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The Student's Journal from Lawrence, Kansas • 4

The Student's Journal from Lawrence, Kansas • 4

Lawrence, Kansas
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. The Leaaue -OF- STATE TEACHERS1 BUREAUS. FAXON, The Shoe Man, Has new lines of Oxrords in tans and I thicks From 1 iH! up. Slippers from 50 cents up. nil Goods First FAXON.

843 Mass. St. SOL OPTICIAN. practice, consequently it Is to excel in studies and at the same time be a member or the foot ball or base ball team. 'It is a difficult problem Tor educators to solve.

A thousand men cannot be controlled like school Imi.vs, but have limited the number of excuses, which we accept, for obeyance. Yet we believe that Intcr-collcgiate contests are prolitable. It is iniwissible to secure the spirit of emulation so necessary to the life of all at hletlc undertakings without inter-collegiate conducted, but they should 1h. conducted so that they would not require so much time as they do now." Although we whipped Kansas on last Thanksgiving by dint of hard practice, their Athlet ic Associat ion is in much better condition than ours. Their association is incorporated and owns a park and amphitheatre valued at 2,000 besides having over 500 in the treasury.

How do we fare? We have a meadow, no amphitheatre, and no money. Why can't local enterprise incorMuate our Athletic Association and give It an assurance of permanency? Make the shares nominal, thereby giving professors, st udentsand citizens an honorable chance to aid THE COLLEGE WORLD. To y' Exchange Editor umhi whom ye Stcdknt'h knal rails fur the first lime: It is our hope to make our College World a department of particular Interest to our readers by giving tlit-in the benefit of bits of news, wit and verse which appear in other college publications. We wish to let them know through our columns what is taking place at other universities, especially state universities: and we know that this depends very much ujxni 1 he number of our exchanges, if you receive our sheet this week we hope you' will not fail to put us on your exchange list. We will endeavor to do our part toward lettering the lot of the much abused exchange editor.

Oxford consists of 22 colleges and has 12,000 students, including graduates and uiider-graduates. Varsity. A student once nipped at the pearly gates, Hut he rushed away with a fenr-o! When lie saw as soon as St. Peter came out That a halo looks just like 0. Lehigh Burr.

Hearts were made to break, Cheeks were made to blush; Eyes were made to look at boys: Lips were made to oh, hush. West Maryland Monthly. About this time the hen and the lightning-rod man are laying for the farmer. Ex. i DENTISTS.

C. -K. ESTER LY, Over Woodward's Drug Store 9 L. ASIIBY, Oyer Dailey's Chioa Store. W.

O'BRYON, oirsrnts'jr. 845 Mats. Street. Lowriict, Ka, H. HORNOR, Nitrous Oxide Uu (riven for the painless extraction of teeth.

Onto 7W Mass, over the Fair, A. A. RUSS, DENTIST. Nitrous Oxide Uu (riven for the painlerta extraction 01 teeth. sosMass.


S. DENTIST. Lste Demonstrator in Dnntat Department State University of Iowa, No. 900 Maax. orer Barber drugstore.

DR. WHEELER, DENTIST. 82 Maaa. St. Open from 7 a.

m. to 6 P. m. The first and only Dentist in the city to depart Inn blyh price in favor of the masses. Praorioe liDittod to nlllnc and extraotinif.

Amateam Fillinsra, AO; Gold Filllnae half the usual prioe; Extracting Teeth, eaeh 25e, Physicians and Surgeon. V.W.MAY, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, MeuiW Board of Pension Examiners. Telephone Kesldenoe 1U3R New Hampshire Offloe 723 Maasaebuiiettt St. S. B.

A. J. ANDERSON, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, Offloe and residence 717 Vermont Street. Telephone 1-4. E.

PHILLIPS, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office 733 Mass. 8t up stair; residence 473 Elm Bt. Telephone 83 A. O.

ABDELAL, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. 910 Vermont Street. Telephone 90. 3JINNEY AND MAGEE, Praotloe United to (be Eye end Ear. Offloe hours; 9 to 12 a.

2 tc4 p. Sunday 10 toll tn. 713 Kansas Romas 1. 2, 3 and 4, Topeka, Kansas. WALL, i 'Practice Limited to Diseases of the Eye and Ear.

Hour: 9 to 12 a. 1 :30 to 5 p. to. Sunday 10 to 11. 717 Kansas Aye.

Topeka, Kas. Residence 627 Taylor St. KAW VALLEY STKAM DYE MOKKS. Ladies' and Gems' Clothing or all Kluil Cvlorcd. Cleaned.

Pressed and Repaired. AJ S. BOOTH, Cor, Bertley Mass. st. JULIUS BAER, Optican.

Eyes tstl free Glgir guaranteed to Suit. Artificial Kyea and all kidds ot upictl Goods. lUSOMalatU. KansaiCiiy.Mo. HEl'f CVC'C Cataracts, Scars or Films I1CW EI AllsOHHkl).

Our home treatment O'JRfcS Omeawd Eyre or wlieil all ntlirrii fail. Pampbl' free, Xo llu. AddrcM TIM fcYE, lilous Valla, J. 1'. A bureau in each State, One fee registers in all.

FRANK E. l'LUMMER, Gen. gr. Central Olllce, Des Moines, Iowa. The League recommends teachers direct.

Let us represent you to schools and colleges that SELECT THEIR TEACHERS THROUGH our Leagu of Uureaus before the vacancies become public, and thus avoid sharp competition. One year's subscription to the National Teacher and School Hoard Journal, an educational newspaper, together with enrollment io all branches of the League, by registering now. Write for full list of state managers and illustrated circulars. H. E.

BRUCE, State Manager, Marquette. Kas. The Kansas League Teachers' Bureau. STUDENTS Will do well to see tlie tine line of shoes at the Cash Shoe Store. All latest styles in Russet shoes at lowest prices at the Cash Sf)oe Store.

RLOCK'S RESTAURANT LUNCH COUNTER. Students' Boarding Place. Hoard Per Week $3.00 i Ticket $3.50 Blfe IVIama. Lawrence, Ka, JJOOTS AND SHOES, Neatly Repaired. JflS.

EDMONDSON, 918 IVfammachuaett Street. THE CREMERIE. A First Clam Lunch and Bbntt Order House. Table and Counter Service, Street Cars from our door to all parts of City. SCOTX SCOTT, T3l Kansas Ave.

TOPEKA, KAS. gUMMERFIELD JACOBS, Grocers and Bakers. Students furnished with Bread and Cakes it wholesale 737 Massachusetts Street. ROBERTSON UNDERTAKERS AX1 DEALKRS IX FURNITURE. Tit Massachusetts Street, Telephone No.

90, Lawrence, Kas. WILLIS, South Tenn. St, Photo Artist. FAMILY MEAT MARKET, Special Rates to Clubs. 637 St, J.

JOHNSON SOX. EASTERN STAR BAKERY, Street. Fresh Bread BND: Cakes Every Day. J. AESCUKE, rKorniETOR.

Our facilities for thecorrecthin of optical tlefects of the eye are not sur-passed by any house in the west. 817 Massachusetts street, tirst door south of George 1 noes'. THE LATEST Thing out for Gent's Russett SHOES. Five Button. is- Pointed Toes.

MASON. The Douglas Go. Grocery, Carries a nice line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, and would like a fair share of your trade, guaranteeing to sell as low as reasonable competition will admit. WM. IIICKOX, KID Mass.

St. CO TO CHRIS EPLEVS. Restanrant and Lcnch Counter. Oysters served in every style. ANDERSON, CALL AND SEE HIM.

Hutson'e old stand. n. H.l.or. 7th K. C.

Mo. Ilu.lnmi. Khnrth.n Po-lllon. KFcurnl PAt umuuku. ua db.

aiiecimen or lnmmuialp in (From a Photograph.) "PUT MONEY IN THY PURSE." Take the auencv for our hitrh crade Safety Bicycles. Our agents are afl making money why can't Write to us at once for catalogue, prices and territory desired. It will pay you. MElf'S, LADIES', GIRL'S and BOY'S PNEUMATIC SAFETIES. Sample to Agents, $27.50 and up.

ROOTS COMPANY. (iNOORPOflATID.) INDIANAPOLIS, IND. STUDENTS! 0 Athletics. Recent ball games of interest: Apr. 16 Ann Arbor, Denison University, 6.

Apr. 14 Philadelphia 15; Princeton, 5. Brooklyn Yale 4. The Iiaker team met the Ottawa College nine last week and succeeded in winning a closely fought game by a score of 13 to 5. The Chicago Athletic Association lias completed arrangements for a grand track and field meeting to be held in Chicago on the 2nd of June.

The contest will be open to the colleges of the west. The events will include 100, 220, 440, 880 yards and one mile runs; 120 high aud 220 yard low hurdle races, one mile walk, running high and broad jumps, pole vault for height, throwing sixteen-pound hammer and putting sixteen-pound shot and one mile bicycle races. These events are the same as those at the Mott Haven games, and it will be possible to compare the records of the two meetings. Many of the principal Western colleges have announced their intention to take part in the meet. The Kansas City Athletic Club of Kansas City, was organized las Saturday evening at tht Coates House.

The constit ution and by-laws, which were adopted after a long discussion limits the membership to 1.000, and fixes the annual dues at Any youth who is 10 years old is eligible to mem bership. -Rev. F. S. Patton, 1.

L. L. 1). president of Princeton College, is vis iting in the west end has been inter viewed by a St. Louis newspaper man He thinks a revolution will soon take place in athletic affairs of the eastern Universities, and made the following statement: i lie athletic craze has gone far enough.

While the fact that ath letics tenrt to improve the morals of a college wnen properly conducted is recognized ny tlie faculties of the Kas, tern universities, it is also a fact that in the inter-collegiate contests there is required a degree of nroticiencv tluir. i-uu not oe auaineci witnout constant athletics. A team that out-played Kansas deserves accommodations equal or superior to the ''red-legs." M. S. Independent.

Amateur athletic records for '03 are announced as follows bv the New York World: Running records: Fifty L. C. Myers. 51 seconds. 75 L.

II. Cory. 7 3-5 seconds. KM) J. Owen, 4-5 seconds.

220 II. Jewett, 21 3-5 seconds. 440 W. ISaker, 1 min. 541 sec.

8S0 vds, W. C. Dobin. 1 mile. T.

P. Connellv, 4 m. 17 4-5 sec Standing broad jump: A. 15. Seb- waner, 10 9 in.

Running broad jump, C. S. Reber, 1 in. Standing high jump: A. P.

Sell waner, 5 ft. 31 in. Kunninghigh jump: M. F. Sweeney 41 in.

Pole vault: R. I). Dickenson, 11 in. Putting 16 lb. shot; G.

11. Gray, 42 leer. Throwing 16 lb. hammer: J. S.

Mit chell. 145 in. Throwing base ball: R. C. Cauip- neii, as i in.

Geo, Davies, STODEHT'S TAILOR. ELIflS SGHNEGK. i ii lbviii se Stable. at? Hacks to any part of tlie city. GEORGE FLINN, All work at reasonable prices.

Repairing a specialty. West Henry Lawrence, Kan Gall at Mrs. Wade's First class home made bread, pies and cakes. Orders Filled Promptly. BOWEBSOCK'S OPERA HOUSE.

ONE SOLID WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY, APRIL 30th. ALL RIGHT WIDE AWASE Silvain A. Lee. Th Most Wondeiful JNTKSMERIST tho ge. Laiirhfr Provoking fee ns of Hypnotijm, Mesmerism and Pjyohlo Force, Change of Program Nightly PRICES 15o.

2Rn nH A with each paid ticket Monday niht, Saats two days In advance. COLLEGE OF I) IIYSICIANS and SURGEONS. Cor. West Harrison Honore (Opp. Cook County Hospital) Chicago, ill.

The Winter Term begins Septem ber, and ends April, 1805 with optional Spring Term. Total foes, 105 a year, and a Laboratory De- wnieii is returnable. Four Vnnual Graded Courses, with Ad vanced Standing for Graduates in 'harmaey and the University Pre paratory Course, prior to the study of Medicine. Clinical and Labora tory facilities unsurpassed. For circular of information, apply to W.E.

QUINE, M. President Of the Faculty. May Gleason AT MUSIC HALL, MAY 1. H. WHITGOMB SDN FLORISTS, Lawrence, Kansas.

840 TENN, ST. Plants, Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, etc. Programme, lusc- I'rof. Saunders and Ladies Mandolin Club Miss Gkason King Robert of Sicily," With Musical Accompaniment. viano Solo tt i JHoszkowski Valsc Brilliante.

Recitation i Miss May Gleason Huldy's Courtship. JIusic- Prof. Saunders and Mandolin Club VocalSol Miss Edith Hayes "The Flower Girl." Piano Solo xt- Abbic Noycs alse Craprice Schubert Listz! The Minuet-Musical Accompaniment Miss Gleason String Quartette Buch and Wa, BaSsSo10- N. O.Stevens (Selected.) Spanish Song La Paloma, with Mandolin and Guitar Accompaniment. Spanish Dance at r-, Miss May Gleason A.

G. SPALDING MANUFACTURERS OF Alilic on Sporting 4iS The League Ball, Bats, Catcher's Gloves and Mittc, Masks, Body Protectors, etc The Spalding Tournament Tennis Ball. The Slocurn Rackets, Racket Covers. Goods or Every Descrl for all Sports Ontinsr and Gvmnasium Newest Presses Hiid Nets, Court Measures, Markers PoIps, Forks, Etc. I Uniforms and Clothing use.

tie hnest Imported Serges and Fljnneli. oxyies ana patterns. fcSoncl Our New CHICTtGO, NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIK ICS Mdi.on St. 2 3 Broadwa'y. 7o32 tSSnJUuu.

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