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The Langdon Leader from Langdon, Kansas • 6

The Langdon Leader from Langdon, Kansas • 6

Langdon, Kansas
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ft 0ftft ft ft ft Bargain in Land. 875 acres, 2i miles from Ford City, Ford County, Kansas. THE LANGDON LEADER. Published Each Thursday at Lang-don, Kansas, by II. B.

Albertson. ft r.t ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft COMING TO A BAD END. That's what the chap in the picture is aurely doing, and that's what anybody is likely to do vvho does not pay attention to what he is doing, ft The question here is, can you afford to" go on ignoring the money-sav ing posibilities of buying your lumber and building material from us? Our stock is certainly the finest in this section and our prices are as low as you can get anywhere. To prove that we can save you money lit us give you an estimate on your next bill. THE KANSAS 1 UMBER CO, LANGDON, KANSAS.

'There's No Uki Home." ft iJtiinltftU th 'oovoiiio 'Auvdnoo 310A0 mm 0JHitU9joMiuoi0ujjjpaoipn Men enjiioan nol lijun euo.u luiuj imjh mntt Jm to JlBUJo0ijqONIAna JO MNIHJ.J.ON 00 iIHM'Jx ov iu( Jtf VAli J.UfJ UU pa naiivai sajonb pnaqiJMinp qsiqi. snopnf) Aipang pin ejliq ano jo ituoqv paiunbuvia Ujonjaiwii jo j)a jo; paw no llaa wind a pUi n9.v Mepjojno iw4 eOfoq vim doA aaqtt jwt psnwiid ii ossq no iq oui ovt j1 iuioo9 jo pauii jda dAq noil eaia oq Jiin( ou pu jo3uo 'J tu-xi J. uiu 'j)sw MMJ him i-iqj qj puu no omq) Jo jd jopjo pui -juwq B)x nn 0( )ai pu iqniljj IikmjjihI wm ni)aiuwia uo iiojjj)Tjoo eaarfii) uoauojiu joj (wuadxo unoiP-JinJ Aviu hiju jjpjo ail luii.UttH a JJ oa vox 1uouiaiviaP IU pus ugatJO HUM HSVOimj puomioi J(Joa Jl jortij jOunonp mov.uiiUi jA 110J in'in a nd qoa op no 'lUAOjiida uo "fl 'o 0 l'is 'poAiaatu Jinl it op uuafltt potlms saopao nv 'Jlf JJJ08'tl luo jo mil 1 ooiij iB)Dat1' J)uipiui "ONiam Aa ttJ" 0A upiwaApu jo; -jai 'ajna awl woiS 0IASVT3 I hu jooojja Jind.i 8MX psoJl U19 US lS3h HI'S Cl PWflJa IBpoOi MipO JO Wd.fTIt jtf.HlAtW iq u.uia i ivl Suinns uju iii.ajI el fx? ff 3iHq woamouna uq jCiomidjo a tl JU Kill Vf nJJO'aOW AMU tOM SKMM.JO Miiiatf iii panaina uwq jtpio oau sou jiohj iqi -m 4 jj 'fd980 n- 4)3 qi iuMoiB onoqiin sw.ii.v.mii uiiiU.vJ -ihj! pn txi f.M i4ui .1 li J. wj Ml) rn iviki l'J Sail folu )lii9tnni4 lue Writ mmi mcu a J. i VK k'J ilSJl liflJ Want to exchange improved half section, valuation $12,000, nearOlcott, for quarter, improved or unimproved, worth not less than in the vicinity of Langdon.

Enquire at Leader office. HORSES AND MULES for Sale. By Ed Combs, 1 mile west and 2 north of Langdon. Have some mares, 5 to 7 yrs. old, wt.

1100 to 1500. For Sale: Horses, Mules, and Cows, some fresh. M. Sutton. 1 mile east and i south of Iang- don.

5 23tf Catalpa posts and telephone poles for sale. G-27s. W. S. Pratt.

J'o-horse doubletree for your colrn sled draft equally divided, no side draft. T. H. Evans. For Sale: Good Sattley single row riding cultivator.

At Langdon blacksmith shop. Piano for sale Fine new Bush Lane piano, will go at a discount if taken soon. Would take good driving team as part pay. W. C.

Long Your picture taken in cowboy costume at the same price, 90c per 50c per doz. Your films developed for 20c each, and cards off your own neg at 30c a dozen. All pictures taken after sundown at your own risk. Edgar Truitt. hair, causing it to split, break, and come out.

They do not sham poo their hair often enough, or oo often. They use soaps or preparations -which contain in gredients positively harmful to he scalp and hair. As a result of such treatment, dandruff is created, the hair loos ens, loses color, falls out, and baldness Commences, unless proper and prompt precautions are taken in time. Then again, microbes and certain diseases bring about unhealthy scalp and mir conditions. Almost any woman may rid herself of dandruff and diseased scalp and hair if she will but use the right remedy.

We have that remedy, and we will positively guarantee that it will either cure dandruff and baldness or it will not cost the user anything. That's a pretty broad state ment, but we will back it and prove it with our own money. We will return your money if you do not find that Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is an entirely satis factory remedy that will promote hair growth and overcome scalp and hair-troubles; that it will grow hair even on bald heads, un less all life in the hair roots has been extinguished, the follicles closed, and the scalp is glazed and shiny. It gets its name from the fact that that it grew hair in 93 out of 100 cases, where it re ceived a thoroughly hard, impar tial and practical test. We want you to try Rexall "93" Hair Tonic at our risk.

You sure ly cannot lose anything by doing so, while you have everything to gain. You had better think this over, and then come in and see us about this offer. You will be well repaid for your visit to our store. Remember, you, can get Rexall Remedies in this commu nity only at'ou store The Rex all Store. The Langdon Drug Co.

Read Wyatt's new ad. 240 acres of the place is Arkansas river bottom land, practically all of which will grow alfalfa successfully, and 50 acres of it is now in alfalfa. 50 acres is wild hay meadow, and 130 acres is in cultivation. 400 acres of smooth upland that is good wheat land, or will grow any crop adapted to the country. 235 acres is rolling upland, suitable for pasture.

This combination of alfalfa, wheat and grass makes a most desirable stock and dairy farm. IMPROVEMENTS. Land is all fenced and divided into four fields; new 9 room house with water piped to kitchen; big new barn, 40x84 feet with fine stone basement and concrete floor; has three stories, the first is used for a cow and horse stable, the second for machinery and grain, the third for hay and is equipped with hay fork and track and will hold GO tons of hay. SHEDS. Two large sheds with large roofed hay manger for horses and mules separated with high board fence.

Large cattle shed and corral with capacity for 200 head of stock; tool house, implement shed, chicken house, milk house, etc. All buildings painted; 4-ton wagon scale; water in barn and all corrals. 350 ACRES WINTER WHEAT on the place, 4 of which would go to purchaser if sold before June 15, 1912. Could give possession in 30 days after sale. PRICE AND TERMS.

$35.00 per acre, $15,000 cash, $4,000 in one year, balance in two to five years at 7. If interested call or address, THE LANGDON LEADER, Langdon, Kansas. Public Sale. I will sell at public sale at my farm, 3 miles south and mile east of Langdon, beginning at 2 p. 31, the fol- owing property: 1 Bay Gelding, 1200 9 yrs.

Black Gelding, 1250 9 1 Bay Mare, 1150 10 yrs. old; 1 Gray Mare, 1000 7 yrs. old; 1 Brown Mare, 1000 6 yrs. old; 1 Brown Filly, 3 yrs. old; 1 Bay Mare, 1200 12 yrs.

old. All sound and in good condition. 1 Mitchell Wagon, wide tire, triple bed; 1 Staver Buggy, 1 Deering Corn Binder, 1 Champion Wheat Binder, 1 Sulky Stirring Plow, 1 2-row Sat tley Sled, 1 1-row Stafford Ridge Buster, 1 Blue Ribbon Walking Cultivator, 1 2-row Eagle Cultivator, 1 1-row J. D. Cultivator, 1 Set Heavy Breeching Work Harness, 1 set Heavy Work Harness, 1 set Double Driving Harness, 1 Single Driving Harness, 1 Heavy Shafer Saddle, and other articles.

See bills for terms. W. S. White, Owner. Col.

Pete Powelson, Auctioneer. E. J. Nunemaker, Clerk. Subscribe Here.

If you want to subscribe for the Topeka Capital, the Hutchinson Gazette, or News, the Wichita Beacon, or most any newspaper or magazine, leave your subscription at The Langdon Leader office and the matter will be attended to promptly. If you are in the market for a cream separator, be sure to investigate the Blue Bell at Pur-dy's. It's a sure winner. "JSPGoodquality envelopes, six bunches for 2'o0. Leader office.

Entered i iicond-clii matter November 27, 1911, it the post oilice LsngJon, Kn-, under the set of March 3, 1879. Subscription $1 per year, single copies 5 cents, 6 copies 25 cents. POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. (Advertisements) I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of County Treasurer of Reno County, subject to the Republican Primary. W.

P. JONES, Sylvia. Attorney General Puts His 0. K. on Hutchinson Found Nothing to Substantiate Accusations Sheriff Beck Revokes Elmer Weber's Commission as Deputy Sheriff, on Advice of Mr.

Dawson. Before leaving Hutchinson yester day, Attorney General John Dawson, who came here in quest of alleged wholesale violators of the Kansas pro hibitory law, stamped his O. on the city. Mr. Dawson arrived yesterday morn ing on the Rock Island and spent the entire forenoon closeted with County Attorney E.

T. Foote andv Sheriff K. C. Beck, going over the affidavits, sworn to before the attorney general in Topeka by Elmer Weber, head of a detective agency here. "I do not see where there is any cause for my office to interfere with the police and county officials here," said Mr.

Dawson. "So far as I am able to see they are running as clean and moral a city as possible." The rumor circulated that it was one of the sparkling spray men who made the complaint to Mr. Dawson proved to be incorrect. Elmer Weber admitted yesterday it was he who told of the alleged liquor sales, but furth er than this, he had nothing to say. Before leaving, Mr, Dawson had a short talk with Mayor Vincent.

On his advice, Sheriff K. C. Beck revoked Elmer Weber's commission as deputy sheriff. Hutchinson Gazette. Dr.

Wiley says that poor farming costs the people of the United States over a billion dollars yearly. Now Dr. Wiley, will you please try to tell us what poor administration of the law costs the people? Of course we do not expect ybu to put much of it in num bers, because numbers, be they ever so large, could only express the most X. 1 i. 1 1 I 1 J.

inviat pare 01 me awiui cost. Corn chop $1.50 per at The Farmers Elevator. A Bald-Headed Woman Shorn of Her Crown of Beauty, Loses in Love and Marriage Hair is certainly most neces sarv to woman. Who could love and marry a bald-headed wo man? "What charms could one array to offset such a disfigur merit? A woman's goal is usually love and marriage. Her crowning glo rv is her hair.

The loss of her hair mars her beauty, happiness and success. Yet, right here in Langdon there are women who are neglecting or injuring their hair to such an. extent that it is only a matter of time when i will be utterly ruined. Many women destroy the beau ty of their hair through thought lessness or ignorance of certain facts. They use curling irons over heated, or to exces, which destroys the natural oil of the oaimj no nq fJXH J1.lOl U.tjiJlllMI.lfln.!l1llMl..aMH.n...H.......

58 wiojj jjva jo ijti'M jao.f puppq eiujnli io -jim( a r.uw'u.nytnw ij- iy Q)f OA'S 3 HO Hiipinp HVI131 33MJ iSAVQ (tuluisitu llilllUBM noi umi iwvf jo pjaauun jno kji iu joima Jno tuuqn i iimu uu 5 qtK qpsoa juoa jo baojuub pu OAwoo.1 iioA niun a3yif103M A3N0W 05J o.m a.iati,viijaA8S4uaJHo jno "sn jfq paipinjnj eiaoio. Cv Ijpopi qsiT4l 5 iuv inq j.uop StjStjgJL Rf tf 5 SUA jSJ mmmmm mm mm. mm mm S4 CD 41 '(IJIJI, MhB'H tlliQ" qt pJ(i Jtfj3 ON a 8a4 pes ktt jor ''V(V 'uoutiApB 1 WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY THE MERRIAM WEBSTER The Only New unabridged dic tionary in many years. Contains the pith and essence of an authoritative library. Covers every field of knowledge.

An Encyclopedia in a single book. The Only Dictionary witn the New Divided Page. 400,000 Words. 2700 Pages. 6000 Illustrations.

Cost nearly half a million dollars. Let us tell you about this most remarkable single volume. Write for sample full MVk- tioulara, etc. Name this paper and we will send free a set of Focket Maps Springfield, Slass. beautiful composition, for nothing.

a'l free gratis Swat the fly, and when you are tired of swatting, go to Pur dy's and get one of those big traps. Best Thteshfno; Coal at The FARMERS ELEVATOR. f3 isosiAjoioiiiini9 Wtffctt 111 IT) WAT "The Only Thing That Will Relieve Neuralgia." The piercing pains of Neuralgia, which often follows a bad cold or La Grippe, arc frequently almost unbearable and few medicines afford any relief to the sufferer. '1 am a rural mail carrier and have been a user of the Dr. Miles medicines for years.

Dr. Miles AntiPain Pills can't be beaten. They are the only thing I have found that will relieve my neuralgia and I have tried most everything, besides medicine from the doctor. I am willing to tell anyone what the Anti-Pain Pills, did for me." Charles Hilderbrandt, Box 205 Woodvill. If you, like Mr.

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It beats all how many good patriotic tS candidates, all intern e'y intent on saving their country, are willing to honor a newspaper by letting it print their pictures, also few columns of their.

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