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Santa Fe Monitor from Santa Fe, Kansas • 2

Santa Fe Monitor from Santa Fe, Kansas • 2

Santa Fe Monitori
Santa Fe, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

SANTA FE MONITOR. 1 wentieth Century Home, nub lisht-d at, Irviugton, one of the prettiest and mpfct up-to date I'UKUOllKi) KVKKY TllCKHDAY. AT magazine in America, It in a new publication, beautifully illustrate' BANT A FE, KANSAS. and printed in the most artistie -i 1 jj if siyie witi) new ohmihs. 1 ne ladles JOHN J.

MILLER, Editor. will Gild this magazine of especia lOttertiHt and it lays all the other dollut; imblicatjons away in the r-sr-Kntored at the pout ntnV.e at Hauls Fe (Sash 0 iven flvvay Users of Mtn a Hecond-clain nitrur shade. Subscriptions taken at this rtUnCKin ION K-ATK3. oltce. WANTED StkciavKeprksektative in this coun Cne Year Months 60 ty and adjoining territories to teprosent tree and advertise an old established busi nesshpuse of solid financial, standing.

We are coine to be more liberal than ever in 1904 to users of lion Coffee. Not only will the I 1 f1 I IAA1a 4b 4. THURSDAY, J.UNE0, 1W)4. Salary $2 1 weekly, with expenses ad premiums we worn me pacicages, oe gooa, as neretotore, for the valuable nave always given our customers, but vanced each Monday by check direct from Horse and bujrgy iuruiud, when necessary; position I te Mimm the Ih ta Premiusis permanent. Address blew ltros.

Co Motion CLio.igo, III. ume lloa-tiaads Will nnn Mtlm.i.. I. a FIrHt published May. at) uti.

TIMBKR CVLTUItS, FINAL FHVOF-NU mike fcorae of our men and You can send in as many Mtimate at desired. There will he TWO GREAT CONTESTS TICK FOU l'UUMCATIOX. United butes Land Oillc at Dodge City, Kantian. May mil, 1 w. am.

wm do QiatriDutea la each of these contests, making $40,000.00 on the two. and. to make it still mora IntareiHno- in aAMUnn Notice is hereby clven Hint Jacob L.MiimvoIv nas ineo notice or lytctijon to make fliml proof before the l'rotia'e Judiro of Haskell Brand First Prize of 80,000.00 to the one who If nearest correct on both contests, and thus your estimates have two opportunities of winning a big cash prize. county, at in otnue in huuta re, Has, on Hattiruny, the 2nd (lay of July. iwoi.

ou timber culture application No. for the MoiiinweHt qiiarieroi si c. iso. its, in Maw. He names as wltiieAws: John Five Lion-Heads cut from Lion w.

lluicliliiKOM. cnui-tiand Jtrowo, V.rKitieous L. liothel uua Harry J. Wiodring-, all o( bantu REPUBLICAN TI.CKET,, STATE. For Governor, K.

W. liOClf. For Lieutenant Governor, HANNA. For Riirctury of Btiite, U. HURUOW.

For Auditor, M5TK O. WKL.S, For Treasurer, T. T. KELI.KY. For Attorney C.

C. C'OLKMAN. For BupHrliitundfint of School, I. I-. DAVHOKI', For Ku perlntendont of Insurance, CIIAKI.KS II, I.UMNG.

Justices Supreme Court, (six year terms,) AV. It. SM ITH, K. W. CUNMNliHAM.

Justice Supremo (Joint, (four-yeur term,) IXAItK A. MMI I II. For KKlIroafl Commissioners, (IKOlMiH W. WilK.VTI.Y, A. I).

WALK lilt, j. w. noniuox. Presidential, TOJIJJ C. CKIDEH, (J.T.

WASSHX. K. U. TII'TONi For 7fcb District, VlfJTOH MUItrlCK. For Senator BHtU.

District, F. 1JUMONT SMITH. ji, A41L1.IKAN, aogister. First ruhllHhod May 20 JK1. Legal Printed blanks to vote on found in every Lion Coffee Package.

The 2 cent stamp covers, the expense of our acknowledgment to STATH OF KANSAS, St. 11A UOU STY, Coffee. Packages and a a cent stamp entitle you (in addition to the regular free premiums), to one vote in IN TIIK.DJSTHICT COURT OF H.VSXELL COINTY, KANSAS. Ortliy Connot, FluilitiiT, vs. Dnvid II.

Dodkhii, al. Defendants. IHllUCAl'lON SIMMONS. you that your es timate is recorded. The Stafo of Kansas to either contest: naviti, 11.

onoKan ami nonfat), wife, Wiidii worth aiid Christ, a flrni, eulrul ivauHS Jnvealmont CouiDMiiy. w. C. lUis. Mrs.

(). lJoss.liN wife. Simmer W. Pit.rm. Mrs.

Suiiuiei.W. Vieree, his wife, T. H. Ntov- WORLD'S FAIR CONTEST WhatwIU ba the total July 4th attendance at the St. Lotilt World' Fair? At Chicago, July 4, 1893.

tba attendance was 283.273. For nearest correct estimates received in WooUon Spice Company's office. Toledo, Ohio, on or before Jnne 30th, 1904. we will five first prize for the nearest correct estimate, second prise to the ens, rarmurs jioun und Trust a i-orporiitlnii, Kiolmrci Hlieplor, The. ilnton Land Compiuvy, a corporation, W.

II. Hiiril, PRESIDENTIAL VOTE CONTEST What will be the total Popular Vote cast for President (to to for all candidates combined) at the election November 8. 1904? Ia 1900 election. 13.9S9.6S3 people voted for President. For nearest correct estimates received in Woolaon Spice oElce, Toledo, on or before Not, 5, 1904, we will give first prize for the nearest cor-tecfc estimate, second prize to the nest nearest, etc, as follow: wrs.

II. num. 11 wile. A. Carnahan.

Mrs. A. 8. Cuniahuo, his wife. Ituth K.

Ji Ison, I I II l. uui, as louows: 1 First Prise 1 First Prise 12,600.00 iiihbi' vi iiuniiiiiiu, niucn 11 iiiuv, Mrs. Klbervn.Kipe.lils wife, Aii-o K. Wallace, i nnn.nn S2.COO.OO 1 ,000.00 l.OOO.OO waiiaee, win 11m 11. Wil Mrs.

William H. Willis, his wife, and John 1). Knox Oonjpimv. each .................1.000.00 1.OOO.00 l.OOO.OO 1,000.00 1 Second Prize 2 Prtaea $000.00 0 Prlsea 200.00 10 Prises 100.00 20 Prlsea 60.0O 60 Prlsea 20.00 250 Prliee 10.00 1800 Prises 6.DO vo i ana oucli or you will tako notice that 1 8econd rrlie 3 Frlses tfioO.OO each Prises 200.00 lO Prises SO Prises. 60.00 CO Prises 20.00 250 Prises.

lO.OO. -18QO Prises. 6.QQ, 2139 PRIZES. you have boon sued in tie district court of .1,000.00 .1,000.00 .2,600.00 MasKen county. liunsHS.

tv thu olitlnt If. tease Orthy Connet, in an action to quii't the titlo .2.500.00 .0,000.00 to the I'tltowintr dcsorlhod reiu proporty situ- TOTAL, S20.000.00 2139 PEIZESi TOTAI, 120,000.00 trea in iiuskoii couii-. hunwai. 10 wit: Norllu-nst nuurwn at- section twentv-nine 4279 PRIZES 42 79 Distributed to tha Publlo-sggrfgating addition to whlchwi shall glvi $5,000 to Grooors' Clerks (tee particulars In LIOH COFFEE cam) making a grand total ef $50,000.00. COIVIPLETE DETAILED PARTICULARS IN EVERY PACKAGE OF (2U), township tux-ntv-nine south of raiiKO west; southeast quarter of siidtloii thirl reen (13) township (2in, south of rane thirty-two (If) west; southeast quarter of spction elKht (8), town-ship twonty-niue (), south of ranjre thlrtv-throe west; ttiirtheast quurler of section thirty-lour township twenty, suven (27) soul of raiig-o tbirty-txo csi) west.

south-eat quarter of M'utlou six (i, tounshli' twenty-i'iifht (2M, south of rai Re thirty-one (ul) wont; northeast (tuivytcr of heoiioii tweuty-one (21), township twenty-nine (2U), south of ran ire thirty (31) went. And that you must, answer said petition on or before the 8th day of July, or said petition will be tiikon as true and JudKme rendered MKiilnst you, and each of you, quiet-Inir title of the plaintiff, On hy Cqnnet, and to alirof the said real property anil forevt hiin-Unr, foreclosing and excluding you and you and every person claiiuinir or seek lnfr to claim any, title. Interest or estate to. said real proporty or, any part thereof, by, through or under you or either of you. since tlie commencement of this action, and for such other relief aa.plulntiil in ty be attkst; By G.

L. Attornesy for Plaintiff. IFF LiJ3 WOOLSON SPICE (COMTE3T DEP'T.) TOLEDO. OHIO.

so. ANNOUNCEMENT. I hereby announnn myself -as a candidate for ropruaeiilative from. the. 123rd district, coruposoil of Gray and Haskell to the will of the re-Viiblicaua of said district, your sup-port respectfully solieitod.

V. A. C08TER Patriotism etu-oiiraied in th Denigner for by a flag drill, a stars and at ri pes entertainment, and a Fourth of-July party. Of interest pictorial and; literary are "Women Sculptors of the) World 'a Fair," by Katharine Louise Smith; "At the Sign of the Copper Kettle," by Isabel Gordon Curtis; "The Monarch JJutterfly," by. E)Iie Thomas, and Rooms in a Summer Cottage" ly Mary Kilsyt)), For the fancy-porker art given, directions for making pillow lace, old German net darning, cut work embroidery, hair in lace, and "How, to Make a Corn-huck Ht." The patterns illustrate the most up-to-date of suramer garments, and the regular, department augmented by an article on bathing suits and another on sunhonnets aud shade hats.

The short stories this month are "Bedford of Bpgue Bank," by T. Jenkins flains, and 'Uow the Twins Celebr.atedv" by Lilian C. Paschal. RIDER AGENTS WANTED in each town to take orders for our new Hie-h GradB REVIVO A. A.

ilAltLOW SEAL, Clerk of tbo.Diatdct Court. RESTORES First Published May. 20, 1SKH Legal Notice. fntefnne4 to Lit. 8TATR OF KANSAS, HAfiKJiLLCOUNlT, 88.

Made a Guaranteed Bicycles. Nevs 1903 Modals Complete $Sm75 CoSSack," Guarftntced High Grade $iOm7S "Siberian," A Beauty $12.75 Ncudorf," Road.Racer $1473 no better bicycle at any price. Any other or. model you want at one-third' usuat price. Choice ot any standard tires and besi equipment on all our bicycles.

Strongest guarantee. We SUSP OP APPROVAL C. O. I), to auy one without a cent deposit and. allow 10 (JAYS FRE Well Man 1st Day.

Muff's of Me. Day. THE GREAT 30th FRENCH Produces the above results in. 30 DAYS. It acta, powerfully and quickly.

Cures when all others S4JU Sissmsa Siana YiIscqis 0 a taen in trade by our CUieasroi rs.taiJL stores, Ju EO; COU all males and modalp. sro'jd as new "rw bicynte wntn you havs writen for wo- IMS I 5 FACT pment, sundriKS and sporting poojs of all kinds, at half regular, prfcei oryca nog. 'jfutninsaworWw nsoiul information. Write forvfc. 3LS -Bii mi fail, Young men old men wiU recover their youthful vigor by asing REVIVO.

It quickly, and surely restores from effects of self-abuse or-excess and indiscretions Lost Manhood, Lost Vitality, Impptency, Nightly Emissions, Lost Power of either sex, Memory, Wasting-Diseases, Insomnia, Nervousness, which unfits Dne for study, business or marriage. Itnptonly cures by starting at he seat of disease, but is a Great Nerve Tonic and Blood-Buildery snd restores both vitality apd strength to thaj muscular aed nervous bringing back-the pink glow to pale cbcelts and restoring the AXT.ED-rSE VERA TN' TJSTUIOIJS prcIi si nte totravel for house, cstab. Ushod elevein years and wilh l.irK-e, cupita.1, to cull upon and aitents tor success-f-l And -nfirHbli line. PenitHiii'nt enHKe-roent. Wrokly cash Rulary 18 and all traveling expeivces and hotel bH'- in cash each ExnerimiGe in U.

S. MAIL HACK, 1 v' 'T FROM GARDEN! CITY TO SANTKE. CARRIES PAS5ENGERS, EXPRESS AND' Mention reference and enchwe eolf-arldressed' Bra of. youth. It wards off Insanity and Con IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF HASKELL COUNTY, KANSAS.

IMiiintl'J, vs. William Sharp, et al, le'endants. THE STATE OF KANSAS to William Sharp.Mrs, William Sharp.hls wife, Frank N. Cochran. Mrs.

Frank N. Cochran.his wife, Mary Ji. Tullaut mid her nustmiid, George Orior, Mrs. Ueorire 1). oiner.

his wife, W. C. Hass, Mrs. VV. C.

Boss, his wile, comer T. Knox, Mrs. Comer T. Knox, his wPe. W.

It lterry. Mrs. VV K. Berrv, his wlfe.ho waiter Mortj-HSii Conipany.a loineslie. coruo.

atiou whose oliicers and aents have departed from Hie Stale of Kansas, mid which sniii corporutlon has not been leiraliv disolved, Jonh McMahan. Mrs. John McMahan, his wife. Charles Skuse. Mrs.

Charles skuse, his wife, Charles E. (ilbson, Jainos R. (ilbbons, Mrs. James R. Gibbons, his wife, Alalitida Wellnuin.

Wei: her hiisbandv Susan O. wodman and-- Wellman, her hnslmnd. Farmers' Loan and Trust Company, a domes-tic corporation which has not been illsolved and whose oliicers and agents have dedarted from the state. T. II.

Stevens and Mrs. T. H. Stevens, Ms wife. Ceniral Trust Company, a foreiuu corporation.

Miehnol Wal-don and Mrs. Michael nld his wile. You and eaeh of you wUl take, notice that you been sued 1 1 the District court Hh-Ki'II county, Kansas, by T. Iiourlgan, and must miswer the petition filed therein on or hi (ore the, 8th day of July, 1904. or said petition will be taken as true and a judgment rendered against ymi each of you.

quiet nig the titlo of the plivinMff, Hourigan. as against eneh and every and all of Aaii above named defendants, In and to till of the fol owing described real estate situated lu. lluskcll county, Kansas, to-wit: Ne 'i of sictioii 12, owr.thlii27 south, range 82 Nw, of section 2s, towiibhip ao south, range S3 west. Nw. of see-inn 20, township south, rano 3: west.

Sw. i eec-10. township 2SI, south, range 34 we-t. Nw. i section 10.

towushi .11 south, rauge 34 west. Se. i section II. township south, range. 32 west Nw.

44 sectton 29, township 30 south, range 33 west, ne. se tton 29 township 30 sout 1, range 31 west. Ne, section 2U, town-ship south, rmivo 31 west. Ne. 30, township 20 south, ra ige 31 west.

Ne. 44 secltou 28, township 30 south, range PS west and forever barring, excluding and foreclosing you and eacdi of you and every person claiming or seeking to title to said real property or any part thereof, bv, through or under any of said ilelVudivnts. in and to said real property and each and every part thereof and for such other and further relief as the plaintiff may be entitled. O. L.

MlfXKR. Attkst. Attjr. For Plaintiff. envelope.

nATiuNali 384 Dearborn 8t. I sumptipn. Accept no substitute. Insist on hav-. Ing REVIVO, no other.

It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail, per package, ia plain-. W-ANTBO FAITH FU1 PERSONS TO CAM, wrapper, or six for $5.00, with a positive writ on rftHii trmio K'i(i ajrnrn ior manuracliiri7ig. hoime-having weR establislied business local cuerantee to cure or refund the money ia The following is the acreage of melons and' other vines, grown for 3. M.

Ferry, in this county south of the river: Chas. Drusel, 10; Gentry, 12, Albert Dnifisel, 15; Chris Degenhart, Mrs. Sophia Hasse-brock, 12; A. Smith. 20; Frank, Golilhwuiiar, total SO.

If the returns are up to the average this would inean six to eight thousand dollars cloan cash. As nearly all tlip.Rn farmers are in the creamery business, have planted a large acre-of forage, and have good' herds in their pastures, we look for the south svdo farmers to make a good fcliowuijr this Garden City Imprint. Wni. Johnson, of Lockport, is sideiraolcrtd at Helwig's hospital wifha'lrnlken leg. He is getting along liieely.

-Garden City Imprint. territory straigm wtiary --i paui aiy mid everv oackaae. For free circular add I i' 1 Ml 1 a 11 1 xnu unnecessary )osition peru.1n.e11t position r.iiclogH enviiie. 1 tWQ: hiiperiiituudeiit Travelers.

U0T Aluuuu J'liicasro. For Sale In Santa Fe, ICas S. Rinehart except Sunday. A. good sealed hack; good.

Your patronage solicited. DRUGGISTS. WANTKfV A TRTO WORTH GKNTtE. man or lH1r in each county to mtditjce business for oil eats Wished house of solii flnaiK cial jtandintr A straight, I a tide weekly BHlarr of $1 00 paid by check; each witn expenses direct from headquarter. Money advanced tor expenses.

Enclose act-i itresod envelope. Man age 3U0 Caxtou Chicairo. J. G. COLLINS LOCKSMITH AND JerjwBrollier Son; Drivers; PUTInT-AM FADELESS YES are fast to sun light, washing: and; Sold xixa.

SewlDg Machines and Gasoline Stoves-. aleaned and repaired. GARDEN KA8. Itodol Dyspepsia Cure? Digests what you eaV WANTED-HF VERAI KRS0N8 OF OHAR- acter and good reputation iu esu-h state (one in Mils county requires) to represent and adverUse old established weaitiiv husinea house of solid financial standing. iSalary 921 weekly with expenses additional, all parable in cash direct each Wednesday from head Hone and carriage furnished when nece-warv.

Reference. Enclose self -addressed envelope- Colonial, 33? learboru Chicago. Tha Kind You Have Always Bought jpantlis 7 a a I qierk Qf Disti let. Court. ajl..

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