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The Student's Journal from Lawrence, Kansas • 1

The Student's Journal from Lawrence, Kansas • 1

Lawrence, Kansas
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JOURNAL Studen fell inmit IfTji 'iff "SI P' r3 Of Kansas State University. Jne Dollar a Year. LAWRENCE, KANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1892. Vol. 1.

No. 6. 47, last year C2 and this year the cata LOCAL NOTES- where can be found such good facilities as here. TIio Illinois Team. Sunday last the University of Illinois sas and Nebraska at Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

J. Wine returned today to resume his studies. Herb Levy went home Friday presumably to vote. David Park, of the class of '95, is at Princeton this year. The sophomore class in Nathan the Wise, are being afflicted with a series of oral quizes.

The sophomore surveying class spent fifteen minutes in attempting to define a level surface. The sophomoresfi nished land surveying Monday, and spent the next few days in taking final examinations. The Freshmen were warned by a notico on the entrance to Scow Hall Lecture room, not to steal the Sophomores' hats. According to the Agricultural College Industrialist, our foot ball team was defeated by Haskell Institute. How about it? It is not definitely known why Mr.

Swim exerted himself to get back from Lawrence Sunday afternoon, Uolton Because of the lack of enthusiasm the orations were not ready at the usual date of the Drake University "Home Contest" and the date has been changed to Jan. 5. Max Noppenz, a graduate of the gym nasiumof Guben. Germany, visited the University this week. He expresses himself pleased with our institution logue will show 75.

Those athletic ties come from Urban-sky the Boston Clothier, The University Quarterly is receiving many valuable exchanges. Stop that cough with Maple Cough Drops. Leis Drug Co haye them. The senior music students are attending Prof. Blake's lectures on sound.

The teacher and pupils of district No. 61, just north of town visited the muse urns Satuiday. The electrical machine shop has an unusually large and good stock of iron and steel this year. Thousands of people on every floor, at all hours of the day. Bullene, Moore, Emery Kansas City.

Superintendent Meserve, of Haskell Institute, was shown about the University Tuesday by Chancellor Snow. The magnificent establishment bounded by Grand Walnut and 11th streets is Bullene. Moore, Emery Co. Ovei-3tudy makes bald heads (sometimes). Woodward's Germania prevents them (always).

The best hair dressing in the world. Buy your candies at Cassiday's. Bonbons, chocolates, buttercups and nut candies, all 25c per 933 Walnut street, Kansas City, Mo. What's the use of having friends if you don't use them. The Santa Fe route is the best friend Lawrence and the Uniyersity has on earth.

We invite the students of the University to take advantage of all the conven-iencies of ihe store. Bullene, Moore, Emery Kansas City. A University student is forming a class at the Business College for beginners in German. Any desiring to begin German will do well to see him at once. Railroad tickets, steamship tickets, theatre tickets, concert tickets, every- laing except lottery ticket3 at the Santa Fe city ticket office, Leis' Drug Store.

An animal of an unknown species has been sent from Mexico to Prof. Dyche, to be classified. It is something like a sheep or goat, but it is perfectly hair less. Prof. Snow has visited and delivered addresses in fifty-two towns in the state since he has been Chancellor of the University, In many of these he has lectured several times.

Miss Georgia H. Brown's adults dancing class hold their next meeting at Merchants Bank Hall Friday, Nov. 11, at 8 p. m. Books still open.

Address 1217 Rhode Island street. V. L. Kellogg is preparing for the Science Club a lecture to be illustrated with lantern views. These views are of moths and butterflies, and are taken from the original specimecs.

The electrical machine shoos use from foul to five hundred dollars worth of iron and steel each year. This stock is bought directlv from the large mills. These shops have outgrown their present quarters. When youjgojwith the foot ball team to Kansas City stop at Schamagel's restaurant, 1112 Walnut street. Don't pay a dollar for a hotel dinner when you can be served sumptuously at Scharna, gel's for 35 cents.

E. V. Price and wife, of Denver, were here Monday -to see about putting their son in the Electrical Engineering school of K. S. U.

They have visited all the schools in this section of the west, which have electrical engineering courses. They say they find none W. J. Bell was seen on the hill Mon day. Genuine Fort Scott Red coal at Grif fin's coal office, Londborg's latest perfumes for sale by the Leis Drug Co.

The Leis Drug Co. carry the bo9S line of Toilet Soaps. The University of Nebraska has re cently changed its college colors from old gold to scarlet and cream. This is indeed strange. Young men are seldom in a hurry to escape the fas cinations of the Historic City.

Gentlemen are invited to visit our men's furnishing department for correct things in men wear. Bullene, Moore, Emery Co Kansas City. A strong oration by Wm. Games, '84 is published in this week's Beacon. Games is one of Baker's candidates for oratorical honors this year.

When you go to Kansas City on Sat urday always stop at the bon-ton restau rant, Scharnagel's. 1112 Walnut street. The greatest establishment of its kind in the city. A nut-tapping and bolt-cutting ma chine, formerly at the old Windmill, has been rebuilt by the Electrical Engineering students and is now in use at the machine shop. "Uncle Jimmie Canfield's boys," have heard "Rock Chalk" and created a strong sentiment for changing the yell of the Nebraska University to something new and striking.

A move in the right direction. All the animals intended to be exhibited at the World's Fair are to be photographed before being taken to Chicago. Some of these photographs axe to be stereoscopic views, which will be offered for sale during exhibition The Students Journal of the Kansas University, must be in error in asserting that the game of foot ball was first introduced over 400 years ago. At least it wasn't in vogue when old John Spear was a boy. Kansas City Star.

The Industrialist, the official organ of the faculty and students of the Agricultural College, the paper noted for its truthfulness, in a recent issue said that our foot ball team had been defeated by eleven Indians from Haskell. Wake, ye knights of the rostrum, and look to your armor. The victorious crimson must wave from the top of the main building as proudly on the day after the oratorical contest as it does when the last game of foot ball has been play el. Sophomore. Incandescent electric lights are to be put in the machine shop soon.

The entire work of putting in the electric lighting plant for the University was done last year by the students of the electrical engineering department. This is one of the achievements of which the department may be justly proud. The Historical Seminary met Friday. Nov. 4.

Prof. Blaekmar briefly reviewd the magazines for the month. Then the principal paper of the program was read by Mr. James Owen on the Ownership of Telegraph. Mr.

Owenfayored the own-i ersbip by corporations. The paper was followed by a discussion of the subject by Messrs. Orr, Bennet and Owen, and Profs. Blackmar and Hodd er. The last number of the Electrical World contains an article on safety from electricity by Prof, Blake, This article is an abstract of the annual address delivered by him before the Association of Fire Underwriters of Missouri, Kan foot ball team returned from its western trip, and though the success was not as emphatic as Jwas desired or even ex pected.yet it was shown that, football is not confined to the institutions of learning in the east and that the wild and woolly west, considering the short period that the game has been played by western collegians, is producing foot bail players and foot ball teams to rival those found in the great eastern institutions.

It is, indeed, a wonder to what extent the game is being played in the west and it is more of a wonder to see the proficii ency of the greater number of the west" em college elevens. The varsity team played six games in the short period of ten days and thoroughly demonstrated the fact that so many games in that limited time, considering the amount of traveling necessary to be done, is too much work for any college team, It was also shown that Lincoiu and Omaha are out of the territory of eastern teams, for the simple reason that but few persons are able to stand tho effects of the alkaline water which necessity compels one to use unless water is carried lor the trip for most of the Illinois boys were sickened at both of the above named cities by the water used. Out of the six gamefjplayeu.the'varsity men secured four victories, the scores in the six games being: At St. Louis, Mo Illinois 22, Washington at Lincoln, Nebraska Illinois at Baldwin-Kan Illinois 2(5, Baker 10; at Lawrence, Kansas 20, Illinois at Kansas City, Illinois 42, Athletic club 0. The total number of points scored by the 'varsity team was 114 against a total of 42 made by the opposing teams.

The game won by Nebraska at Lin-'cclu was virtually won by Flippan. a colored half-back, who makes phenomenal rushes through the opposing" line. Flippan is of heoric build, tipping the beam at 105. and the stroig rush line of the Illinois team was unable to wit hstand his heavy onslaughts. Those who have seen and played against McCiung, Lake aud other famous line half-backs are emphatically of the opinion that Flip-pan is the equal or superior or any line half-back on tho eastern fields.

The Illinois boys were surprised to find such a game as was played against them by the University of Kansts at Lawrence. Kansas posseses an extra heavy team, which is well-balanced, and, on account of the coaching of Shepard, an ex-end-rusher of Cornell, put up a game remarkable for team work and rapid maneuvering. It is the opinion of most of the Illinois team that the Kansas eleven is the superior of the famous Purdue team, which is at present posing as the champion eleven of the west. Chicago News-Record. The Phi Psis have cornered the Iowa foot ball team, having five regular players and two substitutes; and the Independents have a corner on the Missouri team, prohibiting fraternity men from entering the team The Independent corner is more successful than the Phi Psi coiner, howeyer, for the Missourians defeated the Iowa boys by a ficore of 24 to 0.

"It improves a man of any business or profession once in a while to get out among other occupations. The wisest thing that a turtle ever does is to stick its heaa out of its shell. It not only enlarges its own ideas of things, but is complimentary to other turtles." Wanamaker Brown splendid suitB $15 at Hollingberry's. Skating will Boon be here, C. E.

Shutt went home Monday. Frank Fulton is a full fledged Beta. C. II. Lease speit Thursday in Topeka, Hollingberry makes student's dress suits.

Prof. Wilcox was ill a part of this week. Cigars and tobacco at Smith's news depot. Piatt will not play in the Lincoln foot ball game. Best clothing at Hollingberry's, the practical tailor.

A brother of Will Wyland is here from Colorado visiting him. QreeD is the proper color with the sever University-student. An elegant assortment of ties, crimson a specialty, at Urbansky's. Seventy live Topeka people witnessed the foot ball game Saturday. Chancellor Sqow is busy preparing his bi-tnnial report to the regents.

Prof. Snow has b'jen elected president of the Delta Upsiloa fraternity. Prof. Snow is preparing a resume of the work on chinch bugs the past season. Smith's news depot in Eldridge house block is headquarters for sporting goods Miss Georgia Brown invites students of the University to join her dancing classes.

Prof. Will Franklin has organized a Science club at the Iowa Agricultural College. Lubm's Violet aud Jockey Club in biilk at Woodward's, Face Powders in fine variety. A sable, a wild-cat and two lynxes are anions the latest animals finished by the taxidermists, Baker foot ball team was defeated at Denver Friday and Missouri defeated Iowa Monday. lhe foot ball team will go to Lincoln, tomorrow to play the Nebraska Uniyersity team.

The last meeting of the Political Seminary, w3 devoted to a discussion of the government ownership of telegraphs. hea you thin'-c of dry goods doesn' the store naturally couie to mind. Bul-lene, Moore, Emery Kansas City. Our glove department is one of the most comprehensive in the UnitedStatea. Bullene, Moore, Emery Kansas City.

No matter where you want to go, it will be to your advantage to see the Santa Fe ticket agent before purchasing your ticket. The very latest styles and newest cre ations are always to be found upon our shelves. Bullene, Moore, Emery iiaDSns L-uy. The electrical engineering students are making fifteen-inch cranK ehaper. It will be finished about'Christmas and will be used in the -jhop.

The executive committee satisfactorily managed the foot ball excursion to Kanaaa City last; Saturday. A special train over the Union Pacific carried the The zoological museums will be closed after the first of next month, or possibly sooner. People wishing to see the collection before it is taken to Chicago should come at once. The number of High Schools in the state which prepare students for the University has been steadily increasing. 111 In the first year of Prof.

Snow's chancel-orship they numbered 33, thi next year and said in some respect it is ahead of the German Universities. Unity Club people had another of their pleasant "tea aud handshakings" Wed nesday evening. It was for the young folks and was largely attended by University students. The club is making preparations to give one of Howell's farces in the near future. Beware of the man who never laughs.

The most solemn man that I ever knew was a ministei, who, it was said, had not laughed in ten years. He borrowed of me twenty-five dollars, and out of pure delicacy of feeling, uevei referred to the subject again. Talmage. At the meeting of the Adelphic Liter ary Society after opening with music Mr. Nordby gave a talk on Xenophon speaking of his life, works and character.

Mr. J. Holmes read a paper on Individuality aud Mr. C. E.

Shult spoke on Venal Voting as suggested by the campaign. After a short recess a spirited debate fol lowed on the question, "Is the secession of the southern states justifiable?" The executive committee of the Ora torical Association has decided lhat all orations for ths local contest must be handed in by noon of Jan. 0, 1893. According to the rules of the association no oration shall contain more tban two thousand words.and three copies of each oration shall be handed to the committee. The orations are submitted to a committee of the faculty who select the best six to be deiiyered at the cortust.

Fortunate are the men who succeed in being among the best six. As for those who do not succeed in getting into the contest, their names are never made public. No one hesitate to try. There will be a good contest this year. One bit of ady ice to the man who thinks of entering this year: See that you have your three copies all well type written; let no one of them be in the least difficult to read.

A man last year had one blurred copy, and received a low mark on thought and composition from the judge who had that copy to lead. No judge can do justice to an oration which he cannot read readily. Fuel at lowest prices, Griffin's. i.

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