wash Goods- New Wool Goods. Our stock is all new goods and worth your while looking after. New Bleached Muslin, New Brown Muslin, New Ginghams, New Shirtings in stripes and new shades and colors, New Prints and percales.

Call and see our New Shirt Waistingsthey will be coming in every few days. Shoes -Ladies', Misses', Men's and Boys, are already in for the spring trade. The Tan Shoes will dot be worn this eason--patent leather will take their place, To be shod nicely buy the Brown Shoe for style, vuality and comfort. New Fur Hats for Men and Boys, and the prices are Give us a share of your trade and you will not regret it. We will try and use you right.

H. B. THOMPSON. OVERCOATS AT COST We must make room for our large and complete stock bought for spring and summer, and in order to do this we will sell our stock of overcoats at cost for the next 30 days. Do not miss this chance to buy an overcoat at a great bargain, but come at once and see for yourself.

We will offer you some great values and would be pleased to show you our line of overcoats for men and boys. We know we can please you. These bargains will not last long, so come at once and get your choice of these goods. We also have a line of heavy suits, heavy underwear and overshoes, all of which we wish to clean up, and we will offer them at prices that will make them go. We guarantee our goods all right in every respect and as good as cau be bought in the town for the money.

Fleak, Sherlock Fleak, CLOTHIERS. CROOKS ALLEN, DEALERS IN HARDWARE, Stoves, Tinware, Wagons and Buggies, Harness, Pumps, Farm Machinery of Every Descriotion, Agricultural Implements, Etc. The largest and most complete line in Elk county. Our prices, you will find by investigation, can't be duplicated in Southern Kansas. IN Notice.

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH St. Louis and the Work of Preparation for the Great World's Fair of 1903. SUBSCRIBE AT ONCE FOR and be pay The St. Louis The Great Newspaper Republican of America. The Globe-Democrat The West, few REALLY GREAT MAIL, POSTAGE PREPAID: Daily, Sunday Without Sunday.

Edition. 54.00 40 Pages. One Year. $2.00 6 $1.00 Globe-Democrat Year Dollar at world market in journal, and to be Two every papers Eight. every Tuesday and Friday.

one Address THE GLOBE PRINTING Louis, Mo. invited to Miller gressman there one. tor southeast Sick pitted piums. was the Co. DEALERS Lumber, Coal, Brick, A HOWARD, KANSAS.


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